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I Repeat, Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota

On New Year’s Eve, I was at a bar & restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I have known the bar & restaurant owner, the manager, the bartender, and the wait staff for two years.  It was a busy night, all of the customers were pretty well behaved, there were very few problems, and almost everyone had a good time.

When it got to be close to 1:00 a.m., it became closing time, with last call for alcohol, and then shortly after that it became time for the customers to leave.  I had agreed to stay to drive a wait staff person home when they got off work.  The restaurant had cleared out completely, but here came this young lady that I knew, back to get her coat off the back of a chair.

This young lady that came back to the empty restaurant to get her coat off the back of a chair, had been one of my biggest inspirations in writing the blog post about six months ago titled, “Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I had had an incident with her about a year ago, where she had wanted and was attempting to remove bottles of alcohol from a bar, where she did not work, when the bar was left unattended.

I did not want to start anything with her this night, I believe that she is crazy, I did not want any confrontation, so I turned the other way to not even look at her.  After about forty five seconds, she did not exit the restaurant, and I turned around, and she wasn’t there.  I looked all around the room, and she wasn’t there.  I knew that she didn’t leave the restaurant, was she hiding in the restaurant?  I couldn’t believe it.

I started looking under tables, and when I looked up, I saw her very quickly leaving the restaurant through the exit, and the bar & restaurant owner coming out of the stock room behind the bar.  I said to the bar & restaurant owner, “Did you find her in the stock room?”  The owner said that yes, he did find her in the stock room.

At this time the manager came over.  I explained to the bar & restaurant owner, and to the manager, that this is the second time that I have seen this young lady attempt to stay behind at a bar after closing, and remove alcohol when the bar was left unattended.  I gave them her name.  The manager asked the owner, “What did she say to you when you found her in the stock room behind the bar?”  The owner replied, “She said that she wanted to buy some alcohol off-sale.”  The owner said that he just told her to leave and go to a liquor store.

I had had a problem with this young lady the last time I was around her when a bar was left unattended, and I had not forgotten her.  She was very rude and inconsiderate.  She was from New York.  I had found out some of the places that she had worked in Dickinson as a waitress.  People told me that she was nutty, one person told me that she had caused a tremendous amount of problems, but no one told me that she had stolen alcohol.  I can’t believe that she hasn’t tried to remove alcohol from bars elsewhere in Dickinson, but I can believe that she might not have been caught yet.

In my blog post titled “Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota”, I explained that women can make more money in New York, Arizona, Florida, and Texas as a waitress, bartender, hotel clerk, bank teller, or administrative assistant, and live in less expensive housing, with a better social environment.  Why would they want to move to Dickinson where it is so cold, and housing was so expensive?  The answer was, there was such a shortage of workers in Dickinson, that employers did not ask a lot of questions, or do much of a background check.  If employers would have talked to some of these women for even five minutes, they would have noticed that they were crazy.  If employers would have contacted previous places where they worked, they probably would have been given some hints about the things these women had done in the past.

I am very,very angry about this, because not only is there nothing to do in Dickinson, and a shortage of women, the women that you do come in contact with in the bars, restaurants, stores, and banks, they are fucking crazy!  So yes, I am trying to point out this crazy woman who moved here to Dickinson, because they found out what she was like where she came from, and now she is doing her same crazy shit here, and probably her co-workers have been blamed for, or are under suspicion for what she has done.


Trying To Change Things In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota

In my blog posts I have written about: The Dickinson Mafia, Dickinson State University, Dickinson Police Department, Dickinson Chamber of Commerce, Watford City Chamber of Commerce, Watford City Police Department, Belfield, Gladstone, Catholics, Bohemians, Black People, Mexicans, Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Property Investors, White Trash, Jessie Veeder, Dan Porter, Kristi Schwartz, Bill and Kamal Patel, Outlaw Sippin Band, Codi Miller, Marinna Marsh, Eric Smallwood, Bigfoot, UFOs, women, bartenders, prostitution, restaurants, and that arrogant Mexican who owns that Mexican restaurant.

Many people are mad at me.  I will suffer some negative consequences as time goes by and people figure out that it is me who wrote these things about them.  There are at least three things that I accomplish when I write about Dickinson and Watford City:  I give the readers from out-of-state a better understanding of what is going on in western North Dakota; I point out things to the local readers that they might want to think about, consider, and change; and I cause the local people who are directly involved to think about what they are doing and maybe change what they are doing.  It is worthwhile to me to give truthful information to people from out-of-state to save them from having problems, and to try to cause some things to change in Dickinson and Watford City that will benefit everyone.

There are some things that I write about, that no one else addresses in public, and the Dickinson Press newspaper will not write about.  There are some things that I write about, that no one thought needed to be written about.  The following are some subjects that I have written about that I still think are important:

  • The Dickinson Mafia.  The Dickinson Mafia exerted beneficial control over development in Dickinson.  The town of Dickinson is very organized and clean, even though it just went through an Oil Boom.  However one of the things that the Dickinson Mafia should have done was grab hold of all the Real Estate Agents and Property Investors by their necks and said, “You are not going to fuck up this beneficial growth of Dickinson by ripping off all these people so bad, that they can’t wait to leave here when this boom is over!  Do you understand that you are going to ruin the whole economic future of Dickinson for years to come with your short-sighted gouging that is only going to last a couple of years?”
  • Dickinson State University.  I quit going to the West River Community Center in 2013 because of all the hoodlum street thugs, which were here in Dickinson because they were brought here by DSU.  Everybody in Dickinson noticed this, where did all these inner city street street thugs come from?, my God, it’s DSU that is recruiting them here!  In about 2015, I think that Dickinson State University quit doing this, because I don’t see as many hoodlum street thugs in Dickinson as I used to.
  • Dickinson Chamber of Commerce and Watford City Chamber of Commerce.  At first, the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce and the Watford City Chamber of Commerce did not want to allow my blog on the first page of Google search results, but now they don’t fight with my blog as much.  Probably, the Chamber of Commerce wants people from out-of-state to know that housing prices are very high, that most people who come to North Dakota to work will not make $100,000 per year, that it is very cold for about seven months each year, and that there is no homeless shelter.
  • Jessie Veeder.  Jessie Veeder is a singer, writer, and photographer from Watford City.  I wish that she would write about Watford City and North Dakota exactly how it is, not how she wants it to be.  She should know from her grandparents, parents, and old people in Watford City how hard life in North Dakota had been, how poor people were, and how much of a struggle it was to survive.  It is very important that people in North Dakota know and never forget how hard and difficult it was for people up until this most recent Oil Boom.  People here need to know this so that they conserve everything they have, don’t waste anything, and don’t live foolishly.  There has been about a twenty-five year gap between Oil Booms in North Dakota.
  • Women, bartenders, restaurants, and prostitution.  It took me a while to catch on, but I am now 100% certain, that the single women who came to North Dakota to work had something wrong with them.  There are jobs in human resources, nursing, administrative assistant, banking, retail, hotel, bartending, and waitressing, everywhere in the United States.  A woman could make more money in these occupations in Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, or California and live in a more comfortable and better social environment.  With the cost of housing in western North Dakota, there was no financial advantage to women in these occupations to move to North Dakota.  The thing was, they were so fucking crazy, that they could not get a job in Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, or California, a background check or even just talking to them for five minutes would reveal that there was something wrong with them.  In North Dakota, there was a shortage of workers, so employers didn’t do much of a background check or much of an interview to exclude crazy people.  In addition to the extremely cold weather, very high housing prices, lack of things to do, and shortage of women, when you did go to a restaurant or a bar, the women servers were crazy and had something wrong with them.  I argued and argued in this blog that prostitution should have been allowed in western North Dakota due to the shortage of women.  I argued that housewives didn’t want truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers trying to solicit them everywhere they went.  But I was wrong about prostitution, if all the waitresses and bartender women had something wrong with them, I can’t even imagine how horrible the prostitutes would have been.