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How To Act And Appear Respectable, Not Low Class And Trashy In Dickinson, North Dakota

A week ago I wrote a blog post article titled, “The Best Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Secret”.  In that article, I wrote about how good the food was in this restaurant, and that there weren’t any dirt-bag construction workers, oil field trash, no-good scum of the Earth meth addict women from Seattle, and other badly behaving people in this restaurant.

In this blog post, rather than express my frustration and disapproval by being mean and going on a rant, I will try to offer some suggestions about how people in Dickinson can act and appear respectable, and not low-class and trashy.

I stopped and thought about it, many people in Dickinson don’t know, they literally do not know that there is anything wrong or abnormal about their behavior, so it might be helpful for me to explain what not to do, and what they can do to act respectable:

What Not To Do:

  1. If you have been working for more than several hours doing physical labor where you have become dirty, hot, and sweaty, don’t go out to eat at a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  2. If you have not had a shower or changed clothes for more than 24 hours, don’t go out to eat at a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  3. If you, and the clothes that you have been wearing, have been sitting in a vehicle or inside all day around people smoking cigarettes, do not go out to eat a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  4. Do not wear dirty or smelly clothing to a nice restaurant.
  5. At a nice restaurant, or any public place, do not spit into a receptacle and carry this receptacle around or place it anywhere, especially not on top of a dining table.
  6. Do not speak so loudly that other people can hear you more than ten feet away when entering or dining in a nice restaurant.
  7. Do not discuss anything crude, gross, or inappropriate when dining in a nice restaurant.
  8. Do not use bad or offensive language, derogatory terms, or racial slurs when dining in a nice restaurant.
  9. Do not try to instigate a fight, threaten, or insult other people when dining in a nice restaurant.
  10. Do not shove, push, slap, hit, or wrestle with people in a nice restaurant, not even friends or family members.
  11. Do not throw things or do property damage when in a nice restaurant, not even in the parking lot.
  12. Do not stick your fingers inside of your mouth, your nose, your ears, or your pants when dining in a nice restaurant.
  13. Do not rev your truck engine and spin your tires in the parking lot of a nice restaurant.
  14. Do not leave your diesel truck idling in the parking lot of a nice restaurant, no one wants to listen to that noise, or smell that diesel exhaust.

What To Do:

  1. Bathe regularly, always use soap and shampoo.
  2. Wear a moderate amount of deodorant after bathing.
  3. Wash your clothes regularly, and make it a habit to wear clean clothes.
  4. Clean and trim your finger nails so that they are clean and nice looking.
  5. Wash your hands so that they are clean.
  6. Brush your teeth with toothpaste at least once per day.
  7. Clean your ears regularly.
  8. Get your hair cut at least once every three months.
  9. Trim your beard or facial hair at least once every two weeks.
  10. Try not to use swear words in conversation.

In many societies, it is the women who try to encourage and enforce good manners, but something long ago went wrong in Dickinson.  I think that due to the barrenness and extreme cold in North Dakota, it was so hard to survive, that the women here just gave up on encouraging and enforcing good manners.

Now that there are modern conveniences like automobiles, indoor plumbing, electricity, hot running water, and washing machines, I think that the women in Dickinson need to start trying to encourage good hygiene and good manners.

To be fair, I should point out that at least half of the badly behaving people in Dickinson are construction workers, oil field workers, and meth addict women from out-of-state.


Car Battery From NAPA Is The Worst One I Ever Bought

Since I moved to downtown Dickinson a couple of years ago, I began buying car parts from NAPA because it is not very far from where I live.  I noticed that the prices at NAPA are higher than Checker O’rielly, CarQuest, AutoZone, Runnings, Menards, and WalMart.  I continued to go to NAPA, because it saved me the trouble of having to drive across town.

In October of 2018 I bought a large pickup truck battery from NAPA in Dickinson.  This battery was 1,050 cranking amps, 850 cold cranking amps, and it cost about $158.  I believe in buying the highest capacity battery that will actually fit in a vehicle, over and above the minimum required cranking amps for that vehicle, that way, if the battery is ever working at less than 100%, it will still have enough cranking amps to run the engine starter.

On Saturday I tried to start the truck that I had put this new NAPA battery in back in October of 2018.  This battery was dead, and when I looked at this battery, I could see that both ends of the battery case were bowed out from the battery being frozen.  Once a battery becomes frozen, it is usually completely ruined.

This new battery should not have gone bad, and it should not have frozen like this.  Yes, when a battery becomes discharged, it is more likely to freeze, but this new battery should not have become so discharged that it froze like this.

If you want an explanation of how and why a car battery can freeze in the winter, here is a good article https://www.farmandfleet.com/blog/frozen-battery/  .  From this article, here is a chart that shows how a battery is more likely to freeze when it is not fully charged.

Source: BCI Service Manual ©1995

In Dickinson, the coldest that it got down to this winter was about -30 degrees Fahrenheit.  From the above chart, using the math formula for linear interpolation, at -30 degrees Fahrenheit, this car battery should not have frozen until it had less than 69% full charge.  I don’t doubt that this car battery had less than 69% charge, but it should not have been this discharged.

Here is the way that I look at it, I currently own eleven vehicles, and I have owned this many vehicles for the past ten years.  All eleven vehicles go through the spring, summer, fall, winter temperature cycles.  For these eleven vehicles, over the past ten years I have replaced every battery at least once, that’s at least twenty-two batteries that I have dealt with in the past ten years, batteries from different manufacturers.  In this time, I have only ever had about three or four frozen batteries, which always occurred on a battery that was four, five, or six years old, and on a vehicle that was not being driven.

I don’t think that it is normal or reasonable for a five month old battery to freeze in North Dakota on vehicle that is being driven.  If this were the case, everyone in North Dakota would have to replace their vehicle battery every year.

On Saturday afternoon, I removed this five month old battery from my truck and I took it back to the NAPA store in downtown Dickinson where I bought it, along with the receipt.  The female parts person at the counter said that they would not warranty this battery because it was frozen.  I said to her that I know it is frozen, it shouldn’t be frozen, a five month old battery shouldn’t freeze like this.

I argued with the female parts person, and there was no manager at the store.  I said that I would come back when the manager was there on Monday, or that I would call the regional manager.

I was going to try to explain to the manager at NAPA, or the regional manager of NAPA, that for more than ten years, I have owned many vehicles at the same time, and I don’t have to replace new vehicle batteries after five months, maybe after four, five, or six years, but not at five months.  But then I thought to myself, I don’t want a replacement NAPA battery, so why even waste my time arguing with them.

I made up my mind that I will never buy another car battery from NAPA because they freeze even when new, and NAPA doesn’t warranty this.  But even if NAPA did warranty this, why would I want another battery from NAPA because they freeze even when they are new.  I will also try to not ever buy anything from NAPA again.

Local people in Dickinson, the manager of NAPA, and the regional manager of NAPA probably will not agree with me about what I am explaining, so here is a much better explanation about NAPA batteries from someone else:  https://www.contractortalk.com/f41/napa-batteries-never-again-379305/

Discovering That Your Co-Workers And Managers Are Convicted Felons In Dickinson, North Dakota

In a few of my blog posts, I have given the warning that before you accept a job in Dickinson, North Dakota, you need to look up your employer, managers, and co-workers on http://publicsearch.ndcourts.gov/ to see what kind of criminal record they have.

The local companies in Dickinson are well known for preferring to hire people who did four years in prison over people who did four years in college, for several different reasons.  They knowingly hire people who are convicted criminals because they like people who are more like themselves, rather than college graduates.  Also, the employers in Dickinson sometimes unwittingly hire people who have done some very bad things because they didn’t perform a background check on them.

The reason why this has come to my attention so much in Dickinson, is because when one of my co-workers or managers has behaved strangely, irresponsibly, or shown aberrant behavior, myself or one of my co-workers has looked them up.  Usually we find something that is kind of surprising, but then again it isn’t surprising, given how they have been behaving.

For instance, at one company where I had worked in 2013, a middle-aged woman who was my co-worker, was cursed out fairly severely by a younger man who had recently been promoted to manager.  As a result of this unprofessional behavior, she looked him up on the internet.  It turns out, that he had been convicted on two separate occasions for Felony Armed Robbery in Utah.

Not only had he not disclosed his two Felony Armed Robbery convictions on his job application, which is grounds for termination, he would not have been allowed to work for this company at all in the first place.  She contacted the out-of-state owners of this company, not the sleazy North Dakota regional manager who had hired and promoted this young man in the first place, and he was immediately let go.

The sleazy North Dakota regional manager didn’t last too much longer with this company either, once the out-of-state company owners found out that he was hiring and promoting convicted Felony Armed Robbers to management, instead of employees like me who had a degree in engineering, no criminal record, and a good amount of previous management experience.  But I am telling you again, local people in Dickinson are more comfortable hiring and promoting people who are more like themselves.

My second example, I have written about this before.  I was working for a large well-known local construction company in Dickinson in 2017.  A foreman, who was not my foreman and didn’t know me, was getting on to me in a way that he should not have been.  I looked him up on the internet, and I found out that he had been charged with Kidnapping and First Degree Murder in Arizona.

I doubted that this foreman who was fucking with me, disclosed on is job application with this Dickinson construction company, that he had been charged with Kidnapping and First Degree Murder in Arizona.  Why wasn’t he still in jail if this actually happened?  Because he agreed to turn witness for the prosecution in order to convict the other two people involved in the Kidnapping and Murder.

This local construction company in Dickinson had not performed a background check, and the owner of this construction company was surprised when I printed out this foreman’s criminal records and gave it to him.

The reason why I am writing this blog post, is because this past week I had a manager from a company that I work with, jump on me in a very unprofessional way for making a suggestion.  So I looked him up.  In California and Nevada, this manager had been convicted of a series of burglaries, check forgery, and making fake California driver’s licenses.

Once again, just like the manager who had been convicted of two Armed Robberies, or the foreman who had committed Kidnapping and Murder, this manager who had been convicted of Burglaries and Check Forgery, he was showing a lack of appropriate and necessary social skills in dealing with people, which made him stand and catch people’s attention as having something wrong with him.

To try to summarize this, when a company has someone in a management or supervisor position, and it comes to people’s attention that they are acting more like a criminal or someone who has been in prison because of their primitive or thug-like behavior, instead of using reasoning and social skills, people aren’t going to like it, and it is not going to work.

Customers, co-workers, and subordinates are especially not going to like it when they find out that a company has hired and promoted an Armed Robber, a Kidnapper and Murderer, a Burglar and Check Forger, instead of hiring someone normal with no criminal record who acts professionally and appropriately, and they have instead been left to deal with someone who acts like a thug, convict, or criminal.

The last example that I gave, of the manager who I recently discovered is a convicted Burglar and Check Forger, I am not going to say anything about this yet, because he is already in so much trouble with the company that he works for, that he will probably not have his job much longer.

In Dickinson, Every Day Is A Battle, And Life Is A War

About two years ago, I realized that living in Dickinson, every day is like a battle, and my life is like a war.

It seemed like every day, something bad happened.  A dispute, argument, disagreement, confrontation, altercation, accident…every day something bad happened.  Overall, adding all these days together, my life was like a war.

I also came to realize, that living in Dickinson was just like being in a prison work camp.  Most of the people that I would encounter in Dickinson during each day, were rough, uneducated, ignorant, low-class people, many of them with criminal records.  And, every day the Dickinson Police tried to follow me like I was a criminal, as if I was an inmate in a prison.

I told myself, that when I woke up in the morning, just like a prisoner getting ready to leave his cell, that I had better be prepared for all kinds of bad shit to happen, whether from the inmates, the guards, or the prison.  This came to be the mindset that I needed to have in order to live in Dickinson, because life played out like this every single day.

I don’t know if other people in Dickinson look at life this way, and think that this is normal.  This is not normal.  In order to convince myself that life is not supposed to be like this, I thought about how life used to be before I came to Dickinson.

I remembered back to when I was a kid in elementary school, middle school, and high school.  I remembered what college was like, what my early career was like, and when I got older and moved out to the western U.S.  There was always, always this same cycle, where both good things would happen, and bad things would happen, and the good things seemed to outweigh the bad things.

I had some problems in school, but I ended up doing very well in school.  I had some problems in college, but I graduated from engineering school.  I had some bad jobs after college, but eventually I had some good and high paying jobs.  When I left my career behind, I had some low points, but I also had some of the best times of my life, met very interesting people, and had new opportunities.  Despite bad things happening from time to time, good things happened too.

However, living in Dickinson, nothing changes, it is just bad, all the time.  The local people here, they hate people who are from someplace else, and they also hate each other.  The local people here who have had the advantage of inheriting money, land, or a business would rather hire or advance local people, people with no education and a criminal record, before they would allow someone from someplace else to get ahead.

The local people here with no education, criminal records, and their methamphetamine addiction always begin with the intention of undermining and running off people from someplace else.  Being a worker in Dickinson from someplace else, is like being in a bucket full of crabs, every time you get a claw on the edge of the bucket to try to pull yourself out, you get dragged back down by the other crabs.

The reason why I stay in Dickinson, is because it sucks so bad here, that no one wants to live here and work here, so the wages are higher than normal.  It’s like working in a coal mine, it is dangerous, miserable, and dirty, but it pays well.  Or it’s like working in the Middle East or Afghanistan where the people are barbaric savages, but it pays well.

More Reckless Driving, And What Are People In Dickinson, North Dakota?

At the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, there are not enough parking spaces in the parking lot for each resident to have one.  Each night there are usually about ten residents who have to park their vehicle on the street beside the building.

Last week, a new resident in the apartment building parked his older Dodge sedan on the street on Saturday evening, and someone ran into it, completely destroying it, and then they drove away.  This resident’s vehicle was about  fifteen years old, and it was worth about $2,500.  I am sure that he did not have comprehensive insurance coverage on this vehicle because it was not worth very much.  So just like that, he was without a vehicle, out about $2,500, and probably without any money to buy a replacement vehicle.

About two months ago, I wrote about a foreigner resident in the apartment building where I live, getting his vehicle ticketed for being parked in the same spot on the street for more than 48 hours.  The battery in his vehicle was dead, and he did not understand that his vehicle was going to get towed if he didn’t move it to a different spot.  His vehicle got towed away, and within one week, the tow and storage fees were $405, and after that there no was chance that he was ever going to get his vehicle back.

This is a low-rent apartment building where I live, and it is sad to see that so many of my neighbors never get ahead.  It is like they take one step forward, and two steps back.  Every time they start to get back on their feet, they get knocked back down again.

One of the things that is so perilous about this neighborhood where I live, is the car crashes.  The street that I live on is not a main thoroughfare, the speed limit is 25 mph, and it is a straight road.  However, in the less than two years that I have lived in this neighborhood, there have been five car crashes next to where I live.

I thought back on everywhere that I had lived in my 47 years of life, prior to moving to this neighborhood in downtown Dickinson, and I counted five vehicle accidents on or around my previous residences.  In my seven years of living in Tampa with over 1 million people, there were only two vehicle accidents at the apartments where I lived.  In Dickinson, with less than 25,000 people, in less than two years there have been five vehicle accidents beside where I live.

Many people in Dickinson now are a special kind of stupid, it’s hard to explain exactly.  Historically, the people in Dickinson were farmers and blue-collar workers, these types of people normally have common sense.  The people in Dickinson though they might have been poor, they were not white-trash because they were honest and there was very little theft in Dickinson.

I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden it was like the offspring of the farmers and blue-collar workers in Dickinson had attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder, plus a methamphetamine addiction, making them run around and drive vehicles like weasels.

People used to be described as professional, white-collar, tradespeople, blue-collar, white, white-trash, red-neck, hillbilly, yankee, black, poor black, Hispanic, Asian etcetera, and these terms were sufficient to give an idea of the person’s characteristics.

Many people in Dickinson do not fall into any of the above categories or descriptions.  Many of the people in Dickinson could be described as ADHD meth addict weasels, because of their erratic, hyperactive, non-thinking, irresponsible, stupid, destructive behavior, especially when driving a vehicle.

Proposed Dickinson Town Square Moving To “Site B”

In today’s Dickinson Press newspaper I read an article that reported on some of the decisions that were made at the most recent Dickinson City Commission meeting.  In this blog post article I just want to focus attention on what was said about the proposed Dickinson Town Square.

After reading and re-reading this Dickinson Press newspaper article, it turns out that a decision was not made on the proposed Dickinson Town Square, rather there came to be a consensus of opinion among the City Commissioners, Downtown Dickinson Association, and Downtown Taskforce that their original and preferred plan to purchase three store-front buildings on Sims Avenue near Villard in order have enough combined space at the corner of Sims Avenue and Villard was going to be too expensive.

As a result of this consensus of opinion that the original and preferred location was going to be too expensive, the City Administrator was now going to determine the feasibility of using the original Town Square design plans, at another city owned location “on Third Avenue West” now being referred to as “Site B”.

I want to stop for a moment, and describe what I think is happening:

The Downtown Dickinson Association is a group of business owners and property owners who have businesses and property in downtown Dickinson.  These people would like to see steady or increased business in downtown Dickinson so that they can make money and have their property hold its value or increase in value.

To achieve its goals, the Downtown Dickinson Association would like to see beautification projects, improvement projects, building rehabilitation, increased occupancy, new businesses, good restaurants, family friendly businesses, good publicity, events that attract people, and activities for people downtown.

At the same time, the City of Dickinson and other organizations such as the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce, would also like to see the historic downtown district in Dickinson prosper, for such reasons as high property values downtown bringing in high property taxes, and an attractive downtown benefiting Dickinson overall.

However, the City of Dickinson, other organizations, and other individuals are not always going to place the interests of the Downtown Dickinson Association first, or before their own interests.  There are other locations in Dickinson that business owners and property owners want to remain important or increase in value, such as the T-Rex Mall area, the Prairie Hills Mall area, the North Hills area, and the Menards shopping area.

This “Site B”, in every newspaper article that I have read for the past year, it merely says “Site B is on Third Avenue West, across from American Bank Center”.  There is only one American Bank Center on Third Avenue West, and it is located at 12th Street West, in the T-Rex Mall parking lot.

After I had written and published this article, a reader left a comment stating that “Third Avenue West, across from the American Bank Center” was not the location of “Site B”.  The actual location of “Site B” is on 1st Avenue West, across from the American Bank Center.  This location is just up the street from the Rock Bar, very near where many of the Live At 5, and First On First concerts were held in the past five years.

Evaluation Of Using Police Monkeys In Lieu Of Police Dogs In Dickinson, North Dakota

Yesterday I was watching some YouTube videos that showed suspects successfully escaping from Police Officers on foot.  Here is the last fifty-five seconds from one of these videos:

Despite there being at least four Police Officers present in the above video, even after the suspect was shot with a taser, he was still able to outrun these Police Officers and escape.

I wrote in the comment section of the above video, that I bet this suspect could not outrun a German Shepherd Police Dog.  But the Police would probably be accused of racial insensitivity if they released a Police Dog on this suspect, partly because of the mental picture being conjured in some people’s minds of Police Dogs attacking Black Civil Rights marchers in the 1960s.

However, it would be more difficult for people to cry racism if the Police had released a Police Monkey on this suspect, because no one even knows what this would look like, or what would happen.  Currently, most people only have amusing thoughts and mental images about monkeys, but monkeys can be even more fierce and formidable than dogs.  Not only can monkeys bite, with teeth that are sometimes larger than dog’s teeth, but they can grab hold of you with their hands, and they are incredibly strong.

I realized right away that Gorillas, Baboons, and Chimpanzees would not be suitable for use as Police Monkeys, because they are too big, too strong, and too uncontrollable when they become enraged.  Each of these three monkeys could pull suspects apart by their limbs and kill them in a matter of seconds in a fit of rage.

I spent about an hour watching YouTube videos that showed every kind of monkey that exists in the World, and the Macaque variety appears to be about the next largest size down from Gorillas, Baboons, and Chimpanzees.  When I looked closer at the different kinds of Macaque monkeys, I didn’t see any that were large enough, and I found that what I really had in mind all along was not a monkey, but a Gibbon Ape.

Here is a video of a baby Gibbon Ape.  Keep in mind that he is less than half of his full grown size.  I chose this video because it shows the agility of a Gibbon Ape, and their ability to be integrated with humans:

Here is a second video of Gibbon Apes, that shows their size when full grown, their clean appearance, and their ability to walk around upright:

From these two YouTube videos, you can see some possible advantages of using Police Gibbon Apes instead of Police Dogs.  They have climbing ability that exceeds that of Police Officers and Police Dogs, that could be useful in urban environments when pursuing suspects.

It is not ever talked about, but one of the reasons why Police Dogs are sometimes used on non-compliant offenders, is because Police Dogs immediately go to work on offenders using a high degree of bite force, but unlike Police Officers, Police Dogs can not be charged either criminally or civilly for use of excessive force, discrimination, or racism.

With Police Gibbon Apes, non-compliant offenders would not be able to bring criminal or civil charges against the Police Gibbon Ape for use of excessive force, discrimination, or racism.  There is currently no stigma in the minds of the public for releasing a Police Monkey on someone.

For reference, the next largest size up from the Gibbon Ape which has similar characteristics, is the Orangutan, which is credited as being the most intelligent of all primates, though it is ugly in my opinion.  I don’t know how well Gibbon Apes or Orangutans would adjust to the cold winter weather in Dickinson.

Here is the only video that I could find so far of a Police Monkey on duty: