How Much Work It Is To Be A Professional Dancer

There are many reasons why I wanted to share this video that shows how much work it is to be a professional dancer.

I am sorry that I am living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  One of the bad things about Dickinson, is that the women here don’t have discipline, a good work ethic, self-awareness, an understanding of their body, poise, grace, forbearance (patient self-control), and an appreciation for beauty.  For young women, dance classes can teach all of these things.

If dance classes are done correctly, all of the students must show up on time.  They must dress uniformly in almost identical leotards.  They must shut up, keep quiet, and listen to instruction.  There is warm-up and stretching, followed by exercises, which are difficult and must be performed accurately to the standard.

The showing up on time, keeping quiet, and performing difficult exercises accurately, this requires and teaches discipline.  The warm-up, stretching, and difficult exercises, this gives women self-awareness and an understanding of their body.

From the instructor pointing it out to them, the students seeing themselves in the mirror, and seeing other women perform the exercises accurately, women can come to understand the difference between hanging their head down and keeping their head erect;  controlling their arms or letting their arms flap aimlessly; letting their belly sag or having a tight stomach; stomping around flat-footed or stepping lightly;  being off-balance or being centered.

Most young women who take dance classes begin to understand the difference between trying hard and not trying, paying attention and not paying attention, learning something and not learning it, looking poised or looking like a pig, moving gracefully or moving like a cow.  Most young women seek to improve and do better.

Often young women find a whole new awareness of themselves, their bodies, what they are capable of, what they look like in comparison to others or the ideal figure, what they need to work on, what they would like to improve, and a purpose to work for completely apart from food, clothes, gossip, boys, fitting-in, and that purpose is themselves and improving themselves.

In this video, this young professional dancer shows her daily routine, where she wakes up at 6:30 a.m., goes to yoga class at 6:45 a.m., begins her dance classes and rehearsals at 9:30 a.m, finishes her dance classes and rehearsals at 5:00 p.m., then she begins getting into makeup for her nightly performance at 6:30 p.m.

Most of the women in Dickinson don’t even shower or get dressed in the morning, they just roll out of bed in their sweatpants, get in their Chevy or Pontiac with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, waddle across the parking lot at their job with their arms flapping like whale flippers, and then scowl and sneer at people trying to look ugly, tossing their head and gnashing their teeth menacingly like a wild boar, because that is what they were taught.

And Now, For Something Completely Different, Alice Phoebe Lou

Watch this video first:

The performer in this video above calls herself Alice Phoebe Lou.  Her real name is Alice Matthew, and she was born in July of 1993 in South Africa.  She grew up on the west coast of South Africa near Cape Town.  Her mother and father were documentary film makers.

In 2010 when she was 17 years old, on her summer break from an arts high school in South Africa, she went to stay with her aunt in Paris, and there she began to have an interest in becoming a street performer.  One year later when she graduated from high school, she traveled to Amsterdam, and then to Berlin, and began performing as a street musician.

In Berlin, her solo street performances attracted many tourists and passers-by, who were impressed by her youth, beauty, unique style, strong voice, and energy.  She quickly became well-known and popular, not just in Berlin, but around the World from tourists videoing her with their phones, uploading these videos, and sharing them.

For her first several years as a music performer, she declined offers from record companies to sign her as an artist, promote her, and produce records.  It appears that during this time she preferred to perform at music festivals in Europe and North America.

In reading her own website, recent interviews that she gave in 2018 and 2019, and other reviews, I became sick and tired of seeing the same bullshit about her, and I became just as tired and bored with the over-produced music videos of her.

The best thing about Alice is the lightness of her physique and youth, contrasted with her strong voice and energy, combined with her unique style of singing other people’s songs.  And she is pretty.

The best way of seeing her, is when she is performing live at music festivals.  Here is one more video of her, that shows her personality, but this particular song is for mature audiences:

Another Reason Why Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Prison Work Camp, Lack Of Medical Care

In my previous blog post I wrote that Dickinson, North Dakota is a prison work camp because I keep getting stopped by the Police.  In the past two years, I have been stopped by the Police in Dickinson, more than in my entire previous forty-eight years of life.

Another reason why Dickinson, North Dakota is a prison work camp, is because of the lack of medical care.

In 2014-2015, the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Dickinson was closed and the new St. Alexius Hospital on the west side of Dickinson was opened.  Though the new St. Alexius Hospital cost approximately $75-$100 million to construct, it is an empty shell, a facade, and a sham, in several different ways.

For instance, if anyone with a serious medical condition arrives at the new St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson, the hospital staff won’t hesitate to put that patient on the 100 mile, $40,000 helicopter ride to Bismarck, because they know that they aren’t capable of handling this patient with the medical staff and equipment that they have here.  Knowing this, many people in southwest North Dakota travel directly to Bismarck in an emergency, even though Dickinson is 100 miles closer.

What is wrong with the new St. Alexius Hospital, the equipment, and the medical staff?  This great big sprawling facade of a building, was meant to be a monument to the Catholic Church, just like a cathedral.  Rather than using the construction money for necessity, functionality, and efficiency in a medical building, they built a great big hollow temple monument.

The great big sprawling empty facade St. Alexius Hospital besides being a monument to the Catholic Church, was also a jobs program for the Catholic Church.  “Good Catholics” from the Catholic School system were awarded administrative jobs, though they held no degree in business administration, nor healthcare.  Nurses, who had nasty dispositions and an unfriendly manner, who would never be hired elsewhere, filled most of the nursing positions at the St. Alexius Hospital because they were local Catholics.

Medical Doctors, who can see what Dickinson is like, see what the St. Alexius Hospital administrators are like, and see what the St. Alexius Hospital nurses are like, take a pass on working in Dickinson, unless they have gotten into trouble elsewhere and don’t have any choices left.  Even the medical doctors with a troubled past don’t stay in Dickinson very long.

Most local people in Dickinson know better than to go to the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson.  They choose to go to Bismarck if they think that have something seriously wrong, or they go to Sanford Health in Dickinson if they think that their condition is not a severe emergency that requires driving to Bismarck.

Even though the medical staff, nurses, and doctors at Sanford Health are at a much higher professional level than the Catholic jobs-program staff at the St. Alexius Hospital, Sanford Health is a get-em-in and get-em-out quick type of operation, not at all like seeing a traditional family practice medical doctor who wants to know and understand his patients.

When I have needed medical care in Dickinson, I have found that I was shit-out-of-luck.  When I had a sudden, fast growing mole appear on my back, which looked and acted like a carcinoma, I couldn’t get an appointment with a dermatologist in North Dakota, not even in Bismarck, any sooner than six months.  I had to drive 750 miles one-way to Idaho in order to see a dermatologist the following week, who examined this mole, and froze it off for $100.

I have had severe allergy attacks in North Dakota, where my eyes swell shut and are so sensitive to light that I can not see.  I explained to the medical doctor that I saw at the Sanford Health clinic that my allergy attacks are so severe, that I thought that I needed something like epinephrine, which people who are allergic to bee stings use.

This young lady medical doctor was working as a “locum tenens”, a temporary doctor used to fill a staff shortage.  Her home was in Florida.  She didn’t understand what I was saying, she didn’t know what I was talking about, and she prescribed me some useless medication that didn’t work, that cost over $200 to cover only one or two allergy attacks.  She made some remark about “when I see my primary care physician”, because she was too young and dumb to know that this is it, this is all that there is in North Dakota, this visit with her is all the medical care that I am going to get in North Dakota.

Last week, I had an allergy attack that was so bad, not only did my eyes swell shut to where I could not see, I began to have trouble breathing, and I didn’t know if I was going to die.  In a panic because I began to not be able to breathe, I was about to call an ambulance, but I didn’t want to go to the St. Alexius Hospital because those fucking ham-fisted, fat, scowling, battle-axe, bitch Catholic women would only make it worse.  Stupid fuckers would take my blood and try to make me have a CT-scan or MRI, just to pay for their machine, even though I was having an allergic reaction.

Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Prison Work Camp

After six years of living in Dickinson, North Dakota, the best way to describe it, is that it is a prison work camp.  I want to begin this blog post by telling about my most constant reminder that I am in prison.

When I was living in Florida and got my driver’s license when I was sixteen years old, to when I moved away from Florida when I was thirty-two years old, in those sixteen years, I was stopped by the Police a total of three times.  The three times that I was stopped, I was speeding.  In those sixteen years, I commonly drove over the speed limit, and I often went out to bars until 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday night.

From when I was thirty-two years old to forty-two years old, living in Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho, I was stopped by the Police a total of two times.  Once for speeding in Arizona, and once for a truck headlight being out in Idaho.

In comparison to being stopped twice by the Police in ten years of living in Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho, I have been stopped by Law Enforcement in North Dakota twice in the past thirty days.

In comparison to being stopped three times by the Police in sixteen years of living in Florida, I have been stopped by Law Enforcement in North Dakota more than three times in this past year.

In the past two years of living in North Dakota, I have been stopped by Law Enforcement more times than in my previous thirty-two years of driving.

I dread going anywhere in North Dakota, especially just going to the grocery store, going to work, or coming home from work.  In the past thirty days, while I was driving at the speed limit, not doing anything wrong, Law Enforcement that was travelling in the opposite direction, has made a U-turn after passing me, in order to come after me.

What Law Enforcement is trying to do, is stop me, ask me questions, and look in my vehicle in order to get me for something.

Every two or three days, the Dickinson Press newspaper has an article titled “Police Blotter” or “Crime & Courts”.  In these articles that are published every two or three days, there are typically ten to fifteen individuals named who have been charged with the following:

“…driving while license suspended, failure to carry liability insurance, possession of meth (misdemeanor), possession of meth paraphernalia (felony)…”

Dickinson has a horrible methamphetamine problem, and along with it, a terrible theft problem too.  I have had to call the Police on May 28, June 6, June 15, and June 25 regarding theft where I live in downtown Dickinson.

I understand what Law Enforcement is doing in North Dakota, trying to deal with and stop the methamphetamine and theft problem, by stopping motorists who appear to be just ordinary workers.  Law Enforcement is not making a U-turn on Villard Street to come after anyone in a new Ford F150, new Chevy 1500, new Dodge 1500, or new Suburban, lest they irritate or inconvenience someone who matters.

Most of the people in Dickinson are uneducated blue-collar workers, laborers, construction workers, welders, plumbers, electricians, equipment operators, truck drivers, and fair game to be pulled over by Law Enforcement at any time, because they are probably drunk, high, or driving on a suspended license.

Living here in Dickinson, is far, far from normal, and like no place else that I have ever lived, except for another oil field town in Texas.  There is very little to do here in Dickinson, and nowhere to go.  The women here are ugly, ugly, ugly, and mean.  No normal women will stay here.  And prostitution in not allowed.

You are just an inmate here in Dickinson, and you have to understand that this place is a prison work camp.  I understand what Law Enforcement is trying to do, but I am so tired of living like a black convict in a prison labor camp.

Oops, More Theft Where I Live In Downtown Dickinson, North Dakota

I got tired of writing about, and my readers got tired of hearing about the successful thefts and attempted thefts where I live in downtown Dickinson during May, June, and July.

The last theft that I covered, was the primer-grey color Honda Civic that got stolen from the Drug House at the end of the street where I live on July 14.

On Sunday July 28, my neighbor found a person’s driver’s license laying in the street near the corner of the city block that we live on.  The address on the driver’s license was a residence one city-block to the north, so he walked to that address, and he knocked on the door, in order to return this driver’s license.

The person who answered the door, he said that on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone saw his wallet laying on the front seat of his car, that was parked in his driveway.  He said that a thief broke into his car, and took his wallet, which had $600 cash inside of it.

Because the wallet was gone through, and the contents were thrown on the ground, as the thief walked down the street in front of the apartment building where I live early Sunday morning, I was going to offer to go through my security camera footage to see if it showed the thief walking down the street early in the morning.

On Sunday evening when I went to the house where the wallet was stolen, the guy wasn’t home.  His neighbors were home, and they said to me, “Maybe that was the same guy who stole the phone charger out of our car, who accidentally left his flashlight behind.”  I asked when did this happen, and the neighbors said late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

It looks like the guy who had his wallet stolen, he didn’t even call the Police to report that his car was broken into and his wallet was stolen, because his neighbors didn’t even know that it had happened.  If the neighbors hadn’t picked up and handled the flashlight that the thief accidentally left behind, the Police could have probably gotten his fingerprints off of it.

From what I can tell at this point, it looks like the Dickinson Police Officers who are on patrol duty, they aren’t collecting and piecing together the evidence from reports to lead them to or narrow down the suspects in these thefts in the neighborhood where I live.  It doesn’t look like there is any Police Detective who is doing this either, since there is only one or two detectives in the City of Dickinson Police Department.

It looks like the Police are depending on informants leading them to the thief and/or the stolen property, or they are hoping to catch the thief in the act one night.  A few of us neighbors believe that we are going to have to catch this thief ourselves in order to stop the thefts in our neighborhood.

From everything that has happened recently, my belief now is that the thief lives one city block over, to the east.  He can’t steal things on the street that he lives on, because he could end up getting chased right to the place where he lives.  He has to walk at least one block away to steal things, so that he has a chance to run between houses and through people’s backyards, before he tries to make it to where he lives.

Review Of Big D&E City Of Dickinson Auction

On Saturday July 13, I went to my third Big D&E City of Dickinson auction.  I didn’t like it, I had a terrible time, and I will never go to another auction again in the Dickinson area, hopefully.

Big D&E auction is a local auction service owned by Delvin and Eddie Praus.  Only about 30% of my miserable time at the City of Dickinson auction was due to Delvin, Eddie, their wives, and their other family members who run the auction.  Mostly, it was the Dickinson townsfolk that made the auction a pointless, unpleasant, waste of time.

Every year, the City of Dickinson will sell at auction, items that are no longer being used, are no longer needed, are obsolete, are worn out, or have been recovered by the Dickinson Police Department.  These items typically include: furniture, computers, hand tools, bicycles, cars, and trucks.

Each year, I would like to go to this auction to buy a few of the abandoned bicycles that have been collected by the Dickinson Police.  So far, I have bought about five mountain bicycles at these City of Dickinson auctions, and I have given away four of them after fixing them.

At this year’s auction, I wanted to buy a couple of mountain bicycles if I could, and a retired Dickinson Police Department Ford Crown Victoria, if I could.  For the past two years, I have had to drive about 26,000 miles each year to and from my work location outside of Dickinson, in my personal vehicle.  I was willing to pay up to $1,800 for one of the two Ford Crown Victorias that were up for auction, for something to put a lot of miles on that didn’t cost a lot.

I arrived at 8:30 a.m. to look at everything that was there, to look closely at what I wanted to bid on, and decide how much I was willing to pay.  The miscellaneous items up for auction, were laid out in an orderly, organized fashion at the City of Dickinson Public Works Building parking lot.  At 9:30 a.m., Big D&E started out with small miscellaneous items that had been recovered by the Dickinson Police:  clothing, electronics, backpacks, etc.  The first lot took about thirty minutes.

I believe that Big D&E went to the hand tools and power tools next.  This lot took about forty-five minutes.  What I noticed this year, and the two previous years, is that the people in Dickinson take the bidding price up to, or close to, what you could go buy the item for, new at Runnings, Tractor Supply, Menards, or Wal-Mart.

I try to stay out of the bidding, unless it is something that I really want, because the people in Dickinson take the bidding up to what you could buy the item for new at the store, even though these are used items, that you can’t always tell if something is wrong with it or if it doesn’t work.

By about 11:45 a.m, they got to some laptop computers, notebook computers, and tablet computers.  I bid on a couple of the laptop computers, but I was outbid.  The prices that were paid for these used laptop computers, were what you could buy one on the internet for with its hardware and operating system identified, whereas these laptops at the auction you didn’t even know if they worked at all.

By about 12:15 p.m. they got to the bicycles, which they divided into groups of six bicycles, highest bidder gets first choice out of the six up for bid.  I was outbid for every bicycle that I wanted, until the very last group of six, and I was outbid again for the first choice, but the bicycle that I wanted wasn’t picked.  The only bicycle that I got, was fourth on my preference list, and I paid $35.

I unintentionally outbid some poor kid for this Mongoose Mountain Bicycle at $35, I found out later, so I got his address, and after the auction I went home, picked up, and dropped off my red color Mongoose Mountain Bicycle that was too small for me, at this kid’s house.

At a little past 12:30 p.m., they started auctioning the cars and trucks.  This is when I was talking to this hippie guy who had bought a nice, but older, men’s street bicycle, and I was complimenting him on it, when he told me that I had bought the mountain bicycle that his son had wanted.  I was talking to this guy during the auction of the first four vehicles, not paying attention.

I had to quit talking, to begin paying attention to how the people were bidding on the vehicles, as they got closer to the two Ford Crown Victorias that I wanted to bid on.  The higher mileage Crown Victoria was bid on first, and I was quickly outbid, the car sold for $3,600.

I was angry.  I had gotten there at 8:30 a.m. to look everything over.  It was very, very hot outside in the asphalt parking lot, with no good place to sit.  I was there for five hours, waiting to bid on this Ford Crown Victoria.  If I had known that the Dickinsonians were going to bid this car up to what you could buy it for at a car lot or from a private seller, I wouldn’t have even come to this auction.

I had looked all through this Crown Victoria, and I read its service record.  In 2016, the Police Officer that was assigned this car kept hearing a loud “clunk” in the driveline.  The fleet mechanic test drove it, he could hear the “clunk” too, but he couldn’t find what it was, so this car was only driven for another 1,000 miles between 2016 to 2018.

The service record showed that this Crown Victoria had had its oil changed at a little over a 10,000 mile interval.  O.K., maybe it was synthetic oil, but for a Police car, in 10,000 miles, how many thousands of hours was it parked with the engine idling?

This was not a pristine car, this was a questionable car, that was not started, and was not test-driven by anyone.  Why would you bid this car up to $3,600 at auction?  Before any know-nothing starts saying, “It’s that Police Interceptor motor”, it’s only a 230 hp to 250 hp motor in a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

I went over to Delvin and Eddie Praus’ wives at the sign-in trailer to pay for my $35 bicycle, and they didn’t have any record of me bidding or getting this bicycle.  They didn’t say, “Wait just a minute, we will get this sorted out” or “We will straighten this out”, it was more like, looks like you’re out of luck.

I didn’t know if I was going to leave with this bicycle and not pay for it, or pay for it later, or just drop it there and walk off.  Delvin and Eddie couldn’t sort this out while they were still auctioning off the high dollar items like vehicles and equipment trailers.  Luckily, eventually, one of the Praus family members came over to the sign-in trailer and he remembered me.

In summary, it was very, very hot, in the asphalt parking lot, with no good place to sit down.  I was there for over five hours, and it was a pointless, waste of time.  The people in Dickinson bid most of the used auction items up to a price that you could go buy the same thing new at the store.  Or, if you had wanted any of these used auction items, you could have bought them at any time on the internet with some assurance from the seller that they worked, whereas the condition of these used auction items was unknown, especially the power tools, electronics, and computers which were not turned on or plugged in.

Regarding the vehicles, if you were willing to pay what you could buy these vehicles at a car lot or from a private seller, why not do that, where you could ask the seller questions, start the vehicle, drive the vehicle, or take it to get a pre-purchase inspection done by a mechanic?  There is some risk in buying a vehicle from an auction without starting it, test driving it, getting it inspected, or being able to ask questions, so you shouldn’t pay very much money for it, you’re not sure what you are getting.

I will not go to any more auctions in this area, because for the people in Dickinson, an auction is like an event, game, or competition where they can be a spectator and a participant.  You’re an idiot if you stand out in the sun in an asphalt parking for hours trying to buy used things that you could have gotten new at the store for the same price, or could have gotten from a private seller after determining that the thing works.

Whiting Petroleum Lays Off 254 Workers

Whiting Petroleum, which is based in Denver, Colorado, issued a public statement at the end of July saying that they had just laid off 254 workers, 1/3 of their workforce.

In Dickinson, North Dakota where I have lived for the past six years, the main oil companies operating in this area are Continental Resources, Marathon Oil, Whiting Petroleum, and Hess Corporation.  One of the newspaper articles that I read, said that Whiting Petroleum owned 1,500 oil wells in North Dakota.

To me, the Whiting Petroleum layoffs are funny.  Yes, that’s right, funny.  I have been thinking about the significance and repercussions of these lay offs for most of the day.  What this means, is that you can’t believe, trust, or rely on anything in North Dakota, because everything is based on oil and oil companies.

In this area, working for Whiting Petroleum, was one of the most steady jobs that you could get.  Most of the Whiting Petroleum personnel in Dickinson, to my knowledge, were what is called “pumpers”.  Pumpers are issued a new or almost new full-size, four-wheel-drive, company pickup truck, and they are assigned ten to twenty oil wells which they have to briefly inspect each day.

You don’t get to become a pumper until you are at least thirty years old, most pumpers are over forty years old.  Pumpers are required to have had more than several years of previous oil field work experience, a good work record, a clean driving record, mechanic skills, technical skills, heavy equipment operating experience, and sometimes a commercial driver’s license.

Oil companies look for the most experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, reliable, and trustworthy oil field workers to hire as pumpers.  Pumpers get paid about $65,000 per year, for a ten hour per day, five day work week.

In the oil industry, it is understood that the pumper positions are very long-term, steady employment.  The most experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable oil field workers, are willing to accept a $65,000 per year pumper job, because the work day is usually only ten hours, and they can be home in time for dinner with their family every evening, and spend weekends with their families.

Most pumpers in Dickinson, due to the oil industry practice of pumper positions being very long-term employment, they brought their families to Dickinson, purchased a home in Dickinson, and purchased a nice new truck from a local dealership.

Once you become a pumper for an oil company, and you are assigned your ten to twenty oil wells which you have to drive to every day, you expect that these ten to twenty oil wells will be operating for the next thirty years, and you will be inspecting these wells until you retire.

These people who got laid off from Whiting Petroleum in Dickinson, most of them probably hadn’t missed a day of work in years, even when they were sick, even when there was a snow storm.  They were very reliable, responsible, and competent in their jobs.  They didn’t do anything wrong, but now they don’t have a job.

If you can’t count on your job at Continental Resources, Marathon Petroleum, Whiting Petroleum, or Hess in North Dakota, what can you count on?  The answer is, nothing.  You can’t count on anything in North Dakota, that’s the whole point.

If Whiting Petroleum is going to lay people off like this, the other oil companies will too.  As it turns out, the oil company workers who thought that they could have a stable life, buy a home, and raise a family in places like Williston and Dickinson, they were duped, tricked, deceived, and misled.  They are being treated no better than migrant, seasonal, laborers by the oil companies.

In western North Dakota, the chambers of commerce, government spokespeople, elected representatives, industry spokespeople, business owners, realtors, want to attract people here with the lure of high paying jobs and supposed good quality of life, but it’s all a lie, you will be mistreated, taken advantage of, and used.