Wolverine Not Far From Dickinson, North Dakota

Today is August 16, 2018.  I want to document several up-close Wolverine sightings not far from Dickinson, North Dakota, occurring over the past several days.

The reason why I want to document these recent up-close sightings in North Dakota, is to bring awareness, because it is believed that there have not been any Wolverine in North Dakota for over 150 years.

On April 24, 2016, a ranch hand working near Alexander, North Dakota shot and killed what was confirmed to be a Wolverine.  At the time, this was the first confirmed Wolverine sighting in North Dakota since the 1850s.  You can read many newspaper reports about this, here is one of them from the Bismarck Tribune newspaper: https://bismarcktribune.com/wolverine-confirmed-in-north-dakota-first-since-s/article_5b29d55e-617b-5935-a1f8-0b95d9da864f.html

For the past several nights, a friend of mine has watched a Wolverine, which he believes to be a male.  He has watched it from as close as twenty-five feet, for three minutes.

Upon discussing his recent sightings, another friend of ours, has seen this Wolverine a couple of times in the past several years at this same location.

This group of people who have seen this Wolverine in this location, have no intention of harming this Wolverine.  A couple of these people have kept their mouth shut about it for several years, thinking this was the best way to handle it.  This probably is the best way to handle it, because this Wolverine appears to be comfortable and confident where he is living, no one bothers him.

I am not going to disclose the location, or any of the people involved, because I think that this is the best way to handle it for the well-being of this Wolverine.  I only want to document this for the sake of making people aware about the existence of Wolverines in North Dakota.

I am including a short video of a Wolverine in Montana.  I don’t know why the Wolverine in this video didn’t kill the adult deer, Wolverines are known to attack deer, elk, moose, and wolves.


I Am Again Recommending That Men Go Look At The “Escort of Italy” Website

Almost one year ago, I wrote a blog post article about the “Escort of Italy” website.  This website, and this escort service, is one of the most amazing, fascinating, and impressive things that I have ever seen in my life.

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for about six years, where there is a shortage of women, a scarcity of attractive women, the women who are here are mean and nasty, and prostitution is not allowed.  When I look at the “Escort of Italy” website, I can’t believe that such a thing exists, but it’s true.

Before I go any further, and provide any links to this website, I need to caution everyone, that you will see nudity on this website.  Because of the cultural difference, and acceptance of prostitution in Italy, when you are on this escort website, if you click on any of the women’s photographs, it will give you the age, height, weight, and nationality of each woman, and what she is willing to do sexually.

To save you some time, if you want to see the largest number of escorts at once, click on the tab for “Travel Girls”.  Click on the escort named “Rozy Model”, for instance.  She might be the girl that I would ask for.  That’s what you do, you pick and ask for the girl that you want.  The “Travel Girls” are more expensive, I think that you have to pre-pay for a large amount of time and pay travel expenses.  The other escorts in the towns of Milan, Rome, and Florence are almost as pretty, and they cost about $250 per hour.

Here is a short excerpt from the “Escort of Italy” website.  If you click on any of the differently colored text in this excerpt, it takes you to this website:

“You are welcome to our high class escort agency Italy, offering you the best female escorts Italy for hotel or private dating, exclusive girlfriend experience, travel and vacation escort with charming Italia girls, VIP escort girls Italy for business occasions and many more. If you are looking for pleasure and comfort, then you have come to the right place. Our elegant Italy escorts will meet the most subtle expectations of a lonely man who is eager to find love and companionship in Italia. We offer our clients the finest attractive escorts in Milan, escort girls Rome, and Turin escorts. Our Italy escort agency provide both incall and outcall services for the guests and residents of the country.”

It kills me, that rather than suffering through living in Dickinson, like being in prison, for only $250 each week, I could look forward to being with “Rozy Model” or “Fiona”.  I suppose it could be worse, I could be living in North Korea.

Review Of J&J Chinese Delivery In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today I was looking through something that I received in the mail titled, “The Local Business Guide Directory”, produced by the Dickinson Press.  Towards the end of this advertisement booklet was a small ad for “J&J Chinese Delivery”.

I was aware that there had been a restaurant on Main Street in Belfield called the “J&J Chinese Cafe”, but this restaurant had closed down about a year ago.  I felt bad for the owner of this restaurant, the food was good, but there were just not enough customers in the town of Belfield.

I had not known that the owner of the J&J Chinese Cafe had moved to Dickinson, and was now cooking food at his house, and offering Chinese food for delivery only.  I wish that I would have known this sooner.

I looked up J&J Chinese Delivery on the internet, and there were listings for it in Dickinson.  I clicked on the Facebook page of J&J Chinese Delivery, if you look through their photographs, they have three photographs of their menu items with prices.  Their food is not expensive.

I called J&J Chinese Delivery this evening, and asked if they had “Beef with Chinese Vegetables”, they said they did, and it was $9.99.  I said that I wanted to come and pick it up, they told me that I could not pick it up, they had to deliver it.  I asked how much for delivery, they said $2.00.

My food was delivered in about twenty minutes.  I will recommend that you have nearly the correct amount of money plus tip, not just a $20 bill.  The food was very hot, and well made, though I got “Beef with Broccoli”, not “Beef with Chinese Vegetables”.

My delivery order came with a menu, and next time I will order “Szechuan Beef”, which is closer to what I wanted.  If I would have wanted “Beef with Broccoli”, I would have said “Beef with Broccoli”.

The food was good, so I will recommend this Chinese Delivery, especially to the many professional people in Dickinson such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, and business owners who are unable to take their families out to eat in Dickinson, due to the restaurants in Dickinson being full of badly behaved trashy people.

J&J Chinese Delivery phone 701-483-0015

My Blog Posts About Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota Are Being Suppressed

I have been writing blog posts about Dickinson, North Dakota for over three years.  I have never seen any of my blog posts deliberately pushed down in the Google search results more than my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, North Dakota.

When I have written articles about Real Estate in Dickinson, North Dakota, initially each of these articles appeared near the top of the Google search results for “Real Estate in Dickinson”.  I then saw that each of these articles gradually got pushed down in the Google search results further and further over time. I knew the reason why.

There are about twenty to thirty real estate agents in Dickinson, who are always trying to get their name, their company name, or their listings near the top of the Google search results.  They do this by personally doing a Google search for “Real Estate in Dickinson”, and then clicking their own website, again, and again, and again.

Likewise, when I have written articles about the Catholic Church in Dickinson that were highly critical, these articles initially appeared near the top of the Google search results.  Later, I could sometimes see that actions were taken to try to hide these articles.  Catholic Church members and volunteers, would perform a Google search for “Catholic Church in Dickinson” and then click on more favorable articles or websites, again, and again, and again.

In one instance, I think that an optimization company was hired by the Catholic Church or a church member to try to bury one of my blog posts about the Catholic Church.  The reason why I think this, is because this article was at the top of the first page of Google search results for seven to eight months, and within the course of two days, this article was pushed back to page eight of Google search results.

I can understand why real estate agents in Dickinson want to get their name, their company name, or their listings at the top of the Google search results.  I can understand why the Catholic Church or Catholics want to bury my blog posts that are critical of the Catholic Church.  But who is it that is trying to hide my blog posts about crime in Dickinson?  Who doesn’t want my blog posts about crime in Dickinson to be found and read?

I wrote my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, to let people know, to warn people, to alert people, to help people understand about the crime in Dickinson.  Prior to this most recent oil boom that began in North Dakota in 2007, the crime in western North Dakota was much lower than most places in the United States.  Beginning in about 2016, the crime in Dickinson became higher than many places in the United States.

Prior to the oil boom in 2007, in western North Dakota you could leave utility trailers unlocked, flat bed trailers unlocked, travel trailers unlocked, vehicles unlocked, tool boxes unlocked, houses unlocked, apartments unlocked, garages open, and leave keys in vehicles, and expect nothing to be taken.  Now, it is the opposite, anything left out, open, or not locked down, you should expect it to be taken.

There are several reasons why the crime is so high in Dickinson now.  The very experienced equipment operators, welders, mechanics, and skilled trades people who came to Dickinson during the oil boom, they left and went elsewhere when the oil boom ended.  The very experienced and skilled trades people could get a job anywhere, they weren’t stuck in Dickinson, they could leave.

During the oil boom, there were many people who came to Dickinson who were not experienced workers or skilled trades people.  Many of these people came to Dickinson because they kept hearing on television that, “Everyone was making over $100,000 per year in North Dakota”.  These people did not have employment or good employment where they were living, they might have been involved in crime and drug activity where they were living, and they came to Dickinson with no money and with the expectation of making a lot of money in Dickinson, like they heard about on television.

When these financially broke, inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people arrived in Dickinson, they found that they could not get a high paying job because they did not have a high school diploma, did not have a commercial driver’s license, had a criminal record, or had no work history.  They could not get a high paying job, but they looked around and saw other people making money, people with $60,000 trucks, $20,000 Harley Davidsons, jet skis, four wheelers, side-by-side buggies.  They saw people in Dickinson leaving their homes, apartments, vehicles, equipment, tools, and personal property unlocked.

The financially broke, inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled, no high school diploma, criminal record, no work history people remained in Dickinson and began stealing property and selling drugs.  When the oil boom ended, they stayed in Dickinson, they had no where else to go.

Not only did North Dakota attract these inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people during the oil boom, even to this day in 2018, careless, unthinking, irresponsible individuals in business, politics, and government continue to make announcements in high-unemployment, high-crime areas like Seattle and Spokane, that North Dakota has an over abundance of jobs, and shortage of workers.

It would be reasonable to advertise for commercial truck drivers, experienced welders, experienced mechanics, or experienced electricians if this is what occupations are in demand, but it is wrong to keep luring inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people to North Dakota by stating that there are an abundance of jobs, when there are very few job openings for people who are not skilled tradespeople.

I don’t know why some North Dakotans in business, politics, and government keep trying to lure people to North Dakota from high-unemployment, high-crime areas.  I don’t know if it is these same people who are trying to hide my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, or if it is members of law enforcement and politicians in Dickinson that don’t want the high amount of crime to be publicized.

Miss America Pageant Discontinuing Swimsuit Competition

In June of 2018, the Miss America Pageant Organization announced that they will be discontinuing the swimsuit competition phase of their pageants.

This was shocking, puzzling, upsetting, and ridiculous to me when I read this, which I will explain why in a moment.  But when I read that Gretchen Carlson had recently become chairwoman of the Miss America Organization,  I thought, “Ah ha, that explains that, that stupid bitch Gretchen Carlson is behind this.”

I don’t watch the Miss America Pageants or the Miss America USA Pageants, I don’t like them, at all.  These pageants get on my nerves and make me uncomfortable more than just about anything else that I can think of.  Yes, these young women are beautiful, but I don’t enjoy seeing them scrutinized, judged, and questioned.

I do recognize that these pageants are important for women.  The local Miss America Pageants and the Miss America USA Pageants held in each state, give some women the opportunity to try to improve and advance themselves.  They learn how to get in good physical shape, how to carry themselves, how to conduct themselves, how to speak, how to respond in interviews, how to dress in evening gowns and swimsuits, what colors, designs, and clothes look best on them.

The young women who compete in the state pageants get publicity, attention, and experience that can help them in their career and lead them to other opportunities.  If they become Miss North Dakota or Miss North Dakota USA, this can help them in allowing them to get better or more prestigious employment, with higher pay, than they would have gotten without being famous.  Even just being a contestant in a state pageant and being known for that, helps young women receive more attention, recognition, and more social and employment opportunities.

Having just acknowledged that I understand some of the many benefits that pageant competitions offer women contestants, I will explain why I don’t like watching beauty pageants.

I don’t think that young women should have to parade themselves around in swimsuits, or evening gowns, or be required to answer questions.  These young women have put so much work into preparing for these pageants, so much is at stake for them personally in these pageants, that they are frightened and nervous.  I feel uncomfortable and anxious watching their nervousness, fear, awkwardness, or mis-steps.  I don’t want to watch this, I don’t like it.

But I don’t like horse races, horse jumping, or rodeo either.  I feel like, leave the fucking horses and cows alone, don’t put these animals through this.

Just because I don’t like a show of young, nervous women being questioned, being dressed in revealing evening gowns or swimsuits, like some kind of a slave sale, doesn’t mean that I have the right to stop it or call a halt to it because I think that it is humiliating, embarrassing, and degrading.  If women acting of their own free will want to compete against other women on the basis of beauty and physical appearance, I shouldn’t try to stop them.

I have got to realize and understand, that some young women love competing in beauty pageants, especially if they think that they can win.  Some women want to prove that they are the prettiest, most beautiful, most glamorous, most poised, most talented, most articulate.  They want to win, and they want to receive all of the benefits from winning.

I have thought about this subject a lot, in order to be able to explain it.  I want to use some comparisons.  In high school, some young people feel like they have an aptitude for sports, and they begin competing in track & field, or wrestling.  Their goal might be, to do well enough in their sport, to get a college athletic scholarship, or compete in the Olympics one day.

The tall skinny kids may do better in track & field competitions, than the short heavy kids.  The tall skinny kids will likely have faster times in running, be able to jump higher, and be able to jump longer.  This is a track & field competition.

Conversely, the short heavy kids may do much better in wrestling, than the tall skinny kids.  The short heavy kids will likely have more muscle mass and strength, than the tall skinny kids.  This is a wrestling competition.

Some young people in high school, may feel like they want to go to college to be an engineer, architect, attorney, or doctor.  They know that they have to study hard in order to make good enough grades to get into college, but their goal may also be to do well enough in high school to receive an academic scholarship to college.

Some young women, may feel that their strongest aptitude is not sports, not academics, but their beauty, appearance, and personality.  These young  women may also have goals like going to college, but they don’t see themselves getting a college scholarship through sports or academics.  These young women may also believe that they could have a future career in television, movies, or entertainment because of their beauty.

If there is going to be fairness in beauty pageants, it is probably necessary for the competitors to be able to show off how they look in evening gowns, and swimsuits.  I want to explain a little bit about this.

In the comparisons that I made up above about what young people might choose to pursue in high school based on what they believe their aptitudes are, and what their goals are, track & field, wrestling, academics, and beauty pageants, these competitions require the demonstration of excellence in different areas in order to win.

The tall skinny kids may be better in track & field, the short heavy kids better in wrestling, the prospective engineers better in academics, and the beautiful girls better in beauty pageants.

In track & field competitions, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the tall people or prevent them from high jumping, in order to make things more fair for the short people.  In wrestling, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the short people, or prevent them from pinning their opponent, in order to make things more fair for the tall people.  In academics, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the “A” students, and prevent them from taking higher level classes, in order to make thing more fair for the “C” students.

So for the women who compete in beauty pageants, who are competing primarily on their appearance and physical beauty, why would you try to handicap the beautiful women by not allowing them to wear swimsuits, in order to make things more fair for the fat women?

In the beauty pageants, there are some women who naturally have shapely arms, shoulders, waists, hips, legs, and calves.  For other women who want to compete in beauty pageants, they may have to work much harder with diet, exercise, and losing weight in order to improve their appearance.  The same is true for people competing in sports or academics.  Some people are naturally gifted athletically or intellectually, while other people have to work much harder in order to compete.

No matter what Gretchen Carlson the chairwoman of the Miss America Pageant Organization stated were her reasons for eliminating the swimsuit competition phase of the pageant, what she is in fact doing, is trying to handicap the naturally physically beautiful pageant contestants and the pageant contestants who are willing to work hard in order to compete, and trying make things easier for the fat, overweight, and out-of-shape contestants.

Once you start trying to make a beauty pageant more fair for the fat, overweight, and out-of-shape contestants, is this even a beauty pageant at all?

If some women have made the complaint to Gretchen Carlson, that they would like to compete in beauty pageants, if it were not for the swimsuit phase of the competition, which they feel is embarrassing, there are all kinds of other things for these women to compete in.  Chess, boxing, karate, fencing, bowling, skiing, swimming, bicycling, gymnastics, tennis, etc.

These women who complained about not wanting to compete in the beauty pageants because of the embarrassment of appearing in a swimsuit, probably never considered competing in skiing, swimming, bicycling, gymnastics, tennis, or any sports, because their fat lazy ass wouldn’t do well in sports either.  They look at beauty pageants, if they could just get rid of the swimsuit requirement, as one way for their fat lazy ass to possibly get a scholarship, because sports competitions or academic excellence is just too much work.

By the way, the top female athletes in any sport, would probably not be embarrassed to appear in a bathing suit, because they are fit and in-shape.  It makes you wonder about the beauty pageant contestants who want to compete in a beauty pageant, yet they are embarrassed to show off their appearance, and feel that they need to hide what they actually look like.

The Hatred Of Women Being More Prevalent Than I Thought

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog post titled “My Take On MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way”.  Fortunately, I remember what it was like living in Idaho, where I had women friends, some nice girlfriends, and some prospective girlfriends.  These women were nice, fun, funny, reasonable, and helpful.  I am not claiming that all women are worthless.

I wrote that working and living in western North Dakota, the MGTOW way of life has been forced upon me.  Because there is a shortage of women in western North Dakota, and a scarcity of attractive women, the women who are here do not care about their appearance, and they are mean, hostile, unfriendly, glaring, scowling, and sneering.  I suppose that the women here act this way, because they think that they can get away with it.

I want to share a video today, that shows a type of video that is becoming very, very common, where men all over the World are finally coming to the point where they want to honestly and blatantly tell women once and for all:  That men are done supporting women, that men are done giving their money away to women, that women can begin doing everything for themselves, that women can expect no more free help from men, the only thing that men ever wanted from women anyway was sex, but the cost of the problems of women is just too high and not worth it.

The Hunt For Piper Blush

In May of 2018, I began watching YouTube videos made by a young lady in her mid-twenties who called herself “Piper Blush”.  Piper was an unusually animated person, with a child-like way of speaking in her voice, and also in her enthusiasm and excitement.  What made her way of speaking even more entertaining, was that she was French-Canadian, and her manner of speaking was different than what we Americans are used to hearing.

Another thing that was entertaining about Piper, with her child-like way of speaking, and English being her second language, was that when she was going along appearing to be air-headed, aloof, and dingy, she would say something that was very insightful, profound, had a hidden meaning, double meaning, was dark, sexual, or sarcastic.

If I tried very hard for several days to write a comedic script or dialog, I don’t think that I could come up with anything as witty and funny as what Piper comes up with, just off the top of her head as she is going along.  After watching more and more of her videos, where she always had at least two or three layers of underlying humor below the surface of what she was doing, I realized that she was very, very intelligent.

For example, my favorite Piper Blush video, which I copied to my blog website and titled it “The Best Piper Blush Video Ever”, Piper is in Malta, and she is talking like and pretending to be a tough inner-city thug.  She dressed herself and changed her appearance to pretend to be a street thug, and she is bragging about her new motorcycle shown in the background.  It turns out that she wasn’t talking about this motorcycle, she got a new scooter, which she begins to ride, and instead of looking tough, she looks like an eight year old.  Later in this video, Piper is acting like the manufacturers of this scooter provided it to her as sponsors who were seeking her to promote this scooter.

I tried to figure out what was going on with Piper, and I had a good idea what it was.  Piper has a very high IQ, maybe 140 to 150, probably genius level.  My IQ is only about 125.  I have seen before, where young women who are much smarter than everyone else in class, quickly realize that they are standing out, not fitting in, being resented, so they start putting on an act to protect themselves for being different.

The act that they put on, includes speaking like an air-head, not answering questions even though they know the correct answer, not being the first one to solve a problem, not being the first one to turn in their completed test, and not doing anything to let on that they are intelligent.  Life is just easier this way for them.

When these highly intelligent girls become teenagers, not only does it serve them well to not appear to be smarter than boys their age, which would be intimidating and not liked, they realize that the dumber they act, the more that boys like them.

So I think that what Piper is doing, is something that Piper learned to do a long time ago, not let on that she is smart which could cause her to be disliked, and play dumb which makes men like her even more.

In many of Piper’s YouTube videos, she is acting like an air-head, speaking in a child-like manner, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras, wearing a button up shirt with all of the buttons undone, wearing a bikini, or revealing her body somehow.  Men think that this is great, but women kind of hate Piper for this.  Women will admit that Piper has got a good act, but it gets on many women’s nerves.  To many women, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras so that your nipples show in order to get attention, is something that women shouldn’t sink to.

Piper began making her first YouTube videos in July of 2017.  Many reviewers of Piper’s YouTube success, say that it all started with Piper making a video of jumping on a trampoline wearing a bras, versus no bras.  This was the point where her YouTube video views and subscribers began to take off.  By July of 2018, Piper had 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

For those of you who don’t know, the owners of YouTube have an algorithm for how they determine what they will pay the creators of successful YouTube channels.  The pay is based on total number of views, total amount of time spent viewing the videos, number of channel subscribers, and advertising.  It is estimated by fellow YouTubers, that Piper probably earned $500,000 in her first year, because of the over 91 million views her YouTube videos received and the amount of channel subscribers she gained.

So I am telling you, Piper is very intelligent, speaking like a child, playing dumb, wearing revealing clothing, doing things that keep the interest of men, earned her $500,000 in one year.

Everything that I have written so far in this blog post about Piper is pretty unusual and surprising, but this is just the beginning of the strangeness.  I didn’t tell you yet that during the year in which Piper was making her YouTube videos, she had signed a one-year contract to be a slave to her master.

In several of Piper’s videos, she explained that the large solid metal necklace that she was wearing, wasn’t a necklace, it was actually a collar, and she was forbidden to remove it by her master.  Piper explained a little bit about this contractual master/slave relationship.  She said that she was just happier living with her master, and that she enjoyed being dominated.

After watching one of Piper’s YouTube videos, I wrote a snide remark in the comments section about wanting to see her naked.  Another viewer responded to my comment with the reply, to go look at Piper’s pornography videos on the website PornHub.

I went to look at Piper on the website PornHub, because I wanted to see Piper naked.  However, the pornography videos that I watched with Piper in them were more than I wanted to see, the mystery was gone, and it kind of showed that Piper would do anything with anybody.  This is not necessarily true of course, Piper wouldn’t have sex with just anyone, but it was more than I wanted to see or know.

This was all very strange, puzzling, and confusing to me.  I knew that Piper was very intelligent, but was playing dumb.  Her being a slave, having a master, and making these extremely explicit pornography videos, made me wonder if Piper didn’t have something mentally wrong with her.  What is wrong with Piper?

I wanted to find out Piper’s real name, to learn about her, to find out why she was behaving the way that she was.  Could women in their right mind freely and willingly make these choices, which other women only seem to make out of desperation and having no choice?

All of a sudden one day in July of 2018, Piper made her final YouTube video announcing that she was done making YouTube videos.  I couldn’t believe it, and most of her viewers couldn’t believe it.  For one thing, how could you walk away from a YouTube channel that made about $500,000 in its first year?

I had been intending for a while, to try to find out Piper’s real name.  This would be the first step in being able to look up and find out where she was born, where she was from, what her family was like, where she went to school, etcetera.  How I intended to do this, was by using the YouTube video footage of the house where she lived, and finding this house using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Now that Piper announced that she was done making YouTube videos, I felt that I had better hurry up and find Piper, before she deleted the YouTube videos that I was planning on using to find her.

It took me many hours, and I won’t bore everyone with the details, but I first was able to find the house where she filmed many of her swimming pool scenes, using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Using Google Earth street view and satellite imagery, and comparing features of this house, yard, and pool with the footage in four or five different YouTube videos, I was able to get a 100% positive match on this house.

This house where the swimming pool scenes were filmed, I was able to get the street address, and then search this street address to try to find out about the owners and the occupants.  The owner of this house, a business owner named Francine, I believe that she is possibly or likely Piper’s mother.  I began to realize that so many of Piper’s videos were filmed at this house, that Piper must be a family member to have had access to the inside and outside of this house for so long.

I looked at Francine’s Facebook page, Francine had pictures of herself outside by this pool,  but no photographs of Piper.  I looked at Francine’s Facebook friends, but no Piper.  I looked at Francine’s relative’s Facebook pages, but no Piper.  I did all different kinds of searches related to this house address and Francine, but no Piper.

It was even harder for me to find the house where Piper had lived with her master during this past year, but I found it with 100% certainty.  There are about ten different YouTube videos that I looked at to compare this house where she lived with her master, to many, many Google Earth street views of this house and yard.

The occupant of this house, his name is Yves.  I looked at Yves’ Facebook page, and he has no photographs of what he was doing for this past year.  Yves is a business owner, in the kind of business where a person’s reputation is very important, so I can understand why he never appeared in any of Piper’s videos, and there is no record of Piper on his Facebook page.

In one video of Piper in Malta, there is an older man sitting in a chair behind Piper, with his back turned toward the camera.  This back of the head footage in Malta, matches what Yves looks like in his Facebook photographs.  I did different searches using Yves’ full name, and Yves’ address, but nothing about Piper came up.

There is a woman on YouTube, who has made a couple of videos about Piper Blush.  I left a comment on her channel about my efforts to find out more about Piper.  I explained that I had what appeared to be her mother’s name, address, and phone number, possibly her father’s name, address, and phone number, and her master Yves’, address and phone number, but still I had no first name for Piper.  She replied “Charlotte”.

I am going to continue to try to find out more about Piper.  I am not disclosing the full names and addresses of the people that I have found in my blog posts, because I am interested in finding out more about Piper, not causing problems for her family and friends.  I will try to share what I learn.

An easier way to go about this, might be to e-mail Piper and ask her, or just call where she lives on the telephone and ask to speak to her.