Hello.  Thank you for reading my blog.  I wanted to write this blog to inform people from out of state, what it is like to live in Dickinson, North Dakota, to give them the truth, so that they are prepared if they choose to come, or perhaps they will choose not to come once they find out what it will be like.  Secondly, people in Dickinson who have lived here for a short while can read my blog to get some information, and see that they are not alone in trying to figure out what is going on.  Lastly, people who have lived in Dickinson for most of their lives can see what other people think of their town, and what other people experience in Dickinson.

I am in my forties.  I have lived and worked in seven different states.  I have worked in healthcare, construction, engineering, oil field, and government.  I have worked as a laborer, a foreman, a supervisor, a manager, and as a business owner.

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  1. Hello Citizen,

    There are a few fallacious statements throughout your blog, mainly hasty generalizations; however, the vast majority of what you have written here rings true enough to forgive a few frustrated exaggerations. I was born and raised here and I’ve never really fit in all that well. I can fake it somewhat, but it’s draining.

    Dickinson is a college town with a modest number of people that hold degrees (earn is a term I use loosely given the state of our education system), but apparently in all those years of school nobody mentioned that isn’t the end. I attended one year of college level education toward a Computer Information Systems Degree through DeVry. I opted for a good mix of generals and focused courses such as logic and programming, C+, a math refresher, english, psychology and nutrition. I maintained a 4.0 GPA until the last half of my last semester, where I failed to turn in a project with which I wasn’t satisfied.

    That may seem like a silly decision at first glance, a feeling of discontent was beginning to brew. In high school I wasn’t big on homework. I tested well most of the time and had a fairly average GPA with a dip here and a spike there. So what gives? Did I suddenly become more responsible, was I really this bright all along, or were the courses just a bit too easy? I lean toward the latter. I wasn’t about to continue paying in excess of 15k per year for a fancy piece of paper when I have access to equivalent or superior information for the cost of my internet connection. It is that moment that a term I had heard in class clicked, life long learning. I was then most definitely not continuing that sham. Outside of vocational and a handful of other knowledge-centric fields, virtually all those remaining are better suited to apprenticeships, or in house training geared toward the industries specific requirements. They have to do that anyway to some extent. It’s a gimmick we’ve been conditioned to accept, one that few people pause to critically analyze.

    I mean no disrespect to people that hold degrees. I’m sure some percentage of those people did take education seriously, earned those degrees and continue the admirable search for greater knowledge and understanding to this day. I certainly haven’t stopped.

    The reason I touched on that particular subject is to lend credence to what follows. The supposed educated among us here are none too bright, certainly there are exceptions. There is a pervasive taint of mediocrity in Dickinson, and the concept of accountability is all, but unknown. Businesses get away with shoddy work performed by trainees, improperly trained staff or staff that ought to be eliminated. Yet, they will charge a premium rate. As you have mentioned, they keep wages as low as they can. I’ve heard people around here refer to employees as an expense. Employees are not an expense, they are an investment. Raises are typically underwhelming, one size fits nobody, formulas. That’s another example of a lack of engagement by owners and managers. Evaluations tend to be the employee vs employer. Most of the time they have no idea about how well you perform or all the extra things you do, but they do have the time sheet that shows every time you punched in 3 minutes late. Oddly, the negatives are weighed twice as heavy as the positives, resulting in the middle of the road or lowest raise. My, I feel valued and that my efforts are paying off. 3 weeks later I accept a 1-2 dollar upgrade elsewhere.

    I overheard a guy complaining about losing workers to another company for a measly dollar raise, as if the employee was somehow in the wrong. If they were proficient, give them the dollar. When they are only paying 12 to 15, 1 dollar is significant.

    What good is an “education” that one does not draw from, maintain and build upon? Throughout my life I have been stricken with an unsettling realization as I observed those around me. Eventually I recognized the sensation through the recounting of another’s experience, I have nothing in common with these people. It’s not that I’m this unique special snowflake, I just have a perspective and system of beliefs that are drastically different and often opposed. It creates friction.

    Somewhere amidst this I discovered a video titled, “The Price of the Lie” on Youtube by ThinkingApe (aka Stardusk). We live in a society that requires us to lie. Human beings need to be lied to. We lie to ourselves and to others and demand everyone’s participation. Despite how we feel, despite what we are surrounded with, we are expected to be positive to leave a positive impression on others. As if we are to fake it well enough and we avoid having to look at the failing economy, the cronyism in our city council, the decay of our society and education, the failure of feminism, the failing family unit and subsequent dilution of masculinity, the obfuscation of femininity, etc., it’ll all just work out somehow. No, it’ll implode. I didn’t get to this juncture by blaming others or externalizing my failures. I looked within and realized that I can’t change others, I can share information, give them the tools and teach them how they function, but they have to make the choice to use them, they have to change themselves. We should be aware of as many conditions that affect us as we can, but we should only focus on the aspects that we can influence. I can only affect change upon myself and my personal environment, therefore the best method to encourage change in others is to be the change you want to see and hope it reflects outward and proliferates. Therein lies an important observation, that is our only hope, yet virtually seals our fate, because millions of people aren’t going to suddenly wake up one day motivated, energized and, you know, not morally and intellectually disengaged.

    “…People are actually not robots, we all have moments of weakness. The difference between a man going his own way and another man ( for example that has never given any thought to any of these ideas ) the difference is crucial, that difference is the fact that we understand when we have those moments of weakness, where it’s coming from, what it’s relationship is to us and the rest of the world, and these other men, they are fucking lost at sea. Luckily for them they are so practiced and rehearsed in the circus game of lies and pretense and faery, that they’ve been spending decades participating in, in some cases, tbatvthey just keep going on and on and on. They don’t bat an eyelash. Sometimes it does all come crashing down. Some very famous cases are divorce, loss of children, loss of offspring, the loss of financial assets. It all comes crashing down and you just can’t fake that smile anymore and all of a sudden all your friends are gone, nobody wants to hang out with you anymore and you’re all fucking alone and you’re cryin’ on the fucking cold, dusty wooden floor of your shitty flat, and yeah. That’s when it hits you, man who is not going his own way, and it will hit you eventually. The difference, once again, is that my friend and other men who experience moments of weakness recognize them for what they are and draw strength from them. See, we know that it’s all a big fucking lie, the rituals humans engage in. Human beings just can’t afford to be honest with each other. They’re afraid to offend, they’re afraid to exclude, they’re afraid of this of that and they all want to be part of it. Well, I don’t want to be part of it, because I recognized a long time ago that it compromised who I was and who I am and I refuse…”

    People choose their feel good fakery over what actually is. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, then does evil cease? Of course not. Drastic times call for drastic measures, seizing the Town Hall and demanding new representation would be a good start. Private business and public office do not mix. It ought to be illegal, one or the other.


  2. Thanks for your blog! You have a very interesting perspective on Dickinson. I’m going on a road trip this summer and am planning to stop in Dickinson. This blog makes me even more curious.


    1. Josh,

      Thank you for your compliment. I realized as soon as I started writing my blog, that I would have to write anonymously if I was going to be able to write what I thought about Dickinson. Some of what I wrote, I was venting my personal anger about Dickinson, but other things that I wrote, I wanted to help people, and I wanted to change things in Dickinson for the better.

      I don’t want to let anyone know my name, so that people can’t easily harass and interfere with me. I don’t want people to try to harass my employer to pressure him into not letting me work, or harass clients/customers to pressure them into not letting me work. Inevitably, I will have written enough for people to figure out who I am, but I don’t want that to happen too soon because there are some more things that I want to write about, and I want to stay in Dickinson long enough to see that the mean, greedy, hostile people get what is coming to them.

      I am sorry that I can’t give out my name. Feel free to comment about what you think, I don’t edit comments, so people can say what they think.


  3. You should quit writing so much about black men impregnating as many women as possible in order to change Dickinson. This sounds crazy, and it takes away from the credibility of the other things that you write about.


    1. Concerned,

      Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I want to accomplish three things: One, black men might move to Dickinson and impregnate as many women as possible, and thus change Dickinson; Two, I will annoy the mean greedy white men land owners, property owners, and business owners by making them believe that their property will be inherited by black children; Three, I want to draw attention to the fact that Dickinson needs to change, the property owners, land owners, and business owners can not continue to be so mean and greedy, it can’t go on, it is killing the growth of Dickinson.


    2. Naw. That’s the thing to do in this day and age. Da Whyt Man be on da way out.

      Yup, stick it to “Da Whyt Man” And Whyt men better like it too, or else they bees Ray-Sis. And I knows you’re not Ray-Sis are you???


  4. that is you and your writting haha https://goo.gl/66NffA this guy writing is just like yours
    (Readers, this is Dickinson58601, I approved this comment after I copied and pasted this link into my browser, this link takes you to a YouTube video of the comedian Gavin McInnes. The link appears to be O.K. Also, I like the comedian Gavin McInnes.)


  5. Well this blog certainly is something else. I moved to Dickinson in 2013, I am a female and have seen and experienced many things in Dickinson. In the peak of the boom yes many people were living in their cars and on the streets because Dickinson did not have the infrastructure to hold that many people. It took a few years but they have finally caught up. Housing prices were very inflated but have come down. I did noticed that many locals did have the mentality that every outsider was “oil field trash” and I had been called that myself from another female who was a local. Many locals did not like the influx of people and didn’t want to change much. Dickinson isn’t terrible, as a female in her late 20s I feel safe here, it has become my home, friends have turned into family, many many Dickinson people are very caring and friendly. You will find a bad egg in every community, it is how you choose to react to them.


    1. Yes, I made friends in Dickinson too, some local people and some out of state people.

      In the neighborhood where I lived in Dickinson for more than three years that was made up of long time local residents, I saw just about every neighbor needing help in some way, and every neighbor withhold help.

      The oldest neighbors needing physical help, and hardly ever getting any help. So many neighbors having equipment and expertise in one area, the next neighbor having equipment and expertise in a different area, the next neighbor in a different area, and no one helping each other, or cooperating with each other, to the point that some of them literally almost die or get killed each year from not getting help when they need it. I have never seen anything like this. It is almost like greed, pride, and arrogance that makes them not want to help anyone, but when there is really nothing to be greedy about any more and they honestly need help, they still have this pride and arrogance where they won’t ask for help either.

      I have seldom encountered friendliness in the local people. I have and do frequently encounter hatred, hostility, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, pride, arrogance, deceit, treachery, undermining, plotting, scheming, and slovenness.


  6. The sum total of what you know about the constitution, police procedure, and citizen’s rights could fit in the anal pore of a paramecium. Payne and his watch commander should have been fired as of yesterday. I am retired law enforcement. They are a disgrace to every active officer in the United States.


    1. John,

      Where have you been? Everywhere I have lived, there has been theft of firearms and drugs from police evidence, police selling items from evidence, law enforcement selling narcotics, law enforcement seriously injuring and killing people, law enforcement having sex with prostitutes in order to make an arrest or just taking advantage of prostitutes, law enforcement having sex with minors, law enforcement allowing informants to commit crimes and looking the other way so long as they inform on other people. I don’t even think that you have ever been in law enforcement, because apparently you have no idea what goes on in law enforcement. When law enforcement officers begin breaking the law, it is not applying the law of interfering with a police investigation, putting them in handcuffs, not hurting them, and putting them in a police car for twenty minutes.

      A fifty year old police detective applies the law on interfering with a police investigation, and handcuffs a nurse and puts her in a police car for twenty minutes, and you act like this is a big deal? This is nothing, this is nothing in comparison to what goes on every day in the United States and the world. This is nothing in comparison to what an actual use of excessive force looks like, which results in a black eye, broken nose, bloodied lip, and bruising. This is so inconsequential, insignificant, and a non-event. If this is the worst thing that a police officer ever did in his career, he would be the most innocent and saintly police officer there ever was.

      Every day in the United States police pull drivers over for speeding, not using a turn signal, license plate light out, and they could not care less, they are making a stop in order to discover something else to charge somebody with, interfering with their right to travel freely. The police know it, the drivers know it. There is a great deal of profiling people which is illegal, the police know it, the drivers know it. In any city or town, the police do what they do, and it doesn’t involve hourly discussions of the Constitution.

      The police mostly have to deal with shit: disorderly drunks, drunk drivers, people out of their minds on drugs, assaults, stabbings, shootings, burglary, robbery, domestic violence. All the police want to do is handle the situation at hand as effectively as possible without themselves getting hurt, and without anybody else getting hurt. The police don’t show up and ponder the constitutionality of the situation, the legal merits, the latest court precedents, they just want to handle what they have in front of them. It is always the case, always, if someone is getting in their way and interfering with what they are doing, that person is likely to end up sitting in the back of a police car, everyone knows this, and this is the way it needs to be in order to keep people from interfering with police.

      If the people who write these complaints about police officers, think that they are going to get constitutional lawyers and human rights activists to become law enforcement officers, this is not going to work. The constitutional lawyers, human rights activists, and people who write comments are good at criticizing police who put there lives and careers at risk every day by responding immediately and making decisions immediately. You can’t always stand back and take your time thinking about the situtation, delay action, do nothing, and try to have a long discussion about the constitution or people’s rights.


  7. Hi!

    This is the douchiest blog I’ve ever wasted my time reading. You sir are a poor excuse of a human being. You are what is wrong with America! I feel sorry for you.


  8. I, sir,originally come from the Boston, Mass. area – That’s New England, not the New England 30 miles south of Dickinson. I married a Dickinson daughter of a native businessman. She went to school through high school in Dickinson and then went to college in Montana and later her teaching degree in U of Washington. We still love each other although we are close to 80 years old

    We try to visit Dickinson at least twice a year and we always have old school friends of my wife to dinner. I find the people of Dickinson just wonderful. We like the August weather and the Christmas through New Years weather.

    I think you are fortunate where you live.


    1. Thomas D Oleson,

      How many nights have you slept in your car in a Wal-Mart parking lot, not a motorhome, but a car, in a parking lot, overnight? How many nights have you slept in a car in a Truck Stop parking lot, and paid $8 and waited a couple of hours for your chance to take a shower in a Truck Stop shower? When not on vacation, but when you are working or trying to work to support your family, how many times have you slept on the ground, in the bushes, beside the railroad tracks, beside a drainage ditch, or at the back of a Truck Stop parking lot? Thomas, you have never lived through or experienced what the out of state workers experienced in North Dakota.

      If your pay after taxes were taken out was $3,000 per month, how could you afford to pay $2,000 per month for apartment rent, then pay for utilities, food, gas, car insurance, pay for clothes, and car repairs with only $1,000 left after rent was paid each month?

      Why don’t you ask someone who is working age, who came to work in North Dakota between 2007 to 2015, what they experienced in North Dakota. Better yet, why don’t you come and live in Dickinson permanently?


    1. Tom,
      It looks like you are referring me to a website link that I wanted to find, but could not. The “lawnflowers jerky and bigboots” website was created I believe by a university biologist, Department of Agriculture biologist, or Department of Game & Fish biologist. This was a very, very important website for Bigfoot researchers as it includes verified actual newspaper articles going back over 150 years with Bigfoot sightings reports. I don’t know why the author abandoned his website, it looks like he tried to make it kind of obscure in the first place.

      Thank you for this link. I am sorry to say that I was half a second away from deleting your comment because it looked like a spam comment for Viagra, Cialis, or Nike athletic shoes like I often get.


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