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Cutting Ties With Friends Who Are Too Much Trouble In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have had to cut ties with friends who are too much trouble, several times in Dickinson, North Dakota.  These friends were people who were always having problems, often because they used poor judgment, and they would frequently ask me for help, which began to make my life full of problems too.

I had to cut ties with my oldest and best friend in Dickinson this week, because he was always having problems, and trying to make his problems my problems too, like I owed him help and was obligated to help him.  I want to try to explain this.

In the winter of 2013, I was staying in my small trailer on a person’s property north of Dickinson, with electric hookup, but no water and no sewer hook up.  For people not familiar with the oil boom in North Dakota, housing was so scarce and expensive during the oil boom, that many people paid hundreds of dollars a month in rent to sleep in a tent in someone’s backyard.  Many people slept in their vehicles at Tiger Truck Stop or WalMart, even though they had full-time jobs, because rent was so expensive.

The person whose property I was staying on in my small trailer, he bought a diesel Ford F250 in December of 2013, and he began plugging its engine block heater power cord into the same electric power outlet that my small trailer was plugged into.  In the middle of the night when it got down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, the electric panel breaker would trip, leaving me without power and without heat.

Across the open field that I was living on, was a residential neighborhood where I had met one of the homeowners while working for a contractor in Dickinson.  I asked this homeowner if I could park my small trailer in his yard, plug into his electric, and pay him rent.  This homeowner explained to me that he was on an equalized payment electric utility plan, and that this would disrupt his payment plan.  So I asked him if he had a spare bedroom to rent.

This homeowner who was in his late fifties, he was overweight and in bad health.  His yard and his house were full of clutter.  He currently did not have employment, he sold items on E-Bay to make money, and his house and each room were full of inventory.  We cleared out one of the two spare bedrooms for me to stay in, and I agreed to pay him $450 per month in rent.

This homeowner, I will call him “Danny”, though that is not his real name.  In “Danny”, I had found someone who was struggling financially, was in bad health, had no friends, no one to help him, and no one cared about him.  He appeared to be eager to have some additional income, some company, and someone to help him.

In the little over three years that I spent living in Danny’s home, I paid him over $18,000 in rent, about $2,000 in storage fees for equipment parked in his yard, and I paid him about $1,500 for helping me in my self-employed work.  This $21,500 was tax-free, unreported income for Danny.

While living with Danny, I found out more about his health problems and his personal problems.  He had not been employed anywhere for almost ten years.  Even though Dickinson had been going through the biggest oil boom that it had ever had since 2007, Danny had been unemployed during this time.

Beginning in 2014, when I became manager of a small company in Dickinson, I was able to get “Danny” hired to work with me for several months.  I had difficulty with Danny trying to get him to complete his employment application to become hired.  He was frustrated by the application and unwilling to make the effort to provide the documentation that was requested.  While going through this with him, I could see some of the problems that caused Danny to be unemployed for the previous ten years.

Danny did not listen to my instructions on how to get to the job site in Watford City or how long the drive took, and he was late to work his first day.  He also forgot his suitcase and he had to drive back to Dickinson after work to go back and get his suitcase.

Initially, Danny became lost in Watford City a couple of times, though Watford City was a small town with a population of about 10,000 people, with about two or three traffic lights in the entire town.  Danny became unglued after becoming lost, he became extremely nasty with me and the hotel owner where we were staying, when we tried to give him directions on the telephone.

Within a week or two, Danny proceeded to make a complaint about me as a manager and co-worker, in an attempt to get me fired, in order to possibly get his cousin in Watford City hired in my place, or to try to make himself manager, or just out of spite.  Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the hotel in Watford City had made a complaint about Danny’s behavior at the hotel to the owner of the company, and the owner of the company told me, that we were never hiring Danny again after this job was over.

It was difficult and frustrating living in Danny’s home, after I had done him the favor of getting him hired to work with me, he had caused me a lot of trouble at work and he had tried to get me fired.  For those of you not familiar with North Dakota, it is very common for North Dakotans to try to get their out-of-state co-workers fired, because they are not from here.  I don’t know what Danny was thinking.

After living with Danny for a while, I could see that he did not have any friends, his brothers and sisters did not want to visit him or talk to him, his neighbors did not want to interact with him, and no one wanted to help him.

Because Danny’s personality was sometimes a “know-it-all”, sometimes arrogant, sometimes belligerent, I could see why he did not have any friends, his brothers and sisters did not want to visit or talk to him, his neighbors did not want to interact with him, and he had had difficulty obtaining or keeping employment.  The other thing that kept people away, was that Danny was always trying to get people to help him.

I learned from reading court records on the internet, that Danny had declared bankruptcy about twice.  He had had surgeries that were paid for by social services and other charitable organizations, but unemployment during these times left him with bills that he was unable to pay, so he declared bankruptcy.  He still had outstanding court judgments against him that had not been paid, after his bankruptcies.

I wondered if his neighbors and other people that Danny had had interaction with, had the opinion of Danny, that he was always trying to get something for nothing.  It appeared that they had this opinion.  Not just because of declaring bankruptcy in the past, or having health problems and wanting help, or recovering from surgery and wanting help, but always trying to get people to help him with something.

In 2016, the small company that I was the manager of in Dickinson, it was not very busy, and I was able to get outside employment in Watford City on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Partly to help Danny, and partly to get someone to work the rest of the week for me in Watford City on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I again got Danny hired to work with me.

Danny caused me some difficulty at first when he started working in Watford City, because he was not doing what we were hired to do.  But after I got mad at him and told him that he wasn’t doing what we were being paid to do, he did what he was supposed to.  This job in Watford City earned Danny about $48,000 over the next thirteen months.

The $21,500 that I had paid to Danny as unreported tax-free income, the $8,000 that he got paid from working with me in Watford City the first time, the $48,000 that he got paid from working with me in Watford City the second time, was more money than Danny had made in his previous nearly ten years of unemployment.  And as a result of having some money now, in some ways Danny became more of an asshole.

Because Danny had money now, because of me paying him rent and getting him hired to work with me, Danny became more of an asshole, more arrogant, more loud-mouthed, and more belligerent.  He didn’t really need me as a roommate anymore, and he was obnoxious.  I moved out of his house in the Spring of 2017 because Danny was so offensive and belligerent.

For the next year and a half, after I had moved out of Danny’s house, Danny was unemployed, he could not get a job, and he did not have any income.  I learned that he was unable to pay his home owners insurance, nor his property tax which he was already in arrears.  He was selling his personal belongings to survive.

In the late summer of 2018, I got Danny hired to work with me again, because I knew that he was about to lose his home for non-payment of property taxes.  Even though Danny had caused me problems at work before, and Danny had caused me problems when I was living in his home, I still felt like I should help him, because he had helped me back in the Winter of 2013 when I needed a place to stay.

After Danny had worked with me for about four months, he was complaining that he should be paid more money.  He was complaining about wanting more money, after he had been caught and photographed sleeping while on the job several times, and he was close to being fired for cause.

After Danny had made about $30,000 working with me, he was buying new windows for his house and he was talking about buying a new truck.  After he had made about $40,000, he was talking about re-roofing his house.

In the past several months, I have had to come and give Danny a tow in his broken vehicle from downtown Dickinson back to his home twice.  A couple of weeks ago I drove a trailer to go pick up and load by hand 3,500 lb of roofing shingles for Danny’s house.

In this same time period, for some insane reason, Danny told some Mexican guy who I don’t know who recently got arrested, that I would give him a ride two hours one way to go pick up his vehicle.  And, Danny told some woman who doesn’t have any money that I would sell her one of my vehicles.

I got onto to Danny for telling these two people that I do not know that I would give them a ride two hours away or sell them one of my vehicles when they do not have any money.  I asked him what was he thinking, why was he trying to cause me problems?

For the past several months, Danny has been complaining about having difficulty and no one wanting to help him put in his new windows, replace the roof on his house, fix the furnace in his basement, or perform hip surgery on him.  His neighbors, his brothers, tradespeople, the doctors, me, we don’t want to help him because we already have helped in the past, he always wants help, and he always wants something for nothing.

A few days ago Danny was being very belligerent on the phone with me and complaining that no one wants to help him.  I told him that I was about ready to refuse to help him anymore, after I had loaded the 3,500 lbs of roofing shingles for him onto his trailer.  Danny said, ” Oh, I know, you never want to help me with anything.”

I can’t understand how Danny can be so stupid as to not recognize how many times that I have helped him.  I suppose that it is too painful for him to admit or acknowledge that without my help he would have never had employment income and rent income, and he would have lost his house and been living in a public assistance housing project apartment by now.

But this is the way that people are.  Because just about everyone that I have become friends with in Dickinson has acted this way, I have had to cut ties with everyone of my friends in Dickinson.  I don’t have the energy or resources to allow other people to try to make their problems my problems too.

How To Act And Appear Respectable, Not Low Class And Trashy In Dickinson, North Dakota

A week ago I wrote a blog post article titled, “The Best Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Secret”.  In that article, I wrote about how good the food was in this restaurant, and that there weren’t any dirt-bag construction workers, oil field trash, no-good scum of the Earth meth addict women from Seattle, and other badly behaving people in this restaurant.

In this blog post, rather than express my frustration and disapproval by being mean and going on a rant, I will try to offer some suggestions about how people in Dickinson can act and appear respectable, and not low-class and trashy.

I stopped and thought about it, many people in Dickinson don’t know, they literally do not know that there is anything wrong or abnormal about their behavior, so it might be helpful for me to explain what not to do, and what they can do to act respectable:

What Not To Do:

  1. If you have been working for more than several hours doing physical labor where you have become dirty, hot, and sweaty, don’t go out to eat at a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  2. If you have not had a shower or changed clothes for more than 24 hours, don’t go out to eat at a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  3. If you, and the clothes that you have been wearing, have been sitting in a vehicle or inside all day around people smoking cigarettes, do not go out to eat a nice restaurant without taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.
  4. Do not wear dirty or smelly clothing to a nice restaurant.
  5. At a nice restaurant, or any public place, do not spit into a receptacle and carry this receptacle around or place it anywhere, especially not on top of a dining table.
  6. Do not speak so loudly that other people can hear you more than ten feet away when entering or dining in a nice restaurant.
  7. Do not discuss anything crude, gross, or inappropriate when dining in a nice restaurant.
  8. Do not use bad or offensive language, derogatory terms, or racial slurs when dining in a nice restaurant.
  9. Do not try to instigate a fight, threaten, or insult other people when dining in a nice restaurant.
  10. Do not shove, push, slap, hit, or wrestle with people in a nice restaurant, not even friends or family members.
  11. Do not throw things or do property damage when in a nice restaurant, not even in the parking lot.
  12. Do not stick your fingers inside of your mouth, your nose, your ears, or your pants when dining in a nice restaurant.
  13. Do not rev your truck engine and spin your tires in the parking lot of a nice restaurant.
  14. Do not leave your diesel truck idling in the parking lot of a nice restaurant, no one wants to listen to that noise, or smell that diesel exhaust.

What To Do:

  1. Bathe regularly, always use soap and shampoo.
  2. Wear a moderate amount of deodorant after bathing.
  3. Wash your clothes regularly, and make it a habit to wear clean clothes.
  4. Clean and trim your finger nails so that they are clean and nice looking.
  5. Wash your hands so that they are clean.
  6. Brush your teeth with toothpaste at least once per day.
  7. Clean your ears regularly.
  8. Get your hair cut at least once every three months.
  9. Trim your beard or facial hair at least once every two weeks.
  10. Try not to use swear words in conversation.

In many societies, it is the women who try to encourage and enforce good manners, but something long ago went wrong in Dickinson.  I think that due to the barrenness and extreme cold in North Dakota, it was so hard to survive, that the women here just gave up on encouraging and enforcing good manners.

Now that there are modern conveniences like automobiles, indoor plumbing, electricity, hot running water, and washing machines, I think that the women in Dickinson need to start trying to encourage good hygiene and good manners.

To be fair, I should point out that at least half of the badly behaving people in Dickinson are construction workers, oil field workers, and meth addict women from out-of-state.

More Reckless Driving, And What Are People In Dickinson, North Dakota?

At the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, there are not enough parking spaces in the parking lot for each resident to have one.  Each night there are usually about ten residents who have to park their vehicle on the street beside the building.

Last week, a new resident in the apartment building parked his older Dodge sedan on the street on Saturday evening, and someone ran into it, completely destroying it, and then they drove away.  This resident’s vehicle was about  fifteen years old, and it was worth about $2,500.  I am sure that he did not have comprehensive insurance coverage on this vehicle because it was not worth very much.  So just like that, he was without a vehicle, out about $2,500, and probably without any money to buy a replacement vehicle.

About two months ago, I wrote about a foreigner resident in the apartment building where I live, getting his vehicle ticketed for being parked in the same spot on the street for more than 48 hours.  The battery in his vehicle was dead, and he did not understand that his vehicle was going to get towed if he didn’t move it to a different spot.  His vehicle got towed away, and within one week, the tow and storage fees were $405, and after that there no was chance that he was ever going to get his vehicle back.

This is a low-rent apartment building where I live, and it is sad to see that so many of my neighbors never get ahead.  It is like they take one step forward, and two steps back.  Every time they start to get back on their feet, they get knocked back down again.

One of the things that is so perilous about this neighborhood where I live, is the car crashes.  The street that I live on is not a main thoroughfare, the speed limit is 25 mph, and it is a straight road.  However, in the less than two years that I have lived in this neighborhood, there have been five car crashes next to where I live.

I thought back on everywhere that I had lived in my 47 years of life, prior to moving to this neighborhood in downtown Dickinson, and I counted five vehicle accidents on or around my previous residences.  In my seven years of living in Tampa with over 1 million people, there were only two vehicle accidents at the apartments where I lived.  In Dickinson, with less than 25,000 people, in less than two years there have been five vehicle accidents beside where I live.

Many people in Dickinson now are a special kind of stupid, it’s hard to explain exactly.  Historically, the people in Dickinson were farmers and blue-collar workers, these types of people normally have common sense.  The people in Dickinson though they might have been poor, they were not white-trash because they were honest and there was very little theft in Dickinson.

I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden it was like the offspring of the farmers and blue-collar workers in Dickinson had attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder, plus a methamphetamine addiction, making them run around and drive vehicles like weasels.

People used to be described as professional, white-collar, tradespeople, blue-collar, white, white-trash, red-neck, hillbilly, yankee, black, poor black, Hispanic, Asian etcetera, and these terms were sufficient to give an idea of the person’s characteristics.

Many people in Dickinson do not fall into any of the above categories or descriptions.  Many of the people in Dickinson could be described as ADHD meth addict weasels, because of their erratic, hyperactive, non-thinking, irresponsible, stupid, destructive behavior, especially when driving a vehicle.

The Epitome Of Stupid, Crazy People In Dickinson, North Dakota

This morning, Sunday February 3, I was driving north on Highway 22, fifty miles south of Dickinson.  The temperature outside was -23 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was a 30 mph cross wind, making the temperature with windchill effect about -50 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

I did not want to hit a deer, go off the road, or have any kind of car problems because it was so cold, that getting stuck in such a remote area with a vehicle that is not running, could literally be life threatening.  The speed limit on this section of Highway 22 is 65 mph all the way to Dickinson.   I planned on driving 60 mph to 65 mph just to be safe.  There was very little snow on the road, but snow was blowing in the air across the road.

When I was about forty miles south of Dickinson, I caught up to a maroon color Ford F250 pickup truck that was travelling at about 55 mph.  I could tell from the large tires and suspension lift that this F250 truck was four-wheel-drive.  I didn’t know why the driver of this truck was going so slow, with such a big, heavy four-wheel drive truck.  I thought that maybe they were just being cautious due to the weather conditions.

I was trying to be cautious too, and I thought that maybe they knew better than me, maybe they were aware of some deeper snow drifts across the road further up ahead.  I decided to stay at least three hundred feet behind this F250 truck, because I was not in a hurry, I didn’t want to pass them, and I didn’t want to tail gate them.

For the next twenty miles, I stayed at least three hundred feet behind this Ford F250 pickup truck, though I thought that I could probably drive safely at about 60 mph to 65 mph, instead of the 55 mph that this truck was doing.  About twenty miles south of Dickinson, where the wind was much less strong, I passed this F250 truck, driving at about 70 mph in order to get around them, when there were no oncoming cars at all.

I then saw that in the back of this Ford F250 pickup truck there was a black piece of travel luggage with a pull-handle on the top of it.  I thought that they must be headed for the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Airport ten miles up ahead.  I thought that is why they are driving only 55 mph, they want to be sure to get to the airport in time to check in, but they don’t want to get to the airport too early either.

About ten minutes later when I drove past the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Airport, I looked in my rear view mirror, and I saw that this F250 pickup truck that I had passed earlier, it had really gained speed and it had nearly caught up to me.  In order to catch up to me so quickly, they must have begun driving at more than 70 mph.

They didn’t turn into the airport after all, but continued driving at about 70 mph, until they were tail gating me pretty aggressively just as I was reaching the Dickinson City Limits where the speed limit decreases from 65 mph to 45 mph.  When I began slowing down for the 45 mph speed limit sign, this F250 pickup truck got to within ten feet of my rear bumper.

I was pretty angry about suddenly being tail gated like this in an aggressive manner, considering the circumstances.  This truck had driven 55 mph, ten miles per hour below the posted speed limit, for almost the entire fifty miles to Dickinson, and I had followed them at a safe distance for twenty miles while they were driving well below the speed limit.  Then for some reason, in the last ten miles they drove at least 70 mph, and then began tail gating me aggressively while I was driving at the posted speed limit.

I was about ready to come to a complete stop in the middle of the road, get out of my vehicle, and see if they wanted to get out of their vehicle to tell me what their problem was.  This F250 pickup truck then made a left turn onto 20th Street SW, and I could see clearly that it was the same maroon color four-door truck that I had passed ten minutes earlier that was going so slowly for almost the entire fifty miles to Dickinson.

I wanted to turn around, and follow this truck to wherever it was going, get out, and ask the driver, “What are you doing?  Why were you driving at 55 mph the whole way to Dickinson when the speed limit was 65 mph, and then just before you get here you want to drive 70 mph and tail gate me, ten feet behind me, like you have some kind of emergency.  What is wrong with you?”

I have written a blog post before about tail gaters in Dickinson.  I can’t understand why the people in Dickinson are so stupid that they can’t understand that there is no way that running into the back of another vehicle is not going to result in them getting cited for an accident and being held responsible for the damage done to their own vehicle, the other person’s vehicle, and possibly the other person’s medical bills for neck or back injuries.

An Illustration Of What Dickinson, North Dakota Is Like

I have tried to explain what Dickinson, North Dakota is like many times.  What people probably need to know most of all, is the great degree to which people in Dickinson hate people who are from someplace else, and that they also hate each other.

More than a hundred years ago when the first settlers arrived in western North Dakota, mostly Germans, Ukranians, Bohemians, and a few Norwegians, they were very poor and conditions were very bleak.  Back then, there were far less trees in western North Dakota than you see now.

The settlers had no wood to construct their homes, they had to cut grass sod and stack it to form walls, and they had to use grass sod for the roof as well.  There was no wood for the fireplace or stove, they had to burn dry animal dung for cooking and heating.

For a long time in the Dickinson area, people were so poor that there was no charity or hospitality, everyone was just struggling to survive.  Also, for almost the entire history of Dickinson, there was no way for most people to get ahead.  The only way that local people could feel like they got ahead, was when someone else failed.  So people in Dickinson became accustomed to hoping and helping other people to fail, which made them feel better about themselves.

I have thought about a way to describe what people in Dickinson are like, and what living in Dickinson is like.  Here is a story that I have come up with, to illustrate several points.  Imagine that I fell and hit my head, to where my mental faculties were permanently diminished, and I could no longer operate a vehicle or work at a job.  In this mental state of not knowing and not understanding completely what is going on, here is how my life would be in Dickinson:

After a long battle of having been repeatedly denied Social Security Disability benefits in Dickinson, my court appointed advocate was able to take me to Bismarck where I was evaluated and determined to be eligible to receive disability benefits due to my accident, head injury, and reduced mental capacity.

My advocate and public fiduciary were able to arrange for me to have a small ground floor apartment in Dickinson, and they managed my Social Security money to pay for my rent, utilities, food, and clothing.  There was a small amount of money left over each month which paid for the public fiduciary accounting services.

One of my activities which I had inside of my apartment, was braiding rope to make eyelets on each end of twenty foot lengths of rope.  I would make these ropes with eyelet ends, and try to sell them as tow ropes, for $20 each.  This activity was so that I had a job, of sorts, like everybody else.

At 10 a.m., I would put 10 tow ropes into my shopping cart, and leave my apartment to go make my sales route through Dickinson.  I would head west through the neighborhood where I lived in downtown Dickinson, to get to the business district and parking lots of gas stations, convenience stores, parts stores, fast food restaurants, and motels where I would offer my 20 foot tow ropes, for $20.

One of the first persons to spot me this morning as I pushed my shopping cart along the sidewalk, was a retired man of about 65 years of age driving a new Buick, named Florian.  This man was an important Catholic, and an important member of the community.  Florian did not like the looks of me, or what I was doing.  He made a right turn at the next corner, in order to go around the block and come up behind me again.

Florian thought about running me over with his car, but he realized that someone might see him, and that he might do damage to his car.  He didn’t like the looks of me, my shopping cart, my tow ropes, or what I was doing, this made Dickinson look bad he thought.  How to get rid of me and put a stop to this he thought?  After watching me for a few minutes, Florian came up with a plan of how he might poison me.

Florian decided that he would go buy some cookie dough mix, some rat poison, mix this up in his garage, heat it up on a hot plate, and that later in the day he would find me again and bring me some cookies.  Florian was very happy and pleased with himself, because now he had something to do today, and he imagined how sick I would be and possibly die.

As I continued to make my way through downtown Dickinson, another Catholic, a realtor lady driving a new Chevy Suburban was headed in my direction.  She was talking on her cell phone and she saw me about two blocks away as I was getting ready to push my shopping cart full of yellow tow ropes across the street.

This lady looked in her rear view mirror, her side mirrors, and she looked left and right, and she saw that no one was coming and that no one was outside.  Just as I was pushing my shopping cart into the street, she ran into the front corner of my shopping cart, causing it to yank out of my hands, and fly through the air, throwing my tow ropes everywhere.  My shopping cart was damaged and crooked now.

She laughed to herself as she continued driving, looking in the rear view mirror at the damage she had caused.  No one had seen her, I would not be able to identify her, she had gotten away with it.  Besides, who was going to care about what happened to me anyway, she would just say that it was my fault, who was going to believe me?  Hopefully, she had damaged my shopping cart badly enough, that she wouldn’t have to see me pushing my shopping cart around Dickinson anymore.

I picked my yellow tow ropes up, put them back into my shopping cart basket, and I continued on.  Just before noon, as I was going through the parking lot of the Motel 6, I was able to sell one tow rope to a motel guest.  He didn’t really need the tow rope, but he thought that it wouldn’t hurt to have one.

I now had $20, and I saw the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign up ahead, not far away.  I parked my shopping cart beside the KFC, and I went inside.  I was happy that I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted.

After I got done eating, when I went outside, my shopping cart was gone.  I panicked, and began looking all over for it.  It had taken me hours and hours to make all of those tow ropes, and now they were gone.  Finally, I found my shopping cart in the bottom of the canal behind KFC, someone had taken it and pushed it into the canal.

This is what Dickinson is like, the people here hate people who are from someplace else, and they also hate each other.  Anything that you do in Dickinson, it will probably make the people here hate you even more.  They do not want anyone to get ahead, or anyone to be happy, they can’t allow this to happen, as this would mean that someone was doing better than them.  The only way that people in Dickinson can feel good about themselves, is when someone else fails, so they help other people to fail.

What Living In Dickinson, North Dakota Is Like, Like Being In Prison

In many previous blog posts, I have mentioned that living in Dickinson, North Dakota is like being in prison.  I want to give a recent example.

I have been working at a particular job site outside of Dickinson for a little over one year.  For the first eight months that I was at this job site, there were just a few employees from the company that I work for, and we had our own office trailer.  The employees that had been here before I got here, they had set things up, and they had established the rule that everything was going to be kept clean.

The refrigerator, the microwave, counter tops, floor, and outside portable toilet were all kept clean.  We each cleaned, purchased cleaning supplies, and took out the garbage.  Something that was very important, was that my co-workers had installed some insulation around the outside portable toilet, and inside the portable toilet there was a small electric heater beside the toilet seat.

For several years prior to me arriving at this job site, the few company employees that were here, they had made it through several winters where the temperature got down to -20, -30, -40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once they even got snowed in, where they couldn’t drive home, and they had to stay here in the office trailer, which was O.K., because they set it up for people to be able to stay overnight if they had to.  When it got really, really cold, the electric heater inside of the portable toilet was left running all the time, which kept it at about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Five months ago, due to increased work activity at this site, my company personnel got moved to a different location on this site.  We no longer had the use of the office trailer.  Due to many personnel changes, I became the only person on this entire site, who had ever been here through the winter, and knew that workers had been snowed in here before.

When it got to be November this year, where the temperature began to drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, I installed an electric heater inside the portable toilet that we were using, at a height of about two feet above the toilet seat, and two feet to the left of the toilet seat.  I brought my own 3500 Watt portable electric generator, which costs about $500 new, to power the electric heater.  I had to buy a poly containment basin to place the generator in per site regulations regarding fuel and oil spills containment.

Within about one week, it was reported to me, that someone tried to urinate into the electric heater inside of the portable toilet.  Someone used the portable toilet, and right after he exited the portable toilet, two of my co-worker saw that he had urinated all over the back wall and bench seat of the portable toilet.  One of my co-workers thought that he had had an accident, where the zipper got stuck on his overalls.  The other co-worker was certain that he had deliberately tried to urinate into the electric heater.  How could you accidentally urinate two feet up on the walls of the portable toilet?

I explained to my co-workers, not to let anyone vandalize this portable toilet and electric heater.  Though it might not seem that important now, it will be when it gets down to -20, -30, -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next thing to get abused and misused was my 3500 Watt electric generator.  When I wasn’t around, people began putting garbage in the containment basin that the generator was sitting in.  The generator fuel valve was left on, some other things were done to it, and it wouldn’t start.  When I removed the generator oil tank filler cap, a bunch of fuel came out of the oil tank.

I took my generator home and I spent several hours working on it to get it to run again.  I got it to where it would start on the first pull of the starter cord.  I kept it on my truck, not being able to decide if I could leave it there on the job site without someone messing it up again.  Then, I was notified by my co-workers, that someone had ruined my electric heater that I had installed inside of the portable toilet, to where it wouldn’t work at all now.

I thought to myself, what kind of people, deliberately urinate into an electric heater that is two feet above, and two feet to the left of the toilet seat?  This week it has gotten to below zero degrees Fahrenheit at this job site, and it is only going to keep getting colder.  Why would site personnel try to destroy the only heated toilet anywhere on site that they could use?

Meanwhile, there is a small prefabricated building with no electricity to it, that has a small propane heater.  When the small propane heater is set on low or medium, it keeps the small building at about 60 degrees inside, when it is 20 degrees and windy outside.  A particular co-worker, has been found several times to be setting the propane heater to high, and then complaining about how hot it is inside this building.

Two co-workers have explained to this one co-worker, to stop setting the propane heater to high, because he has caused the small three to five gallon propane tank to run out of propane in a day or two, instead of this propane tank lasting four or five days if the heater was set on low.  We began using larger size propane tanks, but this one co-worker is still being found to be setting the propane heater on high, and then complaining about how hot it is inside of this small building that we use.  We are now completely out of propane, having nothing to heat this small building with now, or in an emergency.

My point is, that I can’t believe how these people in North Dakota are deliberately sabotaging the facilities that we use.  This kind of primitive, ignorant, destructive behavior is like something you would find in a prison amongst criminals.  It’s like these people in Dickinson are so fucking stupid, ignorant, and criminal minded, that they destroy and sabotage the things that they need to use, only making their own personal situation even worse.

As frustrated as I am, I realize that probably about 60% of the North Dakotans who read this will think, “Heh, heh, that is what I would do too.  Pee into the electric heater, and run the propane heater out of propane.  Yeah, that is what I would do.”

Even More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today, Saturday November 10, 2018, I am yet again watching a couple move out of the low rent older apartment building in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota where I live.  No, this is not an across town move, because they have a pickup truck and a U-haul trailer, and they are very carefully trying to fit absolutely everything they own into this truck and trailer, because they are leaving Dickinson.

In the past thirty days, I have written two previous blog posts about two other couples who were moving out of the older apartment building where I live in Dickinson.  Both the first couple, and the second couple, the husband was truck driver.  Both of these two couples moved to Dickinson about six months ago.

On the radio in Dickinson, North Dakota for the past several months, there have been advertisements from local trucking companies about how they need truck drivers, they offer competitive wages, paid family health insurance, and a $3,000 to $6,000 sign-on bonus.

Why is it that truck drivers come to Dickinson for work, then they leave about six months later?  No, they didn’t make so much money that they are leaving.  I talked to them, I saw how they were living, I saw that they had very little, I sometimes saw and heard these couples arguments that continued through the parking lot and into the building, the kind of arguments that people have when money is scarce.

Also on the radio in Dickinson during the past sixty days, I have heard representatives from North Dakota Job Service talk about the great need for workers in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, about several hundred job vacancies in Williston.  Yet when I log onto the North Dakota Job Services website, and search for job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, I see that there are less than forty current job openings in Williston, and less than thirty current job openings in Watford City and Dickinson.  One third of these job openings are for Registered Nurses, Travel Nurses, and Medical Doctors, more job openings in the medical professions than there are in the oil field.

What is going on?  I know exactly what is going on, and what is happening.  Business owners, property owners, property managers, and oil companies want to “keep things going”.  The business owners want customers, the property owners want their property to continue to be worth money, the property managers want tenants, and the oil companies want to have a large pool of skilled trades people so that they can keep wages low, have the threat of easily replacing workers, and being able to replace skilled trades people like they were shop rags when they get worn out.

In my previous blog post, I found a short way to put it, if you are not from this area, you are treated like a migrant worker.  No matter if you have a college degree, management experience, or a great deal of work experience, if you are not from this area you are treated like a migrant worker.

What does this mean, being treated like a “migrant worker”?  It means that you will be followed more, stopped more, and treated with more scrutiny by the local city Police.  You are a good candidate for a DUI, a good source of revenue for the city when you pay your court fines, and how the local attorneys stay in business with the $3,000 retainer fee you will pay.

If you are not from this area, you will be treated like a migrant worker in many businesses, establishments, city, county, state, and federal offices in Dickinson.  At work, you will be disliked, mistrusted, mistreated, and undermined by your local co-workers, local administrators, local managers, and local company owners.

The truth is, that there are some job openings in Dickinson, and the wage rates are still above average, because no one wants to live or work in Dickinson.  The local people are unfriendly and hostile, the real estate prices are way too high, there is not a lot to do, there are very few places to go, and the local employers and the local co-workers treat out of state workers like shit.