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Stopping Theft And Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today when I arrived home at my low rent apartment, I found that someone had parked in my parking space.  I was angry about it, because I had to trim tree branches and clear out some debris in order to make this parking space at the far back corner of the parking lot that abuts neighbors’ backyards.

I didn’t know if somebody was fucking with me, because this has been my spot for months, this spot is away from all of the other parking spaces, everyone has picked their own spot, and there hasn’t been a parking dispute here for at least four months.  I wanted to find out who did this, was this a new tenant, was this a visitor, was this unintentional, or was this intentional.

I was angry enough to yank this car out of this space with my truck, but I quickly realized that this would lead to retaliation against my truck.  I knocked on a neighbor’s door who I thought might have parked this car there, but luckily they were not home.

I was going to leave a note on this car’s windshield saying that I had to clear out this space by trimming tree branches and moving debris, I had been parking here, and asking if they were a new resident, to call me.  The way that this car was parked, it looked like it might not even be running.  It was a very beat up car.  It was parked back up against the side of the garage.  The driver’s door was so close to the side of the garage, that I didn’t see how the driver could have even got out of the car if they had backed it in, they might have pushed it back.

I walked over to the car, to look at it, and I was very surprised and startled when someone got out of it.  They were startled too, because apparently they were trying to hide.  The person who got out of this car, he immediately started saying some lame, nonsense excuse about what he was doing.  I asked him right away, if he had just moved in to these apartments, or if he was visiting someone.  I could tell from his erratic nervous behavior that it was neither.  He said that he lived in this area.  Nothing that he was saying explained what he was doing here on this property, at the far back corner of the parking lot, backed in beside the end of the garage, like he was hiding.

This person said to me, hey, if you want your space that bad, I will leave.  I got his vehicle license plate number and I walked away.  To me, this is what it looks like when someone is getting ready to, or is in the process of going through other people’s vehicles in a parking lot in order to steal things.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police non-emergency number to explain what was going on, but the dispatcher at first was dismissing what I was saying, thinking that I was calling about someone taking my parking space.  I tried to explain, “No, there is so much theft going on in Dickinson right now, and in the area that I live in, I think that this person is here to steal things, they don’t live here, they aren’t visiting anyone here, their story does not make any sense, and they don’t belong here.”

I gave the Dickinson Police dispatcher the vehicle license plate number, and I asked if they could send an officer over so that I could tell them what was going on.  While I was waiting for the Police, I talked to some of my neighbors about what was going on, and they knew a little about this vehicle and the vehicle owner.  He and his vehicle had been spotted at a suspected drug house in the area.  We speculated that what he was doing here, involved either stealing or drugs.

When the Police Officer arrived within about ten minutes of me calling the non-emergency number, the Police Officer said that he knew, and the Police knew, who this person was, and that this was someone that the Police needed to be called about if he showed up at the apartment property again.

I gave the Police Officer the license plate number and a complete description of the vehicle, and some additional information about the vehicle that I got from the neighbors.  I let the Police officer know that some of my neighbors had had items stolen from their vehicles in the recent past.

I know and my neighbors know, that if we find items missing from our vehicles later today or tomorrow, who it was that probably got into our vehicles.  The Police now know, that this guy was caught recently in this neighborhood, parked behind a garage on private property, where he had no reason to be.

The reason that I am acting like this, is because me and my neighbors have had things stolen out of our vehicles recently, and there has been illegal drug activity at the apartments where we live in the recent past.  If we don’t do something about the people who show up here and don’t belong here, the crime will just keep happening here.


Terrible Amount Of Property Theft In Dickinson, North Dakota

All of the older, long-time local residents in Dickinson, North Dakota have told me that there used to be very little theft in Dickinson.  And if there was a theft, the Police or the Sheriff’s Department would not let up no matter how long it took to find the perpetrator.

Everyone in Dickinson used to leave their house doors unlocked, their garage doors open, their car doors unlocked, and their car keys in the ignition.  They had better not do that now.

Dickinson now has the worst amount of property theft, of anywhere I have ever lived.  And I am sick of it.  This is terrible, Dickinson only has about 20,000 residents now.  Please, go read the Dickinson Press Newspaper “Police Blotter”.

Here are the reasons why, I think, that Dickinson has so many property thefts now, and there is one common factor:

  1. There are young people in Dickinson, ages 13 to 35, who have begun using marijuana, meth, heroine, oxycontin, and hydrocodone, who are stealing property and money in order to buy drugs.  (Yes, I included marijuana, because how else is a 13 year old going to get money to buy marijuana.)  The perpetrator’s mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person in their home is going out at night, and returning with money and property, or they always have money and no job, and the relatives are saying nothing.
  2. Local people and out-of-state people who have lost their jobs, or don’t want to work, have begun stealing property and money, and these perpetrator’s mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person in their home is going out at night, and returning with money and property, or they always have money and no job, and the relatives are saying nothing.
  3. There are local people who are buying, storing, housing, or transporting this stolen property, and the perpetrators’ neighbors, mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person has a tremendous amount of property, or they always have money and no job, and the neighbors and the relatives are saying nothing.

I honestly and truly believe that there are so many property thefts in Dickinson now, not because there are more criminals, but because neighbors, family, and relatives are allowing it, by not stopping or turning in these criminals.

Please, do not think that these thieves’ mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors are innocent bystanders, blameless, guiltless, innocent, and long suffering. They are not innocent, they are the reason why there are so many property thefts in Dickinson now!

If you read the Dickinson Press Police Blotter, the last eight of them, you will see again and again that there are property thefts and crime on Mike Street, Meadows Drive, and 8th Street SW.  What the fuck is wrong with you people on these streets?  Particularly the 1200 block of Mike Street, and the 700 block of 8th Street SW.  The Police should just stay on Mike Street and 8th Street SW.

What I mean by “What the fuck is wrong with you people on these streets?” is, you obviously have a criminal in your neighborhood, there are so many and so frequent property thefts, this thief is taking all of this property back to where they live in your neighborhood, their neighbors, family, and relatives aren’t saying anything, and you other residents on these streets just allow this to continue.

Here is what you can do, and what we started to do in my neighborhood here in Dickinson.  When I saw my neighbors outside their house, I would go and talk to them, sometimes I ended up talking to them for twenty minutes.  I would tell them to be careful to shut their garage, lock their car doors, and don’t leave anything in their car, because some of my neighbors had things stolen.

Some of the neighbors would say that they found someone in their garage recently, and I would pass this along.  Some of my neighbors and I, we all saw the same person that we did not know, who did not live here, hanging around the parking lot with a back pack on.  Several neighbors had things stolen out of their car like a tool bag or a phone charger.  Several of my neighbors have said, “Look, if we all start watching out for each other’s stuff, maybe we can catch or stop these people.”

We asked the Police to please get the athletic shoes down from the overhead utility lines that were advertisement for drug dealers in the neighborhood, and we turned in the drug dealers in the neighborhood.

The old people, middle-aged people, young people, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, local people, and out-of-state people all wanted the crime to stop in our neighborhood, and mostly all it took was people to start talking to each other.

Outlaw Lowell Kern, Stark County’s Most Notorious And Wanted Fugitive

Outlaw Lowell Kern is Stark County’s most notorious and wanted fugitive.  Currently at large, spotted here and there, and then there, Lowell moves at will from one hide out to the next, taking what property and women he wants along with him, no matter who they belong to.

Some say that women are the cause of all of this, others say he was born this way.  Whether in Belfield, South Heart, Dickinson, Killdeer, Taylor, or Richardton, wherever Lowell is, soon there is stolen property, stolen vehicles, and pregnant women.  Ex-wives think that he has eleven children, but the real number is closer to twenty.

Lowell’s modus operandi is to first locate a secluded area to work out of, where his activities can’t be seen or will go unnoticed.  This could be a farm, a trailer on some land, or a house with a bunch of junk already in the yard.  Then, Lowell begins stealing property, equipment, and trucks that he can use, sell, or part out.  He brings the stolen items back to a secluded location, and he hides them out of sight.  Within a few days, he will deliberately stay away from where the stolen items are hidden, in case someone is watching him, the location, or the stolen items.  Lowell does not want to be connected to the stolen items.

Because Lowell is in the habit of constantly moving himself to a new location every few days, he is difficult for law enforcement to find.  In time, the locations that Lowell was at are found, but Lowell hasn’t been there for days or weeks.

Depending on their mood and state of mind, some girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and ex-wives don’t mind Lowell visiting, and they keep his whereabouts and activities a secret.  Other times they are so mad at him that they tell on him.

Lowell’s freedom right now is dependent on which woman, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-wife is mad enough at him to send him back to prison.