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Someone Men And Women In Dickinson Can Learn From

This winter in Dickinson I have been more depressed than ever before in my life.  I can’t believe I’m here, living like this, it’s so barren, bleak, and hopeless.  Dickinson is so ugly, it’s ugly through and through.

Here is someone that the men and women in Dickinson can learn from:

I Finally Heard Enough About Single Mothers

This winter in North Dakota I have been staying inside and watching a lot of YouTube videos for entertainment.  Some of my favorite YouTubers are Hammerhand, Terrence Popp, and occasionally Prepper Princess.

Hammerhand tells a few stories from his childhood, but mostly he talks about his current situation battling his ex-wife over child support and child custody.  Terrence Popp tells stories from throughout his life, including his childhood, military career, and divorce from his ex-wife.  Prepper Princess usually ends up talking about her mother, how she was raised, and how she inherited her home which she is now selling for $720K.

I have heard Hammerhand talk about how his mother was single, and how he and his brother grew up poor.  I have heard Terrence Popp talk about how his mother was single, and how he and his sister grew up poor.  And today, Prepper Princess was going on and on about how poor she was growing up with a single mom.

I really had enough of hearing how poor Prepper Princess was growing up, and the context of it, her mother was single and she didn’t make enough money to provide food, clothing, heat, or any recreational activities for her family.

A little from Hammerhand, a little from Terrence Popp, and a lot from Prepper Princess, I get the impression that they feel that they are worthy of some sympathy for how they grew up.  A little from Hammerhand, a little from Terrence Popp, and a lot from Prepper Princess, it’s like they feel that everyone else is responsible for how they grew up, and that their mother is blameless.

A person who was my best friend for about twenty years, Doug, his mother left his father when he was about five years old, and his little brother was three years old.  I listened to Doug re-tell about the landlord coming to collect the rent and they didn’t have it, having nothing to eat but eggs sometimes, not being able to play sports in school because his mother wouldn’t pay for it, and his grandfather coming to live with them in order to help out.

My friend Doug, he had anger and resentment towards his classmates in school, towards other kids in the neighborhood, towards his relatives, anyone who had both a mom and a dad, and a normal life with birthday parties, presents for Christmas, family cook outs, and family vacations.  These other people had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Doug’s mother left her husband, and that she didn’t make enough money to provide hardly anything for Doug and his brother.

In response to Prepper Princess’s YouTube video today, most of the commentors were talking about how poor they were growing up, how they had a single mom, and how they had seven or nine brothers and sisters.  I had enough, I got sick of hearing it, I couldn’t believe it.  Why the fuck did your stupid bitch mother have seven to nine children and she couldn’t support them?  Why the fuck is this everyone else’s fault that you grew up poor and not your mother’s fault?

Prepper Princess and her commentors talking about having only one tomato and one onion in the refrigerator to eat, only having one meal per day that they got in school as free lunch, getting spoiled food from the food bank, being cold and not being able to turn on the heat, the fact that you were miserable and had a fucked up childhood is not heroic, commendable, or admirable, and it was not other people’s fault, it was solely your mother’s fault.

Men Only Barber Shop In Dickinson, North Dakota

When I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in 2011, I got my hair cut once with “Ted the Barber”, Ted Kostelecky, when he was still charging $5 per haircut.  When I came back to Dickinson in 2013, I began getting my hair cut with “Ted the Barber” again, and then he began charging $8 per haircut.

I noticed that when Ted Kostelecky cut my hair, it seemed like if another customer got him talking, Ted would forget what he was doing, and keep cutting, and cutting, and cutting, even though I had told Ted that I just wanted 1/4″ to 1/2″ cut off the length, just a trim.

In 2015 I began getting my hair cut with Matt Ellerkamp and Paul Ellerkamp at the “Big Sky Barber Shop” on the north side of Dickinson.  Matt and Paul were so fully booked with appointments, that you could just about never get a “walk-in” hair cut, you had to make an appointment.

Matt and Paul at the Big Sky Barber Shop were good barbers, but sometimes I wanted to get a haircut without making plans in advance.  When I went to the “Queen City Barber Shop” in downtown Dickinson, there was never, ever anyone waiting for a haircut, and I kind of learned why.

When Luke Simons opened the “Gentlemen’s Barber Shop” on the north side of Dickinson in 2018, I was wary of getting my hair cut by Luke, because I didn’t know that he had been a barber before.  To my surprise, Luke turned out to be a better barber than Matt Ellerkamp and Paul Ellerkamp who had owned the Big Sky Barber Shop.

Unfortunately for me, beginning in 2019, more, and more, and more women began taking their children to the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.  In my entire 50 year life, I had never seen so many women and children in a barber shop, as in Luke Simons’ Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.

I can finally put it into words now, what I think many of these women were doing by going to the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop, there is actually a term for it, it’s called “Monkey Branching”.  Monkey Branching is when women who are married or are in a relationship with a man, go in search of a higher or more stable income earner, and attempt to “Monkey Branch” to a new man.

“Gentlemen’s Barber Shop” is a misnomer now, it should be called “Luke Simons’ Family Fun Center”, or “Luke Simons’ Women’s Monkey Branching Shop”.  Again, I have never seen so many women and children in barber shop in my life.

I had tried going to Matt and Paul Ellerkamp’s new barber shop, “De Porres House of Barbering”, but a more fitting name for this would be “The Catholic Shop” or the “The Catholic Club”, and I never even got my hair cut there or will ever go back there.

A couple of months ago, I found a barber shop where there are no women and children, just a man cutting hair, paying attention to what he is doing, and not charging a lot of money.  Too bad I can’t tell anyone, lest it get ruined by some whore trying to drag her kids there.

Here is a video explaining my thoughts about this, so that I don’t have to:


If there was a strip bar in Dickinson, I could picture some housewives coming there with their children, and giving their kids $1 bills to stuff in the strippers’ thongs, because men liked to go there to get away from their wives and children.

M&H Gas Station Called The Police On Me

A couple of years ago I began working at a large industrial site, out in the middle of nowhere, more than a one hour drive from Dickinson, North Dakota where I live.  Early on I realized that I was spending about $100 per week on gasoline for my vehicle to get to and from work.  $100 per week, times 52 weeks per year, that’s $5,200 per year in gasoline cost.

I talked to the CPA who does my taxes, and a co-worker of mine talked to the CPA who does his taxes, and both of these CPA’s told us that neither our gasoline cost to get to and from work, nor our vehicle mileage was deductable on our Federal Income Tax Return.  This $5,200 gasoline cost per year for my commute to work comes out of my own pocket.

Since May of 2019, I started buying fuel primarily from the M&H Gas Station on Villard Street in Dickinson.  For the past ten months, three to four times each week, I buy fuel at this M&H Gas Station.

Today I did a search of my on-line banking checking account statements to view how much money I have spent at this M&H Gas Station in the past ten months.  I had $2,516 worth of debit card charges at M&H #22, seven pages of bank transactions just for M&H #22.  Because I sometimes pay with cash for gasoline when I go inside the store to buy drinks and snacks, I have spent about $3,000 at this M&H Gas Station in the past ten months.

Yesterday when I got to the job site where I work, I received a call from a Dickinson Police Officer.  He told me that the M&H Gas Station had reported me for driving off without paying for gasoline.  I didn’t understand what was going on, I paid for my gasoline at the pump with my debit card, did the transaction not go through?

The Police Officer said, that the M&H clerk told him that I did not pay with my debit card according to what she saw on the surveillance video.  I said that I would go back and pay the following morning.  The Police Officer said O.K., he would call and let them know.

At first I was kind of confused, and I didn’t understand.  I had said to the Police Officer, “How could I even pump gas without either pre-paying or using my debit card at the pump?”  I looked up my online checking account statement to see if a $21.00 charge for M&H had gone through, it had not.

I called the M&H Gas Station and said that I would come to the store tomorrow morning.  The store clerk said that I could look at the store surveillance video recording tomorrow.

The Police Officer who called me was O.K., he was acting like I just forgot to pay.  The store clerk who turned me in to the Police, “Kristin”?, she was acting like I must have just forgotten to pay.  Most readers would think that this situation was no big deal, but to me it is, and I will explain why.

I didn’t answer my phone the first time around when the Police were calling me, because I thought that it was a waste-of-time telemarketer.  I almost didn’t answer my phone when it later began ringing again.  If the Dickinson Police had been unable to reach me by phone, and instead stopped me on the street or came to my apartment with some kind of arrest warrant, I would have freaked out, protested, resisted arrest, because I would not have understood what the Police were talking about, certainly they must be mistaken.

How could I be charged with driving off from the M&H Gas Station without paying for fuel, I get fuel there three to four times every week for the past ten months, what do you mean I didn’t pay, when didn’t I pay, how could I have gotten gas without paying?

The other reason why this was a big deal to me, is because every year I have to fill out a form/questionnaire and undergo a nation-wide FBI criminal background check of both my name and my fingerprints, in order to continue my employment.  A co-worker of mine failed his background clearance because of a gas-station drive-off, even though there was a deferred prosecution of criminal charges.

To emphasize what I am saying, I would not have understood why I was being charged with a gas station drive-off when I use this gas station three to four times per week, and I didn’t even know the gas pumps would work without pre-paying or using a debit card.  And, being charged with a gas station drive-off would probably cause me to fail my yearly background check and lose my employment.

I paid the $21.00 the following morning at the M&H Gas Station in Dickinson.  I called the regional manager for M&H Gas Stations in North Dakota, “Kevin”.  I explained to Kevin, what had happened.  I explained to Kevin that I have bank records showing that I have spent about $3,000 at this M&H Gas Station in Dickinson in the past year, I go there three to four times every week, why couldn’t they just have waited for me to come in next time?

I also explained that calling the Police on me is possibly going to cause me to fail my yearly background check and lose my employment.  Kevin explained that this was just store policy.  I said O.K., if I spend this money at your store, come to your store three to four times per week, and you are going to call the Police on me for $21.00, then it’s my policy to never use M&H Gas Stations again.

I called the corporate headquarters of M&H Convenience Stores, Miller & Holmes Inc., located in Hudson, Wisconsin.  I talked to a couple of women there, who were both polite and they discussed what happened with me.  Kim Haggerty, who is kind of like a vice-president, was supposed to call me back today, but she did not.

I think that I may have gotten them to consider that if you own a business, and you have a customer that comes to your business three to four times per week, and has spent $3,000 at your business, maybe you shouldn’t call the Police on them if they forget to pay $21.00.

M&H Gas Stations can handle it this way if they want to, but since they called the Police on me, and because of the problems that this could cause me, I will never use an M&H Gas Station ever again.

Are The People In Dickinson Descendants Of Zana The Captured Russian Yeti

When I have described the women in Dickinson, North Dakota, I have written that they are glaring, scowling, sneering, leering, mean, hostile, ham-fisted, cankle-calf, no-neck, line-bakcer, battle-axe, monsters.  I tried to understand why the women here are like this, and it has to do with breeding.

Somehow, the way that the people in Dickinson paired up and mated, over time, this is what happened.  But part of this breeding equation, is that the attractive girls who were born in Dickinson, they escaped from Dickinson as soon as they were able.  Add to this, attractive women from elsewhere will not move to Dickinson.  So the only women in Dickinson available for mating were ugly and mean.

I thought that this situation was strange and unusual, the homesteaders in Dickinson were primarily German and Ukrainian, mostly Ukrainian.  Ukrainian women aren’t ugly.  For example, if you go to the website EscortOfItaly.com, and look at the “Gallery” of women, these are all Russian and Ukrainian women, and they are extraordinarily beautiful http://www.escortofitaly.com/Milan/Gallery .  Why don’t the women in Dickinson look like this?

The more that I thought about it, the more I began to realize that the women in Dickinson act like the Yeti that was captured in Russia in the late 1800s, who later had offspring with human men.  Could it be that the people in Dickinson are the descendants of the captured Russian Yeti named Zana?

Before I give the link to the very good article about the captured Russian Yeti named Zana, I want to give a few excerpts from this article, to point out the similarities with the women in Dickinson:

“At first Genaba lodged her in a very strong enclosure and nobody ventured in to give her food, for she acted like a wild beast.  It was thrown to her.  She dug herself a hole in the ground and slept in it and for the first three years she lived in this wild state, gradually becoming tamer.  After three years she was moved to a wattle-fence enclosure under an awning near the house, tethered at first, but later she was let loose to wander about.  However she never went far from the place where she received her food.  She could not endure warm rooms and the year round, in any weather, slept outdoors in a hole that she made herself under the awning.”

( Note from the paragraph above that Zana could not stand warm rooms, she liked the cold.)

“Villagers teased her with sticks thrust through the wattle-fence, and she would snatch them with fury, bare her teeth and howl.”

“Her face was terrifying; broad, with high cheekbones, flat nose, turned out nostrils, muzzle-like jaws, wide mouth with large teeth, low forehead, and eyes of a reddish tinge.  But the most frightening feature was her expression which was purely animal, not human.  Sometimes, she would give a spontaneous laugh, baring those big white teeth of hers.  The latter were so strong that she easily cracked the hardest walnuts.”

“She ate whatever was offered to her, including hominy and meat, with bare hands and enormous gluttony.  She loved wine, and was allowed her fill, after which she would sleep for hours in a swoonlike state.”

“She liked to lie in a cool pool side by side with buffalos.  At night she used to roam the surrounding hills.  She wielded big sticks against dogs and on other perilous occasions.  She had a curious obsession for playing with stones, knocking one against another and splitting them.”

“She was trained to perform simple domestic tasks, such as grinding grain for flour, bringing home firewood and water, or sacks to and from the water-mill, or working at the bowling alley diner.”

If this doesn’t describe the women in Dickinson perfectly, I don’t know what does.  In order for the reader to absorb these facts, I am withholding my other evidence until a later date, to be included in a future forthcoming blog post.  Here is the link to the very thorough historical research article about Zana  http://www.bigfootencounters.com/articles/zana.htm


The Story Of Teal The Calico Crayfish

There once was a young calico crayfish named Teal, who grew up in Dickinson, North Dakota not far from the Heart River that flows through Dickinson.  Teal was a very active and energetic young crayfish, she enjoyed hiking, running, and rock climbing.

Near the end of the North Dakota oil boom, Teal hitched a ride with some hippies to reach Bozeman, Montana.  There are many more rivers near Bozeman: the Gallatin, the Yellowstone, Madison, Jefferson, and Missouri to name a few.

The young crayfishermen in Montana would lower their traps into the river where Teal lived, and she would happily climb in.  When the young crayfishermen would pull their trap closer, they would say, “Damn, durn, and doubledang!  Look at this miserable, skinny crayfish, she’s not even worth the trouble.”  And they would toss her back into the river.

Life went on like this for a while, until one day, an older gentleman spotted Teal poking out from under a rock.  He scooped her up, and said, “My, what have we here?  I think I’ll take you home, and fatten you up, my pinchy pet.”

He took Teal home, and he kept her in his basement.  He brought for her fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat to eat.  He put a treadmill in the basement for Teal to use.  He bought for her some new undies, dresses, earrings, and brownish dark red lipstick which suited her color.  He had Teal wear her hair in either a single braid, or tied up in a tight bun, so that he could admire her long skinny neck.

Soon, Teal put on 5-10 lbs of weight, and had a much fuller, plumper, appetizing, and enjoyable tail.  Teal became much better company, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

My Personal Feelings About Whiting Petroleum Stock Losing 89% Of Its Value

Yesterday evening I learned from MarketWatch.com that in the past twelve months Whiting Petroleum stock lost 89% of its value.  The stock went from about $30 per share down to less than $5 per share in less than a year.

As I describe how I feel about this, and what this means to me, I am going to start out being rational and logical, but then I am going to descend into my hatefulness and desire for revenge.

In Dickinson, North Dakota where I have lived for the past seven years, Whiting Petroleum is one of the largest oil field employers, along with Continental Resources and Marathon Oil.  Back during the North Dakota oil boom from 2007-2015, most people here could not have imagined that Whiting Petroleum would be having financial problems a few years later.

One of the most desirable, sought after jobs by experienced oil field workers, was to be an operator/pumper for Whiting, Continental, or Marathon for several reasons.  Experienced oil field workers knew that the oil boom would eventually be over, and that many oil field jobs would go away, but the oil wells and the oil well pumping units would continue to pump for the next twenty years, and they would require someone to check on them every day.  Also, being an operator/pumper can be nearly a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, with a regular, normal schedule.  It’s not crazy dangerous, or twelve hours per day every day like other jobs in the oil field.

During the North Dakota oil boom, because of the steady, long-term nature of many of the Whiting, Continental, and Marathon jobs, such as operator/pumper, the employees of these companies were able to bring their families to North Dakota and buy a home.  They could almost count on being able to keep their job until retirement in ten, fifteen, or twenty years.

Even though houses that sold for $100,000 prior to the oil boom, suddenly went up to $250,000 due to demand/hype, the Whiting, Continental, and Marathon employees mostly bought houses, brought their families here, and had kind of a normal life, with a steady, regular work schedule, and long-term employment.

Meanwhile, most of the people who came to North Dakota for work during the oil boom, including myself, slept in our vehicles in the WalMart parking lot, the Tiger Truck Stop, Patterson Lake recreation area, under bridges, along the BNSF railroad right-of-way, along ditch banks, and other hiding spots until we got chased away.

There was no homeless shelter in Dickinson.  The trailer parks would not allow travel trailers or RVs that were over ten years old, or truck bed campers like I had.  I had problems finding a place to stay for my first two years in Dickinson, whether it was my truck bed camper, my utility trailer stealth camper, or being a renter in someone else’s home.  There was an extreme shortage of housing, and price-gouging with quadrupled rent.

Some of the worst experiences and worst memories in my entire life were being in Dickinson, North Dakota trying to find a place to stay, and being treated like shit.  I had a nice home that was paid-off back in Idaho, about $10K in the bank, and either a camper on my truck, or my utility trailer that was furnished like a camper, but I was run around in Dickinson and treated like a criminal vagrant, not so much by the Police, as by local people who had housing and new homeowners from Whiting, Continental, and Marathon.

When I went to work for oil field service companies in Dickinson, many times I was installing something for Whiting, Continental, or Marathon at one of their well sites.  Only a few times were oil company representatives nasty or shitty with me on a site location.  However, oil company employees were shitty to me in and around town.

When the oil company employees got off work at about 5:00 p.m., they got in their new company truck, drove back to their house, looked inside their refrigerator, maybe ate dinner at a dinner table with their family, took a shower, and watched television.

Me, I had to drive each of my no-license, drug addict co-workers back to where they lived, return the company truck to the company yard, clean out the trash, get in my truck and drive to the Tiger Truck Stop to sign up on the waiting list, to wait for an hour to take a shower for $8.  Then go back to my truck bed camper that was resting on saw-horses, where the heater was able to keep it at about 50 degrees F inside, if the 15 amp breaker that I shared with someone else wasn’t tripped.

So getting back to Whiting Petroleum, I previously wrote about the announcement that 1/3 of Whiting Petroleum workers were getting laid off from Whiting back in August of 2019.  I was surprised to learn this, because these operator/pumper type jobs were supposed to be long-term, the kind of job that an employee could expect to keep until they retired, the kind of job that would allow you to bring your family to Dickinson and buy a house.

Today, when I read that Whiting Petroleum stock had lost 89% of its value in the past twelve months, that the stock price had fallen from about $30 per share down to as low as $1.81 per share during today’s trading, I knew that this would impact many North Dakotans severely, whether they were employees, former employees, retirees, or investors.

To put this into perspective, if an employee, retiree, or investor owned 10,000 shares of Whiting Petroleum stock, twelve months ago this would have been worth $300,000.  This would be a pretty good nest-egg, retirement fund, or asset.  Picture today, during today’s trading, these same 10,000 shares got down to as low as $18,000.

So, how do I honestly feel about this?  Well, these Whiting Petroleum stocks could go back up in value, some, eventually.  Maybe a larger, wealthier oil company could buy out Whiting Petroleum.  Maybe now is the time to buy a bunch of Whiting Petroleum stock while the price is low.  On the other hand, Whiting Petroleum could go bankrupt.

But part of me feels like, “Ha, ha you motherfuckers, you lose.”  Not only are you Whiting people going to lose your job, or have already lost your job, you lost all of your money in Whiting stocks, and now that you can’t pay for your $250,000 house that you still owe $200,000 on, nobody in Dickinson will pay more than $100,000 for it.  You probably bought a new $70,000 F250 pickup truck too didn’t you.

Yes, I relish the fact that while I was struggling, suffering, and getting treated like shit, all of the people with comfortable jobs and comfortable homes, the security of long-term employment, and smug with their profitable investments, will now have to experience and go through what I went through, maybe even worse.

During the oil boom in North Dakota, most of the people who came here for work could not find or afford normal housing, they especially could not find or afford housing that would allow them to bring the rest of their families here, and have a normal kind of life.

The local Dickinson residents who already had housing, and the oil company employees who had the steady long-term jobs that allowed them to buy a house, they ridiculed, mocked, and disparaged the workers who didn’t have any place to live.  The consensus in Dickinson amongst the people who had homes, was that these people who came here who weren’t home buyers, were vagrants and white trash who should be run out of town.

Now that Whiting Petroleum stock has lost 89% of its value, 1/3 of Whiting Petroleum workers have been laid-off, more Whiting Petroleum employees will probably be laid-off, and many employees, former employees, retirees, and investors have lost so much money in Whiting Petroleum stock, I am happy to see that these people who mocked and looked down on others, will lose their homes, lose their new vehicles, and their families will have to separate, just like the people they had once made fun of and ridiculed.