Some Advanced Teachings Of Dolores Cannon

I tried my very best to give people a careful introduction to Dolores Cannon in my previous two blog post articles, in hopes that her teachings would make sense and take root.

In reviewing what I covered so far, and considering what I am still trying to figure out myself, I stepped back a little to make some observations. I estimate that only 1 out of 100 adults in the United States know who Dolores Cannon is. This means that 10 out of 1,000 adults know who she is. Of these 10 people, how many believe what she teaches? Maybe 1. That’s 1 out of 1,000 people believing in what Dolores Cannon teaches.

In the state of North Dakota, where I live, there are fewer than 800,000 people in the entire state. Which means that there are probably only about 800 people in North Dakota who believe in what Dolores Cannon teaches.

From the comments to Dolores Cannon’s videos on her YouTube channel “The Metaphysical Hour”, and the people who attempt to discuss Dolores Cannon’s teachings elsewhere, it appears to me that 60% of her followers are women over 30 years of age who have experienced trauma in their lives, and have gone to great lengths to try to find some kind of alternate explanation for life, the World, the Universe, existence.

Unfortunately, sadly, most of these over-30 women with past trauma in their lives, are bitter, jaded, wounded, battered, inwardly-hateful, inwardly-angry people with very little patience, and a dislike for most people. These women may understand and believe Dolores Cannon’s teachings, but they are almost the exact opposite of Dolores Cannon, who was a gentle, cordial, caring, patient teacher.

So, considering that there are probably only 800 people in the entire state of North Dakota who believe in Dolores Cannon’s teachings, and about 60% of these believers tend to be hateful women, who is it that I think I am talking to? I don’t know. But it’s slightly amusing to me that I have found out the answers to just about everything, and no one else seems to care or have an interest.

From what I have read, and heard Dolores Cannon say, I believe that she personally hypnotically regressed at least several thousand people. I believe that she asked at least several hundred of these people to describe in as much detail as possible, their “Time-Between-Lives”. This Time-Between-Lives takes place in a different dimension, plane, or realm where Souls recuperate and undergo “Past-Life-Reviews” and “Future-Life-Planning” with their “Spirit-Guides”.

The people explaining their Time-Between-Lives and Future-Life-Planning, say that they are given the opportunity to incarnate at any time in the past or future on Earth according to what lessons they still need to learn and experiences they have not had yet. The implications of this, that a Soul could incarnate on Earth prior to the U.S. Revolutionary War, U.S. Civil War, World War I, World War II, is it possible that they might in fact alter events enough to change history? Yes, this is possible, especially because there are tens of thousands of Souls going back to various times in history on Earth, altering events, changing history.

As I wrote briefly in my previous blog post article, when a person on Earth makes a life-changing decision that they put a great deal of thought into, whether to get married, go to college, or join the military, one of themselves gets married and one doesn’t, one of themselves goes to college and one doesn’t, one of themselves joins the military and one doesn’t. One person could end up causing dozens of new “Time-Lines” on Earth.

(My understanding of this, is that an individual on Earth splits into two different Time-Lines when important decisions are made, because it allows the Soul to experience both choices.)

So to be clear, when Souls go through their Future-Life-Planning session, they can choose to go back to any point in history on Earth, which could, and probably will create a whole new Time-Line because of the impact of their actions on history. Since there are tens of thousands of Souls continuously incarnating at various points in history, there are tens of thousands of new Time-Lines being created. And, even a person already living on Earth, when they make a life-changing decision, they can split off into two new Time-Lines as well.

After the reader has spent some time thinking about the possibility of all these new Time-Lines, the reader might ask the question, who fills all of these positions of all these new people on Earth every time someone makes a life-changing decision and creates a new Time-Line? The answer is, many people on Earth are what Dolores Cannon called “back-drop-people”, they aren’t real.

When I first heard Dolores Cannon speak about the “back-drop-people” and the “back-fill-people”, I didn’t like this concept. I thought that this was a very dangerous thing to teach people. What a horrible thing, to give people the idea that other people aren’t real, don’t count, don’t matter. This is just going to give some people more justification to mistreat others.

If the reader thinks even further about Souls going back to various points in history and creating new Time-Lines and individuals already living on Earth making decisions and creating new Time-Lines, does the entire Earth get created all over again each time? No, the entire Earth does not get created all over again every time a Soul or a person’s decision creates a new Time-Line.

If I decide to get married, and one of me remains single in one Time-Line, and one of me is married in another Time-Line, do the continents of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica get created all over again too just because I created a new Time-Line with my decision? No, it would not be necessary to create the whole entire World and all of the people in it all over again.

When Dolores Cannon taught about this, she explained that in our own particular Time-Line, just enough of our surroundings are created, and just enough back-drop-people are created to populate our surroundings. She elaborated that buildings such as libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and other places are not even created in our particular Time-Line until we make the decision to go there.

So is this life a simulation? Yes, this is one way to explain this life, although it is real to us. Regarding the back-drop-people or back-fill-people that appear in the background when we go to a sporting event at a stadium or a busy airport, there is no reason for all of these people to be real or have a Soul, just because we go somewhere in our life simulation, if their role is just temporary. However, once we begin to interact more significantly with someone new that we meet in our lifetime, they are very likely going to be a real person with a Soul.

Regardless of what Dolores Cannon teaches, there is some evidence that life may be a simulation. From what I gather, roughly 1 in 5,000 people experience a “glitch in the matrix”. These stories have existed and been written about for at least the past several hundred years. Here are a few common examples:

A husband and wife are travelling away from home on an interstate or highway.  Mid-way through their drive, they stop to get fuel and eat at a restaurant.  Though sometimes the restaurant and people may seem unusual in their accent, manner of speaking, clothing that they wear, the only thing that may be memorable was that the prices were low or that the food was good.  On their return trip home, the husband and wife try to stop again at this same restaurant, but it is no longer there, and the gas station is no longer there.  They drive around the area searching, but when they find someone to ask where it is, it is explained to them that this restaurant and gas station have been closed for the past twenty years.

Though the above story may be familiar as a common “ghost story”, the reason why it is so common, is because this actually happens to roughly 1 in 5,000 people.  This has even happened and been documented by high-ranking military pilots who have landed at operating airports that have been closed for twenty years, or flying over battles that happened over a thousand years ago.

Other common “glitch in the matrix” stories are husbands & wives having a particular kind of fruit tree in their front yard for several years, then one day it’s not there.  They can both remember making pies from its fruit, and can find photographs of the tree in their front yard, but it’s gone now.  Another one, many people can remember former U.S. President Jimmy Carter dying in the 1990s, but have been very surprised when they heard later in the the 2000s or 2010s that he was not dead.  Many similar events that thousands of people remember seeing, but now appear very different.

Although the visiting of shops and restaurants that haven’t existed for many years is a more common story, or clearly remembering something happening but it isn’t that way anymore, or finding oneself witnessing long-ago places or events, other people have reported going outside of their home and everyone and everything is frozen in place, where time appears to have stopped.  These stories have been passed around as folklore, but if taken as real they offer some evidence of life being more like a simulation and different Time-Lines existing.  A Time-Line where a restaurant did not go out of business twenty years ago, a Time-Line where an airport did not close down twenty years ago, a Time-Line where Jimmy Carter died in the 1990s, or an error occurring in this Time-Line simulation.

Introduction To Dolores Cannon

Last month I wrote a blog post article titled, “A Preface To Writing About Dolores Cannon”, which was a long explanation of how and why I came to have an interest in Dolores Cannon. I wrote this preface because I wanted to share my experience, of gradually coming to a realization that the major World Religions don’t provide a satisfactory explanation of who created us, why were we created, what are we supposed to be doing, what is going to happen to us, is there a life after death.

For people who are reaching the point where they are looking for more complete and fulfilling answers about life, I believe that Dolores Cannon has the answers that these people are looking for, but possibly only if they get introduced to Dolores Cannon’s material in the right way.

Luckily for me, I first saw Dolores Cannon in a YouTube video where she had been invited to speak to a general audience of people for 2-3 hours. Because she was speaking to a mix of people, some of whom were not knowledgeable about her, Dolores gave a timeline of events in her life, from her beginning with hypnosis, her first encounter with someone’s past life, her discoveries about Past-Lives, Time-Between-Lives, Spirit-Guides, Life-Review, Future-Life-Planning, and many other concepts that she went on to write about in nearly twenty published books.

On the internet, there are probably a dozen different videos of Dolores’ 2-3 hour lectures that she gave to audiences around the World. These are an excellent way to become introduced to Dolores Cannon and her material. However, the WORST POSSIBLE WAY to happen upon Dolores Cannon, is through the many videos on her own official YouTube website, the weekly “Metaphysical Hour” videos.

There are three important ways that these “Metaphysical Hour” videos are absolutely undermining Dolores Cannon’s lifetime of work. #1) These “Metaphysical Hour” videos that were created during the last ten years of Dolores Cannon’s life, jump right into advanced topics, which more than likely will confuse and scare new listeners away within 10-20 minutes. #2) The guests that Dolores Cannon has on her “Metaphysical Hour” program do not have the same credibility as Dolores Cannon, some guests are on the fringe, but new or first-time listeners can mistakenly believe that this is what Dolores Cannon teaches. #3) Listeners call in to the “Metaphysical Hour” program with their questions and opinions, and often so misunderstand Dolores’ teachings, that their flippant banter can confuse the heck out of new or first-time listeners.

I think that one of my main objectives in writing my “Preface To Dolores Cannon”, “Introduction To Dolores Cannon”, and whatever else I subsequently write, is to undo the damage and prevent the damage caused by the “Metaphysical Hour” videos. I strongly believe that there are hundreds of thousands of people on Earth teetering on the edge of making life-changing discoveries, and that their one shot at finding Dolores Cannon is ruined by their first impression from a “Metaphysical Hour” video gone wrong.

With the hope of giving people just enough of the necessary preliminary information to get started with Dolores Cannon the right way, here is my introduction:

In the late 1960s, Dolores Cannon was a stay-at-home mom approaching 40 years of age, with several young children, and a husband who had made a career in the U.S. Navy.  Dolores and her husband Johnny, were living on a U.S. Military base in Texas where her husband was stationed.  As a hobby Dolores Cannon and her husband Johnny were dabbling in hypnosis as a way to reduce stress & anxiety, and as a way to lose weight and quit smoking.  A military MD on this base, asked Dolores and Johnny if they would be willing to help a young housewife, who was struggling with anxiety and being overweight.

When Dolores and her husband Johnny hypnotized this young housewife, she began describing in detail an environment, circumstances, and surroundings, that over the next half-hour appeared to be a previous life that she had lived, in a different time and place.  Dolores and Johnny were shocked, they had never heard of anything like this happening to anyone.  “Past-Life Regression” was a term and concept that was unknown to 99.9% of the population in the 1960s.

In the coming weeks, Dolores and Johnny hypnotized this young woman in perhaps a dozen sessions, recording the audio of these sessions using a reel-to-reel tape recorder, and taking hand-written notes.  After these sessions, Dolores later replayed the audio tapes in order to add more information and detail to her written notes.  Then Dolores began performing research to verify the accuracy and validity of details given by the young housewife under hypnosis, things such as figures of speech she used, terminology, customs, manner of dress, and architecture styles of far away places and historical times.

Dolores and her husband Johnny observed, and noted from the background that this young housewife had given about herself, that she did not have the education, experience of travel, or access to information that would have allowed her to have knowledge of many of the things that she was describing from her past lives.  After each of these sessions, this housewife was confused and not pleased when she was informed by Dolores about her recollection of past lives under hypnosis.  Within six months this young housewife moved away with her family, and did not have any further contact with Dolores.

Neither Dolores, her husband Johnny, or this young housewife had any intention to uncover past-lives, or participate in anything psychic or paranormal.  This was a surprise, unknown, and confusing to them.  Each of their family backgrounds had consisted of the traditional Christian beliefs in God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell, not Reincarnation.

Within a year, Dolores’ husband was severely injured in a horrific car accident when he was returning to base one night, a head-on collision with a drunk driver.  At the time of the car accident, his transport to the hospital, and his first 24 hours in the hospital, her husband Johnny nearly died several times from blood loss and the severity of his injuries.  He spent the next 12 months in a body-cast.  He never regained the ability to walk.

Dolores’ priority became taking care of her severely handicapped husband and four children for the next ten years, with no time for anything else.  In order to survive on her husband’s military disability pension, she relocated her family to the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas, near the town of Springdale.

Later, in the 1980s, now in her fifties, with her children growing up and leaving home, Dolores began her hypnosis work again, and study of Past-Life Regression.  Within a short time, Dolores had hypnotically regressed some participants into a Time-Between-Lives.

Though many more discoveries were made by Dolores in the following 30 years, I want to focus now on the implications and meaning of Past-Lives and Time-Between-Lives.

In Dolores’ more than thirty years of research, she was able to individually hypnotically regress several thousand participants.  In the first ten years or so of her research, Dolores was particularly interested in verifying that the participants were not making up stories from their own imaginations, or something they had read, seen on television, or watched in a movie.  This verification was more easily done in some ways, because people did not have easy access to information on the internet until the late 1990s.

To give an example, one of Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis participants was describing over several sessions, their lifetime as a young person enrolled in a Jewish school for scholars, and later becoming an instructor at this Jewish school in approximately the time 0 B.C.  In order to determine the veracity of what this person was describing under hypnosis, Dolores spent months trying to find the most prominent and renowned Jewish Rabbis, historians, and scholars to ask questions.  Each of these Jewish experts of teachings, customs, practices, were astonished at what Dolores was trying to verify, as some of these things hadn’t been discussed or practiced for the past 2,000 years, and very few people knew of them.

As Dolores began proving to herself beyond doubt, that her hypnosis participants were not imagining or fabricating past-life memories, that these past-lives were real, there were many more questions that needed to be answered:  What is it about a person that survives death, but gets to live again, is it their “soul”?;  When does a “soul” enter a human body?;  When does a “soul” leave a human body?;  How long does a “soul” live?;  How many lifetimes does a “soul” experience?;  Do animals have “souls”?;  Why don’t people have memories of all their past-lives?

When some of Dolores’ hypnosis participants began describing their Time-Between-Lives during their hypnosis sessions, a more complete picture was provided:

At the end of a lifetime on Earth as a human, the Soul detaches from the human body.  Sometimes this detachment is described as the breaking of a “silver cord” that tethers the Soul to a human body, and rising into a different dimension, plain, or realm.  Sometimes this is also described as entering a tunnel of bright light, that is not painful, but has a sensation of love.  The description of the experience as a Soul just having left a human body, is that it is lightness, unburdened by care, worry, fear, regret, shame, anger, apprehension, anxiety, or any negative feeling. The human lifetime is instantly seen as not having been a big deal, it was only temporary.

For a Soul that may have had a traumatic life or a traumatic death experience, there is a period where the Soul is not required to do anything but recuperate.  A “Spirit-Guide” will greet a Soul, and reassure it.  A newly arrived Soul will be allowed to choose according to their preference & imagination, what type of resting accommodation that they wish, any type of house or home for instance.  There are beautiful gardens among others things, and an opportunity to meet other Souls that they may have interacted with in the past.  In a way, this dimension, plain, or realm, is similar to how Heaven is described.

At some point, there will be an individual Life-Review for each Soul that has returned from having experienced a lifetime elsewhere.  For a Soul returning from having experienced a life as a human, there is no judgement whether an action was good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, but the Soul is shown how each action or decision impacted others in great detail.

After a Soul has had its Life-Review, together with the council of Spirit-Guides, it will be jointly decided and agreed upon, what type of life experiences and life lessons does the Soul want to undertake in its next incarnation.  It is possible to incarnate on other planets, other dimensions, or return to Earth at any time in the past or future.  General circumstances on Earth can be selected, such as what kind of family to be born into, what level of physical health, economic circumstances, social circumstances.  But a key point, is that the Soul has a type of contract that it agrees to, it is not forced to do anything that it has not agreed to.

In this introduction to Dolores Cannon, I will now present and give answers to some common initial questions about hypnotic-regression, past-life-regression, past-lives, time-between-lives, reincarnation, according to what Dolores Cannon learned and taught:

  • Can a Soul incarnate as an animal?  Yes, a Soul can incarnate as an animal, insect, plant, or even a rock.  However, it was explained to Dolores that once a Soul has experienced life as a rock, plant, insect, or animal, Souls do not go back to these lower life-forms, they incarnate as a higher life-form the next time.
  • Do animals have a Soul?  Yes, it was explained to Dolores that animals have something called a “Group-Soul” or “Shared-Soul” when they live as a herd, pack, flock, or group.  When an animal becomes a loved pet of a human, it begins its progression to having its own individual Soul.
  • How many lifetimes as a human does a Soul get to experience?  As many lifetimes as it takes, usually in the neighborhood of a hundred lifetimes or more.
  • As a Soul evolves and progresses after having experienced many lifetimes, does it incarnate as a more successful person?  No, not necessarily.  Dolores was shown that in some instances, the last thing a Soul might need to experience in a human lifetime, is poverty, drug-addiction, alcohol-addiction, homelessness.
  • Why are some people born with severe illness or disabilities?  In the Spirit dimension, plain, or realm, where each Soul is aware of the life experiences and lessons that it must learn, the opportunity to experience a human lifetime with a severe illness or disability is seen as a chance to experience and learn many things in a single lifetime, and is a desirable lifetime, even if it will be short.
  • Do Souls incarnate together?  Yes, it was explained to Dolores that during a lifetime as a human, Souls often incarnate together, but with changing relationships.  In one lifetime, one Soul might have the role of mother, and the other Soul as daughter, but in a subsequent lifetime, these Souls might reverse roles.  It’s as if in the Spirit dimension, plain, or realm, these Souls agree to play different roles in each other’s human lifetimes.
  • Is there a God?  It was explained to Dolores that there is a God, but this God is more like a force or an energy, not very much like the God described in the Bible with human characteristics.
  • Did Jesus exist?  Yes, it was explained and shown to Dolores that Jesus existed on Earth, but he was more like a very highly advanced Soul on Earth, it’s difficult to explain.
  • Is there a Hell?  No, there is not a Hell, where anyone is imprisoned, tortured, and punished.  However, it was explained to Dolores that there is a dimension, plain, or realm where “lower-vibration-entities” exist.  These are Souls that despite many incarnations, and many subsequent life-reviews as a Soul, they never learn their lessons, never evolve.
  • Why don’t we have memories of our other lifetimes?  We don’t have memories of our other lifetimes while living as a human because this knowledge would interfere with how we live our current lifetime.
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?  As part of a Soul’s contract that was made and agreed upon prior to coming to Earth and living as a human, a Soul decided whether it was willing to learn about suffering, pain, loss, unfairness, despair, anguish, and so forth.
  • Is there a Devil and Demons?  From what I have been able to learn through Dolores’ teachings, there are “lower-vibration-entities”.  The best example that I can give, a Soul that has incarnated many times as a human, been through many life-reviews as a Soul, and consistently returns to Earth and does bad things, never learns the lessons it is supposed to learn, these Souls can linger either in a human body or resist ascending after the death of a human body, and cause problems, such as a “Demonic Spirit”.  This is the best explanation that I can give at this time.
  • Who was Hitler?  Dolores did a lot of inquiring regarding this question.  It was explained to Dolores that prior to coming to Earth to live as a human, the Soul that was going to be attached to Hitler was supposed to experience a lifetime of creativity, but not in a bad way.  Everything somehow went wrong, Hitler was not supposed to turn out like this, but he did. (Probably had a lot to do with a policy of non-interference and free-will on Earth.) However, supposedly when Hitler died and it was time for this Soul to detach and ascend to the higher dimension, plain, or realm to have its life-review,  the Soul would not go, it continued to linger unattached, it wouldn’t ascend to face its life-review, it’s still there in “limbo” as far as we know.
  • When a person is hypnotized, where is this memory of past-lives coming from?  Initially, Dolores did not know what to call this part of the mind, so early on she called it the “subconscious”.  But within a few years, Dolores realized that this term “subconscious” was not accurate.  Dolores later began to call this source of memory and information the “Higher-Consciousness”.  ( I tend to think of the “subconscious” as a completely human part of the brain, not connected with anything higher than a human-being-level.)
  • Is this “Higher-Consciousness” the same thing as what some people call the “Collective-Consciousness”?  It isn’t really the same thing, but at times it has many similar aspects, such as the idea of both of these providing access to all knowledge and information.  I think of “Higher-Consciousness” as a person’s own individual personal access to their own individual memories and knowledge.

Preface To Writing About Dolores Cannon

I first came to western North Dakota in 2011 because of its Oil Boom. Back then a person could arrive here and find employment within an hour, at a pay rate that was higher than anywhere else in the U.S., with 10-40 additional hours of overtime each week. But working conditions and living conditions were hard. Housing in North Dakota became more expensive and scarce than San Francisco or New York City. The weather was extremely cold, there was little to do for recreation or entertainment, the people were unfriendly, there was a shortage of women, and the women here were unattractive.

I never planned on staying in North Dakota. I just wanted to keep my home in a different state, pay off all of my bills, save up a surplus of money, and return to my home. As each year came and went, I had not saved up enough money to return home, and employment back home continued to pay half of what I was making in North Dakota. I was stuck, creeping ahead slowly maybe, just for the fact that I was continuing to pay all of my bills.

For me, North Dakota was very much like being in prison. There was very little to do in western North Dakota to begin with, there isn’t much here. Western North Dakota is very sparsely populated, the entire state has less than 800,000 people. The few things that a worker from out-of-state can do here, go to a grocery store, convenience store, a bar, restaurant, gym, the local people are unfriendly, and the out-of-state workers are usually very rough in every way, uneducated, drug-users, extensive criminal background. Like I said, for me, North Dakota was like being in prison.

I have written articles previously, where I went so far as to show the criminal-record print-outs for several of my former North Dakota work supervisors, which included assaults, robberies, drug possession, kidnapping, and first-degree murder. I came up with a saying, “In North Dakota, employers would rather a person did four years in prison versus four years in college.” There is an expression, “People like people, who are like themselves.” North Dakotans are more comfortable with rough, uneducated, primitive acting people, who function at a rudimentary level.

As a result of the roughness, alcohol-use, drug-use, and criminal history of the Oil Boom transients that came to North Dakota, the Police here became hyper-aggressive in stopping people for questioning. Prior to coming to North Dakota, where I had previously lived in six other states from my teens into my forties, I averaged about one stop by the Police every four years. Living in North Dakota, I experienced getting stopped by the Police five times EACH YEAR, because of their “fishing expeditions” to try to find a reason to arrest me like they did for all of the other criminals. So again, living in North Dakota was like being in prison for me.

With very little to do for recreation to begin with, the prospect of unattractive & unfriendly women, rough uneducated criminal workers from out-of-state, hyper-aggressive Police, after a couple of years living in North Dakota, I decided to stay home mostly, in my prison cell. For something to do, I began this WordPress Blog of mine, writing about my thoughts, observations, and experiences in North Dakota. Eventually I also began writing about many other things.

This WordPress Blog helped me to formulate, organize, elaborate, and understand my own thoughts, observations, and experiences better, because I was trying to explain them clearly enough so that they made sense to other people. This process often caused me to realize and understand more than I would have, if I hadn’t been trying to write about it. This writing was therapeutic and useful to me in clarifying my own thoughts, examining things more thoroughly, and being able to see deeper into subjects than I otherwise would have.

Living in North Dakota, where there is very little to do, having to stay home in my prison cell, I began to have more time to do nothing but THINK, than I had ever had before. In a way, I began to withdraw from the World, not because I intended to, but because there was no where to go, nothing to do, very few people to talk to, and very few people worth talking to. This period of my life in my late forties, 2015-2022, became a period of involuntary Introspection.

I HATE this quotation from President Theodore Roosevelt, who lived not far from me in western North Dakota back in the 1890s, “If it weren’t for my time in North Dakota, I never would have been President.”

North Dakotans love this quote, as if North Dakota inspires greatness.  To the contrary, I understand EXACTLY what Theodore Roosevelt meant: This place is so bleak & barren with nothing to do, you’ve got nothing but Introspection whether you wanted it or not, like being alone in a prison cell for years on end.

Thinking, thinking, thinking, nothing but thinking for the past 7-8 years, one of the things that I began to dwell on was the inescapable reality that Christianity was not adequately explaining life and existence.  All of the major World religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, they are each contradictory to each other, so they can’t possibly all be correct.

Further, taking Christianity for example, Christianity is even contradictory within itself.  In the Book Of Genesis, there are two completely different creation stories, one where God created male & female together at the same time, and then a different creation story where Adam was created first and then later Eve was created.  Instances in the Bible where people are dead in the ground waiting for the Resurrection, and instances in the Bible where people have already gone to Heaven or Hell after their death.

What am I supposed to believe regarding the Bible?  Is it infallible?  Is it a true recollection of historical events?  If the Book Of Revelation is so important, why is it written so confusingly that ordinary people can’t decipher it, and even Biblical scholars can’t come to a consensus on what it means?  Why was the Bible written in such a way that makes it difficult for even educated people to understand?

Regarding belief and faith in the Bible and Christianity, being alive and witnessing terrible tragedies happening to good people, while prosperity is enjoyed by wicked people, how can a person reconcile this unfairness in life?  It makes a person question their belief that there is a God that watches over everything as described in the Bible.

Creating more doubt in Christianity, are some of its best-known Christian Ministers such as Joel Osteen in Houston and Kenneth Copeland in Fort Worth who live in palatial mansions, own expensive cars and planes, and have a personal net-worth of $50M and $200M.  The most important teachings of Christianity are the lessons from the life of Jesus, who showed by example how apostles should not seek wealth or comfort, and continuously seek to help the poor and those in need.  But these famous Ministers of Christianity now are doing the exact opposite of what Jesus taught, seeking money and luxury, hoarding their wealth instead of spending it on the poor and needy.

There is so much to think about and ponder, considering the divide between what we are taught versus what we observe happening in life.  There is so much that is wrong in the World, so much suffering, so many tragedies, corruption, it causes a person to question whether there really is an omnipotent God that is watching over everything.  What is the purpose of God allowing bad things to happen to good people?  If the Bible was meant to serve as an instruction manual for people to live by, why is it so confusing, indirect, meandering, instead of straightforward and easy to understand?

Throughout history, what often appears to be happening in the World, is leaders try to convince people what the rules are, get everyone to agree to follow these rules, then the leaders proceed to manipulate, control, take advantage of, fleece, and enslave the people through their observance and obedience to these rules.  Has the adaptation of Christianity by Western Civilization occurred because emperors, kings & queens, presidents, and prime ministers found it to be useful in controlling people?

How does religion begin in any culture?  Did primitive hunters & gatherers discuss among themselves the meaning of life, death, lightning, floods, drought, and eventually the most popular explanations became their religion or mythology?  In many cultures this appears to be the case.

When written language was created, the religion and mythology of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Jews became more intricate, detailed, and complex.  I wonder for each of these religions, how much doctrine was received through the prophets of God, and how much was created out of thin-air by men who had an agenda of control and manipulation?

I tried to find a beginning point to start from.  We don’t really know who created us, why they created us, what are we supposed to be doing, what is going to happen to us, is there life after death.  It could have been a Creator who created us, maybe a group of Creators, maybe even a whole race of Creators.  But were we created for entertainment, as a scientific experiment, as livestock, or for some other reason, we just don’t know. 

It would have been helpful if there had been a clear, thorough, written explanation left for us on a rock wall, metal plates, stone tablets, clay tablets, or papyrus for us to know who created us, why, what are we supposed to be doing, and what is going to happen to us.  Perhaps there was, but it was accidently or intentionally destroyed, or hidden from us.

In 2018, I was watching YouTube videos on the internet, when I began seeing a few Dolores Cannon videos being recommended to me.  Dolores was a plump, older woman in her 70s, so I wasn’t very interested in her based on her appearance.  A few of her YouTube videos had titles relating to Reincarnation, so I eventually watched one of them.  Thank God Dolores was such a calming and pleasant person to listen to, so that I was willing to watch one of her speaking engagements in its entirety.

I wasn’t shocked by Dolores Cannon’s material when I first began listening to her, but I was thinking that it was too good to be true.  What she was saying explained a lot.  I was also very fortunate that the first several YouTube videos of Dolores Cannon that I watched were two-hour lectures where she started from the beginning of her work and proceeded to describe each of her discoveries as they happened, otherwise her material would have been too confusing for me.

Here is just a brief explanation for now.  In the late 1960s Dolores Cannon and her husband were experimenting with hypnosis because it was gaining popularity at that time as a way to help people reduce stress & anxiety, and to help people lose weight and quit smoking.  A medical doctor asked Dolores and her husband if they could help a young housewife who was struggling with anxiety and being overweight.  When Dolores and her husband hypnotized this young housewife, she began talking about what appeared to be other lifetimes that she had had.

Dolores Cannon and her husband had never experienced or heard about anything like this.  They continued to hypnotize this young housewife in the following weeks, tape recording each of these sessions, where she recalled the details of five different lifetimes that she had previously lived.  Dolores did as much research as she could, to determine the accuracy and validity of what this young woman was saying under hypnosis.

Unfortunately, Dolores’s husband was involved in a near-fatal car accident, required constant medical care for at least one year, then years of rehabilitation, so Dolores’ hypnosis research was put on hold for about eight years.

Speeding up this story for now, when Dolores was in her late forties, she was able to spend the next forty years conducting past-life regression research.  Not only was she able to record thousands of individuals’ past-life recollections under hypnosis, but she was able to get these people to describe their experiences during their time BETWEEN LIVES.  These times BETWEEN LIVES, provided a great deal of information about a Creator, Spirit Guides, Life-Review, future Life-Planning, the Purpose of Life, Souls, and many other things.

At times, I was beginning to doubt Dolores Cannon, such as when she talked about her book titled, “Jesus And The Essenes”, because I felt that she was going too far.  And also when she talked about her book titled something like, “Conversations With Nostradamus”.  But in time, as I listened to Dolores Cannon talk about these two books, there was a great deal of useful information, that had a likelihood of being true.

I had to write this Preface to Dolores Cannon, to establish a basis for how I came to believe that her explanations are probably the most thorough and complete explanations that we have at this time explaining our lives.  I estimate that 90% of people will have no interest whatsoever in listening to anything that I have to say about Dolores Cannon, or even listening to Dolores Cannon herself.  I believe that this is something that a person has to be ready to hear, or it won’t matter to them.

I hope to be able to begin a thorough introduction to Dolores Cannon in the near future.

Are DSU President Stephen Easton And Representative Mike Lefor Trying To Retaliate And Silence Professors?

Near the beginning of year 2023, North Dakota State Representative Mike Lefor introduced two ND House Bills, that to myself and many other people, appeared to be aimed at preventing ND University Professors from making alleged acts of wrongdoing public:

HB 1198  Requiring an individual who requests an open record to provide the individual’s name and contact information.

HB 1446  Pilot program for tenured faculty review at institutions of higher education.

In the past seven years, there have been three separate, important, significant, headline-grabbing audits at Dickinson State University: A determination that DSU awarded nearly 400 Diplomas to foreign students who did not complete their curriculum; The DSU Foundation being placed into Receivership by order of the ND Attorney General; A determination that DSU violated several policies and procedures in awarding a service contract.

To understand the extent of the findings in these three separate audits, please read the first of these

An excerpt from this article reads:

“But as an audit made public Friday revealed, lax record keeping and oversight resulted in hundreds of degrees being awarded to students who didn’t finish their course work. Others enrolled who couldn’t speak English or hadn’t achieved the “C” average normally required for admission.

The report depicts Dickinson State as a diploma mill for foreign students, most of whom were Chinese. Of 410 foreign students who have received four-year degrees since 2003 — most of them in the past four years — 400 did not fulfill all the graduation requirements, it said.”

Regarding this particular audit, which delved into other areas such as foreign students not meeting the English proficiency requirements, it’s about 95% certain that the whistle-blower who kicked this off, was a faculty member at DSU, because who else would have had access to these student records?

Moving on to the next audit, this one is a little harder to understand.  The DSU Foundation was a non-profit organization consisting of alumni and supporters of DSU, whose goal was to raise money for DSU.  However, in addition to receiving donations and fundraising activities, it decided to become involved in real estate development.

The DSU Foundation initiated the construction of an on-campus sports stadium called the Biesiot Activities Center, as well as an on-campus assisted living facility called Hawk’s Point, and a student housing building Blue Hawk Square.  After construction of these facilities was completed, there were parties involved in construction that were not paid, including several banks who had loaned money for these projects.

In the following referenced article, which is a good summary of the DSU Foundation audit, the former Dickinson Press Newspaper editor wrote that he was pressured by DSU supporters to shut-up about this

Here is an excerpt from this article:

“When rumors began to circulate about financial problems at the Dickinson State University Foundation, our reporting on the subject was unpopular with many university and foundation supporters. We were asked by readers why we didn’t support the university and were told to stop picking on the foundation.”

The last DSU audit that I will mention, the most recent one, supposedly resulted from a disgruntled student at DSU, who not only became a whistle-blower, but started a petition seeking signatures to support the removal of DSU President Stephen Easton, and Vice President Debora Dragseth.

What this student was angry about, was the recent departure of several key faculty members, whose absence would make many students pursuing certain degrees unable to graduate, as there was no one remaining who was qualified to teach their classes.  But the allegations brought forth by this student who sought the removal of the DSU President and Vice-President, were that they were both involved in an improper DSU business arrangement that profited and favored an associate of DSU President Stephen Easton.

Here is an article that describes the findings of this audit

An excerpt from this article reads:

“A series of open record requests provided documents that were detailed in a series of complaints forwarded to the Eide Bailly Fraud Hotline, between Feb. 26 and May 4, 2021, prompting an investigation into the allegations of improper procurement. Their conclusions found that DSU’s procurement “was in violation of at least seven laws or procedures and did not use any common procurement templates” available NDUS-wide for shared bidding and award processes and that allegations of conflict of interest were unsupported by the investigation.”

These three audits, the improper awarding of DSU Diplomas, the insolvency of the DSU Foundation, the improper procurement of a DSU business contract, were the result of people in a position to know about these things making a whistle-blower complaint alleging wrongdoing.  From reading the details contained in the news articles that I have referenced in this blog post, and from other articles elsewhere, it is easy to see that the faculty at DSU were the “watchdogs” observing what was happening and making the decision to report it.

North Dakota State Representative Mike Lefor, who graduated from DSU in 1980, is a member of DSU’s strategic planning committee, and was probably a member of the former DSU Foundation, and its successor the DSU Heritage Foundation.

Dickinson State University President Stephen Easton, like Mike Lefor, also graduated from DSU in 1980.  Both Stephen Easton and Mike Lefor probably did not like the bad publicity, shame, and ramifications of the Diploma scandal at DSU, nor the nearly concurrent dissolution of the DSU Foundation in 2015.  However, the 2021 allegations of conflict-of-interest/favoritism in awarding a DSU business contract to a colleague of DSU President Stephen Easton was personally unpleasant to him in addition to being another embarrassment to DSU.

Here is a short excerpt from the previously referenced article:

“At some point, I reached out to … my former colleague at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Maggi Murdock, to see if she could identify someone who might provide this training or if she might be interested in doing so,” Easton said. “After Dr. Murdock’s indication that she planned to form a company to submit a proposal, I advised Dr. Debora Dragseth, our new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, that I would have nothing further to do with the procurement process, as I did not want to suggest a preference for Dr. Murdock’s new firm.”

As a result of these three audits in the past seven years, the bad publicity for DSU, the tarnishing of DSU’s reputation, increased difficulty in attracting students and faculty to DSU while DSU is in the news in a negative way, I believe that ND State Representative Mike Lefor and DSU President Stephen Easton wanted to find a way to keep this from happening in the future.

The two ND House Bills put forward by ND Representative Mike Lefor, HB1198 and HB1446, would require people pursuing Open Record Requests to be identified, and give DSU President Stephen Easton the ability to terminate DSU faculty at his discretion, even tenured Professors.

The wording of HB1446 is vague and broad enough, that a DSU Professor could do something that DSU President Stephen Easton did not like, and immediately be subject to assessment by the DSU President, and found to be deficient or non-compliant in a number of different ways, including the following, WITHOUT ABILITY TO APPEAL OR REVIEW BY FACULTY:

    • Further the best interests of the institution including providing advice and shared governance to campus leaders, and exercising mature judgment to avoid inadvertently harming the institution, especially in avoiding the use of social media or third-party internet platforms to disparage campus personnel or the
    • “Comply with the policies, procedures, and directives of the institution, the institution’s
      president and other administrators…”
    • “Help recruit and retain students for the institution.”
    • “When conducting a review under this section, the president of an institution may
      assess and review other factors relevant to the faculty member’s employment and the
      interests of the institution and the institution’s students.”
    • A review under this section is not appealable or reviewable by a faculty member or faculty committee….”
    • The president and any administrators delegated to assist the president shall fulfill these duties without fear of reprisal or retaliation. No complaint, lawsuit, or other
      allegation is allowed against a president or other administrator for actions taken
      pursuant to these provisions.

Everybody pay attention, “…No complaint, lawsuit, or other allegation is allowed against a president or other administrator for actions taken pursuant to these provisions. ”  Has anyone, ever heard or read a piece of City, County, State, or Federal Legislation where it says that “no complaint, lawsuit, or allegation is allowed” ?  Can everyone understand that under the U.S. Constitution, every complaint and every allegation is always allowed?  Specifically, for instance, a complaint against Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, veterans status, etc. would have to be heard.

Getting back to the point of this blog post, my opinion is that ND State Representative Mike Lefor and DSU President Stephen Easton are seeking to stifle DSU faculty members’ ability to report alleged wrongdoing that they observe, by way of HB1198 which has already been voted down, and HB1446 which has not been voted on yet.

I think that Mike Lefor’s and Stephen Easton’s focus should be on not doing illegal things in the first place, rather than trying to keep illegal things hidden.

Does ND District 37 Know Or Care How Inappropriate And Corrupt It Looks?

On Saturday January 7, I saw a Facebook post made by former North Dakota Representative Luke Simons, explaining that the ND District 37 Republican Committee was having a District reorganization meeting this morning at 10:00 a.m. at the Blue 42 Sports Bar & Grille in Dickinson. Luke Simons’ complaint was that he had not seen or heard any notice beforehand that this meeting was taking place, as if there was an attempt at secrecy going on.

I read the Dickinson Press newspaper every day. Most articles, notices, and announcements are repeated in the Dickinson Press newspaper for several days, but I never saw an announcement for the ND District 37 Republican Committee meeting. Nor did I see any announcement on Facebook, or anywhere else. I have to agree with Luke Simons, this does look like there was no notification published where ordinary citizens would see it, as if they didn’t want ordinary citizens to know.

This lack of notification, may in itself not seem so bad, but if you become aware of a few more elements involved here, it gets worse. Back on September 20, 2022 former ND Representative Luke Simons obtained a copy of the ND District 37 Republican Party by-laws. In reading these by-laws, Luke Simons discovered several elements which appear to be inappropriately exclusionary:

    • In order to become a member of ND District 37 Republicans, and vote at District 37 Republican Committee Meetings, for such things as election of officers, you must first present yourself in-person at a meeting.  But how can you present yourself at a District 37 Republican meeting in-person, if there is no Public Notice beforehand when and where these meetings will be held?
    • When you present yourself at a ND District 37 Republican meeting, and pay your $60 dues, you can’t vote at that meeting, not until your application has been reviewed and approved at a later date after the meeting is over.
    • A person’s ND District 37 Republican Party membership application can be rejected, at the discretion of the ND District 37 Committee.
    • A person’s ND District 37 Republican Party membership can be revoked, for such reasons as “putting the Republican Party in a bad light”, at the discretion of the ND District 37 Republican Committee.

In my opinion, the absence of a clear Public Notice ahead of time when & where the ND District 37 Republican Committee meeting will take place, combined with the necessity of going to this meeting to be able to join the ND District 37 Republicans, not being allowed to vote at the ND District 37 Republican Committee meeting until the next meeting, if your application is approved at the discretion of the Committee, if your membership isn’t revoked at the discretion of the Committee, are barriers that attempt to block, control, and limit who participates in Dickinson politics.

Further, this ND District 37 Republican Committee meeting held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, was held at a Bar & Grille owned by the District 37 Republican Committee Chairperson, Mike Lefor.  Chairperson Mike Lefor and the other Committee members might have felt comfortable at the Blue 42 Sports Bar & Grille, it may have been convenient for them, but I question the appropriateness of this location for several reasons:

What if a group of Republicans in Dickinson, say for example Evangelical Christians, did find out where the ND District 37 Republicans were having a meeting, arrived on time, completed their application for membership, paid their membership dues, were approved for membership, weren’t revoked, and had the intention of challenging Mike Lefor in voting for a new chairperson, or bringing opposition to a position Mike Lefor supported.  Is opposition to Mike Lefor or his positions possible in Mike Lefor’s restaurant, with his customers, supporters, bar staff, wait staff, cooks?

It’s probably convenient and comfortable for the ND District 37 Republicans to have their Committee meeting at Blue 42 Sports Bar & Grille, owned by their Chairperson, in part because it’s just one more additional barrier to the Committee members being opposed.  But in my opinion, this shouldn’t be, there can’t be such a strangle-hold on participation in politics in Dickinson.

Why am I reporting this, why am I pointing this out, why am I explaining this?  Maybe because the Dickinson Press newspaper office in Dickinson is owned by the ND District 37 Republican Committee Chairperson Mike Lefor, and you aren’t going to hear about this anywhere else.

There is much, much more to the story about politics in Dickinson.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  With the help of either the ineptitude or blind-eye of the Dickinson Press newspaper, there is so much going on in Dickinson that has crossed the line of small-town politics into what should be half a dozen different investigations by the North Dakota Attorney General or the U.S. Justice Department into legal impropriety.

A tangled web, but not so tangled that its strings can’t be seen for where they start, where they meet, where they end:  Federal funding, State funding, County funding; Federal legislation, State legislation, County legislation; Advance planning, scheming, support, politicking, alliances, collusion, strong-arming, manipulation, quid-pro-quo, payoffs; individuals, businesses, organizations, associations, non-profits, committees, commissions, directors, employers, employees; all part of and involved in transactions that cross the line of legality, into illegal, improper, unethical activity.

Reader Comment About The History Of Earth

Today when I was looking at comments that I received from readers of my blog, I read a very long comment that took a lot of thought and attention to write, so I decided to share this comment in a blog post article.

For the past year, I have been learning so much, that it has been difficult for me to write many blog post articles. It is the right time for me to receive this information, but I think that the majority of people could not care less if I tried to explain it to them. So I haven’t attempted it, but this reader who contacted me, has given it a try, so I will share what they wrote.

For me personally, thirty years ago I saw Pastor Arnold Murray of Gravette, Arkansas pull out a fossilized “modern” artifact from his desk drawer, something that shouldn’t have existed thousands of years ago, and proclaim, “There have been several ‘Earth Ages’….”

For forty years, Steven Quayle of Bozeman, Montana has been researching and writing books about “Giants”. Many of the Native American tribes have both a verbal passed-down history and petroglyphs depicting giants. Many of the early Spanish Conquistadors chronicled their encounters with giants. But more importantly, there have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of burial mounds uncovered in North America with skeletal remains of giants.

Lately there has been very frequent discussion of the 1909 G.E. Kincaid discovery of a very large, elaborate cave system built into the side of the Grand Canyon that contained exclusively Egyptian and Tibetan type artifacts. This discovery was reported in the Arizona Gazette newspaper at the time.

Within this past year, I have become almost completely convinced that the entire World has participated in the cover-up and erasure from history, the existence of the “Tartarian Empire” that included all of Russia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and most of Asia. Antique maps from the 1500s and 1600s show “Tartaria” or “Tartary” occupying this area.

Due to World-wide sharing of information, “modern technology” in fossils; “modern technology” in ancient artifacts; antique maps depicting civilizations in Antarctica, Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Tartarian Empire; burial mounds with giants up to 30ft in height; Biblical accounts of giants; Egyptian, Native American, South American, Tibetan, Indian glyphs and writings depicting aliens and alien spacecraft, all point to the History, Religion, Science, and Medicine we are taught being inaccurate and incomplete.

Here is the comment from a reader StargateSG7:

What the heck! Since it’s December 30, 2022, I might as well pontificate some more findings since some of my earlier posts sound kind of insane, deranged and/or out-of-this world.

Steve’s HowToHunt channel is getting larger and larger because SOMETHING is going on with various Cryptids showing up sometimes literally on peoples’ doorsteps for whatever reason. Too many people are coming forth with their own stories and he is one of the FEW internet celebrities able to provide a non-judgemental platform for people of all creeds and cultures to showcase what was seen and/or happening TO THEM! Steve is a platform. Nothing More! You either ACCEPT the stories or you DON’T! Some are fake! Many are Real and some are even out-of-thsi world! Like he says: Take It Or Leave It As You Will!

I personally come from a Science-oriented background that DESIRES practical real-world EVIDENCE of any given claim. I also like REPEATABILITY where if someone says If you do X then Y happens, I would like to REPLICATE what someone previously has done or said, so that I might obtain FURTHER PROOF of a given single event or set of experiments/phenomena!

There is REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of modern Cryptids including Sasquatch/Bigfoot/SABE/Yowee/Yeti AND ALSO of ghosts, aliens, dogmen, skinwalkers, demons, ephemerals and other non-traditional entities.

We humans actually ARE getting smarter by the year mostly due to the rapid advancements of Computer Technology which lets us examine at a closer level whatever real-world evidence pops into play.

We can simulate, emulate, reformulate and even dis-assemble events, materials and structures to such an extent that we can either REFUTE or CONFIRM what was original told and/or postulated.

What is Sasquatch? We have EVIDENCE that they are multi-faceted beings where some have ancient origins, some have near-modern-human qualities IN ADDITION to there being entities that are non-corporeal and/or even micro-machine-based (MEMS) artificial lifeforms!

SOME such beings have non-traditional paranormal abilities that are EITHER natural in origin or are technologically enhanced. This means we humans LIKELY have the same abilities which were naturally devolved due to climate/environmental/social pressures OR were purposefully REMOVED from us by other beings of a high-technology ability.

There is ALSO concrete evidence that we humans are NOT the native intelligent lifeform on this Earth! Our Circadian Rythm (aka Body Clock) is oriented towards a 25 hour planetary spin while Earth in its ancient past had a 22 to 23 hour rotational period. Ergo, we are ORIGINALLY from a planet that had a 25 hour spin!

There is also CONCRETE evidence (literally concrete!) of ancient space-faring technological civilizations from multiple periods such as 280 to 220 million years ago, 180 to 160 million years ago and 100 to 70 million years ago that SEEM to indicate reptilian-like bipedal beings ARE the actual evolved natives of Earth but abandoned it once they became space-faring!

During specially-operated mining and survey acivities, multiple persons/groups have found fibre-reinforced concrete megastructures and large-scale technological system that WERE NOT CRUSHED under tectonic activity located within deep underground regions in today’s western South America and Southwest Africa that were once part of ancient continents and low-land areas that WOULD HAVE BEEN protected via large mountain ranges and/or oceans/lakes which would have kept away the major Dinosaurs and other Carnivores of those eras, allowing the Saurians/Reptoids enough time and space to evolve and become technological and then spacefaring!

Other deep underground found evidence indicates within the last one-million years, a very large humanoid species that is a close relative of modern humans had built multiple lakeside cities about TWICE the size of modern day Tokyo (tokyo is 60 million people today so ancient cities of 120 million people) to be present near todays India/Kashmir border region and what is now southwest of Calgary, Canada.

These beings created massive fibre-reinforced concrete dams to create artificial lakes that then had built massive lakeside cities with buildings ten times the size of todays largest buildings with massive transportation/rail networks that were basically the size of modern day cargo ships traverse the ancient pre-glacial-era lands that are now the Canadian Prairies and a major Asian mountainous region!

We SUSPECT that we modern humans are the product of a genetic engineering program to create self-replicating (i.e. disposable!) biological robots that were designed to mine precious or technologically-important metals and minerals that COULD NOT be otherwise obtained easily from local gas giants or other rocky planets.

Probably, it was the usual technologically-important Gold, Silver, Platinum-group, Aluminum, Titanium and other metals and probably radioactive materials were what was mined during the interstadial periods around 600,000+ years ago.

There is ALSO EVIDENCE of nuclear explosions due to the finding of common long-lived radionucleotides in uniform layers of sub-surface strata that only now have subsided to just above background levels which are by-products of nuclear warefare.

We suspect, based upon OTHER technology found, that the large-stature humanoids that created modern humanity had a long-term war with another alien species and eventually abandoned Earth and left our modern-era human ancestors to their own devices! It looks like they INTENTIONALLY blew up their own cities and left quickly after a long period of space and terrestrial warfare that was initially non-nuclear in nature.

We also have “Concrete Evidence” that these ancient cities were built and present upon Earth for at least 75,000 years BEFORE the final warfare with the other species. And that final warfare was long-term for at least 100 to 1000 years in duration before the final abandonment/self-destruction of those cities and the artificially created lakes!

This evidence was predicated upon the obtainment of out-of-place artifacts being discovered and retrieved during 1950’s to 1990’s-era Oil & Gas drilling operations, deep mining operations and seismic surveys within the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada which then eventually led to similar exploration/archeology activities in the Kashmir/India border regions which indicated large megastructures located underground in both places which led to further technological artifacts being found which finally led to well-funded explorations and scientific analysis by groups funded by mostly petro-and-mining-related wealthy patrons, which is ONLY JUST NOW getting to be publicly disclosed within the 2020’s-era.

We humans are NOT the native species on Earth! At least THREE other civilizations BEFORE US became technological and spacefaring! Today, we humans live with OTHER CRYPTIDS that are both native to Earth and are part of the genetically-engineered biology created by non-modern-human alien entities who did NOT evolve here but came from somewhere else in this Galaxy or elsewhere in the local universe!

It’s a pretty scary thought as to WHAT ELSE has been found or researched by those in Government agencies, various militaries and private groups which has NOT YET been disclosed publicly!


A Few Videos Of December Storm In New England North Dakota

For readers who don’t know, North Dakota is very sparsely populated. The entire state has less than 800,000 people. In the southwest corner of North Dakota, the largest city is Dickinson, with 25,000 people. Surrounding Dickinson are more than a dozen towns with populations ranging from 30 to 1,000 people: South Heart, Belfield, New Hradec, Manning, Killdeer, Gladstone, Richardton, Taylor, Lefor, Regent, Mott, Hettinger, Reeder, Scranton, Amidon, New England.

Taking New England, North Dakota for example, with a population of 500 people, I think that the vast majority of people in the United States can’t imagine how quiet, uneventful, slow-paced life is. What makes it even more quiet, is when a winter storm causes people to stay home. Traffic goes from a normal daytime rate of one vehicle driving past a house every ten minutes, to one vehicle per hour.

At night during a winter snow storm, once it gets past about 8:00 p.m., everyone in New England is home for good. No traffic at all after that, maybe not even until 10:00 a.m. the following day.

On Monday evening December 12, there began a winter snow storm in southwest North Dakota, that was expected to be just short of a blizzard. The winds would be just below 35 mph, and visibility would be slightly above 1/2 mile. On Tuesday there was about 12″ of snow fall. After staying inside all day Tuesday, out of boredom I got up at 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning to make some videos showing how still it was outside. Here are some of these videos:

New England North Dakota 1st Avenue 12/14/22

New England North Dakota McKenzie Avenue 12/14/22

New England North Dakota Main Street 12/14/22

New England North Dakota driving to Main Avenue 12/14/22

Driving south from Dickinson on Hwy 22 toward New England 12/14/22

My Thoughts On The November 2022 North Dakota Election Results

I was disappointed in the November 2022 North Dakota election results for three main reasons. I wanted Dr. Rick Becker of Bismarck to replace U.S. Senator John Hoeven, and I wanted Thea Lee of Sentinel Butte to be elected as a District 39 State Representative. Both of these candidates were underdogs, highly Conservative grass-roots Republicans who were forced to run as Independents. And I didn’t want recent college graduate and former Miss America Cara Mund to run at all, especially not for U.S. Representative.

I deliberately did not write any blog articles about Dr. Rick Becker, Thea Lee, and Cara Mund because I didn’t want to unintentionally harm Becker and Lee, and help Cara Mund. In other words, my endorsement of Becker and Lee might have hurt them, and my criticism of Cara Mund might have helped her.

I felt grateful about my decision not to write anything prior to the election, when I soon saw that one of Cara Mund’s primary campaign talking points was that she was being picked on because she was a woman, after supposedly receiving many mean, sexist emails and tweets. In my opinion, this might have had more to do with people not liking Cara Mund, because people around here love female South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

The reason why I did not want Cara Mund to run for any political office, especially not U.S. Representative, is because she just graduated from college, and in my opinion she doesn’t know anything yet. I think that she doesn’t even know, that she doesn’t know, and this is a very dangerous thing. Ask anybody who has worked anywhere, you have to watch the new-hire so that they don’t hurt themselves or somebody else, because they don’t know that they don’t know.

Cara Mund graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a degree in business, served as Miss America in 2018, and graduated from Harvard Law School in May of 2022. Two months later she announced her candidacy for U.S. House Of Representatives. Though Cara served on boards, committees, associations, and internships, this experience appears to me to be mostly academic. ( In general, I am tired of seeing recent college graduates, especially in politics, trying to suggest that they have what appears to be 20 years of work experience on their resume, eight years in management, eight years in sales, four years in marketing. This doesn’t compute. Did they start working when they were 8 years old, or is this shit made-up? )

The original purpose of elected representatives in the United States, was to represent constituents regarding their concerns and endeavors, to speak and act on their behalf. North Dakota is primarily a blue-collar, low education level, agricultural, oil, natural gas, and coal producing state. In my opinion, Cara Mund is about the furthest thing from these North Dakota constituents. She has not personally experienced first-hand the concerns, problems, difficulties, and struggles of farmers, laborers, trades people, oil field workers, low-skilled, and under-educated working-class people.

Maybe after working at a job in the private sector for a while, starting a family, experiencing many of the same problems as everyone else with employment, pay, bosses, co-workers, housing, mortgage, property taxes, bills, spouse, children, public school, health care, court system, law enforcement, she will be a better candidate to represent North Dakotans. Cara Mund did not win the U.S. Representative election, she lost to incumbent Republican Kelly Armstrong.

On the other hand, in contrast to Cara Mund, first-time political candidate Thea Lee from Sentinel Butte, was very reasonable, appropriate, logical, sensible, solid in her approach and campaign for District 39 North Dakota Representative. Thea’s candidacy made sense, because of what she represents. She is a wife, a mother with five children, former foster parent, and judicial advocate who homeschools her kids. She lives on a ranch in a very rural, remote, sparsely populated area, where she and her husband currently tend 400 goats. Each of these things is very relatable to North Dakotans living in District 39.

Why I was also in favor of Thea Lee, was because like Dr. Rick Becker, she had to temporarily step outside of the Republican Party election system, when the endorsed Republican Party candidate was not who many Conservatives wanted. In my opinion, I did not like the situation where motorhomes and for-hire “party-buses” delivered voters to the District 39 Republican Party nomination meeting, this was very suspicious to me, and I hoped that Thea Lee being elected would undo what I perceived as being wrong. Thea Lee running as an Independent, lost the District 39 Representative election to the endorsed Republican candidate.

The most important election this November of 2022 in North Dakota, was the race for U.S. Senator. The incumbent, Senator John Hoeven, was Governor of North Dakota from 2000-2010, and U.S. Senator from 2011- present. At 65 years of age, ten years as Governor, eleven years as U.S. Senator, net worth $45 million, not always voting very Republican or Conservative, I think that Senator John Hoeven is out-of-touch with the majority of North Dakotans, ordinary North Dakotans, and it’s time for better representation. In my opinion, Senator John Hoeven is like North Dakota’s version of Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell, been there too long and you can see it in the way they act, like they’re Royalty.

Dr. Rick Becker, a plastic surgeon in Bismarck and former State Legislator, is very intelligent, knowledgeable, competent, well-spoken, vocal, confident, and better than energetic, he has a consistent alert temperament. Dr. Rick Becker is very much like U.S. Senator Dr. Rand Paul. Just like U.S. Senator Dr. Rand Paul, Dr. Rick Becker could have had more wealth, a much easier life, and an early retirement if he would have chosen not to become involved in politics. In other words, Dr. Rick Becker is actually giving up much more than he is personally gaining from these campaigns, elections, and serving in public office.

Dr. Rick Becker is more Conservative and committed to Republican Party principles than Senator John Hoeven, as you can see for yourself in these two political rating comparisons versus (Source: The Center for Legislative Accountability CLA, an initiative of the Conservative Political Action Coalition CPAC )

Some specific examples of things that Dr. Rick Becker has done to personally “stick his neck out” for Conservative & Republican principles, rather than just try to get along and not rock the boat in the North Dakota Legislature:

  • After first being elected to the ND Legislature in 2013, Dr. Rick Becker formed the Bastiat Caucus, named after the limited government political philosopher Frédéric Bastiat, which gathered several dozen members of the North Dakota House, to organize a unified, conservative front on key votes.
  • In 2015 Dr. Rick Becker supported a Bill to reduce State Income Tax to 0%.
  • In 2015 Dr. Rick Becker introduced a Bill to ban DUI checkpoints. (Unconstitutional)
  • In 2017 Dr. Rick Becker introduced a “Constitutional Carry” Bill for firearms, which later passed.
  • Dr. Rick Becker worked to achieve Confidential Informant reform, Civil Asset Forfeiture reform, Unmanned Drone Surveillance reform.
  • Dr. Rick Becker worked to prohibit teaching Critical Race Theory in ND public schools.
  • Dr. Rick Becker worked on legislation during the Covid-19 pandemic stating that North Dakota would only comply with Federal Laws and Executive Orders that North Dakota deemed Constitutional.

I was sorry to see that Dr. Rick Becker did not win the election for U.S. Senator.  I thought that he had a very good chance of doing so.  I don’t know why Forum Communications reporter and columnist Rob Port chose to mock Dr. Rick Becker both prior to and after the election, making statements that Dr. Rick Becker was not as popular or influential as he thought he was.  North Dakotans very much needed someone like Dr. Rick Becker to represent and advocate for average ordinary people.

Did The Early Night Vision Optics In The Vietnam War Allow Soldiers To See Demons

A couple of months ago I watched a video about the early night vision “goggles” in the Vietnam War unintentionally allowing soldiers to see demons. This was an interesting story, because I realized that this was actually scientifically possible. Normal human eyesight is only capable of perceiving a very small band of what physicists call the “electromagnetic spectrum”.

Just off the top of my head, I remembered the name, “ROY G BIV”, which is an easy way to remember the band of the electromagnetic spectrum that we call “visible light”: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. On the electromagnetic spectrum just below Red is called Infrared, and just above Violet is called Ultraviolet.

Did the U.S. Military night vision goggles used in Vietnam, register Infrared, Ultraviolet, or low-light, and amplify it or translate it from something that people can’t see, into the visible light spectrum that we can see?

When I began researching this subject, I found a very detailed and thorough history of the origin and development of night vision optics by the U.S. Military, written by history professor Richard Ruth at the U.S. Naval Academy in 2017. Although I did find the specific scientific information that I was looking for, I was both surprised and very suspicious that this professor spent so much time explaining the “psychological effects” of night vision optics used by soldiers in Vietnam.

In my opinion, it was almost as if the main purpose of this professor’s lengthy, detailed, and thorough history of U.S. Military night vision optics was to eventually arrive at the point where he could debunk and discredit any stories about U.S. soldiers viewing demons during the Vietnam War. Some of his explanations were Vietnam soldiers’ reluctance, difficulty, and inability to use this “new technology”; “fatigue”, “hallucinations”, and the many ways that soldiers were unable to psychologically cope with what they saw when using these scopes.

(At the bottom of this article I will provide the links to my referenced sources, and the original video that I watched.)

At this point in my research, I needed to switch to finding out if there is any documentation anywhere that anything paranormal has been detected using other segments of the electromagnetic spectrum. The most clear explanation came from ghost researcher Joshua Warren, who stated that things such as “ghosts” or “spirits” have been detected and photographed in the Infrared and Ultraviolet range. Additionally , spirits are sometimes photographed by normal cameras when not visible to the naked eye, and recorded on normal audio tape when unheard by the human ear.

I believe that it was Joshua Warren who gave the explanation, when we turn on a fan that spins at 1,000 rpm, we don’t see the individual moving fan blades, but taking a photograph, the camera captures a picture of the fan blades as if they were standing still. This is analogous to capturing a photograph or audio recording of a spirit that was neither seen nor heard at the time by those people present.

Again, the information that I was trying to find through research, was what process was happening or what mechanism was being used, that was causing something that is normally not visible to humans, to be translated or amplified into something that we can see.

According to history professor Richard Ruth in his article, 1940s-1950s German, Russian, and U.S. Military night vision technology sometimes used an Infrared emitter or light-source, to light up the battle field where it could clearly be seen using an Infrared scope or Infrared goggles. But this was risky because the enemy could see everything just as well if they had Infrared goggles too, especially where the Infrared light was coming from. Hence, the Infrared emitter/receiver technology was not so desirable on the battle field.

The night vision optics that professor Richard Ruth went into great detail about in Vietnam, were ambient-light amplifiers, that would amplify night light coming from the moon and stars. Eventually, the technology got to where the ambient light was amplified 40,000 times. The images in these scopes showed a generally light-green luminous background, with objects appearing grey-to-black, with very bright eye-shine on people and animals.

Later on, more modern military night vision optics began using ambient light amplification, combined with Infrared light detection/amplification not from an Infrared emitter, but from heat naturally radiating off of objects, animals, and people.

According to not only the video that I watched, but from comments to this video and comments elsewhere on the internet regarding this subject, the only Vietnam War night vision optics that showed demons, were the “Red” or “Infrared” optics, which were quickly discontinued, taken out of service, and replaced with the “Green” ambient-light-amplification-optics which became commonly called “starlight scopes”.

The U.S. Naval Academy history professor Richard Ruth, in my recollection of what I read, seemed to not include any mention of the early Vietnam War night vision optics which either emitted and/or greatly amplified Infrared light. Veterans commented on the internet, that the “Red” or “Infrared” night vision optics were taken out of service in Vietnam. The ghost investigator Joshua Warren explained that ghosts or spirits are sometimes photographed in Infrared.

The Secret of Seeing Charlie in the Dark
The Starlight Scope, Techno-anxiety, and the Spectral Mediation of the
Enemy in the Vietnam War
Richard A. Ruth
Department of History, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis,
md 21402, usa

Joshua Warren

Apparitions in the infrared


Red Nightvision drivez Soldiers ib Vietnam Mad #fyp #nightgod333 #nightgod #foryou #storytime story,

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Americans Need To Be Aware Of What Is Happening In Europe Right Now

In the United States, most people are having problems right now. What I read and hear most often, are complaints about astronomical medical bills, unaffordable rent increases, home ownership being out of reach, inability to find employment, fake publicity about companies hiring, wages not keeping up with inflation, and crime spreading in cities due to lack of arrest and prosecution.

I read today, that there are 9,000 homes in Phoenix nearing foreclosure; 6,000 homes in Las Vegas nearing foreclosure; and 4,000 homes in Miami nearing foreclosure. These statistics are nearly identical to what happened in 2008 just prior to the “housing-bubble recession”.

Because of news announcements in July and August of this year, I have been expecting the Federal Government to try to transition away from physical currency to digital currency any day now. This has been a goal of the Federal Government for the past thirty years. This will make it more difficult for organized crime and street criminals to do business, but it will also hamper people who work as servers, beauticians, carpenters, painters, mechanics, lawn maintenance, tree service, roofers, welders, and anyone else who often deals with cash transactions.

In addition to the Federal Government being able to track, scrutinize, and tax people’s transactions completely, if the Federal Government doesn’t like a person’s behavior, they can shut off access to their own money!

The other thing that the Federal Government can do after transitioning to digital currency only, is implement a “bail-in” where every account has 5%-20% removed by the Federal Government because they claim they need it for emergency measures.

Even though we people in the United States have our own problems to deal with and worry about, we should pay some attention to what is happening in Europe, because this will affect us too. People in the U.S. are not hearing about the automobile fuel, home heating fuel, and electric bill crisis in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Greece, and other European countries, combined with very high inflation:

Crazy how little I’ve seen of these !😳🤯

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Myself and other people wonder, have all of these crisis happening in every country right now, been planned and created to cause such a collapse, that almost everyone will have no choice but to accept help from the Government, and in return, agree to relocation, separation of family members, and assigned work? The break up of families, forfeiture of all personal property & land, relocation to centralized city-zones, assignment of minimal living space, assignment of work, forced conformity to strict rules, no personal freedom or rights, arriving at a new One World Government.

Bitter Woman Reads Children’s Stories About Mice And Beavers

Here are two children’s stories, as told by bitter Liberal Democrat voting woman:


#Inverted a love story no one asked for, but perhaps one we needed #storytime

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Story Part 1 of 2

Story Part 2 of 2

Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber, One Part

Ashley Southern Belle Is The Trophy Wife I Would Have Wanted

When I was in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college, I always expected and took it for granted that I would one day marry the “Trophy Wife” that I always wanted.

In my mind, I saw my parents as being pretty successful. They never, ever seemed to worry about money. They owned a couple of buildings, a couple of houses, three businesses, fishing boat and sailboat, cars, motorcycles, and an airplane. My family thought, and I thought, that I was smarter and harder working than they were, so obviously I would probably be more successful than they were.

When I was in high school, college, just graduating from college, and starting out in my career, it still looked as though I had the potential to become wealthy. One of the reasons why I didn’t become wealthy, is because the way I was going to have to do it, I just couldn’t take living like that anymore.

I couldn’t stand the one-hour drive across Tampa in the morning, and the one-hour drive home ten hours later, just to be trapped inside a gated community for the evening, unable to go anywhere. Saturday and Sunday in Tampa were even worse. Other people lived like that for twenty years and maybe they became a millionaire eventually, but I wasn’t going to, I couldn’t stand it.

In Florida, and after I moved to the western U.S., to places like Texas, Arizona, and Idaho, the women that I would meet, one of the first things they wanted to know, was, “What do you do for a living?” Of course this was primarily so that they could assess how much money I made, how much money I had, and what my future earning potential was. Since I had kind of bailed out on the plan of becoming wealthy, not only was I not making much money, was unlikely to be making much money in the future, I was not interested in being some woman’s financial support. I was not going to even pretend like I was in order to get in her pants.

But still, the picture of the woman I wanted to marry, remained in my mind:

This woman on TikTok, AshleySouthernBelle, is exactly who I would have wanted to marry. With a great deal of money, I suppose that it would have been possible to keep her entertained and content in marriage for a few years, maybe longer, if there was no indication that the money was going to run out. But a different problem, would be her having free time and being propositioned every day, wherever she went. Boredom and temptation would be there, and for someone like her, doing what she wants and getting what she wants are what she is used to, probably even feels entitled to.

Even with a great deal of money, there is an 80% probability that I would eventually lose her. She got what she wanted, but then she wanted more, something else, became bored, dissatisfied. And at the same time there were always better offers being presented to her. I can’t see it going any other way than this.

There is an expression for this type of thing, “Thank God for unanswered prayers.” It’s lucky that I didn’t get what I wanted. There is another expression, something about what a curse it is to have success early in life. Part of the reason why early success is bad, is because a person just assumes that they are always right because they haven’t suffer any failures, but one of the other reasons is that they are not prepared for future failures, because they never had to cope with adversity. “You haven’t had the advantage of my disadvantages.”

I wanted to see what AshleySouthernBelle was like, so I looked her up on the internet. I couldn’t find her real name, like I wanted, so that I could learn where she grew up, where she was from, where she had lived, and what kinds of things had she done. I soon did find that she had many OnlyFans photos and videos, as AshleySouthernBelle.

As I looked at what photos and videos of AshleySouthernBelle were available without joining OnlyFans, I was a little shocked and disappointed, just like when I looked up Piper Blush and saw her porn videos. The mystery was gone. It was also as if intimacy was never going to be possible, because everybody had already been there and done that.

In my opinion, this is what it looked like to me:

AshleySouthernBelle had started out being a fashion model. As indicated by one photograph that I saw, she was on the cover of Vogue magazine once. I believe that she began a relationship with a photographer/videographer that she had met and worked with, because she was comfortable with him and she needed support.

As AshleySouthernBelle became older, her fashion modelling career not being profitable enough, she began transitioning to more risque modelling, nude photographs, and pornography.  I believe that her boyfriend was a professional photographer/videographer that not only did not try to steer her away from this, but was a partner with her in this nude photography and pornography.  I say this because of the daily TikTok and OnlyFans content that is filmed inside her apartment, outside her apartment, around her neighborhood, on the beach, and on the water.

Update 10/8/22:  I went on with my life after creating this blog post article, and a few days later a new TikTok video of AshleySouthernBelle came up on my phone, She is 56 years old!  I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know.

I feel kind of bad, as if I owe her an apology.  I was thinking that she was just some dumb 28-38 year old blonde who had aged-out of fashion modelling.  I didn’t know that she was 56 years old.  She looks very, very good for being 56 years old.  I thought that she was silly and air-headed, but she probably isn’t if she’s 56.  She’s probably been through and experienced more than I was giving her credit for.

Hurricane Ian Damaged Houses In Fort Myers Should Be Given To Black Families As Reparations

At the end of September 2022 I watched videos each day of Hurricane Ian approaching southwest Florida, and eventually coming ashore near Fort Myers, Florida. In the following days, most people and news organizations focused on the damage done to Sanibel Island, where the causeway connecting it to Fort Myers had been washed away, leaving it cut off.

Though storm damage was sustained throughout west coast, central, and east coast Florida, I believe that Fort Myers and Sanibel Island received the most attention because of the imagery of lavish homes and exclusive white neighborhoods having been destroyed, flooded McLarens and Ferraris, and yachts washed up onto what had been people’s lawns.

My belief is that much of Florida, especially places like Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, and the other barrier islands, have been greatly overdeveloped. Originally being marsh land, swamps, and sand dunes less than 8ft above sea level, it was inevitable that all of these areas would flood during yearly hurricanes.

I know what developers, real estate agents, builders, and building contractors in southwest Florida were thinking. They were thinking about getting rich off of selling this developed swamp land to rich people from out-of-state. Rich people and retirees who cashed-out of their homes in expensive areas of New York and New Jersey. Hurry up and get the water, sewer, electric, roads, houses, and lawns in before a hurricane hits, and these people won’t even know.

How could developers, real estate agents, and building contractors be held legally and financially responsible for homes and neighborhoods being destroyed by a “hurricane”? They couldn’t. Why would City and County Building Departments allow new housing developments to be built on marsh land and swamps? For economic growth, infrastructure funding, and increased tax revenue.

The Yankees from up north didn’t know, realize, or understand that their house fifty feet from the water and less than 8ft above sea level was going to flood almost every year during hurricanes. They also didn’t know that their land had been stolen from the Black Seminoles.

In the 1600s and 1700s when Florida was owned by Spain, Black slaves who escaped from the southeastern states fled to the swamps of Florida where they were accepted by the Seminole Native Americans. These escaped Black slaves taught farming to the Seminoles, and together they created many successful farming areas in Florida. Spain agreed to allow these escaped slaves their freedom.

Illegally, a U.S. Military Officer, Andrew Jackson, led a raiding party into Florida in the 1830s to attack the Black Seminoles. Later as President, Andrew Jackson and others initiated several different wars against the Black Seminoles in Florida.

For those with short attention spans, here is an easy to follow YouTube video explaining Black Seminoles:

I think that the following three-page article provides more in-depth detail on another important aspect of the Black Seminole origin, character, and history:

The know-nothing, care-about-nothing Yankees from the north, who invaded Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, and the other barrier islands, are occupying land that was stolen from the Black Seminole Native Americans.

The Federal Government should return this land to the descendants of the Black Seminoles, and use the Federal Emergency Hurricane Relief money to rebuild the homes for Black Families to live in.

Why I Hope That Hurricane Ian Does As Much Damage As Possible To Florida

You people destroyed my home, so I hope that you people are destroyed.

I was very lucky to have grown up in a small town on the east coast of Florida in the 1970s. This was the last time that Florida would have any resemblance to the way that it had been since the beginning. Ocean, bays, rivers, creeks, marshes, swamps, and forests. Not condominiums, gated communities, Publix shopping centers, pavement, highways, and millions of transplanted people who know nothing, and care about nothing.

The forts, plantations, roads, and canals built by the explorers and colonists in the 1600s and 1700s did very little harm to the environment. Nor did the railroads and riverboats in the 1800s. Up until the 1950s, before the interstate highways, everyone who came and everything that was built, existed in agreement or acceptance of the surroundings, not destroy it.

In the 1970s in Florida, many small towns remained. Houses and buildings were constructed where the higher ground existed, and rivers, creeks, marshes, and swamps stayed as they were. Most structures were only one or two-stories in height, which caused there to be a canopy of oak trees covering most of the town and streets.

When I was very, very young, the people from elsewhere that had come to live in Florida were retirees. Mostly, these retirees required small simple affordable residences that fit on lots that had long been set aside for housing. And these people were for the most part content with the way things were: quiet, simple, plain, slow-paced, affordable, peaceful, quaint, picturesque.

Due to news spreading about how affordable, pleasant, and enjoyable living in Florida was, it became the number one retirement destination. However, as manufacturing began to decline in the northeastern U.S., especially in the automotive and steel industry, working-age people began moving to Florida as a way to start over.

Working-age people from the northeastern U.S., “Yankees” a.k.a. “assholes”, began moving to Florida with the intention of starting over, getting a good job, owning a nice home, having kids. But in Florida, there weren’t very many jobs, or good paying jobs, because Florida was slow-paced, not industrialized, not commercialized like the northeast U.S. Thus began some conflict with local people, and Yankees seemingly always complaining about how things were better back in New York, New Jersey, or Ohio.

Steadily, Yankees changed Florida to where it now resembles the areas that they fled from. High-rise concrete condominiums blocking out the sun on beaches. Noisy eight-lane highways everywhere like Great-Walls-Of-China. Shady oak hammocks replaced with concrete & asphalt shopping centers, strip malls, and tree-less subdivisions. Storm-water runoff polluting every river, creek, and bay.

The stupid fucking assholes that have moved to Florida in the past twenty years don’t even know or realize that they have destroyed it. It’s like a swarm of locusts, or infestation of rats, ruining everything, crawling on top of each other.

This is why I hope that Hurricane Ian destroys Florida. I am a fifth-generation Floridian who left Florida in 2001 because it had become so overcrowded and ruined. In 2008, my father and his wife who were in their 70s left the town where they had both grown up in Florida, because they could not stand how rude, nasty, and pushy the people had become with the tremendous population growth.

Yes, I want as many people, houses, buildings, and roads to be swept away, leaving behind nothing but sandy dunes.

The Nicest Vehicle For Sale In Dickinson North Dakota

On Tuesday evening I drove my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser to the Upin Thai restaurant in Dickinson to pick up a Red Curry Chicken that I had ordered. I bought this vehicle in 2014 in Bismarck from the owner of Bearscat Bakery for $4,500. Since then, after driving and learning more about it, I have been in love with Land Cruisers.

From time-to-time I look on BisMan Classifieds for Toyota Land Cruisers for sale, and I bought two more 1992 models that were located in Bismarck, one in 2016 and the other in 2020. I even used to look for them on nationwide salvage vehicle auction websites, because they can withstand substantial front end or rear end damage and still run & drive fine.

For readers who are not familiar with Toyota Land Cruisers, the Toyota Motor Company intentionally and knowingly over-built Land Cruisers in comparison to its other vehicles which were already good quality, so that they would be trouble-free in very remote harsh environments such as Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Phillipines, Africa, Australia, South America, and the Middle East.

In almost every country on Earth, male children and adults know what Toyota Land Cruisers are, not necessarily as a status symbol, but as a way to get to or from some place that is very difficult to reach. The U.S. is likely the only country where most people do not know what a Land Cruiser is, because U.S. roads are modern and in good condition.

I was very surprised on Tuesday night, to see a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, across the street from the Upin Thai restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota:

The empty lot where this Toyota Land Cruiser was parked, which actually turned out to be the Lexus/Luxury version, is owned by Ray’s Auto Electric. At the end of this video, the contact phone number shown on the passenger-side window is for Ray’s Auto Electric. In 2018 I bought a 2000 Toyota 4Runner on this lot from Ray’s Auto Electric, that has been a good vehicle for me. This 4Runner had come from an auto auction needing some repair that was done by Ray’s before I got it.

The reason why I am saying that this is the nicest vehicle for sale in Dickinson right now, is because it is. Though it currently has 207K miles on it, and an asking price of $13,500, over the next ten years and 200K miles, it should only need normal maintenance like oil changes, brakes, and maybe a fuel pump. Upon further research, this 4.7 liter V8 engine does have a timing belt, not a timing chain, and it is strongly recommended that the timing belt be replaced every 90K miles.

At the end of ten years and another 200K miles, it should be worth about $5K-$10K because its body & chassis will still be solid, and its engine & transmission serviceable. ( Some 1990s Land Cruisers with over 200K miles currently sell for 60% of their original price. )

Altogether you would get a very safe, reliable, comfortable, good looking vehicle with only $8K total depreciation over ten years and 200K miles.

In comparison, a new Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Ford Bronco, or a new Dodge truck would experience about $30K-$40K depreciation over ten years and 200K miles. And be more likely to require an expensive repair along the way.

Please read this much better article by someone else:. “Why I Chose A Used Lexus LX470 Versus A Brand New Ford Bronco”

Unwanted Sexualization!

When YouTube creator Isabel Paige uploads videos of herself bathing nude in a river, and if you are male and look at these videos, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

If a young woman wears tights and a sports bras at a public gym or fitness center, and if you are male and look at her, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

If a young woman wears a Bikini to a beach, a lake, a swimming pool, or park, and if you are male and look at her, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

Women will explain to you, that when women bathe nude and upload videos of them bathing nude, wear tights & sports bras to a gym, wear a Bikini to a beach, pool, or park, the last thing that women want is some man looking at them. This is Unwanted Sexualization!

Below I have included a few videos to further illustrate and clarify Unwanted Sexualization:

Here we have a young lady who has just finished swimming, she is now trying to dry herself off, and has someone videoing her drying off. Clearly, she doesn’t want any man looking at her, because if he did, he would likely be guilty of Unwanted Sexualization:

The young lady shown in the video below, who was just minding her own business at the pool while being videoed, and was asked to leave, shows us an example of Unwanted Sexualization by the property manager, the camera man, and her 1.9 million followers on TikTok!


They kicked me out after this 🥲🤣 #fyp #fakebody

♬ toma tussi – key 💋

Even older women like Mary Burke, are the victims of Unwanted Sexualization. Why can’t you just leave Mary alone! She doesn’t want you looking at her in the videos that she made and posted on TikTok, you perverts!

If you think that women wear tights and yoga pants in order to get the attention of men, as if they want men looking at them, you’d be wrong. Women wear tights and yoga pants for utility and practicality, as shown in this video below:


Re creating my first ever viral video😂 lets hope this one stays up 😅

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How Western North Dakotans Should Dress When Visiting The State Capitol In Bismarck

Western North Dakota is very sparsely populated, with very small towns separated from each other by long distances. Most of these towns have fewer than 2,000 people, with a single grocery store, if they are lucky.

Because the people are so isolated, it is hard for them to know what is going on in the rest of the World. Here are some examples of how Western North Dakotans should dress, if they should visit the State Capitol in Bismarck:


I get my vinatge from Ebay, Etsy and a few vintage/antique dealers on Instagram. #fyp #reesesvintagepieces #overattired #boktar #crowley_vintage #richardsfabulousfinds

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Videos Showing Women Staying Home, Cooking, Covering Themselves, And Behaving Correctly

Especially since the 1970s in the United States, women have sought to abandon their traditional roles that they have had for at least the past 5,000 years. Instead of being a homemaker, staying home, keeping house, cooking, taking care of children, and being a helpmate to their husbands, women have tried to do anything and everything besides these things.

Here are a few of my favorite videos of women cooking, covering themselves, and behaving correctly:


شو اكثر حلو برمضان بتحبو؟ #ramadan #middleeastern #abirzkitchen #dessert

♬ Konvoy – Orheyn

An Appreciation For Hettinger North Dakota, Part IV, Final Part For Now

I believe that this four-part series of articles on Hettinger, North Dakota, is probably the most important thing that I have ever written, in terms of potentially helping other people, and changing their lives for the better.

I see that not very many people have been reading these past three articles, which in a way is disappointing, but not surprising, and probably for the best. Hettinger, with a population of about 1,100 people, can only remain essentially the same if fewer than twenty families relocate here per year.

Several hours per day, I read and watch news sources, such as the Dickinson Press; Google News; AOL News; shared news articles from Bloomberg, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal; news and news commentary on YouTube and TikTok. Every day, throughout the day, I see news about retail theft, burglary, robbery, flash-mobs, assaults, murder, rape, gangs, drug-crime, mentally-ill people in crisis, homelessness, and vagrancy. These things are considered normal and typical in California, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Texas, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, and in most states along the east coast.

In addition to news reports every day about the crime that is occurring in the west coast states, east coast states, and in all of the large cities located in the interior of the U.S., I watch videos from individuals about their own struggle with being unable to afford to buy a house, unable to pay their rent, inability to find employment, facing homelessness, being evicted, or already living in their vehicle.

After listening to people describe being the victim of crime, living in a dangerous neighborhood, struggling with high housing prices, being unable to find employment, being broke, living in their vehicle, I sometimes comment back to them that they don’t have to live like this, there are places that they can move where there is decent paying employment, combined with affordable housing, and low crime. In the many times that I have written a comment such as this to people, I have never yet received a reply asking “where”, or even acknowledging my comment that I wrote trying to help them.

In Part I of this now four-part series of articles on Hettinger, North Dakota, I wrote a list of perhaps thirty different cities that I had visited in my lifetime. I then went on to describe some of their characteristics that I observed regarding how livable they were, eventually leading up to my conclusion that I would most like to live in Hettinger if I had a choice. This would be especially true if I had a family, or was nearing retirement.

Getting back to my opening statement in this Part IV article, that I believe this is probably the most important thing that I have ever written, in terms of potentially helping other people, and potentially changing their lives for the better, I am trying to get people to see that they don’t have to live in a dangerous neighborhood, be the victim of crime, struggle with the cost of housing, work for low pay, or be forced to live in their vehicle.

The cost of living in Hettinger is 25% below the national average. The average home price is about $120K, the average income is $50K. Unemployment is 4%. The public school is within walking distance of most in-town residences, and the student-to-teacher ratio is less than 12:1.

There is one nice, clean, medium-size grocery store in Hettinger. There is one Dollar Store, one pharmacy, two gas stations, and two auto-parts stores. One centrally located, medium-size Post Office. Several banks. Several restaurants. A Runnings Farm & Fleet ranch store that sells hardware, tools, equipment, toys, firearms, animal feed, clothing, housewares, auto-parts. And there is a new medium-size regional hospital in Hettinger.

The nearest airport to Hettinger with regular commercial airline service is in Dickinson, a one-hour drive to the northwest. The next nearest is the state capitol in Bismarck, a two-hour drive to the northeast. Dickinson and Bismarck are the closest large towns to Hettinger, with populations of 25K and 75K .

Part of the reason why I have such a favorable opinion of Hettinger being a desirable place to live, is because ALL of North Dakota is very sparsely populated, but especially southwest North Dakota where Hettinger is located. The entire state of North Dakota has less than 800,000 people.

In southwest North Dakota where Hettinger is located, every 10-30 miles, there is the next town with roughly 500-1,000 people. In these small, farming community towns, robberies, burglaries, car-jacking, assaults, rapes, kidnapping, murders, are not normal at all, these crimes seldom occur. But when crimes like this do occur, most often committed by someone from out-of-state, the perpetrators are quickly caught. Had a potential criminal been around long enough, they would have come to realize that there are no large cities within a two-hour drive for them to hide in and go unnoticed.

Readers from states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, and others, are probably tempted to say, we’ve got the same thing here, very small towns, one after the other, where outsiders don’t go unnoticed, and there is very little crime. I want to point out, that NO, it’s not the same as North Dakota.

Take Utah as an example, with a population of just over 3 million people, even fewer people than Tennessee and Kentucky. There are 1.25 million people living in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area. The entire population of North Dakota is less than 800,000 people. The largest town anywhere near southwest North Dakota, is two hours away, the State Capitol Bismarck with 75,000 people.

The reason why the very low overall population of North Dakota, and the widespread distribution of this small population is important, is because in addition to being unfavorable conditions for crime to occur, natural disasters and man-made disasters least affect a small population that is spread out like this, in comparison to all of the other states, with the exception of Alaska.

Some examples are: In North Dakota, you will not see several million people clogging the interstate highways at the same time trying to evacuate for a hurricane or flood; You will not see hundreds of thousands of people fleeing a region due to forest fires; You will not see water reservoirs like Lake Powell and Lake Meade that provide water for millions of people drying up; You will not see cities overrun with rioters and looters, smashing windows, setting fire to businesses, destroying parked cars, blocking passage on interstate highways. You will not see the same kind of mandated COVID testing, COVID lockdowns, COVID outbreaks, and hospitals that required mobile FEMA morgues as occurred in other states.

In a large enough natural disaster, or national emergency, take Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for example, first responders are faced with the choice, do they come to work, or do they save themselves and their own families? In all large cities, whether it’s Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, first responders such as law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, utility workers, have to choose between going to work to save others, or packing up their own families and getting themselves and their own families to safety.

The opposite occurs in towns with populations below about 2,000 people. In a natural disaster or national emergency, the small town police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and utility workers, ARE protecting their own families when they come to work. Readers need to understand this completely different mindset in small towns.

The small town police are protecting their own families, plus their neighbors, their neighbors’ kids, their kids’ teachers, their minister and his family, the grocery store employees where they shop, the barber who cuts their hair, the veterinarian who treats their animals. It’s the same for the firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, utility workers, this is their home, there is no other place they would want to be, they’re not going anywhere.

I will add some videos and photographs to this Part IV article within a week, but I am going to go ahead and publish this now as it is.