Many Of The Issues This Spring Are Too Tangled For Me To Write About

This winter and early spring of 2022, I have spent a great deal of time following many different news items, but most of them are too complicated and unclear to make sense of and write about.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, in my opinion, in many people’s opinion, is not what it appears to be, or what we are told. Yes, Vladimir Putin would like to have Ukraine, its resources, its seaports back under Russian control. Yes, Vladimir Putin does not want NATO forces in Ukraine. But, there is evidence that the Ukrainian government is so corrupt, that Vladimir Putin might be doing the Ukrainian people a favor by taking control of its government.

In the United States, President Joe Biden has shown signs of dementia both before and during his Presidency. There has been substantial evidence of immense vote fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election. The U.S. Supreme Court, Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, State Courts, U.S. News, all appear to be in collusion to allow a fraudulent U.S. Presidential Election and a visibly incompetent mentally-ill person to serve as President.

In North Dakota, which is a very conservative state, there is widespread evidence that many politicians with Democratic beliefs at heart, claim to be Republican and run as a Republican in elections, but once elected, they behave like a Democrat. This happens with City Commissioners, County Commissioners, State Representatives, State Senators, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, and even the Governor of North Dakota. North Dakotans don’t seem to notice until the damage is already done.

I think that North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker would have made a better U.S. Senator than Senator John Hoeven. John Hoeven was Governor of North Dakota from 2000-2010, and U.S. Senator from 2011-2022. That’s twenty-two years in politics, and his net worth is about $45million. This is the exact same thing as Senators Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham, they become life-long politicians, are super-wealthy, are so far out-of-touch with normal life, they are like royalty. The U.S. was never supposed to have a permanent ruling-class royalty like the Czars of Russia, ordinary everyday citizens were supposed to participate in government for a brief time, hence avoiding corruption.

In my local District 39, there are multiple people running for State Senator and State Representative. Leading up to this race, there was a recent change in the North Dakota voting district map, which both the timing and configuration appeared to me, in my opinion to involve “gerrymandering”, changing the boundaries to disadvantage certain local politicians and candidates, and give an advantage to others. The first evidence of this, in my opinion, appeared at the District 39 Republican Party Officer election held in Amidon.

At the District 39 Republican Party Officer election in Amidon, from this point on, in my view, there began a division into two factions, one group aligned with business, and the other aligned with conservative principles. In making decisions, the first group asks themselves, what do the wealthy people who backed them expect them to do, and the second group asks themselves what does the Constitution say, how does this affect people’s rights, impact families?

The North Dakota Highway Patrol, in my opinion became the victim of the “Me Too” movement. What most people don’t know, is that there are probably only a total of fifty Highway Patrol a.k.a. State Police in North Dakota. On any given night, there are only about twelve Highway Patrol on duty across the entire state. The next closest HP Officer available for backup, is usually at least eighty miles away. In order for HP Officers to be able to handle potentially dangerous or deadly vehicle stops by themselves at night, the NDHP usually only hire experienced military combat veterans, typically U.S. Marines who have recently gotten out of the military or are already working in another Law Enforcement agency.

The NDHP Officers are usually more no-nonsense when they make a traffic stop. This is because of who the NDHP hires, the NDHP training, and because they want these HP Officers to continue operating in a military-like fashion. Very recently, a woman was stopped for speeding in the Fargo area by a HP Officer, and afterward she made a formal complaint alleging that the HP Officer got too personal with her because he asked her about going to college, what were her career plans, and he later tried to “follow” her on Instagram.

Over the preceding year there had been a couple of allegations by two women against two NDHP Officers for what was alleged to have occurred during a night of partying amongst a handful of off-duty HP Officers. Supposedly, at an HP Officer’s house, alcohol was consumed and so-and-so touched so-and-so.

In my opinion, NDHP Officers have suffered through their own physical abuse, brutality, horrible conditions, dangerous combat deployments, and mental trauma while serving in the U.S. Military. Now in their late 20s to early 40s, they continue to deal with life & death situations almost every day at work. Society is now so stupid, backwards, and dysfunctional, that we tolerate and seem to encourage women complaining that a NDHP Officer was “creepy” at a traffic stop, or touched her in a hot tub at a party. The stupid bitches that want to complain about what I just said, are too stupid to have any idea what the NDHP Officers have been through. Our society is probably not worth protecting or saving, mostly because we have allowed women to destroy it.

A couple of months ago, not far from where I live, a Hettinger County Sheriff Deputy was called to the Mott-Regent K-12 School, for what was described to him as something like a child-custody dispute. When the Sheriff Deputy arrived, he approached and talked to the suspect, who was the father of a child at this school. The father refused to exit the school, he became more adamant, then combative, then began to physically struggle with the Sheriff Deputy.

The witness statements, school security video, and Sheriff Deputy statements, all indicate that the Sheriff Deputy was choked to the point of unconsciousness twice during his physical struggle with the father, who was also trying to remove a knife from the Sheriff Deputy’s belt. It seems miraculous to me, that the Sheriff Deputy was able reach his firearm, fire once, and kill the father, just before he was choked to death and stabbed to death by the father.

For the entirety of the news coverage of this Law Enforcement Officer shooting at the Mott-Regent K-12 School, the name of the Sheriff Deputy was lawfully withheld at the request of the Sheriff’s Office. Just a few days ago, the name of the Sheriff Deputy was revealed in a news article, because it was contained within North Dakota BCI documents. I have met this Sheriff Deputy several times, and he is probably the nicest, least combative of the Hettinger County Sheriff Deputies. I think that it will be very difficult for him to ever get over this traumatic experience of both almost having been killed, and killing someone else, all happening so quickly, unexpectedly in a normal uneventful routine day.

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas by an 18 year old, is very suspicious to me. The Uvalde Police Department is going to forever face criticism for waiting between 40 to 90 minutes to confront the 18 year old barricaded within an elementary school classroom where he killed two teachers and seventeen children. Were the Uvalde Police Officers following orders to not attempt to enter the classroom, were they waiting for S.W.A.T. to arrive, or were they just too scared of getting shot?

There are several things that make me wonder what actually happened at the school in Uvalde, Texas: 1) The News Media and Law Enforcement have ceased mentioning what happened to the armed Uvalde Police School Resource Officer who was supposed to be on duty at the school, but was absent from the school at that moment for some reason.

2) It was school policy and procedure for all building doors to remain closed & locked on the outside. Why was one school door that normally remains closed & locked, left visibly propped open at that moment? Who unlocked and propped this door open? Undergoing a Police pursuit, how did this 18 year old shooter know to run to the exact school door that was left unlocked and propped open?

3) Several different firearm experts have added up the cost of the 18 year old shooter’s two rifles, one pistol, many rifle magazines, very large amount of ammo, expensive rifle laser sight, and body armor, and calculated that this is about $9,000 worth of equipment. A) This 18 year old had not worked at his job at Wendy’s for a year, he had been mocked in high school for being poor, how did he get $9,000 worth of equipment? B) He did not have a driver’s license, how did he provide ID to purchase his two rifles and one pistol? C) Most experienced long-time shooters have had difficulty obtaining even small amounts of ammo due to supply shortages, how did this 18 year old manage to get 1600 rounds of ammo?

4) Carrying two rifles, one pistol, and the amount of rifle magazines that this 18 year old had, would be extremely difficult, especially while being the subject of a Police pursuit. Military veterans say that these things would be a difficult heavy load to carry, even with practice while on duty in the military.

5) How was this untrained? 18 year old able to successfully flee from a Police shootout with multiple trained Police Officers, get in a vehicle, drive to the school area, and run on foot and enter the school carrying two rifles, one pistol, and many loaded magazines, a difficult heavy load?

8 thoughts on “Many Of The Issues This Spring Are Too Tangled For Me To Write About

  1. Why am I not surprised at all that you are a Trump supporter. You are an extremely negative person full of conspiracy theories. No wonder you make such a big deal about Isabel Paige and if she is trying to swindle us all. You are a joke. Yes a Trump supporter. That explains it all.


    1. In reply to Lisa,

      Yes, I am extremely negative. Reality is not what you think it should be, what you want it to be, Reality needs to be recognized and understood exactly for what it is, otherwise a person can not make correct decisions.

      The degree to which a person correctly understands reality, the better decisions they make, the more successful they become.

      I absolutely do not want young people to think that they can drop out of college, work as a waitress for one year, and gain enough money to buy acreage beside a mountain stream, build a tiny house, pay their utility, vehicle, insurance, car repairs, medical treatments, clothes, food, phone bills.

      The Reality is, you can do what Isabel Paige does if you have the financial support and backing of wealthy parents.

      Regarding Donald Trump, he is probably a difficult person to work for because he is very demanding and does not tolerate foolishness, incompetence, stupidity, carelessness, inefficiency, laziness, or corruption. Because the U.S. Government has become so bloated with inefficiency, waste, incompetency, stupidity, foolishness, and corruption, someone like Donald Trump is desperately needed.

      You Do Not Understand Reality if you don’t see that the U.S. Government has created an almost insurmountable National Debt from overspending.


      1. We don’t need your Trump views. The majority of Americans disagree with you and can’t stand him. The wanna-be dictator, narcisstic little boy and sorest loser in history. So you are turning this into a Trump-supporter place now. I don’t feel like getting into your politcial arguments which lead to nothing. Those who hate Trump will continue to hate him (myself included)….those who hate Biden will continue to hate him. What else is new? Talk about something else. Ho hum.


      2. In reply to Lisa,

        You are not thinking clearly if you write a comment to MY blog, “We don’t need your Trump views.” This would be the equivalent of going to a person’s tree farm and telling them, “We don’t need to see your trees.”

        Throughout history, people have been persuaded one way or another, by use of force, brutality, enslavement, religious indoctrination, propaganda, playing on their emotions, distraction, control of information, bribery, persuasive arguments, and so on. Many times, even intelligent people don’t grasp the manner in which they are being persuaded. Or, normally rational thinking people get caught up in a mob mentality.

        In the United States, I estimate that maybe 10% of the population is highly aware of persuasion techniques being used on them. For instance, popular television shows like “Dancing With The Stars”, “Survivor”, “The Kardashians” don’t really contribute to a person’s mental growth, success, or well-being, but are a distraction, time waster, numbing. Same thing with professional sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, they do not improve people’s lives, they are a distraction.

        As a result of millions of U.S. citizens being distracted, mind-numbed, dumbed-down, they can’t grasp concepts such as many more votes were cast in the 2020 Presidential Election than there are registered voters, who are the only people eligible to vote. Another concept that millions of people don’t grasp, is that not even hundreds of people attended Joe Biden’s campaign speeches, he was very unpopular, yet we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden received more votes than Barack Obama, more votes than any other Presidential candidate in history.

        I could go on, providing the evidence of hidden suitcases containing fake ballots being pulled from under tables by poll workers in Atlanta while the polling location was shut down for the false claim of a water leak. Or evidence of commercial truck drivers delivering pallets full of ballots after the polls were closed. Or evidence of names of tens of thousands of former residents of Arizona being used to vote because they were still on voter rolls, even though they had moved out of state and didn’t vote in Arizona. But I would be wasting my time trying to provide you with evidence, you are one of those people that is unaware of how you have been manipulated and influenced to believe lies.


      3. You know what I’m not even going to read your rantings. I don’t have time for it or for the likes of how weird you are. Quit whining. Your wild rantings are of no interest to me. Guess you wrote all this crap, that I’m not going to bother to read, because it won’t change a thing, for nothing. OMG….you are crazed.


  2. * Barrack Hussain Obama didn’t get the huge numbers of votes we’re lead to believe. His elections were also corrupt and fraudulent.
    Dear Lisa, TRUMP 2024 !!!


  3. All these politicians are actors reading lines prepared for them by the real governors. Divide-and-conquer tactics that everyone falls for.

    I’m apolitical. But for the record, wasn’t it Trump who promoted the entire Convid scandal by unconstitutionally declaring the state of emergency that was followed slavishly by Republican governors? And declared Operation Warp Speed to enable the mass deployment of Big Pharma’s genetic engineering bioweapon in the populace?

    Trump was going to drain the swamp back in 2016 but then proceeded to hire deep state rats like Fauci and put them in charge! “100K sealed indictments” LOL. He was either unbelievably incompetent or in on the scam. The only 5 dimensional chess Trump was playing was with his own supporters.


    1. In reply to RT Henegar,

      I believe that when Donald Trump ran for President, and later had to fill his Presidential cabinet, he sought advice and recommendations for these positions, for qualified individuals. Although members of his cabinet may have had good qualifications, and been recommended to him, some turned out to be disloyal and untrustworthy. One example was his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Trump thought had a backbone and conviction, but instead displayed a politician’s attitude of going with the flow, trying to not make enemies, as if HIS personal career was more important to him than serving the President.

      Another was Vice-President Mike Pence, who as presiding over the Senate had the ability to not certify the Electors from the 2020 Presidential election because there was overwhelming evidence of vote fraud, but instead chose to just go with the flow, as if HIS personal career was more important to him than serving the President. ( Please Note that the whole U.S. election process where the Electors are certified, IS A DELIBERATE STEP THAT WAS CREATED IN THE ELECTION PROCESS TO DISPUTE AN ELECTION. )

      Dr. Anthony Fauci who served on President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, I have no idea what goes on in Fauci’s mind, what his intentions are, or what he is trying to do. I think that President Trump tried to take swift action on the Coronavirus, such as trying to speed up the development of a vaccine, but had no idea how harmful and questionable these vaccinations would be, possibly just as bad or worse than the Coronavirus itself.

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