The Model Of Women That I Learned Growing Up

What began my thinking towards writing this blog post, were two things that happened yesterday.  First, in the afternoon I went to a local business in Dickinson where the owner’s wife was working.  She is often in a bad mood, and not very friendly.  She can act this way if she wants to, I suppose, because she and her husband own this business.

Lately, I am often in bad mood myself, and I don’t feel well, I am just getting over pneumonia.  When I entered this business yesterday, the owner’s wife was in a particularly bad mood, looking and sounding unfriendly, and that is kind of an understatement.  I thought that maybe I should leave, and just never come back when she is working.  I didn’t want this to become a business that I can not use any longer, due to getting into an altercation with the owner’s wife.

I began to consider that there are other businesses in Dickinson that provide the same thing, so if it came to it, I could just go elsewhere, not the end of the world.  During the time that I was there, I noticed that there were not any other customers, and I could think of at least one reason why this was the case.

Readers of my blog posts have probably seen me write at least ten times, that I do not go out to bars and restaurants in Dickinson because the waitresses and women staff are unattractive, mean, and crazy, and the Police in Dickinson try as hard as they can to arrest people for DUI.  There is no where to go and nothing to do in Dickinson, and because of the Police trying to stop everyone, I just stay in my apartment.

About the only thing that I have to do, is look up things on the internet.  I have begun watching a lot of YouTube videos, whatever YouTube presents to me that looks interesting, I will watch it.  Yesterday I watched a video titled “Ah, Leah”, which is a music video that showed a compilation of women wearing bikinis.

I thought that this video was funny, because it reminded me of how things were living in Florida up until I was about 32 years old.  Though the women in the “Ah, Leah” video seem very attractive now, because I have been living in North Dakota for so long, these women in the video are just average women that you would see every day in Florida.

When I was growing up and going to school in Florida, in elementary, middle school, and high school, there were very few girls that were very unattractive, or very overweight.  It was a combination of genetics, environment, and culture.  It was relatively warm all year long, so most kids and adults were always doing activities outdoors.  People in the community where I lived, which was on the ocean and the intercoastal waterway, were fairly healthy and active.

Also, part of the culture in Florida, where it was warm all year, and people go to the ocean, rivers, and lakes throughout the year, women wanted to look nice in bathing suits.  Women wanted to look good to attract the attention of men, to be invited places, to be taken out, to date, and to possibly become married in the future.

Another reason why women wanted to look good, was because they wanted to be invited to socialize with other women.  Women naturally recognize the importance of networking, social networks, and the advantages of being accepted and liked by other women.  It may seem a mean thing to say, but I have noticed this to be true everywhere that I have ever been, women try to seek out attractive women to be friends with, because they see this as advantageous to them.

Women see and believe that the best looking women have access to the best looking men, the most successful men, the men with the best connections, the best employment opportunities, the most glamorous employment opportunities, offers for travel, offers to attend exclusive events and parties, and opportunities to meet and socialize with wealthy, influential people.  Women in Florida just looked at it as an all around good idea to stay in shape, and to look healthy and attractive.

When I was a kid, this was in the 1970s, many people went to the beach on the weekends or they went boating.  My mother did not like to go the beach so much when I was a kid, though when she was younger, before I was born, she liked to.  I think that this was primarily because my mother had gained weight in her 40s, and she did not feel comfortable being seen in a bathing suit by everyone.

My mother did like to go boating when I was young, so this is what we did on the weekends with other families.  Younger families usually started out boating with an eighteen foot ski boat, or multi purpose fishing boat.  On Saturday afternoon, the families would go out on the intercoastal river and travel several miles down the river to meet up at an island or a sand bar.

All of the families brought an ice chest or two, filled with soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks, and sandwiches.  The adults would park their beach chairs in several inches of water, and sit down to bullshit, catch up on news, unwind, and get drunk.

The kids could all run around like wild animals on the sand bars, screaming and yelling, because there was no where they could go, you could see them, and there wasn’t much that they could get hurt on.  On the islands, the kids would go exploring, especially if you told them that there were wild horses, or a hermit, or something.

There would typically be about thirty people parked at one spot on a sand bar or an island.  The group of friends and acquaintances, some of them had gone all the way through school together, sometimes even college.  They usually had social and business involvement together in the community.  Typically, someone would bring a new person with them, who was a friend, relative, co-worker, or business associate, who they thought would enjoy everything.

The group that my parents were friends with, and associated with for practically their entire lives, were real estate agents and brokers, insurance agents and company owners, appraisers, accountants, CPAs, attorneys, pilots, nurses, sales reps, contractors, business owners, and a few trades people.  I will go ahead and show the video now of the women in bikinis, because when I was a kid, this is how the women, wives, and mothers looked:

Yup, the real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, school teachers, attorneys, sales reps, nurses, and wives looked like this at the beach and out boating when I was a kid in Florida in the 1970s.  I didn’t know that this was unusual, I just took it for granted.

When some women, wives, and mothers got to be in their late 30s or 40s, they didn’t want to go to the beach anymore, or boating anymore.  Their view on life completely changed.  They once loved the sun, the water, wearing hardly any clothes, and getting drunk on the weekends, but they changed completely.

I want to explain the departure in women, where some women kept right on going like they always had, and some women completely changed.

There were some women, especially real estate brokers and agency owners, who kept right on going like they always had, enjoying every weekend, partying, and having a good time, into their sixties.  Other women in their late 30s or 40s, they retreated into their homes, not coming outside, refusing to go anywhere, and preferring to stand at their kitchen counter trying to give orders to their children and husbands, seemingly trying to unnecessarily make everyone else unhappy, because they were unhappy.

When I was in my teens, and would go to the beach or boating, there were some women, wives, and mothers, who were in their 40s, who were still good looking, friendly, fun, and were nice to be around.  There were some married men who had taken up with unofficial younger girlfriends, some men who had become divorced who had younger girlfriends, and some men who had remarried to younger women.

In general, myself, my older sister, my father, my mother, and all of the men and women who continued to enjoy going to the beach, boating, sailing, and flying, we all completely understood why men who were married took up with younger girlfriends, or became divorced and took up with younger girlfriends, once their wife who was in her late 30s or 40s, refused to come outside or go anywhere, and instead wanted to spoil everyone’s good time.

I could say that I don’t know what happens, where you start out with a young 120 lb girlfriend or wife, who likes swimming in the ocean or river, water skiing, being wrestled with and thrown around in the waves while squealing with glee, wearing hardly any or no clothes, boating, sailing, sports cars, and motorcycles, and she later changes into someone who refuses to go anywhere and do anything, and instead wants to be nasty to everyone, glaring, sneering, scowling, trying to stare people down and start fights, but I suppose that I do know what happens.


What I Mean By Bullshit Sales Jobs

In my previous blog post, I wrote about what jobs were listed this month of April for Dickinson, North Dakota, on the North Dakota Job Services website, and the website.  I categorized some of these job listings as “bullshit sales jobs”, where you are led to believe that you can make a certain amount in sales commissions, but you never receive these commissions.

I have had only a few jobs where part of my pay was supposed to come from sales commissions, but several long time friends of mine have had more experience with this.  It is true, that some sales professionals who represent industrial companies that have $50 million or more in annual sales, these sales representatives can and do sometimes make $200,000 per year.

I will try to explain what many or most sales jobs truly are.  A company that provides a product or service, can advertise in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, on television, radio, the internet, through mailings, and at trade shows.  But another important way to reach customers, is to have an individual sales representative telephone and meet prospective customers in person.

Companies hire very experienced sales people, who likely have a background and education in business and marketing, to be their sales manager, or part of the company management team.  The sales manager, or the company management team, know that having sales representatives is not just about making sales, but it is about marketing, advertising, publicity, and creating an interest and familiarity with the product line or services.

The sales manager, or the management team, are interested in recruiting sales representatives not just to make sales, but to perform marketing, advertising, product education, and customer support, whether the sales representatives know this or not.

Companies like to hire young, idealistic, ambitious, hard working, articulate, and nice looking college graduates for sales representative positions, in order to make a good impression with the public.  They hire older professional people too, who fit this description.  The base salary may only be $12 per hour, which is about $24,000 per year.

A young college graduate, or an older professional person, would not even consider taking a $24,000 per year job, they wouldn’t even apply for a job like this, they would keep looking for a job that paid at least $40,000 per year.

Companies inform job seekers that the base pay is $24,000 per year, but typically a sales representative with their company earns about $50,000 per year through their sales commissions, some sales representatives with their company make $70,000 or $80,000.

Newly hired sales representatives may be given the option to drive their own personal vehicle and be reimbursed for mileage, or they may be provided with a company vehicle.  It will all be explained what their sales territory is, whether this is an exclusive territory, or if they share it with other company sales representatives.  Or, it will be explained what accounts or customers the sales representative is assigned, and what the expectations are for new customers.

A new sales representative, after making all of the cold calls, following up on leads, driving to all the customers on his route, and meeting new customers in his territory, may find that he makes no sales or few sales in his first month.  The sales manager may give the new sales representative a pep talk, about how everyone starts out slow, or about getting customers into the pipeline.

The second and the third month may not be much different, no sales or few sales.  However, by this time, the new sales representative may start to catch on to what is happening.  The news sale rep may learn, that all of the major existing customers in the territory such as a public school system, hospital chain, automobile dealership line, or heavy equipment line, these accounts and orders are all being serviced by the sales manager.

Next, the new sales rep may learn, that having discussed the product or service with a customer or business in his territory, the customer or business has telephoned the company he represents, and is now dealing with the sales manager or someone else at the company.  Customers and businesses sometimes enjoy speaking to the “owner, the people in charge, the people at headquarters, someone more important”, because they think that this is just better.

At about the third or fourth month at a bullshit sales job, it will begin to dawn on a new sales rep, that all they are doing, is driving around, telephoning, and talking to the few prospective customers that the company does not already have, just trying to comb through what has already been picked, for possible crumbs.  What they really are, is an unwitting marketing, advertising, public relations, and customer service rep who is only being paid $12 per hour.

Furthermore, how did the sales manager end up with the public school system account, the hospital chain account, the automobile manufacturer dealership account, the heavy equipment manufacturer account? How many sales representatives have there been before, what happened to them, and how long did they work here?

In the end, a new sales rep will discover that each sales rep before him, lasted three months to one year.  As each new sales rep realized that they had been lied to and were being cheated, they left, and the sales manager scooped up for himself, whatever business or accounts the most recently departed sales rep had discovered.

In summary, many or most of the sales jobs listed, are bullshit sales jobs, where the salesmen will never be paid the commissions they are told are typical.  The true purpose of these sales positions is marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service, and finding a few remaining crumbs in a sales territory that has already been picked.  Inevitably, the sales manager will receive the benefit of whatever new business or customers that a new sales rep discovers.

One way to discover that what I am describing is true, look at the local job listings in your area, and make note of the sales rep job listings.  When you see a company advertising for sales reps, every three months, for year after year, you have got to wonder why do their sales reps keep quitting after three or four months?

Do Not Get Over Excited About Moving To North Dakota In 2018

In the past several years, I have written many blog posts where I try to get the information out there, that there are false rumors and misinformation being spread about the need for workers in North Dakota, in order to lure people here.

Business people in North Dakota habitually try to talk up the economy, making broad exaggerations, making things up, and sometimes lying.  Business people, politicians, news media, and ordinary citizens, repeat back to each other, what they have heard, but very few people hardly ever take the time to see if what they are saying is true.

It is so frustrating to me, the reality of what is going on in Dickinson, North Dakota, versus what people in Dickinson are saying and talking about.

Since the oil boom ended in North Dakota in 2015, I have seen a net decrease in the amount of businesses in Dickinson, a net decrease in the number of residents, an increase in homes for sale, an increase in apartments for rent, an increase in trailer park vacancies, an increase in vacancies in commercial and retail buildings, real estate prices have gone down, people have been unable to sell their homes, rent prices have gone down, and there are fewer job advertisements.

Just a few highlights are, Delta airlines ceased operations at the Dickinson airport due to lack of customers and lack of profitability, and United airlines tried to cease operations at the Dickinson airport due to lack of customers and lack of profitability.  The government prevented United airlines from leaving the Dickinson airport due to an “essential air services” rule.

Sears has closed, JC Penny has closed, Herbergers department store is closing soon, and the Prairie Hills mall has recently been sold.  The two largest stores in the Prairie Hills mall were JC Penny and Herbergers.  For the stores like Sears, JC Penny, Herbergers, Hobby Artz, and Radio Shack that have closed, there have not been any new or different stores to open to replace these stores.

A few other businesses that have closed in Dickinson were Total Workforce Solutions staffing company, Evolution Gym, Pita Pit restaurant, Wildcat Pizza, several small business in the downtown business district, and more than several local construction and contracting companies.  The Elks Lodge was forced to downsize, they sold the upstairs to their own building, and moved into the basement of their building.

Even though the population of Dickinson has decreased, many businesses have closed and not been replaced by new or different businesses, many local companies have closed and not been replaced by new or different companies, there are many vacancies in residential and commercial properties, and there are fewer job advertisement listings, the people in Dickinson walk around talking about how things are taking off.

I looked at the North Dakota Job Services job listings for Dickinson today.  I counted about thirty-two job listings posted in the month of April so far up until today, April 23.  Of these thirty-two job listings for Dickinson, twelve of these job listings were for certified medical professionals like nurses, mammography technicians, and radiology technicians.  This leaves twenty non-medical job listings for the month of April in Dickinson.  Eight of these remaining jobs were low paying retail type jobs.

I then went and looked at the job listings for Dickinson, North Dakota on the website  On, there were roughly twice as many job listings, as what North Dakota Job Services had.  There were roughly fifty to sixty job listings posted in the month of April so far, on  Approximately ten of these jobs were low paying such as customer service, retail, and food service workers.  Approximately ten of these jobs were part time or seasonal.  Approximately ten of these jobs were sales type jobs where an applicant is led to believe that there is potential to earn good pay, but it never works out that way.  (You might not know what I mean about bullshit sales jobs unless you or your friends have done these jobs, where you never receive sales commissions.)

On, there were about fifteen jobs posted for Dickinson, North Dakota, in the month of April, that were good paying oil field, trades person, or professional type jobs.  However, these fifteen good paying jobs, required specialized experience, knowledge, or education, such as a commercial driver’s license, degree as an engineer or engineering technician, or being an experienced heavy equipment operator.

My point in writing this blog post, is not just to explain why I am annoyed that people in Dickinson persist in repeating information that is not true about things in Dickinson taking off, I want to explain that this luring people here by telling them that there is a huge need for workers, is going to cause problems and hardship for people.

As I explained about the job listings posted for the month of April on, there were about fifteen jobs that were good paying jobs, but they required specialized experience, knowledge, or education.  What are people in Dickinson trying to do, what are people in North Dakota trying to do, telling the world that there is a great need for workers, and high paying jobs, when this is not the case?

People are going to move to North Dakota, possibly bringing their families with them, because they heard about all of the jobs, and the high paying jobs.  When they get here, and can’t get a job, or can only get a low paying job, what is going to happen, what are they going to do, what are they supposed to do?  You don’t really care, or give a shit, do you?  You just like talking every day about how things are really booming in Dickinson.

More Hoodlum Behavior In Downtown Dickinson, North Dakota

Almost one year ago, I moved from a house in a rural area on the north side of Dickinson, to an apartment in downtown Dickinson.  I went from an area where nothing illegal or criminal ever happened, to where criminal activity is taking place all of the time, every day.

In the almost one year that I have lived in downtown Dickinson, I have seem drug dealing and drug use in the apartments where I live, the police coming and taking people away in handcuffs who are acting insane, vehicles having things stolen out of them, my truck got stolen, drunk or high people crashing through the fence into the canal in their vehicle three times, passed out drunk or high non-residents in the apartment stairwell, non-residents hiding, sneaking, and up to no good on the property several times.  This probably doesn’t even cover everything, and this has been in less than one year.

There are some very nice, tidy, well kept yards and homes in downtown Dickinson that are owned by older retired people, blue collar trades people, business owners, and professional people.  However, there are also some single family homes that have been divided into two or three rental units, and apartment buildings.

In the past, urban planners and property developers probably included apartment buildings in downtown Dickinson in order to fill a need, and in order to balance things out.  There were some residents in Dickinson who did not earn enough money to buy a home, some of them young, some of them old, some of them just starting out, some of them retired, or families that were just getting started.

In Dickinson in the past, there was not much of a need or desire to separate lower income people from higher income people.  In the past, people generally tried to behave and get along, whether they were upper class or lower class, because there were immediate consequences for anyone behaving badly for too long.  In the past, people in Dickinson just did not persist in being disruptive to everyone, it just wasn’t allowed.

Now in downtown Dickinson, the rental houses that have been divided into several units, and the older apartment buildings, have unfortunately become a habitat for poor people who often have a combination of multiple personal problems which include unemployment, illegal drug use, drug dealing, alcoholism, mental illness, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, vandalism, and other criminal behavior.

I began this blog post by writing that in downtown Dickinson where I live, there is crime every day, all day long.  About a month ago, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and I looked out of my apartment window, there was a strange acting non-resident, who was shuffling around with tiny steps, going back and forth, back and forth repeatedly beside people’s vehicles in the parking lot.

I couldn’t tell what this person was trying to do or why they were behaving like this.  I could tell that it was an older man, and I didn’t know if he had Alzheimers disease, dementia, or if he was under the influence of drugs.  I watched him for several minutes, and then it appeared that although he was acting like he had something wrong with him, he was also looking to see what was in the front seat and the back seat of vehicles.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police, but by the time that the Police arrived, this man had wandered away.  I gave a description to the Police, but they didn’t find him.  When I had to leave for work at about 4:00 a.m., I was able to drive along following this man’s footprints in the snow, to the apartment where he lived a couple of blocks away.

When I got home that night, I asked my neighbors who live in the house next door, if they knew who this was.  They said yes, they knew who this was, yesterday he had let himself into their back yard through their fence gate, and he went and urinated in their back yard behind a tree, he was drunk yesterday.  The neighbor said that if her brother catches him, he is going to beat him.  This is just an example of what happens throughout the day here.

What caused me to write this blog post today, is what happened today, Sunday, at 11:30 a.m.  I walked out to my vehicle to go to the grocery story, and I started my vehicle.  As I was sitting in my vehicle, a gold color station wagon drove past the apartment building where I live going very slowly.  When I drove down the street, and turned the corner, this gold color station wagon had stopped, people got out, and began loading multiple garbage bags into another apartment building’s trash container.

I thought that this was a shitty, sleazy thing to do.  In this gold color station wagon, I could see that they had bags and bags of garbage in their car, and that they were going to fill up this apartment building’s garbage container, and they don’t even live there.

I drove back around the city block, because I thought that these people were going to attempt to do this same thing at the apartment building where I live.  Sure enough, there they were trying to load the garbage container at the building where I live, with the garbage bags from their vehicle.  I drove up to them and I laid on the car horn, I told them that they can’t fill up our garbage container with their garbage from their car.  I told them I was going to call the Police, to have a talk with them, and I drove away.

There are about twenty to twenty-five residents at the apartment building where I live.  Myself, and other residents, sometimes have to wait for the garbage container to get emptied before we can take out our garbage from our apartments.  Sometimes, someone who does not live here, drives up and fills up our garbage container.  The garbage container is about 200 gallons in size, it is just barely adequate for this apartment building, it is not a dumpster.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police non-emergency dispatch number, and the Police dispatcher who was new, said that it was not illegal for someone to do this.  This made me very angry, and I explained to the dispatcher that this is something that the tenants pay for, this is something that the apartment building owner pays for, yes it is illegal for people who do not live here, to fill up our garbage container with bags and bags of their garbage, so that the residents who live here can’t even use it.

The Police dispatcher agreed to have a Police Officer call me, I had the vehicle license plate number,make, and model.  This made me even angrier, besides me catching the person who was probably the one responsible for causing our garbage container to always be full so that the apartment residents can’t even use it, the Police were possibly going to say that there was nothing that they could do about this.

Herein lies a problem which I have noticed for the past year.  If you live in house, and there is someone walking around on your property, hiding behind a garage on your property, parked in a car on your property, passed out on your property, or acting strange around your vehicles on your property at 2:00 a.m., the Police would respond to a call about this with the understanding that this was trespassing or criminal mischief.  However, when this same thing happens at an apartment where there are about twenty to twenty-five residents, even if you explain to the Police that this person that you called them about does not live here, the Police somewhat act like you have less of a right to complain, and the other person who is not a resident of the premises, has somewhat of right to be there.  The Police Officers, are somewhat more in agreement with the caller’s complaint, than the Police dispatcher sometimes.

In other words, if you live in an apartment building in Dickinson, even though it is privately owned property, which you pay rent to live in, the Police and other people, kind of have the impression that it is a public parking lot, a public garbage container, a public hallway, or a public stairwell.

I believe that this is one of the sources of the criminal problems in downtown Dickinson.  Because of these private apartment building properties, being looked at by the Police and other people, as public places, you get this 24 hour, 7 days a week, people wandering through, looking for the opportunity to sell illegal drugs, buy illegal drugs, steal from cars, commit burglary, commit robbery, commit vandalism, or hang out waiting for opportunities to commit crimes.

I wish that the Police in Dickinson, and the residents in downtown Dickinson, would begin to see and re-consider, that the permissive attitude of allowing people to roam around and wander through private property and private property that has a common area, that this is allowing and creating the opportunity for crime to happen.

James Bond Movie With Jason And Stephi Lee

For the past month I have been watching YouTube videos created by two young hippies named Jason a.k.a. VeeTwoEye, and Stephi Lee.

I like Jason and Stephi, they each make their own videos, but they went on a trip together to southeast Asia, and they made many videos of themselves having a good time together.

For as much as they did, climbing trees, rocks, temples, ruins, hiking through rivers and forests, playing with monkeys, turtles, crabs, and goats, traveling to island after island, playing on the beach, it was almost like half the scenes in a James Bond movie.

I took one of Jason’s videos, and one of Stephi’s videos, combined them, and added James Bond movie music.  I think that it turned out really well, though I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, to make this three minute video:

They could have done this with all of their videos, and people would have liked them, I think.

Accused Armed Robbers in Dickinson

Alleged Armed Robbery In Dickinson Committed By The Gorilla Gang

On Saturday April 14, 2018, an armed robbery was allegedly committed in Dickinson, North Dakota at an apartment on the 400 block of East 2nd Street.  Four suspects entered an apartment with firearms, and they took cash and marijuana from three occupants.

You can read more about this alleged armed robbery in the Dickinson Press newspaper online, or you can watch North Dakota television news reports online.  Three of the suspects were ages 18 to 19, so the Dickinson Police Department released their names and Police arrest photographs.  This is the photo that I used for this blog post headline.

I have been writing blog posts about criminal people moving to Dickinson from bad neighborhoods in large cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Spokane.  I am against news services, energy industry representatives, and North Dakota Job Services representatives making announcements that “North Dakota needs many, many workers for high paying jobs here in North Dakota”, because they are creating a problem.

Poor, unemployed people, who have very little or no job skills, very little or no work experience, who have been making money in the poor inner cities by stealing and dealing drugs, hear that North Dakota needs workers for high paying jobs, so they come to Dickinson.

They did not know, that companies in Dickinson might be able to hire someone with a commercial driver’s license, an experienced welder, electrician, plumber, heavy equipment operator, certified mechanic, or experienced oil field worker, but not someone with no job experience from the inner city.  With no job experience, they would be even less likely to get hired if they had a criminal record, or did not graduate from high school.

The people who arrive in Dickinson from poor inner cities with very little or no job skills, very little or no work experience, possibly a criminal record, possibly without a high school diploma, with the expectation of getting a high paying job like they heard about or saw on TV, they came a long way to get here, and they can’t just turn around and go home when they can’t get a job.  They see that some people have money and are making money from the expensive trucks that they drive, their snow mobiles, their four wheelers, and the RVs parked in their yards.

They can’t get a job, have difficulty getting a job, or see that they can only get a low paying job in fast food or retail.  They need money, and the way that they know how to get money or get what they want, is to deal drugs, steal, and commit crimes.

The three adults whose names the Dickinson Police Department released, I began doing a Google search to try to find out where these alleged armed robbers came from.  I didn’t get very far, before I found a YouTube video, and a YouTube channel, called the Gorilla Gang, where these three individuals had uploaded videos that they had made.  Here is one of their videos from YouTube:

You can watch a few other YouTube videos that they made, on the Gorilla Gang channel.

Can You Even Feel Sorry For Women?

Today when I typed in “YouTube” on my Google search browser, and then clicked on the YouTube site, I saw about thirty suggested videos from YouTube.  The first video to catch my attention, was from a young hippie girl named Stephi Lee, where she was crying because she had gotten into a car accident.

In the past, I have watched about twenty YouTube videos from Stephi Lee.  I like her, she is cute, I like some of her videos, but she also makes me mad.  It was good that Stephi made four of five videos explaining her situation, or more people would hate her, and I would hate her more.

At first, I saw that she was very cute, and I thought that she was very attractive.  Why she was wearing her hair in dread locks, getting so many tattoos, living like a hippie, sleeping in her car, and not working at a job, were questions that I had, and I thought that she was throwing her life away, wasting her life, being lazy, and acting stupid.

As Stephi explained her life in her videos, I could more understand why Stephi was the way that she was, and I could see more of why she was doing what she was doing.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about watching Stephi Lee videos, where I explained that she had mutism until the fourth grade, only speaking to some members of her family.  Her mother died when she was 11 years old.  That she was born with cystic fibrosis, where she only has about 45% lung capacity, and it causes her difficulty every day, even just in speaking.  Plus more problems besides that, that I didn’t even want to repeat, because she has so many problems.

Women don’t think that men should ever say this, especially women with tattoos, but I began to have more patience and tolerance with Stephi, when she was showing and explaining her twenty tattoos.  I was thinking that she was so pretty, why would she ruin herself with so many tattoos?  Or, when she was showing and explaining that she didn’t shave her arm pits, legs, or pubic area, I was wondering if she wasn’t somehow trying to alienate people, and drive people away.

As I watched more and more of Stephi’s videos, and I learned more about her, being aware of her health problems, tattoos, hairy arm pits, living in her car, and watching the things that she was doing, I liked her personality, I liked some of the things that she was doing, but I sometimes came to the conclusion that overall what she was doing, was being defiant.

I came to believe and feel that Stephi, in the way that she lived and the things that she did, she was being defiant, and in a way trying to alienate people, drive people away, and push people away.  I believed that if she chose to be more normal, she could have a job, a home, a boyfriend, a husband, not be alone, be safe, and be comfortable.

I suppose that I am missing the point, Stephi doesn’t want to be normal.  But can you, or should you, feel sorry for people who practically do everything that they can, to ensure that they are going to have problems?  To move far away from home where they do not know anyone, and then be alone and not have anyone to help them.  To want to meet and associate with counter culture people who do not have jobs or money, and then not know anyone who can help them with a job or money.  To want to spend time with boys that do not have a job and live at home with their parents, and then not have a man to rely on when they need help.  To avoid and make fun of people who have a steady job and a place to live, but then in an emergency turn to these people as the only ones who are able to provide any real help.

For the past month, I have watched YouTube videos from various women, who are having problems.  They have a problem with their motor home breaking down, some piece of equipment not working, someone bothering them during the night, not having a place to stay, not having a job, needing money, not knowing what to do, going to therapy….and getting a new tattoo.

I thought about these women, and then I realized something.  For the past 6,000 years or so, how this was handled, was women had husbands.  Here is how this works, in return for sex, and some domestic work, men will build a shelter, provide protection, and find a way to obtain food and other things that they need.

For about 6,000 years or so, women have not liked their husbands.  Their husbands were too ugly, too fat, too short, too smelly, too stupid, too controlling, and they didn’t provide as much as they wanted.  But what were women going to do, what else could they do?

In the past 50 years in the United States, women have gotten it into their heads more and more, that they don’t need a man, they can have their own job, their own money, and their own home.  However, whether women realize it or not, when they are making YouTube videos where they don’t have a job, they don’t have any money, they don’t have anywhere to stay, they don’t have anyone to help them, and they are frightened, the solution to this problem has been around for 6,000 years or so.

Here is Stephi Lee’s YouTube video after she got into a car accident with the car that she lives in, while on the way to hospital when she was crying and coughing up blood:

I felt so bad for Stephi, that I was thinking about sending her some money, like $100, and I believed that many of her other viewers were going to do the same thing.  I saw that this particular video has 57,000 views, and that she received about 1,000 comments to this video from people offering her help in different ways.

I would think that it was good, if people and her viewers helped Stephi get back on her feet.  Stephi has a Patreon account where some viewers have signed up to contribute money to her every month.  What I don’t think would be good, would be for well meaning people to contribute so much money, that she received a windfall from this.  The reason why is, because I believe if a person does so many things to get themselves into a position where they are bound to have problems, like choosing to not associate with people who have jobs, earn a living, have a place to stay, and can help you, don’t reward people for getting themselves into a position where they have problems.