Suspiciously Good Videos Of Hannah Lee Duggan Sewing

In these very last days of my life, living in Dickinson, I had become resigned to the fact that I would likely experience nothing but the Jack-O’-Lantern women of North Dakota for the remainder of the time that I have left.  Hideous, menacing, monsters.

I am trying to withdraw from, ignore, and pay no attention to the ugliness that actually surrounds me, and create my own imaginary World, probably like people who are incarcerated for life in prison, with no hope of ever getting out.  The same as living in Dickinson, North Dakota.

On the internet, sometimes I look at the website, which shows hundreds of live nude cam models.  I look at the screenshot of what each model is doing, and I pick the one that seems interesting or attractive.  Some of the most interesting models, they don’t undress at all, they are entertaining enough to be good company, one of them is named “Nura” a.k.a. 8a8y’s .

But Nura is not always on, and she never takes all of her clothes off.  For me, the model which takes her clothes off, and shows what she looks like all over, without fake acting or being difficult, is JennyCutey .  JennyCutey never complains or acts difficult, she has a very easy-going pleasant disposition.

But sometimes neither Nura nor JennyCutey is on, so what now?  Most of the other Chaturbate models have chosen to put on some kind of act, rather than be themselves, and their poor, unconvincing acting, comes across as phony, fake, and irritating.

Instead, I have started watching Hannah Lee Duggan sewing videos.  The reason why, is that Hannah is attractive, she has a likable disposition, she shows intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity, the clothes that she makes turn out well, and she models these clothes:

I enjoy watching Hannah so much, the steps that she takes to make her own clothes, and her clothes turn out so well with her modelling them, that I can easily watch the entire twenty minute sewing video.

The first time that I had watched a Hannah Lee Duggan sewing video, I thought that she was possibly an introverted hillbilly nut-case, with the denim overalls that she was wearing, her large eyeglasses, and the fact that she was making clothes out of curtains that she had bought at a thrift store.  I read or saw that she lived in Minnesota, and I thought, that figures.

I would have been much happier if I had continued to believe that she was an introverted, nutty, country mouse, that way in my mind I would have had a chance of tricking her, taking advantage of her, or seducing her, but no such luck.

Here is a short biography that she gives of herself

“I’m currently living in a van.

If you couldn’t tell by that, I’m a bit of a nomad. To get a feel for who I am and how I got here this is a spark-notes, wild ride of a time that has been my life up to now;

When I turned 18 in 2012, I hopped on a cruise ship working as a stewardess, where I got to sail around the New England Islands, the Hudson River, and the Florida Coast. 95 hour work weeks, dead tired all the time, and probably have back aches that will last the rest of my life from this, but met some great people and learned a lot about working hard and still somehow finding the time to enjoy where you are.

I then moved to Oakland, CA (for literally no reason, other than I had a friend that had space for a roommate on the fold out couch.) Worked a bit, played a bit. Made a day trip to Los Angeles and decided to move there after six months of living in Northern California.

Lived in downtown LA (two blocks from Skid Row, (3/10 only recommend if you’re looking for character growth or are as broke as I was) where I picked up modeling jobs and did background acting (catch me in Grey’s Anatomy S12:E4 for about a millisecond). Managed to find the time – and money?? to get to Europe and travel around for a month (but apparently not enough for a diff apartment). Started in Paris, met a friend in a small town 20 miles outside of Rome, hitchhiked with some Canadian guys up through Venice, and got dropped in Zurich – which is increDIBLY expensive by the way – then slept on a friend’s dorm room floor for a week in England before returning to Paris, coming down with a 103F fever, and heading back to LA with $6 in my bank account.

When I could no longer afford LA (who can?) I moved home and enrolled at the University of Minnesota, going in and out every other semester, traveling, working and paying off debts in between classes. Still, to this day my academic advisor doesn’t know what to do with me.

Between semesters (and sometimes mid-semester) I traveled to Hawaii, road tripped from New York to LA, spent two weeks in Costa Rica, danced around Colombia, and last minute tripped to Ireland and London. Most of these trips were spent in hostels/alone/with barely any money.

Summer of 2017 I was sent to Hong Kong on a three month modeling contract. I knew no-one, lived in a flat the size of a bread box, and sweat my butt off in the humidity. The first week I spent alone and miserable, missing home like crazy. By the end of the second week I’d met a million new people, been to clubs until 7am, spent the day on a yacht and found some gorgeous waterfall hikes. By the end of the three months I didn’t want to leave, I’d met so many good friends, and had so many incredible experiences. Hong Kong felt like home.

By January 3rd, 2018 I was on my way back to Hong Kong, this time with my sister in tow. We spent about a week there, getting into all sorts of mischief, before heading to Sri Lanka for a little under a month, and then to Egypt, where we met some really lovely people and went diving in the Red Sea.

Got back from the trip itching to leave again, this time with no ties to Minnesota, where it’s so easy to fall into a comfort zone with family and friends and familiar places.

April 26, 2018, after hours and days scrolling Craigslist, I drove an hour out of the cities, to Litchfield, MN to buy my 2001 Ford Econoline Van. I sold most of my things, and put the rest in storage, meanwhile working and sweating and cursing at this van as I hacked my way through gutting it, insulating it, putting walls up, and trying to figure out how to get electric working.

So here I am now, living in a van, and answering everyone’s questions about where I go to the bathroom or take a shower, you know, the normal questions.”

I am less happy knowing the truth about who she actually is.  But I still do not think that I have the complete picture.  Because of what I have seen in some of her other YouTube videos that she makes, I am suspicious, there is something else going on that I don’t know.  I will try to find out.

Update 12/14/20:  A couple of women left comments to this article, “Teresa” and “Emma”, expressing some of the same suspicions that I had, that there was more going on with Hannah than she was letting on.

Myself, I was questioning how Hannah could afford the very upscale loft apartment that she was living in, travel the country in her van, make videos every day of what she was doing, and not have a regular job.  I was marveling at her apartment, it had its own private very large 3rd floor outdoor deck overlooking a lake.

Then, when Hannah announced in October/November of 2020 that she had bought a 15 acre property with two houses on it, I couldn’t understand how she was able to do this, for a couple of reasons.  One, she doesn’t have a regular job, would a bank really give her a mortgage loan?  Two, the two houses on the property were unfinished, they didn’t have an indoor toilet, and they only had wood-stove heating, would a bank give a mortgage loan on this, they always require a home inspection beforehand?

I wanted to learn more about Hannah, what was her background, especially because the two women commentors got me thinking about it.  Today, I unfortunately found out.

One thing that I truly hate, is single young women YouTubers making videos about traveling the World, building a home, or buying and fixing up a home, all on their own, with no regular job.  This makes all of the viewers who work 40 hours per week or more at a job that is tiring, difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant, feel like they are a failure, because not only do they work all week, they don’t ever get to travel, or buy a home.

Today, I found out that the very upscale loft apartment that Hannah had been living in, it was on the upper floor of a very large, very nice home, owned by her mother and stepfather.  I thought that Hannah was struggling and hustling to pay the rent on this loft apartment, but it’s different if your mother and stepfather own the house, and live there.  The county property tax records show that her mother and stepfather are the owners.

Also, the first information that I found about Hannah’s 15 acres and two homes, it showed that Hannah’s mother’s name was attached to this property since January of 2019, over 1-1/2 years before Hannah purchased it.  The up-to-date property tax records for this county show that Hannah and her mother are currently recorded as co-owners of this property.

WTF, is Hannah trying to make other people feel bad, because they can’t do the things that she does, because they can’t afford to, and can’t understand how she does it?  Is one of the reasons why Hannah could afford to go traveling in her van and elsewhere, was because she was living in her mother’s house?  Was Hannah able to buy her 15 acre property  because her mother already owned it, or became co-owners with Hannah because both their names are listed as owners?

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  1. The video and photo (instagram) productions and the website design look rather too slick for a penniless wanderer. And who holds the camera when she is doing body gyrations on the beach and elsewhere? Probably her affluent boy friend. They probably both live in an expensive apartment and this is a sideline for amusement.


    1. Teresa,

      Wow, I am surprised that anyone else would know what I was talking about. I liked Hannah more when I thought that she was some silly, goofy girl who made clothes from bed sheets and curtains that she got from thrift stores.

      When I read her “About Me” biography where she talked about travelling throughout Europe and South America with “no money”, that always sets off red flags for me. The young people in Dickinson, ND would know better than to travel to Bismarck, ND one hundred miles to the east with “no money”, it wouldn’t turn out well, people would be angry with them, and it wouldn’t be pleasant for them.

      Now that I think about it, she wrote that between semesters going to school in Minnesota, and sometimes even mid-semester, she would travel to Europe or Hawaii. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Even when I went to a very affluent small college in Virginia, that wasn’t that difficult academically, the millionaire kids weren’t going to Europe or Hawaii mid-semester.

      In her most recent video that shows what she does when she gets up in the morning, after a few minutes of seeing the inside of her apartment, I was wondering what kind of apartment this was. At first I thought that it was a small, attic loft apartment in an old farm house. When I saw more about how the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom were laid out, just the lay-out, I could tell that this was a very expensive renovation. Then when you start looking at the flooring, windows, and walls, this was a no-expense-spared renovation.

      Then, when Hannah showed that this apartment had it’s own 30 ft x 30 ft third-floor outdoor deck with bar seating, with an unobstructed view of a large lake, this has got to be about a $600K -$1 million downtown property in a tourist/resort area.

      To put this into perspective, I have met many husbands and wives who started out from very poor humble beginnings, where they both worked very hard for twenty years before they became millionaires when they were in their late forties, continued to grow their wealth, and built new homes, vacation homes, and restored old homes. These millionaires, their college student children, and their adult children, never did live in an apartment like this one Hannah was living in, and she is supposed to be poor.


      1. You’re welcome. I would guess the biography is invented, like a draft for a novel in a creative writing course. I liked the cruise ship bit especially, aren’t they like rabbit colonies?

        Many people dream of becoming successful novelists and making the NY Times bestseller lists, or famous film producers. Channels like hers are a substitute. She might have gone to acting school.

        If you haven’t come across the guy below, I can recommend him as having a whole website dedicated to deconstruction of media narratives. It might help you to pass the time educationally. He is also an excellent painter and you can check out his work there:


      2. Teresa,

        At first I thought that your suggestion that Hannah’s biography might be fictitious, was unlikely. I thought that she probably does have wealthy parents that subsidize everything that she does, her apartment, her travel, her van, her van build, her van repair, her van insurance, her health insurance, etc. But maybe she really is poor, and she made up most of her travel adventure stories.

        On the one hand, I could see her being paid to model, but then again, maybe not. In a way she acts like she is from Minnesota, but other times not at all. I don’t know what is going on exactly.


    2. My 2 cents. I am a 73 year old woman who has rheumatoid arthritis which limits my ability to be as physically active as I once was.
      I love watching Hannah. She is obviously very intelligent, beautiful and able to do anything she sets her mind to. I have no idea how she bankrolls all that she does. Clearly she’s modeled; she’s an artist; she sings beautifully and is extremely clever at figuring things out. So, however she’s put together the parts of her life to share with us is extremely welcome to me. Perhaps for a few minutes I forget my limitations and live vicariously through Hannah and become immersed in whatever she’s showing us of her life.
      So who cares, really? If she wrote a book we’d read it because, let’s face it, she’s an extremely interesting character.
      Thank you Hannah, I’m so glad I came across your channel!


      1. June Fisher,

        To you, Hannah’s videos are probably harmless entertainment. For young people Hannah’s age, Hannah’s YouTube videos could be harmful for several different reasons. If a teenage girl or a girl Hannah’s age took what Hannah is doing in her YouTube videos as real-life truth, they might plan on not having a job or a career and travelling around the U.S. in a van.

        I have been around many real-life people who live in their vehicle, and it is a very hard, stressful, and dangerous life: First of all they are generally poor people to begin with; when they desperately need a job, they can’t get hired because they don’t have an address; they can’t get a P.O. Box because they don’t have an address; they can’t get a Library Card because they don’t have an address; the Police get called on them whenever they try to park at night to sleep; the Police remember their vehicle and scrutinize everything they do; local people recognize their vehicle and scrutinize everything they do; an effort is made to run them out of town; if their vehicle gets towed it’s $200 tow fee plus $40 that day and every subsequent day which they can not afford and lose their vehicle.

        Traveling around the U.S. in a van is only fun if you have a wealthy family member who is always willing to bail you out when you are in trouble. For that matter, traveling to Mexico or overseas for an adventure is only fun if you have a family member who is always available and willing to bail you out if you get into trouble.

        I hope that you see my point. Young people need to realize the difference between what is reality, and what is make-believe. If they have any opportunity to receive higher education, they need to take that opportunity and make the most of it. If a young person isn’t planning on going to college, they need to learn a trade or a skill that is in demand, and become employed as soon as possible. For young people who are not from a wealthy family, they are going to have to take the initiative to work at getting higher education, a trade, or skill, not screw around, or they will always be a poor pay-check-to-pay-check, low-wage worker, and stuck there for the rest of their life.


      2. Hello. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Your 1st remark about reality struck me. It’s such a controversial topic. I see Hannah’s life as very real, more real than almost anyone I know who is not living as a naturalist dealing with the reality of the elements, sustenance and safety. Coming of age in the 60’s many of us were traveling, getting arrested, in danger and some never really evolved into amounting to much materially. Some are suffering financially and have little support other than gov’t assistance now. That happened. I chose another path. As you suggested, I learned a trade; started a small business; furthered my education to the master’s level; changed careers; climbed the corporate ladder attaining a title and six figure income with enviable benefits and retired with a lovely pension. However, while I was doing all of that, I don’t think I was real. My head was full of ambition and drive but I neglected to see who I really was. We all need to follow or be led along our path. We need to pay attention. I missed a lot but I was living in Vermont so being surrounded by that beauty I couldn’t really ignore it. A lot of times, though, I didn’t take it in, feel it, as I could have. Perhaps this is me looking back and wishing I’d done things differently. Don’t most of us? However, while watching more of Hannah’s videos and Q&A’s, it’s obvious she’s not a trust fund kid who just asks for money to support her life. She does have a family whom she loves and I’m sure would do all they could to help if she were in trouble. She mentions her mom and shares her sister from time to time so it’s not like she’s out there all alone unless she really wants to be, which it seems she does. Perhaps her mother did as she is or wanted to and supports her exploration of the world and herself. I do see your point about safety. If I were Hannah living as she is, I’d have a gun:) At 27, she has so much time to put down roots if something speaks to her in that way. As she says, she doesn’t think about doing that, it doesn’t feel right. Who knows what time will bring. Given her artistic nature it’s not unusual for her to be drawn to her lifestyle, it’s within her. I’m sure other not-so-talented and smart kids might try to do what she’s doing. They will fail and hopefully not be hurt terribly by it. We all fail. We all get hurt. Hopefully we all grow and continue to. Again, my 2 cents. June


      3. June you have had a lovely life…but fraud is fraud…there is nothing interesting about prepackaged dreams….and there are too many people hurting for dreams for hollywood ‘actor/models’ to steal attention by willfully selling a lie to people just struggling to get by…hannah should be ashamed of selling lies for attention


      4. In reply to Tom,

        Tom, thank you for your comment. I was becoming more and more irritated with Hannah Lee Duggan.

        When Hannah’s sister came over to Hannah’s house with a Land Rover Defender, it was annoying and made me angry for several reasons.

        I only want to have to explain this one time about Land Rover/Range Rover: Most of the people in the U.S. have seen a few 1st generation “Range Rovers” that were produced from 1969-1996, that were sold all over Europe and the U.S. They had a high initial price, very high repair/maintenance costs, and not very good reliability in the U.S. “Range Rover” continued to produce and import this vehicle to the U.S. with model updates up until the present time.

        For the Yuppies, “Land Rover” made a slightly less expensive “Land Rover Discovery” from 1989 to the present, for sale in Europe and the U.S. The “Land Rover Discovery” had a high initial price, high repair/maintenance costs, and not very good reliability.

        Something completely different, is the “Land Rover Defender”. The “Land Rover Defender” had a very, very high initial cost, but very good reliability. The “Land Rover Defender” is probably the only Land Rover/Range Rover with good reliability, but it was very, very expensive. It was for national/state military use, national/state expeditions, or for very wealthy land owners in places like Africa, Australia, or the Middle East.

        Since 1997, the “Land Rover Defender” was not imported into the U.S. Even pre-1997 “Land Rover Defenders” in the U.S. often sell for over $100,000. Please, please click this link to see how much “Land Rover Defenders” cost–rover/defender (look at all eight pages of vehicles)

        Why am I irritated, annoyed, and angry that Hannah’s younger sister has a “Land Rover Defender” and Hannah says that she is going to get one too? Because, most young people with a job can not afford a pre-1997 vehicle that costs over $100K, but Hannah and her sister who are both young and don’t appear to have jobs can each buy one of these vehicles on a whim. It’s obnoxious.

        If Hannah wanted a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle for fun and making YouTube videos, and she actually had her YouTube viewers’ interests in mind, for less than $8,000 she could get a reliable, good-condition used Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Bronco, Dodge Ram Wagon, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota FJ, Nissan XTerra, Dodge Ram truck 1500/2500, or Ford truck F150/F250.

        I just bought a nice looking 2002 Ford F250 4×4, four-door cab, cold AC, big tires, everything works, good condition, 130K miles for a little over $8K. This truck has a simple 4 speed automatic transmission that does not have any reputation for problems. The worst thing, is that the 5.4 liter V8 engine can spit out a spark plug, which Ford mechanics know how to repair in one hour with a Cal-Van threaded insert kit. That’s usually the worst thing that happens with this make/model/engine truck.

        Hannah would benefit from owning a 4×4 Ford truck, because she could haul lumber, building materials, supplies, and get in-out of her house in the winter because her van is not four-wheel-drive. Just about every car dealer and car mechanic can work on and get parts for a Ford truck.

        The fact that both Hannah and her sister want a Land Rover Defender, is to be obnoxious and ostentatious about having money. Again, go look at this link to see how much “Land Rover Defenders” cost, look at all eight pages of ads–rover/defender


      5. But it’s fake; why is that entertaining? if Hannah said it was fiction and for entertaining, that’s one thing — but she purports that this is HER REAL LIFE and many young women watch this, and envy her, and seek to emulate her. AND IT IS ALL PHONY and made-up.

        When an author writes a novel, we know it is not real (or it would be an autobiography!).

        I might add: a good part of her audience is MALE because Hannah (as obvious in this original article) dances around scantily clad (*not nude) wigging her butt in front of the camera. It’s soft core porn for men, but “aspirational lifestyle performance” for young women… and almost none of those young women will have Hannah’s privilege, family money and so on.


  2. Hello all. I came across this site today as I was trying to find out where Hannah had bought 15 acres with a less than $400 a month payment. I figured that she must’ve had a decent down payment on it to get the payments so low or the land is in an undesirable location. However, she does state that it is very remote….Anyway, I felt compelled to read through the comments here thinking someone might say where she bought the land….So, here I am.
    In regard to all of your speculations here is what I have to offer….I come from East Texas- and very humble beginnings. My parents were both uneducated and my dad never made more than 30,000 a year before he died in 2014. My mom has filed bankruptcy numerous times I am embarrassed to say and I have NEVER had a rich husband, boyfriend, or anyone else in my life give me money or help me. Yet, I have been able to travel the world, live in an apartment that overlooked the skyscrapers of Dubai, and I now live in one of the best neighborhoods in California.
    I am a school teacher….I took a job in Dubai and they gave me a great apartment, I travelled during breaks and saw so much of the world…I was determined to see more so I saved my money and took 1/2 a year to just travel. Like Hannah, I stayed in hostels and traveled very cheap. I then moved back to the US where I took a job on a farm though a site called HelpX. This farm gave me a place to live for free, fed me and even gave me a little gas money. I lived there for a year and just enjoyed being in nature before my money ran completely out and I had to go back to the stress of working. I am now living in a beautiful neighborhood where the houses all cost more than $500,000 but I am living in an RV in my landlord’s backyard. I think it is illegal but no one has complained so far. I am able to save a lot of money living here and want to buy land with the cash I am saving. That is how I came across Hannah’s story- by looking at videos of people living a more free life.
    So, yes, you can live in a cool apartment and not have rich parents or a lot of money coming in….even when I was in the states I was able to afford an apartment with a great view – I found a place that was renovated and part of a community rejuvenation project. It had wood floors, brick walls and amazing windows (but no porch). Anyway, the point is that it is good to speculate and be careful of everything you read or see posted but people really can come from humble beginnings and do some pretty amazing things on a small income.


    1. Emma,

      Thank you for your comment. In the past, I have made an effort to find the location of the YouTubers “Piper Blush”, “IRL Rosie”, “Prepper Princess”, and “Isabel Paige”. In every case, most commentors were very shrill about me having no right to do this, even though they happened upon my blog post article by trying to find out where these people lived. Lately, even referring to Isabel Paige living in eastern Washington State, never even mentioning the town or street address, causes people fits.

      I have made some attempts to locate Hannah Lee Duggan. I found the town where she was living, the Carnegie Library where she filmed some of her videos on the lawn, the old steel trestle bridge where she made videos, the creek below this bridge where she was walking on the rocks, the wharf where she sat playing chess. It was a nice, quaint, very small tourist town. I thought about it, but I didn’t feel like sharing Hannah’s exact location with readers, because they would hunt her down, chase her, and corner her like an animal.

      When Hannah purchased her rural, remote property, I wanted to try to find where this was. I wondered how she could afford to buy the two primitive homes and this land, how and why would a bank loan her money. Here are some of the questions which I had that made me skeptical:

      1) Banks always require a home inspection by an experienced licensed home inspector, to make sure that the home is up to building code among other things. Even having an outbuilding that is decrepit can cause a loan denial from a bank. Having an out-house instead of an indoor toilet would probably cause a loan denial from a bank. The condition and state of some of the things in the two primitive homes would probably cause a loan denial from a bank. For instance, most banks will not loan money on manufactured homes, even when they are completely functional, because banks consider their value to be depreciating. The same would probably be true for the two unfinished homes without indoor toilets, insulation, electric or gas central heating, only wood-stove heating.
      2) Because Hannah does not have a traditional job, I am skeptical that a bank would give Hannah a mortgage loan. I believe that Hannah’s YouTube video revenue is probably at least $1,500 per month, up to maybe $3,000 per month, but it is dependent on the amount of views that her videos receive, how many videos she makes, if she makes videos at all, and what policies YouTube is going to implement affecting monetization. I can’t believe that her DePop income is more than $20 per day.
      3) From Hannah’s activities, especially the amount of building materials and supplies that she goes through each day, it looks like she averages about $500 each and every week on building materials, hardware, and building supplies, not including her electric utilities, food, gas in her van, insurance on her van, internet, phone bill, travel, other items and expenses, plus home loan payments. To me, it looks like she is personally going through about $4,000 per month, but I don’t see that she has this level of after-tax income, meaning she would have to make about $60,000 per year before income taxes were taken out.

      There are many things that do not add up or make sense. For instance, it is possible for a single young person to buy a home and property in the $130,000 price range, if they have a steady job and their monthly mortgage payment would be less than their rent payment. However, Hannah wasn’t even planning on living on this property during the winter, she was going to travel and live elsewhere, which means having to pay for an additional place to live.

      In your case Emma, you kind of described being able to live cheaply, because you had to, or because you had become accustomed to having very little, with no safety net if something happened. You went to Dubai to teach, with probably no way to pay for rent in Dubai if your job didn’t work out, or no way to pay for your airline ticket home if your job was canceled. You are living in a nice neighborhood in California, in an RV in someone’s backyard, with no guarantee from day to day that the neighbors won’t complain to zoning/code enforcement to get you kicked out.

      For this particular blog post article, I believe that at least one other commentor has pointed out, and several other commentors have pointed out elsewhere, that many/most of the people on YouTube who are great adventurers, risk-takers, business entrepreneurs, have some unmentioned person backing them and always available to help/support them if/when they fail. They can’t really fail, because their mother, father, grandparents, inheritance, trust fund, or insurance settlement won’t let them fail.

      It’s kind of like a trap or a slap in the face to ordinary, average, poor working people who watch other young people quit their job and travel around the World to exotic and paradisical places, when if they quit their job in Dallas, Houston, or Los Angeles, within a week or month they would be homeless living on the street, sleeping on the ground in a park or an alley. It doesn’t work that way, quitting your job and traveling around the World for most people.


      1. Hmmm……I see……Yes, you and others do indeed make a very good argument. I am very glad I came upon your writings. I tend to be quite gullible at times and in this day and age of photoshop and any and everything being manipulated it is good to be reminded to not take things at face value.
        I viewed more of her videos after I posted my comment here and yes, she does go through a lot of materials. Perhaps her parents are funding a lot of stuff for her. Regardless, the longer I pondered everything you said the more I realized that it doesn’t seem that plausible….
        I also realized that my reasoning about how I was able to live and do things doesn’t really prove or disprove anything- because I had a “steady” (albeit small) income to be able to afford things, my awesome apartment overseas was provided as part of my work package, and I wasn’t “purchasing anything” through a bank loan. You are right- the bank doesn’t easily loan money. The banks will not lend to most “self employed” people unless they can prove a steady income for two years via tax records.
        I like the point you made about the “trap or slap in the face.” So many people would love to quit their jobs and travel- or own their own little slice of paradise but don’t know how. Then they watch videos and get their hopes up only to find that it is as you said- a no-go because the bank won’t do the loan, etc. I like that you are investigating and looking for the truth. We have enough disappointments in life and we deserve the truth.
        Have you ever watched the documentary, Don’t F— With Cats? I think it would appeal to you….


      2. Emma,

        I want to like Hannah, because of her looks and her personality, but sometimes it is hard, because I don’t think that she is being truthful. Sometimes I don’t even know who or what she is.

        As an example of this, here is the link to Hannah’s acting resume:

        Wait, hold on, she’s an actress? Maybe she wants to be an actress.

        What bothers me more than Hannah being an actress, is her publicity photos. Hannah is very pretty, but she is naturally “geeky”, which is fine and preferable to me that she comes this way. However, her publicity photos here and elsewhere, the way that she is made-up and presented, it’s like she is trying to portray herself as a seductress or a femme-fatale. I don’t like it, it makes me wonder what is the truth, is she a good-natured geek, a femme fatale, a bitch, a whore, a self-seeking narcissist?

        In her acting resume, Hannah states that she took/did among other things: Ballet, Archery, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Horse Back Riding (English), Horseback Riding (Western), Sailing, Tennis, Wakeboarding. That’s a lot of activities, but most middle-class families would not be able to pay for all of those activities. Ballet, Figure Skating, and Gymnastics all require several days per week of training, for years. When you get into things like English saddle horse back riding, middle-class families don’t even know what that is, let alone pay for their daughter to do this.

        I have tried to look up Hannah’s parents to learn what kind of background that she comes from, and all I could find was that her parents have ordinary jobs. I have wondered if Hannah has very doting benevolent grandparents who enjoy paying for whatever activities or adventures that she wishes to try.

        Women hate people looking into their backgrounds, but I have learned that you had better, it’s astonishing the things that they do.

        **UPDATE 12/13/20**: I wanted to learn more about Hannah and her background. So I kept looking. In a previous comment, I wrote a number of things that I was suspicious about concerning Hannah being able to purchase a 15 acre property. Because Hannah does not have a normal job, and this property does not have normal houses on it, I was suspicious that a bank would loan Hannah money for this property.

        Hannah was claiming to have purchased this 15 acre property in approximately October of 2020, this is true, however the information that I uncovered very strongly suggests that this property WAS ALREADY OWNED BY A FAMILY MEMBER. I am not going to be more specific about my information, because I DO NOT want anyone to be able to use this information to try to find Hannah’s location, but I could show this information if absolutely forced to do so if I were legally accused of making a false statement.

        The information that I found, that suggests that this property was already owned by a family member, makes me wonder if this sale was not a “family deal” of some sort. Was this property purchase a contract for deed from the owner? Furthermore, the purchase price listed is much, much lower than what I believe viewers were led to believe, it was lower than $100K.

        Many YouTube viewers are poor, do not earn very much money, do not have many opportunities to earn more money, have disadvantages of not having higher education, training in a skilled trade, or good physical health. They watch videos of young, single girls like “Isabel Paige” and “Hannah Lee Duggan”, not working at a normal job, making videos for most of the day, and purchasing or building a home on acreage, and they can’t understand how these young, single, non-employed people can do this, it makes them feel like failures.


      3. Mortgage companies have different requirements if you’re just purchasing land. Hunting cabins may be a feature for a buyer but they don’t factor in with regards to the loan. They’re not considered permanent structures, so no, you don’t have to worry about an inspection. She also runs a clothing website, which would be considered a small business ( ie self employed). As long as your bank statements and tax info show income coming in steadily, you can get a loan.


      4. In reply to pheenobarbidoll,

        In the western U.S. where vacant farm and ranch land is very plentiful, most buyers in rural areas seek to purchase the most amount of land possible with the money that they have or can finance, which often means that the dwelling on this land is a manufactured home.

        To be clear about this, in Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming, multi-million dollar farms and ranches have a manufactured home as the residence, for a number of different reasons, one reason being that the land itself is more valuable than the residence will ever be. But in western states in rural areas there is either no, or not as great a stigma against manufactured homes.

        Keeping this in mind, that in western states in rural areas that there is no stigma against manufactured homes, in 2018 in North Dakota following the oil boom in western North Dakota, local bank managers told me in-person that the local banks had been instructed to Not Loan Money On Manufactured Home Purchases No Matter How Much Land Was Involved. The point is, that banks did not want to loan money on large rural properties, or any properties, unless it was a fully inspected and approved home.

        This rule by banks that they will deny loans on properties unless they have been inspected and approved, was pointed out to me by my real estate agent, other real estate agents, and by a home inspector that I hired in Idaho when I purchased a home. Things like faulty wiring, faulty plumbing, non-building permit approved structures, non-building permit approved additions, structurally unsound sheds, carports, garages, or outbuildings will usually cause a denial of mortgage loans.

        I am going to disagree with you, I believe that if Hannah had tried to get a mortgage loan, that a bank would have absolutely 100% required an inspection. The property was 15 acres, and was obviously going to be occupied by Hannah. In the mortgage loan application paper work, in verbal questions, her current physical address, and in determining what Hannah’s income was versus her debts and expenses, the income/expenses/debt capability of Hannah would have been based on Hannah paying this mortgage as a homeowner living in this residence, and not paying rent for a residence elsewhere in addition to this mortgage.

        Plus, look at it this way, the bank is going to require a property inspection prior to this mortgage loan to determine the value of the property, including any structures, to get an idea of the actual value of what they are loaning money on in the event of foreclosure.

        My opinion, my belief, is that it would not have been very likely for a bank to give a mortgage loan on this particular 15-acre property with two structures on it, because a home inspector would have found some deficiencies, for instance, no indoor toilet. From the property tax records, it appears that Hannah’s mother purchased this property almost 1-1/2 years prior to Hannah ever mentioning this property in a video. My opinion, is that Hannah’s mother was able to pay cash for this property, with no financing or inspection required. Then, once Hannah’s mother became the owner of this property, Hannah’s mother could sell it to Hannah for whatever price and payments she chose.


      5. You and I were easily able to find where Hannah Duggan lives, though I won’t put that info here. That means she is not doing a good job of being “anonymous”.

        I actually posted this to her YouTube channel, saying I was a harmless Midwestern grandmother, but if I could find her this easily… so could any pervert who was turned on by her dancing in lingerie or modeling skimpy outfits. If she is genuinely alone in her cabin for months, with likely no security system of any kind… well, I wouldn’t want my daughter living like that.

        No, most people can’t live these kinds of lifestyles with NO JOB and little income, and still own vans (*which need repairs and $$$ for gasoline) and buy rural cottages and cabins on acres of land.

        But I think you underestimate how much Hannah now earns from YouTube. It is likely she makes $100K or more, plus whatever she gets in Patreon dollars and she also has an Instagram account. (The thrift clothing isn’t a money maker, it is to give her items to MODEL while dancing scantily clad.)

        This is all on top of parental money. Remember, the channel isn’t that old and it takes a while to build up viewership. I haven’t checked her channel recently, she could be earning a couple hundred thousand a year by now.

        But a few years ago, she was desperate enough to SELL HER EGGS ($10K a piece) to total strangers. EWWWW. That’s pretty desperate. The modeling career was over (if it ever amounted to much) and she had no education or skills. It is not surprising that the life of a YouTube “influencer” would appeal to such a young woman, and with affluent parents who could underwrite the initial activity.

        As you say… if you or I tried this… we would have ended up homeless or worse.

        I recommend in another post, that anyone wanting to see REAL people living n vans… watch Bob Well’s videos. Bob promotes living in your van or car, in a hippie sort of way. But it is heartbreaking to see who the REAL #vanlifers are — not pretty 24 year olds with hot bodies — but elderly women desperately trying to survive on a $700 a month disability or SS check, unable to afford even a tiny apartment — reduced to living in a vehicle, pooping in buckets, no showers or laundry.

        It breaks your heart and makes you want to cry. It is orders of magnitude different than the fantasies sold by Hannah Duggan or Isabel Paige. THEY ARE PHONIES.


      6. In reply to Lola Montez,

        If you read the biography that Hannah wrote about herself, she mentions attending a college. In searching Google, I believe that Hannah attended St. Catherine’s Catholic Women’s University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My opinion is that Hannah doesn’t speak about this in her YouTube videos because she wants to be more relatable to average young people and obscure indications that she comes from a family with money.

        Soon after Hannah moved onto the rural 15-acre property with two cabins, she showed her unpacking of several security cameras that were provided to her by the manufacturer so that she could do a kind of product endorsement. Hannah is worried/not-worried about people finding her. On the one-hand, she likes attention, on the other-hand, she is frightened by some interactions. She likes to go to remote places by herself that she knows could be dangerous, but she likes the danger.


    2. No, you cannot have a cool apartment or other cool things without either A. rich parents, B. a rich boyfriend/husband or C. Youtube money.

      Some folks over 40 don’t realize how RICH YouTubers get. Check out how many subscribers they have (it says so on their videos). A million subscribers translates to $250,000 in yearly Adsense dollars (*the ads that run periodically while you watch the video). The rough numbers are $1 in income for every 4 subscribers.

      Hannah also gets Patreon dollars — where people just SEND the YouTuber money, a soft version of OnlyFans — and I believe she sells her clothing on resale sites as well. It is likely male viewers buy the clothing (very small sizes) to… well, you know.

      I too was curious about her when I first found her videos. In fact, the first one I saw was her “I bought a house in the woods!” — well, it is totally fake. The house is on a Main Street in a tourist town, about 45 minutes from her parents home ($$$$). There’s a gas station next door. The property is heavily wooded, and she shoots video selectively so it looks like it is in the “forest primeval” but in fact, there’s a gas station next door and a coffee shop a block away.

      She can manage with no toilet and no laundry facilities and not enough heat, because if the going gets tough… her parents lux home is a short drive away. (Also gas station has bathrooms, so does coffee shop. Probably a laundromat not far also!)

      She only paid $79,000 for the property and the land alone is worth that much. I won’t give the address, but it is very easy to google. (Yes, a bank will loan income based on YouTube income.)

      The problem is that Hannah is not truthful about any of this. She is “selling” a lifestyle to young women, that they can just videotape themselves dancing around in lingerie and earn enough to buy a house in the woods.

      BTW: at least her first winter there, she vamoosed down South the minute it snowed — the cabins must be frightfully cold — after only a couple of months there, and her PARENTS addressed the mechanical issues (the main cabin is sinking, as it has no foundation, and the heating systems were wildly insufficient for winter living). SWEET! but how many people have this situation?


      1. Who cares whether her comments are like you would write them? Who cares if she has family money? Who cares if she can afford where she lives. This is ridiculous. If you do not like what she says or does, stop following her, go away and find someone else to read,


  3. I’ve just recently started watching her videos and to add to some of the comments- it seems she had very small parts for acting, however, did model starting at age 12. Between that and her you tube videos hitting between 200k to 900k and a few over 1M views, she is making a lot of money! If you look at the lifestyle of other you tubers with a lot less views, they are living a very comfortable lifestyle. What I don’t understand though is why she would buy the ‘rustic’ cabins versus something in better shape with a full bathroom. Although she is on 15 acres and likes projects so I can definitely see her doing a larger new build on the land. I find her interesting and look forward to her next ventures/projects.


    1. Liz,

      For some of the YouTubers that I have written about, such as “Prepper Princess”, “Isabel Paige”, and “Hannah Lee Duggan”, I have seen some deliberate attempts to hide or not let on that they have money. For instance, Prepper Princess made a YouTube video explaining how she saved & inherited about $400K, which she invested with a financial advisor. Not long after that, she took this particular video down, and she began making YouTube video after video about “living at the poverty level”. I think the reason why, is that most people in the U.S. and Earth are poor, if you want your videos to appeal to the highest number of people possible, you want to be watched and liked by poor people, you can’t let on that you have money because viewers will not relate to you, you have to act like you are one of them, just like them, you don’t have money.


      1. EXACTLY, Liz! thank god some other people have figured this out! I am so often a “lonely voice” on YouTube and other forums, pointing out how fake this all is.

        I am aware of all three of these YouTubers — Preppier, Isabel, Hannah. They deliberately obscure their wealth. Prepper inherited hundreds of thousands of dollars, but pretends she is “poor” and gives advice like “water down your laundry detergent” and “don’t use toilet paper”.

        Isabel Paige pretends she lives in a tiny, self-made cabin in the remote wilderness. In fact, this is her parent’s gorgeous rural property — she didn’t have to BUY the land at all, because if you had to do that… you couldn’t possibly build your own cabin. Duh! Parents also provide her with fancy video equipment to create these pretty videos. She is less than a mile from their luxury home with hot showers, hot meals, HEAT, laundry and so on! it is likely she is only in the cabin to film, it is a MOVIE SET.

        No surprise that Isabel and HANNAH are besties, who have traveled together and made videos together — the “collaboration” (COLLAB) that viewers squee over…. two very pretty girls in their early 20s, often dancing — wearing lingerie — cooking or drinking wine — in bikinis.

        The great success here is TWOFOLD — they sell a lifestyle to gullible young women, who don’t want to have to attend college or get real jobs, but think they too can live in a forest, dance in front of a camera and get piles of money for doing nothing. The other success is selling a sort of soft-core porn to MALE viewers.

        In every instance where I did a tiny bit of “digging”…. the YouTubers turned out to be phony — trust fund brats — the videos are very selectively filmed and edited (with romantic music scores!) — cleverly designed to appeal to audiences. The YouTubers are raking in the bucks from gullible audiences.

        But trust me — YOU — ME — any ordinary young person — can never, ever, ever have these lifestyles. They are unsustainable.


    2. Thank you Liz for stating that. I did the math and she could have a million dollars by now. I am very much like her in her thinking. I live a very meager, eccentric lifestyle. I own what I have, 2 properties, 2 vehicles, the one I drive most is a hideous truck that I’ve gotten a million dollars worth from it. I was never given anything, although I had a wonderful, fairytale, and privileged upbringing. Sometimes it’s upbringing and believing in yourself.


      1. In reply to HC,
        And sometimes it’s living in your mom’s house until you are 26 years old, and then mom buys fifteen acres with two cabins on it for you, you stupid dumb fuck. Why don’t you go look up the property tax records you stupid dumb fuck.


    3. It’s all totally fake. The “cabin” isn’t in the woods, and I rather doubt it is 15 acres. There is a gas station right next door. She shoots video cleverly to not show the small town this is in. She also has a coffee shop a block away!

      She did model a bit when younger, but basically all she has done is life a YouTube “#vanlife” lifestyle, and sell that to young women (while dancing in lingerie to attract male viewers and get Patreon dollars).

      I do agree someone like Hannah can make serious money this way, money she could never earn from modeling or at any entry level job. She has no college education and no obvious skills, just her looks. Before getting banned from her YouTube channel, I had commented that “how many people will want to watch you dance in your underwear when you are 36? or 40?”

      I’d reckon Hannah is pulling in about $200K a year from Adsense dollars just for her YouTube channel alone, and more from Patreon and Instagram, and then she also sells the thrift clothing she models. (Let’s guess what her male viewers do with those, as she is only a size 2-4 and so her outfits are not that salable to females.)

      Will she eventually build a luxury home on the property? who knows? she has the money, but I noticed the first year she bought the cabins… she lasted less than 3 months before she went south to a warm climate, in her van — with her “bestie” Isabel Paige — another YouTuber who does THE EXACT SAME THINGS… Paige lives on her parent’s huge estate but pretends in videos she has build a tiny cabin in the wilderness…one mile from mommy’s house.


      1. In reply to Lola Montez,

        If you read Hannah’s biography that she wrote, and do some Google searching, I think that Hannah went to a private Catholic women’s university in Minnesota.


      2. Hi Lola,

        You make excellent points. IMO there’s a lot of deception in these videos. I got sick of watching Hannah preen and dance in weather-inappropriate clothing, but I got hooked into what IMO is the fraud of it all. OK, I just skim through her videos because to me they’re boring. I too noticed that the “15 acres” are, in Hannah’s videos, nothing more than maybe at most an acre skilfully shot. She’s never showed us other parts of the property. BUT!! She’s now bought a “homestead,” a proper-sized house on acreage with a stream. This was a secret, though she left “Easter eggs” in her videos this summer, hinting at this purchase. (As if her viewers really, really care.) In the past year, she also acquired two more vehicles, which don’t strike me as cheap. Plus, she and her bio sister did a video that was partially shot in a yacht.

        The “homestead” purchase amuses me, because Hannah “met with [her] mother” the day she went to the bank, and her video shows Hannah at the bank along with other people whose faces aren’t revealed. Wouldn’t there just be one other person, the bank officer, if the purchase was just done by Hannah? Also, Hannah delivers a poor-me speech about people accusing her of being privileged, and she lets us know she’s “worked hard” and her mother was “only” the co-signer of her cabin purchase. (Flash back to another of her videos that shows how she really does all the cinematography herself, with no outside help. Oh, I believe.) Of course she’s spent time on her videos, but wouldn’t it normal polite gratitude to thank her parents or whomever else?

        Ever since Hannah started one of her videos with, “Hey, losers!,” I’ve felt free to get suspicious about her. IMO she showed a lot of contempt for her viewers. Also, what IMO is her defensiveness is another red flag for me. My impression is of someone laughing about her videos and living a radically different life than the one portrayed.

        I’m probably also banned from her youtube comment section, because I posted that it was “hubris” for her to have an hour-long video that’s nothing but the sound of rain outside her new home. Please note, I live in a far more expensive home and am retired with my husband, a former professor. We’ve both worked and sacrificed, and I’ve been really poor in my life. And that’s why I find Hannah, Isabel, and their ilk so offensive: they sell false dreams. If a young woman finds herself in a challenging situation, IMO Hannah serves as a poor role model.


      3. In reply to Mersenne,

        I looked up the details of Hannah’s new home. The purchase price was between $300K-$400K. I am not being exact because I don’t want to hear complaints blaming me for people finding her. It’s not that hard to do, so nobody blame me.

        I think that it is kind of funny, if Hannah wanted to continue on with her YouTube theme & persona of do-it-herself Bohemian traveler, she could have, but this would have meant buying vacant land, clearing herself, laying out foundation herself, building a foundation, framing, electric, plumbing herself, because all her viewers marvel at how handy and capable she is. But not really, fuck that, that shit would be too hard, take too long, and get in the way of her traveling around and not working hard.


  4. Hey guys, I think you are overlooking just how lucrative YouTube can be once you get to the stage that Hannah is at, a useful tool for getting an estimate of YouTube ad revenue earnings would be social blade.

    As you can see the margins are wide, but we can assume due to her popularity that she will be somewhere in the middle which would net her an average of $6k per month.


    1. This has been bothering me since I started watching her, and Isabel. I usually watch videos on vacant house explores, or real struggling van lifers. Don’t know why her videos popped up in my feed. If you look at YouTube analytics, most recent report on Hannah, it is $17k per month…..or am I looking at the numbers wrong?! These poor little rich girl/boy videos do a huge disservice to real struggling people everywhere that can not see through the fake.


      1. Ellen Ley,

        I do not think that Hannah is making $17K per month on YouTube even though she has almost 500K subscribers now. If this were true, YouTubers like Scotty Kilmer with 3-4 million subscribers would be making $120K per month, $1.4 million per year, he drives a 1990s Toyota Celica, and lives in an ordinary clunky old house.

        A couple of commentors have mentioned that Isabel Paige can’t monetize her YouTube videos because she usually plays copyrighted music in her videos, which is a 3-strikes you’re out on a monetized YouTube channel. Unless she pays the artists’ representatives for their use?


      2. Well, as you know, I love following Hannah’s life. I don’t care how much money she makes or that she donates her eggs and makes even more. She is a talented model who is enterprising, ambitious, talented and entertaining. Following people who are struggling is your gig. Hannah is mine.

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  5. Lol…..According to drukadvice
    She has a wealthy boyfriend
    Her channel has over 457k subscribers as of 2021 and has gained about 23.8 million views so far. Every 2 week she uploads a two to three video on her channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 1200 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 4.25 million page views month. Therefore she is earning estimate revenue of $1200 per day ($432k annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on the video
    Net worth….1.5 million


  6. Interesting….Her boyfriend….. according to drukadvice…..Mavrik Joos is a YouTube Content creator popular for making videos like winter truck camping videos, outdoors hammock camping stuff, catch & cook videos of freshwater fish like salmon/trout. He is originally from Wayzata, Minnesota, born to mother Sherryl Osborne Joos and father Greg Osborne. Mav also has one sibling Adam. His current age is in between 24-28 years old as of now and has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million. He is presently dating beautiful YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan who is also from Minnesota. He met her on Tinder St. Paul


    1. Ellen Ley,

      I watched several YouTube videos of Hannah’s boyfriend “Mavrik Joos”. After a few seconds of the first video, I was saying to myself, “Oooooooooh, Haaaaaanaaaaah?” My initial impression was that Mavrik was not very masculine, I would say that he was elf-like. Hannah’s mother’s first husband and her second husband were both artists, so I think that Hannah gets this from her mother.

      I think that Hannah gets a lot of things from her mother. I think that neither Hannah nor her mother like to be dominated, led, controlled, or be domestic. Having a boyfriend like Mavrik, Hannah is not going to be dominated, controlled, handled roughly, or have expectations or demands placed on her, to the contrary, in this situation Hannah is able to be in control.

      As far as Mavrik’s YouTube videos, I have no interest in seeing someone spend time in the split-in-half bed of a Ford F-150 where they can’t even sit upright. Don’t want to do it, don’t want to watch it, don’t even want to talk about it.

      But back to Hannah. Hannah and her mother “think” that they don’t want to be dominated, controlled, have expectations and demands put on them. They choose men who in almost every circumstance would be yielding to them and compliant with what they want, allowing the women to actually be in control and dominating, which is not the natural role of women.

      Hannah and her mother have never reached their full potential and attained the most satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling relationships because they settled for and sought out a situation where they could be in control versus the Alpha/Type “A” men that had much more to offer but would place more demands and stress on them. Though Hannah acts like an adventurer, and meets many “boys”, she is actually scared to interact with men who are more handsome, intelligent, stronger, and successful than her because she can’t handle them being in control, dominating, leading, deciding, making her do things, though this is the natural role of women. Though they would both screech at me that I don’t know what I am talking about, deep in their heart both Hannah and her mother know that I am right.


      1. name withheld, I was reading your posts and sad to say was kinda leaning your way somewhat until your true colors emerged; now I feel you have an underlying disrespectful/hateful resentment for some ‘you tubers’; not sure why, but it showed in your comment to HC, “name withheld August 2, 2021, at 11:02 am, In reply to HC, And sometimes it’s living in your mom’s house until you are 26 years old, and then mom buys fifteen acres with two cabins on it for you, you stupid dumb fuck. Why don’t you go look up the property tax records you stupid dumb fuck.” I found this earlier comment, “Hannah and her mother have never reached their full potential and attained the most satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling relationships because they settled for and sought out a situation where they could be in control versus the Alpha/Type “A” men that had much more to offer but would place more demands and stress on them. Though Hannah acts like an adventurer and meets many “boys”, she is actually scared to interact with men who are more handsome, intelligent, stronger, and successful than her because she can’t handle them being in control, dominating, leading, deciding, making her do things, though this is the natural role of women. ” which also helps to discredit any past current or future postings you make as empty gobbledygook full of hatred, not worth the time!
        Who says a women’s place is to be dominated, you; gimme a break, you are a neanderthal “A type male”, with more testosterone than he knows what to do with, who has his head stuck where the sun don’t shine. Your posts are worthless, to say the least. Mike C


      2. In reply to Mike C,

        Yes, I do hate some YouTubers, especially the ones that try to lead people to believe things that are not true, which can hurt people, including making other people feel bad about themselves.

        There are many plain, ordinary, average women who accomplish some modest legitimate achievements. As an example, let’s say a young lady graduates from high school, enrolls in some community college or technical college to become a certified veterinary technician, and she successfully graduates at the age of 21 three years later, because she had to work her way through school. With some student loan debt, this young lady is able to purchase a used Kia or Hyundai SUV when she is 24 years old, living in a two-bedroom townhome with a room-mate. Graduating from high school, working her way through community college, graduating as a vet-tech, living on her own, paying all her own bills, buying & paying for a vehicle herself, are all legitimate accomplishments that she should feel good about.

        I used this kind of example of a plain, average, ordinary young lady, who didn’t get into trouble, and didn’t try to harm or take advantage of anyone, to claim that they don’t deserve to be harmed, belittled, shamed, or made to feel bad about themselves.

        However, when 27 year old Hannah Lee Duggan, who doesn’t appear to have any job, purchases 15-acres with two cabins on it, this really fucks with the head of plain, ordinary, average young women who have legitimate but modest achievements. It hurts their self-esteem and their sense of self-worth, because they can’t understand how someone who doesn’t even have job can do so much better than themselves.

        But let me back up a bit in this timeline. Before Hannah Lee Duggan supposedly bought the 15-acre property, Hannah showed that she was living in the kind of loft apartment with a 3rd story, private outdoor deck overlooking a lake, that I have never seen anyone making less than $75K per year lives in something like that, especially not college students, not recent college graduates, not young people, and not people without a full-time high paying job.

        Hannah never said that this apartment was in her mother and stepfather’s house, she actually made some comment about her apartment having high rent. Hannah never said that her mother bought 15-acres with two cabins on it over a year before making some kind of agreement to sell it to her daughter Hannah. It is the case, that Hannah, with the help of her mother, was trying to make it appear how “successful” Hannah was, eclipsing what normal, average, ordinary young girls accomplish.

        If you read one of Hannah’s auto-biographies, she mentions traveling in Europe mid-semester while going to college. In one of Isabel Paige’s auto-biographies, Isabel speaks about going to college in Australia, dropping out and traveling to New Zealand, studying Yoga in India, and living in Hawaii.

        I think that it was and is, very, very wrong of not only Hannah Lee Duggan and Isabel Paige to try to show off a kind of self-made success, which was really about having wealthy parents, but that their parents are in on this charade.

        Can’t anyone stand back and look at this, and see how cruel this is, to try to make it appear how successful their daughters are with their accomplishments, their many foreign travels and adventures, when it’s primarily through the backing of wealthy parents? Are they trying to make other young women feel bad about themselves in comparison? I think that Yes, of course they are trying to show off how much more successful their daughters are.


  7. This is good. Surprised it does not have more views. Real people living in vans are hard to find, do not need media, Instagram, electronics to be happy. People really need to take off those Instagram colored glasses.
    You can probably delete all that crap I posted on duggan, she is just one of many that have distorted the whole need, reality of van living, mainly through Instagram.


    1. Ellen Ley,

      I watched the approx. 45 minute YouTube video that you provided the link to in your comment. This video started out with the potential to get into the truth and facts about actually living in a van out of choice or necessity, versus faking living in a van when you actually have a nice home to stay in and plenty of money, but this video kind of lost its drive, momentum, and purpose during the 2nd half of it.

      In particular, the “Wonder Bus” couple that the video creator interviewed, they irritate me probably the most out of all the van-life people, because they and their van are always so pristine, that I don’t see how they could keep their van so clean unless they are staying in a hotel every night, or have a second vehicle that they take everywhere with them. I say this, because for myself and my co-workers, ourselves and our vehicles get more disheveled during a single 12-hour work shift, than this “Wonder Bus” couple who claim to be living in their van.

      I could go on and on about actual van-life versus fake van-life. The people who I have met who truly live out of their van due to choice or necessity, they have an ever-present fearfulness and anxiety about their life because they are constantly worried about money, getting their van towed, getting chased out of where they park, having a van break-in, or having a van break-down. People who have a nice home to go to and plenty of money to buy or get whatever they need, they are the carefree adventurers and risk-takers, they can afford to do foolish things, careless things, and make mistakes.


    2. Bob Wells has a LOT of videos online about real van living — search YouTube under #vanlife and he will pop up.

      Though he promotes it vigorously… in fact the real-life van residents he interviews are not hot young girls in skimpy lingerie. They are older people, mostly women — retirement age! — who are so BROKE and POOR, they can’t afford a house or even a decent apartment.

      They live in their van (or sometimes worse — just in a CAR!) because they are dead broke and living off a small SS check, or disability. They poop in buckets and wear soiled clothing (no laundry facilities). They eat crap, because no fridge or kitchen to cook. They move about like gypsies, because you legally can only “boondock” (camp for free in national parks) for 2 weeks at a time.

      Much of their time, these sad people are living in a Walmart parking lot — in winter — in uninsulated cars, vans, etc. — near freezing.

      It is a tragic comment on our economy, how we treat the elderly… how expensive housing has become… and instead of talking about this openly and honestly, the conversation is now HIJACKED by phony “glamor” YouTube channels, that feature hot-looking young girls dancing in lingerie, and claiming to live in a cabin in the woods (but really on mom and dad’s land!) with no jobs or education.

      Go watch those Bob Wells videos for a reality check; it will make you want to cry.


  8. Yeah, I hear you. …pretty much all fake van living, fake tiny house living for most if not all the ones on Instagram, tiktok, etc. Been hot trending for several years now. I started watching van life, car survival, tiny house set ups, solar, electronics, gear, etc, years ago, for tips, and sure, there were some sponsors involved. ….. then my feeds started showing vids to watch of these obviously fake van lifers, tiny homes…..say around 2012 when Instagram started up? Yikes! Most is all just spon con. I mean, come on, where do they keep all those dresses, other clothing , wrinkle free, crisp, new, clean looking, that they are gyrating in , romping around in, modeling in? Surely not in the van. Agents are directing where to go, which sponsors to endorse, even a videographer. A clean van, or even a tiny home, is a must for Instagram, don’t you think? Lol…. along with make up. Spon cons. These types are just making it harder on real van lifers by drawing more scrutiny, even more danger, anxiety to them then there already was to begin with, as you have mentioned.


    1. these van life videos with hollywood models like hannah are just conditioning the people to being poor and ‘broke’ as something cool and edgy…that she is in all likely quite wealthy just adds salt to the insult.


      1. In reply to Tom,

        Tom, the quicker that young people catch on and realize that something is not right, not normal about a young lady buying/owning a 10-15 acre property with two houses on it, who doesn’t have a job, who spends her days making a shelf or re-doing some floors, the quicker that young people can realize that this is not how life is going to work for them, and the sooner that they can start thinking about what skill, trade, job, training, apprenticeship, or education they need to get in order to survive and get ahead themselves. It’s probably going to mean living at home with mom & dad for a while until they can afford a cheap apartment, a cheap beat-up ugly vehicle, working one or two jobs, living cheaply for years before they can buy a small modest home.


      2. I think it is 100% obvious that Hannah is a hollywood plant…that is she is being backed and funded by major players who then ‘elevate’ her videos onto youtube and push them in front of as many is now what television was a rigged system where only those connected to hollywood get traction and their ‘view numbers’ go up..her agenda is to sell lies…depression, home improvement, 100,000 land rovers are all on the table….and a lot of people fall for her ‘architectural digest’ halo with the sprigs of herbs and dealt saws and rehearsed bouts of anxiety…its all so fake


      3. In reply to Tom,

        Tom, some readers have left comments saying that Hannah Lee Duggan and Isabel Paige have production assistants and video editors who help them make YouTube videos. I don’t see this. Hannah and Isabel each upload about one 20 minute YouTube video per week. These YouTube videos that they make, consist of trying on clothing, cutting trees & branches, cooking vegetables, putting up a fence, building a shelf, going for a hike, all of which are not that difficult.

        Look at it this way, there are thousands of 20-25 year old males who completely frame an entire 3,000 square foot house every two weeks. They frame twenty single-family homes in a year. Yet men and women marvel and rave that Hannah and Isabel are able to install a couple of shelves in a week, when they have no other job to do. It’s stupid people who waste time watching Hannah and Isabel, I don’t think that Hollywood is involved.


  9. I don’t care where Hannah got her money from to buy the house(s) or how she funds her lifestyle. When I started watching her a year or so ago I thought she was entertaining, independent and resourceful.

    Fast forward to now and I recently unsubscribed to her channel. She is so affected that it exhausts me now. The giggling, the twirling, the singing, the preening, the “I’m so happy” proclamations – I truly can’t take it anymore. She makes me feel like a 75-year old widower who’s grandkids live out of state. It’s basically Grandparent TV or Perverts TV. I give up.


    1. Carolyn Hakes,

      I recently became so bored with YouTube videos that I began to pay to watch every episode of seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the HBO series “The Sopranos”, which I did not want to do because organized crime should not be glamorized or admired. I hate to admit it, but the characters, scenarios, situations, personalities, and dialogue in every episode of The Sopranos is interesting.

      It’s strange that Tony Soprano, his wife, his kids, his work, and his associates seem to me to be more real, normal, worthwhile, purposeful, and something that I can identify with, in comparison to Hannah Lee Duggan and Isabel Paige not having a job, spending all morning making and contemplating coffee, paying attention to which thrift store outfit they are going to wear in an empty field with no one around.


    2. It is definitely pervy and a lot of folks MISS how much these young YouTubers “sell” their channels based on dancing in skimpy outfits, lingerie, bikinis. Isabel Paige is always wading in some creek in a bikini IN THE WINTER. Come on!

      Straight heterosexual women do not “get off” seeing other women wiggling their butts. This content is aimed straight at pervy older men. The clothing these girls sell? do you think it is OTHER WOMEN buying a $5 thrift store dress for $80 when it is size 2 and won’t fit most women? COME ON! the buyers are men, the kind who sniff women’s panties.

      It is exhausting and it is repetitious, and each young woman is copying off the work of others. Geez, they can’t ALL be selling thrift clothing — there isn’t enough of it in the WORLD for this! They can’t ALL have vans and cabins in the woods — can they?

      NO, Hannah is not “independent” — this is all funded by her parents (so is Isabel Paige) — who provide the land, real estate, down payments, repairs to cabins or vans, $$$ video editing equipment and so on. The parents dream today is to have a kid who is a successful “YouTuber”!!!!

      A number of YouTubers have crashed and burned, from the stress of putting out so much “content” — you can’t take a week off, the fans want updates constantly! — the stress of having to put your relationships online (or hide them!) — of constantly looking happy and blissful — and what happens as the young women age out, and turn 30 or 35? what if they gain weight? or just feel depressed?

      Sure they make money, but can they make enough from age 17 to 29, to live on the rest of their lives? because nobody is paying $$$$ to watch videos about boring middle-aged women.


      1. Well, there you have it. You are evidently an expert on how Hannah Lee leads her life. Find another way to waste your time.


  10. Beware the deep fake. Reminds me of the “pioneer woman” who.posed as a rural farmwife just aw-shucks cooking. Turns out she is married to a millionaire Drummond who owns half the land in Okalahoma. But hey it bought her a cooking show (and she can’\t cook!)


    1. To me she is a hollywood deep fake product….meaning some ‘agency’ is promoting her boosting her site numbers and ‘views’… videos grow organically for the last 8-10 years or so….if you are getting over 500,000 subscribers you have ‘backing’…youtube is basically big media these days..


      1. I noticed her originally because it was promoted on FB, I would assume this kind of promotion is the tip of the iceberg.


    2. Oh man, if only we could discuss Ree Drummond! she is the archetype of fakery! as you correctly say, she posed for years as a “rural ranch wife” while in fact, she is married the richest man (from an immensely wealthy and old family) in Oklahoma and she herself is from a wealthy family as well.

      But Ree Drummond did this prior to the big YouTube craze, and Ree is in her 50s (though she started out in her early 40s). She had a blog, but not videos.

      People won’t pay the big bucks to watch a plain, middle-aged woman on videos. Ree mostly sold a phony lifestyle to women, who thought they too could have perfect home-schooled children — marry a guy named “Marlboro Man” — cook fattening meals with thousands of calories but remain thin and sexy — it IS a fantasy, it’s just a different one than the YouTubers.

      Ree is pretty much past her sell-by date today….


  11. @name withheld

    You can disagree all you want. My husband and I just bought several acres with hunting “cabins” on them and the mortgage company ( they’re not all banks and have different requirements. ) didn’t even consider them structures. A mobile home and essentially a shed are 2 different things. A large cash down payment also overcomes many of the roadblocks one encounters purchasing land. She donates her eggs for 10,000 a pop so the money situation isn’t that unrealistic ( or has in the past and has spoken about it) And if she took out a conventional loan, the inspection requirements are less strict. FHA loans have restrictive inspection requirements ( roof must be less than 10 years old etc) Having a co signer ( which it appears is her mother) with a history of mortgage payments also makes it easier. Then there’s ag exemptions, homestead exemptions etc. Loans are more difficult via banks than mortgage companies.


  12. I dont think Hannah’s trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves, I see zero malice or ego in her videos. She just lives in a state that is affordable for just about anyone to live in. From what I remember she put a little over 10k down, and has a monthly mortgage payment of a few hundred dollars. If I wanted to live simmarlarly to Hannah I could, but I’d have to live in MINNESOTA. Real winter? No thanks. I enjoy living vicariously through her.


    1. In reply to Sarah,

      You don’t see any “ego” in Hannah’s videos? They are nothing but her ego.

      Imagine if a prettier and slightly younger girl named “Lori” bought the property directly adjacent to Hannah’s property, introduced herself to Hannah, and “Lori” was more out-going than Hannah. Hannah would be uncomfortable with this situation, it would make Hannah feel insecure.

      Then, imagine that “Lori” began building a beautiful large custom home, with three-car attached garage, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, large kitchen, study, art-studio, and large screened outdoor patio. Hannah asks Lori, “But how can you afford the mortgage?” Lori replies, “Oh, I work from home. After I got my Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, I became a life-coach. I charge $250 per hour, and counsel four to five people per day.” Hannah would go home kicking herself, curl up into a fetal position on her sofa, just cry and sob for the rest of the day, and never work on her cabins again, just leave them to rot. Hannah’s only way to do better than Lori, would be to find a rich husband, which she would set about doing ruthlessly.


      1. I suspect Hannah is a deep plant or some other kind of fake, but this hypothetical argument doesn’t strike me as fair. How can you condemn someone for what you imagine she’d do in a what-if situation? That said, I agree with you about her videos being all about her ego. I stopped watching when she started saying she loved her viewers. She doesn’t know them! Maybe she appreciates the money they bring her, but that’s not love.


      2. In reply to Mersenne,

        I was thinking about how to describe or explain Hannah’s self-centeredness and her seeking her own self-gratification. One way to describe it, is in contrast to how people from my generation used to observe women Hannah’s age, watching, playing with, and caring for their younger brothers and sisters. nieces and nephews. Helping out their married older sisters or brothers. Assisting and visiting with their grandparents.

        I could probably try to understand more why young women have become so self-centered and selfish, but one immediate observation is that the whole “hippie” lifestyle is very selfish. The hippie lifestyle is about me, me, me, what I want, me, me, me. It is not at all about other people. The hippie lifestyle might have phrases like “live and let live”, “do your own thing”, but these phrases really only apply to behaviors that hippie’s like or benefit them.


    2. @Sarah: Hannah Duggan lives in northern WISCONSIN, it is at least as cold as Minnesota!

      She’s in a very rural area, and she only paid $79,000 for her property with the two cabins. She is a very successful YouTuber and clearly got a mortgage, though apparently she bought from her own mother (!!!) and she may have gotten a downpayment from her parents. I am pretty sure Hannah never says how much she put down on the property, nor the price, nor the terms of the mortgage.

      She is making a lot of money NOW from YouTube, but it took a couple years to build up to that. I think “name withheld” has a lot of good points, unfortunately they ruined by his ugly misogyny and comments like “women shouldn’t have the vote” and “why can’t we have polygamy and women in burkhas like in the Middle East”. I’m sensing “incel” and “misogynist” here… which is too bad… because the question of phony YouTubers selling unobtainable lifestyles is a very real issue.


  13. Interesting blog and comments. I too have watched Hannah, mainly out of vicarious enjoyment of traveling during the pandemic, when my husband and I haven’t been able to get away. Yet I have an uneasy feeling about these vlogs. Partly, because of her preening. More, because I’m reminded of the high school grads who “worked for a year” and then spent another year traveling in Europe, supposedly the reward for working 30-40 hours a week at the kind of jobs teens without skills or experience could get. Next, university without a scholarship. Huh? When I was young, I felt like a failure compared to them, until an adult over 30 explained the concept of parental funding. Snap! There’s no problem with parents funding their kids’ trips, but there’s an uncomfortable one-upmanship with someone pretending to do things on their own that are in reality unattainable. The writer Anais Nin remains the grand master of this, faking poverty and a bohemian lifestyle that was in fact financed by her banker husband. Which would’ve been just pathetic, if she hadn’t influenced droves of young women to “follow their dreams” and “live the lives of artists,” never mind that the Nin “artistic” lifestyle required serious cash. At least Mahatma Gandhi cheerfully admitted his poverty schtick required money from his rich friends.


    1. Mersenne,

      Thank you for your comment. It needs to be pointed out once again, that a young person who graduates from high school, works at a low-paying job making less than $400 per week, less than $1,400 per month after taxes, it is likely that they would have $0 left over after paying rent, utilities, food, clothes, car insurance, car payments, car repairs.

      But let’s take this example, and suppose that this person lives with roommates, doesn’t own a vehicle, and is able to save $300 per month for an entire year, saving $3,600 in one year. It’s true that this $3,600 is enough money to take a trip overseas. Round trip airfare from Arizona to London is roughly $700. Backpacking/hosteling in western Europe is $70-$110 per day, eastern Europe $40-$80 per day. At $60 per day, plus the $700 airfare, this would give you 48 days to use up the entire $3,600., if absolutely nothing went wrong.

      For the person in this example, what would happen if their backpack got stolen, if some of their money got stolen, if they got even a minor illness or injury, and the $3,600 was all the money that they had? This could cut those 48 days in half.

      But back home, could this person leave their job for 48 days, and not lose their job? Would their roommates accept that this person was not paying their share of rent & utilities for 1-1/2 to 2 months? How would this person get a place to live when they came back from their trip broke, most rentals require first months’ rent and security deposit up-front, and that the tenant have current employment.

      The answer is, that this person in this example would not likely be able to take a trip to Europe without help from their parents, because there is more to travelling than just being able to save the cost of the airfare and daily expense while travelling.

      Most young people who have any sense, who work at a low-paying job, have very little or no money left over each month after paying their bills, are too concerned about their day-to-day survival to think that they could quit their job and go travel in Europe for the summer. Even if they could save $300 per month, this would still mean losing their job, losing their place to live, and becoming broke after the trip to Europe, not a situation they would want to be in, if they had any sense.

      The carefree young people that work at low-paying jobs, or don’t work at all, that show their travels and adventures, just about all of them have financial support from someone else, most likely their parents.


  14. wow, you are a dirty old man, upset that you can’t “seduce and dominate” some attractive women who have dared to be more successful and fulfilled than you. How pathetic. What you have written about isabel paige is down right rapey. I’d be surprised if you’re not on a watch list given how much stuff like this is monitored these days.

    What a weird obsession you have with a couple of free entertainment channels. You seem to completely discount how much they are making from over half a million subscribers, monetised channels and clear advertising and sponsorship within the videos. It’s a business. YouTube is her JOB. she’s an entertainment presenter and producer. She’ll be earning well over 100k a year with all this. Yes she may well have had help and investment from her parents at the start, I don’t know anyone who started their own business without some sort of investment from somewhere, usually helpful family members. Unfortunate if you didn’t have a bit of help somewhere in life, but perhaps if you were less creepy, behaved less like a sex offender and were a bit more pleasant, people would be more willing to give you a hand.

    No one’s going off and leaving their college program to live in a shack in the woods on the basis of this. Yes, some might well be trying it to see if they can also develop a youtube following and therefore decent income. Are you really that dense that you think people spend days of their lives producing content for the sheer fun of it? it’s a job.

    i hope you never find out the truth about wrestling, I’ve heard that’s not entirely true either and MIGHT be for entertainment purposes only. heaven forbid…


    1. In reply to anon,

      Don’t forget that Hannah made money from selling used clothes on Depop, where she could spend an hour driving to thrift stores, spend a couple of hours buying clothes in thrift stores, spend a couple of hours photographing herself wearing thrift store clothes to make her listing ads, sell four items that she bought for $8, for $16, spend an hour packaging and taking to Post Office, $32 “profit” minus $6 in van gas, divided by six hours, that comes out to $4.33 per hour.


      1. While I agree that Hannah did not ever make significant money from selling thrift clothing, I don’t think you understand how that works.

        I believe she actually remodels a lot of the clothing, like turning a skirt into a shawl or dress.

        The mark-up on her clothing is far, far more than just doubling the price. And the customers are not other girls, the primary buyers are MEN (probably wanting to sniff the clothes).

        She makes 99% of her money from YouTube, where she models the clothing and wiggles around dancing — again mostly for male viewers — the female viewers are mostly there to enjoy a FANTASY about living without a real job — working when you feel like it — modeling clothing on the internet! — having a huge audience of fawning, squeeing fans — being able to travel and vacation most of the year, etc.

        Before YouTubing, Hannah Lee Duggan was a model — I don’t think she ever supported herself selling vintage clothing, That is VERY VERY hard to do, and is rarely more than a side hustle for anyone.


  15. dude you sound like a misogynistic pervert…
    ”I would have been much happier if I had continued to believe that she was an introverted, nutty, country mouse, that way in my mind I would have had a chance of tricking her, taking advantage of her, or seducing her, but no such luck.”
    are you serious???
    this blog completely disgusting in every way. You really went on to completely stalk a girl you don’t even know, finding out every little detail of her life just because shes not an introvert and you cant take advantage of her?? please you need help. this is straight up weird. Just because shes open on social media doesn’t give you the right to stalk someone like that, specially a woman


    1. In reply to Meliza,

      Women never should have been granted rights, this was a huge mistake. Women don’t have the intelligence, maturity, emotional stability, logic, morals, or ethics to even manage themselves and their own lives, and certainly they are no where near competent enough to know how to vote. The oldest and most advanced cultures on Earth, those in Asia and the Middle-East, that is the model the World should follow in how to handle women.

      I used to disapprove of wealthy men having multiple wives, but now I see this as a much preferable situation to having unmarried women running around loose with no supervision. Women have to be treated as livestock or property in order to manage them, protect others, and protect themselves. Women get into too much trouble, cause too much trouble, cause destruction and chaos, ruin civilization and society when they have too many rights and too much freedom.

      Hannah is like a dog that keeps digging under and climbing over the fenced-in yard where she belongs and is supposed to stay. She needs an owner that can make her stay home where she belongs, and do cooking, cleaning, laundry, and child care.


      1. Whoa Nelly! I’m not sure you are sticking to the subject here. You go from “phony YouTube videos” to “women should ot have rights? Women are stupid? (A big chunk of audience for Hannah, Isabel, etc. are MEN drooling over the bodies of young 20-something girls in lingeries.)

        Women have been voting for over 100 years; it is a bit too late to have second thoughts, LOL.

        Not sure what you mean about Asia, but most women there do have the vote. The Middle East is hardly a role model for anything — good lord! — Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria — wars!!! — they still own SLAVES in part of the Middle East. You wouldn’t last a day there.

        I figure you are just making these hate-filled remarks to get attention, but it’s pretty cheap theatrics.

        BTW: my grandma had the right to vote and she was born in 1902! so this “problem” hardly started with YouTube.


      2. In reply to Lola Montez,

        You seem to be able to identify that it is wrong for Hannah Lee Duggan and Isabel Paige to give young people the impression that they can skip going to college, work at a low-paying job, save a little bit of money, then be able to travel overseas, live full-time in a van, or obtain forest property and build a tiny-house, because this is not realistic and trying to copy this could harm people.

        But you don’t seem to see or understand the much broader, greater problem that women have caused and are causing because they have been given too much freedom, and too many rights, which they have used to undermine and destroy society. I will try to give a couple of examples.

        The building-block of the high standard-of-living, religious freedom, U.S. Constitution, rights & freedoms in the United States was the traditional Judea-Christian family, with a married mother & father, division of household labor and responsibilities, stay-at-home mother to supervise and care for children.

        I hope that I do not have to explain and argue with you that it is detrimental to children to have a father absent from a household, with a bitter mother who is both bad-mouthing the father, and trying to act like a good-time party-girl drinking, using drugs, and having frequent casual sex with multiple partners. This is a terrible example for children, it is unsettling and confusing to children, it robs them of their childhood where they develop and try to understand the world.

        As a consequence of no-fault divorce, where women now are 80% of the filers for divorce, out of boredom or restlessness, children grow up in single-parent households, insecure and confused, missing guidance, leadership, supervision, and discipline from a father. These children have higher incidence of depression, low self-esteem, obesity, illegal drug use, dangerous behavior, destructive behavior.

        The adults that have come out of these single-parent households since the 1980s, are much more dysfunctional, confused, mentally-ill, immature, unprepared, unable to cope, substance-addicted than the generations that grew up prior to 1970 in the U.S. These confused generations have brought us same-sex marriage, whatever-gender-you-identify-with, high schoolers who identify as “furries”, re-birth of Communism and Socialism.

        This downfall of society has come from women having too many rights and freedoms, and just like irresponsible foolish children, women have made a mess of things, they don’t see it, know, understand, or care.


  16. I actually looked her up because I really like the idea of doing up a cabin and leaving the world behind. I found that her indoor locations were so bloody clean and tidy that nothing look like anyone lived there – like it was just a place to hang out and make videos to show how cool your shit was. I like the idea, I’m not tied in knots about it, but the guy is right – this is just fake instafamous look at me look at me nonsense.


  17. The world has changed. The gatekeepers are gone. It’s not expensive to build a following anymore. Hannah has talent and deserves the rewards. Yes, her parents and family have probably helped her with a guarantee of food and shelter if she fails. So what if they helped her buy the property. She still put in the work. I know rich kids who can’t do jack shi*t…. even with their family connections and money, they just waste it. Hannah’s making new money! Becoming successful and getting things done on your own are impossible. Let’s get real. Even if you are born with no wealth and connections, you will need to build them to cross bridges and have protection, and make money. That’s just how the world works. I agree, for most of us poor ones, it’ll be much harder. Yes, life is unfair. But many who do have the opportunity end up doing NOTHING with it. Hannah is disciplined, gorgeous, and seems like a fairly savvy business woman.


    1. I totally agree that Hannah is an enterprising, ambitious, and let’s not forget talented, young woman, who can do anything she puts her mind to. I don’t think she’s phony because she has parental support to some extent, like buying the property. Many do. The jealousy and ill-will I read on this page fascinate me. Why so mean? As I’ve said before, I find her a break from the ordinary, funny as hell and she often inspires me to do more. Why do you watch if only to criticize?


      1. In reply to June Fisher,

        I have addressed this with you before, and now I will tell you again, young people need to be given good, accurate, truthful, useful information in order to at a minimum survive in life. Teens need to realize and understand their abilities, aptitudes, talents, interests, and economic situation while in high school, and come up with a plan for what they will do with themselves after high school as a young adult. They need to consider: Can I go to college on a scholarship, can I afford to go to college on student loans, what should I major in, should I just try to get an Associates Degree, should I go to trade school, should I enlist in a branch of the military, should I try to be an apprentice with a plumber or electrician, should I become a construction worker, if I work in retail can I support myself, maybe I should become a CNA, etc.

        When young women in high school, or young women adults, watch, listen to, and see Hannah Lee Duggan traveling and living in a van by herself, or “buying 15 acres with two cabins”, this appeals to them because it doesn’t involve study, going to class, completing class work, working hard in school, paying attention and trying hard in trade school, performing hard work all day in an apprenticeship, listening to older people telling you what to do. Driving around in a van an pic-nicking seems like more fun, less work.

        How does Hannah Lee Duggan afford to do this? She goes to thrift stores, buys thrift store clothes, and sells them on DePop, that’s what she said. I already explained and gave a break-down that it looks like Hannah makes about $4-$8 per hour, 20-30 hours per week from DePop, that’s $80-$240 per week, Hannah didn’t say that, I did. How could an adult live on that? Because the apartment that Hannah was living in was in the upstairs of her mother and stepfather’s house, Hannah didn’t ever say that, I did.

        How did Hannah buy a 15-acre property with two cabins on it? Because Hannah’s mother purchased it about 1-1/2 years before Hannah.

        Young people need to know, understand, and realize that some people their age are able to do things that they can not do, because they are not in the same economic situation. They need to know, understand, and realize that they had better decide which is the best viable, realistic, attainable path and goal to set in order to at a minimum survive, but hopefully succeed in life. Living in a van and travelling is not possible if you don’t have money and people willing to back you financially. Buying a 15-acre property with two cabins is not possible if you don’t have a good, steady job, good credit history, and large down-payment, or a parent buying it for you.

        I think that it hurts young people’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth when they see other people in their age range apparently accomplishing so much more than them, living a much easier, happier, adventurous, carefree life, but if the truth were exposed, adult children with wealthy parents have always been able to travel, buy things, go on adventures, pursue hobbies, start businesses, without any fear of failing or consequences.

        One last thing June, Hannah is about 28 years old now. There are thousands of 28 year old men building entire houses from basement foundation to roof, inside and out, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, four or five times each year. Yet you are still marveling at Hannah putting up shelves.


      2. LOL! It seems we could argue this for a long time. But what comes to mind is, do you know what Hannah’s subscriber base is? What age bracket watches her most? You said that she is adversely affecting teenagers? Is that her largest group of watchers? If so, I hear you. Since I’m 74 and recommending this venue to friends for entertainment, I didn’t think about teenagers following and/or trying to emulate her lifestyle. My bad if that’s a fact. And she does a lot more than put up shelves…
        P.S., why do you withhold your name?


      3. In reply to June Fisher,

        For anyone who graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in business, accounting, economics, engineering, I think that they are probably not believing that a person can support themselves by driving to local thrift stores, sorting, trying on, buying, modeling, listing, selling, boxing, and mailing a sweater for $20 that they bought for $10. (Even if they sold ten sweaters a day at a $10 markup, totaling $100, minus vehicle mileage and fuel, divided by all of the time spent, it’s about $8 per hour.)

        If a person went to trade school, served an apprenticeship, or worked their way up in construction, to become a heavy equipment operator, heavy equipment mechanic, auto mechanic, journeyman electrician, plumber, welder, and are making $25-$30 per hour, 50 hours per week, $1,300-$1,600 per week, they aren’t believing that someone can support themselves by going to thrift stores, buying used clothes, and selling them online, it’s too easy to do the math on it.

        All of these aforementioned people, the business majors, accountants, economists, engineers, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, electricians, plumbers, and welders know from their own personal experience completing mortgage applications that they have to provide proof of employment history, how long have they been at this current employer, what is their job title, proof of income, what are their current expenses, provide recent bank statements, and have a credit history check performed on them. Then they have been through the experience of having a mandatory home inspection performed prior to mortgage approval. These people aren’t buying that a 27 year old with no job, who buys and sells clothes from local thrift stores, is getting approved for a mortgage to buy a property with two unfinished cabins that would never pass a home inspection. Not only does this situation not entertain these types of people, they call this out as “fake”.

        In the mid-1900s when research was done on I.Q. in the U.S., when all of the data was collected, and plotted on a chart, it was noticed that there was a small number of very, very low I.Q., and a small number of very, very high I.Q., the plot line looked like a “Bell Curve”. The middle of the peak on the Bell Curve was assigned a value of 100, that was where the majority of the people in the U.S. were, 100 I.Q.

        The typical Hannah Lee Duggan viewer is probably 100 I.Q. If they did go to college, they probably majored in education, art, women’s studies, journalism, or communications. If they didn’t go to college, they probably work in retail, hospitality, restaurant, child care, are unemployed, or on social security disability. They can’t tell that what Hannah Lee Duggan is doing is fake, that you can’t not work and just travel around in a van for months at a time, you wouldn’t have money for food, fuel, car insurance, health insurance, a medical emergency, vehicle accident, or vehicle break-down.


      4. Back for more? Have you tallied the $$ Hannah makes front Youtube? I’m quite sure it easily covers the expenses you listed.
        IQ? Your research, dated as it is, is off the mark…EI, is more relevant to this discussion.
        What’s your name?


      5. In reply to June Fisher,

        And people been attending Joel Osteen’s church, Kenneth Copeland’s church, and Benny Hinn’s church, for the past twenty years because they believed in them, unable to discern that anything was wrong or fake. Made Joel Osteen’s net worth $50 million, and Kenneth Copeland’s net worth $200 million. Joel Osteen owns a Ferrari and Kenneth Copeland owns a couple of jet airplanes.

        Continue to support people who are pretending to be something that they are not.


      6. The problem is that Hannah is not ANY of those things. She is the spoiled child of rich parents, who indulge her in these fantasies. Then she sells the FANTASIES to gullible young people (and some pervy male viewers!). That you and I are older means little, we are not the main nor intended audience.

        The problem is not that Hannah bought a piece of land from her MOM. The problem is she lied about it. Her videos just said “I BOUGHT MY DREAM CABIN IN THE WOODS!” — she says she got a mortgage — then after 2 months there, she leaves on a long vacation trip with pal Isabel Paige (some situation, claims to live in forest but is 1 mile from rich parents house).

        If she told the truth about how she got the van, the land, how she lives without working at a job… how much she pulls in from YouTube views, Patreon donations… how many viewers are men ogling her body… if she showed the gas station next door to her “cabins”…. or how she runs home every time she wants a hot shower or meal… would she still be mega-popular and have thousands of subscribers? I DOUBT THAT.


  18. Enjoy it for the entertainment. Too many people coveting what another person appears to have. Some of the channels are merely fake reality shows. I have noticed she pimps out items she has gotten without calling them sponsors or open advertising and sometimes she does openly admit to sponsors like Skillshare. Other items she simply shows how she is taking photos with a tiny tripod for her cell phone that has a Bluetooth remote. I forget the brand, but she showed it up close and pronounced the name. My point is she is clever and and may have family resources to help out with, too. Watching her make a dress was cool.

    At first I though she might be gay and then in one episode she is making out with her boyfriend. whatever… I admit I think she is cute and sexy and she uses it to her advantage. Good on her. She also reminds me of Gabby Petito and I hope Hanna doesn’t run into some psycho on her travels. It is astonishing how many people go missing every year, Looking up her info and the places she has been or lives is a little stalkerish to me.

    Mister Name Withheld, there are a lot more bad people than I thought in this world and even more stupid ones. I have also leaned that racism is much higher than I once thought but over the last 5 years, a bunch of them outed themselves on social media. Social media can be a bad place to hang out too long. If somebody or something on the Internet is getting under your skin, it’s time to bug out. I like what Dave Chappelle said in response to the people who tried to cancel him for his transgender joker in “The Closer” special. “Twitter can’t cancel me. It’s not even a real place!”. The Internet is a tool and not a place to live. I say all this with best intentions and in peace.


    1. The problem is that it is a LIE based on UNTRUTHS. Hannah isn’t living this fantasy lifestyle, she has had huge parent help — her parents live down the road — her cabin property is NOT in the forest primeval but in a tourist town with a gas station right next door (bathroom!). While she goes on fancy road trips in her kitted-out van (#vanlife)… her parents do the heavy work of fixing/remodeling her property.

      I think Hannah sort of dangles the idea of “maybe I am gay or bi” when she goes on road trips with Isabel Paige and the two young women sleep IN THE SAME BED… but this is to titillate her audience, including young women but also a substantial number of male viewers who glom onto these kinds of YouTube channels to see attractive young ladies dancing in their underwear, lolling on beaches in tiny bikinis and so on.

      You mention Gabby Petito and thank you for doing so. Gabby DIED because she bought into this fantasy, that she could make $$$$ by selling a phony #vanlife lifestyle to viewers and exploiting her good looks. I ask you and others here: would anyone watch Gabby — Hannah — Isabel — even Prepper Princess — if they were 50 years old, fat, pimply or homely? OF COURSE NOT.

      So they aren’t really interested in travel videos, vegan cooking, thrifting vintage clothing, sewing, home repairs or anything else. They are interested in watching attractive women and interested in fantasy lifestyles that in reality, require gobs of money… but instead of getting that money via education, skills, hard work… they are shown this ridiculous FANTASY that you will just get a dream house in the woods (or desert) and spend all day filming YOURSELF, and get paid millions for this.


  19. While I do not agree to the vulgar sexualised comments from ‘name withheld’ towards Hannah and too to her ‘online friend’ Isabelle P, you can clearly see the wide audience age spectrum that has their appeal on them.

    Like ‘name withheld’ I was a sucker to their appeal and enjoyed their ‘story’s’ but these are very much an illusion to the viewer and as behold June F touched on was YouTube for these girls is a career and rightly so. Some might say this form of career is orthodox and it is, these girls ‘work’ hard to maintain this illusion.
    It is very much up for debate whether these two girls (and many like them) need to disclose this illusion to their viewership, but why would they… to jeopardise their online jobs, no. All they are doing is portraying a lifestyle they enjoy while getting paid for it, and this does indeed appeal to their viewership (I would be very interested in knowing their demographic age/gender/race etc).

    Part of me agrees with ‘name withheld’ regarding us normal folk who do a 9-5 and yes with his analogy above of men/woman in the same age bracket having achieved much more than these YouTubers, yet we marvel at them merely for painting a wall!
    The sad fact of reality is these YouTubers have tapped into a market which allows them to earn $$$$ simply for out-shadowing the main stream reality of life…..also don’t get me started on Responsibility and Accountability of these YouTube types!


    1. I don’t believe in name calling, but frankly these videos are fake and should be called out as such.

      (*In fairness, Prepper Princess is just screechy, preachy frugalista and nag, but nobody can claim she’s sexing up her videos. It is different for Hannah and Isabel Paige, as they openly do things like dance in lingerie or wade in streams wearing tiny bikinis. Soft core, but still.)

      The problem is that by LYING… these YouTubers sell a phony vision to gullible audience members, many of which (for Hannah and Isabel) are TEENAGERS. The teens see what they think is a young attractive woman who does not have to go to college or work, earns gobs of money and can live a fun lifestyle of nothing but vacations and travels, and then buy a dream cottage in the woods. This is not reality and most of these young women are being fed unrealistic fantasies based on LIES.

      If this was fiction… filmmaking that acknowledges this is not real… then it is no different than other fiction or maybe role-playing games. BUT IT IS NOT PRESENTED AS FICTION. It is presented as total truthfulness. I see many adults even buy into this, hook line & sinker.


  20. @namewithheld: I agree with 90% of what you say here, and like you… I think Hannah and others offer an unrealistic, deceptive message to young women…. that they can live a fantasy lifestyle without a real job.

    Studies have shown that many young people today aspire to be “YouTubers” and no other job or career. This is scary!

    I did some research into Hannah but I missed the fact that her mother had already bought the property — it is in a small Wisconsin tourist town, mostly seasonal fishing/camping — and sold it TO her — good catch! — but her parents already live about 45 minutes down the road ANYWAYS in a luxury home. Meaning Hannah can go there any time for a hot shower, hot meal, do her laundry and wi fi. That is not roughing it in the woods. (Isabel Paige has a similar set up!)

    The thrift store stuff was always phony too. I’ve been buying thrift vintage clothes for decades, before it was a “thing”. There is no money in it. That’s why the clothing sells for $1-$5 at a thrift store to begin with. Used clothing has little value, the IRS will barely let you deduct donations for it.

    BUT…. the prices on DePop and ThredUp are higher than you realize. Some people are selling expensive designer clothing they already own. And the YouTubers are not simply selling a sweater or dress, they are selling THEIR BRAND to fawning admirers. As Hannah and others are teeny-tiny sizes… it is unlikely they are selling to women (average woman size in the US: 16) but to MEN who use the clothing for… well, use your imagination.

    Even at prices more like $80, the YouTubers are not making enough from this for it to be a valid career. They make their money from the advertising (AdSense) on YouTube, from Patreon donations and some from Instagram. In other words, they are selling THEMSELVES — their lifestyles — videos of them in bikinis and lingerie (!!!) — the audience is not all young girls.

    The problem I have is that almost all of it is a LIE and the vulnerable young people who slurp this up unquestioningly…. think they too can live on a permanent vacation, traveling in a cute van (#vanlife!)… no education, no skills, no job… they can just buy a cabin in the woods when they feel like it… repairs will be made magically… income will arrive magically from the videos you post online about “your lifestyle”.

    When ordinary people try this, it ends in disaster. Remember Gabby Petito?


  21. So wondering who outed Hannah about not living at the dilapidated cabin props? Now she has another prop. Isabel may soon follow suit. Pioneer Woman comes to mind for these two: just a little stay at home mom on farm till we found out she was married to.a millionaire hubby who bankrolled her crappy cooking show. Sigh. Neither Hannah or Isabel have ever done anything worth emulating. Gals that honestly can’t hold any kind of job.


    1. In reply to C.A.,

      Part of Hannah Lee Duggan and Isabel Paige fan-base, were the Tiny-House, Van-Life, Bohemian, Nomadic, Boon-Docking, Self-Sufficient, Off-Grid, Minimalists people. About a week ago, I saw a Hannah Lee Duggan video where she was showing a two-story, 2BR/2BA large new house that she was interested in buying. This looked like it was a $300K-$400K house. I thought to myself, wait a minute, hold on, I thought Hannah’s YouTube channel was all about living in and fixing up a Tiny-House type cabin, in a minimalist way by doing the work herself using found, thrift store, re-purposed items.

      About a year ago when Isabel Paige, her family, and her boyfriend began building “an artists’ studio” adjacent to her Tiny-House, I thought that this desire or necessity to have additional room six months after completing her Tiny-House, kind of disproves being able to live in a Tiny-House, because apparently there wasn’t enough room. Then when Isabel Paige and her boyfriend Logan announced in the late winter of 2022 that they were leaving the “farm” to go tour Europe in a van, their packing to leave video showed all of their belongings, camera equipment, and luggage spread out on the floor of their parents’ larger home on the “farm” property. Some viewers commented, “Ah hah, I knew it, that’s where they’ve been keeping their stuff all along.” It was a break from the illusion of living in a Tiny-House.

      Similarly, Hannah Lee Duggan’s desire or intention to buy a new, large, two-story 2BR/2BA house is a complete departure from Tiny-House, Van-Life, Boon-Docking, Off-Grid, Self-Sufficient, Minimalist, Bohemian lifestyle. It’s like something a materialist, social-class-conscious, social-class-climbing, Conservative/Republican would do.

      To illustrate it this way, Hannah Lee Duggan kind of portrayed herself as a young, carefree, minimalist, Van-Life person, shopping at thrift stores, showing herself travelling and boon-docking in residential neighborhoods, parking lots, and other hiding spots. But in actual real life, Hannah has now become the type of home owner who would probably call the Police if she saw someone trying to live out of their vehicle in the woods adjacent to her house, the kind of thing that she PORTRAYED herself doing on her YouTube channel.

      Because of this comment from C.A., I did watch Hannah Lee Duggan’s most recent YouTube video, showing herself at her new house. Because Hannah made it such a specific talking point to explain that she was unable to give details of her new home purchase, I decided to look up the location and details of her new home purchase.

      It took me about 30 minutes to find the real estate listing with 45 photographs, video, sales price, street address, etcetera. I don’t know how or if Hannah expected to keep this move secret. It’s a complete departure from Van-Life, Boon-Docking, Tiny-House, Bohemian, Minimalist, Thrift Store, living. What can Hannah do now, “Middle-aged woman buys additional home furnishings” ?


  22. @namewitheld: outstanding detective work! And yes, this is all a big lie and I saw through it (but I’m an oldster who can’t easily be fooled).

    The problem that I stated above is that many MILLIONS of young people (and some not so young) fall hook, line and sinker for the FANTASY… especially of not having to work. The Tiny House movement, the #vanlife movement — are all about escaping paid employment and living on a permanent vacation with no apparent means of support (like, how you pay for food or health insurance).

    It is especially GALLING when these are wealthy kids, whose parents live around the corner (literally, in the case of Duggan and Paige) and you store your “stuff” at their house, while having unlimited supplies of materials for construction projects. Both women supposedly built or remodeled cabins in the “wilderness”, then abandoned them in months. Paige is on the road in EUROPE? Duggan just bought an expensive home? What happened to the cabin life?

    Obviously they have bought into the allure of money, which lets you do such things. (I want to state here, they are far from alone and only stand out because they have so many subscribers and $$$. And there are absolutely male YouTubers doing this, I just saw one equally fatuous male YouTuber, who has BOUGHT AN APARTMENT IN PARIS for ONE MILLION EUROS at age 23, having never had a job or attended college.)

    The drawback, I think, is they risk being “not relatable” to audiences now. A cabin in the wilderness that you built or remodeled is a lovely fantasy (and actually can be done, you just can’t do it with NO JOB AT ALL and no resources or money or building skills) — but a six figure income, and a $400K house cannot. So I guess we’ll see what direction this goes in.

    I think you are brilliant at deducing what Duggan purchased! Can you give me a few hints? I don’t follow her, but I did see a thumbnail on YouTube of her in front of a very nice upscale house, saying something like “my new home”.

    BTW: one of the original YouTubers is Emma Chamberlain, who still has a staggering following — I think like 10 million subscribers — but has gone in 4 years from a cute, sarcastic teen shooting video in her bedroom — to an international celebrity in Chanel and Gucci clothes, who attends Fashion Week and is on the covers of magazines. Still fame, but a very different kind of fame and different sort of following, I think.

    (I should say here, I certainly oppose stalking or intimidation, especially in person. But if you really want to keep your whereabouts and real estate purchases private… why on earth post a photo of your new home and tell everyone you bought it? Why not film stuff in the woods, or in a studio setting? If this was REALLY about crafts, do it yourself stuff, vintage clothes, vegan cooking, etc…. bragging about your real estate purchases wouldn’t be part of it.)


  23. Folks, contact YouTube about these fakes. And every single.paid sponsor of these fakes. Recently Hannah did a video where she was supposedly stranded on the side of a highway in her van and flagged down some random men to help. She got a LOT of negative comments on that, people scared for her saftey. It was most likely a stupid stunt. YouTube and ads, sponsors, Pateron need to monitor this kind of dangerous content. I am working on an article but in the meantime let the sponsors, Youtube, etc know.


    1. In reply to Cara,

      In a way I agree with your anger at Hannah if what you say is true. A safer alternative for women stranded on the road with a disabled vehicle, is AAA Roadside Assistance Insurance, or something similar. Even for myself, a 260 lb male with a firearm, I have regretted stopping in rural areas of North Dakota to check on motorists with stopped vehicles on the road, because they turned out to be so shady.

      But ever since Hannah got her Van several years ago, she’s been taking risks that she shouldn’t. Not only parking overnight by herself in remote swamp, lake, river wilderness areas, but spending a lot of time in these areas videoing herself wearing scant clothing. Sometimes, she couldn’t create a more vulnerable situation for herself if she tried.

      Maybe just as bad or worse, is Hannah trying to look up and pick out local guys using Tinder along her travels.

      I don’t know what you can do to fix Hannah. It’s kind of the role of a father to try to teach, correct, discipline, restrain, and catch an out-of-control unsafe daughter, but I guess parents can run out of time, energy, money, and reach their limit on caring and worrying.


      1. Why O Why, can’t you leave this alone. Are you still in Dickinson after berating it so long ago? If so, why and what is your deal?


      2. In reply to June Fisher,

        I try to not pay any attention to Hannah Lee Duggan, and I do not watch her YouTube videos. I think that Hannah Lee Duggan has made enough money, that she would be much, much better off no longer disclosing any details of her personal life. She has a nice modern home now that she recently bought for about $350K, she owns several vehicles, she doesn’t have to work at a job, and she can travel. Yes, she has made money and continues to make money from creating YouTube videos, but publicizing her personal lifestyle now might potentially cause her more harm & danger than it’s worth financially.

        When a person named “Cara” left a comment today saying that she was angry at Hannah Lee Duggan for doing something that was unsafe, that could possibly give her young women viewers the wrong impression about how to handle a potentially dangerous situation, I read Cara’s comment and I replied to it. In my opinion, Hannah Lee Duggan does all kinds of things that are dangerous/reckless, and I try not to pay attention to Hannah or watch any of her YouTube videos.

        Please read Lola Montez’s comment regarding this, she is just as critical or maybe more critical than I am about the unnecessary risks that Hannah Lee Duggan takes.


      3. @Cara and name withheld: This was similar to some of my issues with Hannah (and also Ashley Rous, “Bestdressed” and Isabel Paige).

        I’ve spotted them doing things that were really careless, unwise and possibly dangerous. For example: for a while Ashley lived in Los Angeles in a ground floor studio apartment she photographed a LOT — including outside — enough that I felt anyone could easily have found it (she told everyone it was Westwood). Now, I’m a Midwestern grandma, who lives 2500 miles away but what about some creep in LA? And then she would model clothes, undress, photograph herself in revealing lingerie and sit on the table with her legs spread.

        When I posted that she was forgetting this was not a slumber party with her girlfriends, but (at the time) about 200,000 random strangers and that most of them were NOT teens and young 20-something female fans, but skeevy adult men who were getting off on seeing her (not unlike a free version of OnlyFans)… I got banned from posting and not long after, banned from YouTube. Seriously I was BANNED for common sense and safety advice!

        A very similar thing happened with Hannah; I let her know that she had revealed information that let anyone (like me) easily figure out where she was living and since she too was modeling lingerie, dancing in skimpy outfits and letting EVERYONE KNOW she was “alone in a cabin in the woods” — permitting them to easily figure out her address was VERY risky. Again, I got banned. (BTW: each time I made it clear I was a woman, over age 60, with daughters and granddaughter of my own plus I lived 1000-2500 miles away.)

        I’ve been young and I had in my early 20s travelled all over the US alone including two “single gal” cross-country trips and this was LOOONG before smartphones or GPS. I definitely had AAA, I was very careful about where I stopped or parked and my dad had given me a 22 calibre pistol (I never took it out of the box though).

        It is VERY SAD that this world is not 100% perfectly safe for anybody of any gender or race or income to come and go with total security but the facts are the facts. There are bad people around. There are creeps and peepers. There are rapists and even serial killers and the No.1 victims of all of these are… nice looking, young, teen and 20-something single women.

        This group of young women who are making $$$$ as #vanlifers are promoting a lifestyle to other women that is dangerous and risky, even if the YouTuber herself never gets a really bad experience. I am downright AMAZED in the wake of Gabby Pettito that young women are so gobsmackingly obtuse to the risks — Petitto was killed by her own boyfriend! Why? Because they were in a remote area where he could get away with it, far from parents or friends who might have intervened.

        I am NOT saying every young woman has to dress like she was Amish or a nun, or can’t have fun, or can’t go camping. But for gods sake, you can use common sense. Skinny dipping when you are SURE you are 100% alone can be great fun; when you film yourself for the world to see, with plenty of hints on where you are… it is a gold-edged invitation for a pervert.

        There is no logical reason for doing this alone, when you could take a female friend or even a big dog. And WHY are these sites, supposedly aimed at other young women, always featuring revealing clothing and seductive dances, rolling around in bed, etc? Come on, these women KNOW precisely what they are doing, who is watching and why they are racking up big $$$$ and millions of fans… and it ain’t because of a lack of camping videos online.

        I didn’t know that Hannah was actively trying to pick up guys using Tinder ON THE ROAD. That’s like the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. At one time (in LA, which she left in 2020)… Ashley Rouse posted a number of videos showing her getting dressed up to go out clubbing, with the proviso that “she was really, really horny and looking to hook up”.

        Someday, some CSI agent is going to have a field day with all the evidence these girls are leaving. BTW: Hannah is like 28 and far too old to be doing this kind of crap.

        However her parents raised her… they must think this is OK. They live just a few miles from her cabin and before that, she lived WITH her parents at 26. Isabel Paige literally lives on her parent’s vacation property. These girls are not orphans or foster kids, who lacked parent care. In fact… the evidence points to them being very spoiled by soft parents, and given everything, and that the PARENTS have a big role in supporting/paying for this “influencer lifestyle” and may be living out a fantasy of their own as “parents of a famous influencer”.

        All of these women are over 21…as I said Hannah is about 28….Ashley and Isabel about 24-25. They are not children nor minors, so there is literally nothing a parent or anyone else can do…. Except point to the very obvious risks and then let go. That’s what Gabby Pettito’s parents did and I wonder how they feel now.


      4. In reply to Lola Montez,

        Thank you for your informative and explanatory comment. I agree with you. I would have thought that you would have made more headway than me, trying to point out to young women with YouTube channels the safety concerns that they were forgetting or might not have known.

        Off the top of my head, I think that I looked up and found the location of approximately a dozen YouTube, TikTok, Facebook young women creators in order to write an article about them. The reactions of these women have ranged from being mortified/appalled/outraged to not caring at all. In any case, this was their notice that people can find out their location whether they knew it or not, now they know. Although I enjoy being irritating and annoying to women, I think that it’s better that I annoy/irritate them with one of my biographies, prior to anyone being able to actually physically sneak up on them and grab them because they were completely unprepared and had no idea someone could find them.

        It was “Cara” who submitted a comment today regarding Hannah Lee Duggan being careless with her personal safety in one of her recent videos, and I responded to Cara’s comment, as did you. But the other point of view, “Why don’t you leave these poor women alone?”, was submitted by June Fisher. If you look you will see it.


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