Re-Evaluating What The Police And The Dickinson Mafia Are Doing

I am now re-considering and re-evaluating what the City of Dickinson Police and the Dickinson Mafia are doing.  Rather than continuing to complain, I may have to acknowledge that some of their practices, are necessary in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I have written several blog posts in the past complaining about the City of Dickinson Police always being so eager to follow everyone and pull them over.  I know that they were stopping people in order to check driver’s licenses and vehicles, to see if anyone had warrants, were driving under the influence, had illegal weapons or drugs, stolen property, or anything else illegal.  But I was sick and tired of being surveilled and stalked by the Police, when I wasn’t doing anything illegal.

On Thursday night of this past week, when a vehicle ran up over the curb, across the grass strip, and through a chain link fence where I usually park my vehicle, for the third time in the past six months, I wished that the Police in Dickinson could round up all the White Trash in Dickinson.

It’s not just that a vehicle crashed over the curb and through a chain link fence in this 25 mph zone for the third time in six months, or that another vehicle crashed into my equipment trailer in this spot, or that one of my vehicles got stolen during this time, or that my neighbors’ vehicles have had property stolen from them, it’s that this is happening all throughout Dickinson.

I don’t know if things were ever this bad in Dickinson before, or if this happened following the second oil boom in 1983, but Dickinson now is just full of White Trash and hoodlums.  I think that 50% of this is poor White Trash from out-of-state, and 50% of this is locally born White Trash.  I do think that poor drug addict people from out-of-state have had a negative effect on poor locally born people, making them much worse.

What I hated was the Dickinson Police following, surveilling, and stalking everyone in Dickinson, but I guess they have to.  Apparently, if the Dickinson Police let up for one minute, the White Trash take this opportunity to crash a vehicle, steal a vehicle, or steal property out of a vehicle, garage, or business.

I had written blog posts in the past complaining about the Dickinson Mafia.  For those of you who don’t know, the Dickinson Mafia are a group of business owners, property owners, and leadership in the City, that have tried to control what goes in Dickinson in the past:  Development, ordinances, hiring, firing, wage rates, promotions, marriage, who succeeds, and who fails.

I felt that it was wrong for a group of prominent and successful men to try to determine and control so much, what happens to other people.  Now, at this time in Dickinson, when I see so many people running amock, the White Trash problem, the misbehavior, theft, and drug problems, I wish that the Dickinson Mafia would get Dickinson back under control.

Here is how the Dickinson Mafia used to work:  If someone got arrested in Dickinson for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, or theft, within a day or two, they would no longer have a job in Dickinson, nor would they be able to get another job.  Their spouse may also lose their job within a day or two.  Not being able to pay rent within a month or two, they would be evicted, and would be unable to find replacement housing.  They would have no place to work or live in Dickinson.  They would have to leave Dickinson.

I wish that the Dickinson Press newspaper would begin again to publish the names of people in Dickinson who are arrested for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, and theft, and publish this in the Dickinson Press Police Blotter every week.

The owners and the managers of every business in Dickinson would read the Police Blotter every week, to see if anyone working for them had been arrested.  And if they didn’t read it for themselves, one of their friends, relatives, or customers would telephone them and let them know.  Once these people’s names were made public, the Dickinson Mafia, the public, customers, friends, and relatives would be saying to them, “Why do let criminals work for you?  Why are you helping criminals?”

Back when the Dickinson Mafia was more active and involved, they did not tolerate or allow White Trash in Dickinson.  I would like to see the Dickinson Mafia, the City of Dickinson Police, and everyone else begin to force the White Trash, hoodlums, drug dealers, and drug addicts out of Dickinson.


Appropriate Wife Reaction Riding In Car

In the blog post before my last one titled, “What Is Wrong With This Girl In The Mustang GT?”, I included a video clip of a young woman riding in her husband’s 900 hp Mustang GT.

This video was funny, because the whole point of her husband’s video, the whole point of his entire YouTube channel, is to promote and show off how fast his Mustang is, and his own wife is not impressed.  Instead of viewers being impressed and appreciating his car, they are laughing at him and his car.

Below, I have included a video clip where a professional race car driver takes his wife for a ride in his personal daily driver vehicle on a race track:

There Are White Trash In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for a little over five years now.  Financially, sometimes I have had a shortfall of money, most of the time I was just keeping up with bills, and only a few times did it appear as though I was going to get a little bit ahead.

For the past three years, I have often felt that all I ever do is just pay bills.  Even though I was tired of doing nothing but paying bills, I came to look forward to being able to pay for everything, as if this was a fun and enjoyable thing to do.

Without fail during the past five years, I would unexpectedly have to spend money for visits to a dentist, visits to a doctor, have a vehicle repaired, or have a high income tax bill due to an $800 Obamacare penalty or something.

One more unexpected thing that got me down, was when one of my vehicles was stolen this past summer in Dickinson.  This was partly due to me moving to a poorer neighborhood in downtown Dickinson.  Although my stolen vehicle was found several weeks later, I was missing $2,000 in tools and property from this vehicle.

In this downtown neighborhood in Dickinson, my neighbors had things stolen out of their vehicles and had attempted break-ins into their vehicles this summer, fall, and winter.  There were stoned and high people in this neighborhood, sitting out on their balconies, passed out in the stairwell, resisting arrest with the police, and crashing into things with their vehicles.

Yesterday evening, when I was working out of town, where I normally park my vehicle when I am home, someone crashed into and took out about 150 feet of chain link fence.  This is the third time that this has happened in this neighborhood in the last six months, plus one vehicle that crashed into my equipment trailer.

The street beside where I live, is a straight residential two-lane road where the speed limit is 25 mph.  I don’t see how people manage to get up over the curb, onto a ten foot wide grass strip, and then take out the chain link fence along the canal.  On Thursday evening, someone did this, the chain link fence got attached to their vehicle bumper when they drove through it, they kept going, towing the fence behind them, turning back onto the street, crossing over the street, and onto people’s front yards on the other side of the street.

I am unhappy and upset about this.  Downtown Dickinson is so chock-full of White Trash, that it is a regular thing to have your vehicle stolen, broken into, or crashed into.  I am already upset that I have to drive to Idaho next week to have melanoma mole removed because they can’t do this in North Dakota.   I am not looking forward to the 12 hour drive one way, plus the cost of everything.  I would have been much more upset if the vehicle that I needed to use to get to Idaho in three days was destroyed last night where it is normally parked.

The point that I want to make is this, there are so many White Trash in Dickinson, that you can expect to have your property stolen, your vehicle stolen, your vehicle broken into, your home broken into, your vehicle crashed into, to where any gains that you make in obtaining a good vehicle, paying for vehicle repairs, buying tools or equipment that you need, or furnishing your home will be wiped out by the drug addicts and White Trash in Dickinson, North Dakota.

What Is Wrong With This Girl In The Mustang GT?

Last night, I watched about ten YouTube videos, where guys with very fast cars, took their wives or girlfriends for a ride.

For the 1,000 horsepower twin turbo Lamborghinis and modified Corvettes, that could accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in about 8 seconds, the women were screaming, “Oh my God!, oh my God!, oh my God!…and then they would try to regain their composure, but couldn’t help smiling and laughing.”

For the professional race car drivers with a Porsche or BMW on a race track, the girlfriends or wives were yelling, “Slow down, slow down!  Not so fast!  You said you wouldn’t go fast!  I’m never letting you do this to me again!”

The funniest YouTube video of all, was this guy who had a 900 horsepower Mustang GT, and he took his young red-haired wife for a ride in it.  The whole point of this video, the whole point of all these videos, was to show off these very fast cars, and show how their wives or girlfriends reacted.

But this girl, Laura, did not react, she was not impressed, and now everyone on the internet is just laughing at this video.  Everyone thought, “Man, you are trying to make this video showing how fast your car is, and your own girlfriend is not impressed, this makes your car look slow.”

She did kind of ruin his video, because everyone is more entertained by his girlfriend, who is actually his wife, than his car.  You should read the comments after this video:

I Was Going To Show The 1997 Film “Lolita”, But This Is North Dakota

I was going to show the 1997 film “Lolita” in this blog post, but because this is North Dakota, I realized that I had better not do this.

The reason why I was going to do this, was to make the police in Dickinson, Heidi Heitkamp, and all the complainer women about my blog posts, angry.  I was going to suggest that they arrest the writer of the novel, Vladimir Nabokov, who is dead, the director Adrian Lyne, and the actors Jeremy Irons and Melanie Griffith.

The reason why I am being so bitter and sarcastic about this subject is this:  The novel titled “Lolita” was written by Vladimir Nabokov and published in 1955, it was made into a movie by director Stanley Kubrick which premiered in the U.S. in 1962, this 1962 film was re-released on VHS and DVD, then director Adrian Lyne re-made this movie which premiered in the U.S. in 1997, and this 1997 film is available on DVD, and even on YouTube for free, which is why I was going to copy this from YouTube to this blog post.

However, even though this book and this movie have been available in the U.S. for the past 50 years without censorship, I bet that the police in Dickinson, Heidi Heitkamp, and the women complainers would go absolutely berserk if they read this book or saw this movie.  I honestly believe that the police in Dickinson would try to arrest me if I showed this 1997 “Lolita” movie in a blog post, even though it was shown on the Showtime channel, is available on, and can be seen for free on YouTube.

Since its publication, the novel “Lolita” has become included on many lists of the top 100 novels of the 20th century.  This novel has been adapted to create several plays, two operas, two ballets, and one musical.

The 1962 film “Lolita” received the following nominations for awards:

  • Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay – Vladimir Nabokov
  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Actor – James Mason
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures – Stanley Kubrick
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actor – James Mason
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress – Shelley Winters
  • Golden Globe Award Best Motion Picture Director – Stanley Kubrick
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Peter Sellers
  • Venice Film Festival Award for Best Director – Stanley Kubrick

The point that I am trying to make with this blog post, is this, people in the United States and countries throughout the World, have appreciated and contemplated the ideas, scenarios, events, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and subject matter contained in the novel and the movie, yet in North Dakota, this literature or art would be considered to be illegal, forbidden, offensive, and off limits, because people in North Dakota should not be permitted to think or feel beyond the boundaries that other people set for them.

I liked this 1997 film “Lolita”, which I watched for the first time today on YouTube.  One of the reasons why I liked this film, is because like the novel, it truthfully addresses what actually happens in life, situations, scenarios, and feelings, which do occur and happen, even though society is very uncomfortable acknowledging these things.

One of the other things that I liked about the 1997 movie, which reviewers say is the case for the novel, the 1962 movie, and the 1997 movie, is that the readers or viewers end up feeling sorry for and sympathizing with the 45 year old professor, rather than the very young teenage girl that he is infatuated with.  I suppose that the real uniqueness of this story, is that the very young teenage girl is portrayed as the primary instigator, manipulator, and controller of virtually everything that happens.

Rarely, rarely does anyone ever admit, that this is often the way things are.  I found two quotations from other reviewers, who saw things even more harshly than I did:

In 1958, Dorothy Parker described the novel as “the engrossing, anguished story of a man, a man of taste and culture, who can love only little girls” and Lolita as “a dreadful little creature, selfish, hard, vulgar, and foul-tempered”.

In 1959, novelist Robertson Davies excused the narrator entirely, writing that the theme of Lolita is “not the corruption of an innocent child by a cunning adult, but the exploitation of a weak adult by a corrupt child. This is no pretty theme, but it is one with which social workers, magistrates and psychiatrists are familiar.”

Here are the North Dakota laws that I could have been arrested for, if I had posted the movie “Lolita” on my blog website:

North Dakota Code 12.1-27.2-04.1  Possession of certain material prohibited:

person is guilty of a class C felony if, knowing of its character and content, that person knowingly possesses any motion picture, photograph, or other visual representation that includes sexual conduct by a minor.

person is guilty of a class A felony if, knowing the character and content of a performance, that person produces, directs, or promotes any obscene performance which includes sexual conduct by a person who was a minor at the time of the performance.

The movie “Lolita” does include “sexual conduct by a minor”, which is covered by the first North Dakota Code cited up above.  It is not immediately clear whether this sexual conduct in this movie would be considered as “an obscene sexual performance by a minor”, which is covered by the second North Dakota Code cited above.

Important Note:

The way that North Dakota Code 12.1-27.2-04.1 is written, roughly 20% of all the movies that have ever been made, would be illegal to posses in North Dakota.  This would include movies showing the marriage of Mary and Joseph from the Bible, Romeo and Juliet, the Westside Story, Gigi, Little House On The Prairie, The Waltons, Happy Days, Dirty Dancing, Blue Lagoon, Sixteen Candles, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Cape Fear, Dazed And Confused, Titanic, Manhattan, The World According To Garp, American Beauty, Cruel Intentions, The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, and thousands more because they “include sexual conduct by a minor”.

How Cold Is It In North Dakota?

After having lived and worked in North Dakota since 2011, this Winter of 2017-2018 feels like the coldest to me.

On January 1, 2018 I had to drive past the town of Hettinger, North Dakota on my way to work in the very early morning, my job site was not far from there.  The National Weather Service reported that at this time, Hettinger was the absolute coldest place on Earth, at -41 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, the coldest place on Earth, go look it up, here is one link

When I got out of my truck that morning, it did not feel that bad, because it was absolutely still.  However, you could tell that it was very cold.

Through December and January, we keep having these -17 degree Fahrenheit days, with some amount of wind, and it is just miserable.  I don’t want to go to any store, I don’t want to go to the gym, I don’t want to go anywhere, for any reason.  I just sit inside my apartment.

One of the reasons that I don’t want to go anywhere, is because of a lifetime of experience.  I have had to work on a broken down vehicle in the snow, ice, and wind more than several times in the past, and I don’t want to ever have to do this again.

I have one extra vehicle at the apartment where I live, and in order not to take up a parking space in front of the building, I park it on the street.  The rule in the City of Dickinson, is that you can’t leave a vehicle parked on the street for more than 48 hours.  So every two days, I have to start and move my extra vehicle.  When it is above 0 degrees, it starts fine.  When it is below 0 degrees, I have to get my battery jump start box, and connect it to the vehicle battery to start it.

Walking out to my vehicle with thermal underwear on under my pants, a hoodie under my heavy winter jacket, and gloves on, wiping the snow off the windows and hood, trying to start it, opening the hood, picking up the battery jump box, making the battery cable connections, and getting back inside my vehicle, my fingers were too numb to feel the ignition key and hold on to it to turn the ignition.

From experience, like the one that I just described above about jump starting my vehicle, I know that this cold weather in North Dakota can be very, very dangerous.  When you are outside in this weather, it does not take long, just a matter of minutes, before you can begin to have severe pain and numbness in your feet and hands.  Even with gloves on, I began to have pain and numbness in my fingers, to where I could not feel or hold onto a car key.

Some North Dakotans would want to call “bullshit” on this.  Let me tell you about this.  A company that I have worked for in the past in North Dakota, called me at the beginning of February to ask if I could work for them 36 hours per week.  I asked on what days, and I said no that I couldn’t, though I would like to.  I said that a friend of mine, who has also worked for them in the past, needed a job, so I would call him, and try to get him to do it.

This friend of mine, who is older than me and has lived in Dickinson for his entire life, had just had a conversation with me where he was telling me, “It never bothered me to work out in the cold.  I mean, you have to dress for it, but it never bothered me any.”

On his first or second day of work at this job that I told him about, where he had to spend 85% of his time in either the vehicle or a building, and only 15% of the time outside, he called me and talked to me for several minutes about how cold it was, how unbelievably cold it was, how horribly cold it was.

I want to conclude this blog post with a strong warning about some things that you need to do in North Dakota during the Winter.  Everyone needs to dress for what the weather is outside, not what you expect it to be like in the vehicle you are riding in, or the building that you are going to.  You may be involved in a vehicle accident or a vehicle break-down before you arrive at your destination, and may not have a warm or running vehicle to stay in.

Women, teenagers, and children in North Dakota have the bad habit of dressing for where they are going, like a warm building, business, or house, and they are very under-dressed for being outside.  It is exactly the case, that they are expecting someone else to drive by and rescue them, or come and get them if they have an emergency.  This is a bad idea.

If you own a vehicle, I recommend buying a good quality hand-carry battery jump box, one that is rated at least for 800 peak amps, to keep in your vehicle.  These cost about $80, and they often have a built-in air compressor and emergency light.  I have jump started other people’s vehicles and trucks about five times with mine, and about twenty times on my own vehicles and lawn mower.

Probably the most important thing to keep in your vehicle in the winter in North Dakota is a heavy sleeping bag.  If your vehicle does break down in the winter in North Dakota, and you think that you might have to walk more than 1/8 mile in below 0 degree Fahrenheit weather, you should probably try to stay in your vehicle.  Even if you were wearing thermal underwear, a heavy winter jacket, winter shoes, and winter gloves, you would become extremely cold after walking 1/8 of a mile.

A Fair Resolution To A Case Of Prostitution In Dickinson, North Dakota

On November 7th and November 8th of 2017, I wrote three blog posts about “Police Corruption” and “Legal Entrapment” in North Dakota.

I was very, very angry about two specific cases of Legal Entrapment in North Dakota, one in Fargo and one in Dickinson, where police placed a fake advertisement on the internet for a woman offering sex.  When men responded to the fake advertisement in order to arrange to meet the woman, at a later point in time, the police then made up the statement, that the fake woman was under 18 years of age.

Two men were arrested and charged with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison.  Neither of the men who were charged, ever sought to contact an underage woman for sex to begin with, the police made the statement that the woman was under 18, at a later point in time, at which point both men then tried to break off contact.

For the case in Fargo, when it went to trial, the Cass County District Court Judge Susan Bailey, was asked by the defense attorney to allow the jury to consider not just the felony charge, but also the misdemeanor charge, and she allowed the jury to consider both charges.  This resulted in the jury deciding on a verdict of guilty for a misdemeanor charge.  This defendant was very fortunate that both the judge and the jury had a clear understanding of what had happened, and realized that a 20 year prison sentence was not warranted.

For the case in Dickinson which began in September of 2017, it began proceeding towards a felony jury trial, but by the end of January 2018, it was resolved by a plea agreement to a misdemeanor charge.  The defendant was very fortunate that he did not receive the possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, which was a possibility.

I am writing this blog post, to again discuss prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota, and to warn everyone about the police approach to prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Just because the two defendants in the cases that I described above ended up with misdemeanors, does not mean that this is what anyone else should expect to happen.

The defendant in Dickinson, hired the attorney Robert Bolinske in Bismarck, the state capitol 100 miles to the east of Dickinson.  Robert Bolinske may have been the best possible criminal defense attorney for this type of case in Dickinson, because he has one of the best reputations as a trial lawyer and defense attorney in the state.

An attorney like this, probably charges $250 per hour more or less, so for every 10 hours, that’s $2,500.  To resolve this case after four months by reaching a plea agreement without going to trial, probably cost at least $5,000 in legal fees.  If this case would have gone to trial, the legal fees probably would have been at least $10,000.

I am explaining this as a warning, with the way that the police in Dickinson place fake advertisements for prostitutes, and attempt to create enhanced charges when men try to meet the fake prostitute, you can expect to pay $5,000 to $10,000 to have any hope of not going to prison for 20 years.