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Some Advanced Teachings Of Dolores Cannon

I tried my very best to give people a careful introduction to Dolores Cannon in my previous two blog post articles, in hopes that her teachings would make sense and take root.

In reviewing what I covered so far, and considering what I am still trying to figure out myself, I stepped back a little to make some observations. I estimate that only 1 out of 100 adults in the United States know who Dolores Cannon is. This means that 10 out of 1,000 adults know who she is. Of these 10 people, how many believe what she teaches? Maybe 1. That’s 1 out of 1,000 people believing in what Dolores Cannon teaches.

In the state of North Dakota, where I live, there are fewer than 800,000 people in the entire state. Which means that there are probably only about 800 people in North Dakota who believe in what Dolores Cannon teaches.

From the comments to Dolores Cannon’s videos on her YouTube channel “The Metaphysical Hour”, and the people who attempt to discuss Dolores Cannon’s teachings elsewhere, it appears to me that 60% of her followers are women over 30 years of age who have experienced trauma in their lives, and have gone to great lengths to try to find some kind of alternate explanation for life, the World, the Universe, existence.

Unfortunately, sadly, most of these over-30 women with past trauma in their lives, are bitter, jaded, wounded, battered, inwardly-hateful, inwardly-angry people with very little patience, and a dislike for most people. These women may understand and believe Dolores Cannon’s teachings, but they are almost the exact opposite of Dolores Cannon, who was a gentle, cordial, caring, patient teacher.

So, considering that there are probably only 800 people in the entire state of North Dakota who believe in Dolores Cannon’s teachings, and about 60% of these believers tend to be hateful women, who is it that I think I am talking to? I don’t know. But it’s slightly amusing to me that I have found out the answers to just about everything, and no one else seems to care or have an interest.

From what I have read, and heard Dolores Cannon say, I believe that she personally hypnotically regressed at least several thousand people. I believe that she asked at least several hundred of these people to describe in as much detail as possible, their “Time-Between-Lives”. This Time-Between-Lives takes place in a different dimension, plane, or realm where Souls recuperate and undergo “Past-Life-Reviews” and “Future-Life-Planning” with their “Spirit-Guides”.

The people explaining their Time-Between-Lives and Future-Life-Planning, say that they are given the opportunity to incarnate at any time in the past or future on Earth according to what lessons they still need to learn and experiences they have not had yet. The implications of this, that a Soul could incarnate on Earth prior to the U.S. Revolutionary War, U.S. Civil War, World War I, World War II, is it possible that they might in fact alter events enough to change history? Yes, this is possible, especially because there are tens of thousands of Souls going back to various times in history on Earth, altering events, changing history.

As I wrote briefly in my previous blog post article, when a person on Earth makes a life-changing decision that they put a great deal of thought into, whether to get married, go to college, or join the military, one of themselves gets married and one doesn’t, one of themselves goes to college and one doesn’t, one of themselves joins the military and one doesn’t. One person could end up causing dozens of new “Time-Lines” on Earth.

(My understanding of this, is that an individual on Earth splits into two different Time-Lines when important decisions are made, because it allows the Soul to experience both choices.)

So to be clear, when Souls go through their Future-Life-Planning session, they can choose to go back to any point in history on Earth, which could, and probably will create a whole new Time-Line because of the impact of their actions on history. Since there are tens of thousands of Souls continuously incarnating at various points in history, there are tens of thousands of new Time-Lines being created. And, even a person already living on Earth, when they make a life-changing decision, they can split off into two new Time-Lines as well.

After the reader has spent some time thinking about the possibility of all these new Time-Lines, the reader might ask the question, who fills all of these positions of all these new people on Earth every time someone makes a life-changing decision and creates a new Time-Line? The answer is, many people on Earth are what Dolores Cannon called “back-drop-people”, they aren’t real.

When I first heard Dolores Cannon speak about the “back-drop-people” and the “back-fill-people”, I didn’t like this concept. I thought that this was a very dangerous thing to teach people. What a horrible thing, to give people the idea that other people aren’t real, don’t count, don’t matter. This is just going to give some people more justification to mistreat others.

If the reader thinks even further about Souls going back to various points in history and creating new Time-Lines and individuals already living on Earth making decisions and creating new Time-Lines, does the entire Earth get created all over again each time? No, the entire Earth does not get created all over again every time a Soul or a person’s decision creates a new Time-Line.

If I decide to get married, and one of me remains single in one Time-Line, and one of me is married in another Time-Line, do the continents of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica get created all over again too just because I created a new Time-Line with my decision? No, it would not be necessary to create the whole entire World and all of the people in it all over again.

When Dolores Cannon taught about this, she explained that in our own particular Time-Line, just enough of our surroundings are created, and just enough back-drop-people are created to populate our surroundings. She elaborated that buildings such as libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and other places are not even created in our particular Time-Line until we make the decision to go there.

So is this life a simulation? Yes, this is one way to explain this life, although it is real to us. Regarding the back-drop-people or back-fill-people that appear in the background when we go to a sporting event at a stadium or a busy airport, there is no reason for all of these people to be real or have a Soul, just because we go somewhere in our life simulation, if their role is just temporary. However, once we begin to interact more significantly with someone new that we meet in our lifetime, they are very likely going to be a real person with a Soul.

Regardless of what Dolores Cannon teaches, there is some evidence that life may be a simulation. From what I gather, roughly 1 in 5,000 people experience a “glitch in the matrix”. These stories have existed and been written about for at least the past several hundred years. Here are a few common examples:

A husband and wife are travelling away from home on an interstate or highway.  Mid-way through their drive, they stop to get fuel and eat at a restaurant.  Though sometimes the restaurant and people may seem unusual in their accent, manner of speaking, clothing that they wear, the only thing that may be memorable was that the prices were low or that the food was good.  On their return trip home, the husband and wife try to stop again at this same restaurant, but it is no longer there, and the gas station is no longer there.  They drive around the area searching, but when they find someone to ask where it is, it is explained to them that this restaurant and gas station have been closed for the past twenty years.

Though the above story may be familiar as a common “ghost story”, the reason why it is so common, is because this actually happens to roughly 1 in 5,000 people.  This has even happened and been documented by high-ranking military pilots who have landed at operating airports that have been closed for twenty years, or flying over battles that happened over a thousand years ago.

Other common “glitch in the matrix” stories are husbands & wives having a particular kind of fruit tree in their front yard for several years, then one day it’s not there.  They can both remember making pies from its fruit, and can find photographs of the tree in their front yard, but it’s gone now.  Another one, many people can remember former U.S. President Jimmy Carter dying in the 1990s, but have been very surprised when they heard later in the the 2000s or 2010s that he was not dead.  Many similar events that thousands of people remember seeing, but now appear very different.

Although the visiting of shops and restaurants that haven’t existed for many years is a more common story, or clearly remembering something happening but it isn’t that way anymore, or finding oneself witnessing long-ago places or events, other people have reported going outside of their home and everyone and everything is frozen in place, where time appears to have stopped.  These stories have been passed around as folklore, but if taken as real they offer some evidence of life being more like a simulation and different Time-Lines existing.  A Time-Line where a restaurant did not go out of business twenty years ago, a Time-Line where an airport did not close down twenty years ago, a Time-Line where Jimmy Carter died in the 1990s, or an error occurring in this Time-Line simulation.