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These Two Men Are More Feminine Than Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

Below, I am going to show you two short YouTube videos of two very attractive young women.  They are both young, healthy, thin, good looking, feminine, well spoken, reasonable, and logical.  The only problem is, they are both male.

These two men, at a point in their lives after puberty, began to believe that they would prefer to be women.  After they had made up their mind that they wanted to be women, they began growing their hair long, growing their finger nails longer and painting their nails, applying make up to their face, and dressing in women’s clothing.

They had to learn how to speak like women, and behave like women.  They began to learn and practice female mannerisms and movements.  They had to learn to become feminine in every way.

Here is the point of this blog post, these men made an effort to be feminine, soft, appealing, and attractive, to the point that they are more attractive and desirable than about 95% of the women in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In other words, with some effort, these two men are way hotter than 95% of the women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I think that this kind of proves that there is something wrong with the women in Dickinson, North Dakota, that men from elsewhere are hotter than the women in Dickinson.

This first man, is more of a coquettish type woman:

This second man, is more of a sophisticated woman:

I am sure many readers would like to comment, “Hey, go for it, he/she is all yours…ha, ha, ha.”  Joking aside, 100% of the men in Dickinson would like to date these two women.  And, if they found out that these two women were actually men, about 50% of the men in Dickinson would still date them, because they are so desirous of the company of women like this.

I would like to have a girlfriend like these two women, or date these two women, if they were women, because they do act so appealing.  Women in Dickinson could learn a tremendous amount from these two men.  Why don’t the women in Dickinson know how to put themselves together like these two men?


This Was Trudy’s Home, Why Hasn’t Trudy Killed Her Husband?

The beautiful 5br, 5ba home shown in the headline photograph, is 7,000 square feet, with 15 acres of landscaped property, and it has an appraised value of $1.2 million.  This house is located in a rural community, where all of the other houses are similar in size, amount of property, and $1 million price range.  This was Trudy’s previous home.  Here is another photo of the front:

Trudy's House 002.JPG

Trudy’s husband has worked in the oil industry for almost thirty years.  During his career, he and his family have had to move every few years, to where his employer needed him to be.  As he and his wife worked, and paid for their family home, they had more and more equity in their home.  Each time that they were required to move, and sell their house, with the increased amount of equity that they had built up, and the appreciated value of their home, they were able to move into a bigger, nicer, more expensive home, until they moved to Dickinson, North Dakota.

Trudy and her husband looked and looked for a home in the Dickinson area for a couple of years, after they moved here near the end of the oil boom.  Money was not an issue, it was that the home prices were very inflated, for what they were.  Even $500,000 houses in the Dickinson area, did not have very nice kitchens, cabinetry, bathrooms, flooring, layout, design, build quality, or landscaping.  Here is a photo of her previous home’s bathroom:

Trudy's House 003.JPG

Trudy and her husband were not looking to throw their money away.  They were not going to pay $400,000 to $500,000 for a home that was not very nice, where prices were over inflated and would likely come down, in an area where people were proving to be unfriendly.

Like I said already, Trudy and her husband have had to move for his work many times in the past thirty years.  Trudy has had to leave her friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and familiar communities many times to start over new some place else.  This also used to involve re-enrolling her two daughters in new schools and helping them to adjust and get re-oriented.

This last time, here in Dickinson, it has been nearly impossible for Trudy to make friends, though she has tried.  Like me, she has mostly experienced the local women sneering, scowling, and glaring at her with animosity and disapproval.

Most women, want and need to socialize with other women.  They want someone to talk to, someone to visit with, someone to talk about their family with, someone to listen to them, someone to do things with.  Trudy doesn’t have this in Dickinson.  Most women would go insane, or leave.  Some women would probably take out all of their anger, frustration, and unhappiness on their husband.  Begging, pleading, or threatening him to get them out of Dickinson.

I sometimes write about how I wish that I could go back to a normal life.  People from Dickinson don’t know what I am talking about, and people who live in other states don’t know what I am talking about.  If you can’t make a picture in your mind from everything that I have written about and tried to explain, I suppose that you would have to live elsewhere, then live here in Dickinson in order to understand, and I don’t mean one week, I mean at least a whole year.

Once I found out where Trudy used to live, I then knew that she fully and completely understands the difference between living in Dickinson and living elsewhere.  I complain more than Trudy does, but she has had to endure a much greater reversal of fortune, hardship, suffering, and deprivation than I have.  I don’t see how she has not killed her husband yet, for taking her away from what she had, and bringing her here.

Here is a photo of what Trudy’s laundry room looked like:

Trudy's House 004.JPG

Note:  I am sorry for the dull picture quality, which does not do justice to the pristine, sharp, and perfect condition of the interior and exterior of this house.  However, on the other hand, due to the poor picture quality, there is no way for anyone to be able to find out where this house is from any detail, in any of these photographs.  This house could be anywhere, in any state.

I do not think that I have given enough detail to identify Trudy.  Even if someone far away from Dickinson wanted to leave a comment, saying where this house is, I would not post this comment.  The only people who could correlate this house to Trudy, are people who already know a great deal about her, and I would not be giving them any information that they did not already know.

If You Want To See Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

If you want to see attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota, you’re not going to, unless you can find some on YouTube.

This video of Piper Blush was so funny, that I had to show it.  Please watch this video past the first several minutes, you will see that it is worth it.  Piper talks funny, partly because she is French-Canadian, and partly because she is being funny.  She is not stupid at all, but in order to be likable, she doesn’t want to act like a know-it-all.

Very Entertaining YouTube Videos Of Piper Blush

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for a little over five years now.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  There are very few places to go, and very few things to do, so I mostly stay inside and look at things on the internet, especially YouTube videos.

When I click on the YouTube website, the YouTube site displays about forty different YouTube channels and videos that I might be interested in.  Most of these channels and videos are about Bigfoot, automobiles, exploring abandoned places, metal detecting, travelling, off-roading, and some social media personalities.

The social media personalities that I have been watching recently are VeeTwoEye, Stephi Lee, Victoria X Rave, and Poppy.  Yesterday, YouTube displayed a video from a young lady named Piper Blush.

Piper Blush’s video was kind of strange, but in a good way, as far as most men are concerned.  Piper is French, she has a very high pitch voice, she has a strange, almost idiotic manner of speaking, which makes her seem air headed.  Unfortunately, many man are turned on by large breasted, unaware, seemingly dumb girls.  I suppose this makes men feel like they would be able to seduce a girl like this.  It’s like hungry wolves spotting a defenseless sheep.

Piper is not stupid, she probably understands men, better than they understand themselves.  Piper has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers, and I am sure that most men watch her videos to the end.  The number of views that her videos get, the amount of time spent watching each of her videos, and the number of subscribers that she has, may result in YouTube paying her anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 per month, probably more toward the high side of this range.  ( After writing this, I read that her monthly YouTube payments may be as high as $27,000 per month.  Her YouTube videos have over 79 million views.)

I said that Piper Blush is French, but she is French-Canadian.  Part of the way that she speaks, is a slight parody or embellishment of how people in Quebec speak, where she lives.

Piper’s videos are about ordinary, everyday things, and people watch her videos primarily because Piper is attractive, happy, and funny.  Here is one of her videos:

I watched a second YouTube video of Piper, where she was washing off and asphalt driveway with a garden hose.  At the end of this video, she said that she was going to spray her tight, white T-shirt, but then she said “kidding”, and walked off.  This made me mad, because I wanted to see.  Like most men, I would like to see Piper naked.

For better or worse, I got my wish.  One of the commentors to her video, wrote that she has pornography videos on the website Pornhub.  I went and looked, and yes, she does.  I watched two of her pornography videos, and I felt bad for her, because you could say that “her partner was not up for it”.

Sometimes, when women shock you, it is unpleasant at first, because this could be something that you didn’t want from them or didn’t expect from them.  After feeling and thinking different things, I believe that most men conclude that everyone is better off, if people are able to show, and others are able to learn, what each other is like.

In Dickinson, North Dakota where I live, I believe that most people have to hide the way that they are.  There would be too many repercussions from friends, relatives, neighbors, and employers for people behaving too differently, such as attractive women getting too much attention for being friendly, dressing provocatively, or being too available for dating.  This is why there are no women like Piper Blush in Dickinson, they all move away.

I Want To Share Some Annoying Poppy Videos With You

In order to not spoil things for you, I don’t want to tell you too much information about a young lady named Poppy who makes YouTube videos.  Let me just show a couple of her videos first, they are each only about a minute long.

When I watch these videos, I like to visualize reality hitting her, something like an angry dog, redneck, or Arab chasing her down the street, or maybe hitting her toe on a sharp metal bed frame.

The Model Of Women That I Learned Growing Up

What began my thinking towards writing this blog post, were two things that happened yesterday.  First, in the afternoon I went to a local business in Dickinson where the owner’s wife was working.  She is often in a bad mood, and not very friendly.  She can act this way if she wants to, I suppose, because she and her husband own this business.

Lately, I am often in bad mood myself, and I don’t feel well, I am just getting over pneumonia.  When I entered this business yesterday, the owner’s wife was in a particularly bad mood, looking and sounding unfriendly, and that is kind of an understatement.  I thought that maybe I should leave, and just never come back when she is working.  I didn’t want this to become a business that I can not use any longer, due to getting into an altercation with the owner’s wife.

I began to consider that there are other businesses in Dickinson that provide the same thing, so if it came to it, I could just go elsewhere, not the end of the world.  During the time that I was there, I noticed that there were not any other customers, and I could think of at least one reason why this was the case.

Readers of my blog posts have probably seen me write at least ten times, that I do not go out to bars and restaurants in Dickinson because the waitresses and women staff are unattractive, mean, and crazy, and the Police in Dickinson try as hard as they can to arrest people for DUI.  There is no where to go and nothing to do in Dickinson, and because of the Police trying to stop everyone, I just stay in my apartment.

About the only thing that I have to do, is look up things on the internet.  I have begun watching a lot of YouTube videos, whatever YouTube presents to me that looks interesting, I will watch it.  Yesterday I watched a video titled “Ah, Leah”, which is a music video that showed a compilation of women wearing bikinis.

I thought that this video was funny, because it reminded me of how things were living in Florida up until I was about 32 years old.  Though the women in the “Ah, Leah” video seem very attractive now, because I have been living in North Dakota for so long, these women in the video are just average women that you would see every day in Florida.

When I was growing up and going to school in Florida, in elementary, middle school, and high school, there were very few girls that were very unattractive, or very overweight.  It was a combination of genetics, environment, and culture.  It was relatively warm all year long, so most kids and adults were always doing activities outdoors.  People in the community where I lived, which was on the ocean and the intercoastal waterway, were fairly healthy and active.

Also, part of the culture in Florida, where it was warm all year, and people go to the ocean, rivers, and lakes throughout the year, women wanted to look nice in bathing suits.  Women wanted to look good to attract the attention of men, to be invited places, to be taken out, to date, and to possibly become married in the future.

Another reason why women wanted to look good, was because they wanted to be invited to socialize with other women.  Women naturally recognize the importance of networking, social networks, and the advantages of being accepted and liked by other women.  It may seem a mean thing to say, but I have noticed this to be true everywhere that I have ever been, women try to seek out attractive women to be friends with, because they see this as advantageous to them.

Women see and believe that the best looking women have access to the best looking men, the most successful men, the men with the best connections, the best employment opportunities, the most glamorous employment opportunities, offers for travel, offers to attend exclusive events and parties, and opportunities to meet and socialize with wealthy, influential people.  Women in Florida just looked at it as an all around good idea to stay in shape, and to look healthy and attractive.

When I was a kid, this was in the 1970s, many people went to the beach on the weekends or they went boating.  My mother did not like to go the beach so much when I was a kid, though when she was younger, before I was born, she liked to.  I think that this was primarily because my mother had gained weight in her 40s, and she did not feel comfortable being seen in a bathing suit by everyone.

My mother did like to go boating when I was young, so this is what we did on the weekends with other families.  Younger families usually started out boating with an eighteen foot ski boat, or multi purpose fishing boat.  On Saturday afternoon, the families would go out on the intercoastal river and travel several miles down the river to meet up at an island or a sand bar.

All of the families brought an ice chest or two, filled with soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks, and sandwiches.  The adults would park their beach chairs in several inches of water, and sit down to bullshit, catch up on news, unwind, and get drunk.

The kids could all run around like wild animals on the sand bars, screaming and yelling, because there was no where they could go, you could see them, and there wasn’t much that they could get hurt on.  On the islands, the kids would go exploring, especially if you told them that there were wild horses, or a hermit, or something.

There would typically be about thirty people parked at one spot on a sand bar or an island.  The group of friends and acquaintances, some of them had gone all the way through school together, sometimes even college.  They usually had social and business involvement together in the community.  Typically, someone would bring a new person with them, who was a friend, relative, co-worker, or business associate, who they thought would enjoy everything.

The group that my parents were friends with, and associated with for practically their entire lives, were real estate agents and brokers, insurance agents and company owners, appraisers, accountants, CPAs, attorneys, pilots, nurses, sales reps, contractors, business owners, and a few trades people.  I will go ahead and show the video now of the women in bikinis, because when I was a kid, this is how the women, wives, and mothers looked:

Yup, the real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, school teachers, attorneys, sales reps, nurses, and wives looked like this at the beach and out boating when I was a kid in Florida in the 1970s.  I didn’t know that this was unusual, I just took it for granted.

When some women, wives, and mothers got to be in their late 30s or 40s, they didn’t want to go to the beach anymore, or boating anymore.  Their view on life completely changed.  They once loved the sun, the water, wearing hardly any clothes, and getting drunk on the weekends, but they changed completely.

I want to explain the departure in women, where some women kept right on going like they always had, and some women completely changed.

There were some women, especially real estate brokers and agency owners, who kept right on going like they always had, enjoying every weekend, partying, and having a good time, into their sixties.  Other women in their late 30s or 40s, they retreated into their homes, not coming outside, refusing to go anywhere, and preferring to stand at their kitchen counter trying to give orders to their children and husbands, seemingly trying to unnecessarily make everyone else unhappy, because they were unhappy.

When I was in my teens, and would go to the beach or boating, there were some women, wives, and mothers, who were in their 40s, who were still good looking, friendly, fun, and were nice to be around.  There were some married men who had taken up with unofficial younger girlfriends, some men who had become divorced who had younger girlfriends, and some men who had remarried to younger women.

In general, myself, my older sister, my father, my mother, and all of the men and women who continued to enjoy going to the beach, boating, sailing, and flying, we all completely understood why men who were married took up with younger girlfriends, or became divorced and took up with younger girlfriends, once their wife who was in her late 30s or 40s, refused to come outside or go anywhere, and instead wanted to spoil everyone’s good time.

I could say that I don’t know what happens, where you start out with a young 120 lb girlfriend or wife, who likes swimming in the ocean or river, water skiing, being wrestled with and thrown around in the waves while squealing with glee, wearing hardly any or no clothes, boating, sailing, sports cars, and motorcycles, and she later changes into someone who refuses to go anywhere and do anything, and instead wants to be nasty to everyone, glaring, sneering, scowling, trying to stare people down and start fights, but I suppose that I do know what happens.

Can You Even Feel Sorry For Women?

Today when I typed in “YouTube” on my Google search browser, and then clicked on the YouTube site, I saw about thirty suggested videos from YouTube.  The first video to catch my attention, was from a young hippie girl named Stephi Lee, where she was crying because she had gotten into a car accident.

In the past, I have watched about twenty YouTube videos from Stephi Lee.  I like her, she is cute, I like some of her videos, but she also makes me mad.  It was good that Stephi made four of five videos explaining her situation, or more people would hate her, and I would hate her more.

At first, I saw that she was very cute, and I thought that she was very attractive.  Why she was wearing her hair in dread locks, getting so many tattoos, living like a hippie, sleeping in her car, and not working at a job, were questions that I had, and I thought that she was throwing her life away, wasting her life, being lazy, and acting stupid.

As Stephi explained her life in her videos, I could more understand why Stephi was the way that she was, and I could see more of why she was doing what she was doing.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about watching Stephi Lee videos, where I explained that she had mutism until the fourth grade, only speaking to some members of her family.  Her mother died when she was 11 years old.  That she was born with cystic fibrosis, where she only has about 45% lung capacity, and it causes her difficulty every day, even just in speaking.  Plus more problems besides that, that I didn’t even want to repeat, because she has so many problems.

Women don’t think that men should ever say this, especially women with tattoos, but I began to have more patience and tolerance with Stephi, when she was showing and explaining her twenty tattoos.  I was thinking that she was so pretty, why would she ruin herself with so many tattoos?  Or, when she was showing and explaining that she didn’t shave her arm pits, legs, or pubic area, I was wondering if she wasn’t somehow trying to alienate people, and drive people away.

As I watched more and more of Stephi’s videos, and I learned more about her, being aware of her health problems, tattoos, hairy arm pits, living in her car, and watching the things that she was doing, I liked her personality, I liked some of the things that she was doing, but I sometimes came to the conclusion that overall what she was doing, was being defiant.

I came to believe and feel that Stephi, in the way that she lived and the things that she did, she was being defiant, and in a way trying to alienate people, drive people away, and push people away.  I believed that if she chose to be more normal, she could have a job, a home, a boyfriend, a husband, not be alone, be safe, and be comfortable.

I suppose that I am missing the point, Stephi doesn’t want to be normal.  But can you, or should you, feel sorry for people who practically do everything that they can, to ensure that they are going to have problems?  To move far away from home where they do not know anyone, and then be alone and not have anyone to help them.  To want to meet and associate with counter culture people who do not have jobs or money, and then not know anyone who can help them with a job or money.  To want to spend time with boys that do not have a job and live at home with their parents, and then not have a man to rely on when they need help.  To avoid and make fun of people who have a steady job and a place to live, but then in an emergency turn to these people as the only ones who are able to provide any real help.

For the past month, I have watched YouTube videos from various women, who are having problems.  They have a problem with their motor home breaking down, some piece of equipment not working, someone bothering them during the night, not having a place to stay, not having a job, needing money, not knowing what to do, going to therapy….and getting a new tattoo.

I thought about these women, and then I realized something.  For the past 6,000 years or so, how this was handled, was women had husbands.  Here is how this works, in return for sex, and some domestic work, men will build a shelter, provide protection, and find a way to obtain food and other things that they need.

For about 6,000 years or so, women have not liked their husbands.  Their husbands were too ugly, too fat, too short, too smelly, too stupid, too controlling, and they didn’t provide as much as they wanted.  But what were women going to do, what else could they do?

In the past 50 years in the United States, women have gotten it into their heads more and more, that they don’t need a man, they can have their own job, their own money, and their own home.  However, whether women realize it or not, when they are making YouTube videos where they don’t have a job, they don’t have any money, they don’t have anywhere to stay, they don’t have anyone to help them, and they are frightened, the solution to this problem has been around for 6,000 years or so.

Here is Stephi Lee’s YouTube video after she got into a car accident with the car that she lives in, while on the way to hospital when she was crying and coughing up blood:

I felt so bad for Stephi, that I was thinking about sending her some money, like $100, and I believed that many of her other viewers were going to do the same thing.  I saw that this particular video has 57,000 views, and that she received about 1,000 comments to this video from people offering her help in different ways.

I would think that it was good, if people and her viewers helped Stephi get back on her feet.  Stephi has a Patreon account where some viewers have signed up to contribute money to her every month.  What I don’t think would be good, would be for well meaning people to contribute so much money, that she received a windfall from this.  The reason why is, because I believe if a person does so many things to get themselves into a position where they are bound to have problems, like choosing to not associate with people who have jobs, earn a living, have a place to stay, and can help you, don’t reward people for getting themselves into a position where they have problems.