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Elderly Dickinson Woman Cheated Out Of Rent For Over A Year

Yesterday I read a Dickinson Press newspaper article about an 83 year old woman in Dickinson who has not been paid rent from her tenants for the past thirteen months. She has taken these tenants to court twice over the past year, but they are not being evicted because of the “CDC Eviction Moratorium”.

To make matters worse, these non-rent-paying tenants who can’t be evicted, will not mow their lawn, so the City of Dickinson is fining the 83 year old woman $500. I am going to give the link to this Dickinson Press newspaper article, but I am going to cover some important things that the Dickinson Press did not know.

I believe that the Dickinson Press newspaper article states that this is not a situation where the tenants don’t have employment and are unable to pay their rent, it’s that they won’t pay their rent because they choose not to pay their rent. These tenants have not paid a total of $16,000 in rent that was due.

Some readers may think that all owners of rental properties are wealthy, greedy people who are taking advantage of others. I considered this, is this the case here? Since the end of the oil boom in western North Dakota in 2015, there has been an ever increasing surplus of houses for sale and houses for rent in this area. For the past several years, housing rent in this area has been the lowest that I have seen anywhere since the early 1990s.

Given that there has been an over-supply of rental houses with very low rents for the past several years in this area, the property owner of this rental house had no way to take advantage of these tenants. There were numerous rental houses and apartments with low rents that these tenants could have chosen initially, or at any time during this past year if they didn’t like the living situation that they were in.

So who are these people and what is going on? The Dickinson Press newspaper article refers to the property owner as a lady named “True White”, but does not ever mention the names of the tenants. I wanted to find out the names of the tenants by using the online North Dakota Court Repository to find a record of this court case. When I did a search using Last Name “White” and First Name “True” nothing came up.

I didn’t want to be giving out names of people, but in order for readers to perform their own court records search, the full name of the property owner is Carolyn True White. Readers need to learn how to type into their search browser “North Dakota Court Repository” click on the website, select the county, select “criminal court” or “civil court”, type in the litigant’s Last Name, First Name, and scroll through the results page. Here is the case number for this eviction court case 45-2021-CV-00485.

When I read the details of this eviction court case, including the names of the tenants, I used the names of these tenants to perform a Google search, and a North Dakota Court Repository search.

The tenant who appears to be the wife, an October 2016 Dickinson Press article was found where it states, “…., 35, of Dickinson, was arrested Oct. 7 for Class C felony theft of services after allegedly incurring a balance of about $2,107 at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott on the 200 block of 29th Street West in Dickinson.” In this Dickinson Press newspaper article, and later in the criminal court records that I looked at, this woman’s last name was spelled with one “m”, whereas in the civil court cases it is spelled using two “m”, if the reader does their own search.

Here is the court case number from the October 2016 Felony arrest for theft of services: 45-2016-CR-01146. According to this court record, because there is still restitution money that has not been paid, probation has been extended. However, the current non-payment of rent may not be “theft” because of the “CDC Rent Moratorium”.

If the reader looks at the other criminal court cases for the tenant who appears to be the wife, she had a Felony charge of Insufficient Funds check in the amount of about $2,500 back in 2012, and the tenant who appears to be the husband had a lesser charge of Insufficient Funds check back in 2012.

For these tenants who wrote more than $2,500 in Insufficient Funds checks back in 2012, were later charged with not paying the Marriot hotel $2,100 back in 2016, they really hit the jackpot prize this time with the $16,000 they haven’t paid their landlord and can’t be evicted from her property.

Lessons On Democracy From Afghanistan And It’s Not Joe Biden’s Fault

For readers who find this blog post article months or years from now, I am writing this in August of 2021. The last of the U.S. Military troops occupying Afghanistan returned to the U.S. during the end of July 2021. Following this withdrawal, within a few weeks the Taliban militias had entered and taken control of every city and town in Afghanistan, including the capitol Kabul.

At this time, U.S. citizens are currently expressing outrage that the U.S. Government and the U.S. Military have spent the past twenty years and billions of dollars creating a Democracy in Afghanistan with elected mayors, governors, and president, and training the Afghan Police and Military to be able to maintain control of their own country. Yet it only took the Taliban three weeks to completely take over the entire country, with the Afghan President, police, and military almost immediately giving up and fleeing.

If you stand back and look at this, every single thing about the Afghan people indicates that this would happen. If you consider the history, beliefs, religion, culture, education, values, morals, goals, opportunities, their way of living, attitudes, and outlook, freedom and Democracy is foreign to them, it is not that important or fundamental to them.

I will explain it like this, in Afghanistan, the people who participated in the Democratic government, police, and military that was established with the help of the United States, these people were being counted on to resist the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In the U.S., we would expect these people to be willing to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda. But in fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda, it was not just their own personal life at risk when fighting the take-over. The Taliban and Al Qaeda would find their family and kill their wife, children, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Kill them not just for retaliation because they were so-called “traitors” or “infidels”, but because of the psychological deterrent affect on police and military personnel, knowing that their entire family will be tortured and killed if they fought against the Taliban.

Democracy, freedom, rights, a constitution, elections, education are nice ideas that appealed to maybe up to 75% of the people in Afghanistan. However, in this recent battle that played out, the 15%-25% of Afghanis that were absolutely certain that they would shoot, kill, torture, burn, hang, and cut the heads off the other 75% of Afghanis, their certainty and their determination in their beliefs was apparently much greater than the vaguely held ideas of Democracy, freedom, rights, etcetera.

Do you see what I am saying? In Afghanistan, the belief in shooting, killing, torturing, burning, and beheading entire families that is held strongly by a brutal minority, outweighs the vaguely held weak beliefs of Democracy held by a passive non-committal majority.

Do I need to explain that this is not President Joe Biden’s fault? Whenever the draw-down of U.S. troops in Afghanistan reached a low enough level, no matter who the U.S. President was at the time, the Taliban and Al Qaeda would begin taking control of cities and towns.

What I learned from this, is how weak and fragile Democracy is. Free elections, fair elections, a government consisting of elected representatives, a constitution spelling out individual rights, a court system where a person is innocent until proven guilty, has the right to legal representation, right to due process of law, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, right to assemble, right to protest, all persons considered to be equal, these are all good ideas and principles to have in place. However, in this environment of freedom where people have an expectation of fairness from others, it is so easy for people to be coerced by just a small minority of organized people who are determined to be brutal and criminal.

Housewives Should Not Get Any Heavier Than This

A few days ago I was watching YouTube videos when I saw an attractive Latina that was modeling plus size clothing. This woman had a pretty face, beautiful long dark hair, and a very balanced figure, though she was more full-figured than most fashion models.

When I watched a few more videos of this particular model, she had an overall pleasing appearance to me, and I wouldn’t criticize anything about her appearance, except I don’t like the tattoo on her upper back very much. I looked closely to try to see what was different about her. But I should show you a video before I explain any further:

When I looked at this model closely, she has a very lovely neck and shoulders, above average sized breast, a strong upper back, fuller stomach and lower back, large hips, nice housewife-ass, and very shapely legs. She almost has a pit-bull type build, a huskier stronger build, but not really, she does have a fashion model build, only slightly heavier.

In my opinion, a housewife should not get any heavier than this. If this model were my wife, I would not be embarrassed. However, I would not want her to wear outfits such as the one at the 1:00 mark, 1:30 mark, 3:00 mark, because they make her look too much like a chica.

My most favorite outfits on her are at the 0:40 mark, 1:50 mark, 3:30 mark, 3:45 mark, 4:05 mark. If she were wearing these things, I would be happy to take her out to dinner, or proud of her if she showed up at work, or if I had to introduce her to people.

Going places with her would be difficult and trying for me at times, because she would attract so much attention from men and women. Men would be lusting after her, and women would be criticizing her and what she was wearing.

I like her, I think that she is pretty, but she is not my ideal type, and sometimes I don’t like what she wears or how she dresses. For me, it is probably better that I don’t think that she is perfect, and feel so completely possessive, fearful of losing her, insecure, and jealous. With Latinas, it is probably better to not value them too highly, not need them too much, because they don’t like that.

A Good Explanation Of The Voting Fraud In The 2020 Presidential Election

I get tired of trying to explain the voting fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential Election. A few of the simple indicators that Joe Biden did not in fact legitimately receive the amount of votes that he did, was that Joe Biden is not a well-liked person, he is not a popular politician, he was obviously struggling with physical and mental problems, yet he received more votes than Barak Obama, supposedly.

To me, some of the most important physical evidence, that is still in the category of easy to explain, is that in very key voting districts like Atlanta, the election center controlled by Democrats was shut down over false claims of a water leak, and security camera video shows election workers removing multiple large packing containers of ballots that were hidden under tables.

In early investigations and analysis of votes in another key area, Phoenix, it was discovered that there were far more registered voters in Arizona, than actual people living in Arizona who were eligible to vote.

I could go on with a few more examples of vote rigging off the top of my head, which in a discussion with people are so easy for them to just ignore what I am telling them, like it never happened. The only evidence that some people might accept as proven to be true, would be evidence that was submitted in court and determined to be valid. It’s criminal that just about every court in Democrat controlled areas like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan blocked any attempt to immediately adjudicate complaints of organized voting fraud. It’s treasonous that the Supreme Court refused to lift a finger to address one of the most blatant violations of the law and Constitution that has ever taken place.

I was reading a Facebook post yesterday by former North Dakota representative Luke Simons, where he shared a video that was supposed to be the introduction to Mike Lindell’s voting fraud presentation, that turned out to be a very thorough explanation of the evidence:

Explanation of the 2020 Presidential Election Voting Fraud

For people who are Conservative/Republican, this video should serve as a good reference resource and documentation for what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election. For Liberals/Democrats, I doubt that they can sit still, watch this, and pay attention because it would be too uncomfortable for them to face the lawlessness, corruption, and treason of their political affiliation and politicians they support.

Note: Please download this video if you can, because YouTube and Facebook will probably attempt to delete this soon and block everyone from seeing this. (Perform a Google search for “how to download a YouTube video” and you can find step-by-step instructions.)

It Seems Like It Has Been A While Since I Antagonized Women In North Dakota

It seems like it has been a while since I antagonized women in North Dakota, so I thought that I would share something that I would be better off keeping to myself. I have been watching TikTok compilation videos of young women trying to “act like ho’s” by dancing with no bras on, wearing crop tops, open blouses, and short shorts, revealing as much as they possibly can.

Some of these young women are so good at dancing and being a stripper, that it’s like they were born to do it, it’s genetic, hereditary, it’s their calling in life, like a duck taking to water. However in every TikTok compilation video that I watched, there were a few awkward young women that were not good at dancing and showing off their body. They tried, they wanted attention, they wanted to be liked, but they were not very good at being a stripper because they were uncomfortable and it didn’t come naturally to them.

Even though there were some very, very good dancers who were having fun, in the middle of these videos there were also some awkward young women that most people would or could feel sorry for, or embarrassed for, because they appeared to be desperate for attention and were going about getting it the wrong way. So even though I wanted to, I couldn’t share any of these “acting like a ho” videos because some of the young women in each video ruined it by turning something that was upbeat, energetic, impressive, fun, where women were showing off their talent, into something that was socially/morally questionable because some of the young women should not have been doing this.

Eventually I found one TikTok compilation video which was not exactly the same thing, but it kind of was in the same spirit, where all of the women were good at what they were doing and having fun with this:

All of these women were good at this and were having fun.

I had no problem watching the entire 12 minute video above, because every time that I nearly got bored and thought that I had seen enough, some woman would surprise me again with how she transformed herself. I hope that everyone notices, it was not just that these women threw shoes up in the air and suddenly had them on, they went from being almost dull to instantaneously very glamorous.

Women of all ages on the West Coast and East Coast of the U.S. won’t think that there is anything wrong with the video above, because in the towns and cities where they live women like to shop for clothes, buy shoes, buy jewelry, get dressed up, and go places, because it’s fun, women like attention. But in North Dakota, women will be outraged at the above video, because they don’t like this kind of thing, women getting dressed up, women looking like this. In North Dakota, women like to look menacing, standing there sneering, leering, scowling, and glaring.

Which woman in the video above is your favorite?

People In Western North Dakota Need To Finish Buying Their Food And Supplies Before September 2021

I had not intended to write this blog post article. The last time I gave this warning, in January and February of 2020, way before mask requirements, quarantines, and shortages of toilet paper and hand-sanitizer, nobody listened to me.

It is irritating and frustrating to give a warning like this, well in advance, to clearly and thoroughly explain the reasons why, give some independent sources of evidence, and people are too stupid and lazy to read, understand, and take the advice. I have already explained this personally to a few people that I know who took this advice. They and I have almost completed our shopping. We have already bought most of what we will need. Maybe this blog post article will help at least one more person.

I spend a great deal of time reading, watching, and looking at news stories from all over the World. I don’t necessarily believe or discount any particular news story, I either find or wait for other sources for confirmation. Sometimes an abundance of claims is more evidence of a lie than the truth, but other times a large volume of information paints a complete picture, which is the case regarding a shortage of consumer goods beginning in September 2021.

The shortage of consumer goods that I am going to try to explain, appears to be the result of a combination of three to four elements, one of which is probably a deliberate attempt to manipulate the economy to cause the majority of the U.S. population to face severe hardship not seen since the Great Depression. I don’t know if this manipulation of the economy is intended to embarrass the Biden Administration, bring about more Federal Government intervention and control, cause the majority of Americans to lose their assets to the very few wealthy elite, or create such World-wide chaos that it makes a new One World Government more feasible.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy that I am speaking of, to give a few examples, it could be the attempt to talk about or enforce “lock-downs”, travel restrictions, public event restrictions, public gathering restrictions, and quarantines which devastate sectors of the economy such as tourism, professional sports events, entertainment events, travel, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, theme parks, causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their employment, and worsen the economy overall.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy could be the price of fuel steadily rising without any real physical underlying cause, other than the “markets”. In North Dakota, President Biden cancelled the Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline and interfered with several other oil pipelines already in operation. This hasn’t affected the supply of oil yet, however this will affect the supply of oil in the future. This steadily rising price of fuel that is happening right now appears to be a kind of “revenge” in the “markets” against President Joe Biden and the people who voted for Joe Biden.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy could be the unemployment subsidies that were paid to people who lost their employment during the Covid-19 pandemic, but made it undesirable for these people to return to work when they were needed to begin work and production again. Or, it could have been the suspension/postponement of rent/mortgages for people during the Covid-19 pandemic which will not only result in hundreds of thousands of people being evicted and becoming homeless soon, the rent/mortgage forbearance and unemployment subsidies helped people to not come back to work when they were needed for production and distribution.

The other key elements which will cause there to be a great shortage of consumer goods beginning in September 2021, are resource supply problems, production problems, and distribution problems. Before I explain the supply, production, and distribution problems, I had probably better let the reader know why they should care, pay attention, or be concerned.

Here is The Reason To Be Concerned: Large chain store managers, and commercial truck drivers across the U.S. have reported that the central distribution warehouses are either completely empty or almost completely empty. The warehouse managers and chain store managers have been told that re-supply is not coming, they don’t know when it will come, but when it does, it will be in much smaller amounts. Many commercial truck drivers have reported that regularly scheduled pick ups have been cancelled, because there is nothing to pick up.

U.S. military officers have been told to buy their emergency supplies for their families now, do not wait. Large chain store managers and small store managers have begun telling their families and friends to buy everything they need now, do not wait, the distribution warehouses are empty, there will not be a normal re-supply of stores beginning in September 2021.

Due to flooding and drought in various areas of the World, and due to a shortage of workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a smaller harvest World-wide. Besides food crops and livestock harvest being smaller, the mining of all raw materials including minerals, coal, oil, wood, has been smaller.

With a smaller harvest of raw materials like farm crops, livestock, minerals, coal, oil, wood, there has been a decrease in the amount of finished industrial and consumer goods. But also, there is a Covid-19 related worker shortage going on in the production of finished industrial and consumer goods. The price of everything has gone up, food, lumber, tires, gasoline prices being more noticeable.

Besides the resource supply problem, production problems which are supply and Covid-19 related, there are distribution problems which are Covid-19 related. It has been pointed out, that during the last 20-30 years, the supply/distribution system in the U.S. has been a just-in-time method. Meaning, raw material supplies to manufacturers, finished products from manufacturers to warehouses, and shipping from warehouses to retail stores, involved transporting just enough material to meet demand for the next several days to one week time period.

With the just-in-time supply/distribution system in the U.S., with no large amount of excess material at a manufacturer, warehouse, or retail store, if something in that chain gets used up and there is no re-supply, there is an almost immediate shortage. What is believed to have taken place, is that due to a Covid-19 related worker shortage in the supply/distribution system, the quantities of materials in the system were dwindling steadily, and now it has come to a crisis because the large central distribution warehouses are empty.

To provide the reader with some supporting information, and perhaps an even better explanation, here are three good YouTube videos to watch, Please Read The Viewer Comments beneath each video:

Military Officers being told to buy their supplies now.
Store managers telling friends to buy their supplies now.
Explanation of World-wide food shortages.

From reading this blog post article, watching these YouTube videos, plus doing your own research, I hope that the readers will realize that food and supply shortages will happen beginning in September 2021.

For readers who are not familiar with what supplies they should stock up on, here is a partial list of recommendations:

Canned food like soups, chili, spaghetti & meatballs, beans, corn, carrots, peas, peaches, pears, pineapple, mixed vegetables, mixed fruit; Boxes of rice, pasta, ramen noodles; Powdered drink mixes like tea, lemonade, gator aide; Bottled individual water, larger gallon bottles, and bulk water that you keep in five gallon water jugs possibly with added bleach or iodine as a preservative; Canned or bottled fruit juice drinks. Extra pet food.

Hygiene & Cleaning supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, windex, dish soap, bath soap, laundry soap, hand-sanitizer, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution, ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, cortizone cream, skin lotion, shampoo, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bandages, your own personal medications.

Household supplies like batteries, light bulbs, flashlight, candles, matches, duct tape, hatchet, hammer, nails; Depending on your housing situation, one or more 5-gallon cans of gasoline possibly with Stabil added to preserve it longer.

One or more firearms with extra ammunition. If you are inexperienced with firearms, or you are a female who is reluctant to own a firearm, I would recommend a Ruger 10-22 rifle, which is probably the most common rifle sold in the U.S. Ruger 10-22 rifles are usually sold at any gun store or Walmart, they are inexpensive, very reliable, easy to use, make the least amount of noise, have the least amount of recoil, and ammunition is available and inexpensive.

North Dakota Still Gets The Rejects From Texas

For those of you who don’t know, western North Dakota experienced an oil boom from 2007-2015. Prior to the oil boom, small old one-bedroom apartments here rented for $300/month and the average hourly wage was about $10/hr. By 2011 the same small old one-bedroom apartment rented for $1,200/month and the average hourly wage was about $15/hr.

Partly because it was a rumor that sounded good, and partly because of greedy real estate agents, property owners, business owner, and politicians, the false statement was repeatedly announced on the radio, television, internet, newspapers, and magazines that everyone arriving in North Dakota was making $100K per year, with no education or experience.

People from all over the U.S. came to North Dakota looking for work because of the false $100K/year rumor. From what I saw, heard, read, and experienced working in North Dakota from 2011-2021, the people who came here from out-of-state to find work during the oil boom, 80% of them left within a year. Most of the out-of-state workers found that getting a job, keeping a job, and working at a job was nearly the same thing as where they came from. The hourly wage was 1-1/2 times what they had been making, there was much more overtime required, the working conditions were a little worse, but income taxes, cost of living, and quadrupled rent prices made the whole out-of-state migrant worker thing not worth it.

During the western North Dakota 2007-2015 oil boom, the majority of out-of-state license plates on vehicles in this area were Idaho plates, followed by Washington state. Tied for third most common out-of-state license plates were probably Utah and Oregon. Idaho had many unemployed or under-employed able-bodied young male workers experienced in operating farm equipment, driving tractor trucks, and working in all of the construction trades. Same thing in Utah as in Idaho. In Washington state, the economy was bad, and there were a bunch of no-good, drug-addict, ADHD dirt-bags who came from Seattle to North Dakota to get in the way, not show up for work, steal, and continue their drug use.

The fourth most common out-of-state license plate during the North Dakota 2007-2015 oil boom was probably Texas. Texas was experiencing its own almost identical oil boom during this time. One of the reasons why there were so many Texas license plates on trucks here in North Dakota was because the oil companies, service companies, and suppliers were moving personnel around through Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah, and North Dakota as needed.

What drove or caused the 2007-2015 U.S. oil boom was the price of oil being over $100/barrel. In 2015 when the price of oil fell below $60/barrel, and stayed there, that brought about the end of the U.S. oil boom. From 2015-2018, I estimate that about 30,000 workers left North Dakota. That might not seem like a lot, but the entire population of North Dakota is only about 750,000 people.

Since 2018, people living in western North Dakota have come to the realization that the oil boom is over, and there has been a slow, sometimes bumpy, sometimes reluctant return to normalcy. One of the “bumps”, has been idiot people, especially real estate agents, trying to sell houses that no one wants, no one needs, and no one has the money for, for twice the amount of money that they are worth, as if there is still an oil boom going on.

One of the other things that is holding up the return to calm, settling down, and normalcy, is the obnoxious reject people from Texas still coming up here. The grunge dirt-bag drug-addict ADHD people from Washington state have quit coming, the gypsies from Michigan have quit coming, and these two states are less than 1,000 miles away. Texas is 1,200 miles away, why do these people keep coming up here?

The answer is, the people who can’t get a job anywhere in Texas, can’t find anywhere to live in Texas, they figure that they will drive up here to North Dakota and nobody will notice that there is something wrong with them, that they are stupid, incompetent, and that they don’t know how to act right.

Whenever I go someplace in Dickinson, and I see someone doing something really stupid, abnormal, rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious, which makes me wonder what is wrong with them, I kind of hang back, watch them, see what vehicle they go to when they get ready to leave, and here we go, they just keep walking closer and closer to that vehicle with the Texas license plate, I knew it!, white trash from Texas!

In the past couple of weeks when I have been driving on rural two-lane Highway 22 outside of Dickinson, which has very light traffic compared to what it used to be, I try to not get over 70 mph because that seems to be the cut-off point that the North Dakota Highway Patrol will tolerate. I know from years and years of driving each section of Highway 22, where the Highway Patrol vehicles park on the side of the road, on the other side of hills, at turn-outs. Several times recently, someone has passed me going 80 mph, right where I know the Highway Patrol often hide, and as they pass me I see that Texas license plate.

Sunday afternoon I was driving south on rural two-lane Highway 85 coming into the very small town of Amidon. The speed limit drops down to 45 mph as you approach Amidon, and then the speed limit is 25 mph for 1/2 mile through the town of Amidon. When I slowed down to 45 mph, the silver Honda Accord behind me quickly pulled into the oncoming traffic lane, and sped up past me, all the way through Amidon where the speed limit is 25 mph. Yup, it was people from Texas.

The same thing happened when I was driving through the very small town of Regent on Saturday afternoon. All the way through downtown Regent, the speed limit is 25 mph. A silver Toyota Tundra had to pass me in downtown Regent, and as it went past me I saw that Texas license plate.

There is a reason why all of the small towns in western North Dakota have a speed limit of 25 mph through downtown, they don’t want there to be any vehicle or pedestrian accidents, and there is no reason to be speeding through downtown. But the people from Texas are ignorant white trash.

For the past month, whenever I have seen something abnormal happening, the majority of the time it has been someone from Texas. I am very thoroughly convinced that the reject people from Texas come up here to North Dakota because things were not working out for them in Texas, because they are stupid. So keep an eye out for people with Texas license plates in North Dakota.

The Secret Pine Forest Of Western North Dakota

It was about six years ago that I first heard of the secret pine forest of western North Dakota, and that was one of only two times that anyone would ever speak to me about it. Men in their 60s-80s who had worked and traveled through western North Dakota for their entire lives would pretend that they knew nothing about it.

For those of you not familiar with western North Dakota, there are very few trees. You can pull over to the side of the road on an interstate or highway, stand outside of your vehicle, turn in a full 360 degree circle looking miles away toward the horizon, and count fewer than a dozen shabby trees.

Western North Dakota is mostly tree-less vacant prairie grassland, or desolate barren badlands with wind-eroded buttes, canyons, and desert ravines with a few mesquite trees. It was not surprising to me that North Dakotans wanted to keep the pine forest a secret. I didn’t even know if there actually was one.

Since I bought a more reliable motorcycle in the Fall of 2020, I have been taking motorcycle rides that have no other purpose than to explore western North Dakota. Usually I do either a little or a lot of research before I go somewhere on my motorcycle, because not only is it very easy to get lost, run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but if I were to become injured or stranded in the sparsely populated areas of western North Dakota, it would be so much more likely for the local people to kill me.

You don’t ever want to stop where anyone is around or a vehicle is approaching out in the middle of nowhere in western North Dakota, because the local people will come over and ask you what you are doing and try to determine if “you’re not from here.” See, if you keep going and don’t slow down, the local people might think that you were invited or are related to someone in that area, but if you come to a stop, they are going to try to find out. Don’t ever, ever get caught trying to take a picture of something on someone’s property!

I accidentally, unintentionally found the secret pine forest of western North Dakota about one month ago, but I was too scared to come to a stop and take pictures of it because I didn’t know my way around that area. I had to wait several weeks before I could travel through that area again on my motorcycle, in order to not draw any attention. Here are some photos, which I had to take very hastily:

Here are some other trees from this same area:

When I was riding my motorcycle to this area traveling north on a red scoria chip road, I saw in my side mirror that there was a pickup truck coming up fast behind me, so I pulled over to the side of the road to let this pickup truck pass. I had to ride another five miles traveling north before I had to make a left turn onto a different, smaller road. After I had ridden another several miles west on this much narrower road, there was an oncoming pickup truck driving fast towards me, that I had to pull over to the side of the road to allow it to pass.

I rode another several miles west on the narrower road, before I turned south onto an even narrower road, which I thought could have been a private road. When I came up to what appeared to be private property consisting of a house and shop building, I turned around in order to try to get back quickly to what was most likely a public road.

When I reached the public road, I stopped to take my motorcycle helmet off because it was very hot, and I wanted to take some photographs of the pine trees. Here came the same pickup truck for the third time. I hadn’t realized that this was the same truck that had come up behind me going fast, had gotten ahead of me and turned around to pass me oncoming, and had now come up from behind me to meet me for a third time.

This time I was stopped and off my motorcycle, which allowed the opportunity for the person driving the pickup truck to stop and find out if “you’re not from here.” The driver of the pickup truck let me know that I was going to have problems if I was there when it got dark. I had a North Dakota license plate on my motorcycle. If I would have been driving a vehicle with a California license plate, or if they would have seen me taking photographs, they probably would have phoned, radioed, or met with their neighbors to make a plan to shoot me, dig a hole, drag my vehicle away, and bury everything.

Do Not Purchase A Fuel Filter Solvent Trap Configured Like A Silencer Advertised On YouTube

For the past several months from time-to-time I have seen an advertisement on YouTube for a “Fuel Filter” that is configured identical to a firearm silencer. The men shown in this YouTube advertisement make the assertion that this “Fuel Filter” can not be classified as a firearm silencer until a center hole has been drilled through the end cap.

I was expecting this YouTube advertisement to be taken down within a few days, but it continued to appear for the past several months. Because of this, I came to believe that the ATF was not concerned about this “Fuel Filter” that was one step away from being a functioning firearm silencer. A few nights ago, I was about to place an order for two of them.

I was going to order two of these “Fuel Filters” to have handy in case I needed one. I wasn’t going to drill a hole through the end cap until I actually needed to use it as a firearm silencer. Yesterday, a reader submitted a comment to one of my blog post articles, stating that the ATF came to his house to seize his AR-15 because they had tracked down that he had purchased one of these “Fuel Filters”.

I began doing some research, and to my surprise and horror, not only is the ATF coming to people’s houses to take these “Fuel Filters” away from people who ordered them off of the internet, in some cases the ATF is charging the person with one felony count of possessing a silencer for each “Fuel Filter” that they ordered.

In most cases, it appears that the internet orders for “Fuel Filters” configured like a silencer, are being shipped from a manufacturer in China. U.S. Customs has become aware of which shipments from to China to watch out for, and they are intercepting many of these “Fuel Filters”. U.S. Customs, also known now days as part of ICE, is identifying the purchaser/addressee and sending them official letters about what specific laws have been violated.

When U.S. Customs has failed to intercept these “Fuel Filters” and the purchaser/addressee actually receives them in the mail, within a few days or a few weeks, Homeland Security Investigations, also known as HSI, contacts the purchaser to explain to them what laws have been violated and that the “Fuel Filters” need to be turned over. HSI has actually gone to people’s houses.

If U.S. Customs/ICE, and Homeland Security Investigations/HSI fails to contact the purchaser/addressee, then the ATF will either telephone the purchaser or show up at their house. In some cases, local Sheriff Departments have been tasked with going to the homes of purchasers to confiscate these “Fuel Filters” purchased over the internet.

While I was doing research on this, there were some young men who said that if the ATF showed up at their house, they would tell the ATF to shove it up their ass. If someone actually said this to U.S. Customs, Homeland Security Investigations, the ATF, the local Sheriff, this would change the situation from confiscation of a cheap “Fuel Filter” firearm silencer, to the confiscation of all of your firearms, immediate arrest for felony possession of a silencer, and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to keep from going to jail for up to 10 years.

For the time being, this is the best video that I could find showing this “Fuel Filter” advertised on YouTube, just watch the first few minutes of this video:

The YouTube channel that created this video, “Mrgunsngear”, he personally has many different licenses for silencers, that is why he is not in much danger of arrest by the ATF. However, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE FOLLWOING COMMENTS FROM HIS VIEWERS regarding the above video:

“Just the idea of a Sheriff department “tracking people down” for ordering these is repugnant abuse of power.”

“”Local sheriff’s” I got a nasty letter from UCBP + ATF when customs seized one I got.”

“From what I understand, the people who are getting in trouble are the ones who live in states where suppressors are illegal. There have been a bunch of arrests in Massachusetts.”

“Owning with intent to Form 1 is just ATF candy. File form 1 at the very least before buying it.”

“Jail Bait. Yeah, I saw the advertisements, I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10’ pole.”

“Sheriffs hell my friend at work’s son got a call from homeland security about a month after he got his in the mail. Luckily he hadn’t done anything with/ to it and mailed it all to DHS. Don’t screw around with these as DHS is monitoring the websites if not actually running some to jam people up!”

“Bought one from a Chinese seller on eBay before the Covid craziness. Never showed up but a special agent from Homeland and ATF did. I showed them my approved form one and other traps I legally converted. No problem with them. Long story short don’t buy from Chinese sellers do to customs and immigrations definition of what is considered a suppressor.”

Please watch the first part of this short 4 minute video below:

Lastly, I want to show some of the comments that were left under the following CRS Firearms video, where this channel creator is not taking the ATF threat seriously.  Just watch the first few minutes of this video, the viewer comments are more important:

“You are mistaken about the solvent traps. On November 19th 2019 homeland security, atf, the Detroit police kicked in my door because of these exact items. The Discovery paperwork on my case is 1600 pages. The search warrant is 37 pages long. They say that if there is a center mark of any type showing the center, it’s a silencer. Even if it’s just the tube.”

“I bought one of those things and United States border and customs intercepted the package and seized it. And sent me a letter (I have actual documentation) almost a month later saying so and what it was to them that is. One of the options was if I wasn’t to do anything they will seize it and nothing will happen. -I let it go because I didn’t know what it was-. My thing is how did they even know what was inside the package??”

“I ordered a fuel filter on wish it was confiscated by customs and i got to have a nice meeting with the Department of homeland security telling me it fits the criteria for a suppressor and not to do it again. So good luck”

There are many more comments under this CRS Firearms video from viewers who explain what happened to them after they ordered a “Fuel Filter” on the internet that was configured like a firearm silencer.

Confronted By A Ranting Mentally Ill Person At A Gas Station In Dickinson North Dakota

During this past week, I wrote three blog post articles about a frightening experience that I had when I stopped in the small town of Mott, North Dakota at 12:10 a.m. to read a road map. Twice, someone emerged from the dark vacant street to approach my vehicle and I had to quickly drive away.

I went on and on about how I didn’t know what these people who approached my vehicle intended to do, I probably would have shot them if they had jumped inside my truck, I hadn’t been paying enough attention to my surroundings, why can’t the North Dakota DOT mark the routing for Highway 21 West with road signs so people don’t have to pull over in Mott to look at a map.

A person named Ray who lives in Maryland, who had been a long-haul truck driver for fifteen years, he wrote a comment a couple of days ago saying that in his experience, one of the most frequent places to be the victim of a robbery and/or assault is at a gas station while pumping fuel, getting out of your truck at a rest area, or using the public bathrooms at a rest area.

I believe that Ray pointed out, that while pumping fuel at a gas station, you have your hands full with the fuel hose and nozzle, and you are watching the pump to see how many gallons of fuel you are getting. At this moment, you are occupied with what you are doing, and aren’t able or inclined to drop what you are doing and walk away.

Today, Saturday afternoon, I went to a hardware store on the north side of Dickinson to buy several different bolts that were missing from a 1972 Yamaha motorcycle that I had just bought. I had to remove bolts from the motorcycle, take them inside the store, determine what size and thread series they were, buy something that was as close as possible to identical, and then go back outside and see if it fit correctly on the motorcycle, which I had in the back of my truck.

I had to go in and out of the hardware store about four times. On the fifth trip inside the store, some of the last things that I needed were 2-cycle motor oil, Heet fuel line water remover, and an engine air filter. When I found almost everything and went to the cashier to pay, there was an elderly gentleman who had decided that he would discuss a store catalogue of shelves with the cashier, not ask his questions to one of the two unoccupied floor-walkers, but take his time with the only cashier on duty. So I put the items that I needed down and I left, I couldn’t stand waiting and watching this unbelievable shelf consultation any longer.

I was hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty, but the next place that I went was a very busy auto parts store, where I bought the 2-cycle motor oil, and the Heet, but I forgot to buy a drink because I was trying to see if they had an engine air filter for my motorcycle. I made up my mind that I was going to go home, not look for an engine air filter anymore today, because I didn’t want to be around people anymore, I was in a bad mood.

I drove south, and I had to stop at the T-Rex Gas Station in the T-Rex Shopping Plaza to get fuel in my truck. The T-Rex Gas Station is in the middle of Dickinson, and it is one of the cleanest, safest gas stations in Dickinson. I parked on the outside of the very last gas pump, because I didn’t want to be around people, and I didn’t want to be blocked in.

After I had scanned my debit card, entered my debit card pin, got the pump to turn on, and began filling my truck tank, I noticed a man about 45-50 years of age, wearing an orange high-visibility construction worker shirt, walking across Main Avenue, yelling and ranting, heading in the general direction of this gas station.

From the middle of Main Avenue, and for the whole time he was walking, he did not cease yelling, cursing, and ranting. The first things that I could understand what he was saying, was something like, “They took everything from me, they took all of my shit.” I didn’t know if he had just been robbed, kicked out of where he lived by his housemates, if he had been evicted, or what.

It was hot outside, it must have been very uncomfortably hot walking on the street and pavement, especially if something bad had just happened to you, like you had all of your shit stolen. This guy continued to yell and curse, and he was now headed straight for me, with his fists clenched, his jaw clenched, the veins in his neck popping out.

From what he was yelling, it kind of appeared that he was looking to fight anyone that he came across at that moment. I was not in a good mood. I was not wanting to be approached by any pan-handlers asking for money, or anyone wanting to start an altercation. I became kind of enraged myself, to where I was not going to wait for this guy to get to me, I was wanting to beat the shit out of this guy before he even got to me. I thought what board or pipe did I have in the back of my truck to beat him with.

This guy changed course about 75 feet from me, and headed north. He began yelling, “I don’t care if I die, I don’t want to live anymore.”, and who knows what all else he was yelling. I was upset about this incident, this guy yelling non-stop, coming at me angrily like he was going to attack me, me wanting to beat the shit out of him, and then hearing him say that he didn’t want to live anymore.

It is not hard to say that this this man was mentally ill, the way that he was ranting the whole while he was walking. The way that he was behaving, the things that he was yelling, I don’t have much doubt that he was wanting to fight whoever he came across. Did he want to hurt someone, did he want to get into a fight, did he want to go to jail because he had no place else to go, did he want someone to hurt him so that he could sue them, did he want someone to shoot him and kill him?

Did he turn away from his approach towards me because he feared losing the fight, being blamed for the fight, or because he realized that the gas station had security cameras?

Even though I had decided 30 minutes prior to this that I was in a bad mood, didn’t want to be around people anymore, didn’t want to keep shopping for an air filter, just wanted to go home, parked at the farthest gas pump to not have to deal with people, if I would have not waited for this guy to walk up on me and hit me while I was between the gas pump and my truck, and knocked him down before he got that far, the Police and maybe even witnesses would have blamed me.

It would not have mattered how much I explained that I was stopped at the gas pump putting fuel in my vehicle, whereas this guy was crossing the street approaching me angrily yelling with clenched fists, he has no vehicle and no gas can, he had no reason to be walking all the way across Main Avenue to get here to this gas pump where I am, except to attack me, the Police Officer would probably arrest me if I knocked this guy down first. I wasn’t going to be slammed to the concrete first, I could see what was about to happen.

In the past, I have seen some mentally-ill strange acting people at the gas stations in downtown Dickinson, but usually not ever at this T-Rex gas station. I thought about it, the gas station beside the new Family Fare grocery store, on the north side of the interstate, near Menards, this gas station is not within a residential area, and has probably the least amount of pedestrians nearby, and probably the least amount of low-income people, so I will try to use this gas station from now on.

Note: For the past several years, I have noticed that many women will pull up to a gas pump, and not get out of their vehicle to pump gas until everyone close to them at the other pumps has finished pumping gas, gotten back in their vehicle, and left. I used to think that these women were being ridiculous, no one is going to grab hold of them and try to abduct them. Now I kind of see how they feel, they don’t want to be in the middle of pumping gas and have someone take this opportunity to approach them. Now that I think about it, many of these women get back inside their vehicle while the pump is running, they won’t even stand outside their vehicle.

What Concealed Weapons And Firearms Courses Are Wrong About

I received concealed weapons permit training and firearms training in a couple of different states, with several different certified shooting instructors. In most states, in order to have legal justification to draw your firearm and use deadly force, you must believe that you are in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death. That is one of the simplest ways to phrase it.

In reality, if you were to shoot someone with your firearm because YOU believed that you were in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death, when the Police arrive, THE POLICE are going to decide if THEY believe that you were in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death. And, the Police are probably not going to agree with you.

The Police who arrive at the scene of the shooting to investigate, they are going to ask you why did you shoot this person. What made you believe that this person was attacking you? What did this person say to you? Did this person have a weapon? Did you see a knife or a gun? Did this person hit you or grab hold of you?

The Police may ask you, why didn’t you try to leave? Why didn’t you walk away? Why didn’t you run away. Why didn’t you push this person away?

I will give a simple scenario. Suppose that you are the owner of a jewelry store, a small retail shop. Your business is locked in the morning, with a “Closed” sign in the window, and the lights are all off. You arrive at the front door at 7:00 a.m. to unlock your business. You unlock the front door and step inside, someone who you do not know and did not see out on the sidewalk, runs from a concealed location and jumps in the front door before you can close it. This person grabs the front door and locks it. Only five feet separate you from this person.

If it was me who owned and operated this jewelry store, being 52 years old, sometimes not in very good health, and this person ran from a hiding spot and jumped inside behind me before I could shut the door, then grabbed the door and locked it, I would probably shoot them. What would you do?

The reason why I would shoot them, is because it looks to me like this person is going to rob me, and I don’t know if they have a knife or gun and if they are going to kill me. I also have no idea if I could prevail against them in hand-to-hand fighting. Since this person is only five feet away, I figure I have only one chance to save myself, and I must shoot now without hesitating.

Concealed weapons permit instructors advise their students to telephone the Police and say, “I would like to report an attempted robbery, the robber has been shot, I am the business owner.” This way, you are conveying on the audio recorded 911 call that you shot who you believed to be a robber, and you are notifying the Police that the person standing at this location holding a firearm is the store owner, not the suspected robber.

When the Police arrive, you are supposed to say something like, “I was unlocking my store, when I entered my business and tried to lock the door behind me, this person ran from a hiding spot, pushed his way in, locked the door, and came at me. I was in fear for my life and I shot him. I don’t want to answer any more questions until I have spoken to an attorney and have an attorney present.”

Most concealed weapons permit instructors and firearm instructors will advise students adamantly to not say anything else to the Police, as it will most likely harm you greatly. For instance, after the fact, after the robber has been shot, it may be apparent that the robber did not possess a weapon, knife, or gun at the time, but you had no way to know that the robber did not posses a weapon. So if a Police Officer asked you, did you see a weapon, knife, or gun, and you answer “No”, the Police Officer is going to believe in HIS mind, that the suspected robber was unarmed.

After the fact, the Police Officer may continue asking questions to determine in HIS mind, whether the use of deadly force was justified. The Police Officer may ask, is there a silent alarm in this jewelry store? Why didn’t you just back away and push the silent alarm button?

Are you beginning to see the difference between using deadly force because YOU believed that your life was in imminent danger, and the Police deciding if THEY believe that your life was in imminent danger? In this jewelry store scenario, if the suspected robber did not have a weapon, the Police are probably going to arrest you and take you to jail for assault with a deadly weapon or manslaughter.

When the Prosecutor is evaluating whether to bring charges against the jewelry store owner in this case, the Prosecutor may consider, “What would a reasonable person do under these same circumstances?”, because that is one of the ways that the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney will present and argue this case.

But at a trial, three specific legal elements will be considered and examined to determine if the use of deadly force was justified, “Ability”, “Opportunity”, and “Jeopardy”, as explained at time mark 38:46 in Massad Ayoob’s video below:

In the scenario that I described above where I am the 52 year old jewelry store owner who shot the attacker, at my trial for manslaughter, examining if my attacker had the “Ability” to cause me great bodily injury or death, without a weapon, the answer is maybe, if my physical health and physical ability were much weaker than this attacker.

“Opportunity”? Yes, my attacker inside the jewelry store was only five feet away from me, he had the opportunity to hit, kick, and choke me.

“Jeopardy”? Was my attacker behaving in a such a manner as to indicate that he was going to inflict great bodily injury or death? The answer is Yes, No, Maybe. He ran inside the jewelry store from a hidden location before I could close the door behind me, and he grabbed the door and locked it. What does this indicate? It indicates whatever a trial jury can be persuaded to believe.

In summary, if I as the jewelry store owner had shot this attacker who I believed was there to rob me, because I believed that I was in imminent danger of great bodily injury or death, the Police who arrive at the scene to investigate might not agree with me, and place me under arrest. If a Prosecutor brought criminal charges against me, at a trial, in order for this shooting to be justified, the three criteria of “Ability”, “Opportunity”, and “Jeopardy” must be met. I would have a difficult time persuading a jury that the attacker who possessed no weapon, had so much more physical strength and ability, that there was “disparity of force”.

Overall, if you watch the entire 1 hour 46 minute video of Massad Ayoob, you will see that there is much more responsibility and accountability required when carrying a firearm. You will very likely face arrest, time in jail, complicated and drawn out legal process, tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs, incarceration in prison, and civil lawsuits if you shoot someone in self defense.

I Thought That This Woman Was Kidnapped, Raped, And Killed By The Crossroads Car-Jackers In Mott, North Dakota

In my previous two blog post articles I wrote about my frightening experience in Mott, North Dakota at the crossroads of Highway 8 and Highway 21 at 12:10 a.m. Sunday, July 11. In the two instances where people emerged from the vacant dark streets to approach my vehicle, I didn’t know what their intentions were. Was it to car-jack me, rob me, sell me drugs?

On the following Monday morning July 12, I saw a news article where the Stark County Sheriff Department had found an Oregon woman’s vehicle outside of Lefor, the woman was missing, and the Sheriff Department was seeking information. The population of Lefor is only 80 people, but it is one of the next nearest towns to Mott, 32 miles away.

Here is the link to this news article about this missing woman:

After reading this news article, I was very concerned about this woman having been car-jacked, kidnapped, raped, and murdered by the people lurking in the dark at the crossroads in Mott, North Dakota. I pictured some North Dakota DOT guy and his cousin, out on a farm with a bunch of missing women buried in graves, and a stack of Highway 21 West routing signs laying on the ground covered over by weeds and vines.

I was scared to call the Stark County Sheriff Department to give them information, because I didn’t want to end up like that Trinity High School Principle that the Police tortured until he confessed to setting the Trinity High School on fire, even though he didn’t do it. What do you think that they would do to me?

On Thursday afternoon I called the Stark County Sheriff Department to ask if the missing woman from Oregon had been found, knowing that they were probably going to try to blame me for it. After being put on hold for a few minutes, a Sheriff Officer got on the phone and said that the Oregon women had been found, her vehicle had run out of gas, she walking away looking for gas and got lost.

One of the reasons why I continued writing about what happened to me, and this new story about the missing woman from Oregon, is to draw attention to the fact that unmarked streets, highways, and highway routing in rural areas of North Dakota is dangerous for motorists. The stopped motorists from out of town are targets for victimization, especially at night.

My Foolishness And Lack Of Planning Leading Up To The Shooting In Mott North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post article I wrote about stopping to read a road map at 12:10 a.m. in the small town of Mott, North Dakota, and a derelict person coming up to my vehicle. Mott, population 800, is in the middle of nowhere, with no businesses open past 10:00 p.m., and no one driving around or out on the street at midnight.

Earlier in the day I had taken my .32 caliber Beretta pistol out of my pants pocket and placed it inside the center console of my truck. When I stopped in Mott at 12:10 a.m. to do a Google search on my phone for a street map that showed how to keep driving west on Highway 21, I planned on getting out of my truck to urinate before I continued driving.

I had not seen any vehicles or people for the past 30 minutes while driving, or anyone when I stopped at the crossroads of Highway 8 and Highway 21 in Mott. I didn’t think that there was anyone around, because I didn’t see anyone. As I was looking down at my phone screen and typing, I glanced up briefly and saw a strangely behaving person about 75 feet away walking towards my vehicle. I was startled, and I immediately took my truck out of park, and drove away, even though I didn’t know where I was going.

Like I wrote in my previous blog post article, I was unnerved. I watched this person in my truck side mirror while I was driving away, and they were stumbling around like they were drunk, high on drugs, or had something mentally or physically wrong with them, or a combination of these things.

It’s possible that this person was just drunk and walking home from a bar that had closed. I don’t know. Some people reading this, not having been there, might want to tell me that maybe this person’s car broke down, maybe they needed help, did I ever stop to think about that? Yes, I thought about all kinds of possibilities about what this person could have been doing. There was nothing good about this situation.

For more than the past several years, I have been reminding myself to not stop for hitchhikers, to be more careful about stopping to help people, and to pay more attention when I get out of my vehicle when I am far away from home.

Many times while driving on an interstate highway in very rural North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, or Arizona, I will see someone walking on the side of the highway out in the middle of nowhere and I consider stopping to give them a ride. As I slow down and pass them, most of the time when I look at these people closely they are walking with an abnormal gait and they are very disheveled, like they are a mentally-ill homeless person, which they probably are.

In the past I had worked for a couple of years with developmentally disabled, brain injured, and mentally-ill adults. I have been attacked, and my co-workers have been attacked by some of these people, and had to deal with these people when they are in crisis. It can be very dangerous and trying dealing with developmentally disabled and mentally-ill adults. I have to think and remind myself, do I want to stop and get into an altercation with someone on the side of the road that I can already see is showing signs that there is something wrong with them?

Most of the time, if I see a person walking on the side of an interstate out in the middle of nowhere, I call 911 to report that there is a person walking at this mile marker on this interstate that appears to need help, because they are many miles from anywhere. I don’t want anyone to die from dehydration or hypothermia, but I don’t want to stop and get into an altercation with someone because I am not able to help them or do what they want, such as give them money, or drive them to so-and-so’s house.

A similar thing is stopping to help people who appear to be having car problems. The last four times that I have stopped to help people with car problems, all in North Dakota, I have regretted it tremendously, because these people had a lot more wrong with them than car problems. These people that I stopped to help were bad, trashy, drug-addict, low-life, criminal people from Seattle or Coeur D’ Alene.

So I keep having to remind myself to think twice before I stop to offer a ride to hitchhikers, or stop to help people who are having car problems, AND to not get out of my vehicle without my pistol on my person, and my phone in my pocket. Because, what if I get out of my vehicle to help these people, and they run and jump in my vehicle and take off with it, or hit me on the head, or shoot me, and leave me laying there. Now, instead of me stopping to help someone stranded out in the middle of nowhere, out in the cold, now I’m stranded out in the middle of nowhere, in the cold, freezing, with no phone because I left it in my vehicle that just got stolen from me.

As I was driving away from the derelict person who had approached my vehicle in Mott while I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on surrounding me, I was angry and upset about this situation. I don’t know what this person’s intentions were. I don’t know what they were going to do.

I looked at my passenger doors and they were all locked, luckily, they could have just as easily been unlocked. What would I have done if this person had opened my truck door suddenly, or gotten into my truck suddenly? I would have certainly assumed the worst, and reacted as if my life was in danger. However, if this person did this, they may have just been drunk and not had bad intentions.

If I had gotten out of my truck to urinate, and this derelict person had snuck up on me, surprised me, bumped into me, grabbed me, pushed me, I would have assumed the worst, I would have reacted as if my life was in danger, but if they were drunk, in their mind they might have thought that they were just playing around, not intending to harm me.

This could have turned out very badly for me, and for the person who approached my vehicle. I wasn’t being very alert. It might have been a better idea for me to have taken the interstate, instead of the rural, dark, not clearly marked highways.

Something else that is very troubling, is that in the moment of being surprised and frightened by someone opening my truck door, climbing into my truck, or grabbing hold of me outside of my truck, and me reacting with the belief that I am being attacked, after the fact, Law Enforcement is not going to see it like I believed what was happening in that moment.

I would be asked, did this person have a weapon, did this person have a gun, did this person have a knife? Did this person say that they had a gun or a knife? Did this person say anything threatening to you? What made you believe that your life was in danger?

In some states, the act of car-jacking is considered to warrant the use of deadly force to defend oneself. However, in many states, including North Dakota, just because someone attacks you, this in itself does not justify the use of deadly force to defend yourself. There has to be the ability and likelihood that your life was in peril, that the attacker had the ability to, and was going to take your life.

Though in my surprise and fright, in the moment that someone suddenly got in my vehicle or grabbed hold of me I would have believed in my mind that my life was in danger, if it later turned out that this person had no weapon, was merely drunk, likely had no murderous intent, I could have been criminally prosecuted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or manslaughter. But had I not been surprised by a drunk derelict person at 12:10 a.m. I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

Almost Shooting Someone In Mott North Dakota On Saturday Night

My employer asked me to do some work in a rural area of southwest North Dakota on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t mind, I had already worked 48 hours this week, this would all be overtime hours at 1-1/2 times my normal hourly pay.

There are different vehicles that I own, that I use for different things. Right now, one of my biggest concerns is taking the vehicle that has the best air-conditioning because it is so hot outside. This means switching things I need from one vehicle to another, ice-chest, tools, flashlight, jump-start box, phone charger, clothing, firearms.

I always try to have a firearm with me, and this day I was taking a small .32 caliber Beretta Tomcat which fits inside my pants pocket. I don’t like wearing waist holsters, especially when I have a long drive because the holster or the pistol grip pokes into my side. Later in the day I put this Beretta Tomcat pistol in the center-console of my truck, which I regretted later that night.

I took Interstate 94 heading east from Dickinson, and then had to drive south. My work at the job location on Saturday went fine, but my feet, hips, and back were hurting. I didn’t finish work to go home until 11:30 p.m. that night. Because I was not in a hurry, instead of driving north to get back to Interstate 94, and then heading west back to Dickinson on the interstate, I was going to drive west on Highway 21, and then north on Highway 22.

When I got to the town of Mott, North Dakota, which has a population of about 800 people, it was 12:10 a.m. If you don’t know what rural North Dakota is like, every business had closed by 10:00 p.m., and there are very few businesses.

I was kind of angry because Highway 21 did not continue west through Mott, I couldn’t understand why not, and the highway signs in Mott were very unclear or non-existent. Near the crossroads of Highway 21 and Highway 8, I pulled over and stopped in order to look up a map of Mott on my phone to figure out how to get to Highway 21 going west.

There were no businesses open, and no cars on the streets or highway. My plan was to figure out how to get to Highway 21, and then urinate beside my truck. As I was doing a Google search for maps on my phone, I looked up, and I could see some person who was fucked-up about 75 feet away headed to my vehicle.

This person was stumbling along like a zombie, like they were drunk, high, mentally-ill, or physically disabled, or a combination of these things. I took my truck out of park, and immediately drove away in order to get away from this person who was approaching my vehicle. I watched this person in my side mirror as I drove away, they were acting strange like there was something wrong with them. I drove about 1/4 mile away so that I could try again to look up a map on my phone.

I was angry and kind of unnerved about that messed-up person coming out of nowhere and approaching my vehicle at 12:20 a.m. If they had knocked on my truck window while I was looking down at a map, it would have scared the shit out of me. It would have been even worse if they had tried to open my truck door, and even worse still if they had come up behind me when I was urinating beside my truck.

This person may have been drunk and merely walking home from a bar that had closed, but if this person had come up behind me while I was outside of my truck without me seeing them or hearing them, and proceeded to grab hold of me, knock into me, or climb into my truck, it could have resulted in me shooting them.

In a drunk person’s mind, coming up behind a person and shoving or pushing them out of the way to try to get into their truck, or take their truck, or wrestle with them, is just playing around. To me, not knowing or seeing that someone is approaching , and that person grabs hold of me, starts wrestling with me, or tries to get into my truck, to me it’s a robbery, mugging, or car-jacking. I don’t know what this person’s intentions were.

When I stopped under a street light at a gas station parking lot about 1/4 of a mile away and tried to get a map of Mott on Google, within a few seconds here comes a 30 year old beat-up Chevy truck with no headlights on, driving about 5 mph over to where I am. So I had to drive somewhere else again.

Now, I was starting more to get the impression that if you come to a stop in Mott late at night, people come creeping out of the dark thinking that you want to buy, sell, or use drugs with them.

I was very angry and upset. I just wanted to take Highway 21 through Mott to get to Highway 22. I didn’t want to stop in Mott, but I had to because Highway 21 doesn’t continue through Mott, you have to take Highway 8 going south for more than several miles, then Highway 8 forks off into Highway 21. But there are no highway signs explaining this routing, there were hardly any highway signs or road signs at all.

I am 52 years old now, I have driven all over the U.S. I have driven through some very bad high-crime areas in Tampa, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, and west Texas, that I can remember giving me a very bad feeling about how dangerous the area was. Some states that I lived in like Arizona, Utah, and Idaho I don’t ever recall being in an area that felt unsafe.

Having to come to a stop in Mott late at night, where Highway 21 comes to an end without any explanation, without any highway re-routing signs, no lighting, no street signs, no businesses open, and derelict people coming out of the dark approaching my vehicle to sell/buy/use drugs or rob me, that was the most dangerous seeming place I have been in a long time.

Women Don’t Realize How Much They Are Beginning To Be Hated

Women don’t realize how much they are beginning to be hated.

In the YouTube video below from Salt Lake City, this video shows a woman being kidnapped at a gas station. She screams and pleads for someone to help her, but the male bystanders shown in the video don’t lift a finger to help her:

There are many things that I want to say and address regarding the video above. The KSL news reporters, the Police spokeswoman, and many women who left comments to this video acted like they can’t understand why no man stepped in to help this woman. Not only that, but many women appeared to believe that men were obligated to help this woman, that the bystanders should be criminally prosecuted for not helping this woman.

I am going to start off with some of the logical comments from men who watched this video, before I get into what men were feeling:

“Why should a man get involved in some situation that he doesn’t know what is going on, involving people that he does not know, to risk his life for some woman that he does not know?  The bystander probably just wanted to get home to his own family without being shot.”

“Probably some domestic violence dispute.  You can never get in the middle of one of these domestic disputes, because both the man and the woman will suddenly turn on you and both begin attacking you.”

“The bystander doesn’t know if this is some kind of set-up where the woman acts like she is being attacked, but both the man and the woman are going to try to rob him.”

“Getting involved in something like this, and using violence to stop the attacker, can land a Good Samaritan in jail facing assault charges.  The woman can even claim that the Good Samaritan was the aggressor.”

These were some of the logical comments, addressing why the bystanders might have been hesitant to become involved in this situation.  But there were many comments from men speaking about their feelings about not helping this woman:

“Women claim that they are strong and independent, and don’t need no man.  Let them take care of themselves.”

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

“That’s what women get from seeking to be in a relationship with a bad boy.”

“If one of those bystanders beat her attacker, the woman would probably get back together with her boyfriend at the hospital, and claim that the bystander who saved her was trying to rape her.”

“Trying to help that woman would probably lead to her putting sexual assault charges on you.”

“Don’t help women.”

“Women constantly try to harm men, take everything from men, and ruin men’s lives.  Why should men help women anymore?”

Overall, the following is my personal opinion.  The male bystanders shown in this video didn’t know what was going on.  Was this some kind of YouTube prank video?  Was this some kind of criminal scheme to car-jack the man putting gas in his truck?  Was this a domestic dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend?  The bystanders just didn’t know.

But another aspect of this is that men are tired of women’s schemes, ploys, deception, treachery, and manipulation.  Women are always trying to play the victim, the helpless, innocent victim.  Men are beginning to wise-up, and understand that women are the initiators, instigators, and creators of schemes to ruin men’s lives and steal everything that they own.

How many men have been put in prison, been sued, lost their scholarship, lost their employment, lost their family because of false accusations and set-up schemes from women?

How many men have lost their home and all of their possessions, been left with nothing, had their children taken away, and had their life ruined because their cheating, lying, whore of a wife fucked them over with the help of a family court judge and attorney?

So do you understand why none of the male bystanders stepped in to help this woman who was being kidnapped?  Women are not going to be helped anymore, because women are beginning to be hated.

I Am Beginning To Wish That The Germans Had Won WWII

In the late afternoon on Friday I called the Mexican restaurant Los Cabos in Dickinson to place a take-out order. I don’t want to be around people, because I don’t like people, especially everyday, average, ordinary people. People are so stupid, primitive, and unaware, I just can’t stand them.

The middle-aged man who answered the phone at Los Cabos was very quick, courteous, and professional. In my opinion, this is probably the most well-run restaurant in Dickinson because of their staff, and they have the best food.

When leaving my neighborhood, some small children playing in their yard let a frisbee fly out into the street. I stopped right away to let them go get their frisbee, I didn’t want any children running out in front of me and getting hit.

In a couple of minutes, I was out on two-lane Highway 22, where the speed limit is 65 mph. Within several miles, a vehicle ahead of me began slowing down rapidly and changing into the oncoming lane of traffic. Soon I could see that there was a stopped vehicle on the right shoulder of the highway.

As I got closer, expecting that this was some kind of traffic accident, because the stopped passenger car was still halfway in the middle of the road, I came to see that it was a man and two women standing on the side of the road laughing, smiling, and taking photographs for fun and amusement.

I couldn’t believe this. Highway 22 is a very dangerous, busy road, with heavily loaded tractor trucks hauling machinery, cattle, grain, and fuel tankers. There are many commercial vehicles on Highway 22 that can’t slow down quickly and change into the oncoming lane of traffic because there is a Chevy Malibu parked halfway in the road, especially if there is any kind of vehicle approaching in the oncoming lane.

Who are these people? How can they be so fucking stupid? Do they not realize that while they are smiling, laughing, and fooling around taking photographs on the side of the highway, they are about to cause a fatal traffic accident because they left their Chevy Malibu parked in the road?

When I arrived at the parking lot of Los Cabos Mexican restaurant, all of the nearest parking spaces were taken. This was not surprising to me, it was late afternoon Friday on a hot summer day. Because the parking lot was so packed, I was scared that a car was going to back out in front of me because the driver couldn’t see past the vehicles that were parked so close to each other.

I was driving slowly and being careful, when a young 9-10 year old Mexican girl ran out in front of me without looking and without seeing me, she had darted from between two parked cars. As I was still at a complete stop from the little girl who ran out in front of me without looking, within a second or two here came her 14 year old sister who also walked out in front of me without looking, and without seeing me, at first.

The truck that I was driving, it has a huge front grill and bumper, the roof of this truck is about 7 ft tall, the top of my head only comes up to the side mirrors when I am standing next to it. It is not difficult to see this truck, and you wouldn’t want to walk out in front of this truck. I can understand the 9-10 year old little girl running out from in between parked cars, but it was kind of stupid and careless for her 14 year old sister to be doing the same thing.

Now here comes the plump Mexican mama who was in her 40s. She gave a quick side glance in my direction, as I was still at a complete stop from her two children running out in front of me. Most women, I think, would have hurried up across the driveway to get out of my way, and let me continue driving, since I came to a stop and was held up waiting for the three of them to cross in front of me.

This Mexican mother began to slow down her walk, waddle, doddle, and then stand there in the middle of the driveway blocking me so that I could not continue driving to a parking space. This Mexican woman could have easily walked another five feet to allow me to pass, but for some reason, she wouldn’t.

Why was this woman being difficult and causing a problem for me? Was it maliciousness, arrogance, pride, anti-white racism, anti-Americanism? Because of the two brand-new, very nice, Ford F250/350 trucks that her family was getting into, I got the impression that this woman’s family might have owned this Los Cabos Mexican restaurant.

By this time, I had run out of patience. Probably most women can not understand the rage the men experience when they are utterly and completely done dealing with their stupid shit at the moment. At the very least, I was about one second away from rolling down the truck window and yelling, “Get the fuck out of the way you stupid fat fucking Mexican!”

Somehow, miraculously, the Mexican road crossing came to a pause and I was able to drive to a parking space, before there was any yelling or physical altercation.

I thought to myself, that I had not wanted to eat inside any restaurant, because I did not want to deal with people, I can’t stand people. Ordering take-out from Los Cabos was not working for me either. The man who was managing the restaurant was so quick, courteous, and professional, that I admired his work ethic, enthusiasm, business sense. On the other hand, the way that Mexican family behaved in the parking lot, whether anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, maliciousness, or arrogance because they were the restaurant owners, I didn’t even want to go inside to get my food that I had ordered, and I won’t be ordering take-out from this restaurant again.

In order to be able to stay at home, not go anywhere, and not have to deal with people, on the following day I planned to go to the large Family Fare grocery store in Dickinson to stock up on enough groceries to last me for a while. On Saturday afternoon, July 3rd, the Family Fare grocery store had about twice as many cars as usual in their parking lot.

Walking into the grocery store, I was prepared for the shoppers to be pushy, and in a hurry the day before the 4th of July, but they were not, the shoppers were calm. After I had finished loading my shopping cart with twice as many groceries as usual, and I went to the check-out area, there were no cahiers.

The one cashier that was working at a check-out line, he had turned off his light and had placed a “closed” sign on his conveyor. I looked around, but there was no manager or person at the customer service desk. Myself and a few other customers were looking around for what to do or where to go. I had to use my phone to call this Family Fare grocery store to ask whoever answered if they could open a check-out line.

As I was looking around for a store manager, calling this store on the telephone, and waiting for a cashier to come open a check-out line, I was thinking to myself, so this is the business strategy of this grocery store for Saturday afternoon July 3rd, let’s not have any cashiers?

I didn’t really want to talk about it, I already knew what the store employees were going to say, which is what they did say, “We can’t get anybody to work.”

When I was driving home, and I was thinking about why I don’t like people, why I don’t want to be around people, why do people irritate me, overall I was coming to the conclusion that people, society, this country has devolved so badly, declined so badly.

Recently I have gotten into some discussions where I was faced with how stupid Democrats are, and that the Democrats/liberals are most responsible for the decline in people, society, and this country. Somehow, Democrats have gotten the idea into their heads that whatever in the past was deemed immoral, illegal, deviant, undesirable, that let’s do these things now.

For Democrats, if stealing was once bad, let’s allow it now. If illegal drugs were once bad, let’s allow it now. If unwed mothers was once bad, let’s do that now. If resisting arrest and disobeying Police Officers was once bad, let’s do that now. If women in the military was once a bad idea, let’s do that now. If homosexuals in the military was once a bad idea, let’s do that now. If illegal immigration was once a bad idea, let’s have that now.

Everything that was bad is now good. Everything that was wrong is now right. Everything that was deviant is now normal. Everything is backwards and upside down. There is no logic, no reasoning, or accountability any longer.

People are so stupid, dysfunctional, and unaccountable that three adults can’t see that there is something wrong with parking their Chevy Malibu in the 65 mph traffic lane of Highway 22.

People are so stupid and dysfunctional that an adult Mexican women doesn’t know to get herself and her children safely out of traffic and harm’s way. And, how preposterous it is to be showing some kind of anti-white, anti-Americanism hostility to customers at a Mexican restaurant in North Dakota, two-thousand miles north of the Mexican border?

People are so stupid, dysfunctional, and unaccountable that there are no cashiers on-duty or coming in to work at a grocery store on the Saturday afternoon before the July 4th holiday.

It occurred to me that maybe this planet and civilization would have been better off if the Germans had won World War II. The Germans valued intelligence, competency, efficiency, and social order, the exact opposite of what the Democrats seek.

Whereas the Germans valued intelligence, the Democrats embrace stupidity. The Germans valued competency, the Democrats love incompetence. The Germans valued efficiency, the Democrats are wasteful. The Germans valued social order, the Democrats want chaos and mayhem.

The Germans wanted to build and strengthen their country, the Democrats want to ruin and weaken this country. The Germans wanted a strong healthy populace, the Democrats want to breed weak sickly people.

Is it because I am 52 years old that I now see the wisdom in what the Germans were doing leading up to WWII, or is it because I hate the stupidity, idiocy, unawareness, drug-addiction, criminality, deviance, and abnormality of the people around me?

The Failure To Accept Eugenics Has Led To The Downfall Of Civilization

In the late 1980s I received an academic scholarship to become enrolled in the honors program of a small private liberal arts college in Virginia. This honors program consisted of a special curriculum where professors would lecture in their particular area of expertise to a class consisting solely of eight to twenty honors students.

One professor was an expert on the history and study of Eugenics. For those readers who don’t know, Eugenics is both a science and a philosophy that examines the relationship and correlation of genetics in passing on traits from parents to offspring, especially concerning desirable characteristics in humans.

For me, my introduction to Eugenics, it was like the best thing that I had ever heard of, to the dismay of my professor and classmates.

In the history of mankind, Eugenics was being practiced before a written language existed, when human males and females sought to have sex with “attractive” mates, meaning mates that appeared to be the most physically healthy, strong, and likely to produce the best offspring. I acknowledge that there was both a conscious decision and an unconscious biological instinct that was taking place in this example of early human Eugenics.

In the early history of humans, when they began to become farmers and domesticate animals, they soon realized the desirability of selectively breeding the strongest, largest, most healthy male and female livestock to each other, and not breeding unhealthy, weak animals.

Early cultures around the World, and continuing into modern times, have been involved in Eugenics, though it was not called by this name. Vikings, Spartans, and native tribes left newborn infants to die if they showed signs of significant birth defects. European, Asian, African, South American, and North American cultures practiced the custom of “arranged marriages” where the parents deliberated and decided who their children would mate with.

In the 1800s following the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, rapid advances in science, technology, and medicine, there arose new schools of thought and new sciences such as “Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”, “psychiatry”, “immunization”, and “Eugenics”.

In the mid-1800s when there was World-wide discussion of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, “natural selection”, “survival of the fittest”, Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton believed that desirable human qualities were hereditary traits, and that the human population could be improved through selective breeding. Francis Galton named this theory/science “Eugenics”. Though keep in mind, the Greek philosopher Plato had written about this in 400 B.C.

While philosophers, politicians, leaders, celebrities, and scholars began trying to convince the World about the benefits of selective breeding in humans, encouraging healthy successful people to breed, and discouraging the breeding of poor inferior people, scientists began researching and experimenting to prove the validity of Eugenics.

Scientists and researchers across the globe began studying the family histories and medical histories of convicted criminals, prison populations, mental patients, mental asylum populations, vagrants, and disabled people in order to discover medical predictors of criminality, mental illness, or feeble-mindedness.

During this time period the terms “idiot” and “moron” were actually clinical medical terminology. The idea that mental illness, criminality, physical deformity, and feeble-mindedness was hereditary and “ran in families” was generally accepted in the early 1900s through the 1950s in the United States. This was widely taught in public elementary and high schools in the U.S. through the famous study of the “Kallikak” and the “Juke” families in Appalachia:

From Wikepedia, The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. Supposedly an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness”, a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including intellectual disability, learning disabilities, and mental illness, ….. Goddard believed that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and that society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

I want to emphasize that prior to World War II, the United States and many other countries around the World had many proponents and advocates for Eugenics, in politics, in universities, in public education systems, in mental health systems, in the medicine, in science, and with the general public.

Immediately after World War II, when it was discovered that Germany had implemented a plan to identify the Jews, remove the Jews from their homes, transport the Jews to concentration camps, and to either exterminate the Jews at the concentration camps or work the Jews to death in the concentration camps, and had succeeded in killing millions of Jews, Eugenics was blamed.

Beginning in the 1950s in the United States, there was a re-examination of Eugenics as discussed, taught, or practiced in politics, universities, public elementary and high schools, mental health systems, public health systems, and the legal system.

Prior to World War II, it was sometimes a normal procedure at mental asylums in the U.S. and other countries to involuntarily sterilize patients.  In U.S. court cases, it had been established as lawful, the practice of involuntarily sterilizing feeble-minded mental patients.  Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote in 1927: 

“We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.”

From the end of World War II until the present day, most countries that had once believed in and supported Eugenics, have continually backed away from its beliefs and ideas.  Can everyone stop and remember, that Eugenics had been consciously and unconsciously practiced since the beginning of mankind?

Because countries have tried to do a 180 degree change in their beliefs on Eugenics, and perhaps out of a feeling of guilt or to try to make amends, since the 1960s there has been an “anything goes” policy on crime, mental illness, deviant behavior, public education, parental responsibility, illegitimate children, illegal aliens, generations of public welfare recipients.

At this point, there is so much crime, mental illness, drug addiction, deviant behavior, abnormal behavior, dysfunctional adults and children, homelessness, stupid people, illegal aliens, and incompetence, that it seems like right is now wrong, wrong is now right, good is now bad, bad is now good, everything is backwards from the way it used to be.

Some people believe that all of this chaos, destruction, and collapse of once civilized countries has been planned and orchestrated by an elite group of wealthy people in order to crash all governments before a new One World Government/New World Order can be created.  This may be true.

One of the ways that we have gotten here, and have ourselves to blame, is letting the feeble-minded, drug addict, criminal, stupid people to breed like rats.  Allowed it?  We even helped it with liberal public welfare assistance, not keeping criminals in prison, allowing drug addicts to run around on probation, not securing our border, court enforced child support payments to unwed mothers, and letting all these people breed, breed, breed like crazy to where they now make up the majority of the population.


Using The Old Book “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND 1917”

In yesterday’s blog post article, I was trying to explain how I was doing research on the railroad line that had once passed through New Leipzig, Mott, Regent, and dead-ended in New England, North Dakota. This railroad line was abandoned in about 1982, and had been operated by a company called the Milwaukee Road railroad. I was hoping that if I could locate this former railroad easement, I could ride this easement on my motorcycle, unless it had been sold or turned over to the adjacent farmers. It appeared that the steel rails had already been torn up and taken away a long time ago.

When I was trying to look information up on the internet, I found an old book titled, “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND 1917”, that had been digitally photographed and uploaded to a website called Digital Horizons. This physical book itself is held in the state of North Dakota historical archives, but the Digital Horizons website allows anyone with a computer and internet to look through each page of this book.

Here is the link to this book:

When I first stumbled upon this “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND 1917”, I had only been looking for a plat map of the towns of New England, Regent, and Mott in order to prove to the readers that these towns were actually created and laid out by the Milwaukee Road railroad company. To me, even though I had heard that old west towns sprung up wherever there was a railroad, I hadn’t known that the railroad company actually laid out the town.

Please click on these links to the plat maps of the towns of New England and Regent North Dakota: When you click on these links and view these plat maps, you will see written across city blocks of land “Milwaukee Land Co’s Add 1”, “Milwaukee Land Co’s Add 2”, “Milwaukee Land Co’s Add 3”.

Once I began trying to use this book “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND 1917” to find out and look at more, I was a little confused at first. Please click on this link to the plat map of Hettinger County itself, showing how Hettinger County is divided up into blocks of land called “townships”:

If you click on the above link to the plat map of Hettinger County, you can look and see that there is a township named “New England” and within this township there is a town named “New England”. You can look and see that there is a township named “Havelock” and within this township there is a town named “Havelock”. But if you continue looking at this plat map of Hettinger County, just because there is a township named “Kunze” doesn’t mean that there is a town named “Kunze” within this township. In other words, don’t expect the name of every township within Hettinger county to have a corresponding town inside it with the same name.

The other thing that you need to remember when looking at the plat map of Hettinger County, is that each township consists of 36 numbered sections, each section being 1 mile x 1 mile in size.

If you look at the township of New England, not the town of New England, but the township which consists of 36 numbered sections of land, back in 1917 the “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND” labeled the owners of these sections. This is astonishing information if a person was trying to look up and find exactly where their great-grandparents used to farm:

To read the family names of the property owners on this plat map of the township of New England, click on the expansion icon on the computer screen near the upper right hand corner of the map image, then you should see another set of zoom icons on the upper left corner of the map image.

Lastly, this “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County, ND 1917” has a map of the state of North Dakota, divided into two pages. This map shows the name of towns that no longer exist anymore, and the location of railroad lines that no longer exist anymore. On the left side and the right side of this map, in alphabetical order it lists the populations of the counties and towns in North Dakota:

Milwaukee Road Railroad From New England To Regent To Mott North Dakota

This Spring I have been researching little-known or forgotten towns in southwest North Dakota. Here are few examples, that most younger North Dakotans have never heard of: Daglum, Pierce, DeSart, Bessie, Havelock, Whetstone Butte. Each of these towns are not far from the town of New England.

In a previous blog post article, I explained that from time-to-time when I had been driving on back-roads in western North Dakota, I had passed a small old abandoned cemetery, small church, or schoolhouse, that made me realize there was once a town here, in what is now the middle of nowhere.

Both in my reading and in discussions with local North Dakotans, it had been pointed out to me several times that a railroad once passed through New England. I put this information in my head, but I didn’t think much more about the railroad. It was common knowledge that towns in the western United States sprung up adjacent to railroads, especially when there was a train depot with scheduled stops.

After several motorcycle rides this Spring, sightseeing through the abandoned and forgotten towns that I named at the beginning of this article, I thought that it would be fun to ride the abandoned railroad easement out of New England, and follow it to wherever it went. But when I began driving around trying to spot the old railroad easement, I couldn’t find it.

When I began looking on the internet to find out where the supposed/alleged railroad had been in New England, I was surprised at the things that I found and learned. The town of New England had been the last stop, the end of the line for what was known as the “Milwaukee Road” railroad.

Due to nostalgia and the great enthusiasm that some people have for railroads, there is an abundance of information on the “Milwaukee Road” railroad. This railroad company filed for bankruptcy in 1977, and the railroad tracks themselves were kind of abandoned by 1982. I say “kind of abandoned”, because I have not yet been able to determine if in addition to railroad tracks having obviously been torn up, if the land easements were sold off or turned over to anyone.

What I was trying to find out, was where the Milwaukee Road railroad had been, and whether or not the railroad bed/easement was something that I could ride on with my motorcycle. Had the land been turned over to local farmers since 1982?

The following internet site was one of the most useful in obtaining information about the Milwaukee Road railroad, more officially known as the “Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad”:

The internet site given in the link above has information on all of the railroads that were built in North Dakota. Using some of the menu options, first selecting “Milwaukee Road”, then “System Map (1966)”, here is a 1966 map that shows the railroad line to New England, North Dakota, and that this line was was completed in 1910:

If you click on the link to this 1966 Milwaukee Road railroad system map, in order to see the railroad line as it travels from New England, to Regent, to Mott, you will probably have to go to the three vertical dots on the upper righthand corner of your browser, and enlarge your computer screen all the way up to 300%.

What I also found, was on the following MapQuest map, there is a light grey color line, that goes from New England, to Regent, to Mott, showing the route of the abandoned Milwaukee Road railroad line. Please click on this link, and then zoom-in using the map icon until you can see the light grey color line exiting New England heading southeast.

When you look at this MapQuest map after having zoomed-in to New England, and if you follow the light grey color line to Regent, you will realize that New England, Regent, and Mott were laid out around the railroad line. This is important, did you know that the North Dakota towns of New England, Regent, and Mott were actually created and platted by the Milwaukee Road railroad company?

When writing this blog post article, and trying to explain/document what I learned, I accidentally found something that is much more important than this blog post article, it is an online digital scan of the “Standard Atlas, Hettinger County, ND, 1917”:

I can’t believe that I found this 1917 Standard Atlas of Hettinger County!

The reason why I am so excited, if you click on or type in the “digitial horizons online” website address for this 1917 Hettinger County Atlas, it shows EVERY forgotten town, and its PLAT!!!

From page 9 of this 1917 Hettinger County Atlas, it shows the plat of the town of New England, please look at this plat and see that all of the land is labelled “Milwaukee Land Co’s”:

Overpriced Houses In Dickinson, North Dakota

During the past year, nearly half a dozen times I have been tempted to write this blog post article about overpriced houses for sale in Dickinson, North Dakota. I was even thinking about writing a weekly or bi-weekly article titled, “This Week’s Award For The Most Overpriced House In Dickinson”.

What got me going, was that there was a 5br/3ba house for sale in Dickinson that was listed for $600K. I thought, $600K? $600K for a house in Dickinson? Who are these people, where do they think they are, and what are they thinking? Did the real estate agent talk them into this?

Before I go any further, I need to explain to readers who live outside of this area, that Dickinson experienced the North Dakota oil boom from 2007-2015. During the first several years of this oil boom, housing prices and rents doubled. But by 2011, housing prices and rents had quadrupled.

When the price of oil went from over $100 per barrel in 2014, down to less than $50 per barrel in 2015, that killed the North Dakota oil boom. Oil companies began to shut down oil wells that were producing, and cease drilling operations because they could not make any profit on oil when the price was below $60 per barrel.

Initially in 2015-2016 there many oil field workers and even many non-oilfield workers who were let go from their employment. Many of these workers left, because these people could not see that there was any work for them in this area. This exit migration of people at the end of the North Dakota oil boom created an instant surplus of housing for sale and for rent.

Beyond 2017, it became more and more clear every day that the oil boom was not coming back to North Dakota. More people continued to move away from this area, which caused the local economy to shrink a little more.

In this area of western North Dakota, it is sparsely populated, with barren vacant grasslands where the wind sometimes exceeds 100 mph, and the temperature in Winter falls below -50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a desirable place to live for most people. In North Dakota, there is no beach, professional sports teams, car racing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, or hardly any kind of entertainment or place to go.

With the exodus of people from the Dickinson area after the end of the oil boom, the surplus of housing, most of the high paying jobs being eliminated, no one wanting to live here or move here in the first place, how could someone try to get $600K for their 5br/3ba home, that was not even very nice?

I was going to mock and ridicule this homeowner and the real estate agent who listed this home for $600K, but I wanted to look into this situation a little more to find out what was going on. I am glad that I did look into this more closely, because what I found was that this wasn’t just a matter of these people being stupid, it was also a matter of the homeowner being desperate.

I used the address of this home for sale, to find out who the owners were. Once I found out who the owners were, I looked them up on the internet, including the North Dakota court repository. Unfortunately, when there is a divorce/child custody/child support court case that gets contested and moves through the court of appeals, many of the details get reported in the public record. This was the case here.

I was able to find out that a young, newly married husband and wife in their mid to late twenties purchased this home early in the North Dakota oil boom, around 2009-2010 I think it was. The husband had an unusually good job for someone his age, with an oil company here in Dickinson. I believe he was earning about $125K per year.

Off the top of my head, I think that this couple separated and filed for divorce in about 2014, just before the end of the oil boom, that no one knew was coming. His child support assessment was something like $30K per year. Then in 2015, due to the price collapse of oil, he lost his job, and the oil company the he had been working for filed for bankruptcy.

This ex-husband who was now in his early 30s, who had lost his job with an oil company, he was not able to find another job. He began the process of legally appealing his child support determination, because he had very little money, no income, and probably a large amount of legal fees.

I was glad that I found out who these home owners were, so that I didn’t mock and ridicule them in a blog post article. Their circumstances required them to try to get as much as possible from the sale of their home. However, still, what the fuck were they and their real estate agent thinking? Who in Dickinson has that much money? Maybe a medical doctor, but why would a medical doctor want to spend $600K on a house in Dickinson that isn’t even very nice?

What this particular real estate listing did at that time, was immediately inspire some other dumb-ass in Dickinson to list their rather ordinary unappealing older home for $600K. Some people in Dickinson thought that this was a “thing” now.

I would kind of like for homeowners and real estate agents in Dickinson to paint a picture for me of the imaginary buyer they have in their heads that is going to race from Los Angeles straight to Dickinson with $600K in cash. Why Dickinson?, in North Dakota?

Some time has passed since I became discombobulated by the $600K house “thing” in Dickinson. Until today, when I looked up a house that just went for sale around the corner from where I live. Where I live, a year ago I was able to buy a small, plain, one hundred year old house on a double lot for $50K. The larger house that I had looked at a few blocks away was $85K. A few months ago, a very nice 4br/2ba home one block away from me, the asking price was dropped to $80K. So I wanted to know, how much was the house that was just listed for sale near me?…….Over $400K! What!

Why does this matter to me? I have asked myself why this matters to me, why does this bother me, and I have realized four of five reasons. My first reason, is that I have seen this kind of thing before where everyone begins to believe that their house is worth double, which mostly just results in first-time home buyers needlessly being excluded from buying a home. It doesn’t result in everyone being able to sell their house for double, it results in very few people being able to sell their house, and first-time buyers not being able to afford any house.

Reason number two, between the 1940s to the early 1980s, single-family homes in blue-collar neighborhoods cost on average, twice the annual family income. Once real estate investors and real estate agents began to normalize grabbing up and trying to profit off of normal human beings trying to live in a home, not only did they cause the single-family home to cost on average three-four times the annual family income, mom had to begin working full-time, then by the 1990s both mom & dad had to work overtime in order to afford a single-family home.

Reason number three, real estate agents are not the smartest people in the World, they are often so greedy that they can’t even think normally or rationally. If a real estate agent really thought this situation through, where there is a nice 4br/2ba home a couple of blocks away for $80K that hasn’t sold in the past several months, several other nice 4br/2ba homes nearby at less than $150K that have not sold, and a couple of huge, 2-story, nice looking, recently updated homes at $400K that haven’t sold in over a year, why would a real estate agent think that there is a demand in this area, buyers in this area, or buyers with money in this area?

Reason four, I can’t understand why a home owner would go through the effort of listing and trying to sell their home, and create a situation where a sale is almost impossible. If the home owner wants to move away and start a new life somewhere else, needs the proceeds from this house sale to pay for a new house somewhere else, or needs to sell this house to pay off debt, why would they sabotage themselves by setting the price so high to make a sale impossible?

Lastly, I wonder what goes on in other people’s minds. What is their understanding and perception of reality? Do they know and understand that the oil boom is over? Do they know that very, very few people in this area earn over $100K per year? Can they look around and see the houses that surround them, that almost all of the houses that surround them are less than $200K houses? Even if there was a medical doctor who could afford over $400K for a house and was looking, why would this doctor purchase a house in this blue-collar neighborhood where the houses range from $50K-$200K?