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Truth About The Work Situation In Dickinson, North Dakota

In the past two weeks, I have written three blog posts about three different couples that I have seen moving out of the low rent older apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota.  Each of these three couples had moved to Dickinson about six months ago, and now they are leaving Dickinson.

Every day there are radio advertisements from local companies in Dickinson about how they offer competitive wages, paid family health insurance, and $3,000 to $6,000 sign-on bonuses.  About once each week, there is a representative from North Dakota Job Services talking about hundreds of job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson.  Yet when I log on to the North Dakota Job Services website and I search for jobs in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, there are fewer than forty current job openings in each of these towns, and one third of them are for medical professionals.

What is really going on?  To explain, I want to write about an experience that I had yesterday on Saturday November 10, 2018, in Dickinson:

I went to a gas station in Dickinson that I normally do not go to.  Working at the cash register, was a man that I had worked with in Dickinson seven years ago, back in 2011.  He is about 6′-3″, 300 lb, able-bodied, fairly intelligent, and he is from Dickinson.

In 2011, this man was the operations manager for the small oil field service company where I worked.  He was in charge of the crew trucks, equipment trailers, skid steers, backhoe, scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, lull, generators, compressors, compactors, and other tools.  He operated equipment in the company yard, and at the job sites where we worked.

This company where we worked constructed pump jack concrete foundation pads at oil field locations, salt waters disposal facilities, steel warehouse buildings, and performed work at several different refineries.  The operations manager ordered material for the work that was performed, and he sometimes supervised the work that was performed.

The operations manager did a pretty good job over all.  He worked at this small oil field service company for several years, before going to work for a supplier of oil field tools and equipment for several years.

Why is this big, strong, able-bodied, fairly intelligent, competent, local person, with ten years of experience working in the oil field, working as a cashier at gas station in Dickinson, if there are supposed to be hundreds of job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson?

In my recent blog posts titled “The Truth About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”, “Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”, and “Even More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”,  I have tried to explain that business people, property owners, property managers, and oil field companies are trying to “keep things going” by spreading false information.  They want to keep people moving to Dickinson to do business, so that the value of their properties remain high, to rent or lease properties, and to have a large pool of skilled labor in order to keep wages low.


Even More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today, Saturday November 10, 2018, I am yet again watching a couple move out of the low rent older apartment building in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota where I live.  No, this is not an across town move, because they have a pickup truck and a U-haul trailer, and they are very carefully trying to fit absolutely everything they own into this truck and trailer, because they are leaving Dickinson.

In the past thirty days, I have written two previous blog posts about two other couples who were moving out of the older apartment building where I live in Dickinson.  Both the first couple, and the second couple, the husband was truck driver.  Both of these two couples moved to Dickinson about six months ago.

On the radio in Dickinson, North Dakota for the past several months, there have been advertisements from local trucking companies about how they need truck drivers, they offer competitive wages, paid family health insurance, and a $3,000 to $6,000 sign-on bonus.

Why is it that truck drivers come to Dickinson for work, then they leave about six months later?  No, they didn’t make so much money that they are leaving.  I talked to them, I saw how they were living, I saw that they had very little, I sometimes saw and heard these couples arguments that continued through the parking lot and into the building, the kind of arguments that people have when money is scarce.

Also on the radio in Dickinson during the past sixty days, I have heard representatives from North Dakota Job Service talk about the great need for workers in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, about several hundred job vacancies in Williston.  Yet when I log onto the North Dakota Job Services website, and search for job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, I see that there are less than forty current job openings in Williston, and less than thirty current job openings in Watford City and Dickinson.  One third of these job openings are for Registered Nurses, Travel Nurses, and Medical Doctors, more job openings in the medical professions than there are in the oil field.

What is going on?  I know exactly what is going on, and what is happening.  Business owners, property owners, property managers, and oil companies want to “keep things going”.  The business owners want customers, the property owners want their property to continue to be worth money, the property managers want tenants, and the oil companies want to have a large pool of skilled trades people so that they can keep wages low, have the threat of easily replacing workers, and being able to replace skilled trades people like they were shop rags when they get worn out.

In my previous blog post, I found a short way to put it, if you are not from this area, you are treated like a migrant worker.  No matter if you have a college degree, management experience, or a great deal of work experience, if you are not from this area you are treated like a migrant worker.

What does this mean, being treated like a “migrant worker”?  It means that you will be followed more, stopped more, and treated with more scrutiny by the local city Police.  You are a good candidate for a DUI, a good source of revenue for the city when you pay your court fines, and how the local attorneys stay in business with the $3,000 retainer fee you will pay.

If you are not from this area, you will be treated like a migrant worker in many businesses, establishments, city, county, state, and federal offices in Dickinson.  At work, you will be disliked, mistrusted, mistreated, and undermined by your local co-workers, local administrators, local managers, and local company owners.

The truth is, that there are some job openings in Dickinson, and the wage rates are still above average, because no one wants to live or work in Dickinson.  The local people are unfriendly and hostile, the real estate prices are way too high, there is not a lot to do, there are very few places to go, and the local employers and the local co-workers treat out of state workers like shit.

More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota

About ten days ago, I wrote a blog post article about a poor truck driver and his wife moving out of the low rent downtown apartment building where I live in Dickinson, to return to the state where they came from.  When they moved in six months ago, back in May of 2018, they arrived with a thirty year old beat up car that they had borrowed from someone.  The only progress they made financially during the past six months was being able to buy a twenty-five year old beat up pickup truck for about $2,000.

During the more than one hour drive that I have to and from work, and while I am at work, each day I hear on FM radio stations advertisements for truck drivers wanted in Dickinson, North Dakota, where the companies are offering sign-on bonuses of $3,000 to $6,000, and family health insurance plans.

How can it be, that even though this truck driver neighbor of mine worked long hours and I hardly ever saw him, how could this be that he and his wife were so poor?  How could this be that when he lost his truck driving job in October, he was unable to get another truck driving job and had to return to the state where he came from?

This same exact thing that I saw happening ten days ago, where this truck driver and his wife who arrived here six months ago were moving out of the apartment building where I live in Dickinson, happened again two days ago.  Another couple who arrived here six months ago, where the husband drives truck, they are moving to Bismarck.

I ask the readers to please stop and think about this, every day I hear on FM radio around Dickinson, advertisements from several different trucking companies about their immediate need for experienced truck drivers, where they offer competitive wages, anywhere from a $3,000 to $6,000 sign on bonus, and family health insurance plans.  Why do poor truck drivers from out of state move here with their wives and belongings into the least expensive apartment they can find, to take a truck driving job in Dickinson, never appear to get ahead, and then leave Dickinson after six months?

These truck drivers leave Dickinson because they were lied to, and were misled.  All out of state workers who arrive in Dickinson are treated like shit, both at work, and outside of work.  If you are not from Dickinson, you are treated like a migrant worker.  You will not receive fair treatment, or good treatment, the whole time you are here.

The companies in Dickinson, the Chamber of Commerce, and North Dakota job service will continue to put people on the radio talking about the great need for workers, the shortage of workers, and that companies are desperate for workers.  Yes, they do need workers, because they treat everyone like shit, and they leave.  This is why people will not come back to Dickinson to work.

The Tragedy Of Dave’s Auto Repair In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am a big believer in taking Fords to the Ford Dealer, Dodges to the Dodge Dealer, and Toyotas to the Toyota Dealer.  The mechanics in each of these dealerships have worked on hundreds of F150s, Ram 1500s, and Toyota trucks.  These mechanics have done the repair that you need on your particular model vehicle, dozens of times.  They know the easy way to do it, without damaging anything else, and the additional parts that can’t help being damaged that will have to be replaced too.

I also like the fact that service departments which are part of a car dealership have so much assets, that if a repair is ever done incorrectly which requires it to be redone or results in damage to your vehicle, they can afford to redo the repair or compensate you for the damage done to your vehicle.  They practically have to handle an incorrect repair in the most customer friendly way in order to maintain a good overall reputation.

I estimate that in the past six years in Dickinson, North Dakota, I have spent $2,000 at the Ford Dealer, $1,500 at the Dodge Dealer, and $1,200 at the Toyota Dealer getting vehicle repairs done.  The work was done well or just O.K., but it was expensive.

My Ford F150 for instance, the heater core had a hole in it, and the entire dashboard needed to be removed in order to replace the heater core.  A repair garage in Idaho, and the Ford Dealer in Dickinson both read to me the man-hour estimate for removing and reinstalling the entire dashboard, and it was something like eight hours.  Because of the large number of hours, and the high hourly shop rate at the Ford Dealer in Dickinson, this repair cost me about $1,200.

My Dodge 1500 for instance, the headlight switch quit working.  The Dodge Dealer mechanic said that he had done this light switch repair many times, and that it wasn’t just a matter of replacing this switch, the wiring harness plug for this switch was notorious for melting, and he was able to show me on my truck that this wiring harness plug had in fact melted.  In order to splice on a new wiring plug onto the wiring harness, it required the dashboard to be removed and reinstalled, and this repair cost me $500 due to the amount of man-hours and the high hourly shop rate at the Dodge Dealer in Dickinson.

At the Toyota Dealer Service Department in Dickinson, not only did I look at their nice looking women employees in their service department, and their nice looking customer women who were waiting for their vehicles to be repaired or serviced, I wrote about it.  I may not be very welcome in the Toyota Dealership Service Department in Dickinson, so for this reason, and for the reason of the car dealership service departments being so expensive, I needed to find a good, less expensive, independent mechanic in Dickinson.

In the past several years in Dickinson, a few local people had recommended Dave’s Auto Repair to me.  This repair garage is located behind Runnings, in the same building as the car wash, which has the large sign that reads “Four Seasons Auto”.  I had stopped at this garage once before when they had a Lexus for sale.  It was an inexpensive Lexus, but the paint on the hood, roof, and trunk had its clear coat worn away, and the paint was beginning to oxidize, and at the time I needed a nicer looking vehicle with no oxidized paint.

About a year ago, the engine oil pressure gauge quit working most of the time on my Dodge 1500 truck.  This didn’t bother me too much, because there was still a low oil pressure warning light that was separate from the oil pressure gauge.  Three months ago, 35 miles into my drive on the way to work, the low oil pressure warning light came on in my Dodge 1500 truck.  I pulled off the side of the road, added one quart of engine oil, started the truck, and the low oil pressure warning light did not come back on for the rest of the drive to work.

In the following days, the low oil pressure warning light on my Dodge 1500 truck came on, and stayed on.  Me, and two of my co-workers doubted that there was no oil pressure in this truck, my two co-workers said that it was most likely a bad oil pressure sensor sending unit.  One of my co-workers who I had worked with for almost a year, who was very practical, level headed, and cheap, recommended Dave’s Auto Repair in Dickinson very highly.  He said that he had been taking all of his vehicles, even his new vehicles to Dave’s Auto Repair for the past fifteen years.

My co-worker explained to me that Dave, the owner, did the work, along with his two sons.  He said that Dave was very honest, and very reasonable on the cost of car repairs.  In a few days I went and met Dave to make an appointment to have my Dodge 1500 engine oil pressure tested, and then replace the oil pressure sensor sending unit if it was faulty.

When the work was done on my Dodge 1500 truck in approximately August of 2018, Dave’s son did the repair, and I talked to him a little bit when I came to pick up my truck and pay for the repair which cost about $150.  I had met Dave’s son a couple of years ago when I went there to see about the Lexus which they had for sale.  This repair to my Dodge truck was fine, it didn’t cost that much, and I liked Dave and his son.  I planned on getting a lot more work done at Dave’s Auto Repair, especially getting the front drive shaft CV joints and seals replaced on this Dodge 1500 truck.

In September, I believe it was, I was getting my hair cut in a barber shop, when a young man came in and said to the barber that he had to get his van off of the garage property by the end of the day, because they were having an auction at the garage the following day.  The barber asked this young man if he was buying his father’s tools, and this young man said something like he would have bought them prior to the auction or he didn’t want to bid on them at the auction, because he wanted the auction to bring as much money as possible.

I thought about what this young man and the barber were talking about, it seemed like this young man’s family’s repair garage or service company was unexpectedly going out of business, which was very sad, because this young man was employed at this business.  He might have expected to own and operate this business one day, or be employed there for the rest of his life, but that wasn’t going to happen now.

After he left, I asked the barber what was going on, and he said that Dave’s Auto Repair was closing, and that they were auctioning off all of their tools and equipment.  I misunderstood what the barber said, because I thought that there was no way that the repair garage that I had just gone to was going out of business.  I said, you are not talking about Dave’s Auto Repair behind Runnings, at the car wash?  And the barber replied, that yes he was.

I couldn’t believe this, what were Dave and his two sons going to do now?  Hadn’t he been in business at that location for something like twenty years?  I telephoned my co-worker who had recommended this garage, who had been taking all of his vehicles there for fifteen years.  My co-worker said that he and a bunch of people that he knew asked Dave what was going on.  My co-worker heard from his friends, that the owner of the building where Dave had his garage, had told Dave that he was going to triple his rent.  Dave supposedly said to the owner of this building, that there was no way that he could make enough money to stay in business if he tripled his rent, so that he would have to close his business.

I was very sorry to hear this, and my co-worker said that he and his friends were all going to go over to the owner of this building where he lived and drag him out of his house, but Dave would not tell them where he lived.  This is very, very typical and well known in Dickinson, that the greed of the property owners is so great, that they expect successful business owners to hand over most of their money to them, so that as business owners they would be left with about $10 per hour to pay themselves.

Now Dickinson no longer has one of the most honest and reasonable independent repair garages in town.  Dave no longer has the satisfaction and freedom of being self employed, running his own business, and providing a good place to work for his two sons.  His two sons no longer have the pride, security, and future of working in a successful family run business.  All because of the evil greed of the property owners in Dickinson.

I Wanted To Name My Cat After Dan Porter

On Monday, October 22, I pulled a six week old Siamese kitten out of the engine of a new Ford F350 pickup truck at the job site where I was working.  The driver of this truck did not want this kitten, and she said that she lived next door to a bar where there were a lot of stray kittens.

At the time, I was sure that this kitten was going to scratch and bite me, struggle and get away from me, so I put it on the front seat of my Jeep Cherokee and I shut the door.  I didn’t want it to get loose on the job site, because it was dangerous, it would get run over, and there were several packs of coyotes that lived close to this job site, they came through every night and they would eat this six week old kitten.

I realized that this kitten hadn’t tried to scratch or bite me, or tried to get away.  It sat calmly in the driver’s seat where I put it, and later it went and sat on the center console.  When I got off work and was driving back to Dickinson where I live, about half way through this more than one hour drive, this kitten climbed up the sleeve of my sweatshirt and it sat on my shoulder, looking out the window for the rest of the drive home.

I had to stop at the Family Dollar store to buy cat litter, a litter box, cat food, and cat food bowls.  I had gotten a cardboard box out of the dumpster at the job site before I left, and I carried this kitten up to my apartment in this cardboard box.  I put this kitten in the bathroom with the litter box, some water, and some cat food.  When I checked on it an hour later, it had eaten its food, drank some water, and it had pooped in the litter box.

I left the bathroom door open, and the kitten walked out to the living room and it did a little bit of exploring. Then it climbed up the lazy boy chair where I was sitting, and onto my shoulder where it sat for a while purring, then it climbed to the top of the back of the chair and went to sleep.

Early in the morning, about an hour before I had to wake up to go to work, the kitten came into the bedroom where I was sleeping, and it lay on top of my head on the pillows behind my head.  In order to turn over, I had to give up my pillows to the cat.

When I was driving to work that morning, and when I was at work that day, I was thinking that I wanted to keep this kitten, that it would be good company.  It seemed to be a particularly good and well behaved cat.  It didn’t try to scratch or bite me, get away from me, panic and go crazy in the car, or run around my apartment getting into everything.  And it was a big relief that it didn’t hesitate to go use the litter box several times, rather than pee or poop on the floor.

I was thinking about what to name this cat, it appeared to be a male.  I didn’t want to stick it with some stupid name, that would adversely affect its personality and the way people treated it.  I thought about what qualities and characteristics this cat had, and a fitting name based on these things.  After several hours, I decided to name it after Dan Porter.

Dan Porter, for those of you who don’t know, owns a Toyota/Honda car dealership in Dickinson, North Dakota, and he has financially supported many community projects and charity events.

So I decided to name this cat Dan Porter, but in order to not confuse this cat by using two names, I would have to say it as one word, Danporter.  For example, “Danporter leave that electrical cord alone!”

Now, when I took this cat to the veterinarian to get shots, I would tell them that the name of this cat was Dan Porter, and that he was a Methodist.  That way, he would get more respect and better medical treatment, because they would think that he was somehow related to Dan Porter, and I wouldn’t tell them anything different.


But once I got home from work on Tuesday, this cat acted very, very bad climbing up my back many times while I was eating, and later scratching and biting me when I was already mad at it and trying to sleep.  So I don’t know what I am going to name this cat now, because this doesn’t act like Dan Porter.


Why I Like Young Women

I don’t remember ever seeing where it was explained in detail why men like young women.  In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are histories of people like King David continuing to take additional wives after his first wife, when new young women caught his attention.

In Greek history, Roman history, histories of the Middle Ages, histories of the Renaissance, and in modern times, there are stories of men taking younger women as their second, third, or fourth wife, as concubines, or as mistresses.  Men’s interest in and desire for young women has occurred throughout history, and perhaps there has not been a thorough explanation of this in the past, because there didn’t need to be, because it was self evident.

Now that our modern society in the United States is becoming undone and dysfunctional, I think that there needs to be some logical explanation of human behavior and life, in order to put an end to the nonsense, stupidity, and dysfunction.

In short, and I am not going to go into it in detail, at this time in the United States, what for thousands of years of human history was treated as deviant behavior, is now trying to be normalized, and what used to be completely normal behavior for thousands of years is now being made criminal.  For instance:

  • Homosexuality is now supposed to be normal and accepted, whereas in the past it was considered abnormal or deviant behavior.
  • Transgenderism, used to be called “cross-dressing”, and was considered deviant behavior, but now this is supposed to be accepted.
  • Men pursuing women in the past throughout history was considered noble, romantic, and completely normal, however now this is being criminalized as “harassment”, “sexual harassment”, or “stalking”.

One of the things in society in the United States that has changed greatly or drastically in the past one hundred years, is that women gained the right to vote, women gained equal or greater access to higher education, it became completely acceptable for women to work outside the home, women gained almost equal access to all occupations and professions, and women gained almost completely equal opportunity in the military.

In the process of women gaining equal rights, equal access, and equal opportunity there has been some error, and some things not accounted for.  For instance, women demanding equal access to all-male military academies, military duty, police duty, and firefighter duty without being able to pass or keep up with the physical requirements.

A more difficult error to explain, is the fact that women demand that opportunity or access should be blind to sex in regard to work, occupations, military duty, hiring, admittance, and promotion, but then, at the same time, women try to use their sex and sexuality as an advantage, a tool, leverage, or excuse for standards or requirements being lowered.  And, lately, women have been using “harassment”, “sexual harassment”, and “sexual assault” allegations as threats, blackmail, coercion, extortion, leverage, retaliation, and revenge.

One of the reasons for this error and things not accounted for, and also the current dysfunction in modern society in the United States, is the lack of sound logic, reasoning, understanding, and thinking things through to their logical conclusion.  But in this particular blog post, I am just trying to clearly explain why men like young women.  In doing so, I hope that women will see and understand some things about themselves that no one has dared to point out lately.

Some young women, are healthy, because growing up under the supervision of their mother and father, they have not been allowed to over eat, eat unhealthy food, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use illegal drugs, and stay up late at night drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using illegal drugs.  They are healthy because they have been required to walk places, ride their bicycle places, participate in recreation, participate in sports, and do household chores.

Some young women who are healthy because of growing up under the supervision of their mother and father, are not rebellious, impolite, defiant, disrespectful, treacherous, scheming, dishonest, immodest, crude, vulgar, promiscuous, or trashy because this was not permitted or allowed by their parents.  Nor were they permitted to get tattoos, piercings, or hang around with people who were a bad influence.

Given what I have just described in the two paragraphs above, who wouldn’t like a young lady who was not overweight, in good health, in good physical shape from exercise, who was polite, respectful, honest, courteous, modest, cooperative, who didn’t object to participating in activities, outings, or doing chores?

Now think about this concerning the attractiveness of young women, what if you began to take away good physical health, good physical condition, politeness, respectfulness, honesty, modesty, cooperation, and began to replace these things with a woman who smokes cigarettes, drinks coffee, drinks alcohol, gets tattoos, is argumentative, treacherous, and contentious?

I am attaching a Saturday Night Live video of a comedy skit titled, “Meet Your Second Wife”.  This skit is funny, and it was meant to be a biting satire on men taking much younger second wives.  The actors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler believe that they are pointing out some absurdity in society, but as smart as these two women are, they don’t even know why men like younger women.

Something else that we all need to understand, which lately in the United States none of us do, very few of us think things out to their logical conclusion:  Yes, it may be fun, funny, entertaining, or attention getting when women drink alcohol, get high on drugs, get tattoos, use bad language, are crude and vulgar, dress immodestly, are promiscuous, are argumentative, and contentious, but would you want to live day to day with someone like this, stop and think about this.

Mormon Missionary Women Caused Me To Replace My Toilet Seat

I moved into an older apartment building in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota about 1-1/2 years ago.  It wasn’t until a couple of years after the North Dakota oil boom ended in 2015 that real estate prices and rental prices began to fall to where I could afford to rent an apartment in Dickinson.

The older apartments, in the older downtown neighborhoods were less sought after than the newly constructed modern apartments on the outskirts of the City of Dickinson.  I was trying to find absolutely the least expensive apartment, because I am just here in Dickinson to work, I have a home back in Idaho with most of my belongings.  I found a studio apartment for $350 per month which was fine with me, and I said that I would take it, until the landlord showed me a two-bedroom apartment for not much more money.

I guessed that the landlord didn’t want me to get sick of living in the studio apartment, and try to find some place else to live, or shoot myself in the head.  He was right in a way, it would have been kind of embarrassing and depressing at times, when the reality set in that I was living in a studio apartment in Dickinson, North Dakota, and wondering why I was even alive.

I moved into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, which I liked very much.  It was a pretty large apartment, but it did not have a fancy kitchen or bathroom, which was O.K. with me.  Not long after I moved in, the toilet seat broke in half, because it was old and made out of pressed wood particles.  I found out very quickly, that sitting on this toilet seat after it had broken in half, that it would pinch the back side of my upper legs so bad, that it would almost cause you to go to the emergency room to get stitches.

I happened to have a small amount of white duct tape in my belongings, which I thought would be a good temporary fix for this toilet seat.  I didn’t have a lot of white duct tape left, so I didn’t fix this toilet seat very well, and it was still dangerous.  I bought a new toilet seat about two weeks later, but it sat in the hallway outside the bathroom for about a year, because I didn’t feel like changing it.

Meanwhile, the Mormon missionaries seemed to target the building that I lived in, for spreading the gospel according to Joseph Smith.  For one thing, they had accomplished a successful conversion of a strange couple of Hispanic men who lived across the hallway from me.  I say that these Hispanic men were strange, because they were both very feminine acting, and they lived together.

As these two Hispanic men were being converted and brought into the Mormon Church, it appeared that part of the process was to get them to leave this building, because it was a bad, unwholesome environment.  At the time, there was a lot of illegal drug use and drug dealing in the building where I lived, and I didn’t blame the Mormon Church for wanting to get these two young men out of this building, because it was dangerous, a bad environment, and a bad influence.

When these two Hispanic men were ready to leave, they were talking about wanting to get out because of the illegal drug use, and drug dealing in this apartment building.  There was even a drug dealer who lived right across the hallway from them.  Wait a minute, I live directly across the hallway from them, were they talking about me?

Out on the street outside of the building where I live, I had spoken to different sets of Mormon missionaries who patrolled the downtown neighborhood.  I told them that I lived near Idaho Falls Idaho which is about 70% Mormon.  This area of Idaho is very important to the Mormon Church because of the high number overall of Mormons, the high percentage of Mormons, the huge Mormon Temple there, and BYU Idaho being not far from there.

If Salt Lake City is like the Washington D.C. of the LDS Church, the Idaho Falls area is like the Atlanta or New York City of the LDS Church.  When Mormon Missionaries get sent on their mission to Idaho Falls, it is kind of a joke inside of the LDS Church, because it is already the highest percentage Mormon of any place in the United States.

In that area of eastern Idaho, I had met and talked to many Mormon business owners, citizens, and missionaries.  I discussed religion with the Mormons, especially the missionaries, and I even went to several church services in the LDS Church.  What was the end for me, where I could not go any further, was when at a church  service, one of the Mormon men read a passage, “Just as God evolved, we too can evolve to become like God, and be gods of our own planet one day.”  I asked, and no they weren’t kidding.

Because I quit going to the Mormon Church, and I explained to them that I could not go along with the belief that we could evolve to become like God, and become gods of our own planet one day, I became not a favored person in eastern Idaho.  And because I had two Mercedes, two Porsches, a Jaguar, a Jeep, a lifted black Dodge Truck, and a hot young Hispanic girlfriend who was a drug addict, I guess that made me a drug dealer as far as the Mormon Church was concerned.

Now, in addition to the Mormon missionaries having had some success in talking to and converting people who live in the building where I live, they seemed to want to talk to me too.  I don’t mind talking to them, I just have not had time to talk to them.  In the past several months, there have been groups of two or three young Mormon missionary women who have asked me if I wanted to talk to them while I was out on the street, but I have just not had the time.

I would like to talk to the young Mormon missionary women for several reasons:  One, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and the women who are here are fat, overweight, glaring, scowling, mean, and nasty;  Two, Mormon missionary women are pleasant, presentable, courteous, and soft spoken;  Three, I like the guts, determination, and fearlessness of the young Mormon missionary women;  Four, I want to hear where they are from, and what their plans are in life.

About one month ago, I had my apartment window open in the afternoon while I was laying in bed trying to take a nap, when I heard the pleasant voices of young women in the parking lot.  These were not the voices that I normally hear, of the foul-mouthed, uncouth, trashy, low class drug addict women who live in the building, these were the voices of unruined women.

I got up out of bed and I looked out the window, I said to myself, “Shit, it’s the Mormon women, I hope they aren’t coming in the building, I hope that they aren’t coming up here.”  I wasn’t going to let them in my apartment.  I was in my underwear, and my apartment wasn’t clean, it was a mess.  God forbid they would get in my apartment, and one of them would ask to use the bathroom, and that broken toilet seat would wreak havoc on their ass.  They are not old, tough, and muscular like me, on their soft behinds, that toilet seat would be like a bear trap.

A few weeks later, the young Mormon missionary women came knocking on my apartment door, and I wouldn’t let them in, because I wasn’t prepared for visitors, and I was scared of one of them getting hurt on my toilet seat.  What would have been just as bad, was one of the young Mormon women talking to me and suddenly realizing that she needed to use the bathroom, and me telling her that she couldn’t use it.

Finally, I went ahead and changed the toilet seat, just for the sake of the young Mormon missionary women not getting their bottom severely pinched, which in their mind would be like a sin or carry some kind of extra shame.