What Happened To Erik Odegaard Is A Tragedy That Is Everyone’s Fault

What happened to Erik Odegaard in Dickinson, North Dakota is a tragedy that is everyone’s fault.  It was bound to happen to someone, and this same thing is going to keep happening in Dickinson unless something is done to prevent it.

For a long time, ever since the first homesteaders came to Dickinson in the late 1800s, attractive women will not come here, they will not stay here, and the attractive girls who are born here, leave as soon as they are able.

It probably has to do with Dickinson being poor, hard, barren, desolate, cold, bleak, inhospitable, ignorant, and uneducated that makes attractive women want to leave Dickinson and go elsewhere, or never come here in the first place.

The result, the only women who will stay in Dickinson are unattractive and mean.  With no other choice, low standards, no standards, and low expectations in life, the men in this area went ahead and had sex with these ugly, mean women, and their offspring were even uglier and meaner.  If by chance there was ever an attractive girl who was born here, she got out of here as soon as possible.

Dickinson has by far the ugliest women of anywhere that I have ever been.  The women here are unattractive, overweight, disfigured, sloven, mean, scowling, glaring, sneering, and leering.  This is mostly a result of poor breeding and genetics, but the environment, culture, and education here has a lot to do with the ugliness of the women.

For example, in most states, the owner of a bar or restaurant would not seek out the ugliest, meanest, nastiest women to be a bartender or waitress.  In other states, when an employer does hire an ugly, overweight, mean, nasty woman, she is required to stay in the back of the business, and stay out of sight of the customers.  But in Dickinson, fat, ugly, mean, sneering ogre women work as bartenders and waitresses, at the front of the house, probably because that’s the only women that they can get in Dickinson.

In Dickinson, women from wealthy families who have the advantage of access to good healthcare, good food, education, travel, and more exposure to culture, ….  there aren’t any women like this in Dickinson.  Women from middle-class families in Dickinson, who have access to healthcare, food, education, and beauty products, ….there are very few of these women in Dickinson.

The Skank-class of women in Dickinson, women who grew up in single-parent households, with not a lot of food, not a lot of clothes, no encouragement in school, and low expectations in life,…..there are not even very many of these Skank women in Dickinson, they get up and leave, or won’t come to Dickinson in the first place.

The women who are here in Dickinson, are the battle-axe, ogre, troll, ham-fisted, hog-head, no-neck, cankle-calf, overweight, mean, hostile, glaring, sneering, leering, scowling, disfigured women.

Erik Odegaard grew up in Dickinson, the son of a fairly normal mother and father who both worked.  Erik was a nice looking young man, who was polite, courteous, helpful, and respectful.  Erik was well-liked by his classmates, peers, teachers, adults, and employers because of his good behavior and positive attitude.

After graduating from high school in Dickinson, Erik joined the U.S. Army, and he later became an Army Medic.  After his enlistment was over, or transferring to the Army Reserves, Erik returned to Dickinson.

Upon arriving back in Dickinson, now at the age of 20 years, Erik found that many of his high school classmates had left Dickinson.  Especially, most of the nice looking, attractive, pleasant young women from high school had left Dickinson and moved far away to places like Denver, Billings, and Miami.

There is very little to do in Dickinson, and Erik became lonely, especially because the nice looking, attractive young women who graduated from high school had moved away.  Out and about in Dickinson, there were no nice young women, only the most wretched, disgusting, nasty, mean, troll-ogre, disfigured women.

Normally, in most towns, a lonely young man would soon find a nice Skank girl, working in a restaurant, bank, or hair salon, who would gladly go on dates with such a nice young man, recently out of the military like Erik.  But in Dickinson, there aren’t even any Skank women.

The only pleasant, feminine, attractive young girl that Erik could find for companionship, was still in high school.  For the whole history of mankind, twenty year old men have been in romantic relationships or marriage with teen-aged girls, but the evil people in Dickinson wanted to persecute Erik for this, and so they did.

Erik, who was such a nice looking, helpful, courteous, respectful, positive, well-liked, promising young man, has just been convicted of a Class A Felony, and sentenced to spend the next 2-1/2 years in prison.

This is everyone’s fault in Dickinson.  For over a hundred years, the people in Dickinson have been breeding and in-breeding, the ugliest women imaginable, to produce these hairy-faced Heidi Heitkamp looking things, which nobody in their right mind would touch with even a ten-foot pole.

Everyone here knows that the attractive girls leave here right after they get out of high school, they won’t come back, and no attractive women will come here.  There is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and a scarcity of attractive women.

How this is handled in other parts of the World, when there is a scarcity of women, is with prostitution, such as EscortOfItaly.com, which operates in Rome, Milan, Florence, and Bologna.  Here is a link to the women available http://www.escortofitaly.com/Milan/Gallery

However, in Dickinson, where there is a great shortage of women, prostitution is not allowed.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is 3:1, the women who are here, are overweight, disfigured, and grotesque, and prostitution is not allowed.  So what the people in Dickinson are doing, is deliberately setting a trap, because they are sinister, malevolent, and evil.

There was a poor, small young man from Nepal, who came to Dickinson to work and go to school.  This young man named Manish, he worked in convenience stores, and as a cook, while he attended Dickinson State University to study accounting.  Finally, after years of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice, Manish graduated from DSU with a degree in accounting.

Life changed for the better for Manish, soon he became employed at a reputable, well-known local business as an accountant.  But like young men do, Manish become lonely for company.  Being small, being from a foreign country, and there being a great shortage of women in Dickinson, Manish had difficulty meeting any women.  Finally, Manish met a woman on the internet in Dickinson.

But unbeknownst to Manish, the woman that he met on the internet, she did not exist, she was made up by the Dickinson Police, in an elaborate trap that they had set up.  Soon, the Dickinson Police sprung their trap on Manish, and they tried to frame him for a twenty year prison sentence.  The same kind of twenty year prison sentence that Erik Odegaard was faced with.

Manish, instead of finding companionship, he was forced to spend probably $10,000 for an attorney, in order to not go to prison for twenty years.  The same thing for Erik, Erik was forced to spend probably $10,000 or more for an attorney, in order to not go to prison for twenty years.

The cost to tax payers to prosecute and incarcerate Erik Odegaard for 2-1/2 years is approximately $120,000.   The cost of one of these prostitutes shown here, http://www.escortofitaly.com/Milan/Gallery, is only $250 per hour.  The State of North Dakota could have paid for 480 hours of prostitutes, and not made Erik a Felon.

The people in Dickinson have bred these hideous monsters that are good for nothing, these disfigured disgusting terrible beasts, that make it impossible to go out to bars and restaurants in Dickinson, and then when normal young men try to find a mate, these same sick evil people in Dickinson try to lay different kinds of traps leading to twenty years in prison.

This whole thing is very little Erik’s fault, the people in Dickinson set this up, this was bound to happen to someone.

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  1. Why are you so disgusting? There is something really wrong with your brain’s ability to process what is appropriate and what isn’t.

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    1. boy howdy,
      In writing this particular blog post, another thing that I realized that I probably need to cover and explain, especially to parents in Dickinson, they need to understand that eventually their daughter will begin having sex, even initiating different kinds of sex that may be her own preference. I need to write a blog post titled something like “Let’s Face It, Women Have Three Holes, They’re Going To Use Them” in order to explain what’s going on.


      1. It’s humorous to me that you would diminish women down to “three holes.” When you’re the one who is consistently thinking/writing with their shriveled nether appendage in mind. Or do you forget how you were going to clear out your entire apartment of “expensive” belongings to allow some “crackhead” who smiled in your direction live with you because you believed you might possibly get the slightest chance of having sex with her.


      2. Boy Howdy,
        I am not diminishing women to “three holes”, I am tired of the “outrage”, “shock”, and “horror” of the Courts, Prosecutors, and Journalists when disclosing what kind of sexual contact was involved between an alleged perpetrator and supposed victim. Pornography can be very, very educational, just as educational as sexual education books such as the “Hite Report” that was a survey of women’s sexual preferences and habits. It turns out, with some education, you will find that women are often the instigators and perpetrators of sexual acts, contrary to what the Courts, Prosecutors, and Journalists want to portray.

        I am not in search of crack-head girls, as they are barely human. Nor am I in search of meth addict girls, as they are very mixed up. However, heroin addict girls are sometimes very thin and beautiful, many beautiful fashion models and strippers are heroin users. Besides using heroin, these thin beautiful girls are uninhibited, unashamed, and they have very little self control or impulse control, they are not difficult to persuade to have sex, they like sex, they are ready for sex most of the time. They don’t hold back when having sex, they have no guilt, no shame, no hesitation, and are very experienced, they are ideal sexual partners.


  2. Hey pal, if you’re gonna be so big and bad why don’t you make your claim? Take credit for your article instead of hiding like a little bitch on the other side of the screen.

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  3. Okay. First of all you are a horrible person. I went to school with Erik. He did not know when to stop. What I mean by that is he touched almost every girl he could get his hands on. He sent inappropriate pictures to my friends and I all the time. And no, we DID NOT ask for that. Every time he saw my friends and I, he would literally slap our butts and he thought it was hilarious. There is something mentally wrong with him. It has NOTHING to do with the women in Dickinson. There is literally so much wrong with this article it is insane. Maybe you and Erik should go see some kind of counselor because you both need it.

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    1. Ugly Ogre/ Skank,

      You can’t be both an Ugly Ogre and a Skank, you have to be one or the other. Even though Skank girls may be towards the low class, trashy, tacky side, they do have something to offer, like entertainment, affection, companionship, and sex. Dickinson needs more Skank girls. If there were more Skank girls in Dickinson, Erik would not have gotten into trouble in the first place.

      At this point in history, this has got to be the dumbest that women have ever been. The only reason why men have any interest in women at all, is to have sex with them. If women would no longer have sex with men, men would kill all women very soon. If men and women were equal, and if men and women were the same, there would be absolutely no reason for men to date women, to pay for dates, to pay for an engagement ring, to be married, to pay for a wedding, to buy a house and vehicle for a woman, to pay for her children, to pay to support her.

      Let’s just all be equal then, let’s not have dating and marriage anymore, women can buy their own houses and cars. For some good looking women who want to be prostitutes, they would stand to make about $200,000 or more per year. But wait, women won’t allow that, because without men, who is going to pay for their house, their car, and pay for them to live?

      From what you describe about high school in Dickinson, you still haven’t figured out that for the past 15,000 years, the whole entire history of humans on Earth, boys and men have been trying to touch women, to have sex with them. Watch some wild animal shows on the internet, maybe you can watch and learn about mating behavior between males and females.


      1. I agree. Harldy any of the women married here work. They let the old man buy them everything then rhe more and more I see they try to sell bakery now online and open food trucks. Otherwise all you do see when they are out is spending money and driving around in their 65k Suburbans they think they need to keep up eith the neighbors. Women want a man who will let them be lazy, useless and have kids. Women are born to breed. Why do you think they vast majority of single parents are women? They are programmed to reproduce. Guys get sucked in to the 3 hole monster and they become weak dependant lose their identity and self worth and are now brainwashed by the 3 holed monster. How do I know? I see it ALL THE FUCKING TIME with the guys I work with. Every single one of them has absolutely no balls to stand up to their absolutely mental gf’s, wives or finances. They are sad weak dudes who want to have this bad ass oil field tough guy mentality and they are pussies. These women control their men. And they let it happen because they are afraid the pussy will leave.


    2. I need you all to know that this is exactly the attention this anonymous person wants, and they will never give us their name because they live in fear. Confrontation is not in their vocabulary, and they are just feasting off of your anger. We all know none of this is true, and that what is true is that Erik is a criminal. They are not answering your insults or questions directly on purpose, just saying more to anger you. Don’t give them ammo, and don’t feel offended because none of it is true. The publisher can be anyone, Erik, his mother, someone’s sibling.. or just a horrible person. Whoever it is? Don’t let it bother you, because no tourist is going to be dumb enough to believe this article, and whoever this is hiding this part of themselves? They’ll lose it one day, it’ll all come tumbling out, and on that sad day they’ll have either life- or death. Hopefully the latter.


  4. Awwww someone can’t get laid because he clearly has a shitty personality and is blaming it on the opposite gender because it couldn’t POSSIBLY be his fault! Oh no! Women are just dying to hook up with him – just not the ones in Dickinson. Lmao. Stfu you misogynist dumbass. You can’t get laid because you treat women like shit and live in your parents basement beating off every night before bed.

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  5. 1. This is the worst writing I’ve ever seen in my life. My second grade child writes better than this.
    2. You blame women for your own inability to get laid, when the reality is that no one wants to be with someone like you. Who the fuck would. Jesus Christ.
    3. You hate and are aggressive toward women because you can’t get a date with them. Women do not owe you ANYTHING, especially sex.
    4. Women are NOT placed on this earth for men or for anyone else’s entertainment.
    5. You are fucked in the head. Please go to therapy you worthless piece of shit.
    6. Women do NOT need or want men for their money, houses, jewelry, etc. it’s 2020. Women have careers, make their own money, buy their own shit, and provide for themselves. Grow the fuck up and welcome to reality you fucking shit eating dumbass.
    7. Fuck you. People like you are the problem with society. Do us all a favor and kill yourself.
    8. Fuck you

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  6. I grew up in Belfield ND 20 miles from Dickinson ND. I know quit a few chics from Dickinson an they are not fat, ugly, stuck up, mean an so on. We are not skanks. There are good looking chics in that area. We just dont bother with people like you. If all the looking chics leave we leave for a good reason because Dickinson is a shit hole town. Dickinson has both good looking chics an ugly chics. You must just have bad taste.

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  7. When i was 13 years old, Erik sent me unsolicited nudes. He was 19. Erik odegaard is a disgusting, perverted simple minded piece of garbage. What he did was WRONG. Whoever you are, you need serious mental help. You’re trying to defend a rapist and a pedophile by blaming the public, who did NOTHING wrong.

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  8. You’re lucky you didn’t take credit for this article, because i personally plenty of men and women INCLUDING myself, that would gladly beat your stupid misogynistic ass into the pavement. You’re lucky y’all blood ain’t been splattered already, bud.

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  9. This is the most unintelligible writing I’ve ever seen, lmfao. I couldn’t take you seriously after the second paragraph. You didn’t even explain what happened to the guy in question. I don’t know what you hoped to come out of this, but after all this shit about your low opinion of women, it’s clear that there is no basis of fact. There is nothing legitimate about whatever case you’re trying to make. No one gives a shit about you’re opinion and you’re not helping anyone by sharing it, so you can go ahead and quit wasting people’s time by posting garbage like this. I know I just wasted my time.

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  10. I am honestly quite offended by this article. I am from Dickinson, and my family has been here for quite awhile. I personally know many kind and beautiful women. Yes, there are some women who are cruel, and some who are unkept and obese, but you will find women like that everywhere. In addition, being beautiful doesn’t automatically make you nice or sweet. The most gorgeous woman in the world could be hideous on the inside. Your assumption and accusation that the women of Dickinson forced Eric to do what he was accused of doing because he was lonely for beautiful women is disgusting. There is never a good reason for knowingly breaking the law in regards to underage sex. As for prostitution, there are up and down sides to this issue. Women were often taken advantage of in these situations, they often got diseases from men who either didn’t care, or didn’t know, and if they actually were raped they weren’t believed because of their profession. That left terrible psychological trauma. On the upside, women made more for it than in the other menial jobs that they were allowed at the time. However, the negative often outweighs the positive, especially in our current society where women are paid better wages and have a wider range of employment available. Now, I worked with Eric. I never got to know him extremely well, we were never close, so I cannot judge as to whether he truly is guilty or not. I know what I’ve heard, but as I’ve never gotten to ask him personally, I will refrain from making an accusation. However, do not blame and cruelly label the women of Dickinson in your biased, hateful commentary written in anger over Eric’s verdict. We do not deserve it, and many of us are nothing like what you’ve accused us of being.

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    1. Princeilya22,
      Thank you for your reasonable comment. Erik probably almost certainly did have sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 19-20 years old. This has been happening since the beginning of human kind, and is not even illegal in most countries. But, since people in Dickinson could do it, they made sure that Erik got charged, convicted, and sentenced to what started out as ten years in prison.

      Two hundred miles to the north in Canada, where the age of consent was raised from 14 to 16, the “close-in-age exception” law allows 14-15 year old girls to have sex with 19-20 year old males. But since we are 200 miles to the south, and people in Dickinson can do it, we would sentence a young man to ten years in prison, does this make sense?

      No matter what people say, want to discuss, or how they want to explain, Dickinson has the greatest shortage of women that I have ever seen or heard of, with the exception of Williston, Watford City, and Alaska. The women who are here, are the least attractive, worst behaving, nastiest acting women that I have ever seen in my life, by far. I have talked about it, written about it, and complained about it, not just because it is miserable here, but to remember what it used to be like where women got up in the morning, took a shower, got dressed, cared about how they looked, wanted to meet people, wanted to make a good impression, wanted to make friends, wanted to be pleasant to be around.


      1. It is definitely not legal to have sex with underage women in Canada.. nice try though bud.


      2. “Nope, fuck you” / Jayda,
        You people in Dickinson are really something, it took me a minute to copy and paste this for you:

        “The Tackling Violent Crime Act raises the legal age of sexual consent in Canada to 16 from 14, the first time it has been raised since 1892. But the law includes a “close-in-age exception,” meaning 14- and 15-year-olds can have sex with someone who is less than five years older.”

        To do the math for you, if there was girl who was 14 years plus 9 months old, she could have legal sex with a male who was 19 years plus 8 months old, because he is less than 5 years older.

        If a Canadian girl was 15 years plus 11 months old, she could have legal sex with a male who was 20 years plus 10 months old.


    1. Curiously, curious:
      Erik should not have come back to Dickinson. When you are young, and don’t have a lot of money, sometimes you have to return to your parents’ home and begin working in order to save enough money to be able to do or try something else. During the oil boom, and shortly after the oil boom, there were still more high paying jobs in Dickinson than most other places in the U.S., especially if you knew people working in the oil field that could help you get hired. Unfortunately for most men, especially young men, the ratio of men to women in Dickinson is 3:1, and there is a shortage of attractive women.


  11. From someone who also went to school with Erik, he was a predator! sending nudes to girls 13-14 and still doing it up until he got locked up! I mean, Ffs, HE STABBED SOMEONE IN THE HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT. If you didn’t give him what he wanted, he would threaten you.

    Here’s a big fuck you pal. Rot in hell.

    You’re a terrified little idiotic person who lacks the confidence/balls to claim who they are. It’s pretty clear that 99.9% of women will be way more successful than you by the time they’re 20, I know I am.

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    1. The “Skank”,
      You wrote in your comment, “99.9% of women will be way more successful than me by the time they’re 20, I know I am.”

      If you move to a state with more than 20 million people, and get into the most difficult university in that state with more than 30,000 students, and you are only one of fifty students who are able to graduate each semester with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering after six years of competing with thousands of other students at the hardest university to get into, then work as an engineer, superintendent, and project manager in charge of large projects, before you are thirty, and if you have a paid for home on five acres, own thirteen vehicles, and three motorcycles, then you will be more successful than me.

      How are you, or any woman that you know, more successful than me? How can you be so stupid and ignorant as to make the statement that you made? And I don’t mean for you to point out some woman who married a man who bought an apartment complex, so that his wife could claim that she owns an apartment complex, while she has low-level employment as an office administrator.


      1. What you’re saying is you’re a grown, sexist, narcissistic man with a “successful” life and yet nothing better to do than to defend sex offenders and pedophiles. Sounds like you aim to be on their level, I hope you don’t have kids.. but if you do you probably get lonely with them. Your existence and mindset are hilarious.

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      2. MM,
        I keep trying to point out again, and again, and again, that up until about 1960 in the U.S., not the rest of the World, that sex and marriage between teen-aged girls and older men was normal, accepted, and not illegal.

        How can the politics and culture of the past sixty years in the U.S. be more valid, ethical, and moral than the previous 15,000 years of civilization on this Earth, or than any other country on Earth?

        Look at it this way, with the ratio of men to women in Dickinson being 3:1, how is this type of thing not going to happen eventually, especially because prostitution is not allowed.


      3. In the past they didn’t know better, and the marriage between a child and grown man was allowed BECAUSE brutal men decided they wanted to marry young children. That was also allowed then for circumstances, families needed food or money so they sold off their kids in the form of marriage, nothing romantic or right about it. Now society no longer lets retards- sorry MEN decide to do whatever they want anymore, we also know children are too young to know what they want.

        Just like how back then we did open surgery without knowledge of sterilization or most medicine, which is why many died. Now we know these things and learn from the past to do better.

        Find something new to mooch off of because your statements are stale and irrelevant to the times we are in.


      4. Also in response to your last statement? Things like this should never be normalized or thought of as “bound to happen”, that’s something only narrow-minded people like yourself think. There are many beautiful women in Dickinson, North Dakota and kind too. If you can’t find one it’s because you’re too picky, and you are completely free to leave rather than stay here complaining of how woefull your stay here is without a sex slave. Or try not focusing on sex and females so much, or relations period and find something better to do with your time. You say you are successful? So live your life, use your success to go where YOU believe beautiful women exist.

        In actuality this is not bound to happen, what is bound to happen is the breeding of horrible humans who think that way. It can be stopped if you just became a good human.

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      5. MM,
        I don’t think that I wrote this recently, so I want, and I probably should explain that I have almost as much trouble with women liking me, as I do finding the right girl for myself.

        For the last couple of months there has been a very small girl, who looks very young, who works at a store that I go to, who likes me. The way that she acts towards me, it is very obvious that she likes me. I have thought a lot about how I want to handle this, and why she is acting like this. Does she want to get out of her parents’ house, does she want to be with someone who she thinks has money, is she attracted to older men, I just don’t know.

        Yes, I would like to have sex with her, I think about how she would be, what she would look like, the experience of being with a lustful, healthy, energetic, affectionate young lady. But I also think about her getting tired of me, me not behaving like she wanted me to, me not doing what she wanted me to do. Or worse yet, she could become pregnant and I would be stuck with the consequences of this for the rest of my life.

        There are a few other women like this around Dickinson, some are very young, some are small, some are taller than me, some have children, and some are married. I think about what are the consequences for me and for them, and it’s not good. That is one of the reasons why I have written before, that I would like a girlfriend that I can’t hurt, or can’t be hurt, preferably like the female terminator, so that she could drive my car on long trips, do the computer scans on my car, and fix my car. But the next best thing for me would be to pay girls like this http://www.escortofitaly.com/Travel/Gallery because they are only expecting to get paid for their time.


      6. Congratulations. They must have worked very hard to train you. Im impressed that you are able to write the longest run on sentence in modern history.
        If you move to a state with more than 20 million people, and get into the most difficult university in that state with more than 30,000 students, and you are only one of fifty students who are able to graduate each semester with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering after six years of competing with thousands of other students at the hardest university to get into, then work as an engineer, superintendent, and project manager in charge of large projects, before you are thirty, and if you have a paid for home on five acres, own thirteen vehicles, and three motorcycles, then you will be more successful than me.


      7. If you are such a raging success and Dickinson is such a shithole devoid of women that even remotely meet your standards, why the hell are you still here bitching about it?!?!?

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      8. Jen,
        I have my reasons for being here in Dickinson, which I do not want to tell all of them because I don’t want my plans to be interfered with. I am watching, waiting, and looking forward to what is going to happen, and what this will mean for me.


  12. I guarantee you are one ugly little man.

    There’s a reason you have to buy your sex when other decent men get it for free.


    1. Bill,
      I want to put an end to this stupidity and ignorance. When you buy an engagement ring, provide a home, provide an automobile, health insurance, pay the utilities, pay for food and necessities, or end up paying child support and alimony, you aren’t getting anything for free, you are paying 10 times to 100 times more for sex, than someone who hires a prostitute.


      1. So when my self, my mother, and my grandmother are the ones to provide health care, we bought our own vehicles, pay for half or all the mortgage, pay for the utilities and food for our families without needing alimony or child support does that mean we have been paying our husbands for sex? We aren’t the few exception anymore either. I know many more women that support their families the same way.


      2. Hmmm,
        You are almost correct. When you say that you pay for your health insurance, your car, half the mortgage, utilities and food, you are paying for yourself, you are paying for half of the household expenses. Of course this does not mean that you are paying your husband for sex, because you are only paying for half of the household expenses. If you were paying all of the household expenses, and your husband’s health insurance, and for your husband’s vehicle, then you could rightfully claim that you were paying for your husband.

        Since you seem to be very conscious about what you pay for, and how much these things cost, how would you like it if you paid the Entire mortgage, your husband’s health insurance, your husband’s vehicle, and all the utilities and food? Let that sink in. It sounds absurd to you I bet. But that’s what most men have been doing and are expected to do.


    1. Noneed, Name withheld:
      What is going to happen to me? If you go read my past several blog post articles, you could probably figure out that nothing is going to happen to me.

      In the past two days, my blog website has received more than 20,000 views, which is something that I have been working towards for the past six years, for everyone to read and see my blog post articles.

      All that I really ever had to look forward to in Dickinson, was to be able to see everyone in Dickinson get what is coming to them, and now, I finally can.


      1. That’s what you thought before. But your information is plastered all over Facebook. People now know who you are, What you look like. And thanks to all the posts about stolen property, and security footage, where you live. How long do you think it’s going to take for somebody to kick your teeth in? Just saying. Enjoy your stay in Dickinson.

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  13. You make me sick….Eric was sending dick pics to underage girls and deserved everything he got. To think that outdated way of thinking like this still exist is a travesty. Would you allow your mother to be mistreated because she was once a young lady and had to worry about sick fucks like you and Eric taking advantage of them. If you had children you might understand but in order for that to happen you would have to be found attractive to a woman willing enough to lower her expectations of what a good man is. So step back and take a long look in the mirror because I guarantee you are a fat slobbish loser and the world would benefit greatly from your demise.


    1. Christopher Reed,
      Erik was not charged with rape. The more I am reading and finding out, it appears that there was not any dispute about the sex being consensual or not, Erik was arrested and charged under the ND laws concerning sex with girls under the age of legal consent. I am getting tired of writing it, but up until about 1960 in the U.S., it was normal for 14-15 year old girls to have sex with 19-20 year old men, in many countries, including Canada only 200 miles to the north, it is still normal and legal.

      This kind of moral outrage is more like a mob mentality to lynch someone, anyone, just someone, for something.


  14. I’m just gonna put it out there and say not many people liked Him in high school. Buddy is a rapist. There are plenty of Beautiful girls in Dickinson. You and Erik are just to fucking greasy for them to talk to.


    1. Odiswag,
      It would not surprise me if it were true that not many students liked Erik in high school, because Erik was a polite, decent, respectful, helpful, normal, nice acting young man, who had a promising future ahead of him. Whereas there seems to be this large population of criminal drug addict people that just keeps growing and growing to where it is becoming a majority in Dickinson.


      1. Did you personally know Erik? Do you know for a fact that he was “ polite, decent, respectful, helpful, normal, nice acting young man, who had a promising future ahead of him” ? Because I knew him. Not just in high school, when we were younger too. Nothing about him was police, decent, respectful, normal, or a nice acting man.. at least not to women. There were many times he asked for inappropriate pictures and I would always say, “no. I don’t do that” and he would say the most horrific things back to me because I refused to send the pictures. What about that is respectful or a nice young man? It got to the point where I had to block him on all social media because he wouldn’t stop. And he got more rude every time I would ignore him or tell him no. We didn’t go to the same school, but When my friends and i would go to basketball games in Dickinson, I would have to have some of the boys or my brothers walk with me going to the bathroom, concession, or going outside because he would follow me and make comments about how he would ruin my life because I turned him down. He did this to many girls too, not just me.

        As for your comments about the women of Dickinson, i think everyone should ignore that since you obviously have poor judge of character considering the boy your defending.


      2. That’s because it is not only illegal but on a moral standpoint disgusting. A 14 or 15 year old have no clue. They are too dumb and gullible to know what they are getting into in the first place let alone fully comprehend the consequences to their actions. They are kids. It’s pedophiles like you that should no tax dollars be spent putting to death. Just a $.30 round to the head


      3. daddyx3701,

        You are a perfect representation of a North Dakotan, too uneducated and ignorant to even know history. Up until about 70 years ago, for the whole entire history of mankind, going back to the beginning of mankind, for thousands of years, women got married when they were 13, 14, 15 years old.

        You are also too dumb to even be able to read or understand anything, in order to be a “pedophile”, I would have had to have had sex with a minor, and if so I would have been arrested. You are the perfect North Dakotan, too stupid to even know you are stupid, ignorant, illiterate, uneducated know-nothing.


  15. What if it was your daughter he went after? What would you do? It is very clear to me That you talk a big game. But you’re not prepared to back it up. You’re not prepared to come out and say this without a mask. So I would like to leave you with this thought. You go off about all the criminal element in Dickinson. What do you think is going to happen to him in prison. Because I guarantee you 90% of inmates are not cool with touching children, and the fact that you’re defending a pedophile. Tells me all I need to know about you. You wanna stand for your beliefs. Good for you. Then stand behind them and take off the mask. Put your money and your reputation behind your beliefs.


    1. “Name withheld”/don’t matter,
      If I had a daughter, ever since she was born I would have to get used to facts of what women do, how women are, what women get involved in.

      To be honest and completely serious, I would be much more hurt if my daughter started getting tattoos and piercings on her body, because to me, this is self-mutilation and self-destruction, and a sign of an underlying emotional and mental problem that could likely never be fixed, and it would be an indication of worse things to come.

      On the other hand, if Erik Odegaard had sex with my 15 year old daughter when he was 20 years old, and he did not get her pregnant, after thinking about it, I would have to realize that this is what I was preparing to be able to accept ever since my daughter was born. Girls want to have sex for many reasons, just to try it, out of peer pressure, because they like a boy, because they got drunk, or maybe they were horny. It’s going to happen eventually. Thank God she didn’t get pregnant. At least it was Erik, he probably didn’t give her any diseases or get her addicted to drugs, or get her to get a tattoo.

      On the other hand, if Erik did get my 15 year old daughter pregnant when she was 15 and he was 20, I would make him take responsibility up to the point of it being all that he could bare, but not more than he could bare. I would pressure him to get a job, start turning over his money for health care costs, face the fact in every way that he was going to be a father and had to start acting like one.

      But I sure as hell would not send Erik to prison where he would be no good to anyone, just a ruin to his life, and an expense to taxpayers. How would this help my daughter and her child in any way? It wouldn’t, it would only make everything much worse for everyone in the long run.


  16. I’d like to warn the author of this. I’m coming for you. I’m going to expose you.This is your first and only warning. Apoloize to the women of this small town, or face being outted. I’ll post your name, address, and ip address. Choose wisely.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Well, you got it. All the notoriety you’ve been getting a hard on just thinking about all these years. Here it is. Are you seeing it? Oh wait, that’s right, you only got off when no one could put a face to your despicable “blogs”. that’s what got you off. You could walk around all over this town knowing that thousands of people knew you were out there but didn’t know you were right in front of them. All the businesses you would frequent and blog about now have your name, and a face to put with it. Pure evil and sadistic. Your own father didn’t even trust you with his estates at the end of his life. It’s no secret. Your family are well aware of the monster you are. And as you stated in a previous reply, nothing will happen to you. And you are probably right, I’m sure nothing will happen to you, but damn now people know who to watch out for. And just a wonderful thought of all the businesses turning you away once they reopen. To watch a small community band together and most likely drive you outta here. I can hardly wait. But it gives me much satisfaction knowing your just sitting at your screen now, the anger rising in your throat. The heat in your cheeks, your jaw clenched so tight your teeth may crack, the veins pulsating out of your neck and forehead. You wanted anonymous fame but now look. There goes the surprise of it all. Now we know. And now, we are watching. Just one fuck up is all it takes now. Just. One.
    Sleep well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gotchya,
      This was probably the best quality comment that I have gotten so far. You made a good effort.

      Something that you and the other commentors don’t understand, is that I don’t care too much what happens. I have been so many places, and experienced so many things, so many ups and downs, that I really don’t care, nothing really matters that much to me.

      Dickinson has been like a prison for me these past seven years. Being here with these nasty, mean, uncaring, brutal, primitive, savages. A bunch of thieves and drug addicts. The Catholics celebrating and rejoicing in the suffering and hardships that they caused the people who came here to work, like sadistic jailers and wardens. Living like a bunch of cannibalistic rats biting and crawling on top of each other.


      1. I would suggest getting the fuck out of New England now while you still have a chance you sick fuck. Everyone knows who you are now.


      2. daddyx3701,

        Why would I move? I have not done anything wrong. If people can read, they would see that I have not written anything that is illegal, or talk about doing anything illegal.

        If anyone can’t read and understand English, they need to learn, I don’t owe them anything.


  18. so what is it you want. To start a petition to legalize 14 year old prostitution. Or to make it mandatory for girls to have lower standards in regards to accepting men with no character.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. My word. Triggered to this magnitude over some obscure guy writing a blog article. Dickerson women sounds like Kansas City, where I’ve lived the past 34 years. For that matter like many women all over America. I’m now 64, never married, and sure didn’t miss much. I hope this writer can get the heck out of Dodge sooner than later. Dickerson sounds like a feces hole.


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