A Few Videos Of December Storm In New England North Dakota

For readers who don’t know, North Dakota is very sparsely populated. The entire state has less than 800,000 people. In the southwest corner of North Dakota, the largest city is Dickinson, with 25,000 people. Surrounding Dickinson are more than a dozen towns with populations ranging from 30 to 1,000 people: South Heart, Belfield, New Hradec, Manning, Killdeer, Gladstone, Richardton, Taylor, Lefor, Regent, Mott, Hettinger, Reeder, Scranton, Amidon, New England.

Taking New England, North Dakota for example, with a population of 500 people, I think that the vast majority of people in the United States can’t imagine how quiet, uneventful, slow-paced life is. What makes it even more quiet, is when a winter storm causes people to stay home. Traffic goes from a normal daytime rate of one vehicle driving past a house every ten minutes, to one vehicle per hour.

At night during a winter snow storm, once it gets past about 8:00 p.m., everyone in New England is home for good. No traffic at all after that, maybe not even until 10:00 a.m. the following day.

On Monday evening December 12, there began a winter snow storm in southwest North Dakota, that was expected to be just short of a blizzard. The winds would be just below 35 mph, and visibility would be slightly above 1/2 mile. On Tuesday there was about 12″ of snow fall. After staying inside all day Tuesday, out of boredom I got up at 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning to make some videos showing how still it was outside. Here are some of these videos:

New England North Dakota 1st Avenue 12/14/22

New England North Dakota McKenzie Avenue 12/14/22

New England North Dakota Main Street 12/14/22

New England North Dakota driving to Main Avenue 12/14/22

Driving south from Dickinson on Hwy 22 toward New England 12/14/22

3 thoughts on “A Few Videos Of December Storm In New England North Dakota

  1. Would you be able to divulge what happened to the previous interesting blog post about a certain social media personality, which was taken down fairly rapidly?


    1. In reply to Alderete,

      To answer your question about why I took my previous blog post down after a very short time: This YouTube personality had posted a couple of videos showing renovations that she was doing to the interior of her new house in California. I thought that I had enough clues to be able to identify this house by performing a search of recently sold homes in California using a website such as Realty.com.

      There were a tremendous number of homes sold in California, but I thought that the most important search refinement parameters on Realty.com recently sold houses were the requirements that it be over 75 years old and less than $400K. I thought that it was going to be fairly easy to spot the “Craftsman” house that matched, but it wasn’t easy, I couldn’t find it. I tried several different combinations of search refinements, but I couldn’t find it.

      Someone gave me information that the reason why I wasn’t finding it on Realty.com, was because I was searching single-family homes, but it was actually listed under multi-family homes. Eventually, I found a “Craftsman” house that was about 100 years old, with three other houses on the 0.75 acre property. I was trying to match a large “Craftsman” front window with a certain style framing, and this was a match. This property also had a three-bay commercial auto-repair garage on the property, which matched one of the views outside of this YouTuber’s new house. I used Google Earth View and Google Street View to see the property more clearly, beyond the Realty.com photographs. Plus, this YouTuber recently said that in the future she was going to begin making “car repair videos”, which made sense because she now appeared to own an auto-repair garage on her property. So much of this 0.75 acre property matched, I believed that this was it, and I wrote my article describing this property.

      When I got finished writing my article, I was still bothered by the roof line of an adjacent house shown in one of her videos not matching any of the three other houses on her property, I could not find a matching tree shown out the window in one of her videos, and I couldn’t find a matching house down the street shown in one of her videos. I tried half a dozen more times to compare the Realty.com photos, the Google Earth View, and the Google Street view, to what was shown in her YouTube videos. It was so, so close, there could have been recent construction done since the Realty.com photos and Google imagery was taken, but the current tree out the window, and the current house down the street, I couldn’t make it match.

      I don’t want to ever publish incorrect information, so I removed the blog post article within about 6 hours of posting it. I believed that I had better wait until she makes more YouTube videos showing her new house, and try again. This 0.75 acre property had so much going on, she could have had YouTube content from it for the next ten years, I swear it was just like the show “Sanford & Son” and “Chico And The Man” combined, I expected an “Aunt Esther”, “Grady”, “Julio” character to be showing up in her YouTube videos.

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      1. Many thanks for your response. It will be interesting to see the location when it can be found exactly.
        In the meantime, the quality level of her videos and the mental age of the commenters seems to have reached new lows…..if that were possible.
        You could join the $100/mth level on her Patreon channel and thus qualify for a personalized video message!
        Currently 224 members are indicated, and if they all have the cheapest $5/month deal with discount, and deducting 5% Patreon commission, that is a little under 1000$/mth taxable income.
        That is not much compensation for showing all the intimate details of her bedroom, bathroom, clothes closet, other possessions, preparation of disgusting cheap food and everything else. And the my-face-in-your-face presentation style. Exhibitionist in my view.


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