Warning About Drowning In Patterson Lake

In November of 2014, there was a sale at Menards in Dickinson, where the 11 ft. kayak canoes were only $160.  I bought two of them, one for me, and one for a friend to use.  I call them kayak canoes, because they are half kayak, and half canoe.  They are more enclosed than a canoe, but not completely enclosed like a kayak.

From the waterproof rubber hatch on both the bow, and the rear, I thought that there was a water tight sealed compartment in both the bow and the rear, but there wasn’t.  The interior of the kayak canoe had no sealed compartments, and no flotation foam installed anywhere.

I knew that because there was no flotation foam installed, and no sealed compartments, that if you got enough water in these kayak canoes, they would sink.  I think that I would advise and warn everyone, to not ever try to paddle one of these cheap kayak canoes across Lake Sakakaweja, because if something happens, like you get tipped over, or hit by a power boat, these kayak canoes can sink.

I have been rowing boats and paddling canoes by myself since I was 8 years old.  I have never tipped a canoe over, because I was scared, of both drowning and getting hypothermia in the water.  I knew many times while crossing wide, deep rivers, with fast currents, alligators, water moccasins, and sharks when I was a small kid, that if I tipped over, I would probably die from drowning, hypothermia, or something getting me.

This was kind of the same thing for trappers and outdoorsmen in Alaska.  The only means of transportation in some very remote areas of Alaska was by canoe.  A person might have all of their gear and supplies packed in their canoe in the Alaska wilderness, and due to their distance from the shore, the coldness of the water, and being alone, they knew that if they tipped over, they were dead.

When I first tried out my $160 kayak canoe on Patterson Lake in the Spring of 2015, I stayed within 100 ft of shore to see how stable or how tippy this kayak canoe was.  It was O.K., but on the first day, I just paddled along the shoreline around the lake, I didn’t try to cross in the middle of the lake, which is about 1/2 mile wide.

In the Spring of 2016, a person that I know from the Coeur D’Alene area of Idaho came to stay at the house where I was living in Dickinson, his name was Mike.  I had met Mike in Dickinson in the Spring of 2013, and he was an acquaintance of mine in Dickinson in 2014 and 2015.

After Mike had been staying at the house where I was living in Dickinson for a couple of weeks, I asked him if he wanted to go kayaking with me.  I asked Mike if he could swim, and he said that he had been going to a recreation center in Idaho where he had been swimming a mile in the pool, a couple of time each week.  I said to him, you can swim a mile, and he said that yes he could.

I then warned Mike about the water in Patterson Lake being cold, that he did not want to tip over.  Mike told me that he had been swimming in Patterson Lake last weekend.  When we got to Patterson Lake, I told Mike that he should not go too far from shore, until he got used to the kayak canoe.

The very first thing that Mike did when he got in the kayak canoe, was start paddling directly across Patterson Lake.  I didn’t like this, I was worried about this, so I followed several hundred feet behind him, in case something happened.  He did O.K.

When we both arrived on the other side of Patterson Lake, near the south side boat ramp, I heard a very large splash behind me.  I couldn’t believe it, Mike had tipped his kayak canoe over.  At first, I thought that he must have been kidding around, but he wasn’t.

I asked him what had happened, and he said that his hat had blown off, and he tried to grab his hat.  I waited to make sure that he could get back in his kayak canoe.  He wasn’t swimming very well, the water was cold, and I think that he was in shock.

Mike grabbed the rear tip of the kayak canoe, and he pulled himself up onto the rear of the kayak canoe, which was good, this was a good way to get back in.  But when he got to the cockpit, he tipped over again.  This caused more water to go inside of the kayak canoe.

Mike was getting tired, and he was in shock.  He very erratically tried to enter the kayak canoe from the side, which only caused more water to enter the kayak canoe, and for him to become more tired.

I was upset, angry, and frightened, I believed that he only had enough strength for one more attempt.  I told him to wait, I paddled up beside his kayak canoe, and I held onto it very tightly.  I told him to get in while I held it.  I had to balance a lot of weight in different directions, while he was crawling in, like 50 lbs to 75 lbs, while I was sitting in a tippy kayak canoe myself.

When he sat down in the cockpit, he was way off balance, exhausted, and in shock.  I had to yell at him, again and again, Mike sit up!, Mike sit up!, and I was having to hold onto his kayak canoe very hard in order to keep him from tipping over.

I couldn’t believe it.  I was so angry.  I wanted to knock the shit out of Mike.  If this had happened out in the middle of Patterson Lake, he could have died.  He was so tired, so much in shock, so not thinking, that if he would have not made it back into the kayak canoe on the third attempt, he probably would have drowned by trying to swim to shore.

I also realized that Mike could have caused me to drown too.  If Mike would have tipped over my kayak canoe out in the middle of Patterson Lake, I probably could have dragged myself back into my kayak canoe once or twice, but with a drowning person trying desperately to get into my kayak canoe, I could have gotten tipped over again, and drowned by trying to swim to shore.

I was disgusted with Mike, and I am disgusted with Mike to this day.  What kind of idiot puts their life in danger by trying to grab for a $10 hat?  I now see Mike as an idiot and a fool.  Mike had not been doing well financially for the several years that I knew him, and I attributed this to him having bad luck, and bad circumstances.  Now, I just think of Mike as an idiot.

The point that I want to make is this, I had asked Mike if he could swim, and he said that he had been swimming a mile in the pool a couple of times each week.  I warned Mike about the cold water, and he said that last week he had been swimming in Patterson Lake.  I warned Mike to just stay near shore until he got used to the kayak canoe, but Mike headed straight across the 1/2 mile wide section of the Lake.  Mike tipped over by doing something really stupid, he was unable to get back into the kayak canoe by himself, he was in shock, he became disoriented, and he became exhausted.  Not only did Mike nearly drown, he could have caused me to drown too, by trying to help him, when he was in shock and irrational.

There was a drowning on Patterson Lake in April of 2014, when a man and his two children were in a canoe that tipped over.  The water was very cold, a boater picked up the two young children, but the father did not make it.

There was a drowning on a lake up near Williston in 2015 or 2016.  The man’s body was found first, and a short time later his kayak canoe was found.

What is happening, and what happened to me, is that people go to Menards, WalMart, Runnings, or Tractor Supply and they buy these inexpensive kayak canoes on a whim or the spur of the moment, just for something to do.  It is very easy for people to put one of these kayak canoes in the back of their truck and head to a lake and launch it.  The very first thing they do is start paddling across the middle of the lake, and they have no understanding of how cold the water is, that they will be in shock if they tip over, and that it will be very difficult or nearly impossible for them to get back in their kayak canoe if they are weak, out of shape, or inexperienced.

After what happened to me, I spent several hours watching videos of people tipping over in kayak canoes, and the difficulty that most people had in getting back into their kayak canoes.  Many people were only good for two or three tries, and after that, they were just too weak.

Please, please watch this video, because it shows how cold, weak, and disoriented this kayaker becomes after only two minutes in the water.

In this video, this kayaker is about the same age as my friend Mike.  Notice that in two instances this kayaker is able to get back into the cockpit and sit, but he immediately tips over because he is leaning so far to the right.  This is exactly what my friend Mike kept doing, and I had to hold onto the kayak canoe very hard, yelling at him again and again to sit up.

This kayaker was unable to get back into his kayak, and he had to call to the person standing on the dock to come get him.  Note that if this kayaker had been thinking rationally, he could have lain on the kayak on his belly, and just paddled like he was laying on a surfboard.

Here is a video of me and a different friend, who is an experienced kayaker.


How Much Money Do Engineers Make?

How much money do engineers make?  The answer is, not very much, and I will explain the reasons why, and give some examples.

One of the main reasons why engineers in the United States do not make very much money, is because the supply of engineers is much, much greater than the demand for engineers.

Before I continue, readers might be asking the question, where am I getting my information?  From myself, I am a 48 year old engineer, from my friends who are engineers, from my former co-workers who were engineers, from my relatives who are engineers, and from reading first hand accounts from other engineers.

One of the reasons why there is an over supply of engineers, is because newspapers, colleges, and universities keep saying that the United States needs more engineers.  That is true, the United States needs more engineers, people who truly understand the infrastructure and systems, however, there are so many engineers now, that most any engineer is easily replaceable, because there are hundreds of engineers that would be willing and able to fill any vacancy.

As long as universities are graduating tens of thousands of engineers every year, young graduates who are willing to take a job for $38,000 per year, take work home with them at night and on weekends, perform the work of two or three people, why would a business or corporation need to keep very many engineers around who are in their 40s, who do less work and are paid $50,000 per year?

Another reason why engineers are not paid very much money, is because they are not business majors or marketing majors.  Unfortunately, what engineers see in college, that business majors and marketing majors do not have to work nearly as hard as engineers to pass their curriculum, this same thing continues in the real world.  Business majors and marketing majors are paid more money by businesses and corporations than engineers, and they do less work than engineers.

Engineers have themselves to blame for this.  Engineers are so eager to get a job and be an engineer, that they accept a very low starting salary, considering the great cost, time, and effort that they put into their education.  They don’t market themselves well, represent themselves well, or manage themselves well.  This is also why they foolishly accept the work of two to three people being dumped on them, and take this work home with them at night and on weekends to complete it.

Let me give two real life examples of young engineers being overworked, for low pay.

I went to the University of Florida.  My cousin was several years behind me in school at UF, she was majoring in something related to engineering.  Her fiancee was in a different engineering department than me, and he was getting his masters degree in a field of engineering.  When they both graduated, they got married, and they both had jobs lined up in Dallas, Texas.

My cousin’s husband, would work from about 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, about eleven hours per day.  Keep in mind that in Dallas, the commute in traffic is about 45 minutes to and from work.  Also keep in mind, that he was on a fixed salary of maybe $45,000 per year because he had a masters degree and was somewhat of an expert.  However, when he got home, the corporation would call him to come back to work to handle problems that came up, after he had already worked an 11 hour day, and had driven 1.5 hours commuting.  This happened on weekends too.

After one year of marriage, my cousin wanted, and got a divorce.  She said that all her husband wanted to do when he got home from work, was just sit down in a recliner and not go anywhere or do anything.  Keep in mind, that he probably had to get up to get ready for work at about 5:00 a.m., and he didn’t get home from work until about 7:00 p.m.  And sometimes he would get called back to work.  One of the other things that was a source of problems in their marriage, was their inability to afford a house in the Dallas area on their income, even though they both had masters degrees.

The second example that I will give about young engineers being overworked for low pay is about a couple that I met in Arizona who were both graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering.  The husband and wife were very intelligent, personable, and outgoing.  The wife was also very attractive and athletic.

They didn’t have any trouble getting jobs lined up in Phoenix before they graduated.  Because they were so personable and outgoing, they probably got hired at the high side of starting pay, maybe $40,000 to $45,000 per year salary.

Within one year, their whole outlook on life, work, and being an engineer changed.  They each left home for work before the sun came up, and they each returned home from work after the sun had gone down.  With the commute to work, they were putting in 12 hour work days.

To try to have some normalcy and health in her life, the wife would try to go jogging after work, but it was both dark, and in a not very nice neighborhood.  There were a couple of incidents that happened when the wife was jogging, because she was young and attractive.  As young engineers, they did not make enough money to afford to live in a nice neighborhood in Phoenix.

After about 1-1/2 years, they left Phoenix, not caring about what they did for a living, but determined that they were not going to live like that.

I just gave two examples of what is was like working as a young engineer, being underpaid and overworked.  It was like this for me too, though in addition to this, I was sometimes treated like shit, by older engineers who wanted to run young engineers off, and by business owners who were resentful of people with an engineering education.

As a comparison, I want to give some examples of what other people are paid.  Myself, and two of the other people that I gave as examples of young engineers up above, we each graduated first in our high school class.  We each had to complete at least five years of college, and pass tremendously difficult classes like calculus, mechanics-statics which is twice as hard as calculus, and thermodynamics which is twice as hard as mechanics-statics.

In high school, there were girls that were in slow-learning classes, not even regular classes, but slow-learning classes.  Some of these girls that barely graduated from high school, could go work in a strip bar and make $40,000 to $50,000 per year, or take a six months dental hygienist program and make $40,000 to $50,000 per year.  The dumbest big tittied girls in high school could make more money than engineering graduates that went to college for five years.  This is how engineers are treated in the Unites States.

I will give two examples of older engineers that I know, who went bankrupt.

One of the most brilliant engineers who I ever met, he invented a very important device that is used around the world.  His name is included in books from different countries that credit him with inventing this device.

He was a very young mechanical engineer working in a machine shop type business.  He  was aware that there was gap in products that didn’t work on some applications.  So, he came up with a device which was very revolutionary, and very practical.  The machine shop began producing this new product, and they sold every one that they made.  He was persuaded by the machine shop owner, that he did not need to get a patent, so he didn’t.  Later, the machine shop owner applied for and got the patent on this device.

This young engineer was bitter, but he did not let this get him down at the time, or try to litigate the patent on this device, because he was sure that he would go on to invent many other things.  As he went to work for different companies, he was a very intelligent and insightful engineer, but he did not go very far, because he was not good at marketing, managing himself, or promoting himself.  It didn’t matter if he had great ideas or better ways of doing things, if he could not persuade or manipulate their implementation.

As he got older, each new company that he went to work for, was a greater frustration for him, as the managers and co-workers were all so stupid.  I know what he went through, as I went through this myself.  Working on plans, calculations, and estimates all day long based on information supplied by a stupid person, only to be told near the end of the day that the initial information was incorrect.  Remember, engineers are paid on salary, not by the hour, starting over at the end of the day means working late that night and not getting paid for it.

In order to not have to work for other people, he tried to start his own business, manufacturing and selling his own products.  He was so desperate to not have to work for other people, that he lept into business without having a good product, or having done much research or a feasibility analysis.  He went bankrupt, and he declared bankruptcy when he was about 40 years old.  One of the jobs that he had for a while after this, was installing satellite TV for Dish Network at people’s homes, which you might make $20,000 to $25,000 per year doing this.

The second engineer that I will describe who went bankrupt, he was about 50 years old.  Like me, and like the other engineer that I described above who went bankrupt, this 50 year old engineer had worked for different engineering companies and businesses.

He wanted to go out on his own, because he was tired of what engineers go through, being on a fixed salary, having to work 50 to 60 hours per week, having to do the work of two people, and not getting paid for it.  By the way, whenever an engineer gets down to only having to work 40 hours per week, they fire him so that they can continue to make the other engineers do the work of two to three people.

This 50 year old engineer, he began a specialty construction installation company that performed work that he had overseen in the past.  He was familiar with this industry, this process, and this type of work.  Working at this company, were several engineers including myself, and several technicians who had experience in this work.

I won’t go into all of the details, but the main reason why this company failed, was because all of the work was underbid.  A large corporation asked him to bid on a work package, that would take a couple of years to complete.  The large corporation gave him some “typical” work projects to complete, in order to determine what his costs were, and provide an estimate for the entire work package.

Towards the end of the first year, it became apparent that the work projects that were being completed, were not like the “typical” work projects that were used to determine his costs.  By the beginning of the second year, it turned out to be the case that every work project had several different underlying problems and complexities that made them much more time consuming and costly to complete.

The company owner had been tricked, duped, and deceived.  A business type person would have had experience in handling this type of situation, and would have had a whole repertoire of fits, hysterics, tantrums, and threats to make sure that additional compensation would be provided for the additional work, before continuing.

This 50 year old engineer had not ever made much money.  He made enough to support his wife and his son, and drive an old high mileage car, but not much else.  When he was in his late forties, his mother and father both died, and he inherited the family farm, which he moved on to.  It had an old wood house, not very nice, and several hundred acres of land.

He got a loan on his family farm, which he used to buy equipment for the company that he started when he was about 50 years old.  When his company was not making money on work projects because the projects had been underbid, based on a misrepresentation of a “typical” work project, instead of calling a halt to the work, pitching a fit, and renegotiating, he took out another loan on his family farm, on whatever equity was left.

His company closed after about the second year in business.  He was now about 52 years old, unemployed, and he had nothing.  His family home was completely mortgaged.

I will conclude this explanation of why engineers do not make very much money, by saying that they get themselves into positions where they do not make very much money.  When they are offered a low starting fixed salary, and are then tasked with working 50 to 60 hours per week, and doing the work of two people, they don’t protest, they don’t stand up and say that they are not going to do it, they go ahead and do it.

When engineers on fixed salaries are forced to stay late, or come back to work in the evening or on weekends, they should insist that they need to be paid for this.  Engineers also need to find a way to ensure that engineers in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s are not always getting obsoleted and replaced by engineers who are just starting out who will work longer hours for less money.

The Unions have made sure that workers in manufacturing, construction, operators, welders, pipe fitters, plumbers, electricians, machinists, iron workers, and laborers, get a guaranteed hourly wage rate, guaranteed overtime, benefits, and retirement.  Engineers are way, way behind in pay, benefits, job security, and retirement, because apparently they have poor negotiating, arguing, marketing, and business skills.

Worrying About The Grass Growing

Yesterday, I visited with a friend of mine at his home outside of Dickinson.  He is about 60 years old.  His income is currently low, and I pay him rent to park a truck and a utility trailer on his property.  Not too long ago, I had paid rent to park this truck and utility trailer on a commercial property in downtown Dickinson closer to where I live, but the crime in downtown Dickinson is so bad and my truck got stolen.

I have visited this friend outside of Dickinson a couple of times in the past ten days.  Every time that I visit him, he is worried about his grass growing, mowing the lawn, it raining, and having to mow the lawn again.  He worries and complains before, during, and after he mows the lawn.  He worries about the grass, throughout the day, every day.

As far as this particular friend’s problems go, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most urgent and serious, the grass growing in his yard is less than a 1.  He has got all kinds of serious urgent problems, several of them being level 9 problems, but he worries about the grass, and not his level 9 problems.  This choice of focus and concern, is probably why he has several level 9 problems to begin with.

Today he called me to ask me to move my truck, because he said he wants to mow the grass.  This infuriated me, because where I had initially parked this truck, was somewhere he did not need to mow.  At that time, he came outside and asked me to move my truck ahead to a different spot, which now is some place that he does not want it to be.

I am so fucking tired of hearing people worry about their fucking grass growing.  Now, because I have to move my truck, and possibly hook up and move my utility trailer too, this grass problem is going to be my problem too, unless I move my shit back downtown where it will inevitably get stolen.

A couple of times this week, I talked to another friend of mine who is about 68 years old, and he is worried and concerned about his grass too.  He has a place in Arizona, a place in Wyoming, and a place in Dickinson.  He is scared to go anywhere, and he can’t leave one of his homes for very long, because there is a lawyer next door who writes him threatening letters about his grass getting too long.

Not only is this other friend worried, and concerned about his grass virtually every day, there is a lawyer who lives next door to him who is worried and concerned about his grass too, who threatens legal action if the grass gets too long.

What is it about grass?  When people get old, they start to worry all day long, day and night, every day, about the grass growing, leaves falling from a tree into the yard, leaves laying in a roof gutter, to the extent you would think that the grass and leaves were going to come alive and ass rape them or something, they are so fearful.

Things that you are forced to worry about in life, are the death, serious injury, or serious illness of yourself or a family member;  urgent financial problems such as the loss of employment which can lead to the loss of a home, apartment, vehicle and inability to pay for basic necessities;  serious legal or financial problems which can lead to incarceration.

What mental problems do you have going on in your mind, where you begin to worry about grass and leaves, like they were matters of life or death, instead of things that don’t fucking matter at all?

Luke Simons’ Daughter Almost Got Killed By A Mountain Lion

I was looking at my Facebook home page this morning, Saturday May 19, and I saw a post from a local Dickinson person named Luke Simons.  Luke has five children, and one of them was nearly killed by a mountain lion this week.

Luke’s son Warren who is about 16 years old, and his daughter Shyann who is about 13 years old, were repairing a barbed wire fence in the badlands west of Dickinson.  The two of them split up to work separately.  Shyann walked up a hillside to a clump of trees, and there were two large mountain lions ten feet from where she stood.

One of the mountain lions jumped the fence and ran away.  The other mountain lion crouched down like a cat stalking a prey, getting ready to pounce, and it crept closer and closer to leap on Shyann, kill her, and eat her.  Why it didn’t, no one knows, it was going to.  Here is the video of Luke and his daughter, explaining what happened.

Losing The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Is A Big Deal For Dickinson, North Dakota

On Tuesday of this week, I read a Dickinson Press newspaper article that described North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s surprise announcement, that not only will the Theodore Roosevelt Museum not be built in Dickinson, but the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is not going to be built in Dickinson either.

This was a shocking and appalling betrayal of Dickinson, because it was the people in Dickinson that began the proposal, planning, organization, and fundraising for the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum in the first place.  People in Dickinson have been spending a great deal of time, energy, and money on the planning, organization, design, fundraising, marketing, and publicity for the past four years.

The original planners of the Theodore Roosevelt Library, envisioned that the facility would be adjacent to Dickinson State University, on land that was already owned by either the City of Dickinson, or DSU.  A site was chosen on the former DSU rodeo grounds, right in the middle of downtown Dickinson.

I have been reading about the proposed Theodore Roosevelt Library in Dickinson for a little over one year.  I have a lot of complaints about Dickinson, which I continually write about in this blog.  I didn’t ever write about the planning of the Theodore Roosevelt Library in Dickinson until this week, because I didn’t care one way or the other.  I wondered why they wanted to have this in Dickinson, but I didn’t think that it would do any harm either by having it here.

I was aware that people in Dickinson had put a lot of work into this, and I was shocked that this got snatched away so easily by a coup or mutiny in the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, aided and abetted by Governor Doug Burgum.

I complain and complain about Dickinson, but this Theodore Roosevelt Library would have helped Dickinson greatly.  Dickinson State University would have benefited enormously from the good publicity and positive feeling about the Library, which would have resulted in higher enrollment, increased endowment, more activities on campus, more visitors on campus, and more respectability for DSU.

The Library would have resulted in more employment opportunities for undergraduate and graduate DSU students related to their academic field here at the Library in Dickinson.  The Library would have attracted scholars and historians from elsewhere in the United States and around the World to travel to and stay in Dickinson.

Dickinson would have benefited from higher student enrollment, visiting scholars, employment for students, employment for Library staff and administrators, increased tourism, and increased endowment and importance of Dickinson State University.

This taking away of the Theodore Roosevelt Library will hurt Dickinson, but I don’t think that the hijackers know or realize what they have done.  In my previous blog post, I explained that the town of Medora, the new proposed location for the Library and Museum, has a population of less than 200 people, and the town shuts down in the Winter.

There is no readily available land or suitable location for the Library and Museum in Medora, as the town is only 0.38 square miles, and is bordered by the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It appears as though the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation has the expectation that the Federal Government, the National Park Service, will just automatically provide land in the National Park for the Library and Museum, and pay for it, as the cost projections are now being publicized in national newspapers as $150 million.

The appropriation of Federal Land inside the National Park, and Federal Funding, will require acts of Congress.  This process could now postpone the construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum for years and years.

Initial Reaction To Dickinson Being Dumped By Theodore Roosevelt Committee

For about one year, I have been reading in the Dickinson Press newspaper and elsewhere, about plans and proposals for building a Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In Dickinson, a group of people with backgrounds in business, politics, academia, marketing, and fundraising, appeared to me to be the ones who came up with this idea for the Library and Museum in the first place.  In order to proceed in the best, most organized manner possible, this group of people who came up with this idea in the first place, created an exploratory committee, a board of directors for the foundation, and hired a marketing company to perform market research and handle public relations.

In an effort to be above board, hear different people’s opinions, and have a broader reach for support, donations, and fundraising, the original group of people in Dickinson sought to include people from elsewhere in the foundation and exploratory committee.  However, this approach backfired, as the members with no connection to Dickinson, in effect committed a coup, hijacking, or a mutiny.

This coup, this hijacking or mutiny, didn’t occur in just one step.  Unbeknownst to the original planners of the Library and Museum in Dickinson, there were some people of great influence in North Dakota, that became involved in the project through surrogates, who planned to never, never, ever allow a Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum to be constructed in Dickinson.

If the truth be known, the influential people behind the coup or hijacking, do not care about the success of the eventual location of the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum, nor do they care if the Library and Museum never get built at all.  They were determined to not allow the Library and Museum to be built in Dickinson, in order to not take visitors away from Medora.

The first step of the coup, was to promote discussion and receive input on the best location for the Library and Museum.  Then, when it was established that there was some difference of opinion on the location, surrogates started to advocate the possibility of the whole thing being built in Medora.  There was a lot that went on, and many more things happened, but phase one of the coup achieved the result that the Museum would be built in Medora.  The coup or the hijacking was half way complete at this point, which was approximately January 2018.

Today, May 15, I read in the Dickinson Press newspaper that the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum committee has suddenly dumped Dickinson as the location for the Library, after already taking the Museum location away from Dickinson, and moving it to Medora.

These were some of my initial thoughts, which were too narrow a view of what actually was occurring:

My reaction was, Fuck Them!

From now on, those fuckers can fly into the airport in Medora for their meetings, oh wait, there is no airport in Medora, the closest commercial airport is in Dickinson, one hour away, when the roads are clear.  In the winter with snow, it’s more like a two hour drive from Medora to the Dickinson airport.

Tell all of the committee people, all of the board members, all of the benefactors, everyone involved, to go conduct all of their business in Medora from now on.  If you force them to do this, they will realize and understand, what they apparently didn’t know, that Medora has a population of less than 200 people, and there is nothing in Medora!

There is a reason why Medora has a population of less than 200 people.  Medora is isolated, it is out in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing there, it is an hour drive on the interstate from Dickinson when the roads are clear, and it shuts down in the Winter!!!

Medora is about 1/2 mile long by 300 feet wide.  There is one gas station, that has two gas pumps.  There is no grocery store.  There is hardly anything in Medora.  Common things that a person might need while conducting a business meeting in Medora, such as a package of copy paper, a box of paper clips, a stapler, a printer ink cartridge, envelopes, you can’t buy in Medora, the closest place would be SBM or WalMart in Dickinson.

Staying in Medora to conduct business, anything that you forgot, ran out of, and now need, like socks, underwear, a pair of walking shorts, a winter jacket, foot powder, Q-tips, eye drops, over the counter medications, prescription medications, or non-restaurant food items, you will have to drive to Dickinson.

If your car breaks down in Medora, the closest repair facilities are in Dickinson.  If you need to rent a car, the closest car rental places are in Dickinson.  If you are sick or get hurt, the closest medical facilities are in Dickinson.

There are only about three small restaurants in Medora, one being a cafe, and the others are more like bar restaurants.  Only one restaurant in Medora stays open in the Winter.  Most of the motels in Medora close in the Winter.

Dickinson should just wash its hands of any involvement with the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum.  No one in Dickinson should waste any more time, energy, money, or thought on it.  Just let the state of North Dakota and donors from elsewhere spend as much money as they want, and do whatever they want down in Medora.

I am sure that whatever they build will be very nice, and impressive.  But it will also be vacant, outside of a couple of months in the Summer when the Medora Musical is open.

What I didn’t think about, or completely understand right at the moment when I read the latest Dickinson Press newspaper article, was that the people behind the coup or hijacking to take the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum away from Dickinson and move it to Medora, they don’t care about attendance numbers and success of the Library and Museum, they don’t care if it gets built at all, their goal was just to make sure that it did not get built in Dickinson.

The people in Dickinson who came up with the idea for the Library and Museum in the first place, they thought that this would increase the prestige and importance of Dickinson, which it would have.  They thought that this would have benefited the reputation and stature of Dickinson State University, which it would have.  That it would have increased the number of people visiting Dickinson, flying into the airport, renting cars, staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, and spending money all over town.

A Dickinson location would have allowed easy, safe, and convenient year round access to the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Museum.

How could it make any sense to locate the Library and Museum in Medora, which shuts down in the Winter, and has terrible accessibility in the Winter?

This Was Trudy’s Home, Why Hasn’t Trudy Killed Her Husband?

The beautiful 5br, 5ba home shown in the headline photograph, is 7,000 square feet, with 15 acres of landscaped property, and it has an appraised value of $1.2 million.  This house is located in a rural community, where all of the other houses are similar in size, amount of property, and $1 million price range.  This was Trudy’s previous home.  Here is another photo of the front:

Trudy's House 002.JPG

Trudy’s husband has worked in the oil industry for almost thirty years.  During his career, he and his family have had to move every few years, to where his employer needed him to be.  As he and his wife worked, and paid for their family home, they had more and more equity in their home.  Each time that they were required to move, and sell their house, with the increased amount of equity that they had built up, and the appreciated value of their home, they were able to move into a bigger, nicer, more expensive home, until they moved to Dickinson, North Dakota.

Trudy and her husband looked and looked for a home in the Dickinson area for a couple of years, after they moved here near the end of the oil boom.  Money was not an issue, it was that the home prices were very inflated, for what they were.  Even $500,000 houses in the Dickinson area, did not have very nice kitchens, cabinetry, bathrooms, flooring, layout, design, build quality, or landscaping.  Here is a photo of her previous home’s bathroom:

Trudy's House 003.JPG

Trudy and her husband were not looking to throw their money away.  They were not going to pay $400,000 to $500,000 for a home that was not very nice, where prices were over inflated and would likely come down, in an area where people were proving to be unfriendly.

Like I said already, Trudy and her husband have had to move for his work many times in the past thirty years.  Trudy has had to leave her friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and familiar communities many times to start over new some place else.  This also used to involve re-enrolling her two daughters in new schools and helping them to adjust and get re-oriented.

This last time, here in Dickinson, it has been nearly impossible for Trudy to make friends, though she has tried.  Like me, she has mostly experienced the local women sneering, scowling, and glaring at her with animosity and disapproval.

Most women, want and need to socialize with other women.  They want someone to talk to, someone to visit with, someone to talk about their family with, someone to listen to them, someone to do things with.  Trudy doesn’t have this in Dickinson.  Most women would go insane, or leave.  Some women would probably take out all of their anger, frustration, and unhappiness on their husband.  Begging, pleading, or threatening him to get them out of Dickinson.

I sometimes write about how I wish that I could go back to a normal life.  People from Dickinson don’t know what I am talking about, and people who live in other states don’t know what I am talking about.  If you can’t make a picture in your mind from everything that I have written about and tried to explain, I suppose that you would have to live elsewhere, then live here in Dickinson in order to understand, and I don’t mean one week, I mean at least a whole year.

Once I found out where Trudy used to live, I then knew that she fully and completely understands the difference between living in Dickinson and living elsewhere.  I complain more than Trudy does, but she has had to endure a much greater reversal of fortune, hardship, suffering, and deprivation than I have.  I don’t see how she has not killed her husband yet, for taking her away from what she had, and bringing her here.

Here is a photo of what Trudy’s laundry room looked like:

Trudy's House 004.JPG

Note:  I am sorry for the dull picture quality, which does not do justice to the pristine, sharp, and perfect condition of the interior and exterior of this house.  However, on the other hand, due to the poor picture quality, there is no way for anyone to be able to find out where this house is from any detail, in any of these photographs.  This house could be anywhere, in any state.

I do not think that I have given enough detail to identify Trudy.  Even if someone far away from Dickinson wanted to leave a comment, saying where this house is, I would not post this comment.  The only people who could correlate this house to Trudy, are people who already know a great deal about her, and I would not be giving them any information that they did not already know.