Proposed Rough Riders Strip Club In The Prairie Hills Mall, Dickinson, North Dakota

In this blog post I will explain why the proposed Rough Riders Strip Club in the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson, North Dakota is a good idea.

From approximately 2011 through 2018, Dickinson State University, professors, local business people, city government, developers, and architects worked on plans and raising money to construct the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Before Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States, he spent several years in the 1890s living on a cattle ranch not far from Dickinson.

Dickinson went through an oil boom from 2007 through 2014.  Though Dickinson experienced rapid growth and an influx of workers during the oil boom, once this oil boom ended, workers began returning to the states where they came from, and restaurants, hotels, and other businesses experienced a slow down.

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum was something that was going to be a permanent attraction in Dickinson, and something that would help to fill the void that was left when so many oil field workers moved away after the boom ended.  Unfortunately, important and influential people from elsewhere, steered the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum away from Dickinson, to the town of Medora forty miles to the west.

Theodore Roosevelt was known for leading the first voluntary U.S. Cavalry Regiment in the Spanish-American War in Cuba, called the “Rough Riders”.  Hence, many things in this area are named “Rough Riders Hotel” or “Rough Riders Saloon”, in remembrance of the time that Theodore Roosevelt spent here.

Though Dickinson may not be able to have the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, it can have the biggest and best strip club in North Dakota, called the “Rough Riders Strip Club”.

In 2018, the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson experienced the closing of its three largest stores, JC Penny, Herbergers, and Odyssey Theaters.  There are several important reasons why the Rough Riders Strip Club should be located in the Prairie Hills Mall, besides being able to occupy the vacant space left by Herbergers or the Odyssey Theaters.

The Prairie Hills Mall is located centrally in downtown Dickinson, just north of Interstate 94, and beside Highway 22.  It is surrounded by approximately sixteen restaurants and ten hotels.  Because the Prairie Hills Mall is surrounded by about fifteen acres of paved parking lot, this parking lot is large enough to accommodate nearly two hundred tractor trucks & trailers in addition to normal vehicles.

Due to the location of the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson at the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22, and because Dickinson is the nearest large town for one hundred miles in any direction, it is a natural convenient stopping place for commercial truck drivers.  With easy parking and easy access to a large modern strip club, which would soon become famous, and access to sixteen restaurants and ten hotels, this would become the busiest town in North Dakota.

It wouldn’t just be the commercial truck drivers who would get off the interstate in Dickinson, with the attention and publicity, everyone would want to stop to see what was going on in Dickinson.

Who is going to work there you may ask?  If you have read very many of my other blog posts, you might have seen that I often complain about there being a shortage of attractive women in Dickinson, and that most of the women in Dickinson are unfriendly.  Yes, that is true.  However, looking on Facebook, in this area, if you just look up the women with the last name of “Zastoupil” or “Miller”, there you will find enough attractive women with O.K. personalities to fill most of the dancer positions.  There are enough DSU girls to fill in for the Zastoupil and Miller women on their days off.

DSU girls can work some of the bar positions.  Dickinson High School girls and Trinity High School girls can work the waitress positions.  There are a few nice looking housewives in Dickinson that can work as hostesses, cashiers, or fill-in for the dancers on short notice.

What about the rest of the women in Dickinson, how about them?  I have envisioned a special opportunity for most of the other women in Dickinson, unlike anything else in North Dakota.  The other women will be known as “The Heidi Heitkamp Girls” or the “Heidi Girls” for short.

The Heidi Girls can wear red hair wigs, and they can all be called “Heidi”.  Now get ready for this, whenever a truck driver parks, a Heidi girl will trot over, pulling a rickshaw!  That’s right, pulling a rickshaw, just like the ones in China and Vietnam, except for these will probably have rubber car tires.

For free, the Heidi Girl will transport any truck driver in her rickshaw in between the strip club and his tractor truck.  However, if the truck driver wants to be taken to Taco Bell, Bernie’s Esquire Club, or a hotel, an extra charge will apply.

Now, if the owner of the Prairie Hills Mall is concerned about the running of the Rough Riders Strip Club, the long-time manager of the Mall, Peggy O’Brien, she can manage the strip club too, and also fill-in.


Witches In Dickinson, North Dakota

There are some pretend witches in Dickinson, some wanna-be witches, and some lazy, slutty, overweight women in Dickinson who aren’t witches, who give witches a bad name.

According to the Bible, I am not supposed to have anything to do with witches, but I am beginning to wonder about that, like a lot of other things.

Here is a list of what witches are not, I repeat, what they are not like:

  • They are not fat, overweight, out-of-shape, unkempt, wrinkled women.
  • They are not smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, or promiscuous women.
  • They are not lazy, uneducated, stupid, or women with bad judgement.
  • They are not poor, they don’t live in decrepit dwellings, or wear tattered clothing.
  • They don’t drive beat-up vehicles with a bunch of bumper stickers on them saying that they are a witch, “witches heal”, or “save mother earth”.
  • They are not mid-wives or nurse practitioners, these are men-haters, lesbians, or dykes.

There are some women who are lazy, overweight, undisciplined slobs who have no self-control who would like to think of themselves as witches because they don’t do what other people want or expect of them, but “witch” is not at all what they are, more fitting terms would be fat, lazy, no-good, or stupid.

Real witches are way above average in intelligence, but you might not notice, because they don’t want to stand out, which could lead to problems for them, and they know it.  Because witches are way above average in intelligence, they do not have difficulty in the occupations that they choose, therefore they do not have money problems.

In order to not stand out, they do not usually assume top-tier positions in their field of occupation, though they could if they wanted to.  For example, they choose to be a nurse or a pharmacist rather than a medical doctor.

Real witches do not have money problems, not just because they have above average intelligence and have no difficulty in the occupations they choose, but they have many other ways to make money, and there are many other things that they do which give them an advantage.

For instance, witches are very good at beguiling men.  If a witch wants to have a new roof put on her house, have her house painted, or have her yard professionally maintained, she is able to get it done for low prices, with extra effort put in by the men performing the work.  This is one of the reasons why real witches do not live in decrepit houses, they have money, and they can always get home maintenance done.

In order to get what they want, or get things done, witches can beguile men, cast spells, and put hexes on people.  Witches don’t have to be mean and nasty toward other people, they can just put spells and hexes on other people to make them go away or disappear.  This is one of the reasons why witches do not have wrinkles, they do not have to stress over money, things, or other people.

Because of witches’ intelligence, intuitiveness, awareness, knowledge, and discipline, they know how to take care of their physical bodies and maintain their physical health.  Completely contrary to some depictions of witches, witches tend to have beautiful hair, very good complexions, low body weight, and out of the ordinary attractiveness, usually into very old age.

Here is a general description of how you might spot a witch, if she has all of these characteristics:  She has long beautiful hair, a good complexion, a good figure, a nice home, a nice yard, never stresses, stays inside much of the time, is hardly ever or never sick, and she drives a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic which is very clean and in good condition.

See, here is part of the give-away or tell, if she is so pretty, and she has such a nice home, she probably could afford to have a Mercedes or BMW, but she doesn’t.  This is not only because she has above average intelligence, but because she is trying to not stand out.

Sometimes, witches marry, if her husband is someone that she thinks that she can keep under her control.  If not, if she was mistaken, their husbands have an “accident” or get sick and die, leaving her both money, and an excuse as to why she does not have a man in her life.

I have met three older women in the Dickinson area who are real witches.  Each of them are very attractive in their older age, each of them are married, and each of them have very nice homes and money.  Two of these women who are in their fifties now, have better complexions, tighter skin, much leaner muscular bodies, and much better long beautiful hair than girls who are in their teens.

One of my favorite things, was when two of these three witches would come up behind me and gently rake my lower back with their finger nails.  It was the best feeling in the World.

I also know of one young lady in Dickinson who might be a real witch, I suppose that she is.  She is married.  There is no point in me telling on these three older witches or this one young witch, they would just deny it, they wouldn’t like me telling on them, and no one would believe me anyway.  Their husbands don’t even know.

Old St. Joseph’s Hospital In Dickinson To Be Used For Mental Health Services

On February 1st, I read an article in the Dickinson Press Newspaper about the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in Dickinson being purchased and renovated, to be used as a location for Mental Health Services.

The buyer of the old St. Joseph’s Hospital property is a man named Andres Mejia, who is currently employed at the new St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson as their director of risk management and quality.  I wasn’t certain that Andres Mejia was going to be the actual owner of the property, or if he was acting as an agent for some branch of Catholic Health Initiatives.

I looked up Andres Mejia in Dickinson, and I read that in August of 2018, Mejia Property Management LLC was registered in North Dakota with Andres Leonardo Mejia-Fuentes listed as the agent, and his home address was used, so this does appear to be a personal undertaking of Andres Mejia, not Catholic Health Initiatives.

I believe that Andres Mejia was led to believe that if he created a space for Mental Health Services in Dickinson, that the Federal Government, North Dakota State Government, Southwest North Dakota Health Services, Catholic Health Initiatives, corporate medical group health care providers, and private practice health care providers would all participate in providing funds and paying rents, because there is a huge gap in Mental Health Services in southwest North Dakota.

Andres Mejia may believe that it is almost certain, that if he purchased the old St. Joseph’s Hospital, performed the necessary renovations, and subdivided the space at the old St. Joseph’s Hospital according to what each health care provider tenant required, that the rents he received and the appreciating value of the property would make him successful in the long run.

When I read the headline and the first paragraph of the Dickinson Press Newspaper article about this plan, I had a great deal of doubt that this was a good idea.  I began to think about what would happen to me if I tried to do this, even if I was able to purchase the old St. Joseph’s Hospital for just $1.

If I started out by purchasing the old St. Joseph’s Hospital for just $1, with this property sitting vacant like it is right now, here is what I estimate my ownership costs would be:

  • Yearly property taxes………………………………………….$5,000
  • Yearly insurance for property damage & liability……………$5,000
  • Yearly electric costs, heating in Winter……………………….$12,000
  • Snow removal and grounds maintenance…………………….$5,000
  • Interior routine maintenance……………………………………$1,000

Subtotal  $28,000 per year, while vacant

With an old building like this, you could expect to have to have to perform roof, plumbing, window, or heating repairs:

Add $10,000 for normal repairs per year, while vacant

Because I am not Catholic, and this is Dickinson, I could be sure that the Fire Marshal, Building Inspector, the Health Department, and local contractors would all get together at their Knights of Columbus meetings to come up with a plan to try to financially break me which would include:

  • Citations for asbestos, asbestos contamination, and required removal.
  • Citations for lead paint, lead paint contamination, and lead paint removal.
  • Citations for mold, black mold, mold contamination, and remediation.
  • Citations for elevator, and elevator required retrofitting.
  • Citations for fire escape, and fire escape required retrofitting.
  • Citations for electrical, plumbing, and boiler not being up to code and required renovation.

For me, there would never be an end to the Fire Marshal, Building Inspector, Health Department, Property Tax Appraiser, other Government officials, and local contractors trying to come up with schemes to financially break me:

Add another $2 million, for the cost of Corruption in Dickinson

To top everything off, if I had personally purchased the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in Dickinson, for even just $1, I would probably not be able to find a buyer who was willing to pay me $1 for it, because of the awareness of the ownership costs that I listed up above.  If I did sell it, I would probably later be sued by the buyer for non-disclosure of my knowledge that the building was haunted.

Even if Andres Mejia didn’t face the $2 million cost of every Government Official in Dickinson trying to find something wrong with this building and force him to correct it, what if the owner of the large new vacant retail building in the Menards shopping area suddenly makes a large donation to Catholic Health Initiatives, and they start liking him and his new building, more than they like Andres Mejia and his old building?

What if Andres Mejia begins making renovations to the old St. Joseph’s Hospital building, spending several hundred thousand dollars, and meanwhile there is a change in leadership at Catholic Health Initiatives, Southwest North Dakota Health Services, or a corporate health care provider that had previously stated verbally that they were committed to occupying his building once the renovations were completed?

What if Governor Doug Burgum shows up suddenly out of no-where, and convinces the Federal Government, North Dakota State Government, Southwest North Dakota Health Services, corporate health care groups, and private practice health care providers that Bismarck is more centrally located and more easily reachable by everyone in North Dakota?

I would not want to be in Andres Mejia’s position.  The cost of ownership of this old building is high, and it is to be expected that there will be expensive routine repairs needed, even when this building is vacant.  There is also the potential that the Fire Marshal, Building Inspector, Health Department, and local contractors could financially ruin this project and Andres Mejia by creating renovation costs that will never be able to be recovered or overcome.

There is also no guarantee that the verbal enthusiasm Andres Mejia has heard about creating a health care facility to provide treatment for Mental Health, Drug Addiction, and Rehabilitation will materialize into anyone actually becoming a tenant.

Andres Mejia may have had good intentions, but hardly anyone else in Dickinson does.  Dickinson is an area where people have so little opportunity to get ahead, that they have become accustomed to helping other people to fail so that no one else can get ahead either.  In particular, they like to encourage people to buy property here, spend money to make improvements on the property, financially ruin them, then scoop up their recently improved properties for very little money after they have financially bankrupted them.

Mental Health Services that could soon be offered in Dickinson:

Incredibly Beautiful Escorts Of London

Yesterday I received a reader comment about my blog website article on “Escorts of Italy”, referring me to the website address for Escorts of London.

Previously, I was amazed at the “Escort of Italy” escort service because of the very high quality and beauty of the women they employed, who ranged in age from 18 years to 28 years of age.  The Escort of Italy service provided women in Rome, Venice, Milan, and also in Florence I believe, for about $250 per hour.

For the Escort of Italy service, you could browse through their gallery of about thirty escorts, view four or five photographs of each escort,  read their age, height, size, and weight, what they were willing to do sexually, and make an appointment with the girl that you wanted.  All of the women were in very good physical health, with no tattoos.

Today, when I went and looked at the website, I saw that the escorts they offered in London were just as perfect as the escorts that I saw on the Escort of Italy website, but I soon realized that in London they had two or three times as many women.

Keep in mind that the Escort of Italy service gets their women primarily from Russia, whereas it looks like Perfect London Escorts has many women who are from England, Ireland, and Scotland, with probably some women from elsewhere as well.

In my opinion, the best way to look at the Perfect London Escorts website, is to click this link, and then when this website comes up, at the top of their web page, click on the “Gallery” tab in order to see all of their women.

Here where I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, due to the very cold weather, barren landscape, lack of anything to do, and the recent oil boom, the ratio of men to women is about 3:1.  The women who are here, are overweight, unattractive, mean, and nasty, except for the Methamphetamine addict women who are thin, filthy, criminals.

I wish that in North Dakota, there could be an escort service with women like the ones shown on the Perfect London Escorts website, but the Government and Law Enforcement have to make sure that North Dakota is one of the most miserable places on Earth.

I Thought Women Were Getting In The Way At Gyms Because They Are Stupid

In the beginning of December 2017, I wrote a blog post article that was very favorable about a new gym that had opened in Dickinson, North Dakota called The Pit Gym.  Though this gym was small, it was set up primarily for the use of free weights, heavy weight bench press, heavy weight squat, and heavy weight dead lift.

I thought that there was no way that women would have any interest in The Pit Gym, because it didn’t have a women’s locker room, cardiovascular equipment, hardly any leg machines, no television, nothing that they would be interested in.  I was wrong.

In May of 2018, six months later, I wrote a blog post article titled, “The Beginning Of The Ruining Of The Pit Gym”, because women began showing up at this gym, and they began doing the same things that they do at every gym that they go to.

I thought that this was happening because women are stupid, and they didn’t know or understand that the whole reason why there needed to be a power lifting gym in Dickinson, was to have a place where women didn’t go and take up every spot using just the 45 lb bar with no weight on it.

At that time, I didn’t know that this was a World-wide scheme by women, to try to force men to pay attention to them.  I thought that women were just too stupid to know what a nuisance they were in the gym, but it turns out that they did know, and that this is all deliberate.

Here is a video created by a middle-aged Black man, explaining this:

Here are some insightful comments that were left by viewers under this video:

That’s why I say feminists must have their own gym.
We need males only gym.
The women work out real hard at the gym, 1 set of exercise, 10 minutes on smart phone. 1 set of exercise, 10 minutes on smart phone.
I stopped going to gyms years ago because i got tired of the thotty’s who wear makeup to the gym. I work out at the house, and jog outside now.
I used to be a fitness/bodybuilding gym rat in the 90s in California. GOLDS gym Redondo, 24 hour fitness off PCH and chrenshaw, and LA fitness at Del Amo mall. It’s always kind of been a hookup spot but I have noticed myself women that have no place in a gym just taking up space and equipment lately.
I do my workouts between 3 A.M. and 6 A.M. No women are in sight.
What are they going to do once men start building home gyms?
parasites and leeches SMH.
Simple AttentionNomics for them to Invade every Male space and maximize the attention they receive.
I just work out at home now.
Most of the women at my gym are there for attention, validation, and the hook up. They are usually over 35 years old, trying to get back in the game. They do all this squatting, and glute work were they are always bending over or showing off their ass. Watch how their eyes are roaming when they are working out.
I’ve ignored the gym thots for a long time. Wear a large hoodie to cover half my face so I don’t have to see them. They don’t like it either. I wish there was a male only gym I could go to but that won’t be allowed. Yet women have their own gyms. Go figure.
And the exact reason i no longer go to the gym. have a home gym.
Wow I thought I was the only one that noticed that these women are at gym showing all their body for attention! Its ridiculous.. I had one chick step right in front of me while I was doing abs.. & bent all the way over! I could not help but see the snatch print!! It’s so many Instagram thots at golds gym! I am 52 in good shape! I even got lesbians following me around the gym..they are getting desperate!! Gvb.
Men only gyms. Simple.
That’s why I have a home gym.
We all know the whole #MeToo thing is usually just asking for attention. So even though they complain about being stared at by men, in actuality they like it and only complain as a a way to say “see girls I’m so attractive since all these men are looking at me. “
Starve the parasite.
That’s why I don’t go to the gym.
Men, don’t give women any attention at the gym. Save yourself the irritation and money and exercise at home, you won’t be missing out on anything.
Anywhere there seems to be a prevalence of men frequenting in one particular area, broads, sluts, and whores will try to run as fast as they can to get attention and money from men. This is why it’s so important that only men run and control their clubs, groups, and meetings…’lest you want women to stink it up like everywhere else. Sports games were invaded, there’s no telling what will be next.
I have a home gym, I refuse to deal with women in anyway shape or form. ALL women are man hating feminists.
I have written previously that most of the Gyms in the United States have been transformed into Fitness Centers over the past twenty years.  Concrete and wood floors being replaced with carpeting, rusty steel plates and bars being replaced with upholstered cable machines, stereos playing rock music being replaced with televisions showing Dr. Phil, in order to be more appealing to women.
It looks like gyms/fitness centers are presenting so many problems for men now, that men just won’t go to them anymore, and exercise at home.  Without men going to gyms, women won’t go either, and all gyms will go out of business.  I don’t think that gym owners ever saw that this was going to happen.

Runnings In Dickinson Calls Police On Gun Buyer

In today’s Dickinson Press Newspaper, I read in the Police Blotter section, that on January 23 the Runnings Farm & Fleet store in Dickinson had called the City of Dickinson Police about a possible “straw buyer” of a firearm.  This was very concerning to me, and I will explain why.

There are three main things that I want to point out, and then explain in more detail:

One, If you have ever purchased a firearm for your wife, daughter, son, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, or anyone, you could be reported for a felony punishable by more than one year in prison, if the firearm dealer chose to report you.  The reason why you would be guilty of a felony, is because when you complete the firearm purchase and registration forms required by the Federal Government or ATF, you are required to answer, “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form? Warning: You are not the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm(s) on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual buyer, the dealer cannot transfer the firearm(s) to you.”

Two, You should be concerned that at the time of the sale of a firearm to you, or at a later date, a gun dealer or an employee of Runnings Farm & Fleet could use your personal information on file at the store, to report you to the Police for a felony, based on suspicion, something they saw, heard, or became aware of, regarding a friend or family member possessing a firearm that was sold to you.

Three, If an employee of a gun dealer or Runnings Farm & Fleet is so convinced that the person they are selling a firearm to is a “straw buyer” that they would call the Police to report it, why would they make this sale in the first place?

When I read the Dickinson Press Newspaper this morning about Runnings Farm & Fleet calling the Police about a “straw buyer” of a firearm, I began trying to look up the North Dakota law, or any law that covers this.  After I had spent about one hour trying to look up the law on this, and reading reports of several different court cases, I learned that the easiest and simplest way to prosecute the accusation that someone was a “straw buyer” of a firearm, was to prosecute them for falsifying the paper work that they signed, which is a crime in itself.

The most famous applicable case, is the U.S. Supreme Court case of 2014 Abramski versus United States.  In this case a former Police Officer living in Virginia purchased a Glock handgun for his Uncle living in Pennsylvania, because he was able to buy it cheaper using his Law Enforcement discount at a gun dealer in Virginia.  In this case, some of the law that was cited that led to Abramski being found guilty of a crime was:

The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulates the sale and transfer of guns. Section 922(a)(6) of the act makes it unlawful for any person acquiring a gun from a gun dealer to “knowingly … make any false or fictitious … written statement … likely to deceive” the dealer, “with respect to any fact material to the lawfulness of the sale.”  Section 924(a)(1)(A) of the same act, makes it unlawful and provides a penalty for anyone who “knowingly makes any false statement or representation with respect to the information required by this chapter to be kept in the records of a firearms dealer under this chapter.”

And even more specifically, the “false statement or representation” that was made by Abramski to the gun dealer, what I already cited up above previously, was when he answered in the gun dealer paperwork the question:

“Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form? Warning: You are not the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm(s) on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual buyer, the dealer cannot transfer the firearm(s) to you.”

To the readers who are thinking ahead of me, on how to circumvent this law, if you waited a certain amount of time, no one knows exactly how long, in order to demonstrate that you were the actual owner of the firearm for a period of time, and then at a later date you chose to sell this firearm or give it away as a gift, you could use this as your legal defense.  But I want to point out and remind everyone, that it costs just as much money to hire an attorney to defend yourself when you are charged with a crime, whether you are innocent or guilty, so do you even want to be charged with a crime in the first place?

The reason why I am so concerned about Runnings in Dickinson calling the Police to report a “straw buyer”, is that if they really thought that this person was buying this firearm on behalf of another person, possibly because of hearing something this buyer said, Runnings should have told this buyer, “We have reason to believe that you intend to purchase this firearm for someone else, based on what we heard you say, this would be a felony punishable by more than one year in prison, and we are not able to knowingly be involved in this sale or this felony.”

If Runnings in Dickinson heard a customer talking about a firearm and saying something such as, I think that my wife would like this, I think that my daughter would like this, I think that my son would like this, or my father always wanted a gun like this, and Runnings completed the sale, then telephoned the Dickinson Police to report a “straw buyer”, I think that everyone in Dickinson should be made aware that this can happen, so that they don’t do this.  If someone is convicted of this felony of being a “straw buyer”, they will no longer be able to buy or possess any firearm.

I don’t know how much of a detective and informant I want a gun dealer or Runnings Farm & Fleet to be.  Probably not at all.  Probably, if they are going to report me to the Police for buying a firearm from them, please just don’t sell me a firearm in the first place.

How far is Runnings Farm & Fleet in Dickinson going to take this?  Are they going to assume that someone accompanying a buyer and giving their advice or expressing their preference is actually going to be the owner of the firearm being purchased?  Is Runnings going to call the Police after the sale, and turn over the store and parking lot surveillance videos to be used to prosecute people?

Why would you purchase a firearm from Runnings Farm & Fleet in Dickinson if you had any reason to believe that they were surveilling you and going to report you to the City of Dickinson Police after you purchased a firearm from them?  Do you want to be questioned and investigated by the City of Dickinson Police?  Do you want the City of Dickinson Police getting into your personal business?

Runnings Farm & Fleet, Dickinson, North Dakota, manager Doug Tyrrell, phone 701-483-1226.

An Elderly Woman Gives Her Testimony Of Torture And Sexual Abuse As A Catholic Nun

Yesterday, I angrily left De Porres House of Barbering and Lounge in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I became angrier and angrier, as I waited for my appointment, after I had read a large message board showing how customers had paid ahead for haircuts and pints of beer for the local Catholic Monsignor and Catholic priests.

The Catholic Church is the most corrupt and evil organization in the World, and it was blatantly apparent that both the owners Matt and Paul Ellerkamp and the customers were supporters of the Catholic Church.

Catholics refuse to believe, acknowledge, or understand the horrible corruption and evil of the Catholic Church, and they are complicit in this evil, because they go along with it.

Below I have included a video, where an elderly woman gives her testimony of the torture and sexual abuse that she received as a Catholic Nun.  She gives the details and explanation of how this occurred.

Particularly disgusting, is where she describes how she was given over to a Catholic priest to use for sex, by the Mother of the convent, who told her, “Oh child, it is O.K., your body is not yours anymore, your body has been given over to God.”  The explanation of how this happened begins at the 16:02 minute mark on this video.