I Don’t Like Dogs, But I Will Probably Have To Get A Dog

When I was growing up, my family had about four Chinese Pug dogs, one English Bulldog, a white German Shepherd, a Terrier Hound, and several Pit Bull dogs.

All of the dogs were allowed in and out of the house as they pleased, the house screen door was always broken and hanging open.  I wrote in previous blog post articles that the door hanging open allowed opossums, squirrels, bats, snakes, and mice inside of the house.

The dogs were allowed on the sofa, chairs, benches, in everyone’s bedroom, and on everyone’s bed.  My mother was not into cleaning, the house stank, animal hair was everywhere, and it was dirty.  The Black maids that my parents hired didn’t work for us very long.  Looking back on this, why would anyone not become exasperated trying to clean some place like this?

When I became a teenager, I became sick and tired of how dirty the house was.  All on my own, I would sometimes scrub all the filthy stained white baseboards, white window trim, dark red wallpaper, door frames, door trim, door handles, paint the light colored porch railing and pickets, and paint the dark blue porch boards.  Everything was so filthy and disgusting, I couldn’t take it anymore.  And, it was embarrassing.

I never, ever wanted to live someplace like that again.  I hated the urine and shit stench smell from the yard that surrounded the house.  I hate it when I go to visit other people at their house, and there is that urine and shit stench smell from a dog in their yard.

I don’t like dogs, I don’t want a dog, so why would I get a dog now?

During the last several months, on again and off again, I have had people complaining about my blog post articles, some of them becoming quite incensed, to where they attempted to publish my name, photograph, and address.

I do not care, and these people do not care if my name, photograph, and address is published, what they actually want is to cause other people to come to my home and try to harm me and my property.  They don’t want to do it, they are not going to do it, they want to try to persuade other people to do it for them.

I do have security cameras installed which record my property continuously, and I do have motion detectors on my property which are programmed to zones on an alarm box.  But I am not always going to be home.

I am probably going to run a 1/4″ diameter steel cable along the ground from the back of my property to the front of my property to act as a runner for a dog chain.  The dog chain I will make about 20′ length, I believe.

For legal liability reasons, I will have to post “No Trespassing” and “Beware Of The Dog” signs at every entry point to my yard.  Then I can try to find a large, mean, aggressive dog.

The City Animal Shelter is probably not going to have any mean aggressive dogs available for adoption.  I believe and have been told that when they receive a dog like this, they classify them as un-adoptable, and euthanize them almost immediately.

I am not looking for any pure-bred dog necessarily, probably not a Doberman or German Shepherd.  Something like a mix-breed Rottweiler or a mix-breed Mastiff.

I can not be friendly with this dog, and I can not allow other people to be friendly with this dog.  This dog must distrust people, and respond to people with unwavering aggression.

The type of people that the complainers to my blog post articles hope to incite to do violence or property damage, are feeble-minded idiot criminals who will not even think to read my blog post articles for themselves, but will take someone else’s accusations as fact, and giving them the right somehow in their idiot minds to go commit crimes.

So I have to go acquire some poor dog, who will never receive any love or affection from me or anyone else, who will be chained outside all day, every day when it is -50 degrees outside this winter in North Dakota.  It’s not coming inside, I don’t like dogs.

Sure, the naer-do-wells will probably put some broken glass or poison in ground beef and toss it to my guard dog.  That will be funny, won’t it?  I won’t care, I don’t like dogs, I’ll just go get another dog.  And if someone ever gets past my guard dog, the dog’s punishment will be a bullet through the top of its head.  The dog had one job to do, that was the only use I had for the dog, if it can’t do its job, it’s done.

See, you fucking scheming women thought that you were going to make me miserable.  I am not going to be bothered.  But whatever poor dog that gets chained up in my yard from now on is going to have a miserable, painful, short life because of what you have caused.

21 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Dogs, But I Will Probably Have To Get A Dog

  1. Not suggesting this as a solution, but you may have seen the movie “Last Blood” with Sylvester Stallone. He fixed up some interesting diversions on his property for the uninvited guests in the final scenes.


  2. I am reporting you to animal welfare before you even think of getting a dog. Why would anyone who isn’t a psycho do that to a living sentient creature? It is beyond sad.

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    1. Suzanna,

      I agree that it is cruel to leave a dog outside in the Winter in North Dakota. However, all that North Dakota requires is that animals have water, food, shelter, and their immunizations. I don’t want to get a dog.


      1. scout1954,

        I do not want a dog, I do not like dogs. But since individuals have taken to trying to stir up anger and hatred against me, with the goal of inciting others to do what they do not want to get caught doing themselves, I am going to have to get a dog to leave chained up outside.


    1. Cassie,

      Yes, I have thought about writing a book. One of them would be titled “The Dickinson Neighborhood Cookbook”. Each page or double page that the reader turned to, would be one recipe, with instructions, ingredients, and photos. Each recipe would be given the name of Dickinson resident such as Florian Friedt Fricasee, or Morgan So and So Pot-Pie, or John Mueller Fajitas, or Cameron So and So Stew. I had a whole list that I helped create with a friend of mine. This would be a coffee-table type book, that your average person might think was quaint and heartwarming, personal recipes provided by a sampling of the residents in Dickinson.

      But if they ever read one of the recipes all the way through to the end, they would see that it was not a recipe provided by a Dickinson resident, it was in fact a recipe on how to cook this particular Dickinson resident. People would be aghast, horrified, and mortified that they had purchased the book, and maybe even gifted it to someone else. People would not know what to think, being included in the book.


  3. Gotta love all the phony outrage at PP site, commenters are like a bunch of methed up SJWs. That woman’s brain can’t do logical processing. Won’t admit she lives in a crap neighborhood. Casts doubt on all the rest of the stuff she talks about.


    1. Wongo,

      At the same time that Prepper Princess received about 12,000 views to her YouTube video about being stalked and harassed by me and my blog post article about her, my website received an approximately 3,000 increase in views, meaning only 25% of her viewers went to check and see whether she was being stalked and harassed by me. 75% of her viewers just took her word for it, without any evidence.

      Given that 75% of her viewers never even checked to see if it was true or there was any evidence, they wrote in comments about how the Police, Mayor, School Principal, Churches should all be called, that people should come and visit me, that people should do something to me. It never even crossed their minds that the reason why the Police didn’t arrest me, was because I hadn’t done anything illegal in the first place.


      1. @dickinson
        What you describe are the tactics of the woke and SJWs:
        ignore facts & logic
        turn emotions up to 11
        attack the opponent personally & ignore their arguments
        scream victimhood
        trumpet their own moral superiority


      2. Wongo,

        I am also beginning to realize that a tactic is to make a type of allegation that is difficult to disprove.

        For instance, an allegation such as he broke my window, he stole my generator, he spray painted my house, he stole money out of my bank account, there is an expectation of proof and evidence, such as being in a location at particular time and place, having possession of items, witnesses being available to verify events, video footage being available showing the event.

        However a claim such as he harassed me, he threatened me, he stalked me, it seems to be permissable that there are no witnesses, no physical evidence, no video footage, no requirement to be in a location at a particular time and place.


  4. Where I live, in a wooded public recreational area there are lots of owners with their pet dogs.

    The dogs are doing only one of three things: urinating, defecating or sniffing around where other dogs have urinated and defecated.

    Some owners have a plastic bag to collect the dog feces, others leave their dog’s feces on the path. The urine drops stay on the grass. Many families with small children use the area, so this could become a health problem.

    Whenever a dog with its owner walks past me the dog has its tail up, prominently showing its asshole (except very few breeds where the tail is down). A further reminder of all the sh1t that comes out. Large breeds must produce pounds of sh1t per day.

    So I ask what is the point of private ownership of a dog as a pet as opposed to a guard dog or other specific task like drug sniffing at airports.


    1. Gaddis,

      Many Americans look at and treat their dog as they would a human child. Allowed in every room of the house, on the furniture, at the dinner table during meals being fed food from the table. Taken with their owner every time they go somewhere. Always expecting people to approach it with the intention of petting it and telling it “good boy”.

      A guard dog on the other hand is not coddled or treated like a human child, instead of expecting to be petted, it is suspicious of people and has no desire to be petted or allow a stranger into its territory. It is left outside to guard the property full-time, and is not taken for joy-rides in a vehicle when it is supposed to be guarding its property 24/7. It has a job to do, it is not a human child.


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