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Stopping Theft And Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today when I arrived home at my low rent apartment, I found that someone had parked in my parking space.  I was angry about it, because I had to trim tree branches and clear out some debris in order to make this parking space at the far back corner of the parking lot that abuts neighbors’ backyards.

I didn’t know if somebody was fucking with me, because this has been my spot for months, this spot is away from all of the other parking spaces, everyone has picked their own spot, and there hasn’t been a parking dispute here for at least four months.  I wanted to find out who did this, was this a new tenant, was this a visitor, was this unintentional, or was this intentional.

I was angry enough to yank this car out of this space with my truck, but I quickly realized that this would lead to retaliation against my truck.  I knocked on a neighbor’s door who I thought might have parked this car there, but luckily they were not home.

I was going to leave a note on this car’s windshield saying that I had to clear out this space by trimming tree branches and moving debris, I had been parking here, and asking if they were a new resident, to call me.  The way that this car was parked, it looked like it might not even be running.  It was a very beat up car.  It was parked back up against the side of the garage.  The driver’s door was so close to the side of the garage, that I didn’t see how the driver could have even got out of the car if they had backed it in, they might have pushed it back.

I walked over to the car, to look at it, and I was very surprised and startled when someone got out of it.  They were startled too, because apparently they were trying to hide.  The person who got out of this car, he immediately started saying some lame, nonsense excuse about what he was doing.  I asked him right away, if he had just moved in to these apartments, or if he was visiting someone.  I could tell from his erratic nervous behavior that it was neither.  He said that he lived in this area.  Nothing that he was saying explained what he was doing here on this property, at the far back corner of the parking lot, backed in beside the end of the garage, like he was hiding.

This person said to me, hey, if you want your space that bad, I will leave.  I got his vehicle license plate number and I walked away.  To me, this is what it looks like when someone is getting ready to, or is in the process of going through other people’s vehicles in a parking lot in order to steal things.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police non-emergency number to explain what was going on, but the dispatcher at first was dismissing what I was saying, thinking that I was calling about someone taking my parking space.  I tried to explain, “No, there is so much theft going on in Dickinson right now, and in the area that I live in, I think that this person is here to steal things, they don’t live here, they aren’t visiting anyone here, their story does not make any sense, and they don’t belong here.”

I gave the Dickinson Police dispatcher the vehicle license plate number, and I asked if they could send an officer over so that I could tell them what was going on.  While I was waiting for the Police, I talked to some of my neighbors about what was going on, and they knew a little about this vehicle and the vehicle owner.  He and his vehicle had been spotted at a suspected drug house in the area.  We speculated that what he was doing here, involved either stealing or drugs.

When the Police Officer arrived within about ten minutes of me calling the non-emergency number, the Police Officer said that he knew, and the Police knew, who this person was, and that this was someone that the Police needed to be called about if he showed up at the apartment property again.

I gave the Police Officer the license plate number and a complete description of the vehicle, and some additional information about the vehicle that I got from the neighbors.  I let the Police officer know that some of my neighbors had had items stolen from their vehicles in the recent past.

I know and my neighbors know, that if we find items missing from our vehicles later today or tomorrow, who it was that probably got into our vehicles.  The Police now know, that this guy was caught recently in this neighborhood, parked behind a garage on private property, where he had no reason to be.

The reason that I am acting like this, is because me and my neighbors have had things stolen out of our vehicles recently, and there has been illegal drug activity at the apartments where we live in the recent past.  If we don’t do something about the people who show up here and don’t belong here, the crime will just keep happening here.


Well Run Arby’s Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for a little over five years now.  I started this blog website approximately three years ago, mostly out of frustration with living in Dickinson.  Living in Dickinson, there was very little to do, no where to go, the people were unfriendly, and the restaurants were all bad, especially the waitresses.

Of the nearly five hundred blog posts that I have written, most of them are complaining about Dickinson.  About one year ago, I began to realize that one of the only places in Dickinson that I didn’t have any complaints about, was the Arby’s restaurant.

I began to realize that I never ever had a long wait in the drive through, or at the counter in Arby’s.  No one ever got my order wrong in any way whatsoever.  No employee ever irritated me, annoyed me, or did anything wrong.  The food that I ordered was always good or O.K.  I was never mischarged or given the wrong change.  I never saw the employees loose their cool, bicker, squabble, or argue.

I began to think that nothing ever went wrong at this Arby’s because of the employees who worked there.  How could this be, that each of these employees showed up to work, did their job, were pleasant, and got along with each other?  No place else in Dickinson has employees like this, how did this happen?

There are a couple of nation-wide franchise restaurants in Dickinson that have nearly closed several times because they were unable to get employees, assistant managers, and managers that would show up to work and work competently.  All businesses in Dickinson had a difficult time hiring and keeping competent employees during the Oil Boom that occurred from 2007 through 2014.  How was this Arby’s restaurant able to hire and retain good employees?

The manager of the Arby’s restaurant in Dickinson, I believe that her name is Sarah.  I think that the owners of this restaurant know that Sarah has done a very good job.  I don’t know if the owners of this restaurant are aware of the turnover and employee chaos that all of the other restaurants in Dickinson have.

I don’t know exactly how Sarah does it.  I think that she must have some unique ability to pick out and identify the good applicants from the bad ones.  I don’t know how she can tell which applicants are going to show up every day, do their job, take their job seriously, be pleasant, and get along with everyone.  All business owners and managers wish that they could pick the applicants that would be good long term employees, but hardly anyone can.

I noticed that the employees at this Arby’s restaurant are there to do their job.  They always seem to be 100% focused on their job, and I don’t see many businesses where the employees are like this all the time.  Especially in the restaurant business, I usually see employees who are thinking about and talking about everything but work, and acting like and saying out loud that they would rather be some place else.

Besides hiring good people, I would say that this Arby’s must have a good positive work environment.  A work place that is fair, competent, organized, well managed, and pleasant.  If it weren’t, they would have employee turnover, people not showing up for work, stressed out employees, and employees who were openly unhappy at work.  But they don’t have any of this.

I hope that I don’t mess this restaurant up by writing a complimentary blog post about it.


New Gym “The Pit” In Dickinson, North Dakota

Approximately one month ago I was driving south on 10th Avenue East toward Villard when I saw a sign for the gym “The Pit” right next door to East End Towing.  I have lived in Dickinson for a little over five years, and in this particular neighborhood for six months, and this was the first time that I ever saw that a gym was in this building.

I turned in to the parking lot, and I got out of my vehicle to look in the windows.  The gym was mostly free weights, weight benches, and weight lifting racks.  I had not seen a gym like this in years.  Virtually all gyms in the United States have been transformed into “Fitness Centers” over the past 25 years in order to have a wider range of customers.  The “Weight Rooms” are almost all gone now.

I thought for sure that the owner must be a Power Lifter, because who else would open a gym now with mostly free weights and weight lifting racks?  I went inside, and there was a blond lady sitting at the desk, which was a surprise to me.  I said, “I was expecting to see a guy at this gym, not a lady, this is a Weight Room.”  She mostly understood what I meant, especially because her husband is a Power Lifter, but she probably didn’t like me saying it, because she is a Power Lifter too.  This was probably Step #1 of me getting kicked out of this gym.

I talked to her probably longer than I should have, but I wanted to see if she and her husband had had the same experience as me at the West River Community Center.  There are just so many people at the WRCC, and so many things going on, that it is difficult to get to the free weights and the weight racks at the WRCC.

For instance, I could plan on using one of the weight racks at the WRCC to safely do overhead press, squats, shrugs, or dead lifts, using 300 lbs or more, and all of the racks would be taken up by “Fitness People” who wanted to do multiple sets of lunges or bent over lifts using just the 45 lb bar, with no weights at all.

When I found out who her husband was, Dave Clem, I remembered seeing him at the WRCC many times.  I believed that he probably wasn’t very happy with the “circus” at the WRCC, and it was no surprise to me that this was his gym.  Dave is a Power Lifting competitor, and he currently holds several national Power Lifting records.  He routinely squats 750 lbs at meets.

Membership at “The Pit” gym is $40 per month.  If you are serious and goal oriented in Weight Training, Body Building, or Power Lifting, here are the advantages of this gym:

  1. Multiple sets of dumbbell pairs, ranging in 5 lb increments from 5 lb to 100 lb, with no gaps.  Four weight benches dedicated to the dumbbells.
  2. Two heavy duty Power Lifting bench press benches.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  3. Two heavy duty Power Lifting squat racks, with quick release bar rests, safety bars, and safety chains.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  4. Dedicated dead lift platform, with bar jack for loading and unloading weight plates.  Adjacent weight plates to load 700 plus lbs.
  5. The walk from your car, to the weights that you want to use, is less than 75 feet, with no one, and no thing in your way.  Going to the WRCC, is almost like going to an airport.
  6. The Pit gym has 24 hour access.  If you come during the day, or later in the evening, you will almost certainly have immediate and uninterrupted access to the weights, weight bench, or weight rack that you want to use.
  7. At certain times during the week, Dave Clem and the Power Lifting team are training for squat, bench, and dead lift, and are watching and assisting in improving each other’s lifts.

Dave and Wendy Clem have a Power Lifting team that trains at The Pit gym.  There is a large white competition board that lists each member’s weight class, competition record for squat, bench press, dead lift, totals, and personal best lifts.  They encourage high school students to become involved in Power Lifting and they provide coaching.

At this gym, it is more goal oriented and results oriented.  In Weight Training, Body Building, and Power Lifting, people are interested in increasing the weight used in lifts, increasing repetitions with weight, increasing the size and definition of muscle, and increasing strength in a measurable way.  It is not like a “Fitness Center” where people dabble on a piece of equipment until they become bored or distracted, and then wander over to another piece of equipment and watch television on a monitor, not paying attention to what they are doing.

You May Not Want To Stop In The Small Towns Of North Dakota

I have lived and worked in North Dakota for a little over five years now.  I have worked in the following towns, in order of largest to smallest:  Bismarck – 73K;  Dickinson – 25K;  Watford City – 6K;  New Town – 3K;  Killdeer – 2K;  New England – 1K;  Belfield – 1K;  Richardton – 600;  South Heart – 500;  Taylor – 300;  Gladstone – 300; and Dunn Center – 200.

When I arrived for the first time in North Dakota back in 2011, at first everything was a new and exciting adventure for me.  Within about three months of living and working in North Dakota, it became more of frightening, worrisome, and scary adventure.  I came to have a great deal of apprehension about what my employer, co-workers, local people, and the Police were going to do to me next.

I came to realize that many or most of the local people from North Dakota were hostile, mean, unfriendly, hateful, uncooperative, and not helpful.  I came to be worried about my safety at work because my co-workers were not careful, so many of them were getting hurt, and everyone seemed to find a way to injure their co-workers.  It was as if the employers in Dickinson could not see the disarray, or straighten things out, however in time it came to appear more likely that the employers in Dickinson deliberately wanted the disorder and ineffectiveness, for reasons that I won’t elaborate on now.

The Police in Dickinson also seemed to have a hatred for people, and a predatory desire to arrest as many people as possible.  Before long, living in Dickinson for me became like being in prison.  There was no where to go, nothing to do, I was in danger of physical harm all day every day, and the Police were always trying to get me for something.

When I went to work outside of Dickinson in some place new, I looked at it as an opportunity to go to a better place.  I thought that in some other place, there might be nicer people, attractive women, or better restaurants.  In the places that I worked outside of Dickinson, I came to find out that most of them were even more unpleasant than Dickinson.

Outside of Dickinson, there were even less attractive women, and even less restaurants.  In Watford City, the Police were even more aggressive and constantly trying to sneak up on me, even more so than in Dickinson.

Within a couple of years of living in North Dakota, and having worked in several small towns, I learned to be very cautious about the small towns.  You have to be very watchful and careful about the small town Police.  Because there is very little going on in small towns, the Police do not have a lot to do.  They spend their time fantasizing about crime, criminals, and making a big arrest.

When a vehicle that the Police do not recognize drives through a small town in North Dakota, that vehicle and its occupants assume the roles that the Police officer has been fantasizing about for days, weeks, months, and years.  They want to try to stop your vehicle for any reason whatsoever, so that they can see who you are, ask you questions, decipher and detect what crime you are involved in, and make an arrest.

Also in the small towns in North Dakota, the local people are not that different than the small town Police in their fantasizing, imagining, and mistrust for people from somewhere else.

I decided to write this blog post, because of two recent incidents that happened to me.  I began working about one hour’s drive from Dickinson in the beginning of November.  At first, I was happy to be getting out of Dickinson, and I was looking forward to change.  I hoped that I might meet some nice people or attractive women in the rural, sparsely populated area that I was going to.

The closest town to my job site, is about ten miles away.  The small gas station in this town, and the small grocery store both close at 6:00 p.m., which is before I get off work at night.  After a couple of weeks of being alone all night after work, staying in a trailer at the job site, I looked forward to going to a restaurant for dinner in a town about 20 miles away.

When I got to the town 20 miles away, I found that the restaurant closes at 7:00 p.m., I was too late.  I went to the grocery store in this town, which closes at 8:00 p.m.  After I had paid for my groceries, and I was walking out of this store carrying my groceries to my vehicle, a store employee came outside and held up his cell phone pointing it at me to either photograph me or video record me going to my vehicle.

At that moment, I was both slightly amused and slightly irritated.  This was such a big deal, someone that they did not know coming into their grocery store, that they had to photograph me.  Their imaginations must have been running wild, who knows what they thought I was going to do.  After a few more minutes, I felt insulted.

As I was driving back to the job site, I began to think that this was not good.  If the people in this grocery store were so sure that I was some kind of criminal, so convinced of this that one of them followed me outside to photograph me and my vehicle, maybe I should just buy all of my groceries in Dickinson.

My current job assignment is a good one.  I am taking over from a ten year employee who recently got let go due to a conflict with a local person at the job site.  No one could have foreseen that what this ten year employee did would have resulted in him losing his job, but it did.  I do not want the same thing to happen to me, so I do not want to have any conflict with the local people.

The day following the incident at the grocery store 20 miles away, I had to take the company vehicle to the gas station 10 miles away from the job site to get fuel.  This was the fourth time this month that I have had to take this company vehicle to this gas station where there is a company account.

This time, the middle-aged woman at this gas station could not understand or did not want to understand anything that I was saying to her.  I said to her that the vehicle parked at pump #3, (which has the company name on the door and was parked closest to the store window), we have a company account under the name …., I would like to put about xx gallons in it.  She could not understand what I was saying, though I repeated what I was saying, twice to her.  An older man at the counter to told me to go ahead.

I went outside, and I tried to get the pump to start more that several times, but it would not start.  Keep in mind, that this was the fourth time that I had taken this company vehicle to this gas station this month.  I gave up trying to put fuel in it, and I began cleaning each of the windows, while I thought about what I wanted to do.  I did not want to get into a conflict with these people.

This was the only gas station in this town, and it was 10 miles from the job site.  The next closest gas station was 20 miles from the job site.  The owner of the company had opened an account with this gas station.  Any kind of disagreement whatsoever, even a minor one, I am sure that these people at this gas station would have told the company owner how “rude” I was.  Then, they would have started politicking with the local people about what a “rude” and “asshole” person I was, and very likely gotten me fired, just like the person who I replaced.

Meanwhile, during this delay, a couple of local people stopped and asked me about what I was doing, one because he did not recognize my vehicle, and the other because he did recognize my vehicle.  I am not supposed to say anything whatsoever about the project that I am working on, and anything that I said would jeopardize my job.

I went back inside the gas station, prepared to say that I would send someone else back tomorrow to get fuel, I needed to go and didn’t need the fuel right now.  I needed to tell them that I did not get fuel, so that there would be no misunderstanding, or a billing for the fuel amount that was already displayed at the pump.  The older man started the pump, and I got fuel.

Were the people at this gas station, trying to be difficult?  Were they trying to start a problem?  This is the only gas station in this town.  Any kind of disagreement, I would have lost.  The owner of the company would have thought, why can’t I just go get fuel without getting into an argument, what is wrong with me?  I don’t know, why can’t I just go get fuel, like I have been for the past 32 years of driving?

I talked to a co-worker, a North Dakota native who is older than me, who has worked at this job site longer than me, and I asked him if he had had problems at this gas station.  He said yes, but it had not come to the point of him having to leave without getting fuel.  I discussed that I might bring fuel from Dickinson, or I might wait until after this gas station closes at night, in order to get fuel with my own personal credit or debit card.  I do not want to get into any conflict with these local people, and I do not want to have any kind of delay in which local people want to ask me questions about work.

Maddie Gower And Heather Louise On Facebook

For those of you who do not read my blog website regularly,  I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for approximately the past five years.  I came to work here during the Oil Boom that lasted from approximately 2007 through 2014.  Though the Oil Boom is over now, and many oil field jobs have gone away, I can still make more money here than I can where my home is in Idaho, which is why I stay.

I started this blog website approximately three years ago, out of boredom and frustration.  There is very little to do and no where to go in western North Dakota.  One of my biggest frustrations, is that there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.

In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is probably 3:1.  In the other oil field towns in western North Dakota where I work sometimes, the ratio of men to women varies from 10:1 to 30:1.  Even though there was, and still is a tremendous shortage of women, prostitution is not allowed, and there are no strip bars.

Because there is a shortage of women in western North Dakota, the women that are here, for the most part, do not care about their appearance.  They do not care that they are overweight, that their hair is unkempt, and that they are sloppily dressed.  They glare, scowl, sneer, and they say and do mean unfriendly things.

The only attractive women that I ever see, are on the internet.  Perhaps because Facebook feels sorry for me, approximately two months ago, Facebook began adding to my “Friend Suggestions” and “People You May Know”, beautiful women from around the World:  Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, and more places.

Not only were these women beautiful, unlike women in North Dakota, they took pride in how they looked, and they wanted to show off what they looked like.  I looked at many beautiful women from around the World on Facebook for the past two months.  One of the women who stood out, was Maddie Gower from Pennsylvania.

I wanted to write about Maddie Gower for several reasons.  Maddie is approximately 20 years old.  I will just attribute it to boredom, that Maddie takes a couple of photographs of herself each day, and she then posts these photographs to her Facebook profile.

To the readers who are shrieking at me right now for writing about this young lady Maddie’s personal Facebook page and her photographs, I thought that she knew that hundreds or thousands of men from around the World were looking at her Facebook profile, because these men were leaving comments to each of her photographs that she posted.  Maddie appeared to enjoy it when men from around the World would leave compliments about each of her photographs.  Though less than one hundred of these men were leaving comments, hundreds or thousands were looking.

I wrote this particular blog post using Maddie’s full name, because I wanted her to see this blog post and read it.  I liked looking at Maddie’s photographs too.  Only about 0.1% of women, that’s 1 in 1,000, are as physically attractive as Maddie.  She is young, healthy, in very good physical condition, very good looking, and she wears slightly revealing or alluring clothing around her house and she takes photographs of herself.

To someone like me who lives in western North Dakota, I don’t ever get to see anything like this anymore, it is just a distant memory, it is like it doesn’t exist.  Another one of the reasons why I wrote this blog post using Maddie’s full name, was so that other people in western North Dakota who never get to see attractive women could look at her Facebook page and see her photographs too.

I did not think that I would be upsetting Maddie by calling attention to her Facebook page, because I was under the impression that she wanted people to see her photographs, and that she liked to receive comments from people if they were positive comments.

I was concerned, and I was worried, that Maddie should not post the name of the college that she goes to or the town that she lives in, so that people would not try to stalk her or do anything to her.  Later, I found that Maddie’s mother, Heather Louise, posts more photographs of herself on Facebook, than her daughter does.

This made me feel a little less worried about Maddie posting photographs of herself, because her mother Heather posts more photographs of herself, than Maddie.  Heather also appears to enjoy comments about her photographs that are positive comments.

Besides Maddie and her mother Heather being good looking, I also liked and appreciated that they take pride in their appearance, care how they look, and that they enjoy showing off how they look.  This attitude is almost completely non-existent where I live.

If Maddie and Heather didn’t know that there were thousands of men looking at their Facebook profiles, they will now after reading this.

Update 12/01/2017:

Maddie did see this blog post of mine, approximately two days after I wrote it.  She immediately changed all of her Facebook privacy settings, so that nothing about her Facebook profile is public now.  I am sorry that I can not see her photographs anymore.  Hundreds or thousands of men would be very angry at me if they knew that I was the cause of them no longer being able to see her photographs.

However, overall, this is a very good and positive result if Maddie did not know that there were thousands of men looking at her Facebook profile, photographs, and personal information, and this is something that she did want or intend to happen.

There are many women who take photographs of themselves and post these photographs to Facebook or their websites.  They take precautionary measures, such as not using their full name, not using their real name, not giving the name of the town where they live, not giving the name of where they work, not giving the name of where they go to school, and being careful not to include any personal or identifying information in the background of their photographs.

Hopefully, Maddie will begin posting photographs of herself again, being careful not to disclose too much personal information.

Update 12/02/2017:

Today, Maddie’s Facebook profile is Public again.  You can see many of her photographs now.

Classification Of People In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote about Bigfoot Hunter Tim “Coonbo” Baker and his classification of Bigfoot into at least four distinct species.  Tim “Coonbo” Baker’s classification system helps to clear up confusion, misunderstandings, and arguments that have existed for over 100 years concerning Bigfoot.  I thought, why not do the same thing for Dickinson?

Below I have created a classification system for people in Dickinson.  This list is arranged in order from most common, to least common in Dickinson:

  1. Local Catholics – Most common group of people in Dickinson.  Usually of German or Ukranian ancestry.  Typically unfriendly, uncooperative, not helpful, hostile, and mean.  Adult males are difficult to get along with at work.  Adult females usually sneer, scowl, glare, and tend to be overweight.  Catholic children in Dickinson can be quite nasty, especially if they go to Trinity School.
  2. Local Lutherans – Second most common group of people in Dickinson.  Usually of Norwegian or Scandinavian ancestry.  Typically helpful and friendly.  Adult females expect their husbands to rake and mow the lawn, trim the trees and bushes, and clean the cars, house exterior, roof, windows, driveway, and sidewalk.  Even though Lutheran women are notorious for their casseroles, the Lutheran men are skinny due to having to work all the time.
  3. Local Methodists – Not very common in Dickinson.  No one knows how they got here.  They stay hidden and keep a low profile.  If you meet a person who acts normal in Dickinson, they might be a Methodist.
  4. Local Mormons – Not very common in Dickinson.  They might have come from Illinois, Missouri, Idaho, or Utah.  Adult males are usually good reliable employees.  Adult females stay at home.  Young unmarried females are nice and pleasant to a fault.  Young unmarried males are annoying.
  5. Local Non-Denominational and Other Christians – Any individual in this group could have come from anywhere.  There is no telling what they will do, so don’t turn you back on them.
  6. Red-Necks from the South – Much more common in Dickinson from 2008 through 2014 during the oil boom.  Not very common in Dickinson now.  Adult males tend to be overweight and they like to stare and look at everything to see what it is, whether it is a lawn sprinkler, squirrel, taco truck, any vehicle for sale, etc.  Adult females in Dickinson are always “fixin to go to the store”.
  7. People from Texas – Just as common and annoying now, as they were during the oil boom from 2008 through 2014.  Adult males usually drive a Ford F250 4×4, faster and more erratically than necessary, like they would in Dallas or Houston.  There is usually something wrong with someone who had to drive all the way from Texas in order to get a job in North Dakota.  There are no women from Texas in Dickinson, they won’t come.
  8. People from Coeur D’Alene – Just about everyone who left Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to come to work in Dickinson, has been or still is involved in illegal drugs.  Adult males typically work for companies where there is no drug testing, like small construction companies or dangerous oil field service companies.  Adult females typically work where there is no drug testing, mostly in restaurants and hotels.  Vehicle license plates from the Coeur D’Alene area of Idaho, begin with the letter “K”.  A good rule to remember is, “If it starts with the letter ‘K’, stay away”, whenever you see an Idaho license plate.

Very, Very Strange And Upsetting Feeling In Dickinson, North Dakota This Week

Even though things are going O.K. for me personally in Dickinson, North Dakota right now, I am sensing that something is very wrong in Dickinson.  It is like there is so much pain, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, bad thoughts, and bad intentions, that I can’t help but feel that something is very wrong.

If a psychiatrist or psychologist would analyze my thoughts on this, they would likely say one of three things:  1)  You are projecting, inferring, or attributing your own thoughts and feelings onto other people;  2)  You are witnessing actual events and real happenings, mentally processing these facts, arriving at legitimate conclusions, and these conclusions are being presented to you as emotions or feelings rather than in words;  3)  Animals and people have a way of sensing and knowing things, that we can not explain.  Maybe #3 is something that a psychiatrist or psychologist would not say.

The older that I have become, the more I believe in listening to my inner voice.  Some people believe in God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or a Collective Consciousness.  I believe in each of these things to some extent, some times more than other times.  Perhaps one’s inner voice, is just a momentary conclusion based on one’s own lifetime of experiences.

The actual events and real happenings which I recall seeing and observing in Dickinson recently are:  The Dickinson Police having a heightened desire to arrest people, even if they have to make things up;  the Police having motorists pulled over on the road whenever I go out; the restaurants that I go to having very few customers;  the restaurant workers appearing and behaving in an angry, unhappy, unfriendly manner;  my neighbors appearing very stressed and unhappy;  some neighbors moving out in an unhappy manner and my apartment building becoming more vacant;  some of my friends being unable to find employment;  some of my friends having to sell their possessions and possibly their home in order to survive;  not one person that I know looking forward to or speaking about Thanksgiving or Christmas in a happy manner;  when I go shopping, the shoppers appear and act like poor worried people, none of them appear or act like successful confident people;  long lines at McDonalds drive-thru but few customers at other restaurants;  property theft in Dickinson becoming much more prevalent and common.

I had been looking forward for a couple of months to see who would be announced as the new Executive Director of the Downtown Dickinson Association.  I had hoped that a particular candidate that I liked would get the position, someone who I believe is a very positive, pleasant, well liked, up beat, and delightful person.  Instead, the Downtown Dickinson Association never made an announcement on which candidate was selected, and they just went ahead and re-advertised for the Executive Director position without any explanation.  I feel sorry for the people who applied, especially for the person that I like very much, who I hoped would be the new Executive Director.

I have just listed above many things that I recall seeing and observing in Dickinson this week.  It seems that this might be enough for me to get the feeling that there is pain, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, bad thoughts, and bad intentions in Dickinson.  However, one of the strongest and most upsetting feelings or impressions that I am getting, is that people have the intention of victimizing others.

My warning to readers in Dickinson, is that I am getting the feeling that many people who have pain, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, bad circumstances in their own life, bad thoughts, and bad intentions, would like to somehow victimize and try to bring down other people right now.  This is why I am trying to stay home, and not go anywhere.  It appears that many other people in Dickinson are also trying to stay home and not go anywhere currently.