Upsetting YouTube Video From A Vlogger That I Follow

A couple of months ago, I began watching YouTube videos from a guy named Dave who lives in California.  Dave is in his early 30s, and he tries to live out of his vehicle, not work at a job, and spend as little money as possible.

I don’t want to give the name of Dave’s YouTube channel, because I don’t want to upset him or embarrass him.  I am embarrassed for him, and I feel sorry for him.

There are more than several YouTube vloggers that I follow who are trying to not have a normal job, and instead earn money from the videos that they upload to YouTube, gaining views, subscribers, patrons, and donations.

I have mixed feelings about the YouTubers that I follow.  A few of them are so professional, talented, and have so may followers, that they seem like successful people.  However, the majority of the YouTubers that I follow, what they do is almost like begging, begging to an audience of thousands of people.

The begging that I am talking about, is where in one video they are positive and upbeat, with entertaining content, and in the next video they are giving the complete story on how their vehicle broke down, how they are stranded, that they don’t know what to do, and that they don’t have any money.

Myself and thousands of YouTube viewers feel sorry for these vloggers when they describe their current catastrophe.  Many people send them money, mostly just $5 to $20, but this brings in hundreds or thousands of dollars, from people wanting to help.  I suspect that many times, some of these YouTube vloggers begging for help during an unexpected financial crisis, probably end up receiving so many donations that they have a financial windfall.

But when I think about it more, most of the people who watch YouTube videos, they work at WalMart, convenience stores, are teachers, hair dressers, cooks, construction workers, they have just as many problems in their life as these YouTubers, but they work at normal jobs for forty hours or more per week so that they can pay for their own emergencies.  Why should the people who go to work at jobs for forty hours per week or more, send money to bail out people who do not work?

When I think about it, these YouTube vloggers are very self-centered and selfish people.  They don’t want to work, because they are lazy, don’t like being told what to do, and don’t like getting up in the morning, but they think that everyone else should send them money so that they don’t have to work at a job.

The other sad thing, and selfish thing, especially among the YouTube vloggers who travel, is that when they get into trouble, not only do they beg viewers to send money, but they inevitably turn to their parents for assistance.  If you look at the situations that they get themselves into, you would ask yourself, how does a person who does not have a job, expect to be able to travel to far away places or foreign countries without enough money to cover everything?  They did practically everything they could to create a situation where they would have an emergency, so why bail them out of the situation that they created for themselves?

So on the one hand, I am aware that these YouTube vloggers believe that they should not have to work at a normal job, and other people should pay for their lifestyle, which I think is very selfish, but on the other hand, I am entertained by the things that they do, which is why I watch their videos.

In the case of Dave who is in his early 30s, there are many jobs that he could do.  I think that Dave could even be a manager of a small business.  But Dave does not want to work.  I believe that at one time he probably had normal jobs, and I don’t know if customers, co-workers, or bosses upset him so bad, that he won’t work anymore.

Dave spends his days working on his vehicle, supposedly getting it ready for travel, doing errands, going skateboarding, getting take-out food, and making YouTube videos.  For the past two months, he has been parked in the driveway at his mother’s house in California.

His mother’s house appeared to be a small two bedroom, one bathroom house in a lower middle class neighborhood.  It also became apparent that this was the house that Dave had grown up in.  It looked like Dave’s mother was single, that Dave was an only child, and that his mother did not get onto him about getting a job, getting married, or getting a place of his own to live in.

In Dave’s YouTube video this evening, he began explaining why he hadn’t been able to make a video recently, he said that his mother was being kicked out of her house, after thirty years of living there.  So I guess his mother didn’t own this house, had been renting it for thirty years, and now the landlord wanted much more money for rent.

Oh my God, Dave’s mother must be about 60 years old, and now she is losing her house.  During her working years, her income kept pace with the cost of the rent on this small modest house, but not anymore.  Meanwhile, her 30 year old son Dave was not working, not contributing towards rent and utilities, probably not even paying for food, and he spent his days working on his vehicle, skateboarding, and making YouTube videos.

This is really tragic.  If Dave would have taken a job working at a convenience store, where he could have contributed $500 per month toward rent, his mom might have been able to stay in this house.  Now that I think about it, the landlord might have driven by this house, saw that her 30 year old son was living there, and figured that he should be charging more money for rent if two working adults were living there.

Dave was upset in today’s video because the small place that his mom was moving to several cities away, was like a mother-in-law quarters at some other family’s house, so he wouldn’t be able to stay there in the driveway in his vehicle.

This is very sad to me, that it looks like Dave’s mother can barely afford to survive on the income that she has, and her son doesn’t even consider that he should get a job.  He just plans on continuing to spend his days skateboarding and playing around.


Dickinson State University Could Become A Polytechnic Campus

Today in the Dickinson Press newspaper there is an article titled, “DSU could become a polytechnic campus”.  Tom Mitzel, DSU president, appeared before the Dickinson City Commissioners on June 19 and explained that in addition to offering traditional four-year liberal arts degrees, DSU could begin offering technical training that would result in licensing, certification, or associates degrees in fields related to workforce needs here in western North Dakota.

The mayor of Dickinson and some of the commissioners stated that they thought that this was a wonderful idea.  In my opinion, this would be the best thing that ever happened to DSU, and this is long overdue.  I also think that this would be one of best things to ever happen to Dickinson.  I will enumerate why this is such a good idea.

  1. There are many high school kids in western North Dakota that already have a mechanical aptitude from growing up on farms, working on vehicles, motors, and equipment.  They are just a little short of being ready to work in the oil field in a skilled trade.  Being able to obtain certification here locally right out of high school, in things like welding, crane operating, instrumentation for example, would give them a much better chance to obtain employment locally, and at a higher pay rate.
  2. Many local high school students do not want to go to college for four years, they don’t see themselves doing this, they don’t see the need to go to college for four years, they don’t see this benefiting them, and they don’t plan on doing it.  Many of these high school students would see the benefit of taking only course work relevant to obtaining a certification that would make them more employable, or allow them to receive a higher rate of pay.
  3. Many high school students could see themselves going to college for two years, in order to obtain a technical associates degree, that demonstrates both that they have completed typical college general education requirements, and that they also have a technical competency in one or more areas.
  4. The businesses, employers, and oil companies in North Dakota would probably love to have many more prospective employees that have completed college level course work and also received relevant technical training.
  5. The large oil companies and the large oil field service companies would probably be willing to provide funding, guidance on desired technical course work, and also loan experienced personnel to advise or perform some teaching.
  6. If DSU developed a recognized technical program that offered certification or associates degrees, Dickinson would be a magnet for high school graduates from all over North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota.

My advice to DSU president Tom Mitzel, would be to aim for cooperation and assistance from GE, General Electric.  A little more than a year ago, GE acquired Lufkin, one of the biggest manufactures of oil field pump jacks, and also control systems.  About a year ago, GE also acquired Baker Hughes, a.k.a. BJ Services, one of the largest oil field service companies in the World.  Both Lufkin and BJ Services have large operations in Dickinson that would benefit greatly from a technical program at DSU.

When Farmers Used To Be Poor

I grew up in the 1970s on the east coast of Florida, in a small town.  The population of this town was probably about 10,000 people.  Some of the poorest people in this town were the farmers.  There were not any wealthy farmers in the area.

The farms outside of town ranged from about 10 acres to 50 acres.  The farms were small like this because they were established in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when fields were still plowed with horses, or very simple tractors.  50 acres was about all one person could handle back then.

The farm houses were either “shot gun houses” or “dog run houses”.  These were one-story wood frame houses, built a couple of feet off the ground on brick or stone piers.  The “shot gun houses” were where room opened to room, from the front door to the back door.  The “dog run houses” had a center hallway from the front door to the back door, and you entered each room from the center hallway.  The walls had exterior clapboard nailed to the vertical wall studs, and usually there was no interior covering like lathe and plaster.  The sizes of these houses was about 30 ft x 30 ft.

The yards all around the houses were mostly dirt with a sparse amount of grass, because of the kids, adults, and animals constantly walking and playing around the house.  There was not any pavement.  Kids, dogs, cats, and chickens ran wild around the outside of the house.  Pigs were kept a couple of hundred feet from the house, far enough away to not have to smell them and hear them constantly, but close enough to haul food scraps and garbage to them regularly.

Barns were small and usually very primitive because animals did not have to be kept in the barn.  Horses or cows would try to find shade from the sun in the afternoon, or something to stand under when it rained, an overhang, shed, or thick trees would work for the animals.

So far, everything that I described above about the farms where I lived, was the same from the 1890s up until the 1970s.  In the 1940s more or less, many of the farm houses began adding indoor bathrooms with plumbing.  I imagine that many farm families in Florida continued to use wash basins and outhouses into the 1960s.

Prior to the 1960s, farm kids in Florida might not have worn shoes in the summer, except to go to church on Sunday.  Before the start of school in the Fall, they might get a new pair of shoes to wear to school, or be given hand-me-down shoes to wear to school.  Prior to the 1960s, the farm families had a very bare existence.

In order to have more cash money, farmers in Florida had other ways to make money: cutting trees to sell for timber, working in saw mills, doing carpentry for other people, hunting animals for meat and fur, hunting alligators for meat and hide, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and making illegal alcohol.

As the population of Florida grew more and more due to real estate development, land became more controlled, animals and fish became more scarce, many farmers in Florida began to take regular jobs working in construction.  There would be five to eight years of a boom in construction, followed by a lull for several years, all through the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

When I was a kid in the 1970s in Florida, the farmers who did primarily farming, were very poor.  The fathers drove old, worn out, beat up trucks, there was nothing fancy about them, just single cab, torn vinyl bench seat, rusty two-wheel drive trucks.  The father’s clothes were old, stained, and ragged.  The farmer kids had very little of anything.

In the 1970s, the farmers who worked regular jobs, they wore nicer clothes, drove nicer four-wheel drive single cab trucks, and their kids had more, but they were not rich.

I didn’t see it until the 1980s in Florida, but some farmers said, “Fuck it, I am going to sell the farm because this property is worth so much money now.”  Real estate developers wanted 10 acre, 20 acre, 30 acre parcels of land that had been cleared and drained, so that they could put in a new housing development with 1/4 acre home lots.

The farmer kids who had grown up going barefoot, using wash basins and outhouses, being bit by mosquitoes constantly, now that they were adults struggling with finances, sometimes they could not resist the temptation to cash-in the family farm, and finally live a life of luxury.  They could move into a new modern home with central air conditioning, shag carpeting, a couple of bathrooms, and modern kitchen.  Buy a new luxury edition truck with a back seat, and have enough money for their kids to go to college.  So that is what many poor farmers did.

In the 1980s in Florida, the adult farm owners were aware how poor and how much of a struggle that their grandparents, parents, and themselves had gone through.  They weighed out in their mind what to do, should they continue to live poor and struggle, or should they sell their land and have a life of ease?

One thought that made up the adult farm owner’s mind was this, “If I continue to be poor and struggle with this farm for the rest of my life, when I die, my shit head son is just going to sell it and never have to work, so is it going to be me, or him that doesn’t have to work?  I pick me.”

In Florida, one by one, all of the farms were sold and developed.  It was just too hard to make money farming, and the land became worth so much money.  Who would want to continue to be poor, when they could sell their land and become a millionaire.

By the 1990s in Florida, the only people who retained inherited acreage or who obtained acreage, were not farmers, but doctors and lawyers.

In my next blog post, I would like to try to explain and compare this to farming in North Dakota.

Men Competing And Winning In Women’s Sports

Below I have included a video that shows a man competing, winning, and setting new records in a Connecticut State women’s high school track meet.

This black man shown in the video competing against the women, is a “transgender”.  He is a biological man, that thinks that he is, or thinks that he wants to be a woman.

Because liberal people, many Democrats, and many women, want for Transgender people to be accepted, they advocate for these Transgender people to be accepted for who they say they are.  This means that Transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with, and apparently compete in sports as the gender that they identify with.

As you can see in this video above of the state high school track meet, a biological man competing in women’s sports, has an advantage, so much of an advantage that he was able to set new state records for women’s track.

Can you see that biological men who think or say that they identify as women, will be able to dominate all of women’s sports?  Basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, triathalon, cycling, skiing.

Do you think that this is fair or right, for biological men to compete against women and win?  To take away 1st place finishes from women in women’s sports?

Do you see that at every high school and college, women could begin losing spots on basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, and tennis teams to biological males who are bigger, faster, and stronger?  Losing athletic scholarships to biological men.

I do not think that women ever saw this coming, that any biological man can now say at some point in his life, that he identifies as a woman, in order to compete in women’s sports, compete for a scholarship, or compete for a job by saying that he is a woman.

Why Dickinson, North Dakota Is So Quiet Tonight

When I got home to my apartment in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota at 6:30 p.m., on this Monday, June 18, everything was very quiet.  I opened all of the windows in my apartment, turned on my computer, checked my e-mails, looked at my Worpress blog, looked at Facebook, read the Dickinson Press Newspaper online, and everything continued to be quiet in my apartment building, the parking lot, and this downtown residential area.

I fell asleep in my lazy boy recliner chair from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., and I am just now waking up.  This residential area is so quiet right now, that I can hear that there is not a single car driving on the main downtown street through Dickinson, Villard Street.  Either directly on four-lane Villard Street, or one block north of Villard Street, there are twelve bars and restaurants, and about eight gas station convenience stores.

I am listening and trying to time it, and I am not hearing even one vehicle per five minutes on Villard Street.  I have heard one car in the past fifteen minutes.  Can you imagine how quiet that is, one car in fifteen minutes on the main street through downtown, at 11:30 p.m. on a Monday night?

I know why Dickinson is this quiet, it is a combination of about four different things.  I read a newspaper article about a month ago, that said the population of North Dakota decreased from 2017 to 2018, there was a net out-migration of about 500 people.  The total population of North Dakota is only about 750,000 people.

Despite what the business owners, real estate agents, real estate developers, chambers of commerce, business associations, elected representatives, and spokespeople say, the economy in western North Dakota has been slowing down since 2015, and it continues to do so.

In the Spring of 2018, there were newspaper articles and advertisements, radio announcements and advertisements, television reports and advertisements, trade journal articles and advertisements, telling people about the great need for workers in western North Dakota.  The truth is, that all of these reports and advertisements about the need for workers in western North Dakota, did not match the reality of the actual number of job openings posted on North Dakota Job Services, the Dickinson Press newspaper,,,,, etcetera.

Yes, there was a need every week for a few CDL licensed drivers, experienced heavy equipment mechanics, electricians, experienced hydraulic fracturing operators, and laborers, but just a few, not a huge amount.  Many of these job openings did not represent company growth or an expansion in business operations, but were job vacancies created by workers who quit and left North Dakota.

The truth is, that workers who are already living here or who come here, who can prove that they have experience welding, fabricating, operating heavy equipment, operating fracturing equipment, working on a drill rig, with a CDL license, or are a certified mechanic, they can probably find a job if they are in good health and have a clean driving record.  But there is not a huge demand for workers.

I know experienced oil field workers living here in western North Dakota who have had difficulty in finding a job, and the jobs that they eventually accept are lower pay, sometimes much lower, than what they used to get paid.  I know people over 50 years of age who have work experience in the oil field and in construction, who have a lot of difficulty in finding a job in western North Dakota.

In the past several years, I have seen many people with some college education, business experience, technical experience, construction experience, and oil field experience, decide to leave North Dakota, because of the combination of not very high pay, poor working conditions, cold weather, and overall unpleasant environment here.  The people who have remained here in Dickinson after the oil boom ended in 2015, are mostly blue-collar trades people.

As I previously stated up above, there was an attempt this Spring by business owners, real estate agents, real estate developers, chambers of commerce, and government spokespeople, to entice and lure people here to North Dakota using announcements, news stories, and advertisements.  Most of the people who responded to this and came to western North Dakota, were no-skilled, low-skilled, inexperienced, poor, uneducated, illegal drug users from cities in Washington State and California.

Initially, in this Spring of 2018 in downtown Dickinson, it was noisy and chaotic.  The poor white-trash and poor blacks who recently arrived from the inner-cities of Washington State and California ran around and got into everything like insects that had recently hatched.  In expectation of getting a high paying oil field job, these no-skilled, low-skilled uneducated inner-city people rented apartments, and behaved like they did where they came from.

These new arrivals from the inner-cities continued to use illegal drugs, sell illegal drugs, get high, get drunk, and drive recklessly around Dickinson.  Little by little, bit by bit, the Dickinson Police arrested these new arrivals for possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, reckless driving, and DUI.

Once these no-skilled, low-skilled, uneducated inner-city people with criminal records and bad driving records found that they were unable to get a job working in the oil field, they began doing what they did in the inner-cities where they came from, sell drugs, steal, commit burglaries, and robberies.

Little by little, bit by bit, these inner-city people who arrived in Dickinson, most of them have either been stopped by the Dickinson Police multiple times, or they have been arrested.  They are in jail awaiting trial, have posted bail and have fled the state, have calmed down because they don’t want to get stopped by the Police anymore, or they have moved away because of the Police and they can’t get a job.

What is very funny to me, is at the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson tonight, it is so quiet, such a contrast to the months of April, May, and the beginning of June.  There is no one driving recklessly through the residential streets, there is no vehicle in the apartment building parking lot playing ghetto music, there is no one stopping by the apartment building to buy illegal drugs, there are no drug addicts wandering through the parking lot or the hallways.

The people all throughout this downtown neighborhood tonight, they have got their jobs to go to in the morning, they were all in for the night by 7:00 p.m., they had dinner, watched television, and went to bed.  The people from Washington State and California, are mostly back where they came from, or locked in their jail cell.

I Did Not Know That Women Powerlifters Pee When Lifting Heavy Weights

I did not know that women powerlifters pee when lifting heavy weights, but thanks to a YouTube video explaining this phenomenon, I do now.

I imagine that some women readers are hissing, spitting, and wanting to scratch my eyes out for writing this, but I am not making this up.  I never would have known about this, if these women in the video below, would not have made a video about this.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post where I complained that there should be some weight room gyms, where men can expect to lift heavy weights without the distraction of women, interference of women, women taking up the equipment and not using it for its intended purpose, and women talking and fooling around.

There are several gym franchises such as Curves, that are for women only, and we all understand why women want to exercise without any men around sometimes.  So why can’t women understand that men want to exercise without women around sometimes?

Men and women are different.  I can absolutely guarantee you, that if I peed my pants when doing deadlifts or squats at a gym, I would be kicked out, and everyone would be furious at me, both the men and the women.

Apparently, it is very common for women to pee their pants when lifting heavy weights.  I don’t care that much, but like I said, if a man did this, he would be kicked out of the gym.  Probably, if a man peed his pants while deadlifting or doing squats at the West River Community Center in Dickinson, the Police would be called and they would try to charge him with lewd and lascivious behavior.  But women can just pee all over the place and get away with it.

Women Powerlifters And Steroid Use

I found a very good YouTube video where a female powerlifter explains her steroid use.  You will first hear the straightforward admission from her about her steroid use at the 4:40 minute mark on this video.

This powerlifter explains that though some of the side effects of steroid use, like acne outbreaks, will go away after you quit using steroids as a woman, your voice change and hair growth everywhere on your body, will not ever go away, it is permanent.

Please also pay close attention to the 11:40 minute mark on this video, where she makes the statement, I knew that if I was going to compete at the highest levels of women’s powerlifting, I had to take steroids.