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Stopping Theft And Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today when I arrived home at my low rent apartment, I found that someone had parked in my parking space.  I was angry about it, because I had to trim tree branches and clear out some debris in order to make this parking space at the far back corner of the parking lot that abuts neighbors’ backyards.

I didn’t know if somebody was fucking with me, because this has been my spot for months, this spot is away from all of the other parking spaces, everyone has picked their own spot, and there hasn’t been a parking dispute here for at least four months.  I wanted to find out who did this, was this a new tenant, was this a visitor, was this unintentional, or was this intentional.

I was angry enough to yank this car out of this space with my truck, but I quickly realized that this would lead to retaliation against my truck.  I knocked on a neighbor’s door who I thought might have parked this car there, but luckily they were not home.

I was going to leave a note on this car’s windshield saying that I had to clear out this space by trimming tree branches and moving debris, I had been parking here, and asking if they were a new resident, to call me.  The way that this car was parked, it looked like it might not even be running.  It was a very beat up car.  It was parked back up against the side of the garage.  The driver’s door was so close to the side of the garage, that I didn’t see how the driver could have even got out of the car if they had backed it in, they might have pushed it back.

I walked over to the car, to look at it, and I was very surprised and startled when someone got out of it.  They were startled too, because apparently they were trying to hide.  The person who got out of this car, he immediately started saying some lame, nonsense excuse about what he was doing.  I asked him right away, if he had just moved in to these apartments, or if he was visiting someone.  I could tell from his erratic nervous behavior that it was neither.  He said that he lived in this area.  Nothing that he was saying explained what he was doing here on this property, at the far back corner of the parking lot, backed in beside the end of the garage, like he was hiding.

This person said to me, hey, if you want your space that bad, I will leave.  I got his vehicle license plate number and I walked away.  To me, this is what it looks like when someone is getting ready to, or is in the process of going through other people’s vehicles in a parking lot in order to steal things.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police non-emergency number to explain what was going on, but the dispatcher at first was dismissing what I was saying, thinking that I was calling about someone taking my parking space.  I tried to explain, “No, there is so much theft going on in Dickinson right now, and in the area that I live in, I think that this person is here to steal things, they don’t live here, they aren’t visiting anyone here, their story does not make any sense, and they don’t belong here.”

I gave the Dickinson Police dispatcher the vehicle license plate number, and I asked if they could send an officer over so that I could tell them what was going on.  While I was waiting for the Police, I talked to some of my neighbors about what was going on, and they knew a little about this vehicle and the vehicle owner.  He and his vehicle had been spotted at a suspected drug house in the area.  We speculated that what he was doing here, involved either stealing or drugs.

When the Police Officer arrived within about ten minutes of me calling the non-emergency number, the Police Officer said that he knew, and the Police knew, who this person was, and that this was someone that the Police needed to be called about if he showed up at the apartment property again.

I gave the Police Officer the license plate number and a complete description of the vehicle, and some additional information about the vehicle that I got from the neighbors.  I let the Police officer know that some of my neighbors had had items stolen from their vehicles in the recent past.

I know and my neighbors know, that if we find items missing from our vehicles later today or tomorrow, who it was that probably got into our vehicles.  The Police now know, that this guy was caught recently in this neighborhood, parked behind a garage on private property, where he had no reason to be.

The reason that I am acting like this, is because me and my neighbors have had things stolen out of our vehicles recently, and there has been illegal drug activity at the apartments where we live in the recent past.  If we don’t do something about the people who show up here and don’t belong here, the crime will just keep happening here.


Well Run Arby’s Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for a little over five years now.  I started this blog website approximately three years ago, mostly out of frustration with living in Dickinson.  Living in Dickinson, there was very little to do, no where to go, the people were unfriendly, and the restaurants were all bad, especially the waitresses.

Of the nearly five hundred blog posts that I have written, most of them are complaining about Dickinson.  About one year ago, I began to realize that one of the only places in Dickinson that I didn’t have any complaints about, was the Arby’s restaurant.

I began to realize that I never ever had a long wait in the drive through, or at the counter in Arby’s.  No one ever got my order wrong in any way whatsoever.  No employee ever irritated me, annoyed me, or did anything wrong.  The food that I ordered was always good or O.K.  I was never mischarged or given the wrong change.  I never saw the employees loose their cool, bicker, squabble, or argue.

I began to think that nothing ever went wrong at this Arby’s because of the employees who worked there.  How could this be, that each of these employees showed up to work, did their job, were pleasant, and got along with each other?  No place else in Dickinson has employees like this, how did this happen?

There are a couple of nation-wide franchise restaurants in Dickinson that have nearly closed several times because they were unable to get employees, assistant managers, and managers that would show up to work and work competently.  All businesses in Dickinson had a difficult time hiring and keeping competent employees during the Oil Boom that occurred from 2007 through 2014.  How was this Arby’s restaurant able to hire and retain good employees?

The manager of the Arby’s restaurant in Dickinson, I believe that her name is Sarah.  I think that the owners of this restaurant know that Sarah has done a very good job.  I don’t know if the owners of this restaurant are aware of the turnover and employee chaos that all of the other restaurants in Dickinson have.

I don’t know exactly how Sarah does it.  I think that she must have some unique ability to pick out and identify the good applicants from the bad ones.  I don’t know how she can tell which applicants are going to show up every day, do their job, take their job seriously, be pleasant, and get along with everyone.  All business owners and managers wish that they could pick the applicants that would be good long term employees, but hardly anyone can.

I noticed that the employees at this Arby’s restaurant are there to do their job.  They always seem to be 100% focused on their job, and I don’t see many businesses where the employees are like this all the time.  Especially in the restaurant business, I usually see employees who are thinking about and talking about everything but work, and acting like and saying out loud that they would rather be some place else.

Besides hiring good people, I would say that this Arby’s must have a good positive work environment.  A work place that is fair, competent, organized, well managed, and pleasant.  If it weren’t, they would have employee turnover, people not showing up for work, stressed out employees, and employees who were openly unhappy at work.  But they don’t have any of this.

I hope that I don’t mess this restaurant up by writing a complimentary blog post about it.


New Gym “The Pit” In Dickinson, North Dakota

Approximately one month ago I was driving south on 10th Avenue East toward Villard when I saw a sign for the gym “The Pit” right next door to East End Towing.  I have lived in Dickinson for a little over five years, and in this particular neighborhood for six months, and this was the first time that I ever saw that a gym was in this building.

I turned in to the parking lot, and I got out of my vehicle to look in the windows.  The gym was mostly free weights, weight benches, and weight lifting racks.  I had not seen a gym like this in years.  Virtually all gyms in the United States have been transformed into “Fitness Centers” over the past 25 years in order to have a wider range of customers.  The “Weight Rooms” are almost all gone now.

I thought for sure that the owner must be a Power Lifter, because who else would open a gym now with mostly free weights and weight lifting racks?  I went inside, and there was a blond lady sitting at the desk, which was a surprise to me.  I said, “I was expecting to see a guy at this gym, not a lady, this is a Weight Room.”  She mostly understood what I meant, especially because her husband is a Power Lifter, but she probably didn’t like me saying it, because she is a Power Lifter too.  This was probably Step #1 of me getting kicked out of this gym.

I talked to her probably longer than I should have, but I wanted to see if she and her husband had had the same experience as me at the West River Community Center.  There are just so many people at the WRCC, and so many things going on, that it is difficult to get to the free weights and the weight racks at the WRCC.

For instance, I could plan on using one of the weight racks at the WRCC to safely do overhead press, squats, shrugs, or dead lifts, using 300 lbs or more, and all of the racks would be taken up by “Fitness People” who wanted to do multiple sets of lunges or bent over lifts using just the 45 lb bar, with no weights at all.

When I found out who her husband was, Dave Clem, I remembered seeing him at the WRCC many times.  I believed that he probably wasn’t very happy with the “circus” at the WRCC, and it was no surprise to me that this was his gym.  Dave is a Power Lifting competitor, and he currently holds several national Power Lifting records.  He routinely squats 750 lbs at meets.

Membership at “The Pit” gym is $40 per month.  If you are serious and goal oriented in Weight Training, Body Building, or Power Lifting, here are the advantages of this gym:

  1. Multiple sets of dumbbell pairs, ranging in 5 lb increments from 5 lb to 100 lb, with no gaps.  Four weight benches dedicated to the dumbbells.
  2. Two heavy duty Power Lifting bench press benches.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  3. Two heavy duty Power Lifting squat racks, with quick release bar rests, safety bars, and safety chains.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  4. Dedicated dead lift platform, with bar jack for loading and unloading weight plates.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  5. The walk from your car, to the weights that you want to use, is less than 75 feet, with no one, and no thing in your way.  Going to the WRCC, is almost like going to an airport.
  6. The Pit gym has 24 hour access.  If you come during the day, or later in the evening, you will almost certainly have immediate and uninterrupted access to the weights, weight bench, or weight rack that you want to use.
  7. At certain times during the week, Dave Clem and the Power Lifting team are training for squat, bench, and dead lift, and are watching and assisting in improving each other’s lifts.

Dave and Wendy Clem have a Power Lifting team that trains at The Pit gym.  There is a large white competition board that lists each member’s weight class, competition record for squat, bench press, dead lift, totals, and personal best lifts.  They encourage high school students to become involved in Power Lifting and they provide coaching.

At this gym, it is more goal oriented and results oriented.  In Weight Training, Body Building, and Power Lifting, people are interested in increasing the weight used in lifts, increasing repetitions with weight, increasing the size and definition of muscle, and increasing strength in a measurable way.  It is not like a “Fitness Center” where people dabble on a piece of equipment until they become bored or distracted, and then wander over to another piece of equipment and watch television on a monitor, not paying attention to what they are doing.

Classification Of People In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote about Bigfoot Hunter Tim “Coonbo” Baker and his classification of Bigfoot into at least four distinct species.  Tim “Coonbo” Baker’s classification system helps to clear up confusion, misunderstandings, and arguments that have existed for over 100 years concerning Bigfoot.  I thought, why not do the same thing for Dickinson?

Below I have created a classification system for people in Dickinson.  This list is arranged in order from most common, to least common in Dickinson:

  1. Local Catholics – Most common group of people in Dickinson.  Usually of German or Ukranian ancestry.  Typically unfriendly, uncooperative, not helpful, hostile, and mean.  Adult males are difficult to get along with at work.  Adult females usually sneer, scowl, glare, and tend to be overweight.  Catholic children in Dickinson can be quite nasty, especially if they go to Trinity School.
  2. Local Lutherans – Second most common group of people in Dickinson.  Usually of Norwegian or Scandinavian ancestry.  Typically helpful and friendly.  Adult females expect their husbands to rake and mow the lawn, trim the trees and bushes, and clean the cars, house exterior, roof, windows, driveway, and sidewalk.  Even though Lutheran women are notorious for their casseroles, the Lutheran men are skinny due to having to work all the time.
  3. Local Methodists – Not very common in Dickinson.  No one knows how they got here.  They stay hidden and keep a low profile.  If you meet a person who acts normal in Dickinson, they might be a Methodist.
  4. Local Mormons – Not very common in Dickinson.  They might have come from Illinois, Missouri, Idaho, or Utah.  Adult males are usually good reliable employees.  Adult females stay at home.  Young unmarried females are nice and pleasant to a fault.  Young unmarried males are annoying.
  5. Local Non-Denominational and Other Christians – Any individual in this group could have come from anywhere.  There is no telling what they will do, so don’t turn you back on them.
  6. Red-Necks from the South – Much more common in Dickinson from 2008 through 2014 during the oil boom.  Not very common in Dickinson now.  Adult males tend to be overweight and they like to stare and look at everything to see what it is, whether it is a lawn sprinkler, squirrel, taco truck, any vehicle for sale, etc.  Adult females in Dickinson are always “fixin to go to the store”.
  7. People from Texas – Just as common and annoying now, as they were during the oil boom from 2008 through 2014.  Adult males usually drive a Ford F250 4×4, faster and more erratically than necessary, like they would in Dallas or Houston.  There is usually something wrong with someone who had to drive all the way from Texas in order to get a job in North Dakota.  There are no women from Texas in Dickinson, they won’t come.
  8. People from Coeur D’Alene – Just about everyone who left Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to come to work in Dickinson, has been or still is involved in illegal drugs.  Adult males typically work for companies where there is no drug testing, like small construction companies or dangerous oil field service companies.  Adult females typically work where there is no drug testing, mostly in restaurants and hotels.  Vehicle license plates from the Coeur D’Alene area of Idaho, begin with the letter “K”.  A good rule to remember is, “If it starts with the letter ‘K’, stay away”, whenever you see an Idaho license plate.

Come To Dickinson, North Dakota For Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening

Come to Dickinson, North Dakota for Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening.  There is no need to travel to Nepal, Tibet, Sedona, or Sante Fe.

The Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Wicca religions have sects and followers that believe enlightenment and spiritual awakening can be reached through the practice of Asceticism.  Asceticism involves abstinence from physical and sensual pleasures, renunciation of material possessions, and much time spent alone reflecting upon spiritual matters.  Some Ascetics practice self-infliction of pain, making their body suffer, or maiming their body.

When you live in Dickinson, North Dakota, you will experience no earthly pleasures, no enjoyment of anything, no distraction of women and sex, and plenty of discomfort, suffering, pain, misery, and maiming.

Living in Dickinson, North Dakota, there is very little to do, and nowhere to go.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  Living here, you will forego all forms of enjoyment.  Many people in Dickinson experience and practice the abandonment of personal hygiene.

Self-infliction of pain comes when you go outside, live in a poorly insulated trailer, or go to work in Dickinson.  Work in Dickinson involves co-workers who are mean, hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, and undermining.  Work in Dickinson consists of long hours outside in the cold performing physical labor which is dangerous.  Co-workers assist with the infliction of pain, suffering, misery, and body maiming while at work.

The police in Dickinson are very helpful in making people’s lives even more ascetic, assisting with the deprivation of enjoyment, pleasure, money, and in providing confinement.

After living in Dickinson for approximately five years now, I have come to realize more about the Soul.  Many people are familiar with out-of-body experiences, and/or astral projection, where it is believed that the Soul or Astral Body leaves the physical body at night during sleep under certain conditions, usually conditions of peace, quiet, and tranquility.

However, living in Dickinson, your Soul or Astral Body, will be trying to leave most of the time, even during the day.  To a lay person, bystander, or an uninitiated person, the self-denial and self-infliction of pain practiced by the Ascetics might be seen as purification, dedication, devoutness, withdrawal from the world, and focusing inward, in order to achieve enlightenment.  However, the constant condition of pain, suffering, misery, and unhappiness, causes the Soul or Astral Body to begin disassociating from the physical body.

With only my random thoughts and no intention, I would often find myself thinking of living in Dickinson as being like a Jew in a concentration camp.  Especially at work, where I was cold, dirty, hungry, having to defecate on the ground, and being endangered and mistreated by hostile Germans, how could I not feel like a Jew in a concentration camp?  I thought of the daily lives of the Jewish prisoners, the horrors and the torture that they had to endure.  I had wondered before, and I began to wonder now, how does their physical body, Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul cope with torture, and at what point do these elements of a person shut down or leave?

I remembered a conversation that I had had in the past with an engineer who was much older than me, who said that he believed that when the body experiences physical pain to a certain point the Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul realizes that it is time to leave, and it vacates the body, rather than stay any longer.  I also remembered a story that was told to me by a minister, who described the daily physical abuse that a child had experienced from his parents every day of his short life, that amounted to torture.  One day, the child died.  An autopsy was performed, but no cause of death could be found or determined.  It was apparent that the child had been abused, but there was no injury that had caused his death.  It was as if his Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul decided to go ahead and leave this physical body.

I will give an explanation of this from sources other than myself.  From the website address http://www.sacredserpent.net/soul-retrieval.html, I have taken the following excerpt:

“As a rule soul loss occurs due to trauma. Children are most susceptible to soul loss, as they are more vulnerable than adults and still more connected to the world of spirit or Otherworld than most adults are. When a child gets abused or suffers great distress or unhappiness he or she will often instinctively try to escape to the Otherworld to flee from the pain and to find peace or happiness.

But soul loss affects not only children but people of all ages. Typical triggers for soul loss are accident, injury, shock, trauma or prolonged unhappiness. An event that triggers soul loss in one person may not cause soul loss in others with a similar experience. It depends on how severe the shock or suffering was felt from a subjective point of view….

Physical injury is not a prerequisite for soul loss. It is not unusual for people who were involved in a car accident but suffered no physical injuries whatsoever to have soul loss. The loud sound and the impact cause shock. Your soul thinks you are dying and “ejects”. It may come back later when the shock wears off, or part of it may stay out. Any severe shock can cause soul loss….

Only very severe and / or repeated trauma can cause total soul loss. The result of total soul loss would eventually be death, or at the very least coma.”

In the above excerpt, this was the first time that I have heard of partial or incomplete Soul loss, where one’s entire Soul does not disassociate during suffering or trauma.  But the description of the circumstances of Soul loss were so clear, and the explanation was in conformity with what is written by others elsewhere, that I quoted this source.

The point that I wanted to make, is that people who have associated Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection, where the Spirit or Soul leaves the physical body, with meditation, sleep, peace, and tranquility, they can come to Dickinson, North Dakota, live here for a while, and they can experience their Soul leaving their physical body all of the time.


Police Corruption In North Dakota

Law Enforcement in North Dakota is taking steps to make sure that North Dakota is the most corrupt, backward, dishonest, and lawless state.  Instead of Law Enforcement taking pride in, defending, and upholding the Constitution, they are subverting it, and disregarding it.  Instead of protecting citizens’ Civil Rights, they are violating citizens’ Civil Rights.  Instead of enforcing laws, they are breaking laws, disregarding laws, and becoming the worst and most notorious criminals in North Dakota.

I will cite two recent Law Enforcement operations in North Dakota, that are almost identical to what the KGB used to do to political dissidents in Russia, East Germany, Cuba, and what corrupt dictators did in the Middle East, Africa, and South America to political opponents.  It is appalling and reprehensible that Law Enforcement in North Dakota would try to carry out the same type of barbarity.

Recently, in Dickinson and in Fargo, North Dakota, Law Enforcement created an advertisement for an escort or prostitute, and placed this advertisement on internet websites.  This was a fake advertisement, created by Law Enforcement to entice men to contact their fake escort or prostitute.  In the advertisement, there was nothing mentioned about the escort being under the age of 18 years.

In Fargo, 42 year old business owner Dan Durr responded to the fake advertisement for a prostitute, and he made arrangements to meet at a location.  When Dan Durr got to the location to meet the prostitute, he was then informed that the prostitute was under 18 years, and he drove away.

Law Enforcement knew that when they placed an advertisement for a prostitute, they would attract the attention of men who were desperate to have sex with a woman.  They did not mention in the advertisement that the prostitute was under 18.  When the men arrived to meet the prostitute and were informed that she was under 18 years, they thought that the men would be so desperate, that they wouldn’t care.

Dan Durr from Fargo thought that he was meeting an adult to have sex, and when he was informed that the prostitute was under 18 years, he drove away.  The Fargo Police arrested him anyway, and they charged him with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison.

But remember, Dan Durr responded to a fake advertisement for a prostitute created by Law Enforcement, where it did not say that the prostitute was under 18.  Law Enforcement lured men to meet who they thought was an adult prostitute.  When the men arrived, they were informed that the prostitute was under 18 years.  However, at no time was a minor ever involved whatsoever, the Police just made the statement that the prostitute was under 18 years when the men arrived.

Dan Durr’s case went to trial recently, and he was found guilty of hiring an individual to engage in sexual activity, a Class B misdemeanor.  Dan Durr was found not guilty of the Class A felony charge of Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity.

I will give credit to the Cass County District Court Judge Susan Bailey, who was asked by Dan Durr’s defense attorney to allow the jury to consider not just the felony charge, but also the misdemeanor charge, and she allowed the jury to consider both charges.  I wish that the judge would have taken the opportunity to admonish the prosecuting attorney and Law Enforcement for tactics that go beyond entrapment, and violate citizens Constitutional and Civil Rights, in attempt to make criminals out of ordinary citizens.

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby Law Enforcement induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.  But this case goes much further than entrapment.  Law Enforcement not only lured a citizen into committing a crime by placing an advertisement for a prostitute, which he might not have done if it were not for the advertisement, but then Law Enforcement started to create fictitious non-existent circumstances to enhance this crime that they lured this citizen into in the first place.  Trying to make what would have been a Class B misdemeanor into a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison, by adding phony fictitious circumstances.  Dan Durr never sought to meet a minor for sexual activity, nor was a minor ever present or involved in any way.

Additionally, and this is a very important point, when Dan Durr was informed that the prostitute was under 18 years, he drove away.  Why did Law Enforcement try to charge Dan Durr with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, a Class A felony, when he absolutely did not try to do this, and he immediately left when he was informed that the prostitute was under 18 years?  Why did Law Enforcement seek to arrest and prosecute someone for a crime that they did not commit?  Could anything be more corrupt than this?

The second case that I will cite, is almost identical to the one that I just described above.  Manish Maharjan, 29 of Dickinson, has been charged with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, a Class A felony.

Here is an excerpt from an October 23, 2017 Dickinson Press article written by Sydney Mook:

“…Maharjan appeared in court with his attorney Robert Bolinske.

Stark County assistant state’s attorney, Amanda Engelstad, called Travis Leintz, a detective with the Dickinson Police Department, to testify during the hearing. Leintz said an ad was placed on Backpage.com with the help of an officer from Minnesota who specializes in human trafficking.

Maharjan allegedly responded to the ad via text message then allegedly exchanged messages with the officers who were acting as a 15-year-old girl. When the defendant asked for the girl’s age, the officers responded by saying “almost 16.” Maharjan allegedly responded multiple times that he would not have sex with someone who was under the age of 18 and said he did not want to get into trouble. However, he later agreed to meet the girl at the Motel 6 in Dickinson, Leintz said.

Maharjan later moved across the street to the McDonald’s parking lot where he was later arrested by officers.

Bolinske questioned Leintz about the original ad on Backpage.com, which stated the poster was 18 and said his client had originally said no to someone that was under the age of 18. Leintz said in order to post on Backpage.com, the poster must list 18 as their age.

Southwest Judge James Gion found there to be enough probable cause to move forward with the case.

Maharjan entered a not guilty plea to all charges.”

What is very troubling to me, is that the advertisement for the girl wanting to have sex, said that she was 18 years of age.  When Maharjan asked the girl about her age, and she replied that she was almost 16, Maharjan responded that he would never have sex with someone under the age of 18.

It appears to me to be entrapment by Law Enforcement, to place an advertisement where the poster is listed as 18 years of age in order to lure Maharjan into communication, to then inform him that he is communicating with a minor, and to continue communicating with Maharjan and arrange a meeting with him, even after he has repeatedly said that he would never have sex with a minor because he does not want to get into trouble.

In other words, had Law Enforcement not placed a fake advertisement for an 18 year old girl wanting to hook up, then made up the story that she was under 18 years, then ignored Maharjan’s statements that he would not have sex with a minor, and continued to contact him anyway, caused Maharjan to be drawn into a possible meeting with a minor.  At no time did Maharjan actually meet with a minor, because at no time was a minor involved.  If Maharjan did actually ever meet with this minor, he might have continued to insist that he would never have sex with a minor.

Why are the Dickinson Police trying to charge Maharjan with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity?  The fake advertisement that the Dickinson Police placed, said that the poster was 18 years old.  The Dickinson Police drew Maharjan into this, even though he said that he did not want to have sex with a minor.  Maharjan never did meet with a minor and agree to have sex.  Why are they still charging him?

I think that the Dickinson Police have made a criminal out of someone who never intended to engage in criminal activity.  The charges that Maharjan now faces, could lead to 20 years in prison.  As far as criminal activity in Dickinson, I would much rather have my truck stolen or my apartment broken into, than have the Dickinson Police try to entrap me in one of their schemes like this one.  Who is worse in Dickinson, the police or the criminals?

Essential Information On Working And Living In Dickinson, North Dakota

I was an outsider to Dickinson, North Dakota.  I have now lived and worked in Dickinson for 5-1/2 years.  For the past three years, I have been writing about Dickinson on this blog website.  After writing, thinking, discussing, and searching hard for answers, about why Dickinson is the way that it is, I finally think that I have the answers.

I have seen and experienced that the local people from Dickinson have hatred, hostility, bitterness, resentment, maliciousness, and malevolence for the non-local people who have come to Dickinson to work.  Non-local people will experience this most profoundly at work in Dickinson.

I believe that one of the causes for the hatred of non-local people, was the Catholic Church here in Dickinson.  The Catholic Church here in Dickinson, was probably the biggest social and cultural influence for many years.  This Church did not teach kindness and helpfulness to others, but instead it taught foremost to protect one’s own family, Catholics, and the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church here in Dickinson instilled an attitude of elitism and the belief of superiority of one’s own family, Catholics, and the Catholic Church, above all other people.

Another cause for the hatred of non-local people in Dickinson, has been the oil boom that made some local families rich, while other local families remained poor.  With it not seeming right to the local people to have hatred and resentment towards their local neighbors who became rich, the local people re-directed their anger and resentment toward the non-local people.

Another cause for the hatred of non-local people in Dickinson, has been that the local people have always had work as their main focus in life.  In Dickinson, life has always been hard due to the very long and very cold winters.  Work and surviving was the primary focus of people in Dickinson.  Unlike other places in the United States where entertainment, recreation, and social activities were a big part of people’s lives, Dickinson never had this.  In Dickinson, the local people’s identities, meaning, and purpose in life, was work.

During the oil boom that occurred in Dickinson from 2007 to 2014, and especially now that the oil boom is over and many jobs have recently gone away, the local people from Dickinson have been hostile, hateful, mean, uncooperative, and undermining to their non-local co-workers.  It wasn’t until recently that I determined that the specific primary cause for this, was that local people from Dickinson get their identity, meaning, and purpose in life, from work.

Unlike other places in the United States where people have many different interests and things that are important in their lives, the local people from Dickinson have just one primary focus, that is their job.  There is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and a scarcity of attractive women.  There are not enough women to go around.  The pursuit of romantic relationships is not common in Dickinson.  There is not much reason for people to go out or socialize in Dickinson.  Nor are there many places to go in Dickinson, or things to do.

The time that other people living in other places put into playing sports, exercising, recreation, entertainment, shopping, going out, socializing, dating, and having fun, the local people from Dickinson never had that, they just put all of their time into work.  Work was their focus, meaning, identity, and purpose in life.

In summary, the local people from Dickinson are so hostile, hateful, unfriendly, bitter, resentful, malicious, malevolent, and undermining to non-local people because the Catholic Church has taught the local people to feel superior to others; there is anger and resentment over some local families becoming rich, and this anger is re-directed toward non-local people; the local people have only work as the meaning and purpose in their lives, the non-local co-workers are a threat to the local people from Dickinson in their only purpose and reason for living.

What this means for people from out of state who come to work in Dickinson, is that your local co-workers from Dickinson will try to get you to leave because you are a threat to their very existence and reason for living.