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Marriage Advice For The Unmarried Women On My List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

A previous blog post that I wrote contains a list of attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Recently, I saw that one of the unmarried women on this list is now wearing an engagement ring.  I feel bad for her, I don’t want to be more specific, but I feel bad for her, and I wish that I could warn her.  This is why I want to now give some advice to the unmarried women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson on getting married.

The way I see it, there are only two ways that the unmarried women on my list will be happy in marriage:

1. They must find a man, that they like everything about him.  His feet, his toes, his calves, his knees, his thighs, his bottom, his waist, his stomach, his chest, his back, his shoulders, his arms, his hands, his neck, his head, his face, his nose, his mouth, his teeth, his ears, his hair, how he smells, what he says, what he does, and what he thinks.  They must like everything about him, because this is the only way they are going to be able to stay married to him.

Inevitably, he will do something wrong, something irritating, something they don’t like.  He will lose his job, he will put on weight, he will waste money, he will lose money, he will cheat.  The only way that they will be able to stick with him, is because they liked everything about him to begin with.

If they marry a man because he is “nice”, what happens when he isn’t “nice” anymore, and there isn’t really much else to like about him?  If they marry a man because he has a good job, what happens when he doesn’t have a job, and there isn’t really much else to like about him?

What I am saying is, don’t compromise and settle for someone that you don’t like everything about, because in time you may find yourself not liking him anymore, when the few qualities and characteristics that you liked have disappeared, and there is nothing left to like about him.

2.  They must find a man that is older, wise, patient, benevolent, and very wealthy.  The older man will be what he is, not going to change, and they must like him as he is.  From there, the woman can do what she wants, work or not work, go to school or not go to school, travel or not travel, have hobbies or not have hobbies, have children or not have children, sulk, pout, mope, sleep, shop, exercise, whatever.  She must be sometimes amicable, or even a patient man’s patience will run out.

She will get to do mostly whatever she wants, with little resistance or interference.

The way that other women become married, I think that it would kill the women on my list of attractive women, not that it doesn’t kill the other women too.  Marrying a man that appears to be exciting and entertaining, only to find out that he is an asshole.  Spending most of his money on himself, on overly expensive trucks, ATVs, boats, guns, hunting and fishing equipment.  Finding out that their husband is more interested in these possessions than them.  There being only barely enough money left over to go to WalMart to buy groceries and necessities for the family.  The big night out to dinner at the Pizza Ranch or King Buffet with their overweight, ugly, fat stupid husband.  Looking across the restaurant to see all the other 200 lb housewives stuffing their faces into oblivion, and realizing that this will be their fate too.

I Repeat, Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota

On New Year’s Eve, I was at a bar & restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I have known the bar & restaurant owner, the manager, the bartender, and the wait staff for two years.  It was a busy night, all of the customers were pretty well behaved, there were very few problems, and almost everyone had a good time.

When it got to be close to 1:00 a.m., it became closing time, with last call for alcohol, and then shortly after that it became time for the customers to leave.  I had agreed to stay to drive a wait staff person home when they got off work.  The restaurant had cleared out completely, but here came this young lady that I knew, back to get her coat off the back of a chair.

This young lady that came back to the empty restaurant to get her coat off the back of a chair, had been one of my biggest inspirations in writing the blog post about six months ago titled, “Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I had had an incident with her about a year ago, where she had wanted and was attempting to remove bottles of alcohol from a bar, where she did not work, when the bar was left unattended.

I did not want to start anything with her this night, I believe that she is crazy, I did not want any confrontation, so I turned the other way to not even look at her.  After about forty five seconds, she did not exit the restaurant, and I turned around, and she wasn’t there.  I looked all around the room, and she wasn’t there.  I knew that she didn’t leave the restaurant, was she hiding in the restaurant?  I couldn’t believe it.

I started looking under tables, and when I looked up, I saw her very quickly leaving the restaurant through the exit, and the bar & restaurant owner coming out of the stock room behind the bar.  I said to the bar & restaurant owner, “Did you find her in the stock room?”  The owner said that yes, he did find her in the stock room.

At this time the manager came over.  I explained to the bar & restaurant owner, and to the manager, that this is the second time that I have seen this young lady attempt to stay behind at a bar after closing, and remove alcohol when the bar was left unattended.  I gave them her name.  The manager asked the owner, “What did she say to you when you found her in the stock room behind the bar?”  The owner replied, “She said that she wanted to buy some alcohol off-sale.”  The owner said that he just told her to leave and go to a liquor store.

I had had a problem with this young lady the last time I was around her when a bar was left unattended, and I had not forgotten her.  She was very rude and inconsiderate.  She was from New York.  I had found out some of the places that she had worked in Dickinson as a waitress.  People told me that she was nutty, one person told me that she had caused a tremendous amount of problems, but no one told me that she had stolen alcohol.  I can’t believe that she hasn’t tried to remove alcohol from bars elsewhere in Dickinson, but I can believe that she might not have been caught yet.

In my blog post titled “Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota”, I explained that women can make more money in New York, Arizona, Florida, and Texas as a waitress, bartender, hotel clerk, bank teller, or administrative assistant, and live in less expensive housing, with a better social environment.  Why would they want to move to Dickinson where it is so cold, and housing was so expensive?  The answer was, there was such a shortage of workers in Dickinson, that employers did not ask a lot of questions, or do much of a background check.  If employers would have talked to some of these women for even five minutes, they would have noticed that they were crazy.  If employers would have contacted previous places where they worked, they probably would have been given some hints about the things these women had done in the past.

I am very,very angry about this, because not only is there nothing to do in Dickinson, and a shortage of women, the women that you do come in contact with in the bars, restaurants, stores, and banks, they are fucking crazy!  So yes, I am trying to point out this crazy woman who moved here to Dickinson, because they found out what she was like where she came from, and now she is doing her same crazy shit here, and probably her co-workers have been blamed for, or are under suspicion for what she has done.

Why So Much Complaining About Dickinson? Why So Much Complaining About Women In Dickinson?

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I wanted to get out of Dickinson for a day or two, and I drove to the Prairie Knights Casino south of Mandan.  I was shocked and disappointed.  Is this the best that North Dakota has to offer?  This place was much worse than Dickinson, and I was trying to escape how bad things are in Dickinson.

There are many readers that don’t understand what I am complaining about.  Dickinson sucks, compared to what?  Women in Dickinson are horrible, compared to what?  I can answer this.

When I was living in a different state about ten years ago, I met a lady who was very wealthy.  It was not difficult to meet people who were very successful, very educated, very famous, or very wealthy because people in the town socialized with each other and were very civil, social, healthy, active, adventuresome, outgoing, and fun loving.  There was very little crime, discontent, or violence.

This woman that I met, she and her husband had had a company with 25,000 employees in the United States and different countries.  There was a book written about her husband because of his influence, innovation, and success.  This woman has many famous friends and associates whose names you would recognize.  But she also liked to spend time with me.  I have been friends with her for about ten years now.

She would invite me to stay with her at one of her homes in a resort town.  In this resort town, her house was in a private gated community where the least expensive house was $700,000.  These were all vacation homes owned by famous celebrities, politicians, and very wealthy people.  The buy-in to be a member of the country club was about $100,000.

Her neighbors and friends were mostly nice to me.  Her sons were nice and pleasant to me, they liked me, one of her sons had a degree in engineering like me, and was valedictorian when he graduated from high school like me.  Her daughter was also valedictorian when she graduated from high school, and she had graduated from law school.  I would play with her daughter until she would become irritated, which her mother and brothers enjoyed, until her daughter would complain to her mother to make me stop.  At which time the mother would announce, “Now I had planned on us all going over to the club for dinner, but we’re not going unless you quit fighting, and you can’t fight during dinner.”  Then we would all shut up and behave.

At the private club on the golf course, where members of the public were not allowed, they weren’t even allowed in the community, we would drive up, and the valet would take the vehicle.  The staff would greet the family, and we would be escorted to the best table on the veranda. The sun would be setting over the mountains behind the landscaped and meticulously maintained grounds.  The staff would come and light the outdoor gas heaters so that the women would not be chilly.  The men were all required to wear blazers, dinner jackets, or suit jackets so they were not as likely to become cold as the women.

The women would all order wine, but I would not, in order to not become a jerk.  They would all insist that I have wine, but I wouldn’t.  I would always order the fillet mignon.  I had had a navy blazer or two which were good enough, but just for something fun to do, the wealthy lady that liked me gave me several Armani suits, and had me go to her tailor to have them fitted.  This was probably as much for her sake, her daughter’s sake, and her friends sake, so that I looked better.

I would go and visit this wealthy lady at other places where she had a home, would go out with her to very exclusive resorts, and be introduced to wealthy women that she thought would like me.

To answer one of the questions that I said that I was going to answer, no these women weren’t like the women in Dickinson.  Some were doctors, some were lawyers, some were famous, some were divorced from famous people.  They had traveled around the world before they were even adults.  They had several homes, sometimes yachts, sometimes planes or jets.  These women were generally polite, friendly, and civil toward me.  So no, I don’t like it when trashy women bartenders and trashy women waitresses in Dickinson can’t even be polite, they are really wretched, and I haven’t been able to explain it to the reader until now.

Right now, I don’t want to go on and on about going to people’s multi-million dollar homes high in the hills above cities, with their private swimming pools, guest houses, outdoor kitchens, new Ferraris, Jaguars, and Mercedes in every garage bay, private art collections, rare book collections.  The owners being friendly, social, outgoing, communicative, educated, intelligent people, and entertaining hosts.  Dickinson is very poor, dirty, backwards, trashy, low class, ignorant, uneducated, and ugly in comparison.  This answers the question Dickinson sucks compared to what?

The very wealthy lady that liked me, was born and grew up in a town like Dickinson.  Once a week, on a Saturday night, her father would halfway fill a metal wash tub with hot water.  She would bathe in this tub first, then her stepmother would bathe in this tub second, then her father would bathe in this same water last.  They had an outhouse, no indoor toilet.  When she was about ten, she had to kill a rattlesnake that had gotten into the outhouse when she went to use it.

She left home when she was sixteen to live as a boarder with a family in town.  An older girlfriend went to a beauticians school in Denver, and got her to do the same thing.  They lived together, and worked together.  At night they would both go to the most exclusive resort hotel in town.  She and her girlfriend were welcome there because they were friendly and polite with the male gentlemen.

This was a very expensive, exclusive resort hotel.  Gentlemen would like the company and entertainment of nice young ladies.  As long as she and her girlfriend were polite, civil, pleasant, sociable, agreeable, and didn’t cause problems, they were welcome.  She was not the most beautiful girl, or the most intelligent, but she sure as hell knew that she had better get along and have a good attitude if she was ever going to make it out.

Because she was so agreeable and reasonable, someone introduced her to a nice young man, a salesman.  Conversely, since this salesman was a nice young man, he was introduced to this young lady.  This young salesman was very intelligent, knowledgeable, perceptive, well behaved, and well mannered.  His father owned the small company that he worked for.

These two became married, and stuck together, through the closing of the family business, a new career, a relocation to a different state, another new career, job disputes, formation of a new company, and eventually great wealth and success.  Their children were young when the new company was formed.  They have only just a few memories of there ever being a shortage of money when they were young.  Each of the three children were able to focus on school and they each graduated first in their high school class.  Each of the three children went to very expensive good universities, where they met their wives, and husband.

Everyone only knew this lady as the wealthy widow of a very famous successful business man.  Everyone probably just assumed that she had been a young debutante from a wealthy family, and that she was a trophy wife.  She was content to let everyone believe that.

The reason that she liked me, besides me being handsome and funny, was because I was partly rough and partly not rough.  I would try to be nice and polite, especially in public, which was required.  But she was like me, just no one knew.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 35 & 36

Chapter 35

Tracy thought that Cheryl was so sophisticated, so elegant, he had never seen a woman wear a Shetland blazer, or a Cashmere turtleneck.  The waitress asked Cheryl what she would like to drink, and Cheryl said ice tea, unsweatened.  This was a relief to Tracy, it saved him from having to order wine and being asked for his ID.

Cheryl asked Tracy what he had been doing at work, he replied “Oh, mostly working in the office, getting information to the work crews in the morning, then ordering parts, equipment, and material.  Receiving equipment and material when it comes in.” “You don’t work on oil rigs?” she asked.  “No, I used to deliver equipment and material to the oil rigs though.” answered Tracy.

Tracy explained that his father Tom Jr., and his grandfather Tom Sr., had done oil field service work in Belfield during the oil boom from 1978 to 1983.  Back then, TnT Oilfield Service did some work for most of the drilling companies and most of the oil companies.  Then when the oil boom went away in 1983, there was very little work in Belfield.  His father and grandfather had to do all different kinds of work to make a living, but they still owned a lot of equipment.  They hauled hay, they hauled machinery, they dug basements, they dug septic systems, they demolished buildings, they built barns, they did welding, and they still did a small amount of work in the oil field.  When the oil boom came back in 2006, TnT was already being used by the oil companies, and TnT was remembered by the drilling companies, so they got very busy right away.

Part of why Cheryl was asking Tracy about work, was to listen to him speak.  She was liking him, but in listening to him speak, he did seem kind of youthful for a 30 year old.  She wasn’t about to do or say anything to disrupt this date though, not yet.  Tracy realized that he had been talking about himself, and that he hadn’t asked about her.

He asked Cheryl about her work.  Cheryl replied that she worked at Warren Air Force Base, and that she did administrative work.  Tracy did not want to inquire further about Cheryl’s work, because he did not want to hear about purchase orders, invoices, time sheets, and work orders, that’s all the women in the TnT office talked about all day, every day.  Luckily, they were both interrupted by the delivery of their dinner salads.

Tracy asked Cheryl if she had any hobbies. Cheryl replied that when she was young she used to ride horses.  She used to snow ski.  She used to play tennis.  She sometimes goes shooting.  Tracy said, “Shooting?”  Cheryl said, “Yes, target shooting.”  She continued, saying that she goes to the gym in the morning several times a week, and that she goes hiking in the summer.

Cheryl asked, “How about you?”  This is what Tracy wanted to talk about.  He said that he played piano, guitar, and mandolin.  Every member of his family could play an instrument.  He learned from his father, grandfather, and brothers.  He could read music, he sometimes wrote music.  He said that he would have liked to have had more music lessons and more time to spend on music, but his father had him doing farm chores instead.

Cheryl asked Tracy if he was in a band.  This was always irritating to Tracy when someone asked him this, he thought of most bands as being a joke in the simplicity of their music and lyrics.  When he was talking about composing music, he meant composing music for an orchestra.  He knew that Cheryl was likely not going to understand what he was talking about, no one ever did.  So there was certainly no point in trying to talk to Cheryl about musicals at this time.

Soon their steaks arrived.  It was unlikely that Tracy and Cheryl were going to have an immediate connection, because they were both rather anit-social people in many respects.  Cheryl was grateful that Tracy was not trying to get her drunk, and that he was not making any sexual innuendos in any way.  Tracy was pleased that Cheryl was not nearly as irritating as most women.  Both of them feeling not irritated by the other, they were at ease with each other.

Chapter 36

After some more conversation as they finished their dinner, Tracy asked Cheryl if she would like to go dancing after dinner at the Boot Hill Nightclub.  Cheryl said that she did.

All the servers and patrons at the Prime Rib Restaurant and Wine Cellar had been polite, pleasant, and cordial to Tracy and Cheryl.  They had had a nice dinner.  Tracy told Cheryl where the Boot Hill Nightclub was located, what it looked like, but to go ahead and follow him over there.  Tracy made sure that Cheryl got to her Subaru and got it started, before he went and got in his truck.

When they arrived at the Boot Hill Nightclub, Tracy walked over to Cheryl’s car to get her, and they walked in together.  Because Tracy was nicely dressed, which made him look like he was at least 25 years old, and he was accompanying a very attractive woman who was also very nicely dressed, there was no request for ID from either of them when they entered the nightclub.  If Tracy had been asked for his ID, he would have explained that it was in his work truck in Belfield, and if they would not have let him in, they would have gone some place else.  However, Tracy wasn’t going to push his luck, he would just order Coke for himself to drink.

Tracy and Cheryl went and sat at a table not far from the dance floor.  A waitress came and asked Cheryl what she would like, and she said a Coke, Tracy said a Coke, and the waitress went away from them thinking that they were both weird.

It was about 8:00 p.m. and not completely crowded yet in the nightclub.  There were four other husband & wife, boyfriend & girlfriend couples already there when Tracy and Cheryl arrived.  There were a lot of waitresses, bartenders, and bar backs on duty in preparation for the nightclub getting very busy and crowded after 9:00 p.m.  All of the waitresses and the female bartenders got a good look at Tracy and Cheryl.  They thought that Tracy was very handsome, and that Cheryl was very lucky.

The waitress and bartender women could tell that Cheryl was much older than Tracy.  This often happened in Gillette.  In Gillette, Wyoming, there was a smaller oil boom going on than in Belfield, Dickinson, Watford City, Williston, and Minot, but there was also a shortage of women in Gillette, due to so many male workers moving there.  The ratio of men to women in Gillette was probably 2:1.  Attractive women who were older could date who ever they wanted because they were probably being courted by ten men.  Conversely, young men, if they wanted a date, would have to consider women between the ages of 17 to 50 years old.

That night at the Boot Hill Nightclub, they were having a country & western band, but when the band wasn’t playing, there was good dance music on.  Right after the waitress left Tracy and Cheryl, the Brooks & Dunn song “Neon Moon” came on.  Tracy took Cheryl by the hand to the dance floor ten feet away, and pulled her to him, but not too close.  Cheryl wanted to go with Tracy, but she was so unused to someone pulling her anywhere, that she was stiff and tense.  “Neon Moon” is a nice, mellow, slow song, that is easy to dance to…

“When the sun goes down
On my side of town
That lonesome feeling
Comes to my door
The whole world turns blue

There’s a rundown bar
Cross the railroad tracks
I’ve got a table for two
Way in the back
Where I sit alone
And think of losing you”

At first, it was foreign to Cheryl, someone holding her, and moving her around.  Cheryl could dance, but it had been a long time since she had danced with anyone.  Because Tracy was much bigger, taller, and stronger than Cheryl, it was unnoticeable that Cheryl was not completely yielding, Tracy moved her where he wanted her without any difficulty.  Cheryl quickly realized that it was O.K. to let Tracy move her around, he wasn’t clumsy, he could dance well, and he had a very good sense of rhythm.

It is fun to watch people sometimes.  Though the waitresses, bartenders, and the other couples had other things to do, they each watched Tracy and Cheryl dance.  The tall, handsome, confident, expressionless young man, led this nice looking hesitant woman around the dance floor until she was smiling and happy.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 19 & 20

Chapter 19

Rob took a shower and got dressed.  He wanted to eat dinner with his mother and father so that he would not have to buy dinner when he went out this evening.  He put on moderately clean white athletic shoes, close fitting faded jeans, and a close fitting grey t-shirt.  Rob was not tall, he was only 5′-9″, not muscular, thin, weighing about 155 lbs.  Most young men fitting this description would feel the need to compensate for being so ordinary, by working out in the gym every day, wearing expensive clothes, expensive shoes, or jewelry, but Rob did not have to compensate.  Somehow, women were attracted to him without him making any effort at all.

He sat down at the dinner table with his mother and father who were in their early fifties.  They were having chopped steak, macaroni & cheese, and canned green beans.  This meal was typical of what his mother had been preparing for the last 21 years.  His mother asked him if anything exciting happened today at Rob’s work, and Rob replied “no”.  Rob’s father did not look up or say anything.  If anyone ever wanted to know why Rob was so non communicative, they would only have to watch him and his mother and father eating dinner to figure out why.

In his mother and father’s minds, they had never been expecting much from Rob, themselves, or each other.  They were not disappointed in him, or dis-satisfied with him.  They did not spend very much time thinking about him, or worrying about him.

Rob had the routine of starting out at Players Club on the north end of Dickinson at about 6:00 p.m.  Professional women, accountants, bankers, human resources, would leave work at 5:30 p.m. to go to Players Club to have a few drinks before they went home.  The women would be sitting at tables in groups when Rob would walk in and go sit at the bar.  Virtually all of the women would notice him.  Wound up from office work, acting up with their girl friends, and affected by alcohol, within seconds each woman would be planning how to make a pass at Rob.

Even though their table was being served by a waitress, one woman would suddenly need to go to the bar and squeeze beside Rob to grab some cocktail napkins, brushing her breasts or pushing her bottom against him.  Another woman would suddenly have to make a trip to the bathroom and try to get Rob’s attention as she walked by.  Another woman would go to the other side of the bar in front of Rob and be delayed there with some kind of business long enough to get Rob’s attention.  Rob would just look at each of them, and not say anything.  Each of the women were temporarily satisfied they had gotten Rob’s attention.

The advantage of meeting the professional women at Players Club, was that these women usually had their own apartment or house.  Rob was not able to take women home, because he lived with his mother and father.  Another advantage was, they wanted Rob to leave after they got done having sex, they had to get up and go to work in the morning, and they would not be able to sleep soundly with some strange guy that they didn’t know being in their house.  This was fine with Rob, he didn’t want to stay, he would still have time to go to Applebees, or if it was later, the Paragon Bowling Alley.

Chapter 20

Rachel got off work at Herbergers at 9:00 p.m. and drove over to Applebees with several coworkers.  Within a few minutes of being seated, she saw Rob walk in and sit at the bar.  Rachel was a little taken aback, she had not expected to see him, but she was kind of intrigued at how relaxed and self assured he seemed.  Most men his age acted more insecure and frantic.

At first, Rachel was so hoping that Rob wouldn’t see her, and wouldn’t try to come and join her.  After five minutes passed, Rachel  couldn’t understand why Rob hadn’t seen her.  After another five minutes had passed, Rachel was thinking that the least Rob could do, would be to come over and say hello to her.  After another five minutes had passed, Rachel was walking over to the bar to squeeze next to Rob to grab some cocktail napkins, nearly knocking 155 lb Rob off his stool.  Oh, “Hi, Rob, I didn’t see you, she said innocently”, and quickly walked away back to her table.

Rob thought that he had better go try to sit next to her, even though he didn’t want to talk to her and her friends.  Rob picked up his drink from the bar, and slowly and casually walked over to the table with Rachel and her friends.  All four young women did not take their eyes off him as he walked over.  They had all noticed that Rachel had deliberately gone over there to get his attention.  It wasn’t like he was uninvited.

Each of Rachel’s friends had the initial impression that Rob was kind of goofy looking, but he was confident.  He was permitted to sit down beside Rachel.  As they listened to him speak, he didn’t have anything too important or significant to say.  However, as he spoke, one by one, Rachel and each of her friends, became distracted by the scent of some nice perfume, that they hadn’t before noticed that any of them were wearing, and each of them could not figure out where it was coming from.  One by one, they realized it was Rob that smelled like expensive women’s perfume.

As each of the young women realized and suspected that Rob must have recently been entangled with, and had freed himself from some “mystery woman”, their interest in him intensified, and each of them formulated in their own mind how best to find out more about this Rob person.

One of the young ladies was the first to ask, “So Rob, what do you do?”  After Rob replied that he was a driver for United Express, each of Rachel’s friends said to themselves, “Oooohhh.”  Each of Rachel’s friends was thinking, but not saying, “Do you make many deliveries to Rachel’s house?”  Even though Rachel’s friends didn’t say it out loud, Rachel could tell what they were thinking, and Rachel began to turn red in the face.  Her friends began laughing at her.  Rob was thinking, that this wasn’t helping him, and he planned to extricate himself soon, only willing to take a few more questions from the young ladies.  “Rob, where do you live?”  He answered, “Over by Trinity High School.”  “Oh, do you live in those nice town homes on the top of the hill there?”  Rob answered, “No, I live in a house.”  To end their questioning, Rob said that he had to go, and that it was nice meeting all of them.  They all said, “Bye Rob!”

They watched Rob walk out the door, and get into his white Subaru WRX, and drive away.  Now that they each knew approximately where he lived, and what car he drove, this began their hobby of Rob tracking, which they weren’t the only women in Dickinson with this same hobby.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 9 & 10

Chapter 9

On the north side of Belfield, Tracy was anxiously awaiting his package from United Express.  He had ordered the college catalogue for NYU in New York City.  Tracy felt like he was always waiting, waiting, waiting.  Even for things that he ordered on the internet that could have just as easily been delivered by regular mail, and for less money, he didn’t want to wait.  Everything in his life going so slowly and taking forever.  Everything around here is painfully slow.

Tracy had graduated from Belfield High School two years ago, and he couldn’t wait to get out of that school, and out of Belfield.  Why was he still here?  Coercion and bribery.

This oil boom that began in 2006 was the first time that his family and relatives had the chance to make money since the last oil boom ended in 1983.  It was explained to him by his father numerous times, “Look, these oil booms last about seven years, that’s it.  Our family can make enough money in this oil boom to get everyone set for a long time.  We need you, and your brothers and sisters to stay here and work together as a family while this money is here to be made.  After this oil boom is over, you can go and do what you want, and you’ll have the money to be able to do what you want.”

Tracy had to work every day at his parent’s and grandparent’s family business, which operated as an oil field service company during the oil booms, and as a trucking, heavy equipment, excavating, demolition, construction company when there wasn’t an oil boom going on.  In other words, when there wasn’t an oil boom, they did whatever work they could get, which wasn’t a lot in the Belfield area.  His grandfather, Tom Sr., had started the company, and from the beginning he had his son, Tom Jr., working with him.  He named the company “TnT”, and local people called it TnT, T&T, or TT, construction, trucking, or oil field service.

On some days, like today, Tracy had to work in the office as dispatcher and handle equipment and material deliveries that came to the company yard.  Some days Tracy had to tow a big gooseneck trailer with pipe or equipment out to an oil field location.  Other days he was installing cattle guards, installing containment barriers around tanks, or repairing and replacing Ajax motors that ran pump jacks.  His father did not want to let Tracy go, because for one, Tracy knew where everything was.  Tracy knew where all of the oil field locations were, and how to get there.  Very few of the people working in the oil field knew the oil field locations like Tracy.  And secondly, Tracy had worked with his father and brothers when he was a teenager doing this work, and Tracy was just too experienced and knowledgeable to be allowed to leave right now.

Chapter 10

Not long after Rob had pulled out onto Highway 85 with his United Express delivery van and was heading north, Rob’s cell phone began to beep due to several missed phone calls.  All the missed calls were from Rob’s supervisor Gary at United Express in Dickinson, and Rob could guess why.  Rob had been expecting the possibility that the GPS tracking unit in his delivery van not sending a signal back to United Express for about half an hour might be a problem.  But Rob had two back up plans in case this happened.

Rob telephoned Gary back at United Express, and the first thing that Gary said was, “Where have you been and what have you been doing?”  Rob explained that he had to make a delivery southwest of Belfield, and when he got about eight miles from Highway 85, the front driver’s side tire went flat, it had a screw in it.  Gary said, “Why didn’t you telephone us?”  Rob replied that there was no cell phone coverage to be able to call anyone, an oil field service truck came by after about ten minutes, they had a compressor, they were able to put enough air in his tire for him to make his delivery, and now he was back on the road.

What could Gary say?  Gary knew that there was very poor cell phone coverage out in the badlands, and under the circumstances, it was pretty good luck that Rob was able to get his delivery van tire pumped up and get out of there on his own.  Gary said, “How is the tire now?”  Rob said, “It’s holding air, I can get a can of Fix-a-Flat at NAPA in Belfield and add air if I need to.  I think I can finish my deliveries today.”  Gary said O.K., good, keep going then.  Gary planned on looking at that driver’s side front tire when Rob got back to Dickinson.  Rob turned onto the next nearest farm road, stopped, looked around, got out, quickly found a rock the size of his hand, took the wood screw out of his knee pocket in his cargo pants, and pounded the wood screw into the driver’s side front tire.  Rob did stop at NAPA in Belfield to buy a can of Fix-a-Flat, he might actually need it now.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7

Rob and Rachel were both sweating and panting, Rob more so than Rachael.  After sitting on the side of Rachel’s bed for less than a minute, Rob pulled his pants up, he hadn’t even taken off his pants or his shoes.  He had learned from experience, that this is the way you do it when you are at work.  Rachel figured as much.

No words were exchanged.  Their breathing returned to closer to normal within a few minutes as they both sat there.  Rob got up and walked out without saying anything or looking back.  Rachel didn’t look out the window after him as he got into his delivery van and drove away.

Rachel wanted to take a shower right away and she did.  She took longer this time.  She thought about different things and paid no attention to time.

As Rob drove away from the house, he tried to collect and straighten himself out.  Seeing if his shoes were tied, making sure his shirt was tucked in and his pants buttoned and zipped.  Looking at his face in the mirror, fixing his shirt collar.  Making sure that he was all in order and not missing anything.  It was not until he reached Highway 85 that he remembered to remove the aluminum foil from the GPS tracking unit under the dashboard of his delivery van.

Chapter 8

Rachel’s mother Susan had to take her lunch break early this day.  Her co-worker had to leave at noon and would be gone for the remainder of the day due to a doctor’s appointment in Bismarck.  Rachel’s mother worked in Belfield for a gas company.  It was about a twenty minute drive home if it wasn’t snowing or raining.  Susan drove south on Highway 85 until she came to where she turned right to head west for about ten miles on an unpaved gravel road.  There were very few houses out that way once you turned off of Highway 85, only about six families.

About five miles from her house, Rachel’s mother passed the United Express delivery van.  Susan saw that the driver was young, about the same age as her daughter.  She had a queer and unsettling feeling about the way the driver looked, and she didn’t know why.

When she arrived home things were quiet.  There was a small cardboard box on the front porch that was addressed to Rachel that the United Express driver must have just delivered.  She entered the front room and could hear that Rachel was taking a shower.  She entered Rachel’s bedroom, her bed was a mess, and she could see that there were items that had been knocked off of their wall shelves.

When Rachel emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes in her robe, her mother called out to her, “I found a package on the front porch for you.  That cat must have gone crazy in your room.”

Rachel was surprised to hear her mother’s voice, and she wondered what she was doing home so early.  At the same time she was processing in her mind that her mother must have passed Rob out on the gravel road, and that she was saying something about him going crazy in her room, though it was awfully nonchalant if she was saying that Rob had just gone crazy in her bedroom.  She said, “What’s that you said mom?”

“I said, that cat must have gone crazy in your room.  There are all kinds of things knocked off of your shelves onto the floor.  I wonder what must have gotten into that cat.”

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Rob’s delivery route with United Express began on the west outskirts of Dickinson, and extended to Buffalo Gap and Medora to the west, as far north as the Missouri River, and as far south as Bowman.  He would start out in the morning from Dickinson heading west, making his first deliveries on old Highway 10 through the South Heart area and continuing westward to Belfield.  Once the Belfield deliveries were completed, he could head north toward Grassy Butte on Highway 85, or he could head south on Highway 85 toward Bowman.  But today, he needed to get southwest of Belfield by 10:00 a.m.

Rob’s delivery van was equipped with a GPS tracking and sending unit, that constantly transmitted his van’s location back to United Express via cell phone towers.  His location was always known, except for when there was no cell phone coverage, or when he wrapped the GPS tracking unit in aluminum foil.

On Rob’s second day working for United Express, he had witnessed a coworker get reprimanded for his delivery van being at a stand still for fifteen minutes at one particular address.  The driver admitted and explained to his supervisor Gary, that the homeowner had a four wheeler for sale in his front yard, that he had asked about it, wanted to know if it ran, and had the owner start it up and show it to him.  The supervisor Gary, angrily explained that under no circumstances can you stop making your deliveries for this amount of time.

Later that day when Rob stopped for lunch, he searched for and found the GPS tracking and sending unit underneath the dashboard of his delivery van, to the right of the steering column.  When he got home, he did an internet search for how to block the signal, and how not to be tracked.

Chapter 4

Rob quickly got through his deliveries on the west outskirts of Dickinson and through the South Heart area.  He never had a reason to become delayed in this area, the houses were too close together, the neighbors saw and knew each other’s activities, and his big white delivery van was very noticeable.  It was usually in the more remote areas that the women customers wanted him to come inside.

From a young age, Rob had the ability to sense when women were interested in him.  He was not overly handsome, exceptionally cute, tall, charismatic, or charming.  Yet there was something about him that women liked.

The circumstances of meeting women alone in remote areas, and his gift at detecting when women had an interest in him, made him a very prolific lover.  He did not put a lot of thought into women or care about them.  He had very little to say to them, nothing that he wanted to discuss, and he did not have an interest in listening to them or asking anything about them.  This worked out fine.  In the moment, the women did not want to know if he was married, if he had kids, what his future plans were, and they sure as hell didn’t want to answer too many questions about themselves, they just wanted to have sex.

Though Rob never thought too deeply about why so many married women customers wanted to have sex with him, their “reasons” varied.  Mostly, these married women had been wondering and thinking about being unfaithful for some time, but they just did not have the opportunity.  Their only time in town was spent grocery shopping and doing errands.  Everyone knew everyone.  There was no chance to meet anyone, to talk to anyone, without being overheard and being noticed, no place to get away with someone.  This young and willing delivery driver showing up when their kids were at school and their husband was at work was like an answer to their prayers.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

Recently I have written three blog posts about Miss North Dakota USA, making comments, recommendations, speculations, and criticisms.  I thought that maybe I should shut up about the pageant, not because my comments are stupid, but because I complain so much about the scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson.  One of the few things that may help inspire women in North Dakota to care about their appearance, bearing, and demeanor is the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  If anything, I should have nothing but praise for the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.

In writing the three recent blog posts about Miss North Dakota USA, I thought about the contestants, their work, the competition, how they would be judged, what the judges would be looking for, the goal of the organization.  I searched for, and read the twelve page Miss USA Pageant Contract, which gave me a tremendous amount of insight into what the organization was looking for.

The Miss USA pageant was looking for a woman who would always be a positive role model for other women, would make people think highly of the competition and the organization, and would not damage the reputation of the competition and the organization.  The end goal, it appears, is to effectively promote women and women’s interests.

In addition to me writing comments about the Miss North Dakota USA pageant which are possibly not completely helpful, I very often write about the scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson.  In order to be fair and truthful, I want to acknowledge that there are some attractive women in Dickinson.  Below I have written a list, in alphabetical order, of women in Dickinson who meet the criteria of attractiveness, civility, respectability, demeanor, bearing, and dress:

Mrs. Judy Anderson, Dickinson (the accountant)

Miss Haley Anderson, Dickinson

Mrs. Kjersti Armstrong, Dickinson

Mrs. Kathryn Helgaas Burgum, Bismarck

Mrs. Bethany Devlin, Watford City

Miss Mariah Ficek, Dickinson

Mrs. Kathy Fisher, Dickinson

Mrs. Brenda Fong, Dickinson

Mrs. Marinna Marsh Fuchs, Dickinson

Dr. Nicole Marie Wilson-Hall, Dickinson

Miss McKenzie Joy Hilsen, Dickinson

Miss Geliza Hoese, Dickinson

Miss Jessica Hoherz, Dickinson

Miss Kaycee Hutzenbiler, Belfield

Miss Megan Jorgenson, Dickinson

Miss Jordan Kass, New England

Mrs. Marchell Kubas, South Heart

Miss JoLea Kukowski, Dickinson

Miss Melissa McDermott, Dickinson

Miss Codi Miller, Amidon

Miss Kit Miller, Amidon

Miss Molly Miller, Dickinson

Mrs. Bernice Mueller, Dickinson

Mrs. Janilyn Murtha, Dickinson

Miss Tracy Nash, Dickinson

Miss Kayla Paluck, Dickinson

Mrs. Kamal Patel, Dickinson

Mrs. Kristi Schwartz, Dickinson

Miss Ali Sorenson, Dickinson

Mrs. Jessie Veeder, Watford City

Mrs. Lindsey Ybarra, Watford City

Miss Kira Zastoupil, Dickinson

No, you can’t be removed from my list.  Keep up the good work.

I may be able to add a few more women to my list in the future.  The attractive women in Dunn County hide 95% of the time.  There I go again, they aren’t “hiding”, they are just staying at home.

Update 11/25/2016:  Many of the women on the list above remind me of the IDF women of Israel.  I recommend that the women on the above list, and the readers, go look at IDFwomenofisrael on Facebook.

Women, Women In Dickinson, And My Website

I have written in several recent blog posts that my biggest motivation in creating this website was anger.  However it is the fact that there is very little to do in Dickinson that causes me to write so much, and keeps me angry.

I can not go out to bars at night and socialize in Dickinson because the police are so aggressive in stopping everyone to give them a DUI.  It is not really worth it going out to bars and restaurants at night in Dickinson anyway because most of the bartenders and servers are angry, mentally ill women who came to North Dakota because they could not obtain and keep employment where they came from.

Because of not being able to go out at night to bars and socialize, because most of the bartenders and servers are angry, mentally ill women, and because there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, I thought that it would be a good idea to hire a prostitute.  However, you can’t do this either because the police in Dickinson and Bismarck place fake advertisements for escorts on the internet so that they can arrest men when they show up for their appointment.

All I have to do with my time is read, write, work on cars and equipment, and watch television.  While reading recently, I saw a job advertisement that indicated foreign refugees were going to be relocated to Watford City, North Dakota.  More reading verified my suspicion that it would probably be Syrian refugees.  Lutheran Social Services in Minnesota and North Dakota is currently working on this.

I wrote a blog post about Muslim refugees from the Middle East being relocated to western North Dakota on my website.  I thought that it was interesting and funny.  Western North Dakota sucks so bad already for me, the other out of state workers, the red-necks, and the white trash, everybody is already angry.  I can’t wait to see this anger explode when Lutheran Social Services starts bringing the Muslim Syrian refugees to live next to and work next to, the mean North Dakotans, and the angry red-necks and white trash.

I looked on the internet for an appropriate image to include with my blog post about the Syrian refugees relocating to western North Dakota.  (I just got done telling you, no, I don’t have anything better to do.)  In general, paintings are no longer protected by copyright law once the artist has been dead for seventy years.  What I look through, are paintings from the 1400s through the early 1900s because I can use these paintings as illustrations without having to pay for their use, they are no longer copyright protected. I like these paintings anyway for a number of different reasons.  I want to explain several things about the Muslim and Arab paintings of harem women and slave women.

In the 1600s through the early 1900s, many excellent European painters traveled to the Middle East to observe, study, and paint harem women and slave women.  The wealthy Arabs, Muslims, Berbers, and Turks very often kept harems and slave women, many of them were white women.  I believe that many of these white women ended up as captives because “they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

I believe that what I am writing about these harems and women slaves, is not registering with some of the women that are reading this.  They may think of this with notions of romance and adventure.  I am not using the term “slave” in a figurative way, I do literally mean “slave”, as in not being able to leave and being held against their will.  After looking at many different harem women and slave women paintings, it is clear to me that these women were treated the same as animal property, the same as horses.

One of my favorite painters is John William Waterhouse, an English painter who lived from 1849 to 1917.  Most of the paintings on my website are by John W. Waterhouse.  To me, his paintings are clearer than photographs.  Though he may have created one hundred famous paintings, you can see that he chose to use the same five women models.  Many of John W. Waterhouse’s paintings show women that are partially or completely nude.  I am sure that his five favorite women models had no objection to modelling nude for him.  All of the women in his paintings have dignity and free-will, whether they are a young water nymph, a courtesan, a priestess, or a goddess.

The European painters that traveled to the Middle East to paint the harem women and slave women, their paintings show women that are not voluntarily modelling nude, they show women that are accustomed to remaining unclothed for long periods of time, because they are required to do so.   These paintings do not show women with dignity or free-will, they show women that are captives, though they often seem or appear accustomed to their situation.  Often times, these harem women are shown with exotic pets that are normally wild animals, such as lions, cheetahs, and parrots.  Though the wealthy Arabs and Turks did have exotic pets like lions and cheetahs, these animals that are normally free, are required to lounge around in captivity, just like the captive women.  The harem women and the slave women shown in the paintings, are not much different than the exotic pets lounging with them, they are all captives, and animal property.

Many of the women in Dickinson act shitty and hostile toward white men.  I want to point out that if it weren’t for the white men, women would most likely end up being treated as slaves and kept as animal property.  Everything that is being done to undermine white Christian men, will probably result in all women everywhere losing all of their rights within the next fifty years.  Look at how women are treated in the Middle East, the Far East, and Latin America.  The more that white Christian men become a minority, the more that women undermine white Christian men, the sooner the culture and values of the Middle East, the Far East, and Latin America will inevitably take away all the freedom and equality that women have.

People Resorting To Sex With Animals In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous four blog posts I wrote that the Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system in western North Dakota have all decided that there is not going to be any prostitution allowed whatsoever, even though there are way more men than women, and prostitution is necessary.  Rather than achieving a glorious state of morality and purity in western North Dakota, it has resulted in adultery, and sexual abuse of animals.

Right now, everybody needs to go read the Jamestown Sun newspaper article dated January 28, 2013 “Horse becomes victim of sexual assault in west North Dakota.”  Go read the article, not only was a horse sexually assaulted, this was not the first time that this happened to a horse in this area, and, it has happened to cattle in this area too.

A quote from this newspaper article reads, “…an illegal act ranchers suggest happens all too often in this area, but rarely gets reported.”

Another quote from this newspaper article reads, “This is not the first time an attack like this has happened. Horse farrier Lee Hecker found his daughter’s older mare on the ground with grease on its “rear-end” this fall.”

Another quote from this newspaper article reads, “Hecker has over the years found evidence of assault on his horses and cows.”

I am so sick of the Catholics in Dickinson.  The Catholics here in Dickinson, instead of having kindness and charity towards others, have hatred and hostility towards others.  Instead of helping the people who arrived here in Dickinson, they took advantage of them in historic proportion.  Just like the Catholics here have got a complete misunderstanding of the teachings of Christianity, which has them believing that they should treat others with hostility, hatred, and abuse, their determined efforts to not allow men the opportunity to have sex with women, has forced the men here to turn to horses and cows for sex.

How To Tell If Your Child Was Fathered By An Out Of State Worker In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota

The Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system all decided that there was not going to be any prostitution allowed when all of the out of state workers moved to western North Dakota for the oil boom and the ratio of men to women in Dickinson became 3:1, and 10:1 in Watford City.  There was nothing that the out of state workers could do but try to seduce the married women and unmarried local women by any means necessary to obtain sex.  Promising them anything and everything, lying to them, tricking them, taking advantage of them, exploiting their vulnerabilities, because they had to if they wanted to have sex.

In order to tell if your child was fathered by an out of state worker, here are some signs to look for:

  1. If your wife had been asking you to fix a fence, wash the windows, trim a tree, clean the gutters out, and your wife quit asking you, and these things got done, and she gave birth nine months later, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  2. If your child says, “I’m cold”, and it is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  3. If your child does well in school, likes school, and has a large vocabulary, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  4. If your child says, “Are y’all fixin to go to the store?”, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  5. If your child is black, and neither you or your wife is black, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.

Are We Supposed To Seduce The Married Women In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota?

Are we, the out of state workers, supposed to seduce the married women in Dickinson and Watford City, North Dakota?  The Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system don’t want there to be any prostitution of any kind whatsoever, so I guess we must be supposed to seduce the married women.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1, and the ratio of men to women in Watford City is about 10:1.  There are not enough women for everybody to have one, therefore, we must borrow someone else’s, because prostitution is not allowed.

Most of the time, very attractive young ladies with good dispositions already have a boyfriend or husband.  They are so sought after because of their beauty and good personality, that they always either have a boyfriend or are married.  Fortunately, married women are easier to seduce than single women, as I will explain.

Married women, by the fact that they are married, have demonstrated that they like men enough to marry one of them.  If they have been married for at least a few years, they are used to men.  They are used to a man touching them, grabbing them, handling them, having sex with them, sleeping next to them, snoring, being sick around them, being dirty, sweaty, and smelly.  So they are not uncomfortable with men, or the things that men do.

I have written in previous blog posts that all of the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks were tired of being propositioned ten times every day by the truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers.  I have written that all of the housewives in Dickinson, Dunn County, and Watford City, hide, they hide, and they try to only go out to do errands and shopping between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to avoid all of the male workers who are currently still at work during those hours.  But the housewives try to avoid the male workers, because they actually like some of them, they find some of them to be cute or handsome.

When a married woman sees a strong dirty sweaty construction worker that she thinks is cute or handsome, she starts fantasizing about all the work that she could have him do back at her house.  She starts fantasizing about the strong dirty sweaty construction worker taking her, without asking, (so it’s not her fault), in an animalistic primitive wild lust that she can’t stop, (so it’s not her fault).

The housewives, they have already noticed that some of the out of state workers are cute or handsome, and they have already thought about it.  The housewives that are sometimes the most vulnerable to seduction, according to scientific research, are the ones with a couple of children under the age of eight.  This is because of both a high hormone level at this time, and the fact that they are looking for relief and  escape from their squabbling squealing children.

When you combine the fact that housewives are used to men, are used to having sex, are not scared of sex, are not scared of getting pregnant, find strong sweaty construction workers attractive, have high hormone levels, want an escape from their squealing kids, and, and are probably mad at their husband for something and want to get back at him, you see that housewives are very ready to be borrowed temporarily by out of state workers.

The Catholics could not have set things up any better for the greatest amount of adultery in Dickinson and Watford City, with there being so many men, so few women, and absolutely no prostitutes allowed for the out of state workers.

In my next blog post, I will write about how people in Dickinson and Watford City can tell if their child was fathered by an out of state worker.

Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part II

In my previous blog post I wrote about the website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, frank commentary from an unretired call girl”.

Maggie McNeil is not her real name, it is a pseudonym that she chose for herself to protect her identity.  Maggie McNeil received her B.A. in English, and her M.S. in Library Science.  She became married after graduating and began working as a librarian.  When she became divorced after four years of marriage, she began working as a stripper in New Orleans to pay off debt that she was left with.  While working as a stripper, she found out that she could make more money as a prostitute, so she became a prostitute.

Maggie McNeil writes about all aspects of her life, but mostly she writes as an advocate for women’s rights, especially the right for women to earn their living by having sex for money, without being persecuted and treated like a criminal.

Maggie McNeil came from a stable family, was mentally and physically healthy, completed her education, and was not destitute.  She chose to become a prostitute, she was not forced into it.  She writes that she enjoys having sex and she likes being a prostitute.  She has always been able to manage her own affairs, she has always been in control of her life.  She was never under anyone else’s control, and she was not victimized.

Maggie McNeil writes that there are many women throughout the world that are just like her.  There are many women throughout the world that are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and they to chose to have sex for money as a profession.  Maggie McNeil has written more than a thousand blog posts on the subject of people working as prostitutes.  She reads research, studies, and news articles from around the world related to prostitution daily, and she posts links, summaries, and commentary.

I am writing about Maggie McNeil on my blog website, because I would like for people in North Dakota to consider some things in a rational, logical way.  When you have 20,000 male oil field workers move to Williston, North Dakota, there are not enough local women for the oil field workers to court, become engaged, and become married like you Catholics would like.  The ratio of men to women was probably 10:1.

Throughout the history of the world, in most parts of the world, there has been the situation where there were great numbers of men, and very few women.  Wars in remote locations, mining and lumber operations in remote locations, settling of frontiers and far away countries, gold rushes, oil booms.  There has been prostitution everywhere that there has been great numbers of men and few women.

Readers probably have images in their heads of dirty, filthy, diseased women working as prostitutes near battle fronts and mining towns.  The truth is, if these women working as prostitutes didn’t have access to clean lodgings, bathing facilities, and medical care, they might be dirty and diseased.  The best thing for women working as prostitutes and the men using these prostitutes, would be that these women have a clean, safe, regulated environment to work in.

What the North Dakotans should have done, was acknowledge and understand that there were going to be way more men than women due to the oil boom.  There was going to be prostitution.  When prostitution is illegal, and law enforcement and the judicial system seek to find and arrest all prostitutes, prostitution is conducted as a criminal enterprise, by criminals.  No normal woman is going to want to come to North Dakota to work as a prostitute when law enforcement is determined to arrest all prostitutes.  So instead what you get in North Dakota is, gangs, pimps, and criminals in other states get girls and women addicted to drugs, keep them high on drugs, beat them, threaten them, and drive them to North Dakota and force them to work as prostitutes.  These women are so drug addicted, so high on drugs, so coerced, that they have no control over how many men they have sex with, take no health precautions for their own safety, and take no health precautions against spreading disease to men.

If North Dakota would have allowed prostitution to be conducted as a legal business, there could have been normal, healthy, safety conscious women working in safe, clean places of business, with good access to health care, and some regulation.  Instead with North Dakotans vilifying and criminalizing prostitution, you have gangs and pimps drugging girls and women, holding them against their will, and forcing them to have sex with as many men as possible with no regard for their own health, for their customer’s health, or for spreading diseases.

Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part I

“Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, frank commentary from an unretired call girl”.

Maggie McNeil is probably the best writer that I have ever read.  Maggie McNeil is not her real name.  She grew up in New Orleans, and went to Catholic school.  In 1987 she graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  In 1993 she graduated from Louisiana State University with a Masters in Library Science.

After graduating, she got married to her boyfriend that she met in college, and began working as a librarian.  After about four years of marriage, her marriage did not work out, she got a divorce, and her husband left her with a large amount of debt.  In 1997 she began working as a stripper in New Orleans in order to be able to pay down her debt.  She found out that she could make even more money as a prostitute, so that is what she did.

In about 2006, she married her favorite client, and retired from being a stripper and a prostitute.  She began writing about her life and about prostitution on her website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan”.

In 2011 when I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota to work, there was a shortage of women, and lack of attractive women.  For the first time in my life, in my early 40s, I began looking at internet dating sites.  Though I began looking at five different internet dating sites each day, there were still very few attractive women in Dickinson.  Older workers told me to go to the website “Backpage”, and look under “Escorts”.  There were some attractive women advertising in the “Escort” section of “Backpage”, and at $250 per hour, that is way less money, less time, and less effort than trying to have a girlfriend.

However, the police in Dickinson, Williston, and Bismarck were creating fake “Escort” profiles on “Backpage”, and they were arresting the men when they went to their appointment with the “Escort” they contacted.  I was angry, and I still am angry, that everyone in Dickinson and Williston knew that there were way more men than women, the ratio was probably 3:1 in Dickinson and 10:1 in Williston.  Everyone knew that all of the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks were tired of being propositioned ten times a day by truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers.  I blame those God damn ignorant scheming Catholics in western North Dakota for not allowing and interfering with men trying to have relations with women in a way that did not harass the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks.

In trying to look for women on the internet, and reading about prostitution on the internet, I found the website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan”.  I was impressed with Maggie McNeil’s writing.  She was very logical, organized, and coherent in her writing, it was very professional.  Actually, it was beyond professional, she was a very good and talented writer.

I wrote Maggie McNeil a fairly long e-mail complimenting her writing, explaining my thoughts, and asking her some questions.  She e-mailed me back saying that I should read Ayn Rand if I didn’t think women could be logical.

I have read about one hundred of Maggie McNeil’s blog posts, though she has written more than a thousand.  Some posts tell about her childhood, some are about her education, some about her marriage, being a librarian, a stripper, a prostitute, a writer, and about legalizing prostitution.  Most of her writing is about legalizing prostitution and decriminalizing prostitution.

The reason that I am writing about Maggie McNeil, is that I want other people to read her blog posts, especially women, especially women in North Dakota.  Sometimes she explains very thoroughly that she likes having sex, she always has, even from when she was a teenager, that she sees nothing wrong with it, and is unashamed about it.  I hope that her writing and explaining will help many readers in North Dakota realize that sex is completely normal, it’s not like some terrifying animal escaping from the zoo, which is how North Dakotans look at sex and nudity.

Also, I would like for women, community leaders, elected representatives, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, judicial officers, and law enforcement to read Maggie McNeil’s blog website in order to understand more than they do now about why some women want to get paid to have sex.  Maggie McNeil is very intelligent and well educated.  She realized when she was in financial debt, that she could make more money as a stripper, than at her job as a librarian.  Then, she realized that she could make more money as a prostitute, and that she liked being a prostitute.  This is what she wanted to do as a profession.  She is not a drug addict or a criminal.  There are many other women like her, that want to be paid to have sex, because they can make more money this way, and like it better than other employment options.

I will write more about this in my next blog post Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part II.

How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies, Part 4 of 4

This will be the last part for the time being.  There is a lot more to cover, but it would take a big book to include everything, and I don’t want to entirely devote this blog to this subject.  Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 cover what I think are some of the most important things.

6.  Do Not Look Like A Slob In Public.  Try to take a shower, comb your hair, and put on clean normal clothes before you leave your home.  You might think that it is cute when you wear pajama pants and slippers to go to the store, but actually, people think that your family must be so trashy that you don’t even know any better.  You might think that you are cute when you go to the King Buffet or the Pizza Ranch in your pajama pants and slippers, but other people at the restaurant see you and think, “You must have gotten your welfare assistance payment today, that is why you are out to eat in your pajamas.”

The big problem is, women get in the habit of always wearing sweat pants or pajama pants, an over size worn t-shirt, an over size worn hoodie sweatshirt, and they live the rest of their life dressing this way.  They say to themselves, “I am just going to the post office, I am just going to the bank, I am just going to the car dealer to drop off my car.”  Do the women who work at the bank or at the car dealer dress this way?  No, the women who work at the bank and at the car dealer don’t dress this way because it is not allowed, they would look like a slob.  You look like a slob.

7.  Do Not Act Like A Slob In Public.  When you are out with your family, do not act like a troop of baboons, yelling, screeching, grabbing things, picking at yourselves, oblivious to the human beings around you.

8.  Do Not Become Over Intoxicated In Public.  No, people will not forget the things that you said and the things that you did when you were drunk.  They will not think that it was just the alcohol, they will think that that is how you really are, and it just finally came out.

How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies Part 3 of 4

Please read Part 1 and Part 2 in my previous two blog posts where I explained Rules 1 through 4.  Many women in Dickinson already know these rules, however many do not.

5.  Do Not Fight In Public.  I mean do not engage in a physical fight in public.  In a stressful situation, if you can not stand there with your arms crossed, then you need to leave.  If you are being put under too much stress, you should probably leave anyway.  You do not have to stand there and let someone insult you, curse at you, or threaten you, ..leave.  You should always try to avoid situations where people will mistreat you, however if you find yourself in a situation where you are being mistreated, …leave.  I will give some examples below.

If your boyfriend is being disrespectful or insulting, …leave.

If your husband is being abusive, disrespectful, or insulting, …leave.

If a co-worker is being abusive or threatening, you should probably leave.

If an employer is being abusive or threatening, you should leave.

In the examples that I gave above, you need to let people know that you will not tolerate mistreatment or abuse, and though they may be using bad language, vulgarity, and making threats, you aren’t going to behave like that.  In your personal relationships, you can disassociate yourself from anyone that is disrespectful and abusive, but you should also do this in your professional life, and I will explain why

If an employer ever tries to mistreat you, they will likely never stop.  The first time that an employer does something abusive, understand that this is what they are like, and that this will continue.  There are laws now about “hostile work environment”, but you should just leave first, and not come back.

You might be thinking, “This is easy for you to say, but how am I going to pay my bills?”  When you are a young single woman, you can’t spend all the money that you make.  It is very, very important that you save money, and have quite a bit of money saved up.  You need to not get the most expensive apartment, most expensive furniture, most expensive car, and most expensive clothes that you can buy.  You need to save money and have money saved up so that you will not be at the mercy of other people, or dependent on other people, and can just leave any abusive, threatening, or coercive situation.

Again, a lady should not engage in a physical fight.  But this does not mean that you have to do nothing when people are threatening and abusive to you.  In some cases, it may be appropriate to have a boyfriend, husband, or father inform someone that they had better not mistreat you.  In some cases you may have to explain yourself to an administrator or a manager in order to report and stop abuse.  In some cases you may need a lawyer.  In some cases you may be better off to just never deal with some people again.

How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies, Part 2 of 4

Please read my blog post “How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies, Part 1”.  I began that post by saying that many women in Dickinson already know these things that I will write, however many do not, especially the young single women who have come from out of state to work in Dickinson.

4.  Do Not Argue In Public.  You may have been wronged, but do not argue in public.  In confronting an individual that has wronged you, you may accidentally begin to use language that is not lady-like, and you may end up looking trashy and low class.  You may have been wronged, but in confronting an individual in public, details may emerge, or accusations could emerge, that may embarrass you or humiliate you.  Arguing in public, details might emerge that could hurt innocent people.  Arguing in public might reveal a dark side of you that no one was aware of and that you don’t want known.  Arguing in public might lead to a physical fight, and you don’t want or need witnesses to this.  Fighting in public is prohibited in Rule #5 by the way.

Rule #4 is an extremely important rule.  Let’s just say that you are right and that the other person is wrong.  Stop and think about the consequences of arguing in public.  I will have to explain this with some scenarios.

Let us say that your husband has had an affair with a waitress.  You know it, your husband knows it, and the waitress knows it.  In your anger, you might head straight down to the restaurant where this waitress works, and confront her wherever you find her saying, “You fucking whore!  I had better not ever catch you fucking my husband again!”  As a result of this approach, your husband’s friends, your friends, your husband’s co-workers, your co-workers, your neighbors, and probably even your children will know what your husband did.  Was it necessary and beneficial for your neighbors and children to know this?  What if the waitress yells back, “Your husband told me that you were a lesbian and you wouldn’t have sex with him anymore!”  Whether this is true or not, what is everybody going to think?

A lady would confront her husband in private, with no one around, no witnesses, no children.  (How and why do you think that President George Bush got a black eye while he was president and in the private residence?)  No one needs to see or hear this lady using bad language.  No one needs to see or hear this lady punch her husband in the face.  He won’t be able to tell the police.  He will have to say something stupid like he was eating pretzels and a pretzel got caught in his throat and he hit his head on the coffee table.

A lady would not want her children to know that their father had had an affair.  She would not want to upset and confuse the children, who would then spend all of their time worrying that mom and dad were going to get a divorce.  A lady would dictate terms, conditions, and consequences to her husband in private.  All of the arguing and negotiating would be done in private.  No one needs to know or should know the husband and wife’s personal affairs.

If a lady wanted to confront the waitress who had had an affair with her husband, she could inform the waitress that she would like to meet with her.  By the way, a forty-five year old married woman telephoning a twenty-five year old waitress and asking to speak to her in the most matter-of-fact way, would probably result in all restaurant staff suspecting, but not knowing, what had transpired, and it would not be liked.  A quick meeting, off hours, at the most distant table, in a hotel bar, would be an appropriate place for a lady to tell some young woman that she knows what had happened.  That she has explained this to her husband, and now she is explaining this to you, that if this ever happens again, that you can have him, he can come and live with you, but you had better be able to support both of you, because she will be keeping the house, and she and the kids will be taking all of his money.

Rule #4, Do Not Argue In Public, does not mean not doing anything, or not getting even.  In the South, women don’t have to like each other, in order to help each other.  The easy thing to call it would be “Networking” but this it not accurate, because “Networking” is different.  It is more simple, it is like, “If you do something to one of us, you do something to all of us.”  Ladies do not like it when other women cause their husbands to cheat on them.  If a lady told her best friend in the strictest confidence what her husband had done.  Her best friend might take matters into her own hands and tell her friend, who is the wife of the restaurant owner.  The restaurant owner’s wife is not about to have some young girl around that is going to be after her husband next, and this young waitress can no longer work there.

Having just written that in the South, women don’t have to like each other, in order to help each other, the following outcome is just as likely.  Once a wife has had a chance to calm down after finding out that her husband has had an affair.  The wife will want to know who her husband cheated with.  It might be a relief to the wife that her husband cheated with some twenty-five year old waitress, and feel that this is not a threat.  The waitress probably doesn’t want her husband anyway.  The wife might try to put herself in the shoes of the young waitress, not making much money, struggling financially, her husband trying to charm her, maybe promising her things.  The wife might not want any revenge on the young waitress, and begin to believe that both she and the waitress were both victimized by her husband in this.

But remember that there was No Arguing In Public.

How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies, Part 1 of 4

A reader named “Cheryl”, a.k.a. ndgirlone, recently wrote a comment to my blog post “Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I answered some of Cheryl’s questions in my previous post about how I date women in Dickinson.  Cheryl’s comments reminded me that I had intended to write about how women in Dickinson can behave like Southern Ladies.

There are women in Dickinson who already know the things that I will write, but there are many women who don’t know.  In particular the single women from out of state who have come to work in western North Dakota are quite lost in how to behave appropriately.  If they follow my advice, they will be able to improve their situation in life.

  1.   A lady must not use bad language.  Any person who hears a woman use bad language will probably assume that she is trashy and low class.  I will explain later the disadvantages of being thought of as trashy and low class.
  2.   A lady must withdraw and not participate in any situation where bad language is being used.  Any person who observes a woman in the company of others who are using bad language will probably assume that she is trashy and low class.
  3.   A lady must withdraw from any situation where people are behaving inappropriately, crudely, or with vulgarity.  Again, any person who observes a woman in the company of others who are behaving inappropriately will probably assume that she is trashy and low class.

For now, I will just explain the three statements that I made above.  Consider in your mind a young man who is going to medical school to become a doctor, who comes from a wealthy family.  If you were dating this young man, and he took you home to meet his parents, would you be using the words “fuck”, “asshole”, and “shit” around his parents?  You probably would not, unless you wanted to end this relationship quickly.  You would not because you don’t want to appear trashy and low class.  The reason that you might not want to lose your relationship with this young man is because as a husband, he could provide you with a nice home, nice vehicle, and easily pay for your children.  So you see that there is an advantage to not acting trashy and low class.

What you might not be aware of, is that there is opportunity around you every minute of every day.  When you get up in the morning, wear pajama pants and slippers, with your hair looking like a bird’s nest, get in your car to go to a convenience store to get coffee, and maybe say to the cashier, “Fuck, I forgot my wallet, it’s in my car, let me go get it.”  Did you know that the old farmer behind you or sitting at a table has just noticed what a mess you are?  Many of the old farmers in Dickinson are way past being millionaires, they are old, and they have sons.  You had better believe that these old millionaires have a say in what their sons do.  If their son dated a trashy girl like you, it would be against their wishes.  For his son’s sake, he would be told that he was going to receive very little from his father, in order to protect him from this trashy girl he is involved with.

On the other hand, if you were a young lady that had a job as a waitress in a diner in Dickinson, and you were always polite and positive, you might be getting asked questions from old farmers like, “Where are you from?  Are you going to school?”  They are not getting ready to ask you out, but they might think that you are a nice girl and they would like to introduce you to their son, grandson, or nephew.  Yes, yes, old farmers ask trashy waitresses what their name is and where they are from too, but they will be using this information to make damn sure that their son never gets involved with you if they can help it.

These examples that I just gave involved dating and marriage.  However, appearing trashy and low class will adversely affect everything in your life.  You might not even be aware that employment, promotions, educational opportunities, and housing are being given to someone else instead of you because you acted so trashy and low class.

Please go back and re-read the numbered points #1, #2, and #3 above.  You will also have to begin excusing yourself from the company of others who are using bad language, acting crudely, or acting with vulgarity.  If others see you with people like this, they will assume that you are the same as them.  There is the expression, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  In order to not be in the company of people who use bad language and behave badly, you may no longer be able to go to some bars where everyone uses bad language and behaves badly.  Also, you may have to begin leaving bars and parties by 10:00 p.m., before people are over intoxicated and begin behaving badly.

There are many wives and single professional women who will never, ever, go to some of the bars in Dickinson because many of the patrons become over intoxicated and will act inappropriately.  These women will not tolerate bad, crude, vulgar language, or people putting their hands on them.  These women will also leave parties before people become over intoxicated.  This is what they have to do in order to maintain a reputation as being a lady.

Answering A Reader’s Questions About How I Date Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

A reader named “Cheryl”, a.k.a. ndgirlone, posted a comment to my blog post “Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, where she asked about how I date women.  To answer Cheryl’s question, for one thing, I give each girl/woman that I like the following Application For Relationship:

Application For Relationship

Please complete the following application.  Please answer all questions.  Please print clearly.  Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

First Name:______________________  Last Name:__________________

Phone Number:___________________  Date of Birth:_________________

Current Address:______________________________________________

Height:_________________  Weight:____________  Race:_____________

Do you have Children:________  How many:_______  Do they live with you:____

Do you want Children:________  When:________________  How many:______

Current Occupation:_________________________

High School years completed:________________  Did you graduate:__________

Name of College or University attended:________________________________

Years at College or University:___________  Degree Awarded:_______________

Do you have any Diseases:__________________________________________

Do you have any Medical Condition:___________________________________

Do you have any Mental Condition:____________________________________

Do you Smoke:__________  How often:___________________

Do you use Drugs:______________________________________________

Are you Currently Married:_____________

Have you ever been Married:____________  How many times:______________

List activities, hobbies, and interests:_________________________________




Tell why you think that you would be a good person to date:_________________




Note:  You will be considered on a number of different factors.  For instance, a not very high education level can be compensated for by a good personality and disposition.

I always have blank Applications For Relationship in my vehicles.  For women that are working when they are dealing with you, like police officers, doctors, and nurses, you can give them an application so that they can fill it out later, and you don’t have to ask them a lot of questions while they are dealing with you.

When you are at a restaurant or a gym, it is better to hand women the application when you are on your way out, instead of when you first get there.

When you receive the completed application back, you can go and look them up on the internet to do a more thorough background check.