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Some Suggestions For Dickinson, North Dakota

In the past several years I have written more than 500 blog posts about living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Readers may wonder, what do I want, and what am I trying to accomplish?

I wanted to bring attention to some of the things that are wrong in Dickinson.  I thought that if I explained these things that are wrong, that many people might agree, and consider trying to change things.  Or, at least people from out of state would know how things are, what to expect, be able to make a more informed decision about moving to Dickinson, or be more prepared for Dickinson.

Here are some suggestions for Dickinson, North Dakota:

  • Everyone needs to acknowledge that it was wrong the way that housing prices were quadrupled during this most recent oil boom.  Do not persist in saying things like, “It was a matter of supply and demand”, when there are thousands and thousands of acres of vacant, flat, barren land just outside of Dickinson that stretches for hundreds of miles in every direction.  Steps were taken to make sure that there was a housing shortage, so that local people could profit and take excessive advantage of others.
  • Even though, “Millionaires were being made every day in North Dakota”, there was no homeless shelter in Dickinson.  People that were poor, down-on-their-luck, and out of work from everywhere in the U.S. came to North Dakota because of the lie that was told “Everyone was making $100,000 per year in the oil field”.  The poor people who came to Dickinson, slept in their cars, on the ground, or in the bushes at Wal-Mart, Tiger Truck Stop, Patterson Lake, along the railroad right-of-way, or in the ditch behind Kentucky Fried Chicken.  If Dickinson was not going to have a homeless shelter, they needed to contact every newspaper and every television station to try to get the word out, “Whoa, hold on everybody, you won’t make $100,000 per year in the oil field, there is a shortage of housing, and there is no homeless shelter.”
  • Dickinson needs to decide, once and for all, if alcohol can be served in bars and restaurants or not.  If the Police in Dickinson are going to try to follow and stalk everyone who is driving on the streets at night in Dickinson in order to try to give them a DUI, Dickinson should just go ahead and ban the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants in Dickinson.
  • There are some things that are done in Dickinson, that ruin Dickinson’s chances for long term growth and prosperity.  One of these things, is the practice of most local companies in hiring convicted felons to be foremen, supervisors, and managers at the companies in Dickinson.  The local people in Dickinson so hate people with a college education, that they give preference in hiring to people who have several felony convictions, with no education.  Although local company owners are more comfortable having people like this working for them, here are the consequences:
    • When you hire a convicted felon with no college education, versus someone with a college education, for a supervisory or management position, what is guaranteed to follow, is that just about every subordinate position to that person being filled by convicted criminals, versus people with any education.  A convicted felon is already someone who has demonstrated that they don’t follow along with what is right and wrong, but whatever they feel they need to do.  If that means hiring only people who are less intelligent, less qualified, and less capable than them, in order to maintain their position, that is what they are going to do.
    • When local companies in Dickinson follow this practice of hiring convicted felons for supervisory or management positions in Dickinson, not only does this load up their company with a bunch of criminals, but this loads up Dickinson with a bunch of convicted criminals.  It doesn’t take long for normal, educated people from elsewhere, who may be doctors, nurses, engineers, attorneys, human resources people, administrators, professors, or journalists, to see, understand, and realize that Dickinson is an “Ugly” town that they don’t want to live in.  By “Ugly”, I mean no culture, no professional peers, no socializing with professionals, no where worth going, someplace that you do not want to stay.

If you people in Dickinson do not believe me, just sincerely ask one of the nurses, doctors, engineers, journalists, human resources professionals, chamber of commerce directors, or teachers who left Dickinson, to describe something that they did not like about Dickinson, and to please be honest.


The Dickinson Dog Park Is A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

Ever since I was born, my family always had several dogs and other pets:  Pit Bulls, English Bulldogs, Hounds, Pugs, Manx Cats, Feral Cats, chickens, turtles, and lizards.  The only pets that didn’t bite me or try to bite me were the Pit Bulls.

As far as my parents were concerned, if I got bit by one of the pets, it was my own fault, and they were upset about it, because they didn’t want one of the family pets to get a “criminal record” for biting someone.

My parents liked animals.  The animals were allowed in the house, upstairs and downstairs, on the furniture and on the beds.  Because of pet doors, other people’s cats came in the house, and also squirrels and opossums.

No one in my family was scared of getting rabies from any of the animals, or any other disease from dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, lizards, squirrels, bats, or opossums.

A couple of years ago in Dickinson, a co-worker of mine had temporary custody of a 9 month old Vizsla dog, because his daughter could no longer keep him.  This Vizsla was a nice looking dog, he was fairly intelligent, so I offered to take him on a trial basis to see if my landlord at the time would want him, because he was looking for a dog.

My landlord liked this dog, so he kept him, at the house where I was living.  I would sometimes take this Vizsla for walks on an adjacent vacant 30 acres of land.  This Vizsla weighed about 45 pounds, he was a medium sized dog, he had a nice shiny short coat of hair, a silly disposition, and he was not an aggressive fighting dog.

Probably mostly because of my own boredom, I wanted to take this Vizsla to the Dog Park in Dickinson.  Both of the times that I took this Vizsla to the Dog Park, I realized that this was a huge mistake, and that this was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

At the Dog Park, there is a large sign, that clearly states what the Dog Park rules are.  It states that persons who use the Dog Park, do so at their own risk.  The City of Dickinson does not have that much more liability for this Dog Park, than any other public facility that they own.  But the Dog Park users have tremendous liability at the Dog Park.

I thought that at the Dog Park, I would encounter “Dog People”.  Instead, I found people that were wary, scared, and not good around dogs.  On top of that, they were nutty.

The first time that I took the Vizsla to the Dog Park, there was a very pale, weakly musculatured, 35 year old woman sitting on the bench inside the Dog Park large sized dog area, who had worn very short shorts.  Once I turned this Vizsla loose inside the fenced in area for large sized dogs, I kept having to intercept him because he kept wanting to go see this woman and step up onto her lap to greet her and be petted.

This woman was very strange, because she was acting like this Vizsla was a person, who certainly should know better and have the self control to not physically touch her.  If I would not have stopped him, he would have stepped all over her trying to lick her face, and he probably would have scratched the shit out of her pale white legs.

He was a nine month old, very energetic dog, and he wanted to say hello, make friends, give her kisses, and be petted.  She didn’t want to have any physical contact with him whatsoever, but she didn’t have the sense to stand up, put her hands out to keep him off her, or tell him no.  This was one of the least understanding people toward dogs that you will ever come across, and here she is sitting inside of the large sized dog area.  This is supposed to be, supposed to be, a safe designated area to let you dog run off its leash, but this was just an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen with this person in there.

The second time that I went to the Dickinson Dog Park, I had the Vizsla inside the large sized dog area running around off his leash by himself.  Then a family showed up with a smaller dog.  The husband and wife who were in their forties got out of their car, and they had grandma and grandpa with them, who were in their 70s.  I watched grandma and grandpa, they were unsteady and unstable on their feet, and they could not walk very well.

In addition to grandma and grandpa, they had a 5 year old and an 8 year old kid with them.  The sign at the Dickinson Dog Park, that has the rules posted, I believe that it says no small children allowed in the large sized dog area.  Here all six of these people came, trying to enter the large sized dog area.  I bet that in less than a minute or two, this Vizsla would have knocked down grandma or grandpa who could barely walk, or the 5 year old and the 8 year old kid, by trying to stand up on its hind legs to greet them and unintentionally knocking them over.

I couldn’t believe this.  This Dog Park was like a magnet for people who shouldn’t be anywhere near a medium sized or large sized dog who is running and playing off its leash, but here these people are trying to get inside the off leash dog area for large sized dogs.

I have been at the Emergency Room in Dickinson, where an unexpected and uninvited kid went over to someone’s house, and the family pet tried to greet them and unintentionally scratched the kid.  The parents of the uninvited kid took the kid straight to the Emergency Room, just for a dog scratch, which resulted in $1,400 for medical services, which they wanted the dog owner to pay.  The hospital I believe also had to complete a “dog incident report” to hand over to the Dickinson Animal Control Department.  This is what people in Dickinson will do now, just for one paw scratch from a family pet.

If you want to safely walk a dog in Dickinson, even a very large dog, the north side or the south side of Patterson Lake is a very good place to do this, because you can keep a very large distance away from other people.  Just don’t let your dog off its leash anywhere around people.  Also, I warn people that once you start getting far away from the parking lot areas at Patterson Lake, you have to be aware that there are people living and/or hiding in the bushes.

Update 3/17/18:

A commentor was disagreeing with what I wrote about Dog Parks, so I spent an hour reading ten other articles about Dog Parks.

I don’t even want to address and write about all of the legal disputes that have arisen from dog bites and dog fights that have occurred at Dog Parks.  I just want to discuss dog owner liability for a friendly dog pawing someone, or jumping up on someone to greet them.

The Big Problem, is that people do not share the same understanding of what a Dog Park is.  For me, and for other dog owners, there is the belief that it is normal for dogs to run, play, and be friendly, and a designated off leash Dog Park is a good place for a friendly dog to run and play.

However, there are other dog owners, that use the Dog Park, who do not share this same view.  For instance, in the ten articles that I read about Dog Parks, there was the common occurrence where people using the Dog Park, stated that “They had severe back problems, and could not handle getting bumped or run into by someone else’s dog.”

Some people believed, that if your physical health is so bad that you can’t get bumped, you should not be entering an off leash Dog Park where dogs are running and playing.  The people who have back injuries or who are elderly, believed that they have just as much right as anyone else to be in the Dog Park, and that someone else’s dog should not bump them, run into them, or stand up and put their paws on them.

As for the legal liability for friendly dog behavior, just the discussion of liability on internet forums where attorneys answered these questions, was very disturbing and ugly.

For instance, a reader could pose the question about legal liability for their six month old large puppy running into someone at an off leash Dog Park, and knocking the person over.  Within just a few seconds and a few sentences, attorneys on the internet forum would begin making statements like, “…has your dog had a history of aggression?….”, “…has your dog received a citation for knocking people down in the past…?”, “…I recommend that your dog receive obedience training from a certified instructor in order to lessen your legal liability…”

It turns out that there a many Dog Park lawsuits against dog owners.  The common cause of these lawsuits is that dog owners mistakenly believed that their liability was lessened when they released their dog into an off leash Dog Park, because they were amongst “Dog People”, who all shared the same understanding of dog behavior.  It turns out, that people have no idea what other people’s beliefs and intentions are, and you can not let your dog loose around other people, because you have no idea how other people will behave.

Getting Stopped By The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written again, and again, and again, and again about not being able to go out at night in Dickinson, North Dakota because the Police are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI, or trying to discover illegal activity.

Probably about two or three years ago, I gave up on going to bars in Dickinson, or having any alcohol drink at a restaurant in Dickinson, because I know how aggressive the Police in Dickinson are about stopping people for DUI.  When I am tired, have allergies, the flu, or am dirty from working, and have had no alcohol, I am worried that the Police in Dickinson are going to stop me, question me, and try to give me a DUI, even when I have had no alcohol.

As this Winter in Dickinson has gone by, November, December, January, and February being so cold, and dark outside, with nothing to do, and no where to go, I have become more and more depressed.  The only place in Dickinson to sit down and socialize at night, would be a bar, but you can’t drink in Dickinson, because the Police are so aggressive in stopping people for DUI.

In WalMart, Menards, Runnings, a grocery store, a restaurant, or the West River Community Center in Dickinson, it is not appropriate or acceptable to try to talk to and socialize with employees and customers.  In other towns that I have lived in, where everyone is more trusting and everyone does not have their guard up, you can joke around and talk with people wherever you go, but not in Dickinson.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off in Dickinson.  I had no where to go, and nothing to do.  I thought if there was anything that I needed to shop for and buy, but there wasn’t anything.  At 4:00 p.m. I decided to go to the King Buffet Chinese restaurant.  I took my Dodge truck, which I have driven maybe once in the past three months.

At about 5:00 p.m., I drove from the restaurant to visit my friend at his home, who is old and in bad health.  At about 6:30 p.m., I drove to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone.  I was driving home from Dairy Queen on Villard Street, when a Dickinson Police car made a U-turn, came after me, followed me, and stopped me.  This turned an ordinary evening and outing, into an unwanted stressful situation.

I am so sick of this in Dickinson, being followed by the Police, so that they can think of a reason to pull you over, to try to give you a DUI, or find something else to charge you with.  If you do a Google search for “Police in Dickinson, North Dakota”, about the 3rd or 4th search result is an article that I wrote titled, “Liking And Hating The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In this article, I explain that it is like the Police in Dickinson are stalking people, and I am sick of it.

I know that I have a headlight out on this Dodge truck.  I bought a replacement bulb, which is in a package on the front passenger seat, but it has been too cold to get the old bulb out and put a new one in.  Even when it is 50 degrees, the plastic light bulb base and the plastic headlight socket are so tight, that it takes many tries, cutting my fingers, and almost breaking the bulb and the plastic socket, trying to twist and force the parts to lock together in the socket.  I can’t imagine doing this when it is below freezing.

The Police Officer who pulled me over knows me, and he knows that he pulled me over two blocks away from my apartment.  He still wanted my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.  He asked me why I had not gotten this truck registered in North Dakota.  I explained that I went to the Dickinson Motor Vehicle Department, and they told me that in order to get this truck registered in North Dakota, I would first need to bring in the vehicle title, and get the title changed from Idaho to North Dakota.  I don’t have my truck title, it is back at my house in Idaho.

I explained to this Police Officer that I was sick of getting followed and stalked by the Police in Dickinson.

This Police Officer warned me that I could get a citation and fine for not having my vehicle registered in North Dakota.  I was aware, that I could also be given a citation and fine for not having a North Dakota driver’s license.

I wish that I would have had the presence of mind to say to the Police Officer, that my Toyota which I normally drive every day, has North Dakota registration.  I wish that I would have told the Police Officer that I had only driven this Dodge truck once in the past three months.

Here is what I explained to the Police Officer, only not this well, and I will probably eventually be explaining this in court in Dickinson one day:

There are people who own a home in one state, which they claim as their primary residence, but work in another state.  If you do not claim a home that you own as your primary residence, you lose several very important legal and financial protections.

In every state that I have lived, your home that you claim as your primary residence, is exempt from lawsuit and legal judgments.  For instance, if you were in a fight with someone and blinded them in their eye, they could sue you for damages, and if your home that you own was not your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, it would be property that was susceptible to a lawsuit judgment.  Even something as simple as someone falling down your front steps, could result in you losing your home if it is not your “primary residence”.

Secondly, if a home that you own is your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you receive a very large property tax exemption.  If the home that I owned was not my “primary residence” or “my homestead”, my property taxes would double.

Legal tests for your home being your “primary residence” and “your homestead”, are where does your driver’s license say your address is, are you receiving the “homestead exemption” on this property, what does your address say on your income tax returns, and do you pay income tax on the basis of being a resident of this state.

It is very common for wealthy people to own a home in more than one state, to work in more than one state, and to conduct business in more than one state.  These wealthy people have more than one vehicle, and the vehicle that they are driving may or may not be registered in the state that they are currently in.  Yet they do not get warned by the Police.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I do not know if anyone has had to go to court yet, to explain that they own a home in a different state which is their primary residence, which is the state that issued their driver’s license.  Some oil field workers, and oil field contractors, though they are working in Dickinson, also work in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The people who are from Dickinson, North Dakota, and who have never lived anywhere else, may think that everyone in Dickinson needs to have their vehicle registered in North Dakota, which means having their vehicle titled in North Dakota.  Why would you want to get your vehicle titled in North Dakota, if you are only living in North Dakota temporarily?

In the past six years, I have worked in Idaho, Utah, Texas, and North Dakota, sometimes for only three months at a time.  Can you imagine what a waste of time and money that would be, trying to change your vehicle title, registration, and license plates, every three months or six months, on multiple vehicles?  You North Dakotans wouldn’t do it.

Once you give up the drivers license that shows you as residing at the address of your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you lose very important legal and financial protections on the home that you own.  Under the law, it becomes more possible for the home to be classified as “investment property”, where you are no longer entitled to the “homestead exemption” on your property taxes, you could be assessed for back property taxes for falsely claiming the “homestead exemption”, an insurance claim on your homeowners policy could be denied because you should have had a different type of policy, someone being injured on your property while you are away could result in your home being susceptible to a lawsuit judgement because it is “investment property”.

On my articles titled “Don’t Believe The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota” and “I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota”, I write that there is no where to go in Dickinson, nothing to do, the Police try as hard as they can to stop everyone for DUI, so you just need to stay home, there is no point in trying to go anywhere in Dickinson.

I don’t want to live in Dickinson, I am just here temporarily because I can currently make more money here than in Idaho where my home is.  My house, and 90% of my personal property, furniture, tools, equipment, clothes, electronics, and vehicles are at my home in Idaho.  I have just a bare minimum of belongings here with me in North Dakota, this is not my home.  I don’t know why this is hard to understand.

A Mexican Almost Stole My Winter Jacket

I sometimes have to work outside of Dickinson, North Dakota.  When I am working out of town, when I get off of work in the evening, I often go to a truck stop/convenience store/restaurant to get something to eat and use my laptop computer to get on the internet.

I bought a spare used laptop computer to take with me when I work out of town, so that it won’t be too much of a loss if it gets broken or stolen, but it is a good computer, worth about $200.  It would be upsetting if it got stolen, and I don’t want this to happen.

When I go to the truck stop that I usually go to, I wave hello to the cashiers who are working, and I go put my laptop computer down on a table in the dining area, take my winter jacket off, and lay it over top of my computer so that no one can see it.  I then go and pick out a drink, sandwich, or salad, and take them to the cashier to pay for them.  My jacket and my computer are not out of my sight for more than thirty seconds at a time, while I am doing this routine.

When I am eating and using my computer, I am vaguely aware of truck drivers, oil field workers, construction workers, farmers, travelers, and local people who are coming and going, paying for fuel, buying things, or sitting down at one of the ten tables in the dining area.

Usually by 8 p.m. or 9 p.m., the truck stop/convenience store/restaurant has slowed down, there are not very many customers, and I feel that it is safe enough for me to close my laptop computer, lay my jacket on top of my computer so that it can’t be seen, and go use the bathroom.  My jacket is just a common, black color, Carhart hooded jacket like most people in North Dakota wear.  Though these Carhart jackets cost $100 to $150, I thought that most North Dakotans would not stoop to stealing someone else’s jacket.

On this past Saturday night at about 9 p.m. I was eating and using my computer, there were two cashiers and one restaurant worker on duty, and only one or two customers in the truck stop.  I felt that it was perfectly safe for me to leave my jacket on top of my closed laptop computer, and walk away for two minutes to go use the bathroom.  When I got out of the bathroom, I walked over to the restaurant counter to see what they had, and I picked up a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

By this time, it seemed like there were several more customers in the truck stop, because I could hear more people walking around the aisles, though I wasn’t paying close attention.  As I was walking over to the cashier to pay for my sandwich, I happened to look back over my shoulder toward where I had been sitting and eating, and I saw a Mexican who was wearing a white T-shirt, walk around the corner, and come to a stop when he saw my winter jacket laying on the table.  There were nine empty tables in the dining area, with nothing else around, and one table with my bottled drink, napkins, fork, and jacket sitting on top of it.

I stood turned slightly sideways as I put my sandwich down on the counter, and I said to the cashier who was the manager on duty, this Mexican guy behind me seems to be taking an interest in my jacket.  Just as I said this, this Mexican leaned past the wall of the dining area, and looked at my jacket again.  The cashier said, oh yeah, I see him.   It was pretty hard not to notice, nothing but empty tables in the dining area, and this Mexican guy wearing a white T-shirt, is so focused and concerned about my jacket laying on top of the table.

I went back to my table and sat down.  I was now curious to see what this Mexican guy did in the store.  Was he going to buy anything to eat, which might have been a possible reason why he came into the empty dining area in the first place.  He must have spent at least eight minutes in the store, walking up and down every aisle several times.  He bought his son an ice cream from where a Mexican lady was working, and I don’t know if she charged him for it or not, he might not have had any money, because he didn’t buy anything else.

This Mexican guy walked out of the store and he got into about a ten to fifteen year old Dodge sedan, and backed out, almost hitting someone in a Jeep Cherokee who was already travelling in the drive lane, causing them to have to stop suddenly.  I asked the cashier/manager if this guy had been in the store before.   The cashier/manager said that yes he had, although he kind of looks like a bad person, he probably isn’t that bad a person.  This Mexican guy did look and act like someone from a ghetto/hood crime neighborhood in Los Angeles or Phoenix.

Some readers might object to what I am writing, so I will explain.  Truck drivers walk into the store at whatever pace or gait they have based on their age or health, pay for fuel, and go use the bathroom.  Travelers usually walk in the store quickly and head straight towards the bathroom.  Farmers usually aren’t in a hurry and have a casual pace.  Local people are like shoppers in a grocery store, they go and pick out the things that they want, like drinks, snacks, or food, and take them up to the cash register.

This Mexican guy, who had been in this store before, came in to the store and acted completely different and out of the ordinary.  He walked quickly over to something like this is what he was there to get, paused, then quickly walked over to something else like this is what he was there to get, paused, then quickly walked over to another area, paused, and he did this throughout the store for at least eight minutes.  You might say well, he was looking for something, or he didn’t like the prices.  At one point, he was at the drink dispensing machine, where they have the cups, lids, straws, napkins, and people fill their drink cups, he was acting like he was going to get a drink, but he didn’t.  It was like he was pretending to shop, but he was actually up to something else.

If you have ever set something down for just a minute and walked away, like a phone, set of keys, wallet, purse, jacket, ice chest, gas can, propane tank, bicycle, or left your car running, and come back to find it gone, I think that this is how this happens, and who does this.

In North Dakota, at a restaurant, bar, store, library, truck stop, laundromat, or any public place, do not set anything down and turn your back on it or walk away.  Not everyone is the same in North Dakota, and you might be unpleasantly surprised at how “diverse”, North Dakota has become.

What Is Wrong With Companies In Dickinson, North Dakota

In 2017, I wrote five or six blog posts explaining how bad it was working for companies in Dickinson, North Dakota, even the companies, or especially the companies that the Dickinson Press Newspaper could not lavish enough praise on.

Working for two of these highly esteemed companies in Dickinson in 2017, I quit because I was not paid the wages that I was owed, and I had to threaten both of these companies with filing a complaint with the Department of Labor, and taking them to Small Claims Court to get the money that I was owed.  One of the “best” companies in Dickinson, already had four complaints against them with the Department of Labor.

I have written about five times now that, “The companies in Dickinson would rather hire someone who did four years in prison, rather than four years in college”, and that, “The companies in Dickinson hate engineers, disrespect, and mistreat engineers in every way possible because they hate educated people”.

Even though I have a degree in engineering, and I have worked as an engineer, estimator, foreman, inspector, superintendent, project manager, manager, and business owner, with absolutely no criminal record, these are the two supervisors that I worked under who each had Four Felony Convictions, at two different companies in Dickinson:


If you are a person with a college education, and you move to Dickinson, North Dakota, this is who you will be working for, and you will not be treated very well.

Leaving North Dakota To Get Medical Treatment

On about January 25, 2018 I noticed that I had a new mole on my right shoulder.  I was very concerned that this might be a melanoma because it had an irregular shape, color, and surface.

I knew that I should try to get this mole looked at and removed by doctor right away.  A week later I began trying to find a dermatologist in Dickinson, North Dakota where I have lived and worked for the past five years, a town of about 25,000 people.

I found out that there were no dermatologists in Dickinson, but there was a dermatology clinic in Bismarck, the state capitol, 100 miles away.  When I telephoned this clinic, the Mid Dakota Dermatology Clinic, I was told that the soonest available appointment was 6 months away.

Six months wait to see a dermatologist is way too long if you think that you have melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer if left untreated.  I tried telephoning other dermatology clinics in Bismarck, but these other clinics had a similarly long wait.

I then telephoned a dermatologist that I had seen eight years ago in Idaho, and his office had appointments available each week in February.  I made an appointment for February 21, in order to be able to plan being away from my job in Dickinson.

I knew that this was more than a 12 hour drive back to Idaho, and more than $300 in fuel for the round trip.  Due to the snow and ice covered roads, it took me 16 hours to get to where I was going in Idaho.

At the dermatologist’s office in Idaho, the check-in patient paperwork took me 4 minutes to complete.  The medical assistant then took me to an examination room and spent about 3 minutes talking to me and photographing my mole.  Then the dermatologist came in.

The dermatologist looked at the mole on my shoulder for less than one minute, he then said that this is either a mole or a squamous cell, neither of these have the ability to spread cancer throughout your body, so if I were you, I would just get this frozen off, and this whole visit will cost you less than $100.

It took this dermatologist less than two minutes to freeze this mole, and then I was done.  It took two minutes to pay the $99 bill using my debit card.

This whole dermatologist office visit from when I arrived there to when I left, took less than 20 minutes.  It was no big deal.

I have had the experience many times in North Dakota, that what are normal ordinary things to do in other states, can hardly be accomplished in North Dakota.  If anyone has ever seen me sometimes characterize North Dakota as being backwards and primitive, this is why.

Re-Evaluating What The Police And The Dickinson Mafia Are Doing

I am now re-considering and re-evaluating what the City of Dickinson Police and the Dickinson Mafia are doing.  Rather than continuing to complain, I may have to acknowledge that some of their practices, are necessary in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I have written several blog posts in the past complaining about the City of Dickinson Police always being so eager to follow everyone and pull them over.  I know that they were stopping people in order to check driver’s licenses and vehicles, to see if anyone had warrants, were driving under the influence, had illegal weapons or drugs, stolen property, or anything else illegal.  But I was sick and tired of being surveilled and stalked by the Police, when I wasn’t doing anything illegal.

On Thursday night of this past week, when a vehicle ran up over the curb, across the grass strip, and through a chain link fence where I usually park my vehicle, for the third time in the past six months, I wished that the Police in Dickinson could round up all the White Trash in Dickinson.

It’s not just that a vehicle crashed over the curb and through a chain link fence in this 25 mph zone for the third time in six months, or that another vehicle crashed into my equipment trailer in this spot, or that one of my vehicles got stolen during this time, or that my neighbors’ vehicles have had property stolen from them, it’s that this is happening all throughout Dickinson.

I don’t know if things were ever this bad in Dickinson before, or if this happened following the second oil boom in 1983, but Dickinson now is just full of White Trash and hoodlums.  I think that 50% of this is poor White Trash from out-of-state, and 50% of this is locally born White Trash.  I do think that poor drug addict people from out-of-state have had a negative effect on poor locally born people, making them much worse.

What I hated was the Dickinson Police following, surveilling, and stalking everyone in Dickinson, but I guess they have to.  Apparently, if the Dickinson Police let up for one minute, the White Trash take this opportunity to crash a vehicle, steal a vehicle, or steal property out of a vehicle, garage, or business.

I had written blog posts in the past complaining about the Dickinson Mafia.  For those of you who don’t know, the Dickinson Mafia are a group of business owners, property owners, and leadership in the City, that have tried to control what goes in Dickinson in the past:  Development, ordinances, hiring, firing, wage rates, promotions, marriage, who succeeds, and who fails.

I felt that it was wrong for a group of prominent and successful men to try to determine and control so much, what happens to other people.  Now, at this time in Dickinson, when I see so many people running amock, the White Trash problem, the misbehavior, theft, and drug problems, I wish that the Dickinson Mafia would get Dickinson back under control.

Here is how the Dickinson Mafia used to work:  If someone got arrested in Dickinson for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, or theft, within a day or two, they would no longer have a job in Dickinson, nor would they be able to get another job.  Their spouse may also lose their job within a day or two.  Not being able to pay rent within a month or two, they would be evicted, and would be unable to find replacement housing.  They would have no place to work or live in Dickinson.  They would have to leave Dickinson.

I wish that the Dickinson Press newspaper would begin again to publish the names of people in Dickinson who are arrested for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, and theft, and publish this in the Dickinson Press Police Blotter every week.

The owners and the managers of every business in Dickinson would read the Police Blotter every week, to see if anyone working for them had been arrested.  And if they didn’t read it for themselves, one of their friends, relatives, or customers would telephone them and let them know.  Once these people’s names were made public, the Dickinson Mafia, the public, customers, friends, and relatives would be saying to them, “Why do let criminals work for you?  Why are you helping criminals?”

Back when the Dickinson Mafia was more active and involved, they did not tolerate or allow White Trash in Dickinson.  I would like to see the Dickinson Mafia, the City of Dickinson Police, and everyone else begin to force the White Trash, hoodlums, drug dealers, and drug addicts out of Dickinson.