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Introduction To Tales Of Womanising

When I was growing up in Florida in the 1970s, my father’s friends’ favorite hobby, activity, and sport was Womanising. As I tried to explain in my previous blog post which is a Preface to this blog post, in the late 1940s through the 1970s, and into the 1980s, Womanising was more accepted and tolerated by women. Some women even liked to play this game.

My father’s friends who were players, were business owners, real esate agents, insurance agents, appraisors, attorneys, pilots, salesmen, boat captains, and people with money who didn’t have to work. In order to have enough time to chase women, you had to have a flexible schedule, extra money, and enough independence that no one could interfere with your Womanising.

If there was a new attractive woman that came to work in a bank, real estate office, insurance office, law office, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, business, or store, word would get out. “Hey, you have got to see the new girl that came to work at so-and-so’s office.” Men would make excuses to drop by some real estate office, or insurance office, just to check out the new girl. The business owners liked this, because they would make these men listen to the great deal they had on a house, or start talking to them about life insurance.

Back then, in some ways, women had more sense and were more practical. Instead of being outraged and wanting to sue someone, they evaluated each of the men that came to see them, in order to decide which ones that they would consider going out with.

The women thought many steps ahead. First of all, they might accept an offer to go out on a date, if it was to a nice restaurant where the man would pay for her dinner and her drinks. Did the man have a nice home that she would not mind visiting or living in. Did the man own a nice boat or airplane that would give her the chance to go out and get away for the weekend. Did the man or his family have enough money to be able to support her and her children if they became married.

New women in town, would have to ask co-worker women or other women what kind of person each of the male contestants were. Savvy women knew, that just because a man received a poor reference or recommdation from other women, this did not necessarily mean that he was a bad person. On the contrary, some women give men bad recommendations either out of vindictiveness or wanting to try to keep them for themselves.

Some women liked to play this game out of boredom, loneliness, wanting to go somewhere, wanting to meet other people, entertainment, fun, or wanting to find a mate.

You the reader, might be thinking, how is this any different from what goes on now. For one thing, back in the 1970s, a woman might go on a date with two different men each week, eight different men each month, maybe more than fifty men each year. Right now in North Dakota, it looks to me like attractive young women don’t date five different men before they believe that they must get married. ( Coincidently, the divorce rate now is much, much higher, than it used to be.)

For the men that were Womanisers back in the 1970s, they had to be salesmen with women. They had to have a route or a routine where they would make sales calls on different women throughout the day and throughout the week in order to get dates arranged for Friday night and Saturday night.

Rather than being mad all the time, I think that the women back then found these sales calls to be kind of funny and entertaining, both their own, and watching the men who made sales calls to their co-workers. When the men were not around, this gave the women office workers something to talk about, laugh about, and tease each other about.

Now, if a man stopped by some woman’s place of work and tried to ask her out, she would be talking about harrassment, sexual harrassment, and a restraining order. Her co-workers would all be agreeing with her on this, and they would be looking out the window to get his vehicle description and license plate number.

Back in the 1970s, this was the happiest and most free that I have ever seen people. Contrary to what people believe now, back in the 1970s, this was the most independent, confident, and happy that I have ever seen women. I believe this may have been because women had so much opportunity for dating, meeting people, socialiing, having fun, and going places.

Though the men Womanisers might have thought of women as prey and “sex objects”, many women didn’t care what they thought. If the men were pollite, considerate, entertaining, funny, fun, and good hosts, what difference did it make. Women could chose how they wanted to look at each situation, how they wanted to react, and what they wanted to do. They realised that if you wanted to look at everything and every situation in a bad way, you could make just about everything you wanted, seem bad.

Now, women complain about men in their late twenties and thirties who still live at home with their parents, who spend all of their time playing video games and looking at porn on the internet.

Women on the other hand, spend most of their time now on social media, and using their vibrators, instead of going out on dates.

In the news, all you read about and hear about lately is Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment. Due to a mis-guided and mistaken pursuit of Equality, Equal Rights, and Women’s Rights which has gone too far and resulted in “Political Correctness”, people don’t even socialise and date anymore.


Preface To My Blog Post About Tales Of Womanising

I wanted to write an article on Womanising, from back when Womanising was more accepted and respectable.  In order for people to be able to understand this, I need to explain what the culture and social environment was like at the time.

When I was a kid growing up in Florida in the 1970s, the leaders, the people who were in charge, were World War II veterans and Korean War veterans.  These war veterans had a much different perspective on life, than people today.

Most people alive today, do not know that the United States and its Allies, very nearly did not win World War II.  Germany was so far ahead in war preparations of equipment, supplies, and troops, that they were almost unstoppable and undefeatable.  The only thing that allowed the United States and its Allies to eventually prevail, was Germany’s mistake in trying to invade Russia, at the same time it was occupying Europe.  This caused Germany to have to divide its troops, equipment, and supplies to fight a war on two fronts.

In the U.S., every able-bodied man was drafted into military service to fight in World War II.  The women who were left behind had to assume all of the jobs that were left vacant by the men who went away to fight.  Food, gasoline, rubber, metals, and precious metals were rationed because everything was needed for the war effort.

Men who went to Europe to fight the Germans, or the South Pacific to fight the Japanese, had to fight day after day, for years.  In some battles, U.S. forces were completely over-run and almost every soldier was killed.  The battles were horrible not only because of the casualties caused by bullets, grenades, land-mines, and artillary, but by inadequate supplies and facilities to treat the wounded.  Living conditions were often horrendous, with the inability to evacuate the wounded and the dead during battles that went on and on for days.

Soldiers lived through the sinking of transport ships, battles with the death and destruction of their fellow soldiers, capture, torture, forced-labor, starvation, and the witness of mass atrociities committed at the concentration camps.  They knew that this fight they were in, was fight for the very survival and existence of themselves and everyone back in the United States.

When these soldiers came back, they said, “Never Again”. Which meant, never again would the United States sit back and watch an aggressor nation build up for war and invade neighboring countries.  But “Never Again” also meant, that these soldiers individually were not going to put up with any aggression or injustice.

These soldiers who returned from World War II, they became the presidents, governors, congressmen, mayors, chiefs of police, sherrifs, judges, attorneys, doctors, and dentists. These were the leaders and the people in charge. They had a perspective on life, of what was a big deal, and what was not a big deal. They were unafraid to speak up, speak out, confront, fight, argue, and act.

These leaders and people in charge, set the boundaries for acceptable behavior. Believe it or not, back in the late 1940s through the 1970s, while the World War II veterans and the Korean War veterans were in charge, people in the United States enjoyed the most freedom that they have ever had.

These old men who had survived the war, did not care if people smoked pot, drank alcohol, or partied.  They did not care if people were lesbian or gay.  They did not care if people had a good time, partied, or experimented.  The boundaries were, that you did not harm people, take advantage of people, or steal.

People were much freer to have a good time in the late 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I experienced and lived through the tail end of this.  Believe me, things were much, much different in the 1970s.  People were much happier, they had more fun, had less worries, worked less, had less stress, and everyone was optimistic about the future.

From the late 1940s through the 1970s, and even into the 1980s, one of the favorite activities of men, was Womanising.  Women not only partly accepted and tolerated this, many women actually liked it when things were this way. Many women considered this to be fun, it was a fun game that they liked playing too.

I wanted to write this Preface, so that the reader would understand that Womanising did not arise out of ignorance and darkness, but it was something that came from people having enough wisdom and perspective on life, to know that there is a time for everything, and after the wars, this was a time to enjoy life.

Women Don’t Even Know About Women

I am tired of reading comments from people defending women. Women don’t even know about women.  I began to recall some of my all-time most messed up stories about women.  This is one of them, which is sure to make everyone angry.

I moved to an area that was heavily Scandinavian and Norwegian, thinking nothing of this.  After my self-employed work was completed in the evening, I would go to a local bar on Main Street.   The people in this bar acted different, though I did not know why that was, at the time.

It wasn’t until I started watching the television series about the Vikings on the History Channel years later, that I knew why this was.  These people in this bar acted just like Vikings.   They dressed like Vikings, talked like Vikings, cut their hair like Vikings, had tattoos like Vikings, and they wanted to fight and stab people all the time like Vikings.

The bar owner was a blond lady who was about 28 years old, I will call her Agatha.  Her best friend was Robin.  Robin was dark haired, about 30 years old, 5′-2″, 105  lbs. Robin had the problem of having three alcohol drinks, and then suddenly being overcome by the alcohol, and not being able to stand or walk.

I would sit in the bar, and just like in the Viking television show, the men would come in with some type of idea, scheme, or plot to fight or stab someone.  It was probably not a good idea for me to be in there, but it was kind of interesting.  Every time that I went there, it was like a new episode of the Vikings television show.  One time, a bearded biker named Todd, said to me, “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

I did like Robin, and the drama was entertaining, that is why I went there.  Robin gave me her telephone number.  Before long, there was this lesbian named Crystal, that was going on and on about me stalking Robin, and what a pervert I was.  After all of the Viking women were all quite mad and staring at me, I said, “I’m not calling Robin, Robin is calling me.”, and I handed my telephone to the bar owner Agatha.  Agatha looked at the record of recent calls, and she saw Robin’s phone number, where Robin had been calling me at 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Agatha, who was like the Viking Queen, announced, “Oh, O.K. I see Robin’s number.  She’s been calling him, I’m going to have to have a talk with her.  Crystal, from now on, Shut Up.”  Agatha, unlike normal white women, did not put up with stupid bullshit from women, which if allowed to continue, goes on forever.

As time went on, and I was talking to Robin, trying to make friends with her, Agatha became tired of Robin’s coyness, playing me along, and not letting me know one way or the other if she was interested, which if allowed to continue, would have gone on forever.

One evening, Robin had had about three or four alcohol drinks, and she could hardly stand or walk.  Agatha said to me, here, take Robin home.  Robin was Agatha’s best friend, and Agatha was tired of Robin not accepting my interest in her, this had gone on long enough, and Agatha was now giving Robin to me.

I carried Robin out to my truck, and put her in the passenger seat.  I said to Robin, “Do you want to go home, or do you want to go to my house?”  Robin said, “To your house.”  As we were driving to my house, I lived out in the country, Robin said, “You’re not going to kill me are you?”  I replied, “No”.

I was thinking, “Here we go with Robin’s stupid bullshit.  She has got to try to ruin this for me.”  Robin continued, “I suppose it would be O.K. if you were going to kill me, that wouldn’t be so bad I guess, but I have two little children.  Promise me you won’t kill me.”  I replied, “OK”.  She continued, “You promise you won’t kill me?”  I said, “I already told you that I wouldn’t kill you.”

Robin was completely ruining this, which I knew, and she knew, she was trying to do.  She was trying not to laugh, and trying not to smile, but she was barely able to because she thought that this was so funny.  When we got to my house, I said, “Do you want to come in, or do you want to go home?”  Robin said, “I want to go home.”  I said O.K., and made the loop through the driveway to get turned around to go back to town.

All the way back to Robin’s house, she was saying, “I’m going to be in so much trouble, I’m going to be in so much trouble.”  This was because, Robin lived with her disapproving older sister, and her elderly mother.  When we got to Robin’s house, I went and knocked on the door, and I said to her sister, I have Robin in my truck, she had too much to drink, I need to carry her inside.  I carried Robin inside, and I put her down on the sofa.  Robin was saying softly, “I’m in so much trouble, I’m in so much trouble.”

The next day, I imagine that later in the day, Robin had wandered down to the bar and said to Agatha, “Why did you do that to me?”  Agatha would have said, “Then don’t get drunk and pass out in my bar bitch.”  Not very much else would have been said, at that time, because Agatha could not have cared less whether Robin had had sex with me or not.

That day and the days following, Robin was always nice to me, and Agatha always looked out for me.  No one was allowed to stab me in the bar.

Unfortunately, rather than end this story now, I will have to explain this to the people who always complain for the sake of women.

There are women like Agatha, Queen of the Viking women, who see right through the bullshit of women, and do not put up with the bullshit of women.  About a year later, Agatha said to me, “You are too nice to women.  Women don’t like that.  You have got to be meaner to women and treat them like shit.”

There are women like Robin, who I can’t even begin to sum up.  She is small and petite, and the great defenders of women who read these blog posts of mine and write comments, probably think that the police need to be called immediately and that there needs to be an investigation on this.

Robin did not want to go home, she wanted to antagonize me some more, which she thought was very funny.  I thought it was funny too, but it was annoying.  If Robin thought that I was going to hurt her, she would have told her best friend Agatha that she didn’t want to go with me, and if Agatha thought that I would hurt Robin, she would not have had her go with me.

All the things that you think you know about women, all the things that women think they know about women, nobody can say what women will do.

My Experiences With Lesbians

Due to many recent comments about my previous blog post, I need to write this blog post about my experiences with lesbians.

When I was about five years old, my mother opened a Dance Studio.  My mother, and my mother’s mother, were probably more knowledgeable about formal dancing, dance productions, and musical productions than most dance teachers.

Through luck and good fortune, my mother met another lady who had just as much or more experience in dance, dance productions, and musical productions.  This lady, had a daughter who had just graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Dance.  Her daughter had a girlfriend, who she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with, who also had a BFA in Dance.

My father, mother, and my mother’s friend, bought a large building together, and had it renovated to make a large professional dance studio.  The two young women lesbians who had just graduated from UW, became the primary teachers.

This was a very lucky and fortunate meeting of people.  My mother was talented and knowledgeable, but no where near as talented, gifted, and knowledgeable as the two young women.  Besides both of these women being as skilled an instructor as anyone will ever have, one of them was already a very accomplished choreographer, and the other was a very gifted and brilliant costume designer.

I am not mentioning either of these two women’s names, because they both went on to become extremely famous.

I had to take ballet, tap, and balllroom dancing.  One of the reasons was, among other reasons, was because I had to be in the large dance and musical productions.  There would be at least one very large production every year.  Some of the roles would be filled by dancers on loan from the most famous dance companies in New York City.  There would sometimes be as many as seventy performers on stage during some scenes.

From when I was about six years old, I was around lesbian, bi-sexual, and gay people.  I had to take dance classes every year, and I had to be in some dance production every year.  Or, I was being volunteered whether I wanted to or not, for some art show or artist collaboration thing.  I was around LGB people all the time.

Not only did I not have a problem with LGB people, I did not have a problem with sexuality, or nudity.  I took it for granted at the time, and normal, that my family and the people that I was around did not have any embarrassment about sexuality or nudity.  During my childhood, I never had any conflict whatsoever about anyone’s sexuality.

Later, when I graduated from college and was back home, I met and became involved with a group of lesbian and bi-sexual women.  I was somewhat accepted into their group, because I was tolerant, not offensive, non threatening, and not at all aggressive towards any of these women.  I was very muscular and in-shape then, and sometimes, some of the women wanted to try something different for a change.

Some lesbians don’t hate men, they just like women better, and they get along with women better.  There is much more to this though, among other things, some women don’t want to be dominated by men, have children, or become a housewife.

There are some lesbians that do hate men, and do attack men.  My father had been a city judge, and later he was the city attorney.  When something really bad happened in the town, the chief of police or a police captain would discuss it with him to get legal advice.

There was a lesbian couple, who were known in the community to be haters of men.  One night, a known naer-do-well petty criminal made the mistake of trying to crawl in through an open window, into the house of this lesbian couple.  They quickly caught him, beat him severely until he was helpless, and then proceeded to torture him and inflict great bodily damage.

Eventually, when this lesbian couple telephoned the police, and the police arrived, the police could not believe how much damage they had done to this man’s entire body.  There was no explaining this away.  The police could not see how this would not end up with both of these women going prison, there was just no reasoning or excuse for how much damage they had done to him.

So, I am tired of the commentors complaining to me that I don’t know anything about lesbians or LGB people.  There are lesbians that prefer women, and then there are lesbians that hate men, want to fight men, and want to hurt men.

Come And Get It! LGBT Event In Dickinson December 17, 2017

Come And Get It!  Dickinson State University Women’s Basketball Team will be hosting a home game against Presentation College on December 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

As I promised, I will be announcing all the LGBT action at upcoming DSU Athletic Events.  The DSU campus is very pro-LGBT, you could call it a haven, right here in western North Dakota.

Feel welcome to meet and socialize with all the DSU coaches, faculty, staff, athletes, and their families.  And check out the finest and hottest ladies in western North Dakota!  We’ve got short ones, we’ve got tall ones, we got black ones, we got white ones!

I have looked the Bluehawks roster of players, and I have looked at the Saints roster of players, and I can tell you this will be one of the biggest ho-down show-downs of fine ass seen in North Dakota since the Miss America USA pageant in November!

Come for the game, but stay for the party.  The DSU campus is situated right in the middle of beautiful and exotic downtown Dickinson, only blocks away from world-famous Villard Street.  Try out The Paragon, The Rock, The Esquire Club, The Brickhouse Lounge, The Blue 42, and The Liquid Assets.

Drink till you puke! Because the Dickinson Police aren’t working that day!

The Beautiful Photographs Of Madeleine Gower

In my entire life of looking at photographs, in fashion magazines, glamour magazines, men’s magazines, women’s magazines, Victoria’s Secret Catalogs, books of art, I have never seen anyone photograph as well as Maddie Gower.

I just happened to see her internet Facebook profile after it had been included on my list of people that I might know.  Maddie is a 20 year old college student who lives in Pennsylvania.  She takes one or two photographs of herself each day, and she posts them to her Facebook profile.

I will do my best to describe Maddie’s beauty.  Some of my earliest memories of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, were photographs of Brigitte Bardot of France during the 1950s and 1960s.  This is probably who Maddie resembles the most in appearance and demeanor.

Like Brigitte Bardot, Maddie is stunningly beautiful, incredibly sexy, unimposing, and inviting.  Her loveliness, beauty, and playfulness make her impossible not to like.

Brigitte Bardot had wanted to be a dancer, and she had taken dance lessons for years before she was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris.  She and her parents had no intention for her to become a model or an actress, but once other people saw her, they coaxed her into modelling at fashion shows and for fashion magazines, and later into acting.

Because of Maddie’s graceful, dignified, and flattering posture, and beautifully formed legs, I believe that she must have taken dance lessons for many years also.  It appears that Maddie and her parents have never sought for her to become a model or actress, though this is suggested to her hourly by friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

In Maddie’s photographs, there is a slight departure from Bridgitte Bardot’s attitude.  Bridgitte Bardot had more of an attitude of innocence, whereas Maddie has an attitude of soft defiance, sometimes stubborness, and sometimes mischievousness.  This is one of the reasons why Maddie’s photographs are the best that I have ever seen.

I believe without a doubt, that Maddie’s physical appearance, her beauty, flawlessness, and degree of physical perfection, is equal to or superior than any fashion model or glamour model.  I say this because Maddie’s photographs are taken by herself, there are no makeup artists, wardrobe, lighting, or professional photographers taking her pictures.  Yet most of Maddie’s photographs that she spent three minutes on, are better than featured photographs in major magazines that are the result of hundreds of man hours from professional photo shoots.

But beyond her physical beauty, her photographs capture a special uniqueness and rarity, which the term “photogenic” does not even adequately describe in her case.  This is more difficult to describe concisely in words, because words are so dull in comparison to her images.

In Maddie’s photographs, there is the stubbornness and defiance that you see in Sophia Loren’s photographs, the poise and sophistication of Grace Kelly, and sometimes the sexual playfulness and clowning of someone who doesn’t care.

I would like for Maddie to be discovered, become more famous, and have many more opportunities.  She seems ambivalent on the subject of becoming famous, though I believe that she is open to it.

To me, she is like a race horse, and her life like a movie about a race horse.  Mine That Bird was a race horse that had won sometimes, but hadn’t gone very far yet.  It was a surprise that Mine That Bird was even allowed an entry into the 2009 Kentucky Derby, there were only twenty slots.  The odds of winning for this horse were 50 to 1.

This horse was so far back at the beginning of the race, that the announcer almost didn’t see it.  Mine That Bird caught up to to all the other horses, passed them, and then won by 6-3/4 lengths, the longest margin of victory in over 60 years.

This horse liked to run from behind.  Maddie reminds me of this horse.  I think that Maddie likes to run from behind too.  I think that she can win too.

New Era Of Openness And Tolerance At Dickinson State University

In my previous blog post, I wrote about two Dickinson State University Women’s Basketball players who wanted to fight me at a diner in Dickinson.  I didn’t like it, and I felt like, here we go again, DSU is beginning to again recruit Thug Hoodlum athletes.

You all know that I was wrong, women never do anything wrong, and it is me who has a problem.  Probably, I am not accepting enough of LGBT people.  For those of you who don’t know, LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender.

With the hiring of a new DSU Women’s Basketball Coach, Liz Lewis, who is about 30 years old, and her assistant of eight years Janie Rayback, comes a more modern, up to date, and correct world view.  Dickinson State University is taking steps to become a college of the 21st century.

Now, the DSU Athletic Department can openly recruit, provide scholarships, and provide financial assistance to LGBT student athletes, and so it should.  Dickinson State University should be progressive in finding and recruiting LGBT athletes, that way, the DSU campus can more closely reflect the modern world today.

From this point forward, all DSU Athletic Events should be looked on as an opportunity to celebrate and embrace LGBT students, athletes, faculty, staff, and families.  I will begin announcing on my blog website, all DSU Athletic Events, and encouraging all LGBT persons in North Dakota and the neighboring states, to come to DSU to attend the athletic event, socialize, get to know everyone, and become part of the DSU family.

Because North Dakota is a conservative state, with not the many openly LGBT people, DSU Athletic Events should be looked upon as a chance for LGBT people to make friends and find partners.

I imagine that not so far in the future, you might see a proud father of a DSU student, with his family gathered around him at a DSU Athletic Event say, “You know, I always wanted to have anal sex with a guy.”