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Working At Menards And Diet, Can Lead To A Nice Tight Ass

I have noticed that many of the women working at Menards in Dickinson, North Dakota have a nice, tight ass, and I want to explain why.

At the beginning of last week, I went to Menards to buy a quart of motor oil and a headband LED light.  When I got ready to leave the store, I went to the first checkout line that was open, which was checkout line #1.

The cashier was a Black lady, who I think was a new-hire.  Standing a few feet away from the cashier, was a rather distinguished looking White woman, about 30-40 years old.  This White woman, I am going to name her “Denise” for the time being.

Denise must have seen me coming, and she tried to not look in my direction, in order to attempt to not have to deal with me.  This was fine with me, as it gave me plenty of time to check her out.

I started with her feet, she was wearing nice ASICS running shoes, which is a sign of good health in women, they can run or might try to run.  Her feet were a good size and not deformed, not webbed, clawed, or hoofed.

She was wearing soft, faded blue jeans that fit her well.  Her jeans weren’t tight, they just fit well.  I could see that she had well-formed and muscular calves, normal knees, and nice quadriceps muscles.  She had long legs, she was about 5′-9″ or 5′-10″.  Her stomach was flat and not bulging.  She was wearing a loose fitting plaid flannel shirt, so I could not tell what her breasts looked like.

Denise had nice arms, shoulders, and neck, she was thin.  She had a pretty face, and long brown hair.  I would say that she was a “9” or a “10” out of ten.  I wondered what she was doing in Dickinson, she didn’t belong here.  I think that she must have been an out-of-town manager come from Bismarck, Fargo, or Minneapolis to do training.

I wanted to say to Denise, “You think that you are being plain and ordinary, but you aren’t fooling anyone.  We can all tell that you are good looking.”

The new-hire cashier scanned and entered my one quart of motor oil as a whole case of motor oil, not one quart, so I had to tell Denise, whoa, wait, hold on, this got scanned wrong.  Denise had to do an override or correction.  I asked her did this just scan wrong?  Denise only gave me the most minimal of answers.

As I was leaving Menards, and thinking about Denise, it just reminded me that many of the women working in Menards have nice, lean, muscular legs, and tight asses.

For one, there is the red-haired return girl, who looks just like Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603).  Another red-haired girl works there who has no title.  Then there are a couple of very tall women who will walk you out to the Lawn & Garden area if you ask where are the pruning saws or where are the paving blocks.  It’s like trying to keep up with a giraffe when walking behind them, they swing their long necks around to look back and see if you are keeping up.

At Menards, they make all of those women stand up, and walk around the store all day on the hard concrete floor.  They don’t get to sit around watching TV all day eating junk food.

If I had a wife or girlfriend that wanted to work at Menards, this would be like the best thing that ever happened.  They would be getting up off of their ass, walking around all day, burning calories, not being able to eat junk food, earning money, getting health insurance, learning about tools and hardware.  This would be much better than a wife or girlfriend going to the gym, plus the Menards people keep an eye on them all day and keep them from getting into trouble.

The Best Place To Pick Up Hot Young Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

In the beginning of April, I was invited to go to dinner at the Dickinson State University Dining Hall restaurant called “The Perch”.  I had not known that the DSU Dining Hall restaurant was open to the public, but it was.

The first time that I ate at The Perch restaurant, the salad bar and the main course choices were very good.  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times were O.K. too.  However, on the evening of April 23 when I arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 p.m., and after I had paid to get in, I could not find any silverware, plates, or glassware, and I found that there was hardly any food left.

Meanwhile, the general manager of the restaurant, Aaron Zummer was standing there wearing a navy blue blazer, shaking everyone’s hand, instead of fixing the lack of silverware, plates, glassware, and food.  Apparently, there had just been a diversity event at the restaurant which I thought must have been called something like “A Taste Of Ass”.

No longer having any respect for this restaurant, or any desire to ever return, I want to now share and promote this restaurant to the oil field workers, construction workers, and all males in the area, as the best place to meet and pick up hot young women.

First of all, whether you are 15 years old, or 65 years old, this restaurant on the Dickinson State University campus is open to the public, and you have a right to enter the DSU Student Center building to eat at The Perch restaurant, or attend the Odyssey Cinemas movie theater that is also located in the Student Center building and open to the public.

The restaurant is buffet style, once you pay $10.75 to get in, you can help yourself to the salad bar, desert bar, and hot dish bar.  You have a variety of drinks to choose from, and you can eat and drink as much as you want.

At DSU, like most universities, there are more females than males enrolled at the school.  For most of these females, this is the first time that they have been away from the supervision of their mother and father.  These young ladies are looking to break the rules, try new things, and do some things that they shouldn’t be doing.  Many of them know that at the end of four years when they graduate and have to start a career, they will have to be careful about what they do, but for these four years, this is the time that they can experiment.

This is also one of the few times that young women will not care very much about what a man does for a living, how much money he makes, how much money he has, what kind of car he drives, or what kind of home that he lives in.  These college student women just want to have a good time, have fun, and be entertained.  Oil field workers and construction workers are a perfect match for these young women.

At this DSU diversity event in this restaurant, there were a lot of young Indian women from India.  They were all thin, with very beautiful long dark hair, pretty eyes, and pretty smiles.  These Indian girls are lonely, and eager to make friends.  I know from past experience that Indian girls are a special treat.  They look different, and they taste different, they taste like duck.  They become in-love very quickly, and have sex without any inhibition or holding back.

Also at this DSU diversity event, there were a lesser amount of Asian women.  These Asian women were all thin, with long dark hair, and friendly smiles.  Asian women are very attentive, devoted, and affectionate.  As you have heard, “Asian women love you long time.”

The American college student women that you will meet at The Perch restaurant, they have above average grooming and hygiene.  You can appreciate how clean they smell, and what nice shiny clean hair they have.  Most of these young college student women haven’t gotten fat yet.

Just like the buffet, you can have as many of these young college women as you want, it is only a matter of  your appetite.  I recommend that oil field workers and construction workers go in groups of two or three, so that the friends of the girl that you want to hook up with have someone to be with too.  I recommend having two or three alcohol drinks before you go to dinner at The Perch restaurant so that you won’t have any shyness in meeting the ladies.

An Introduction To Cambodian Girls

In yesterday’s blog post, I included a video showing a single Russian man named Oleg travelling from Thailand into Cambodia.  For more than thirty years, single men from the U.S., Canada, and England have been retiring to Thailand because of the low cost of living, easy relaxed life in a warm tropical climate, and the ability to rent or lease beautiful young women for only $10 per day.

Due to the rapidly growing number of foreign men retiring to Thailand, the Thai government has recently begun making this more difficult.  So men are now investigating retiring to neighboring Cambodia or Vietnam.

When I watched the video yesterday of travel into Cambodia, it scared me, and I personally would not do this if someone paid me $5,000.  I left a comment to the video, and someone replied to me that yes, Cambodia is dangerous, especially the lack of emergency medical care, and violent crime that goes unreported.

In today’s video, the narrator himself states right away that Cambodia is like the Wild West, and not a place to visit with women and children.  I agree with this statement, this is what I wrote yesterday, when to my astonishment I saw that some idiot tourists had brought their wives and children with them.

However, “Once Cambodian girls get to know you, keeping you entertained it their top priority.”