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North Dakota Game & Fish Partner With DNR To Purchase Sex Dolls To Collect Bigfoot DNA

The North Dakota Game & Fish Department is partnering with the Department Of Natural Resources to purchase four sex dolls, sometimes referred to as “Waifus”, in order to collect and test for possible Bigfoot DNA.

The longest serving and most experienced Game & Fish Officers have been involved in meetings to select four separate locations in and around western North Dakota to place these life-size dolls, based on a number of factors, such as reported sightings, evidence, and favorable habitat conditions.

A spokesperson states:

“These sex dolls are very realistic and life-like in every way.  We looked at many, it was hard to make a decision because they were all very attractive.   In the end we went with three Caucasian women, and one Asian woman.  Each of them have long hair, two blond, one with brown hair, and the Asian has long beautiful black hair, we joked, ‘She love you long time’.”

“Three of these dolls have C-cup bust size, and one of the two blonds has D-cup bust size.  A couple of the dolls come with eye-glasses, so you can put them on to make them appear more intelligent.  They each come with one set of clothing, we selected elastic waistband shorts, and a Bikini top, because both of these are easy to take off or pull down.”

“We think that these dolls that we have chosen, will provide the best bang for the buck.  We will be installing hidden trail cameras at each doll location, and hope to capture first-of-its-kind Bigfoot video, which should be very interesting.”

Scientists at Game & Fish and the DNR hope to obtain DNA samples once these dolls are placed in the field.  They will use this DNA to determine if there are Bigfoot in western North Dakota, what DNA they share with humans, and are they possibly related to the descendants of the captured Russian Yeti “Zana”, whose descendants immigrated and settled in Dickinson.

Here is a link to the Waifu website that was chosen to purchase these dolls: https://www.thedollhousesanantonio.com/clothing.html

Everyone In Dickinson Needs To Start Reading Google News Stories

For the past eight years I have struggled to understand the mechanisms at work which cause things to happen in Dickinson, North Dakota.  It has been difficult for me to read what is reported in the Dickinson Press newspaper, and try to figure out the origin of these events well enough to be able to have an overall understanding of what is happening, and why.  My goal was to know what was going to happen, ahead of time.

I mentioned a month or two ago that I realized that I had relied too much on the Dickinson Press newspaper for my information.  There was so much more being reported elsewhere that the people in Dickinson really needed to know.  They could have been much better prepared for what was to come.

For instance, it was never pointed out to me by the Dickinson Press that one of the largest locally operating oil companies, Whiting Petroleum, had a stock price decline from $370/share in 2014 to $1.37/share recently in 2020.  This was something that we all needed to know in Dickinson.  Whiting Petroleum is one of the biggest employers in Dickinson, and many people in Dickinson receive oil revenue payments from Whiting Petroleum oil wells located on their property.

This morning I read on Google News Stories, that Whiting Petroleum has just declared bankruptcy, and their stock price went down to 37 cents/share:



Google, especially on people’s mobile phones, provides the top five or six news stories of the moment, that are most relevant to where you are located.  For me, a dozen times per day, when I look at Google on my mobile phone, they have oil industry news stories from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, and many other oil industry journals.

Every day in this past month of March 2020, I have been reading in-depth expert analysis of international events, OPEC, Texas oil associations, Canadian oil industry and transport, U.S. legislation, Canadian legislation, oil company stock market price trends, oil company financial statements and loan debt, from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, etcetera.  All of their indicators and predictions have foretold what eventually happened a few days or a few weeks later.

These very large news agencies have the budgets to allow highly intelligent journalists/investigators/analysts to devote all of their time to focusing solely on the energy industry, stock market trends, government legislation, and so forth.

Sometimes this is not easy reading, it is too complicated or incorrectly supposes some expertise on the part of the reader.  Fortunately, there are usually several different news agencies or industry journals that cover the exact same topic on the same day.

For at least two months, oil industry analysts have been pointing out that Whiting Petroleum had a huge loan debt, something like $2.2 billion, that was way out of proportion to both the revenue and the net worth of Whiting.  Much of this debt was becoming due in 2020, this was one of the main reasons why the stock price of Whiting dropped to $1.37 per share in March, that plus the price of oil dropping to $20 per barrel, and the coronavirus shut down of the economy.

The oil industry analysts have been going through the financial statements of all of the large and small oil companies.  It turns out, that nearly all of the oil companies involved in fracking over the last ten years, have spent and borrowed way more money than they have earned.  All of the oil companies involved in fracking had the belief that as long as they kept drilling new wells, eventually they would have a large enough revenue stream to pay off all of their debt, but that never actually happened for any of these companies, they all made this same mistake.

The price of oil dropping to $20 per barrel, the oversupply of oil that exists, the coronavirus shutting down the economy, has made everyone in the oil industry stop and look at what they are doing.  It is now universally realized, that the oil companies can’t continue doing what they have been doing.  Because of this, the stock price of two of the largest oil companies operating in this area, Continental Resources and Marathon Oil, have also dropped greatly.



What only a few journalists/investigators/analysts are writing about, is the oil company disaster that is coming if and when the Democrats ever win the Presidency, and a majority in the House or Senate.  The Democrats have said that they want to ban fracking, which is the only way to retrieve North Dakota oil.  Additionally, the Democrats may even initiate gigantic lawsuits seeking damages and reparations for supposed environmental damage caused by the fracking oil companies such as Continental Resources, Marathon Oil, Whiting Petroleum, and many others. How could all of these oil companies not go bankrupt with a ban on fracking and these lawsuits?

The future of Dickinson, North Dakota is being told by these daily Google News Stories.  The people here don’t have to be in the dark about what is going to happen.

Female Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Suspect’s Mother

Below I am going to share a YouTube video that shows a female South Carolina Police Officer accidentally shooting the suspect’s mother during an attempted arrest.

I am showing this video, because it is kind of funny, but also to give people some things to think about.

In my opinion, the female Police Officer shown in this video, she acted within the bounds of what Police Officers are supposed to do.  The Police Department that she worked for, after conducting an investigation, determined that she was not guilty of any misconduct, and she did not receive any disciplinary action.

I agree with her Police Department deciding in her favor.  Who would want to be a Police Officer, or perform any job for that matter, if under difficult, sudden, unknown, dangerous circumstances, requiring immediate action, everyone who wasn’t there was going to disagree and penalize you for what you did.

I am not saying that Police Departments should always stand behind Police Officers when they shoot someone, I am pointing out that if you expect Police Officers to do their job, which is often dangerous and requires immediate action, there are going to be some accidents and accidental shootings.

Here is my analysis after watching this video below several times:

When the female Police Officer arrives at this residence and she begins to question “Shawn” about a shoplifting incident, he appears to be young, physically larger, and likely physically stronger than this Police Officer.

She could have called for backup, but Police Officers are expected to handle many of their duties on their own.  It is probably not acceptable for Police Officers to call for backup every time that they respond to a call for service.

When this Police Officer began reading Shawn his Miranda warning, she was intending to make an arrest, although she may not have been clear to him that he was being arrested and was not free to leave.  When Shawn began walking away, she had the legal authority to detain him and arrest him.

This Police Officer could have used more physical force to detain Shawn when he tried to leave, but it was her choice.  She may have been correct in only grabbing Shawn by his arm, if she had used all the physical force that she had, it might have instantly resulted in Shawn using all his physical force to attack her.

Just because Shawn was able to escape this Police Officer while she was trying to arrest him at his front door, and he made it into his own house, this does not mean that the arrest is over, it only means that he has resisted arrest, the Police Officer has the legal authority to continue to try to make the arrest.

The long period of arguing back and forth between this Police Officer and Shawn inside the house, though this may look unprofessional, this Police Officer was able to keep Shawn in sight, call for backup, keep him there, and prevented the situation from escalating.

Though this female Police Officer might have appeared weak at this point, if a lone male Police Officer had pursued Shawn up the stairs by himself in this same situation, this could have resulted in a struggle where the Police Officer or Shawn were severely injured or killed.

Perhaps the only mistake that this female Police Officer made, was becoming impatient for backup to arrive, and going ahead trying to continue this physical arrest by herself.  When it got to the point that it appeared that Shawn was going to physically overwhelm this Police Officer and beat her down, she hesitated to shoot him, he got too close, and she could only get one frantic poorly aimed shot at him as he rushed her.

You will probably have to watch the end of this scene several times to figure out what happened.

Even though her one shot hit Shawn’s mother, I don’t think that this female Police Officer should quit or be fired.  I think that she can learn from this experience.

Shawn’s mother was accidentally shot during the mayhem, she survived but had many surgeries.  It doesn’t even look like Shawn’s mother sued anyone or complained, it’s like she felt sorry for the female Police Officer.

Police Almost Called On Me At Runnings In Dickinson, North Dakota

On March 12, I went to the Runnings Farm & Fleet store in Dickinson, North Dakota to try to buy an extra ammunition magazine for a .32 Beretta pistol.  This store did not have this particular ammunition magazine, but the gun counter person offered to order one for me, if I paid for it now.

This ammo magazine price was about $25.  I walked over to the sporting goods department cashier with the gun counter person, and I used my debit card to pay for this ammo magazine order.  Normally, I would have just shoved this receipt in my pants pocket, but this time, I put the receipt inside of my wallet.

Today, March 18, the Runnings Farm & Fleet gun counter person who I had dealt with on March 12 regarding the ammo magazine, he called me at about 3 p.m. to tell me that it had arrived at the store today.  I asked him how late was he going to be working, and he said 5 p.m., but any person at the gun counter could help me.

I really didn’t feel like driving to Runnings any time soon, but I felt that I should go get my magazine, maybe buy some more .32 ammo, maybe look at other things.

I got to Runnings at about 5 p.m.  The first thing that I did was try to find some .32 ammo, because I had heard that stores were selling out of ammo recently.  Some of the ammo shelves were nearly empty, and some of the other shoppers were commenting on how much ammo was sold out.  I had a hard time finding the .32 ammo, because there were only three small boxes remaining on the shelf.  I picked up one box.

I saw the older man who I had dealt with on March 12, who I had talked to on the phone earlier today at 3 p.m., but he was busy with another customer.  There was a younger man working at the gun counter, and I explained to him that I had placed an order a week ago, that I had gotten a call a couple of hours ago telling me my order was here, and I gave him my name.

I waited a few minutes for the younger man to walk to the store room, and come back.  He came back and he handed me my ammo magazine package, and he asked me if this was it.  I looked at this package from Beretta, I read what gun models this magazine was for, and it appeared to be the correct one.

I was ready to pay for my box of .32 ammo at the sporting goods counter and leave.  But like an abnormal person, I stopped to read the store inventory ticket attached to this Beretta magazine package, and the handwriting appeared to say, “Not Paid”.  I showed this inventory ticket to the younger gun counter person, and he said, that’s what it says.

Not only did this younger gun counter person believe that this Beretta ammo magazine was not yet paid for, when I showed him my Runnings Farm & Fleet cash register receipt from March 12, he was quick to point out, “But this inventory ticket says March 18.”  He believed that the receipt that I removed from my wallet to show him, was not proof that I had already paid for this ammo magazine, because the dates were different.

I was instantly very angry, because I knew what would have happened if I had left the store with this ammo magazine like I planned to do.  This younger gun counter person would have been absolutely certain in his mind, that I had just walked out of this store without paying for this ammo magazine, and he would have called the Police.

The thought of what would have happened, bothers me a great deal.  Getting the Police called on me for shoplifting, would have cost me my job almost immediately.  It wouldn’t matter if the charges were later dropped by Runnings or the City Prosecutor, my employer would have been inclined to let me go immediately for a number of reasons, replace me, and that would be the end of my employment.  I would probably not even be eligible to receive unemployment compensation, because I would have been fired “for cause”, as far as my employer was concerned.

Every year, myself and my co-workers have to complete an affidavit, answering questions, and disclosing any criminal charge whatsoever that might appear on a nation-wide FBI fingerprint and records check.  I know from past experience, that failure to disclose a charge, even a dismissed charge or expunged charge, is considered to be a falsification of the affidavit.  I have previously seen six of my co-workers be denied their background clearance, for very minor things, even dismissed charges or expunged charges, and they were let go from the employer that I currently work for.

So besides the embarrassment, frustration, and hassle of trying to explain my side of the story to the Police, who would know exactly who I was and where to find me because of my personal information on the Beretta ammo magazine order, I would have likely lost my job.

I was so angry about this, that I called the Runnings Farm & Fleet store manager.  I told the store manager that the older gun counter guy who placed the ammo magazine order was nice and helpful, and the younger gun counter person was also nice acting, but the inventory ticket said “Not Paid”, I had already paid for this ammo magazine, and I was going to leave the store with it, if I had not read the store inventory ticket.  The younger gun counter guy would have believed that I left the store without paying.

This would not have been just a misunderstanding, if the Police would have been called on me for shoplifting, I would have lost my job immediately.  My employer would not be inclined to wait to see whether I was convicted or not, that is not how it would be handled.  I asked the store manager if he understand my situation, if he as a store manager were arrested for shoplifting, did he understand that his employer might just go ahead and fire him immediately without waiting to see whether he was convicted or not.

The Beautiful Chippewa Women Of Turtle Mountain

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for about seven years now.  The whole time that I have been here, I have been complaining about the shortage of women, and the scarcity of attractive women.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1.

When I first came to Dickinson in 2011 to work in the oil field, I didn’t see any women around town when I got off work in the evening.  So, I created a user profile on about four different online dating websites, such as PlentyOfFish and Mingle.  On these dating websites, in all of western North Dakota, there were just a couple dozen women, and most of these women were not attractive.

Over the past seven years of living in Dickinson, I have learned some things.  If there are ever any attractive girls that are born in Dickinson, by the time they reach their teen years, they decide that they want to leave Dickinson as soon as they graduate from high school.  Attractive women from other parts of the U.S., they won’t come to Dickinson because they recognize that there is nothing desirable to them here, it’s just mostly cold, barren, and ugly here.

I realized several years ago, that there is so little to do in Dickinson, it’s so bleak here, there are no women, and the Police are constantly trying to stop me and arrest me for something, that living here is like being in prison.  But since I go to work, to be more accurate, it’s like a prison work camp.

I have had plenty of time to think about all the mistakes that I have made in my life to cause me to be here.  I feel sorry and regretful that the very last young years of my life, where I might have had friends, relationships, maybe even met a woman to marry, these years have just been wasted, the same as if I had been incarcerated in a prison.

Right now, just writing about this, it makes me enraged at the fat, ugly, hideous, deformed, ham-fisted, no-neck, cankle-calf, sneering, scowling, battle-axe women who inhabit Dickinson.  This is the result of these Germans and Ukrainians breeding ugly women like they just don’t care, when they should have stopped this shit a long time ago.

The only thing that I have to do in Dickinson, is look at things on the internet, like YouTube, movies, news articles, EscortOfItaly.com, and Facebook.  On Facebook, I like to use the feature “Find Friends” or “People You May Know”, because this sometimes shows a few attractive women in North Dakota.

Today when I used Facebook to “Find Friends”, Facebook showed me a whole list of Native American women from the Belcourt area of North Dakota.  At first, when I was skipping around looking at the different profiles of women on Facebook this evening, I didn’t realize that all of these Native American women from the Belcourt, Dunseith, Rolla area, were from the Chippewa tribe of the Turtle Mountains.

There was one young Native American woman named Kishia, who got my attention because of her main Facebook profile photograph.  I thought that she was going to have a slew of slutty photographs of herself, but she didn’t.  I looked at about thirty of her photographs, and I read her daily posts and comments.  Contrary to what I had thought she was going to be like, she was actually fairly modest in her photographs of herself, and she was consistently decent with her comments.

I knew just a little about the Turtle Mountain Reservation from having worked with about seven members of this tribe in the past.  Like many reservations, the inhabitants are mostly poor, because there is not a lot of opportunity for employment on the reservation.

Kishia appeared to be just a couple of years out of high school, and living on her own.  Even though a few of her photographs caused me to believe that she was going to be an out-of-control party girl, she was not.  I noticed that she didn’t appear to have any tattoos, and that she wasn’t talking about getting high, getting wasted, getting drunk, using drugs, or being promiscuous.  As I wrote earlier, her photographs were fairly modest, and her comments were decent.  I then thought that she must have a strong underlying sense of self-respect, which most women do not have anymore.

What I had never known or thought about before, was that these Turtle Mountain Chippewa women were all half French.  Back in the 1800s, the French trappers and traders had married women from this Chippewas tribe.  Their last names became DeCoteau, Charboneau, Belgarde, Charette, Azure, Laverdure, Lafontaine, Delorme, Larocque, LaVallie, Malaterre, Dubois, Bercier, Gladue, Trottier, Allard, Faine, Laducer, Pelletier.

At first I was stunned and overwhelmed with a feeling of bewilderment that there was a whole tribe of French-Indian girls not far away, that I had known nothing about.  Half my ancestors were French, Huguenots who came to the Carolinas in the 1700s.  French people have a whole different way of behaving and looking at things, they can be very moderate, calm, easy going, playful, and civilized.  It’s not just a cultural difference, there must be some genetic component to this, because not only is a French physical appearance inherited, so is the disposition.

I couldn’t believe this.  All of these Chippewa women with the French last names, they looked French, and they had a calm, easy going, soft, inviting, civilized manner to them.  Meanwhile, for the past seven years, I have been stuck in the midst of these mean, nasty, scowling Germans and Ukrainians.

How far is Belcourt from Dickinson, I wondered.  I looked it up, it’s 278 miles, a 4-1/2 hour drive, it’s all the way over northeast of Minot, near the Canadian border.  I was sorry to find out that Turtle Mountain was such a long drive from me, not only do they have many beautiful women, they also have some Bigfoot living there.

I spent four hours researching the Turtle Mountains, Belcourt, the Chippewa tribe, and looking at the Facebook profiles of about fifty Turtle Mountain Chippewa women.  These women shared some common physical characteristics, they were petite, not very tall, with long straight dark or brown hair, dark color eyes, pale smooth complexions, soft feminine physiques, very healthy white teeth, overall very healthy appearance, and not weathered looking even though they live in a very cold, windy climate.

Unlike most other women anywhere else, these Chippewa women seemed to have more composure, calm, ease, and an appearance of being at peace with themselves and their surroundings.  Most other women anywhere else, seem to be at war with everything, at war with themselves, each other, men, their environment, the World, and they constantly bare the signs of the stress and strain on their faces.

Location Of The Prepper Princess

Six months ago when I was watching YouTube videos, YouTube began showing in my list of recommended videos, a channel called “Prepper Princess”.  The “Prepper Princess” channel was owned by a woman in California, who was about 38 years old.  She had a little over 100K subscribers to her channel.

In her videos, Prepper Princess usually talked about emergency preparedness supplies, food storage, emergency equipment, preparing for emergencies, things to be aware of, and things to think about regarding different types of disasters.

Another topic that Prepper Princess discussed in her videos was how to live cheaply, how to not spend money, how to save money, and examples of things that she did in her own personal life to save money.

Prepper Princess also made videos where she talked about what was going on in her personal life, her current job, jobs that she had had in the past, her childhood, some of her experiences as an adult, her current relationship, her personal finances, and the dilemma with the house she was living in and California.

When Prepper Princess was talking about food storage, emergency supplies, generators, and solar panels, I was not very interested.  One of the reasons for my lack of interest, was that in my opinion, if you don’t live on a large defensible property, your biggest problem in a prolonged emergency will be preventing people from stealing all of your supplies, which is hard to do if you live in an apartment, or you have to leave your home to go somewhere.

When Prepper Princess showed some of the things that she did in her personal life to save money or not spend money, sometimes I cringed.  She took walks looking for aluminum cans to collect, which led her beside the railroad tracks, and into the woods where the homeless people camped.  She would look through what the homeless people had left behind, clothing, utensils, hygiene products, and she would take some of these items home to use.

In Prepper Princess’s personal life, I was sorry to hear what she talked about.  She and her younger brother were raised by a single mother.  Prepper Princess never once mentioned her father, or any male figure being in her life at all.  She and her brother had very little growing up, very few clothes, very few toys, hardly anything for Christmas or birthdays, very little food in the house, going hungry, not being able to ever invite friends over for parties or cookouts.

Growing up, sometimes they had a rent paying boarder in their single family home for extra income.  Prepper Princess did not go to college after high school, she went to work at low paying jobs, sometimes working seven days a week.  Up until she was in her early thirties, she never made more than $14 per hour, which is very low pay for California.

When Prepper Princess was about 30 years old, her mother died, and she left the family home to Prepper Princess and her brother.  Prepper Princess said that she had to pay off about $40,000 remaining on the home mortgage.

Because of the ever increasing price of real estate in California, by 2019 the home that Prepper Princess had inherited with her brother, where Prepper Princess was living, the home became worth about $700K.  With the property taxes on the home being about $5,000 per year, California having a high State Income Tax, and other high costs and problems in California, Prepper Princess made up her mind to sell the house and move to Arizona where the cost of living was lower.

For the past several months, it seemed like Prepper Princess abandoned the ideas that she had had about prepping, and instead focused primarily on money, selling her house, and leaving California.  She gave away her chickens, she gave away many of her supplies, she spoke about home gardening not being cost effective, and she said that she was going to buy a home in Arizona that had no yard for chickens or a garden.

Prepper Princess sold her house in February 2020, and after splitting the “profit” with her brother, she said that she had $250K from the sale of her home. She had another $150K that she had somehow managed to save, and she was going to invest this $400K.  In the video below, Prepper Princess explains that if you invest money at 10% rate of return, every seven years, the money doubles.

Seven years from now, at age 45, she would have $800K.  Seven years later at age 52, she would have $1.6 million.  And at age 59, she would have $3.2 million.

I started out liking Prepper Princess, I thought that she was attractive.  At first, when she was talking about $1 or $2 meals for lunch or dinner, collecting aluminum cans, searching through garbage for things that she might like to keep, not spending money on clothes, I thought that she was a little extreme on trying to save money.  The more that I watched her constantly doing things like this, it became tiring and irritating to me.

Myself and other YouTube viewers, we started leaving comments to Prepper Princess’s videos, saying will you please indulge in buying some new clothes, going out to eat, doing something fun, instead of working and trying to not spend money all the time, you are going to miss out on life, grow old, and die without living.

What good is it to pinch pennies and sacrifice for fifty years to become a millionaire, and then get hit by a car or get cancer and die at the age of 51, without having enjoyed life and having done things?

For the past month, all of my comments to Prepper Princess’s videos are deleted.  This makes me angry for a number of reasons.  Prepper Princess wanted to get her ideas out to the public about prepping, to share her ideas, and she also began talking about politics, economics, her personal life, her childhood, her life as an adult, her relationship, her activities, her personal finances, what she was doing with her money, and where she was moving.  She invited and encouraged people like me to watch her YouTube videos where she expresses her views, yet I am not allowed to say anything in response?

One of the things that I would like to tell Prepper Princess, is to be wary of investing so much of your money.  Besides companies like Enron, which appeared to be a good company to invest in, but later turned out to be a fraud, look at the failure of once stable companies like Sears, JC Penny, and Kmart.  Whiting Petroleum shares went from $370 per share in 2014, to $1.30 per share currently, who would have thought that this would happen?

In one of her most recent videos, Prepper Princess was showing the interior of the home that she had just bought and moved to in Arizona.  She is not telling anyone where she moved to, but she was showing her house and talking about the neighborhood that she had just moved into.  I left a comment about her house, and offered some advice, but my comment was deleted.  I left a reply to some other woman’s comment, who was chastising Prepper Princess, and my comment was deleted.  This made me angry.  So I wanted to find out exactly where this home was.

To my shock and horror, Prepper Princess had bought about the cheapest house on the market in a small Arizona town.  It is a 2-bedroom, 1.75-bath house, in not very good condition, a tiny house, with a completely flat roof, on a very small lot, with no trees and no vegetation.  It is very bleak, and depressing.  Why, why did she do this to herself?  She had plenty of money to not have to do this.

I had to look through more than one hundred real estate listings to find this house, and during this search, I saw some very nice houses in the $110K-$140K price range, with landscaped yards, attractive exteriors, clean modern interiors, sun rooms, decks, spacious living rooms and kitchens, and new looking bathrooms.  There are some very nice, affordable homes in this county, I was very pleasantly surprised to see.  I wish that Prepper Princess would stop with the self-torture and self-deprivation, she could have just as easily bought a lovely, inviting, well cared for home.

Update:  On March 29, 2020, I received an email from Prepper Princess complaining about this blog post, wanting me to delete it.

If you make a couple of videos per week, every week for several years, showing where you live, what you are doing where you live, talking about your personal life, relationships, and finances, inviting as many people as possible to watch your videos and subscribe to your video channel which is about how you live, how can you then complain about your privacy being violated?

My inclusion of the link to Prepper Princess’ new home photographs on a real estate listing site was perhaps something that she never thought of when she began showing videos of her new house.

Women want things both ways.  Prepper Princess has made three videos showing her new house on YouTube, to whoever wants to see it.  However, if I provide a link to the real estate listing photographs of her new house, she is outraged, and doesn’t want anyone looking at her new house.

Prepper Princess wants to show everyone what she is doing in her videos, then complain that people are watching what she is doing.

Because I don’t want Prepper Princess to be able to make any kind of legal complaint that I had no right to show where she lived, today I removed the link to the real estate listing of her new house.

How Dickinson Works, And What Is Going To Happen, Part II

Although this blog post is a continuation from Part I, here is where I begin explaining the basis for understanding how Dickinson, North Dakota works.

If anyone wants or expects to be successful in Dickinson, they must first understand how Dickinson works.  I am going to start off with the simplest, most important facts first.

Foremost, Dickinson is the regional center for shopping, supplies, and services for the geographical areas consisting of Medora, Belfield, South Heart, New Hradec, Manning, Killdeer, Halliday, Dodge, Gladstone, Taylor, Richardton, Lefor, Regent, and New England.  No matter what else happens, Dickinson being the supply center for these aforementioned towns is not likely to change for a long time.  The next largest city, Bismarck, the state capital, is 100 miles to the east.  Here is a map of the Dickinson area

Geographically, there is nothing special or unique about Dickinson.  It sits on a rolling, nearly tree-less prairie, just like all of the other towns in this area.  Dickinson got its start the same way as all of the other towns in western North Dakota, it was settled by land-grant homesteaders after the passage of the 1862 Homestead Act.  The homesteaders in the Dickinson area were primarily immigrants from Ukraine, Germany, and Scandinavia.

The fourteen towns that I mentioned earlier, Medora, Belfield, South Heart, New Hradec, Manning, Killdeer, Halliday, Dodge, Gladstone, Taylor, Richardton, Lefor, Regent, and New England, by the early 1900s each of these towns had their own general store, school house, and churches.  Before the invention and widespread use of the automobile, it took much more time to travel, it was done by horse, buggy, wagon, or on foot.  Even small communities had to have some local businesses, a school house, and churches.

Some of the factors or circumstances that caused Dickinson to grow more than the surrounding towns were:  the Northern Pacific railroad was built through Dickinson in the 1880s;  the 40-room St. Josephs Hospital was built in Dickinson in 1911;  Dickinson  State University was founded in 1918;  the Dickinson Municipal Airport began airline service in 1959;  Interstate 94 was completed through Dickinson in the 1960s.

As Dickinson grew, gained more businesses, provided more services, and its infrastructure grew, the surrounding towns began to rely more and more on Dickinson for supplies and services.  Unfortunately, as time went on, the surrounding towns began to lose many of their own local businesses and services, because of Dickinson.

For instance, the towns of Medora, Belfield, South Heart, New Hradec, Manning, Halliday, Dodge, Gladstone, Lefor, Regent, and New England no longer have a grocery store, family clothing store, appliance store, drug store, pharmacy, clinic, or doctor.  Most of the surrounding towns do not have an automobile dealer, an automobile repair shop, a tire dealer, or barber shop.

The following are the essential businesses in Dickinson, the type of businesses that this area can not go without:

Four grocery stores, five hardware stores, two farm/ranch supply stores, three building supply stores, five tire stores, nine automobile dealers, nine auto repair shops, four automobile tow companies, four pharmacies, two funeral homes, five liquor stores, and Walmart.

The following businesses in Dickinson are almost essential to this area:

Three truck stops, two tractor truck repair/parts centers, several heavy equipment/farm equipment dealer/repair/parts centers, three heavy equipment rental yards, several industrial/electrical/welding supply warehouses, three utility/livestock trailer dealer/repair centers, ten fast food restaurants, half a dozen furniture stores, and eleven banks.

These aforementioned businesses in Dickinson are either essential or very nearly essential to this area.  Because of these businesses, this is what brings people to Dickinson, brings money to Dickinson, and provides employment for people in Dickinson.  Without these businesses, there would be no people coming to Dickinson, no money coming into Dickinson, no employment in Dickinson, and very few people able to live in Dickinson.

When I start to list the essential services in Dickinson below, such as the schools and hospitals, the reader must remember, if it were not for the large number of essential businesses in Dickinson that bring people to Dickinson, there would not be enough people living in Dickinson to have schools and hospitals.  The services are here, because of the number of people here, and the number of people here, are the result of the large number of essential businesses in Dickinson.

The following are the essential services in Dickinson, the services that this area can not go without:

Two public utility companies, two public phone service companies, one ambulance service, two medium size hospitals, half a dozen medical clinics, half a dozen dentists, several optometrists, police department, sheriff department, regional jail, several fire stations, highway patrol office, city maintenance department, department of transportation office, driver’s license office, regional court house, one post office, two high schools, middle school, several elementary schools, and several veterinarians.

The following services in Dickinson are very nearly essential to this area:

One regional airport with private airplane and commercial airline service, one bus service, several car rental services, half a dozen taxi services, a dozen motels/hotels, many beauticians and barbers, two dozen attorneys, a dozen CPAs, many residential and commercial contractors in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, home construction, concrete, and excavation.

I spent some time trying to specifically identify the essential businesses and essential services in Dickinson, to make everyone completely aware, that many of the other types of businesses and services in Dickinson are just supplemental, they are not critical.

Some of the supplemental, non-critical types of businesses and services in Dickinson are:

Traditional restaurants, pizza delivery, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, bars, sports bars, bicycle shops, guns stores, sporting goods stores, movie theaters, motorcycle dealers, snow mobile dealers, UTV dealers, travel trailer dealers, tattoo parlors, vehicle accessory dealers, jewelry stores, dance studios, fitness centers, tanning salons, pawn shops, daycare centers, insurance agencies, real estate agencies.

Lastly, I need to name some of the large companies that operate in Dickinson, that have not been covered yet because they are not an essential business or service in Dickinson, but they do employ many people in Dickinson.  These are companies that perform work or sell products outside of the Dickinson area:

Halliburton, Schlumberger, BJ Services, Marathon Oil, Continental Resources, Philips Conoco, Whiting Petroleum, Key Energy, MBI, Nuverra, Lufkin, Fisher Industries, General Steel, Medora Corporation, Steffes, TMI cabinets, Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Martin Construction, Northern Improvement, Baranko Brothers, Tooz Construction, and Winn Construction.

There are several reasons why I separated the businesses and services in Dickinson into separate categories. One reason was to provide clarity on what types of businesses and services there are in Dickinson; Second, I wanted to differentiate between essential/non-essential businesses and services; and Third, I wanted to be able to show how the end of the oil boom in Dickinson is going to affect businesses, services, and employment in Dickinson based on the role of the business or service in the economy.

The most recent oil boom in North Dakota lasted from 2007 through 2015.  Due to the price of oil dropping from over $100 per barrel to less than $50 per barrel in 2015, the oil companies decreased drilling operations.

The number of operating oil drill rigs in North Dakota went from over 200 to less than 50 currently.  Less drilling meant less well sites being developed, less drill rigs operating, less drill rigs being transported, less hydraulic fracturing, less sand and water hauling, less work-over rig completions, less pump jacks being installed, less cranes being rented, less tractor truck and hot shot transportation of material and equipment to the oil field.

The number of workers employed in the oil field decreased.  Many of the oil field workers who lost their job left the Dickinson area.  Consequently, there were fewer purchases and less money spent at local businesses such as auto dealers, auto repair shops, tire stores, furniture stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants, bars, sporting goods stores, movie theaters, etcetera.

Many workers leaving Dickinson caused there to be a decreased demand for housing.  The number of new and existing homes and apartments available for occupancy, exceeded the demand.  This was a signal that new homes, new apartments, new businesses, new shopping centers, new roads, and new infrastructure might not need to be constructed.

The residential and commercial construction industries slowed down in the Dickinson area.  This meant even more unemployed workers leaving the Dickinson area.  Less heavy equipment was being purchased, less heavy equipment was being rented, less building supplies were being purchased, local businesses had fewer customers and fewer purchases, less services were being used, more homes and apartments became vacated.

Near the beginning of March 2020, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, and Russia did not agree to reduce the amount of oil that they were producing.  This caused an oversupply of oil on the World market, and the price of oil in the U.S. dropped to $31 per barrel after the first week of March.  This oil price drop is predicted to start a whole new oil industry slow down, with even less oil well sites being developed and drilled.

The oil field work in Dickinson is expected to decrease even further now, with more oil field workers losing their jobs and leaving Dickinson.  There will be even fewer customers and less money spent at local businesses and services in Dickinson.

The essential businesses in Dickinson, such as grocery stores, hardware stores, automobile dealers, and tire stores, they will have fewer customers, they will be less busy, and some of these businesses will reduce their number of employees.

The nearly essential business such as heavy equipment dealers, heavy equipment repair, trailer dealers, furniture stores, and banks will reduce their number of employees.

The essential service providers such as medical clinics and schools will eventually reduce some of their staff as there are fewer people in Dickinson.

The nearly essential service providers such as beauticians, attorneys, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC will have less work.

Supplemental non-critical businesses and services in Dickinson that will have less work, and require fewer workers are restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, recreational vehicle dealers, daycare centers, insurance agencies, and real estate agencies.

Some of the large employers in Dickinson who will have less work, and could reduce their workforce are:  Halliburton, Schlumberger, BJ Services, Marathon Oil, Continental Resources, Conoco Philips, Whiting Petroleum, MBI, Nuverra, Lufkin, Steffes, Martin Construction, Northern Improvement, Baranko Brothers, Tooz Construction, and Winn Construction.

Once essential businesses, essential service providers, supplemental business and services, and some of the largest employers in Dickinson have let some of their workers go, these unemployed workers and their families may have to leave the Dickinson area.  This in turn will make Dickinson even smaller, with even less consumers.

Dickinson will continue to be the regional supplier of goods and services for this area, because there are fourteen smaller towns surrounding Dickinson that rely on it.  I estimate that the population of Dickinson right now is approximately 24,000 people.  By the year 2022, I believe that the population of Dickinson will have decreased to about 21,000 people.

The reason for the expected decline in population, is because of the reduced work in the oil field.  Unemployed oil field workers will leave Dickinson, local businesses and services will become less busy, these local businesses and services will lay off some of their workers.  These unemployed workers and their families will leave Dickinson.