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These Two Men Are More Feminine Than Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

Below, I am going to show you two short YouTube videos of two very attractive young women.  They are both young, healthy, thin, good looking, feminine, well spoken, reasonable, and logical.  The only problem is, they are both male.

These two men, at a point in their lives after puberty, began to believe that they would prefer to be women.  After they had made up their mind that they wanted to be women, they began growing their hair long, growing their finger nails longer and painting their nails, applying make up to their face, and dressing in women’s clothing.

They had to learn how to speak like women, and behave like women.  They began to learn and practice female mannerisms and movements.  They had to learn to become feminine in every way.

Here is the point of this blog post, these men made an effort to be feminine, soft, appealing, and attractive, to the point that they are more attractive and desirable than about 95% of the women in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In other words, with some effort, these two men are way hotter than 95% of the women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I think that this kind of proves that there is something wrong with the women in Dickinson, North Dakota, that men from elsewhere are hotter than the women in Dickinson.

This first man, is more of a coquettish type woman:

This second man, is more of a sophisticated woman:

I am sure many readers would like to comment, “Hey, go for it, he/she is all yours…ha, ha, ha.”  Joking aside, 100% of the men in Dickinson would like to date these two women.  And, if they found out that these two women were actually men, about 50% of the men in Dickinson would still date them, because they are so desirous of the company of women like this.

I would like to have a girlfriend like these two women, or date these two women, if they were women, because they do act so appealing.  Women in Dickinson could learn a tremendous amount from these two men.  Why don’t the women in Dickinson know how to put themselves together like these two men?


Review Of Luke Simons’ Gentlemen’s Barber Shop In Dickinson, North Dakota

I met Luke Simons in about 2015 at the church where his father is the Pastor.  I was surprised how friendly and talkative Luke was, because most people in Dickinson are not like this with people from out of state.

At that time, I didn’t know anything about Luke, I didn’t know that he had been a barber, or that he intended to run for election in North Dakota state government.  I just knew that he owned and operated a roofing business, Simons’ Roofing.

It was either in 2015 or 2016, that Luke developed a very serious illness where he became unable to walk, and later unable to move.  He spent at least a month in the hospital in Bismarck, where he was diagnosed with something called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome causes muscle weakness and paralysis.  30% of the adults who recover from Guillain-Barre Syndrome never fully regain their previous level of muscle strength, and have residual muscle weakness.

Luke almost died in the hospital, but then he began to recover, and later over the following months he became able to walk again.  As far as I knew, Luke resumed his cattle ranching business, and his roofing business.  Luke was elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives in 2017.

About one month ago, Luke made an announcement on Facebook that he was opening his own barber shop in Dickinson, called The Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.  It was going to be located in the same building as his father’s business Simons’ Homes, directly east of the WalMart parking lot.

In Facebook comments or somewhere else, Luke was admitting to his friends that he had never recovered his complete strength, and that he was not able to be on the job sites doing the actual roofing work all day long, so Monday through Wednesday, he was now going to spend working in his own barber shop.

The Big Sky Barber Shop had the two best barbers in Dickinson, Matt and Paul.  They charged $20 for a haircut, and they were always completely booked all day, every day, Monday through Saturday, every week.  They couldn’t hardly ever accept walk-ins, because they were so completely booked.

I have very fine thin hair, with much more dense hair on the sides, than on the top.  The only barbers in Dickinson who could cut my hair and make it look good, not sticking out on the sides, were Matt and Paul.  I would have to wait weeks longer than I wanted to, to get a haircut, because Matt and Paul were completely booked, during the times when I was off work.

I had been thinking for a couple of years, that a barber in Dickinson would do very well to have late business hours, because so many men in Dickinson work until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Like me, many men in Dickinson would have to wait weeks for the chance to get their hair cut during barbers’ business hours.

I saw that Luke’s barber shop was going to be open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Wednesday, which I thought was a very good idea to stay open until 7:00 p.m.  I was a little hesitant to get my hair cut with Luke though, because I didn’t think that he had cut hair for a while.

I did not have anything important to do any time soon, where my appearance would matter, so I thought that now would be a good time to try to get my hair cut by Luke.  His barber shop was just completed this past week, so when I went in, everything was new.  The barber shop had plenty of room, and the bathroom was down the hall, where there is an extra room for his office, and an extra room for a pool table.

Luke did a very good job cutting my hair.  It turned out just as good as when Matt or Paul at the Big Sky Barber Shop cut my hair.  This is hard to do, to cut my hair so that it doesn’t look funny, because like I already said, my hair is very thin and fine, being more dense along the sides and much more sparse on the top.

I would recommend going to Luke the barber, and I hope that everyone will keep in mind that he is open for business until 7:00 p.m., if you are finding it difficult to get your hair cut due to work.

One Of The Reasons Why There Is So Much Crime And Drug Dealing In Dickinson, North Dakota

I had meant to write this blog post several days ago, after a reader from Seattle, Washington left a comment about her hearing on the radio that politicians in Dickinson were telling people to move to Dickinson, North Dakota.

When I read her comment, I said to myself, “I knew it!  I knew it!  There are idiots in Dickinson, who are announcing to the most crime infested areas like Seattle and Spokane, Washington…Come to Dickinson!  Come to Dickinson!”  This is why so many criminals and drug dealers from Washington state have been arriving in Dickinson this past year.

Here is her comment, I partly blocked out her user name, because she didn’t know that I was going to quote her:

Dickinson58601 Living In Dickinson North Dakota thanks for the honesty. I don’t recommend the Seattle area because of the crime rate. The city is rolling out the red carpet for the criminal homeless— recent rapes being committed by guys coming in from other states and living in tent camps. A woman was attacked in a rest room in a car dealership in what used to be a nice area. Another was attacked in a beach park that I used to go to frequently, I never was afraid there. I listened to radio from the Dickinson area and the politicians were eager to get families to settle there and build community—- alas
I checked out Dickinson to see if I could live and work there. Rent was too high.
Please read the above comments from Lily in Seattle, about the amount of crime in Seattle.  Also, note that she heard on the radio that politicians in Dickinson want people to move to Dickinson, North Dakota.  The problem is, this message is being heard in the highest crime, highest drug dealing, highest unemployment areas in the country.
What reminded me to write this blog post today, was that I was standing at my sliding glass door of my apartment balcony this morning, when some very trashy criminal looking people parked their beat up car in the parking lot and began walking into the apartment building.  What do I mean by trashy criminal looking people, you may ask?
Professional people, trades people, and blue collar people who work, try to get where they are going with the least amount of trouble, problems, or conflict.  Trashy people and criminals, act like they are looking for trouble, problems, or conflict wherever they go.
When I saw their Washington state license plate, it dawned on me who they were.  The Stark County Sheriffs have been to my apartment building several times in the past ten days trying to serve these particular individuals court papers.  Each of them has various charges to respond to, including threatening to shoot several people.
These people have been hiding from the Police for about ten days, and are driving a different vehicle in order to not be recognized.  I wanted to call the Stark County Sheriff Department to let them know that they are here now, because I want these people out of the building where I live.  But I didn’t call the Police and let them know, because I would expect these criminals from Washington state to cut my car tires and break my car windows in retaliation.

Warning About Drowning In Patterson Lake

In November of 2014, there was a sale at Menards in Dickinson, where the 11 ft. kayak canoes were only $160.  I bought two of them, one for me, and one for a friend to use.  I call them kayak canoes, because they are half kayak, and half canoe.  They are more enclosed than a canoe, but not completely enclosed like a kayak.

From the waterproof rubber hatch on both the bow, and the rear, I thought that there was a water tight sealed compartment in both the bow and the rear, but there wasn’t.  The interior of the kayak canoe had no sealed compartments, and no flotation foam installed anywhere.

I knew that because there was no flotation foam installed, and no sealed compartments, that if you got enough water in these kayak canoes, they would sink.  I think that I would advise and warn everyone, to not ever try to paddle one of these cheap kayak canoes across Lake Sakakaweja, because if something happens, like you get tipped over, or hit by a power boat, these kayak canoes can sink.

I have been rowing boats and paddling canoes by myself since I was 8 years old.  I have never tipped a canoe over, because I was scared, of both drowning and getting hypothermia in the water.  I knew many times while crossing wide, deep rivers, with fast currents, alligators, water moccasins, and sharks when I was a small kid, that if I tipped over, I would probably die from drowning, hypothermia, or something getting me.

This was kind of the same thing for trappers and outdoorsmen in Alaska.  The only means of transportation in some very remote areas of Alaska was by canoe.  A person might have all of their gear and supplies packed in their canoe in the Alaska wilderness, and due to their distance from the shore, the coldness of the water, and being alone, they knew that if they tipped over, they were dead.

When I first tried out my $160 kayak canoe on Patterson Lake in the Spring of 2015, I stayed within 100 ft of shore to see how stable or how tippy this kayak canoe was.  It was O.K., but on the first day, I just paddled along the shoreline around the lake, I didn’t try to cross in the middle of the lake, which is about 1/2 mile wide.

In the Spring of 2016, a person that I know from the Coeur D’Alene area of Idaho came to stay at the house where I was living in Dickinson, his name was Mike.  I had met Mike in Dickinson in the Spring of 2013, and he was an acquaintance of mine in Dickinson in 2014 and 2015.

After Mike had been staying at the house where I was living in Dickinson for a couple of weeks, I asked him if he wanted to go kayaking with me.  I asked Mike if he could swim, and he said that he had been going to a recreation center in Idaho where he had been swimming a mile in the pool, a couple of time each week.  I said to him, you can swim a mile, and he said that yes he could.

I then warned Mike about the water in Patterson Lake being cold, that he did not want to tip over.  Mike told me that he had been swimming in Patterson Lake last weekend.  When we got to Patterson Lake, I told Mike that he should not go too far from shore, until he got used to the kayak canoe.

The very first thing that Mike did when he got in the kayak canoe, was start paddling directly across Patterson Lake.  I didn’t like this, I was worried about this, so I followed several hundred feet behind him, in case something happened.  He did O.K.

When we both arrived on the other side of Patterson Lake, near the south side boat ramp, I heard a very large splash behind me.  I couldn’t believe it, Mike had tipped his kayak canoe over.  At first, I thought that he must have been kidding around, but he wasn’t.

I asked him what had happened, and he said that his hat had blown off, and he tried to grab his hat.  I waited to make sure that he could get back in his kayak canoe.  He wasn’t swimming very well, the water was cold, and I think that he was in shock.

Mike grabbed the rear tip of the kayak canoe, and he pulled himself up onto the rear of the kayak canoe, which was good, this was a good way to get back in.  But when he got to the cockpit, he tipped over again.  This caused more water to go inside of the kayak canoe.

Mike was getting tired, and he was in shock.  He very erratically tried to enter the kayak canoe from the side, which only caused more water to enter the kayak canoe, and for him to become more tired.

I was upset, angry, and frightened, I believed that he only had enough strength for one more attempt.  I told him to wait, I paddled up beside his kayak canoe, and I held onto it very tightly.  I told him to get in while I held it.  I had to balance a lot of weight in different directions, while he was crawling in, like 50 lbs to 75 lbs, while I was sitting in a tippy kayak canoe myself.

When he sat down in the cockpit, he was way off balance, exhausted, and in shock.  I had to yell at him, again and again, Mike sit up!, Mike sit up!, and I was having to hold onto his kayak canoe very hard in order to keep him from tipping over.

I couldn’t believe it.  I was so angry.  I wanted to knock the shit out of Mike.  If this had happened out in the middle of Patterson Lake, he could have died.  He was so tired, so much in shock, so not thinking, that if he would have not made it back into the kayak canoe on the third attempt, he probably would have drowned by trying to swim to shore.

I also realized that Mike could have caused me to drown too.  If Mike would have tipped over my kayak canoe out in the middle of Patterson Lake, I probably could have dragged myself back into my kayak canoe once or twice, but with a drowning person trying desperately to get into my kayak canoe, I could have gotten tipped over again, and drowned by trying to swim to shore.

I was disgusted with Mike, and I am disgusted with Mike to this day.  What kind of idiot puts their life in danger by trying to grab for a $10 hat?  I now see Mike as an idiot and a fool.  Mike had not been doing well financially for the several years that I knew him, and I attributed this to him having bad luck, and bad circumstances.  Now, I just think of Mike as an idiot.

The point that I want to make is this, I had asked Mike if he could swim, and he said that he had been swimming a mile in the pool a couple of times each week.  I warned Mike about the cold water, and he said that last week he had been swimming in Patterson Lake.  I warned Mike to just stay near shore until he got used to the kayak canoe, but Mike headed straight across the 1/2 mile wide section of the Lake.  Mike tipped over by doing something really stupid, he was unable to get back into the kayak canoe by himself, he was in shock, he became disoriented, and he became exhausted.  Not only did Mike nearly drown, he could have caused me to drown too, by trying to help him, when he was in shock and irrational.

There was a drowning on Patterson Lake in April of 2014, when a man and his two children were in a canoe that tipped over.  The water was very cold, a boater picked up the two young children, but the father did not make it.

There was a drowning on a lake up near Williston in 2015 or 2016.  The man’s body was found first, and a short time later his kayak canoe was found.

What is happening, and what happened to me, is that people go to Menards, WalMart, Runnings, or Tractor Supply and they buy these inexpensive kayak canoes on a whim or the spur of the moment, just for something to do.  It is very easy for people to put one of these kayak canoes in the back of their truck and head to a lake and launch it.  The very first thing they do is start paddling across the middle of the lake, and they have no understanding of how cold the water is, that they will be in shock if they tip over, and that it will be very difficult or nearly impossible for them to get back in their kayak canoe if they are weak, out of shape, or inexperienced.

After what happened to me, I spent several hours watching videos of people tipping over in kayak canoes, and the difficulty that most people had in getting back into their kayak canoes.  Many people were only good for two or three tries, and after that, they were just too weak.

Please, please watch this video, because it shows how cold, weak, and disoriented this kayaker becomes after only two minutes in the water.

In this video, this kayaker is about the same age as my friend Mike.  Notice that in two instances this kayaker is able to get back into the cockpit and sit, but he immediately tips over because he is leaning so far to the right.  This is exactly what my friend Mike kept doing, and I had to hold onto the kayak canoe very hard, yelling at him again and again to sit up.

This kayaker was unable to get back into his kayak, and he had to call to the person standing on the dock to come get him.  Note that if this kayaker had been thinking rationally, he could have lain on the kayak on his belly, and just paddled like he was laying on a surfboard.

Here is a video of me and a different friend, who is an experienced kayaker.

This Was Trudy’s Home, Why Hasn’t Trudy Killed Her Husband?

The beautiful 5br, 5ba home shown in the headline photograph, is 7,000 square feet, with 15 acres of landscaped property, and it has an appraised value of $1.2 million.  This house is located in a rural community, where all of the other houses are similar in size, amount of property, and $1 million price range.  This was Trudy’s previous home.  Here is another photo of the front:

Trudy's House 002.JPG

Trudy’s husband has worked in the oil industry for almost thirty years.  During his career, he and his family have had to move every few years, to where his employer needed him to be.  As he and his wife worked, and paid for their family home, they had more and more equity in their home.  Each time that they were required to move, and sell their house, with the increased amount of equity that they had built up, and the appreciated value of their home, they were able to move into a bigger, nicer, more expensive home, until they moved to Dickinson, North Dakota.

Trudy and her husband looked and looked for a home in the Dickinson area for a couple of years, after they moved here near the end of the oil boom.  Money was not an issue, it was that the home prices were very inflated, for what they were.  Even $500,000 houses in the Dickinson area, did not have very nice kitchens, cabinetry, bathrooms, flooring, layout, design, build quality, or landscaping.  Here is a photo of her previous home’s bathroom:

Trudy's House 003.JPG

Trudy and her husband were not looking to throw their money away.  They were not going to pay $400,000 to $500,000 for a home that was not very nice, where prices were over inflated and would likely come down, in an area where people were proving to be unfriendly.

Like I said already, Trudy and her husband have had to move for his work many times in the past thirty years.  Trudy has had to leave her friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and familiar communities many times to start over new some place else.  This also used to involve re-enrolling her two daughters in new schools and helping them to adjust and get re-oriented.

This last time, here in Dickinson, it has been nearly impossible for Trudy to make friends, though she has tried.  Like me, she has mostly experienced the local women sneering, scowling, and glaring at her with animosity and disapproval.

Most women, want and need to socialize with other women.  They want someone to talk to, someone to visit with, someone to talk about their family with, someone to listen to them, someone to do things with.  Trudy doesn’t have this in Dickinson.  Most women would go insane, or leave.  Some women would probably take out all of their anger, frustration, and unhappiness on their husband.  Begging, pleading, or threatening him to get them out of Dickinson.

I sometimes write about how I wish that I could go back to a normal life.  People from Dickinson don’t know what I am talking about, and people who live in other states don’t know what I am talking about.  If you can’t make a picture in your mind from everything that I have written about and tried to explain, I suppose that you would have to live elsewhere, then live here in Dickinson in order to understand, and I don’t mean one week, I mean at least a whole year.

Once I found out where Trudy used to live, I then knew that she fully and completely understands the difference between living in Dickinson and living elsewhere.  I complain more than Trudy does, but she has had to endure a much greater reversal of fortune, hardship, suffering, and deprivation than I have.  I don’t see how she has not killed her husband yet, for taking her away from what she had, and bringing her here.

Here is a photo of what Trudy’s laundry room looked like:

Trudy's House 004.JPG

Note:  I am sorry for the dull picture quality, which does not do justice to the pristine, sharp, and perfect condition of the interior and exterior of this house.  However, on the other hand, due to the poor picture quality, there is no way for anyone to be able to find out where this house is from any detail, in any of these photographs.  This house could be anywhere, in any state.

I do not think that I have given enough detail to identify Trudy.  Even if someone far away from Dickinson wanted to leave a comment, saying where this house is, I would not post this comment.  The only people who could correlate this house to Trudy, are people who already know a great deal about her, and I would not be giving them any information that they did not already know.

Dumb Driving By New People In Dickinson, North Dakota

For several years I have been meaning to write about how local people in Dickinson, North Dakota drive, which is irritating, but not as bad, or as dangerous as how some new people in Dickinson drive.

Sometimes, you can tell from how a person in Dickinson is driving, that they must have just got here from Denver, Phoenix, or Salt Lake City.  In these cities, there are long distances to cover, often on congested, multi-lane, high speed roads.  The people who live in cities like this, drive aggressively.

This aggressive driving involves doing everything fast, drive fast up to a stop sign, don’t stop completely, pull out into traffic immediately, follow just a few feet behind the car in front of you.  There is very little room for error, and mistakes made by you or another driver, can be catastrophic when you drive fast and aggressive like this everywhere you go.

There are several problems with driving like this in Dickinson, and I will give some examples.  One, in downtown Dickinson in the residential areas, there are often not any stop signs at intersections.  In the past, the downtown residential areas were not very busy, local people took their time and were not in a hurry, the speed limit is only 25 mph, and local people did not have a problem yielding to approaching drivers, as no one had the right-of-way.  I have seen new people in Dickinson speed through downtown residential areas, and assume that because they do not see any stop sign, they can continue to drive fast through intersections.  They don’t even realize that the cross street does not have a stop sign either, and they are driving so fast that they don’t even know that they just made a mistake, and need to be more careful next time at that intersection.

Two, on Villard Street downtown, there are several designated cross walks, where pedestrians have the right-of-way, and approaching vehicles are supposed to stop and yield to pedestrians entering the cross walk.  The speed limit on Villard Street in these areas is 25 mph, which is good, because sometimes pedestrians step out into the cross walk from behind parked cars, and drivers do not have very much time to react and stop.  I have seen some new people in Dickinson, driving faster than they should on Villard Street, not realizing that there are designated crosswalks, and they don’t even slow down when people are in the crosswalk trying to cross the street, while other drivers have come to a complete stop.

Three, there is a difference between a small town with 25,000 people, versus a large city with over a million people.  All of the streets in Dickinson, are residential streets, they are not limited access or controlled access high volume commuter routes.  The main thoroughfares in Dickinson, have many homes, churches, schools, and businesses that abut the streets.  You can expect people to back out into these streets, come to a stop, turn their steering wheel , and then proceed ahead with the flow of traffic.  This is not a hold up, or a hazard, this is just a normal everyday occurrence that you can expect on these 25mph to 35 mph residential streets in Dickinson.

However, I have seen people who have recently arrived in Dickinson, think that a 25 mph to 35 mph speed limit is obsolete, that they are going to drive on the residential streets like they are on a commuter route, and if anyone should attempt to pull out onto the street that they are on while they are driving 45 mph, they are going to get run over.  The answer to this, is that if you want to run into someone on a residential 25 mph street in Dickinson while driving 45 mph, you can, you will have many opportunities.  You have a 50% chance more or less, that you will be cited for the accident.  The Police are going to ask you, or figure out themselves, why you were not able to slow down in time, the speed limit is only 25 mph.

This past Sunday in Dickinson, I was stopped at the north exit of the Runnings parking lot, waiting to make a right turn onto 21st Street, to drive east toward the traffic lights at the Hwy 22 intersection one block to the east.  I was waiting on a blue Chevy Impala driving on 21st Street coming from the west, with its right turn signal on, as it slowed down to make a right turn into the Runnings parking lot.  I wanted to make sure that the Chevy Impala was actually going to turn before I proceeded out onto 21st Street.   I was also vaguely aware that there were other vehicles on 21st Street that were coming from the west, that were getting closer to this blue Chevy Impala as it was slowing down and making a right turn into the parking lot.

What I was kind of surprised to see, as I was just about able to make a right turn onto 21st Street as the Chevy Impala made its right turn into the parking lot, was that the black Audi behind it coming from the west, was going about 45 mph to 50 mph, and was not slowing down.  If I would have made my right turn onto 21st Street at that time, the black Audi would have either run into the back of my truck, or it could have swerved into the turn lane to avoid a collision with my truck, but possibly had a head on collision with a vehicle in the turn lane, because like I said, it was driving at about 45 mph to 50 mph.

This black Audi car had a license plate from Europe on its front bumper, like this was a cool car from the Autobahn in Germany.  I thought that they were an idiot, this is not the Autobahn with controlled access, this is a 25 mph to 35 mph street right where people are exiting the car wash, the nursing home, Runnings, and the gas station convenience store.

I really wanted to see what state they were from by looking at their rear license plate when they passed.  The rear license plate was covered by a thick tinted and hazed plastic cover.  These plastic covers are installed on cars driven by speeders to prevent highway cameras in places like Phoenix from being able to photograph the license plates and issue a speeding ticket through the mail.  However, these plastic covers also make it hard for people to read their license plate, and I could not even see the license plate at all.

This told me that this person has not been in Dickinson very long at all.  The Police in Dickinson are not going to tolerate a license plate that they can’t even read when they are directly behind their vehicle.  You can be stopped and issued a citation for this, and the Police in Dickinson want to look up every license plate in front of them.

Are The Police Becoming Overwhelmed In Dickinson, North Dakota?

Today, Saturday May 12, I was at the car wash in Dickinson, North Dakota when one of my neighbors from down the street pulled in to the wash bay next to me.  I said to him, that I lived at the apartment building down the street from him, and he acknowledged that he knew where I lived.  I said to him, that we were having drug problems and crime at the apartment building where I live, and I had heard that there were problems down where he lived too, was that true, what was going on down there?

My neighbor said yes, they were having all kinds of problems.  He has lived in the same house for the past seven years, and there never were very many problems until the past two years.  He said that it was like everything changed recently.  Because of the crime, he began trying to find someplace else to live, and soon he will be moving.

For instance he said, his neighbor next door moved out of the house which was a rental.  He knows for sure that no one is supposed to be there in this vacant rental house, because he called and checked with the landlord after he spotted squatters and vagrants getting into this house at night and being inside this house at night.  He telephoned the Dickinson Police the next time he saw that there were people trespassing inside this vacant rental house at night, and the Police told him that there was nothing they could do about it.

At the apartment building where I live, the drug dealer son of an apartment lessor is back in the apartment, and dealing drugs again, though he was kicked out about six months ago.  Stark County Sheriff Deputies were here at the apartment building recently to serve residents court papers, and I hoped that they were here with eviction notices for the drug dealers.  They weren’t, they were here for other residents.  I heard from someone else other than the Sheriffs Deputies, that one of these residents had threatened to shoot several different people.

About ten days ago, I tried to buy and get financing for a $25,000 manufactured home in Belfield on its own 75 ft x 140 ft lot, because I don’t want to live around the crime and drug dealing in downtown Dickinson.  My apartment neighbors on a different floor, where the Sheriff Deputies were serving court papers, they told me that they want to get out because they are scared that they are going to get shot.

I tried to reassure my neighbors that they were probably not going to get shot, and they said no we are serious, we really mean it, if you had heard what we have been hearing, you would realize that all kinds of things might happen.  My neighbors said that they are trying to get approved for financing to buy a house.  They have lived in this apartment building for a long time, and things have really gone down hill in the past couple of years they said.

After I wrote this blog post on Saturday night, and went to sleep, I was awoken at 2:00 a.m. by some woman screaming bloody murder.  I looked out the window to see if some woman was getting attacked in the street, raped, robbed, or what was going on.  I continued to hear a little bit of a disturbance, then another scream or yell, and some confused muttering.  It turned out to be the woman in the drug dealing apartment in my building, who from her nonsense muttering, appeared to be out of her mind on drugs, and was not being hurt by anyone.  This woman works in a fast food restaurant.

What I have noticed, and I have been writing about this on my blog website, is that most of the people that are arriving in Dickinson now, are not skilled trades people like experienced equipment operators, experienced welders, certified mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and oil field workers.  Experienced trades people know how to check for job openings in an area, for the specific work that they do, before they pack up and relocate somewhere.  They get a job before they relocate, and once they arrive in a new town for a new job, they go to work and don’t mess around getting into trouble.

In downtown Dickinson, and other places in Dickinson, I see new people arriving in town who don’t have jobs, and they begin getting into trouble right away.  I will give several examples.  About one month ago, two 20-23 year old boys moved into a subdivided rental house a couple of city blocks away from where I live, probably into the basement apartment.  I saw both of them in my neighbor’s back yard where he keeps his motorcycles, four wheelers, tools, and equipment.  I got my neighbor to come outside and check everything, and there were footprints in the snow going up to the back corner of his house, that he did not make.

Another example, the second day that the drug dealer had moved back into the apartment building where I live, a drug dealer supplier came driving up to the apartment in an inner city ghetto modified SUV, playing ghetto music, acting all proud and belligerent, like this is Oakland or something.  People who work for a living, don’t act like drug dealers, or come and deliver drugs during the middle of the day.

In the neighborhood where I live, there have been several reckless driving accidents, and there are always near miss accidents from people failing to stop for stop signs, or failing to realize that cross streets do not have stop signs.  All of the trades people in my neighborhood, whether they drive a new truck or an old truck, they always yield to cars on the cross streets, even when there are no stop signs, in order to prevent an accident.

If you work in the oil field, or for any skilled trade profession, it is very, very important that you do not have any vehicle accidents on your record, so that you can drive company vehicles, it’s part of your job.  All of the skilled working people in the neighborhood where I live, are very careful driving.  However, as an example, there was recently a new arrival in Dickinson, who I am told works at McDonalds, who was driving so fast on the 25 mph street, that he lost control of his vehicle, jumped the curb, crossed the grass strip, and took out about 100 ft of chain link fence.

The reckless driving vehicle accidents, the drug dealing, the theft, and the crime in Dickinson that has been on the rise in the past two years, is caused by the low-skilled no-skilled people who are arriving in Dickinson now.  There are so many people like this moving to Dickinson now, that it sometimes seems like the Police are not able to keep up with all of the trouble that they cause.

Important Note For Police And Everyone:  If you have a young male, let’s say age 17 years to age 27 years old, he does not have a job, and he does not work, and people, black people, white people, men, and women, need to come and see him in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and late at night, for maybe five minutes, fifteen minutes, sometimes sitting in their cars on the street or in the parking lot waiting for him, what do you think is going on?  Is he just popular, and sought after for advice, this unemployed young man?

Here’s another hint, what if there are people who come to see him, who are later walking, standing, sitting inside the building or in the parking lot in a stupor?  I don’t know why it is so hard to spot a drug dealer.

Unless the Dickinson Police drug dog can read prescription medication labels for oxycontin, hydrocodone, codeine, fentynal, xanax, or adderall, determine who is being prescribed this medication, count pills, and ask where this medication is going, this might be a reason why the Police drug dog never detects illegal drugs in and around this apartment.  It might not be methamphetamine, crack cocaine, or heroin.

Because the mom, sons, and grandkid, all act like they have something wrong with them and are on medication, they may all have medical prescriptions for xanax or adderall.  A xanax prescription would explain why the son and the son’s visitors are seen walking, standing, or sitting in a zombie like stupor.