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Drug Addiction And Homeless Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about meeting a drug addicted, homeless girl in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I offered to give her a ride to go get something to eat, and she accepted.  On the way to Wendy’s I asked her if she wanted me to take her to a women’s shelter.  She didn’t want to go to a women’s shelter.  I believed that it was a combination of outstanding warrants, and still wanting to use drugs, that made her not want to go to the women’s shelter.

This young lady was very pretty.  She wasn’t able to stay mentally focused, or keep her mind and thoughts on track.  I believed that she was possibly currently high, and that drugs probably were to blame for her mental disorientation.  After she was done eating, I dropped her off right back where I picked her up, just across the street from the low rent apartment building where I live.  She was going to go back to her hiding spot somewhere outdooors to spend the night, so I gave her my black hooded sweatshirt and $10.

The following day, which is today, I had to go do some self-employed construction work that I had scheduled for Tuesday morning.  The work went more quickly than I expected, for once.  I was almost half way through with my work by 11:00 a.m. when it began to rain too hard for me to continue.  I packed up my equipment and I went back to my apartment.

Last night, this morning when I was getting ready for work, when I was driving to work, and when I was working, I was thinking about that homeless girl.  I was glad that it started raining, that I could go home, and that I could look up and call the womens’ shelters.  I looked through my guide to Dickinson, North Dakota booklet, and I could only find the domestic abuse shelter listing.

I called the domestic abuse shelter, and they did in fact admit homeless women.  I explained that the homeless girl that I met did not want me to take her to the women’s shelter partly because of outstanding warrants, and her current drug addiction.  The women’s shelter said that they don’t turn women in to law enforcement, but they would have to asses any woman who came to the shelter to see what kind of help she needed.

I went looking for the homeless girl that I met, and I thought that it would be miraculous if I found her.  After about twenty minutes of driving around my neighborhood, I couldn’t find her.  I thought that she was probably in someone’s apartment or house getting high.  I gave up looking for the time being, maybe I would see her walking around in the evening.

I was hungry and I had been thinking about getting a club sandwich at the Paragon diner, so that is where I headed.  As I was driving west on Villard, I saw some person sitting down on the curb behind a bank building.  I made a right turn into the parking lot and it was her.  I said that I was going to the Paragon to eat, did she want to come, and she did.

She was tired, tired looking, and probably not high at the moment.  She said that she slept outside last night, and that it had been cold.  I told her about the women’s shelter, and they said that they wouldn’t turn her over to the police or anything.  She said that she had been given the women’s shelter address a couple of hours ago.

After we were done eating, she didn’t want to go to the women’s shelter, she wanted to go to her probation officer, then she didn’t want to go her probation officer.  There was quite a delay and drive around, because she kept changing her mind.  She was scared to go to both her probation officer, and the women’s shelter.

Finally, near the women’s shelter, I had to call them because the directions she had been given were unclear, or she was trying to not find it.  When I drove up outside, she wouldn’t go in.  I was trying to coax her and negotiate with her to just meet these people, but she wouldn’t go in.  I was trying to reason with her that she didn’t want to sleep outside again in the cold and the rain, but she wouldn’t go in.  Finally, I said to her that now that she knows where it is, she can go there if she needed to.  Then I dropped her off at her probation officer downtown.

I called the women who I had now spoken to twice at the women’s shelter, and I explained that she was too scared to go in.  They said they knew, they saw us parked outside.  I said that maybe she will come back tonight when she gets cold.  I gave what information I had about her, so that they would know who she was, and let her in.

What I didn’t write about yesterday in much detail was who this person was.  I am not going to blab too much about the details of her life, but I did ask questions to try to get a picture of who she was, to get many pieces of a puzzle.  What I learned about her yesterday, and what I learned about her today, I tried to make sense of it, to put it all together.

Like most attractive women, she was being a little difficult.  On the way to go get something to eat when she was hungry and hadn’t eaten anything, she was better behaved.  After she was done eating, she acted like a typical attractive woman.  She would say, “What? What’s up?  Why are you smiling?”  I would answer, “I like you, you’re pretty.”  She would say, “There are all kinds of pretty women, thousands of them.  You are going to have to find some other reason to like me, that’s not a good reason.  I have all kinds of other reasons for people to like me.  You guys are all the same, I’m pretty.”

I said, “O.K., I admire you because you told me that you won the state championship in high school tennis.  I practiced tennis every day for years in Florida, and I never made it very far in even the district preliminary tournaments.  I am envious of you, I am jealous of you, that is something to be proud of , I would be proud of that, I would brag about that.”

Anyway, knowing her first name, and that she won the high school tennis championship in the state where she came from, I was able to look her up on the internet, and I saw her picture in the newspaper, it was her.  This was quite an accomplishment.  She must have been super athletic and super coordinated.

She had a mom, dad, sister, family, childhood, played sports, and she was good in sports.  I think that she might have said once to me very quickly that she played sports in college.  This is really a terrible thing that the course of life events has taken this beautiful young lady away from her family, friends, people who care about her, to where she is broke, unemployable, drug addicted, and homeless in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Picking Up A Drug Addict Homeless Girl In Dickinson, North Dakota

In a very recent previous blog post I wrote about how I recently moved into a low rent apartment in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Among the things that I described, I wrote about the drug activity in the apartment building where I live.  I didn’t describe everything, I left some things out.

About one week ago, very early on a Sunday morning, I saw a red haired young lady between about 16 years old to 24 years old walking down the sidewalk in the neighborhood where I now live, carrying one piece of luggage.  It looked to me like she had just been kicked out of wherever she had been living.  I was riding my bicycle, and I wanted to ask her “What’s going on?”, but I saw that there were two police cars parked where she had just come from.  I could guess what was going on, she had probably just been forcibly removed from where she had been living.

I really don’t need to become involved with a mentally ill, drug addicted young lady, who someone else could not handle.  I don’t need to be stabbed in my sleep, have my wallet stolen, and my vehicle stolen.  This is about the second or third time recently that I have seen young women get kicked out onto the street in my neighborhood, with nothing except a small piece of luggage.

This evening, as I was working on something out at my vehicle, I noticed a person with a backpack walking down the street.  When they were on the sidewalk across the street from me, they asked me if I was from Idaho, what part of Idaho, and if I was going back to Idaho.  The person was kind of hard to understand.  It was a fairly young person, and a female.  This person was kind of mixed up, and I could tell that things were not right with this person.

I was getting ready to go to the grocery store, but I decided to ask this person if they wanted a ride.  I asked the person, and they said O.K.  This person got in my vehicle.  She was anywhere from 17 to 28 years old, I couldn’t really tell.  She was about 5′-9″, and 100 lbs.  I could tell from the smell of this person, that she was homeless.  It was not the smell of body odor, but the smell of garbage.

I told her that I was just going to go to McDonalds or Wendy’s, did she want anything.  She said that she didn’t have any money.  She was trying to be polite and apologetic.  I said that that was O.K.  As I was driving north and chatting with her, I asked her if she was homeless and she said that she was.  I explained to her that there were several women’s shelters in Dickinson, that after she ate, I could telephone a shelter if she wanted me to.  She asked me what the shelters were like, and I told her that I thought they were pretty nice.

She was very, very pretty, even though I was guessing that she hadn’t bathed or changed clothes in a week.  That is saying something about having natural beauty, sleeping in a dumpster and still being very good looking.  It had been raining pretty hard the last couple of days, and I think that she smelled like garbage because she had been sleeping in a dumpster.

Mentally, she was very messed up.  I didn’t know if she was currently high, if drugs had ruined her mind, or if she had always been mentally messed up from birth.  I started to believe that most of her mental problems were drug related because she seemed to be street smart and have street survival instincts.  I began to think that she was at least 20 years old, but probably not older than 26.

She did not want to be taken to a women’s shelter.  I think this was because she had outstanding warrants, and she wanted to continue to use drugs.  I offered to take her to a young lady that I know who went through everything she was going through, homelessness and drug addiction, who completed rehab and was O.K. now, but she didn’t want me to take her there either.

We went through the drive thru at Wendys and we each got something to eat.  I talked to her some more and offered her a couple more suggestions.  She just wanted to continue to sleep in the bushes she said.

I dropped her off right back where we started from, and I gave her $10 and my black hooded sweatshirt.  Two drug user/drug dealer guys who recently got kicked out of their apartment in the building where I live were parked right behind me.  This homeless young lady got out of my vehicle, and she started trying to talk to them, I figured that she would, I suppose to try to get drugs.  They didn’t want to have anything to do with her, at the moment.

I don’t think that this young lady will ever be O.K.  Any involvement that I have with her will or could lead to me getting charged with possession of drugs/drug paraphernalia from her being in my vehicle, or theft of my wallet, money, credit cards, checks, laptops, firearms, equipment, vehicles, or me getting stabbed, or me getting HIV, hepatitis, or some other disease.  However, you must remember, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and a scarcity of attractive women.

Downtown Dickinson Preservation And Revitalization

In my previous blog post titled “Downtown Dickinson Association Seeking Executive Director” where I offered some proposals for downtown Dickinson, some of my ideas were better than others.  I should not be a nuisance to the Downtown Dickinson Association.  I should be helpful and supportive because what they are doing will make Dickinson a better place to live.

If you didn’t think very much about it, and jumped to conclusions, you might think that the Downtown Dickinson Association seeks to gain attention for downtown Dickinson in order to bring customers to businesses and tenants to the property owners.  Yes, it does do that, this is part of the plan.  A healthy and attractive downtown benefits all of Dickinson in many ways, not just the downtown business owners and property owners.

In most cities and towns that have grown, shopping centers and shopping malls were built beyond the old sections of town.  With one massive multi-acre parking lot, people would park their car, enter the shopping center or mall, and walk from store to store.  Later, without people really noticing, Wal-Mart and Target began to replace the shopping centers and the malls, because people could buy everything very cheaply inside just one store.

The shopping centers, shopping malls, and Wal-Mart are very formatted and controlled according to what corporations want.  There are no shade tress, benches, or tables outside, because they do not want their parking lots to be comfortable, attractive, and appealing.  They want there to be nothing in their parking lots to distract, delay, entertain, or amuse their customers, such as a shady spot or comfortable spot where customers going in, might meet and talk to their friends coming out.

Inside the shopping centers, malls, and Wal-Mart, there are aisles and lanes for shoppers, that are not really conducive to stopping, standing still, or sitting.  There are designated food courts, that are minimal, and not very comfortable.  The shopping environment is very controlled with bright lighting, generic music, neutral decor, standardized layout, uniformed employees, and store rules.

Shopping centers, malls, and Wal-Mart have their purpose, which is to get in, buy as much as you can, and get out, quickly.  I don’t enjoy going to shopping malls or Wal-Mart, because they have the barren no-mans land parking lots, and inside they are somewhat bland, generic, dull, uninteresting, crowded, and full of stressed out people who are in a hurry.

As cities and towns grow and expand, there are more and more chain or franchise restaurants that are owned by corporations, shopping centers that are owned by corporations, and apartment communities that are owned by corporations.  All these corporation owned restaurants, shopping centers, and apartment communities look the same, and are built the same.  To minimize costs, for ease of construction, for ease of maintenance, standardized accounting and management, lease-ability and re-sale ability, everything is built the same.

A relief from the monotony and drudgery of everything looking the same and being the same, the barren parking lots of the shopping centers and Wal-Mart, are the old downtown historic areas.  Where every house and yard is different from the one next to it in a thousand different ways, every building is different, and every city block is different.  A variety of different businesses, professionals, and services.  Wealthy homes, middle class homes, lower middle class homes, all mixed together.  Old people, middle aged people, families, and children all mixed together.

In downtown Dickinson, the residential neighborhoods surround the schools, churches, municipal buildings, and gradually give way to the businesses in the center of town.  Traffic is not bad downtown, and it is very pleasant to walk or bicycle in the old historic section of town.  It is an oasis of green with many kinds of large tall trees, hedges, shrubs, flowers, and lawns.  Home to many birds, squirrels, and cats.

In the afternoon the downtown bars and restaurants open.  Most of them have seating and tables outside on the broad sidewalks.  There are many attractive women who work downtown, you can go and look at them, and leave them money.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall there are outdoor events and concerts in downtown Dickinson.  There are a few locations that have enough space inside to host events and live music in the Winter.

Downtown Dickinson is the most social area of Dickinson due to the blending of residential, municipal, business, bars, restaurants, events, and concerts.  All kinds of people, every type of person comes downtown.  It is the Downtown Dickinson Association that is not just promoting the businesses and the property downtown, but it is also preserving the character and social aspect of downtown Dickinson.

Thwarted Romance In Dickinson, North Dakota

This past week I was at a bar, restaurant, gathering, or event in Dickinson, where I met more than several women.  In order to tell this story, I have to be vague about who, what, when, and where.

The first group of women that were talking to me, were a little bit younger than me, fairly attractive, outgoing, positive, and kind of wild.  They were talking to me and playing with me just to be nice and friendly.  But, one of these three women came back by herself, and she wanted to talk to me some more.  I will call her “Karen”, though that is not her real name.

As Karen started to like me more and more as we were talking, she stood beside me, and was pressing into me, so that I could not help but look down at her bare tan shoulders and breasts.  I was noticing that she had no tan lines.  Then I noticed that she had a pierced tongue, and she said, “Yes, everything is pierced.”

Karen had told me a lot about herself, and what she and her husband did for a living.  I am 48 years old, and I know how married women become bored, and irritated with their husbands for any one of a thousand possible reasons.  I didn’t have to ask about that, women are always mad at their husbands for something.

In this particular instance, Karen’s husband not being there with her, was his crime, and reason enough for her to go astray.  The only obstacle, was that every single person there, knew that she was married.  She was spending so much time up close with me, it was obvious to everyone that she was drunk and horny, but none of her male friends or female friends tried to stop her or come and get her.  I thought that she would end up coming home with me, or me with her.

(Reminder, this is Dickinson, North Dakota, where the ratio of men to women is 3:1, and there is a scarcity of attractive women.  The Dickinson Police will absolutely not allow prostitution, so if you want to be with an attractive woman, you have to borrow someone else’s wife.)

Karen was not ready to leave yet, it was still early.  She wanted to drink more, and she proceeded to do so.  All the better for me, I thought.

Then, somebody else’s wife came over to me and started talking to me.  I will call her “Laurie”, though that is not her real name.  Laurie was even more mad at her husband than Karen was.  Laurie was not drunk, just mad.  As Laurie started talking with me, she began to like me even more than Karen did.

I was happy to talk to some woman who liked me, who wasn’t drunk.  Laurie began to push up against me, and I could not help but notice what nice tan breasts she had.  Everyone there knew that Laurie was married, but none of her male friends or female friends tried to stop her, or come and get her.

Then Karen came over, Karen and Laurie knew each other.  Karen was much more drunk by then, and Laurie was not completely nice to Karen, kind of trying to get Karen to go away, which she did.  Laurie’s husband was supposedly in the immediate vicinity, whereas Karen’s husband was at least sixty miles away.

It would have been better for me to go home with Karen, because Karen’s husband was much farther away, and Karen was drunk.  However, Karen soon became so drunk, that having sex with her would have been illegal.  If I would not have been talking to Laurie, I could have gotten Karen to leave sooner.  It may have been Laurie talking to me for so long, that made Karen decide to go ahead and get too drunk to have sex.

Laurie came back over to talk to me again, complaining to me that her husband was a drunken mess.  I saw her husband finally, he was the biggest, tallest, most muscular guy there.  I thought to myself, “Jesus Christ you crazy woman, what are you trying to do, get me killed.”  Her husband was about four or five inches taller than me, and about fifty pounds heavier than me, and he looked like a bully and a thug.  And his wife has been talking to me and rubbing up against me for quite a while.

I had thought for sure that I was going home with an attractive, drunk, horny woman, but now instead it looked like I was going to get beat up.  I thought, “Man, I just want to go home now.”  It would be O.K. with me if I never saw these people again.


Teal is one of the most beautiful girls in Dickinson, though she is hardly ever here anymore.  I am glad that she does not spend much time in Dickinson, because I don’t want her to be ruined.  I only ever have a vague idea where she is, which is probably for the best because I worry about her, and I am infatuated with her, so I am better off not knowing where she is.

I believe that I first saw her in either 2011 or 2013, both where she was working and also at the West River Community Center.  She was about 5′-8″ or 5′-9″,  very thin, about 105 lb, with very pretty long brown hair.  I have always suspected that she is part Cherokee Indian because of her cheek bones, complexion, and also because of her slight, yet athletic physique.

One reason why she may appear to be part Cherokee Indian, is she runs, hikes, swims, and rock climbs every day, and she is in very good physical condition, with hardly any body fat at all.  I could say that I have never seen or met another woman in Dickinson that looked like Teal, and that would be mostly true, Judy Anderson and Marinna Marsh have the same kind of natural beauty, but Teal’s physical beauty is more wild, untamed, and rugged.

I absolutely can say that Teal’s demeanor, bearing, and personality is unlike any other woman that I have met in North Dakota, Idaho, and Texas.  This is the best thing about Teal, by far the best thing.  Before I describe it, I want explain where it comes from.

Teal’s father, Gary, was a geography professor at Dickinson State University, very intelligent and very educated.  Both Gary and his wife Gia must have been very alert, aware, conscious, deliberate, observant, and nurturing people.  No one could have raised a human being better.  Any bad human characteristic, like greed, envy, jealousy, hate, laziness, dishonesty, treachery, vanity, or materialism, Teal does not have.  All the good characteristics like love, kindness, empathy, fearlessness, and politeness, Teal does have.

I sometimes worry about her because she seems innocent and childlike still, but she only comes across this way because she is not ruined, she knows what is going on as much as anyone does.  She knows that I like her, but she does not let this bother her, nor does she hold this against me.  I felt this way about Codi Miller too.

The last time I saw her, I asked her if she had seen the movie “Into The Wild”.  Teal said that she had.  I could tell that she was pretty familiar with the movie from her response.  She should be familiar with this movie, because this is her, only I didn’t tell her that.  I looked at her, and I think that she thinks that this is her too, though she may not have ever told anyone.

“Into The Wild” is a movie and a book that was created from the actual real life diary/journal left behind by a young man named Chris.  Chris graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, and he had no intention of entering a profession, having a career, and settling into the suburbs with a wife and kids.  Chris wanted to simply live life, to experience life as completely and fully as possible, without any of the things that ruin or destroy life and what is real.  Career, possessions, responsibilities, obligations, anger, greed, hostility, jealousy, vanity, pride, fear, guilt, ……he didn’t want any of it, and he traveled further and further into the wild, and once he became completely far away from people, he got himself into a situation where he accidentally died.

Teal is one of the the least materialistic women that I have ever met.  I am sure that just like any woman, she sees a jacket that she likes, or pants that she likes, and thinks that she would like to have them, but then she lets go of the idea.  The same for a house or a car.  This is the same thing that little girls do, they see things that they would like to have one day, they are happy in that thought, but then they become just as distracted by the sight of a dog, a cat, or ice cream.  They aren’t like grown women full of every kind of anger, hate, jealousy, envy, vanity, pride, treachery, plot, and scheme to get the house they want or the car they want.

I have met only a few women like Teal, and they were all very beautiful.  I have made the observation in the past, that some girls who grow up always having a natural physical beauty, the ones who don’t have hardly any defect in their character, personality, or appearance, by the time that they reach adulthood they don’t “need” anything.  It is like they are so complete and not lacking anything within themselves, that they don’t really “need” or have to have any “thing”.  Leaving a life for them where they just seek to experience things.

(Note:  I had originally published this blog post with Teal’s last name.  It is going to take some time for the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo to no longer include this blog post when searching for Teal using her last name.  In the meantime, with her last name removed, no one can be sure which Teal I am writing about.

Teal was mad at me for about two weeks for writing this blog post about her.  Though she had two good chances to confront me, she didn’t.  Finally, she talked to me and tried to explain why she didn’t want this blog post to exist.  I agreed to remove her last name so that this blog post would not cause her problems, but I refused to remove this blog post, and I am not going to.  If anything, I should write an even better blog post about Teal, so that even more people can know how wonderful she is.)

It Is O.K. To Proposition Married Women For Sex In Dickinson, North Dakota

It is O.K. to proposition married women for sex in Dickinson, North Dakota.  This is the way the City of Dickinson, the Dickinson Police Department, the people in Dickinson, and the elected representatives like Heidi Heitkamp want things to be.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1.  In the surrounding towns and adjacent towns like Belfield, Richardton, New England, Killdeer, and Watford City there are even fewer women.  In some of these towns the ratios are more like 5:1, or 8:1.

There is a shortage of women.  There is a scarcity of attractive women.   Law enforcement agencies like the City of Dickinson Police Department have decided that they are not going to allow prostitution.

Today I read a newspaper article dated June 26, 2017 where the City of Dickinson Police Department conducted an operation where they arrested seven men locally here in Dickinson for seeking a prostitute.  This particular newspaper article did not go into the details of how this police operation was carried out, but I believe it was probably the same thing that the police in Williston and Bismarck do, put an advertisement for an escort on the website Backpage, and arrest the men when they show up for their appointment.

I have written about five or six blog posts on prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Besides there being a shortage of women and a scarcity of attractive women, it is a fact that many women in Dickinson are tired of being propositioned by men where they work, when they shop, anywhere and everywhere they go.  It is also a fact that men don’t want to waste their time, embarrass themselves, and bother women who are not interested in a relationship with them.  It would be a solution for both men and women in Dickinson, for men to look up on the internet women who do want to have sex, and arrange for an appointment with them, however this is not going to be allowed.

There are many men that are older, overweight, or unattractive that are living and working in Dickinson, that are not going to be able to obtain a wife or a girlfriend because they are not handsome, and there are simply not enough women for every man that is here.   There are many men that recognize that they are not in a position to be married or have children in Dickinson, because their employment and housing is very uncertain.  It would be possible for these men to have the company of women some times, for money, but not possible otherwise.

When prostitution is illegal, this is when you get the drug addicted prostitutes, crime, and career criminal pimps.  The whole thing becomes a criminal enterprise, when the prostitutes and clients are engaging in illegal activity, it causes there to be theft, abuse, drugs, extortion, and violence that would not happen if it were legal.

A person does not usually face the threat of robbery, drugs, and violence when they hire a painter, a house cleaner, a masseuse, a dog groomer, a roofer, or any other service person or contractor that they meet at their home or apartment.  It should not matter to anyone in Dickinson whether their neighbor has hired a masseuse, a dog groomer, a house cleaner, a painter, or a prostitute.

I am not going to waste any more time in this blog post arguing and explaining that mathematically there are not enough women in Dickinson for every man to have a wife or a girlfriend, that prostitution is a solution to this problem, and that many women in Dickinson are tired of being propositioned by men.  We must deal with reality, and what the Dickinson Police will allow.

I recommend to men, that every where they go in Dickinson, from now on, that they say to as many women as possible, “Hello, I think you are attractive.  Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”  Or, “Hello, I think that you are attractive.  Would you like to come over to my apartment?”  This is not illegal, yet.  If you have had difficulty meeting women or finding women who want to be romantically involved, you are going to have to ask as many women as possible.  It may turn out, that you have to ask thirty women for one of them to say yes, or you may have to ask ninety women for one of them to say yes.

Every now and then, you will get a woman who will turn on you, and will want to yell at you.  She will come to a stop in the parking lot of the Family Fare grocery store and say, “What the hell is wrong with you people that keep asking me out or keep asking me to come home with them, who don’t even know me?”  Be polite and apologetic, and say, “I know ma’am, I apologize.  I was really just wanting to hire a prostitute, but the Dickinson Police won’t allow that, and I don’t want to get arrested and lose my job.  I’ve got two kids that I have to pay child support on, and I work all the time.”  She will just stomp off, being more angry at the Dickinson Police than you.

Eventually, when the attractive housewives in Dickinson pitch enough fits with their husbands, refuse to do shopping any more, refuse to do errands, and start talking about leaving Dickinson, with or without them, or start talk about going home with the men that keep asking them out, then there will be meetings and changes at the City of Dickinson Police Department where they will quit interfering with prostitution in Dickinson.

There Aren’t Even Any Skank Girls In Western North Dakota

I have lived in Western North Dakota for almost five years now. I have written many blog posts about the shortage of women and the scarcity of attractive women in Western North Dakota. About one year ago I wrote a blog post titled, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”. On that list, I have included three women from Watford City, one woman from Belfield, one woman from South Heart, two women from Amidon, and about ten women from Dickinson. I have only been able to come up with about twenty attractive women in Western North Dakota, and I have been here for five years.

I thought about attractive women that I could add to my List Of Attractive Women, being careful to not include any skank women, and then I realized that there aren’t even any skank women in Western North Dakota. About one month ago I wrote a blog post titled, “Skank Women From The South”. In that blog post I had intended to point out and explain that there aren’t any skank women in Western North Dakota, but I only managed to describe skank women.

Skank women start out in life being underprivileged. They are often pale and skinny as children and adolescents because they don’t have access to very much food, and they don’t get to go outside and play in the sun. Also, they sometimes have scars from a car accident, animal attack, or other mishap. When they become teenagers, they sometimes blossom into attractive young ladies, but they are poor, and not from respectable families, so they are not destined to be a cheerleader, homecoming queen, or go to college and be in a sorority. Sometimes, they have a stigma attached to them because their mother was so wild, or their father was a criminal.

As all good respectable women know, their husband, boyfriend, brother, or son can become involved with a skank woman. Skank women did not have a lot growing up, they did not have high expectations in life, they only expected to have small pleasures in life, such as going out, getting drunk, and having the affection and company of men.

Skank women are not necessarily trashy. If I wanted to talk about white trash women, I would say that I was talking about white trash women. White trash women are the next level below skank women. Now that I think about it, there aren’t even hardly any white trash women in Western North Dakota.

In Western North Dakota, besides the twenty attractive women on my list, it skips straight down past the skank women level, straight past the white trash women level, and stops at one of two lower levels, the battle axe women, and the drug addict women.

Just like there is a scarcity of attractive women, there is a scarcity of plain average women, and you mainly see women that are the battle axe women, the women with big ankles, ham fists, and scowling faces, that look like somebody hits them in the face with the flat side of a 1”x4” board every morning. The other women that you mainly see are the drug addict, problem women, that came from Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Spokane, or Coeur d’Alene.

The South is full of skank women. They work at banks, book keeping, retail stores, offices, and in health care. They are easy to meet and talk to. You meet them at the places where they work, at any store you go to, any place you go: convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, Wal-Mart, laundromats, dry cleaners, the beach. They don’t go to the gym, or go to church.

Skank women like getting asked out. If they got asked out nicely three times in one day, they would probably agree to go out on three different dates. They look forward to getting slightly dressed up, to meet someone for dinner at a restaurant, or drinks at a bar. They like meeting people, going places, and doing things. They see going out with people as an opportunity to do all kinds of things that they like: eating good food, having good drinks, getting drunk, dancing, making friends, going new places, seeing other people’s nice clothes, jewelry, cars, motorcycles, boats, animals, and homes. They like to have fun, they look forward to having fun.

The battle axe women in Western North Dakota want to make everyone miserable, most of the time, they are like ogres or trolls. The problem drug addict women that came to Western North Dakota from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Spokane, and Coeur D’Alene to work at the bars, restaurants, and hotels just want to get high on meth, crack, or heroin.