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Reader Comment About The History Of Earth

Today when I was looking at comments that I received from readers of my blog, I read a very long comment that took a lot of thought and attention to write, so I decided to share this comment in a blog post article.

For the past year, I have been learning so much, that it has been difficult for me to write many blog post articles. It is the right time for me to receive this information, but I think that the majority of people could not care less if I tried to explain it to them. So I haven’t attempted it, but this reader who contacted me, has given it a try, so I will share what they wrote.

For me personally, thirty years ago I saw Pastor Arnold Murray of Gravette, Arkansas pull out a fossilized “modern” artifact from his desk drawer, something that shouldn’t have existed thousands of years ago, and proclaim, “There have been several ‘Earth Ages’….”

For forty years, Steven Quayle of Bozeman, Montana has been researching and writing books about “Giants”. Many of the Native American tribes have both a verbal passed-down history and petroglyphs depicting giants. Many of the early Spanish Conquistadors chronicled their encounters with giants. But more importantly, there have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of burial mounds uncovered in North America with skeletal remains of giants.

Lately there has been very frequent discussion of the 1909 G.E. Kincaid discovery of a very large, elaborate cave system built into the side of the Grand Canyon that contained exclusively Egyptian and Tibetan type artifacts. This discovery was reported in the Arizona Gazette newspaper at the time.

Within this past year, I have become almost completely convinced that the entire World has participated in the cover-up and erasure from history, the existence of the “Tartarian Empire” that included all of Russia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and most of Asia. Antique maps from the 1500s and 1600s show “Tartaria” or “Tartary” occupying this area.

Due to World-wide sharing of information, “modern technology” in fossils; “modern technology” in ancient artifacts; antique maps depicting civilizations in Antarctica, Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Tartarian Empire; burial mounds with giants up to 30ft in height; Biblical accounts of giants; Egyptian, Native American, South American, Tibetan, Indian glyphs and writings depicting aliens and alien spacecraft, all point to the History, Religion, Science, and Medicine we are taught being inaccurate and incomplete.

Here is the comment from a reader StargateSG7:

What the heck! Since it’s December 30, 2022, I might as well pontificate some more findings since some of my earlier posts sound kind of insane, deranged and/or out-of-this world.

Steve’s HowToHunt channel is getting larger and larger because SOMETHING is going on with various Cryptids showing up sometimes literally on peoples’ doorsteps for whatever reason. Too many people are coming forth with their own stories and he is one of the FEW internet celebrities able to provide a non-judgemental platform for people of all creeds and cultures to showcase what was seen and/or happening TO THEM! Steve is a platform. Nothing More! You either ACCEPT the stories or you DON’T! Some are fake! Many are Real and some are even out-of-thsi world! Like he says: Take It Or Leave It As You Will!

I personally come from a Science-oriented background that DESIRES practical real-world EVIDENCE of any given claim. I also like REPEATABILITY where if someone says If you do X then Y happens, I would like to REPLICATE what someone previously has done or said, so that I might obtain FURTHER PROOF of a given single event or set of experiments/phenomena!

There is REAL WORLD EVIDENCE of modern Cryptids including Sasquatch/Bigfoot/SABE/Yowee/Yeti AND ALSO of ghosts, aliens, dogmen, skinwalkers, demons, ephemerals and other non-traditional entities.

We humans actually ARE getting smarter by the year mostly due to the rapid advancements of Computer Technology which lets us examine at a closer level whatever real-world evidence pops into play.

We can simulate, emulate, reformulate and even dis-assemble events, materials and structures to such an extent that we can either REFUTE or CONFIRM what was original told and/or postulated.

What is Sasquatch? We have EVIDENCE that they are multi-faceted beings where some have ancient origins, some have near-modern-human qualities IN ADDITION to there being entities that are non-corporeal and/or even micro-machine-based (MEMS) artificial lifeforms!

SOME such beings have non-traditional paranormal abilities that are EITHER natural in origin or are technologically enhanced. This means we humans LIKELY have the same abilities which were naturally devolved due to climate/environmental/social pressures OR were purposefully REMOVED from us by other beings of a high-technology ability.

There is ALSO concrete evidence that we humans are NOT the native intelligent lifeform on this Earth! Our Circadian Rythm (aka Body Clock) is oriented towards a 25 hour planetary spin while Earth in its ancient past had a 22 to 23 hour rotational period. Ergo, we are ORIGINALLY from a planet that had a 25 hour spin!

There is also CONCRETE evidence (literally concrete!) of ancient space-faring technological civilizations from multiple periods such as 280 to 220 million years ago, 180 to 160 million years ago and 100 to 70 million years ago that SEEM to indicate reptilian-like bipedal beings ARE the actual evolved natives of Earth but abandoned it once they became space-faring!

During specially-operated mining and survey acivities, multiple persons/groups have found fibre-reinforced concrete megastructures and large-scale technological system that WERE NOT CRUSHED under tectonic activity located within deep underground regions in today’s western South America and Southwest Africa that were once part of ancient continents and low-land areas that WOULD HAVE BEEN protected via large mountain ranges and/or oceans/lakes which would have kept away the major Dinosaurs and other Carnivores of those eras, allowing the Saurians/Reptoids enough time and space to evolve and become technological and then spacefaring!

Other deep underground found evidence indicates within the last one-million years, a very large humanoid species that is a close relative of modern humans had built multiple lakeside cities about TWICE the size of modern day Tokyo (tokyo is 60 million people today so ancient cities of 120 million people) to be present near todays India/Kashmir border region and what is now southwest of Calgary, Canada.

These beings created massive fibre-reinforced concrete dams to create artificial lakes that then had built massive lakeside cities with buildings ten times the size of todays largest buildings with massive transportation/rail networks that were basically the size of modern day cargo ships traverse the ancient pre-glacial-era lands that are now the Canadian Prairies and a major Asian mountainous region!

We SUSPECT that we modern humans are the product of a genetic engineering program to create self-replicating (i.e. disposable!) biological robots that were designed to mine precious or technologically-important metals and minerals that COULD NOT be otherwise obtained easily from local gas giants or other rocky planets.

Probably, it was the usual technologically-important Gold, Silver, Platinum-group, Aluminum, Titanium and other metals and probably radioactive materials were what was mined during the interstadial periods around 600,000+ years ago.

There is ALSO EVIDENCE of nuclear explosions due to the finding of common long-lived radionucleotides in uniform layers of sub-surface strata that only now have subsided to just above background levels which are by-products of nuclear warefare.

We suspect, based upon OTHER technology found, that the large-stature humanoids that created modern humanity had a long-term war with another alien species and eventually abandoned Earth and left our modern-era human ancestors to their own devices! It looks like they INTENTIONALLY blew up their own cities and left quickly after a long period of space and terrestrial warfare that was initially non-nuclear in nature.

We also have “Concrete Evidence” that these ancient cities were built and present upon Earth for at least 75,000 years BEFORE the final warfare with the other species. And that final warfare was long-term for at least 100 to 1000 years in duration before the final abandonment/self-destruction of those cities and the artificially created lakes!

This evidence was predicated upon the obtainment of out-of-place artifacts being discovered and retrieved during 1950’s to 1990’s-era Oil & Gas drilling operations, deep mining operations and seismic surveys within the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada which then eventually led to similar exploration/archeology activities in the Kashmir/India border regions which indicated large megastructures located underground in both places which led to further technological artifacts being found which finally led to well-funded explorations and scientific analysis by groups funded by mostly petro-and-mining-related wealthy patrons, which is ONLY JUST NOW getting to be publicly disclosed within the 2020’s-era.

We humans are NOT the native species on Earth! At least THREE other civilizations BEFORE US became technological and spacefaring! Today, we humans live with OTHER CRYPTIDS that are both native to Earth and are part of the genetically-engineered biology created by non-modern-human alien entities who did NOT evolve here but came from somewhere else in this Galaxy or elsewhere in the local universe!

It’s a pretty scary thought as to WHAT ELSE has been found or researched by those in Government agencies, various militaries and private groups which has NOT YET been disclosed publicly!