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A Strange And Interesting Friend That I Learned A Lot From

I have mentioned and written about this friend of mine in previous blog posts.  He has had a rather difficult and unfortunate life.  I miss him being around, and I learned a lot from him.  I won’t use his real name in this blog post,  I will refer to him as “Zane”.

Zane was born in a rural area of Wyoming, not too far from one of the Oil Boom Towns.  Growing up, he mostly lived on his family’s rural, sparse, hardly improved 300 acre property.  His mother and father were strange, abusive, and most likely they were mentally ill.

Zane only went to school for about three years in his entire life.  His mother and father were supposed to be home-schooling him, but they were not.  I believe that by the age of 10 years, he could read, write, add and subtract, multiply and divide, but I think that he knew how to do these things possibly mostly through his own efforts to learn them.

From a very early age, he spent a great deal of time wandering on his family’s property and exploring.  He had an interest in the outdoors, the old west, and military/war things, like many young boys do.

From what he describes, many of his neighbors and people in the town had suspicion and dislike for him, ever since he was a small kid.  He was probably dirty, he did not go to school, and he didn’t act right.

Zane’s parents had a lot of problems, financial and otherwise.  At their dilapidated home, often times they did not have hot running water, or a functioning sewer system.  There were probably several reasons why Zane’s parents kept him out of school.  Zane would not have been clean, had clean clothes or many clothes, lunch or lunch money, or school supplies.  His parent’s would have had a lot of explaining to do, and they would have been called in repeatedly, for inquiries about what was going on with Zane, and for complaints about his behavior.

From when Zane was about eight years old to sixteen years old, he spent much of his time wandering his family’s property.  He hunted animals, cut and gathered firewood, tried to make improvements on the property, and he tried to make his own place to live.

There was an old well on his family’s property, that was full of junk and debris.  Zane did not know why his grandparents or parents had begun dumping debris in the well, just using it as a big hole that they could dump things in.  He cleaned all the junk and debris out of the old well, scooped out all the bad old water, and clean water began to flow into the well.  When his father discovered that Zane had cleaned out this old well and that it was flowing again, his father began dumping junk and debris into this well again.

Zane began cleaning, patching, and fixing an old single-wide trailer on the family’s property for himself to live in.  At one time, one of the things that Zane did, was have some plastic barrels of water on the roof of the trailer, with a hose attached to them.  When the sun heated up the barrels, there was some hot water that Zane could use for bathing.  Zane’s father was very angry about this, because his son thought of this, and his son had hot water to use for bathing, and he didn’t.

This is part of the background of what Zane’s life was like growing up.  What I wanted to explain now, was how people reacted to and treated Zane when he was growing up.  This is a lesson, in both the good and bad in people, understanding and ignorance.

As I stated previously, many of Zane’s neighbors and towns people did not like Zane and were suspicious of him.  He was probably dirty, he dressed funny, he didn’t act right, and he didn’t go to school.  He did not seem like a normal kid.

However, some people in the town recognized several things.  They recognized that Zane’s parents were poor and that there was something wrong with his parents.  They recognized that his parents had kept him from going to school, that he did not have hardly any clothes or much of anything, and that it looked like he was having to try to raise himself.

For instance, when Zane would be walking in town, some residents would see him and have fear and apprehension of what he was up to, he was not normal.  Other residents who were also suspicious of what he was up to, might ask, “What are you going to do with that old hose you have there?”  He might have answered, “I put some water barrels up on the roof, so that I can take a shower.”  Then, they might have understood, that this eleven year old kid, did not have a normal home.

The people in town, that talked to Zane the most, were World War II veterans and Korean War veterans.  These older men, were wondering what is wrong with this kid?  They started talking to him, to try to find out what was going on.  And they found out what was going on.

The older men veterans, would talk to Zane, and say, “I have got a bunch of junk in my yard, I will pay you to load it all on my trailer so that I can take it to the dump.”  Zane would load all the junk on their trailer, and say, “Can I have this old bicycle that you are throwing away?”, or “Can I have this old lawn mower that you are throwing away?”  When Zane was done, the old veteran would say, “By the way, do you want this jacket, it’s too small for me now, it doesn’t fit me any more.”

When Zane would get home after days like this, with a new jacket and an old bicycle, his father would angrily ask, “Where did you get that?”  And Zane would explain to his father where he had gotten the jacket and the bicycle.  His father would say, “Do you think they have any more, do they have any more in my size?”  Zane would explain, “I don’t know, he was just giving away a jacket he didn’t need, I don’t know if he has any more.”

As Zane got older, he spent more and more time with the older veterans in the town.  They did not criticize him or pick on him.  They found work for him to do, and they gave him clothes, books, camping equipment, tools, hardware, and sometimes sold him something like a motorcycle or scooter for a very low price.  It was one of these old men that lent him a vehicle in order for Zane to take his driver’s license test.

When Zane was in town, he liked to go to the library to read books and magazines.  He liked to read all of the outdoor magazines, he liked to read western novels, and he liked to read the military/war books.  The librarians and the library patrons did not like seeing Zane.  He was not clean looking, he was shabbily dressed, and he was oddly dressed.

Zane was color blind.  He got his clothes at thrift stores or charity stores.  He bought shirts, pants, and coats that were his size or were too large, whatever he could get that he could wear.  He did not know that his pants were green or red, they just looked grey to him.  People would look at him and glare, scowl, or sneer, and he didn’t know why, he hadn’t done anything to them.

There were a couple of women in town that were in their 50s, that were concerned about Zane, and took an interest in him, almost like they would have for a feral cat.  Women that were younger than 50, would not have offered any friendship to Zane, out of fear and out of concern over what people would say and think.  Women older than sixty would not have allowed Zane in their home out of fear and out of not having the energy to deal with him.

But there were a couple of women in their 50s, that could see that there was something wrong with this young man, he was not in school, he was shabbily dressed, oddly dressed, and abnormal acting.  They could see that many people would respond unfavorably to this young man.

I think, that both out of caring and out of boredom, there were a couple of women that thought that Zane was headed for problems in life, probably jail and prison, if someone did not intervene.  Two of these women were retired, probably on social security disability because they had health problems, unmarried or divorced, who lived by themselves, except for having cats.  Both of these women could not sleep at night, and they did not have any kind of fixed schedule.  They did what they wanted, when they wanted.

They would invite Zane into their home.  They would talk, listen to talk radio, or each sit and read their own books, late into the night.  They felt sorry for Zane because he did not have anywhere to go, or any one to talk to.  They probably thought that this was particularly unfortunate that he was raising himself, just as he was becoming a teenager, when most young people his age have all kinds of questions and things that they don’t understand.

I think that it is kind of funny, that some veterans in their 50s, and some women in their 50s, could see that there was something wrong with Zane, and they tried to find out what was wrong with him, and help him.  Most other people saw Zane, and they reacted to him with glares, sneers, scowls, unfriendliness, and meanness.


The Evolution Of Relationships Between Men And Women

At this time in history right now, we are in the midst of probably the most drastic changes in relationships between men and women that there has ever been, or ever will be.

Right in this 50 year time period from 1970 to 2020, there is becoming a complete role change for women.  There is an incredible amount of chaos in the United States at this moment because of the existence of long held old beliefs and completely new beliefs at this same time.

Since the 1970s, women have transitioned from being traditional stay-at-home moms or housewives, to working outside the home part-time, to working outside the home full-time, to working outside the home for 60 hours per week.  Women have requested equal opportunity to work in all branches of the military, as police officers, prison guards, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, judges, supreme court judges, elected representatives.

Some of the chaos and conflict that we see right now is the result of the following:  Some women still want to be non-working wives, who are pampered, and have a life of leisure, while at the same time some women want to work along side men and compete with them to get ahead;  Some women want to be protected by men and have things done for them by men, while at the same time some women want to be in the military, be police officers, or be firefighters;  Some women want to pretend to be clue-less and helpless in order to be appealing to men who want to take care of them, while other women want to assert how intelligent they are and be doctors, lawyers, judges, or elected representatives.

What makes everything so much more complicated, is that some women try to play every angle, both sides, and try to take advantage of every loophole possible.  This is probably the most disruptive thing in society and culture in the United States right now.  I will give some general examples, and some specific examples.

Women who are attractive, will still try to get what they want through their attractiveness and sexual appeal to men, even though they may be pursuing a career in academia, business, engineering, law, law enforcement, military, medicine, or politics.  This tactic is 100% O.K. with them while they are doing it and while they are advancing, but once they reach a certain point, they cry foul and sexual harassment.

It is like all of a sudden they have changed their mind, they did want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal while they were advancing, but now they don’t want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal, in fact now they want to have a lawsuit against people for it.  It is disruptive in our culture and society right now, that women still want to and try to get ahead by attractiveness and sexual appeal, but then they later claim sexual harassment.

For instance, at Fox News, there have been several female reporters such as Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantoros, that were happy to wear short, low-cut, revealing clothing in order to attract viewers, have good ratings, be popular, and advance at Fox News.  At Fox News, these three women were thought of as attractive and sexually appealing, and they did attract the attention and desire of men by how they handled themselves and how they dressed.  They advanced in their career because of this, and they absolutely were aware of what they were doing.

Women that were unattractive, and who did not have sexual appeal, did not often get as much air time as the women who were attractive and sexually appealing.  This partly had to do with television viewers, ratings, and what the television viewers wanted to see.  The women at Fox News were aware of this.  Some of the women at Fox News advanced in their career and popularity through their attractiveness, how revealing their attire was, and how sexually appealing they were.

The chaos causing and conflict causing thing is, these women knowingly and willingly did this in order to advance themselves, and now they want to claim sexual harassment after the fact.  The fact is, had they not used their attractiveness, revealing attire, and sexual appeal, another women who was a better journalist might have gotten their spot.  They knew this, and they chose to beat out other women by wearing revealing attire and being sexually attractive in order to win the spot, and now they want to complain about their own tactics, actions, and behavior, and actually sue other people for it.

In the newspaper, on television, and on the internet, for the past two weeks, it has been nothing but “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”.  I will tell you something, the whole history of mankind on Earth has been “sexual harassment”.  Are we too fucking stupid to understand now, that men are going to try have sex with women?  When did it come to the point that we did not understand that men were going to try to have sex with women?

I will explain this another way.  Do you know who doesn’t complain about sexual harassment?  The lonely, unattractive women who never get asked out on dates, that is who does not complain about sexual harassment.  For women that are somehow unattractive for some reason, who rarely receive romantic attention, they would be delighted that the mail man, the meter reader, a police officer, a co-worker, or a customer would compliment them about how they look, and ask them if they would like to go out on a date.  They would love to be attractive to someone, to be sexually appealing to someone, so that they could have a boyfriend and maybe a husband one day.  This is normal human nature.

Do you know who does complain about sexual harassment?  Women that get lip injections, breast enhancements, that wear low-cut blouses, short skirts, or tight pants to work, who bend over to show everyone their boobs or their asses.  They do everything they possibly can to attract the interest of men and arouse the sexual desire of men, and then they go and complain that men are “sexually harassing” them.  This is not normal human nature, this is deviant human behavior, and it should be discouraged, not encouraged.

At this time in history, many people want to ignore the fact that men have always had an interest in having sex with women, and this is how children are created.  Many people have come up with this insane idea, that there needs to be laws against men trying to have sex with women.  What many people are basically trying to do, is make it illegal for men to express an interest in women.

So what we have in the work place currently, is women trying to be attractive, to get attention, to be sexually appealing, in order to advance and get ahead at work.  Then these women want to turn around and have lawsuits against men for expressing an interest in them.  They want to have lawsuits against others, for the tactics they chose to use in order to advance and get ahead.

This would be like women trying to get men to have sex with them, and then having a lawsuit against the men for getting them pregnant.  Oh my God, wait a minute!  Women have already been doing this for years, that’s what child support is.

Look Up “Escort Of Italy, Welcome To Italy Escort Service” The Best Site Ever

Important Note To Readers:  When I first wrote this blog post, I had just looked up and found “Escort Of Italy”.  I read their home page, and I looked at their photo gallery of escorts.  I was impressed with their uninhibited, unashamed, and business-like approach to offering their escorts, and I could not believe how perfect and beautiful their escorts were. 

I thought that this was just a cultural difference between the United States and Italy.  I thought that it would not hurt women readers in the U.S. to see this cultural difference.  Initially, I did not know that you could click on each of the escort’s photographs in the gallery, and that it would give their age, height, weight, nationality, and explicitly state everything that they were willing to do sexually.  I was not intending to lead my readers to something so sexually explicit, so I am cautioning the readers now to not click on the photos if they don’t want to see this.

I did not want to remove this blog post, because to the male Oil Field workers, this is like a dream come true.  If only we could have this in the United States, life would be so wonderful.  We would probably all be driving $1,000 automobiles in order to spend the rest of our money on these women every week.  But I am cautioning the women readers in the United States, please don’t click on these escort’s photographs because you will likely be offended, and I was not trying to offend women readers. 

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for approximately five years now.  In those five years, in my travels through Dickinson, New England, South Heart, Belfield, Gladstone, Taylor, Richardton, Watford City, Killdeer, Bismarck, and New Town, I have seen a total of approximately 50 attractive women.  Approximately half of these women were married.  The other half probably had boyfriends.

There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women in North Dakota.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is approximately 3 to 1.  In Watford City the ratio of men to women is approximately 8 to 1.  In Williston the ratio of men to women may be 10 to 1.  There are not enough women to go around.

The police in Dickinson, Watford City, Williston, and Bismarck try to not allow prostitution.  The police in North Dakota create fake advertisements for escorts, and then arrest the men when they show up for their appointment, causing them to lose their jobs.  The second effect of the police trying to not allow prostitution in North Dakota, is that only the most hideous looking drug addict prostitutes are willing to risk working in North Dakota.

The only attractive women that I ever see, are on the internet.  The women that I see in Dickinson, are not even the same species as attractive women.  Only the out of state workers even know what I am talking about.  In order to prove this, I looked up an escort service in Italy.  In Italy, they think that it is normal for men to want to spend time with an attractive woman.  In Italy, women are attractive.

On the Escort of Italy website, they proudly show the photographs of each of their escorts, you can pick any one of these escorts that you want.  They have approximately fifty women that are incredibly beautiful, healthy, dignified, and perfect:

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You will have to go look at their escorts on their website to get a complete understanding of what they are offering.  I didn’t know when I first wrote this blog post, that you could click on the photograph of each escort, and then it would give their age, height, weight, nationality, and list what they were willing to do sexually in explicit detail, which was surprising to me, I didn’t know.  This information is useful for men who are going to hire one of these escorts, but I wasn’t intending to lead my readers to anything so sexually explicit.  I want my readers to be forewarned not to click on any of these women’s photographs if they think that these sexual details are something that they do not want to see.

I understand that the women readers in the U.S. may not want to see these women posing the way that they are, but I want the readers to see that these very attractive women have chosen to make money this way.  These women may make more money than doctors, dentists, and lawyers in their country, which is why they decided to do this.

I sent an e-mail asking for prices in U.S. dollars, one hour is $270, two hours $475.  You have to name the woman that you want, the date, and the time, and that is what you will get.  That is exactly what I would like to do, to pick the woman that I want, which I would pick “Arina” with long dark hair, and I would look forward to seeing her all week.  For about ten minutes, I seriously considered putting my house and cars up for sale, so that I could go to Italy and be with one of these escorts for a couple of times per week, until the money ran out, to make up for what I have been missing.  Maybe I can get the money some other way.

Why can’t we have this in the United States?  What is wrong with us?  Most of what I have seen in the news this week, is women making allegations of being sexually harassed by men.  O.K. women, you don’t want to be sexually harassed or bothered.  Can we please have escorts like these in Italy?  Why not?

I don’t want to have children.  I don’t think that I should plan on getting married because it would likely not work out.  There are not any women in Dickinson that I am interested in dating.  I don’t want to date someone that I am not interested in and not attracted to, and I don’t want to date someone that is not interested in me or attracted to me.  It would be nice to look forward to seeing Alexandra, Oliviya, Arina, Fiona, or Victoria every week.  I wish that we could have this here.  I would be so happy.

I can’t believe this, these escorts are so beautiful, and all you have to do is pay money, and they will be there, on time, with no arguing, griping, complaining, bitching, trying to start a fight, and they will have sex with you without wasting your time and frustrating you for weeks.  This is too good to be true, but it is true, but not in the United States it isn’t.

If There Is Any Reason For Our Lives, It Is Probably For Learning

Many times I have considered what is the meaning for our lives.  Some people have lives with love, happiness, fulfillment, good health, and comfort.  Other people have lives with pain, misery, hardship, sickness, and suffering.  How could this be, this doesn’t seem fair, just, equitable, or right.

The fact that some people have completely happy lives, and some people have completely horrible lives until the day that they die, makes one even wonder if or how there can be a God.  How could God allow this to happen, why does he allow so much suffering, horrors, and tragedy to afflict people?  What is the point and the purpose in all of this?

I think that it even says several places in the Bible, that you won’t and can’t know or understand God’s plans and purposes, something like “His ways are unsearchable…”  Sometimes I wonder if clever people didn’t write the Bible, and think up things to say that would keep people following along, even when their good deeds, good intentions, devoutness, piety, and faith didn’t result in them being spared from tragedy and horrors.  Hey, “No one can understand the ways of the Lord…”

It may be true that God has a plan and a reason for every person and everything.  What would or could this plan be?  Why are we here on Earth, each one of us?  It is especially hard to understand that there could be any beneficial purpose when children are born into horrible circumstances, mistreated and harmed every day, and then killed, which is what I have read about in the news recently, I don’t even want to repeat any of the details.

Here in Dickinson, this is almost like a school for me, it literally is like a classroom.  I have never seen things so clearly in my life, I don’t know if it is like this for anyone else here.  I want to give one example.

I have met three local men in Dickinson, and have gotten to know them pretty well.  These particular three men, their fathers were competent, hard working, and successful.  These three men did not go without very much when they were children, they were helped by their family all throughout their lives, even in buying a home or property, and later through inheriting money, a home, or property.

None of these three men have been successful in their lives, not in a career, not financially, and especially not in relationships.  In each of these three men, I have seen remarkable self-centeredness and selfishness, which appears to have been with them throughout their lives.  This self-centerdness and selfishness seems to have been what has gotten in the way of their career, their financial success, and especially their relationships.

The reason why I brought up the fact that their fathers were competent, hardworking, and successful, and the fact that they have never had to go without very much throughout their lives, I think that this is the cause of their self-centerdness and selfishness.  In a way, they have never had to go without, been without help, been desperate for help, had to look for help, been totally on their own.  They have always received things, and received help.  Somehow, this has made them not have any sympathy for others, compassion for others, desire to help others, or desire to understand others.  In other words, they don’t care about others.

This not caring about others, has been something that has made them unsuccessful in relationships.  For as long as they have not seen their own self-centeredness and selfishness, they have had failed work, social, and romantic relationships.  It is like this, they try to get a job, start a job, start a relationship, or maintain a relationship, and it fails because they alienate people when it appears that they don’t care about people, but only themselves.  Because this attitude has been so prevalent in their lives, I think that they were supposed to learn something from this, probably to recognize selfishness in themselves and to overcome it, but this hasn’t happened yet.

I don’t know how you would change something like this within yourself, not caring about others.  I suppose the first step would be to see this in yourself, to identify this in yourself.  The second step would be the desire, wish, and intention to change this in yourself, to want to start caring about people.  The third step would be to actually begin caring about people, and to begin trying to help people.

These three men, life has given them opportunity after opportunity to recognize in themselves that they do not care about other people, that they should want to and try to help other people, and the opportunity to help other people.  And for as many times as they do things to not care about other people, life will give them a result to reflect on, an opportunity for self evaluation, and an opportunity to try once more.

For the cynical people who are thinking why should I help anyone, why should I care about anyone, I began this blog post with the title “If There Is Any Reason For Our Lives, It Is Probably For Learning”.  You can go through life not helping people, not caring about people, and doing whatever you want.  At the very end of your life, knowing that you will certainly die soon, and there is no more time left for you, you might understand then that there are no more women, drugs, money, cars, boats, motorcycles, homes for you, you are leaving all of this behind, these things do not matter any more.

At the time of your death, once you realize that you are leaving all of this behind, do you think that you will wish that you cheated one more person, took advantage of one more person, stole from one more person, hurt one more person, or do you think that you will regret some of the bad things that you did to harm people?  Looking back on your life, once you know that your life is over, you will probably wish that you had done some things differently, regretting mean, unkind, hurtful things that you did to people.

For some people, it might not be until they know that they will die soon, and understand that they will soon leave everything behind, that money and other worldly things will no longer matter to them and seem unimportant.  For some people, they can see now that it is important how they treat other people, for what will seem important at the end of their life and what they would regret most at the end of their life is the harm that they caused other people.

Whether a person has the mental capacity at the end of their life to understand what they have done, or the time to reflect at the end of their life, or there is a personal life review after death, or there is judgment after death, I would not want to be one of the assholes who quadrupled the rent in Dickinson.

In my own life, what is it that I am supposed to learn?  I think that I see some of it.  Again, Dickinson is like school for me, it is literally like a classroom.  O.K., I am paying attention, what is it that I am supposed to learn?  This is what Dickinson has taught me so far:

  1. In the South, where I come from, there was segregation and discrimination against Blacks.  I was aware of this, but I didn’t truly know how this feels.  Imagine how it would feel if you did very well in school, you got a degree in engineering, you had worked as an engineer, estimator, superintendent, project manager, and operated your own business, but you couldn’t get a good job because you were Black?  After moving to Dickinson, I now know what it is like to be Black.
  2. I had never been to prison.  I was aware that there are no women in prison, you can’t go anywhere, and there are all kinds of rough, ignorant, primitive people that want to start fights all the time, but I didn’t truly know what this is like.  After moving to Dickinson, I now know what it is like to be in prison.
  3. I had never lived in a Third-World corrupt country like Somalia or Panama.  I was aware that they don’t have law, order, due process of law, and enforcement of regulations and laws, but I didn’t truly know what this is like.  After moving to Dickinson, and not being paid wages owed by my previous two employers, I now know what it is like to live in a Third-World corrupt country.
  4. I used to not have very much patience for people who were not good at their jobs.  I had anger towards people who were not good at their jobs if they caused me delays, frustration, or problems.  Since moving to Dickinson, and seeing and experiencing such a wide range of problems in people such as lack of education, lack of intelligence, drug addiction, mental illness, attention deficit disorder, developmental disabilities, in-breeding, recent immigrant, being from Dickinson, and God knows what else, I have learned to take a breath, calm down, realize that this is not going to go well or go quickly, wait patiently or leave quietly.  I have about a 75% success rate at being patient in the past 60 days.
  5. Since moving to Dickinson, I now know what it is like to have your social security card, birth certificate, credit card information, tools, equipment, money, and vehicle stolen, and to now have to keep putting a bicycle lock through my steering wheel and seat frame.

Hidden In Plain Sight, Dickinson, North Dakota

I have mentioned a few times in previous blog posts, that there are underground nuclear fall out shelters in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota.  There are still metal signs on the building wall outside some of them.  Off the top of my head, there is one under the old Dickinson Press building, the Rock Bar, Greene Drug, and the old Sax Motor Company building.  I have been in the one under the old Dickinson Press building.

I believe that there was some government program or government incentive in North Dakota during the 1960s, for building owners to build to the standard that the government wanted and to include a fall out shelter below ground under their building.  I am old enough, that I remember, the government wanted citizens to be prepared to take cover if there was a nuclear attack on the United States.  These downtown fall out shelters would have helped shield people from a blast and radiation, better than being out on the street.  I suppose that they gave some people reassurance.

Several years ago, I had to go to work at a building for two weeks, I can’t say where.  When I got about two blocks away from the building and I could see it, I almost started giggling, I thought to myself, “Was the building owner expecting a 200 mph wind or something, this building is ridiculously over built.”  I thought that the building owner must have been a strange person or eccentric.

Most of my initial observations about the building were correct, but some of my interpretations and understanding was incorrect.  The building had a strange design, it appeared to be some person’s interpretation of 1960s minimalist modern.  The exterior had too much “strength” though, some of the architectural features were almost like buttresses.  (They were buttresses.)

The exterior walls were way too thick, they didn’t need to be that thick.  There was too much wasted space inside.  All of the office spaces were on the outer perimeter of the building, the inner core of the building was apparently for the two elevator shafts.  Again, too much wasted space, the inner core of the building was big enough for four elevator shafts.

As I was working in the building, I began to catch on.  I was always dressed very professionally for work in business casual attire, and I carried an attache case.  The women that worked on the first floor were very pleasant and respectful to me, which is odd and unusual in North Dakota.  The women on the other floors were polite, but very deliberate and observant.  I mostly stayed on my floor.

I made some observations about the building to some people that I worked with on my floor, and they made no reply, because I was stating the obvious.

About one year later, when I was talking to a life-long North Dakota resident who was a co-worker of mine, we were discussing ICBM launch facilities in North Dakota, their locations and so forth.  The subject of the building that I had worked at came up.  My co-worker said, “Do you know how far that building goes underground?  My God that building goes far underground.  I watched them dig the foundation for that building when I was kid, they had to build a road down into the foundation for the dump trucks, the excavators had the biggest longest booms they could have, and you could not even see the top of the excavators.”  I asked how deep are you talking about, and he said about sixty feet.  The building goes further underground, than it does above ground.

When I was making the observation, “Was the building owner expecting a 200 mph wind or something?”  The answer was yes, even more than a 200 mph wind.  The exterior of the building could withstand beyond hurricane force winds, or probably even a close passage of a tornado.  However, because all of the offices were on the outer perimeter of the building, what the exterior of the building was really doing, the office spaces included, was serving as a buffer to protect the inner core of the building that housed the elevator shafts.

The inner core of the building was much bigger than was needed to house just two elevator shafts, it was big enough for four elevator shafts.  Once I happened to learn that the foundation for the building was dug sixty feet deep, I knew that there were below ground levels of this building.  The two elevators that were accessible, did not go to below ground levels.

I looked this building up on the internet, and there is nothing very much written about this building.  The people in North Dakota just pass by this building every day, and think nothing of it, except for possibly thinking that it is ugly because it was built in the 1960s with a strange design.

I Was Wrong About ICBMs And UFOs In North Dakota

Several days ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young”.  I was trying to provide some little-known information about paranormal phenomena in North Dakota, to discuss this phenomena, what it could be related to or linked with, and compare it to occurrences elsewhere.

Something that is not well known, not talked about, and almost completely forgotten, are the numerous close-encounter UFO sightings in New England, North Dakota in the 1970s.  What is also not well known, is that 25 miles north of New England, in Dickinson, North Dakota, was a large Air Force station on top of a butte called Radar Base Hill, that served as an operations center for not only radar tracking, but for ICBMs.

The people in Dickinson were told that Radar Base Hill was a weather radar station.  Not only was Radar Base Hill not a weather radar station, or just a radar tracking station as was later disclosed long after the station was de-commissioned, it was a regional operations center.  The amount of facilities on top of Radar Base Hill, was much more than would be needed by a radar tracking station.  There were barracks, shops, gymnasium, officers club, administrative buildings, and…facilities underground.

After Radar Base Hill was de-commissioned, the property and facilities, the entire site, were sold at public auction.  The buyer was a local man named Gene Fisher, who owned quarries and heavy equipment, who I believe worked on the construction of many ICBM launch facilities and Radar Base Hill.  One indication of this was, that once Gene Fisher bought Radar Base Hill at public auction, he then proceeded to remove incredibly large generators and other equipment from “deep underground”.  He then sold this equipment, and just this equipment alone he sold for more than what he paid for the entire site at the public auction in the first place.  Then, he sold the land and facilities for the same price as what he paid for the entire site at public auction.  He more than doubled his money because he knew what was underground, because he installed it there.

In addition to it not being known that Radar Base Hill in Dickinson was a regional operations center for the ICBM launch facilities, it was not known that there were ICBMs in this area around Dickinson.  I have met several local people that gave me a few of the locations of ICBM launch facilities in this area.

In the 1970s, not only were there numerous close-encounter sightings of UFOs in New England, North Dakota, the Air Force then came to New England and told all of the people to shut up about it, and set up a station in New England.  I have talked to two local people who remember there being an Air Force Station in New England, but I have not been able to find any public record of this, which is strange.

I was speculating in my blog post “Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young”, that the UFO encounters in New England might have been due to the ICBM launch facilities and regional operations center in this area.  It is almost common knowledge now, that in other countries and other states, UFOs have arrived at nuclear armed ICBM launch facilities, and caused launch sequences to initiate and operator control to be overridden.  But this never happened in North Dakota….wrong!

I was wrong, this has happened in North Dakota, I read about this yesterday.  From the Bismarck Tribune newspaper, there was an article written by Eloise Ogden published on June 17, 2017 titled “Former Minot crew commander tells of UFO cover-up in book”:

“Capt. David D. Schindele was a Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile launch crew commander in the Minot Air Force Base missile field when he experienced a situation in which a flying object took down all 10 of the nuclear-tipped missiles he was responsible for, causing them to be unlaunchable. That was 50 years ago.

Air Force officials instructed Schindele never to speak about the incident and as far as he was concerned, it never happened. Schindele was at a launch control facility near Mohall when the incident occurred.

On Dec. 6, 1966, the front-page headline of the Minot Daily News on Dec. 6, 1966, read: “Minot Launch Control Center ‘Saucer’ Cited As One Indication of Outer Space Visitors.” The story told about UFO incidents in the Minot area.

“It Never Happened, Volume 1,” is the title of Schindele’s new book about the Air Force’s cover-up of the UFO (unidentified flying objects).

Schindele was stationed at Minot AFB from July 1965 to May 1968.

“During that time in Minot, many of us experienced unworldly incidents at Minuteman facilities but we were all individually instructed to keep silent. We never realized at the time that others among us were also experiencing incidents, but now the truth is becoming known,” Schindele told the Minot Daily News.

Schindele said a number of years ago he learned about a similar incident experienced by another missileer and that led him to writing his book.

“About 35 years after my Minot incident and learning about an identical incident experienced by another missileer (Capt. Robert Salas) connected to Malmstrom AFB in Montana, which was during the same general timeframe as my incident, I then contemplated coming forth with the ‘truth,’ ” Schindele said.”

I kept trying to find any written accounts of the UFO sightings that occurred in New England, North Dakota in order to try to gather more evidence that this was related to the ICBM launch facilities and operations center in this area, but instead I found an old UFO sighting report from 1956 in Dickinson, North Dakota.

From “The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse, UFOS: A History, 1956: November-December”, by Loren E. Gross:

“17 November. Dickinson, North Dakota. (2:30 a.m.)

Two members of the local police department of Dickinson Investigated a
red light near some railroad tracks. Lawmen Jack Messmer and his partner
spotted the light at 2:30 a.m. When the men approached, the light vaulted
skyward out of reach. For the next two hours the light remained in view
in the night sky and put on a show. The light bobbed up and down, as well
as back and forth, changing color as it did so. The colors shifted from
green, to white, to red, and back to green. At 4:30 a.m. the lawmen lost
sight of the phenomenon.”

I kept looking through this document “The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse, UFOs: A History, 1956: November-December” by Loren E. Gross, which is now a 91 page PDF document that has been uploaded to the internet.  Several UFO researchers from the 1950s gave Loren Gross their UFO research collections in order for him to compile the great deal of UFO sighting reports that occurred in 1956.  Even the author himself comments on the frequent and numerous UFO sightings that occurred in North Dakota and South Dakota.  Looking at the index at the end of the document, I saw that there was one report from New England, though due to a typographical error, the report was cut off:

“16 November.  New England, North Dakota.

If the Lemmon (South Dakota) phenomenon was just ball lightning, a very rare natural manifestation, it seems strange so many UFO sightings were made during this period.  From the town of New England came this account “William Hanson and his son, of Dovrc township, saw a brilliantly colored object with sparks trailing behind it at 6:00 p.m.   Young Hanson, a former paratrooper, said he first mistook the UFO as a jet plane.  They both described it as looking ‘something like a large chunk of
red and white hot iron.’ The thing disappeared In the south-west without falling, they said. The pair were certain the UFO was not a meteor, as it first went toward the earth, and then came up again.”

I encourage readers to go look up “The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse, UFOs: A History, 1956: November-December” by Loren E. Gross, which is now a 91 page PDF document that has been uploaded to the internet, because the number of UFO sightings in North Dakota and South Dakota is astonishing.

Another Example Of “People You May Know” On My Facebook Account

This young lady, is someone I might know.  Is this one of the waitresses from the King Buffet restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota, down at the West River Community Center Pool?  No, it isn’t.

This young lady lives in Can Tho, the biggest city of the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam with an estimated population of 1.5 million.  She is very successful apparently, she has other pictures where she is sitting on the hood of a new Bentley automobile.

I have all kinds of women like this on my Facebook list of “People You May Know” now.  These women are much different than the women in Dickinson.  I wish that I could show all of you more photographs, but my blog website WordPress account only allows me to have one photograph per blog post.