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The Evolution Of Relationships Between Men And Women

At this time in history right now, we are in the midst of probably the most drastic changes in relationships between men and women that there has ever been, or ever will be.

Right in this 50 year time period from 1970 to 2020, there is becoming a complete role change for women.  There is an incredible amount of chaos in the United States at this moment because of the existence of long held old beliefs and completely new beliefs at this same time.

Since the 1970s, women have transitioned from being traditional stay-at-home moms or housewives, to working outside the home part-time, to working outside the home full-time, to working outside the home for 60 hours per week.  Women have requested equal opportunity to work in all branches of the military, as police officers, prison guards, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, judges, supreme court judges, elected representatives.

Some of the chaos and conflict that we see right now is the result of the following:  Some women still want to be non-working wives, who are pampered, and have a life of leisure, while at the same time some women want to work along side men and compete with them to get ahead;  Some women want to be protected by men and have things done for them by men, while at the same time some women want to be in the military, be police officers, or be firefighters;  Some women want to pretend to be clue-less and helpless in order to be appealing to men who want to take care of them, while other women want to assert how intelligent they are and be doctors, lawyers, judges, or elected representatives.

What makes everything so much more complicated, is that some women try to play every angle, both sides, and try to take advantage of every loophole possible.  This is probably the most disruptive thing in society and culture in the United States right now.  I will give some general examples, and some specific examples.

Women who are attractive, will still try to get what they want through their attractiveness and sexual appeal to men, even though they may be pursuing a career in academia, business, engineering, law, law enforcement, military, medicine, or politics.  This tactic is 100% O.K. with them while they are doing it and while they are advancing, but once they reach a certain point, they cry foul and sexual harassment.

It is like all of a sudden they have changed their mind, they did want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal while they were advancing, but now they don’t want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal, in fact now they want to have a lawsuit against people for it.  It is disruptive in our culture and society right now, that women still want to and try to get ahead by attractiveness and sexual appeal, but then they later claim sexual harassment.

For instance, at Fox News, there have been several female reporters such as Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantoros, that were happy to wear short, low-cut, revealing clothing in order to attract viewers, have good ratings, be popular, and advance at Fox News.  At Fox News, these three women were thought of as attractive and sexually appealing, and they did attract the attention and desire of men by how they handled themselves and how they dressed.  They advanced in their career because of this, and they absolutely were aware of what they were doing.

Women that were unattractive, and who did not have sexual appeal, did not often get as much air time as the women who were attractive and sexually appealing.  This partly had to do with television viewers, ratings, and what the television viewers wanted to see.  The women at Fox News were aware of this.  Some of the women at Fox News advanced in their career and popularity through their attractiveness, how revealing their attire was, and how sexually appealing they were.

The chaos causing and conflict causing thing is, these women knowingly and willingly did this in order to advance themselves, and now they want to claim sexual harassment after the fact.  The fact is, had they not used their attractiveness, revealing attire, and sexual appeal, another women who was a better journalist might have gotten their spot.  They knew this, and they chose to beat out other women by wearing revealing attire and being sexually attractive in order to win the spot, and now they want to complain about their own tactics, actions, and behavior, and actually sue other people for it.

In the newspaper, on television, and on the internet, for the past two weeks, it has been nothing but “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”.  I will tell you something, the whole history of mankind on Earth has been “sexual harassment”.  Are we too fucking stupid to understand now, that men are going to try have sex with women?  When did it come to the point that we did not understand that men were going to try to have sex with women?

I will explain this another way.  Do you know who doesn’t complain about sexual harassment?  The lonely, unattractive women who never get asked out on dates, that is who does not complain about sexual harassment.  For women that are somehow unattractive for some reason, who rarely receive romantic attention, they would be delighted that the mail man, the meter reader, a police officer, a co-worker, or a customer would compliment them about how they look, and ask them if they would like to go out on a date.  They would love to be attractive to someone, to be sexually appealing to someone, so that they could have a boyfriend and maybe a husband one day.  This is normal human nature.

Do you know who does complain about sexual harassment?  Women that get lip injections, breast enhancements, that wear low-cut blouses, short skirts, or tight pants to work, who bend over to show everyone their boobs or their asses.  They do everything they possibly can to attract the interest of men and arouse the sexual desire of men, and then they go and complain that men are “sexually harassing” them.  This is not normal human nature, this is deviant human behavior, and it should be discouraged, not encouraged.

At this time in history, many people want to ignore the fact that men have always had an interest in having sex with women, and this is how children are created.  Many people have come up with this insane idea, that there needs to be laws against men trying to have sex with women.  What many people are basically trying to do, is make it illegal for men to express an interest in women.

So what we have in the work place currently, is women trying to be attractive, to get attention, to be sexually appealing, in order to advance and get ahead at work.  Then these women want to turn around and have lawsuits against men for expressing an interest in them.  They want to have lawsuits against others, for the tactics they chose to use in order to advance and get ahead.

This would be like women trying to get men to have sex with them, and then having a lawsuit against the men for getting them pregnant.  Oh my God, wait a minute!  Women have already been doing this for years, that’s what child support is.


Look Up “Escort Of Italy, Welcome To Italy Escort Service”

Important Warning To Readers:  When I first wrote this blog post, I had looked up “Escort Of Italy”, read their home page, and looked at their gallery of escorts.  I was impressed with their uninhibited, unashamed, and business-like approach to offering their escorts, and I could not believe how perfect and beautiful their escorts were.  I thought that this was just a cultural difference between the United States and Italy, which it would not hurt women readers in the U.S. to see.  I did not know that you could click on each of the escort’s photographs, and that it would give their age, height, weight, nationality, and explicitly state everything that they were willing to do sexually, which is not what I was trying to lead my readers to.

I did not want to remove this blog post, because to the male oil field workers, this is like a dream come true, if only we could have this in the United States, life would be so wonderful, we would probably all be driving $1,000 automobiles in order to see these women every week.  But I am warning the women readers, please don’t click on these escort’s photographs because you will likely be offended, and I was not trying to offend women readers.  I did not know that this website was this explicit.

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for approximately five years now.  In those five years, in my travels through Dickinson, New England, South Heart, Belfield, Gladstone, Taylor, Richardton, Watford City, Killdeer, Bismarck, and New Town, I have seen a total of approximately 50 attractive women.  Approximately half of these women were married.  The other half probably had boyfriends.

There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women in North Dakota.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is approximately 3 to 1.  In Watford City the ratio of men to women is approximately 8 to 1.  In Williston the ratio of men to women may be 10 to 1.  There are not enough women to go around.

The police in Dickinson, Watford City, Williston, and Bismarck try to not allow prostitution.  The police create fake advertisements for escorts, and then arrest the men when they show up for their appointment, causing them to lose their jobs.  The second effect of the police trying to not allow prostitution in North Dakota, is that only the most hideous looking drug addict prostitutes are willing to risk working in North Dakota.

The only attractive women that I ever see, are on the internet.  The women that I see in Dickinson, are not even the same species as attractive women.  Only the out of state workers even know what I am talking about.  In order to prove this, I looked up an escort service in Italy.  In Italy, they think that it is normal for men to want to spend time with an attractive woman.  In Italy, women are attractive.

On the Escort of Italy website, they proudly show the photographs of each of their escorts, you can pick any one of them that you want.  They have approximately fifty women that are incredibly beautiful, healthy, dignified, and perfect:

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You will have to look at their escorts on their website to get a complete understanding of what they are offering.  I didn’t know when I first wrote this blog post, that you could click on the photograph of each escort, and it would give their age, height, weight, nationality, and what they were willing to do sexually in explicit detail, which was surprising to me, I didn’t know, and I wasn’t trying to lead my readers to anything so explicit, so I want my readers to be forewarned not to click on any of these women’s photographs if you think that there is the possibility that this will be too offensive.

I understand that the women readers in the U.S. may not want to see these women posing the way that they are, but I want the readers to see that these very attractive women have chosen to make money this way.  These women may make more money than doctors, dentists, and lawyers in their country, which is why they decided to do this.

I sent an e-mail asking for prices in U.S. dollars, one hour is $270, two hours $475.  You have to name the woman that you want, the date, and the time, and that is what you will get.  That is exactly what I would like to do, to pick the woman that I want, which I would pick Arina with long dark hair, and I would look forward to seeing her all week.  For about ten minutes, I seriously considered putting my house and cars up for sale, so that I could go to Italy and be with one of these escorts for a couple of times per week, until the money runs out, to make up for what I have been missing.  Maybe I can get the money some other way.

Why can’t we have this in the United States?  What is wrong with us?  Most of what I have seen in the news this week, is women making allegations of being sexually harassed by men.  O.K. women, you don’t want to be sexually harassed or bothered.  Can we please have escorts like these in Italy?  Why not?

I don’t want to have children.  I don’t think that I should plan on getting married because it would likely not work out.  There are not any women in Dickinson that I am interested in dating.  I don’t want to date someone that I am not interested in and not attracted to, and I don’t want to date someone that is not interested in me or attracted to me.  It would be nice to look forward to seeing Alexandra, Oliviya, Arina, Fiona, or Victoria.  I wish that we could have this here.  I would be so happy.

I can’t believe this, these women are so beautiful, and all you have to do is pay money, and they will be there, on time, with no arguing, griping, complaining, bitching, trying to start a fight, and have sex with you without wasting your time and frustrating you for weeks.  This is too good to be true, but it is true, but not in the United States it isn’t.

More Lessons On Women

This blog post is a furtherance of the discussion from yesterday’s blog post.

About eight years ago, I read the results of a study that was conducted by a University.  The University recruited somewhere between 400 to 1,000 women to participate in a research study.  Each woman was scheduled to come to the University three to five times per month for an approximately 1/2 hour to 1 hour session where she would be shown photographs of men, one at a time, in a private room.  For each photograph that she was shown, she was required to click the response for very unattractive, somewhat unattractive, attractive, or very attractive.

The researchers had hundreds of photographs of men.  The researchers had purposely chosen these photographs of men, in order to be able to categorize them as showing a man that was very feminine, somewhat feminine, masculine, or very masculine.

The qualities of men that were counted as masculine were, strong prominent jaw, strong prominent brow, large physical build, being muscular, and having facial hair.  The qualities of men that were counted as feminine were, soft feminine faces, slight physical build, absence of musculature, and smooth complexions with no facial hair.

After several months of conducting the research study and collecting data, the researchers found a surprising correlation, though it made sense, and could be explained.

For each individual woman, there was an odd thing that was happening.  For three weeks in a row, in each weekly session of viewing photographs of men, each individual woman would consistently choose the same type of man as being attractive.  However, on the fourth week, each individual woman would sway towards finding the most masculine men as being attractive.

What the researchers found, was that during the point in each woman’s menstrual cycle when she was able to conceive, approximately a one week period each month, she would rate the most masculine men as being attractive to her.

What was at first a little puzzling to the researchers, was if women found the most masculine men as being attractive when they were able to conceive, why didn’t women select the most masculine men as being attractive all month long?  One way to put it is, women didn’t want to deal with the most masculine men when they weren’t able to conceive, or were already pregnant.  And, that women looked at the more feminine men as easier to get along with.

What this means is, the person that a woman wants to father her children, is not necessarily the person that she wants to be married to.  Women want their children to be fathered by the biggest, strongest, most dominant male, in order for her child to have his genes and be successful.  However, women look at less masculine men as being easier to live with.

This is one reason why, though not the only reason why, I made the statement, “What women say they want, and what they actually want, are often two different things.”

I will give a couple of real life examples to illustrate what I have described above.  Number One:

A man that I worked for who had been the vice-president of a large insurance company, his daughter’s best friend got married when she was thirty-four years old.  She was a school teacher.  Prior to getting married, she and her fiancee who was thirty-six years old, discussed the subject of having children.  Her fiancee said that he did not want to have children, he thought that he was past the age of having children, was that O.K. with her?  She agreed with that, she said that she thought that she was past the age of having children.  They were in agreement, supposedly, that they did not want to have children.

The two of them were married.  About six to eight months after they were married, the wife said, “Guess what…I’m pregnant!”  The husband replied, “Guess what…I had a vasectomy!”

No, this was not the case of her husband’s vasectomy not working, this was the case of the wife getting pregnant by another man.  The husband had never told his wife that he had had a vasectomy, because he was sure that he didn’t want to have children, he could no longer have children, and his wife had said that she did not want to have children, so he didn’t bring it up.

Here is real life example Number Two:

There was an electrician that I knew who was in poor health, he was about 62 years old.  He was living with his second wife who was approximately 52 years old.  He and his second wife had been married for approximately ten years, and during their marriage his two daughters from his first marriage were kind of nasty to his wife.

Now that he was sick, his two daughters from his first marriage who were in their thirties, were somewhat more involved in his life because they were concerned about him.  The more frequent contact that they were having with their father, they took the opportunity to be mean to his second wife.  I felt sorry for his second wife, she was very long suffering and tired, she was having to care for her husband, and his two daughters in their thirties were attacking her like coyotes or hyenas.

One of his daughters was having health problems of her own.  After many medical tests, it was determined that she had this specific genetically passed on disease, that only gets passed on when both the mother and the father have it too.  The daughter insisted that this must be partly what is wrong with her father, he has to have this disease too.  He got tested…he didn’t have it…he was not her father!

He explained to his second wife, “My first wife was caught having an affair.  I said to her that we are not going to get a divorce, we are going to move several states away, and this is going to be the end of it.  When my daughter was born, I believed that she was possibly not my daughter, but I didn’t say a word about it.  When my first wife began cheating again, that is when we got a divorce.”

Here is real life example Number Three:

I was at a nightclub in Florida shortly after I had graduated from college.  There was a table with four women, who were all pretty good looking.  I went over to them and was complimentary and forward with them, which they liked.  It turned out that three of them were lesbians and one of them was not.  The one of them that was not a lesbian, was going as a Christian missionary to South America in the morning.  I spent until the early a.m. the next day with these women.

On the following weekend, I spent time with these lesbian women again, and I met more of their lesbian girl friends.  A weekend or two later, I went to a lesbian bar with these women, I said lesbian bar, not gay bar.  One of the strange things in life, is that the hottest most perfectly formed women you will ever meet, are lesbians.

This one lesbian couple that I had been around for several weekends, one of the women was a female motorcycle cop, and her girlfriend was Hispanic and a model.  I was at a party, and this Hispanic model was being very affectionate with me, she said, “My girlfriend is out of town, and sometimes I like to be with a man.”

Now pay attention, some women, and this woman in particular, are in a relationship with another woman.  For some reason, some women like being physically, romantically, and emotionally involved with another woman, and they just don’t care very much for men.  However, I suppose that this Hispanic model, when it got to be the time of the month when she was able to conceive, she found males to be attractive.

Maybe the most valuable and useful take away from this blog post, is that if you are interested in a lesbian, or some other woman who doesn’t like you, you just need to become acquainted, be observant, and wait, they may change their mind at any moment about who they like.

Lessons On Women

During the months of July and August of this year, I got a lot of angry comments from several readers about my blog posts.  Though I had a couple thousand readers in those two months who didn’t write any comments, the same several readers kept complaining again and again.  They didn’t like my blog post titled, “Breaking Cats And Breaking Women Is The Same Thing”, my statement that “What women say they want, and what they actually want, are two different things.”, my statement that “Women will change their mind in an instant.”, or my statement that, “When women say stop, sometimes they don’t want you to stop.”

I replied to one of the commentors that he didn’t know anything about women, that he didn’t know what was going on around him, and that he should go read some books or something.  I wrote that I have gotten more complaints from women for not being abusive enough, than for being mean to them.

I will try to explain this using two real life examples.  Number One:

In North Dakota, my co-worker/supervisor who was 48 years old, the same age as me, he had a 28 year old girlfriend.  The two of them had been living together for about one year.  My co-worker/supervisor told me that his girlfriend was very good looking.  When I met her, yes, she was very good looking, in every way.  She had long brown hair, beautiful face and complexion, very good build, she was very healthy.  She was intelligent, personable, and pleasant.

Circumstances arose, to where my co-worker/supervisor needed to explain to me that about six months earlier, he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight, a phone was dropped, knocked over, or pressed in the middle of the fight, and the phone re-dialed the owner of the company that we were working for.  The owner of the company did not answer this phone call, and it went to voice mail.  On the voice mail recording, was my co-worker/supervisor yelling at, beating, and choking his girlfriend.  His girlfriend was screaming, and yelling that she couldn’t breathe.

When the owner of the company played the voice mail message, he didn’t know what to think.  Rather than telephoning the police, the company owner drove to my co-worker/supervisor’s house to see if his girlfriend was dead or severely beaten.  During the visit from the owner of the company, my co-worker/supervisor and his girlfriend explained that everything was cool, this was a normal fight for them.

My co-worker/supervisor’s girlfriend, was very capable, healthy, intelligent, and attractive.  Her father lived about twenty minutes away, she could have gone to her father’s house any time she wanted to.  She could have walked out or driven away any time she wanted to.  Where she lived, the ratio of men to women was about 10:1, she could have gotten a boyfriend her own age, or another boyfriend in an instant.  I came to find out that my co-worker/supervisor would sometimes or often times get drunk and go crazy.  But somehow, for some reason, the yelling, fighting, and rough handling of his girlfriend, was something that she looking for, something she wanted.

I believe that many readers are going to disagree with my perspective on the story that I just told above.  Some women would say, “No woman wants to be abused or treated roughly.”  So, I will give real life example Number Two:

A friend of mine from California named Steve, was a Petty Officer in the Navy.  He was stationed in San Diego.  Steve was thin and had a slight build, he was about 5′-10″ and 140 lbs., though he was somewhat handsome.

About eight years earlier, he had a very attractive girlfriend in San Diego.  She was tall, thin, blond, and was working as a model when he was dating her.  After they had been dating for about four to six weeks, she said to Steve, “I am used to dating men who are abusive, that is what I like.  So if you want to keep me, you are going to have to start being abusive to me.”

Steve didn’t know what to think.  Steve was one of the least abusive people that you would ever meet.  He didn’t want to lose her, so he began to think about how to be abusive.  He was not coming up with anything on how to be abusive.  He could  tell that his girlfriend was becoming dissatisfied with him, because of her attitude.

He and his girlfriend had gone to the grocery store.  They were each carrying groceries and walking up the hallway stairs to his apartment.  Without warning, Steve turned around and pushed his model girlfriend down the stairs.  She tumbled down the stairs, spilling groceries everywhere, coming to a stop on the landing at the bottom of the stairs.  She had this angry look on her face like, “What the fuck is wrong with you, are you crazy?”  But then she started to smile, and then she started to laugh.

When his model girlfriend had said to Steve, that he needed to be more abusive to her, this is not exactly what she had meant, but this was the best that Steve could come up with.

Now, as crazy as you think that story sounds, I had the same thing happen to me.  I was dating this very attractive lady who was from a very wealthy family.  She lived in a very large condominium on the ocean in Florida.  After we had been dating for about four to six weeks, she had a talk with me.  She said that when she had began dating me, she thought that I was going to be more abusive to her and that she was disappointed in me.  For one thing, when I was doing something that she didn’t like, and she told me to stop, I stopped, but she didn’t want me to stop, she wanted me to do things to her that she didn’t like, and not stop when she told me to stop.

For the young men who are reading this, I am not telling you to go be abusive to women, because you can get into a lot of trouble for this.  But if you take a look around you, the young ladies are probably trying to be with the young men who are abusive and mean.  I won’t go into all the reasons now, but young women and women are attracted to men who are “Alpha Males” who take what they want, who don’t care, and who are “Dangerous”.  You can pretend to be like this if you want to attract the interest of women.

What It Would Be Like To Be Married To A Small Freshwater Duck

There is a young lady that I like very much, who I have written about previously.  She has asked me to please not use her name, so I won’t.  If you knew her name, it means “a small freshwater duck”.  In this blog post, I will refer to her as Quack, though that is not her real name.

I am old enough to know now, that women will change their mind about anything in an instant.  They also say and claim, the exact opposite of what they think and feel.  “I hate you”, can turn into “I love you”.  “I don’t want to see you with your shirt off”, turns out to get hundreds of views from women overnight when you post your picture with your shirt off.  “I don’t like that, stop”, turns out to mean “Don’t Stop”.  You get the idea.

Now, knowing all this, leads me to imagine what it would be like if Quack and I became married.  This is not nearly as unlikely as some of you might think.  I choose to focus on our life together, twelve years from now, when Quack is 37 years old, and I am 60 years old.

I imagine that we are taking a family vacation together, driving to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, with our 11 year old daughter, and our 7 year old son.  On all of our long drives together, Quack has always sat in the passenger seat looking out the window, with her mind far away.

Quack always wonders to herself how her life turned out this way.  She feels cheated.  How and why did she ever marry a man so much older than her?  Why is she with him?  Why is she tied down?  How did all of this happen?

Every passing desert bush, Quack wishes that she could go and hide behind the bush, stay there, and not come out, until we couldn’t find her and went away.  Every passing vehicle, Quack wishes that she could go with them, anywhere, away from here and us.

Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a piercing shriek, “Iieeeeeeeeee… he’s touching me!”  Quack quickly turns around in her seat to see our seven year old son sitting quietly like a toad, holding onto a large tupper ware bowl in his lap, in case he has to throw up.  Our daughter who is sitting behind Quack, is who Quack focuses in on now, this is her nemesis you would sometimes think.

Quack’s daughter is exactly like her, she is tall for her age and thin.  She is hardly any trouble at all, but Quack is always very cold with her.  You could think that Quack is just trying not to spoil her, to make her turn out not to be a bitch, but I sometimes think that Quack is just taking her anger out on her, that is all it is.

Our son is small for his age and immature.  I would not say that Quack adores him, I would say that Quack feels sorry for him, like she would for a turtle or a toad.  She spends quite a lot of time worrying about him in any case, whatever the reason.  Perhaps it is maternal instincts, I don’t know.

Quack has had just about enough of this driving trip, and she begins to think about tricking all of us three to stay in the car, while she launches the car into the Grand Canyon, or over the dam.  The more good places that we pass for her to do this, the more she thinks about it.

It is hot, and the children have been talking about going to a hotel with a swimming pool for hours.  I have been explaining for hours that we are going to stay in an old mom & pop motel on old Route 66, that they might not have a pool.  Quack somewhat agrees with this, staying in an old mom & pop motel on old Route 66, but thinks that I am doing this because I am cheap, which is the truth.

When we do finally get to an old mom & pop motel, with a pool, the children squeal with delight, that they are going to get their bathing suits on right away to go swimming.  I know exactly what is going to happen, and Quack knows exactly what is going to happen, that pool water is cold, about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no way that those kids are going to get in that water.  Quack looks at this as the opportunity to finally get her revenge.

As soon as we check into the motel room, to the children’s surprise, Quack is changing into her bathing suit too.  This makes the children slightly suspicious.  I admire Quack in her two piece bakini bathing suit, she has not lost her figure at all.  Quack takes her two little ducklings with her to the pool, noting with satisfaction that there is a chain link fence around it, with only one gate.

Quack gently and unflinchingly descends down the steps into the pool, calling to her two children.  With just their bathing suits on, and it being late in the day now, our two kids are not hot anymore, and their enthusiasm for going into the swimming pool is now gone.  They don’t want to go in now.  Quack reminds them of how they have been talking about going swimming for the last several hours.

As soon as the two children take the first step down into the pool water, they have a look of horror on their faces at how cold the water is.  Quack has taken hold of each of them by the arm, with her cold, wet, bony fingers, and they know that they can not get away from her.  They plead with Quack and beg for mercy, “No, please, I don’t want to go in, I don’t want to go in…”, but soon their mouths, eyes, and nostrils are filled with pool water and they are choking and gasping.

After about four minutes of frightening her children, who are not sure if their mother is trying to kill them, it is time for dinner.  After Quack and the children change out of their bathing suits and get dressed, we walk across the street to a diner.  I and the children order cheeseburgers and fries, Quack has to pick something else to order.

Quack’s second most favorite thing it would sometimes seem, is embarrassing the children in public, and at restaurants.  She often deliberately orders something that the children will think is gross, and she orders alcohol, which worries me too.  We all know that we are going to become victims of hers here shortly.

When Quack gets her beer, she begins eye balling each of us, and we aren’t sure which one of us she is going to start with first.  “How old are you now?  What, are you in the second grade or something?  Don’t you think that you should start doing your own laundry now?  Here let me put some mayonaise on your french fries for you, that is what they do in France, what you don’t want any, what are you a Republican like your father or something?”

After dinner, we are all tired and ready for bed.  I go lay down on one of the double size beds, and Quack goes and lays down on the other double size bed.  The two children climb into bed with Quack, and cling to her sides like baby opossums riding on their mother’s back.

I think that this is a very happy marriage.

The Beautiful Women Of Sanford Health In Dickinson, North Dakota…Can Be Treacherous

Update 9/7/2017:  When I originally published this blog post on 8/22/2017 it was completely positive and complimentary.  When I found out that I could get my medication for 1/10th the cost from Canada, and Sanford Health would not give me a prescription slip to get my medications from Canada, my impression of Sanford Health became very negative.  When I received my bill today, it was reasonable, so I am editing this blog post.

For the past three years in North Dakota, about four times each year, I have had a severe allergy attack.  The worst part about these allergy attacks is that my eyes become so swollen and sensitive to light, that I can not see well enough to drive.  In order to not lose my job, I have driven anyway, when I should not have.

I did not want to go to a doctor in North Dakota, because I was afraid of what kind of doctor I would get, and how much money I would be charged.  I have had mostly bad experiences in trying to get anything done in North Dakota, that would have been normal and ordinary things to do in other states.

I had to stay home on Sunday and Monday because I was having an allergy attack, and I could not see well enough to drive.  I realized that I really needed to find out about getting a strong antihistamine to use in an emergency, almost something like people who are allergic to bee stings might use in an emergency.  I went to a pharmacist on Tuesday morning and I asked him if there was any prescription strength antihistamine that I could use in an emergency to stop the swelling of my eyes.  He said that yes there was, and he wrote two of them down, Pataday and Prednisone.

I went to an optometrist’s office in Dickinson, and the earliest appointment that I could get was more than several weeks away.  I had not wanted to go to the Sanford Health Clinic because I was worried about what kind of doctor I would get, and how much money it would cost.  I talked myself into going to Sanford Health, hoping that the walk-in clinic visit would not be much more than $200.

I went into the Sanford Health walk-in clinic, and both of the check-in/admitting women were available.  Both of these women were pleasant and professional acting, and check-in was fairly quick.  I had to wait less than five minutes for a nurse to come and get me, she was older with grey hair, but she was also pleasant and professional acting.

There was a second nurse already waiting in the exam/treatment room, she was nice, in her mid-thirties.  The first nurse checked my weight, heart rate, and blood pressure, while the second nurse asked me some questions about my medical problem this day.  The first nurse and the second nurse spent less than five minutes with me.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking that this was probably some scheme by Sanford Health to charge me for two nurse consultations/treatments to increase my bill.

Lastly, I got who struck me as the Marinna Marsh of medical doctors, Dr. Nicole Marie Wilson-Hall from Indiana.  She was very attractive with long blonde hair, and friendly disposition.  I thought that I was very lucky, but I was worried how much this would cost me.  Dr. Nicole Marie Wilson-Hall is a locum tenens, a temporary doctor used by a medical facility to fill a staff shortage.  I have seen and read job advertisements for medical doctor locum tenens in Dickinson, and they are usually paid $300 to $350 per hour.  When I got home, I looked up Dr. Nicole Marie Wilson-Hall on the internet, and I found that she also works at walk-in clinics in Tampa, Florida where she lives:

Dr. Wilson Hall graduated Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame, where she majored in Pre-Medicine and Anthropology and minored in Science, Technology, and Values. Her love of culture and travel prompted her to spend a semester abroad in Australia during her junior year of college. She graduated from St. Louis University/Scott Air Force Base’s Family Medicine program in Belleville, IL. She served four years as a family medicine physician at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota and earned an Army Accommodation Medal during Operation United Assistance in Liberia. She attended A.T. Still University of Health Sciences for medical school in Kirksville, MO and spent her two years of clinical rotations in St. Petersburg, Fl, where she and her husband fell in love with the Tampa Bay area.

I was glad to have met Dr. Captain Nicole Marie Wilson-Hall, she was attractive and nice, and she seemed very competent.  She prescribed two medications, Pataday and Prednisone.  I had explained to her that I had an allergic attack like this about four times per year, and that I really wanted to get an antihistamine that would stop the swelling in my eyes so that I could see well enough to drive, and not lose my job.

When she asked me what pharmacy that I wanted my prescription to be filled at, I said that I didn’t know, I guess at the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy if the cost was the same as anywhere else.  She sent the prescription to the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy.

From the time I walked in the door to the walk-in clinic, to the time I got to the clinic pharmacy to pick up my prescription, it took about twenty minutes.  I hoped at the time that I would not be charged much more than $200 for the walk-in clinic visit.

One of my prescriptions, the Pataday eye drops, cost $191 for a bottle smaller than a sewing thimble.  The amount of liquid in this bottle was less than what a tea spoon would hold.  I was not prepared or expecting this to cost so much.  I was literally scared to try to use it, what does this cost $5 per each drop?  I usually miss my eye a little bit when applying eye drops, and it takes several drops.  Drop, drop, drop, there goes $15.

The Pataday eye drops, my other prescription for ten Prednisone tablets, and the walk-in clinic visit to get these prescriptions will end up costing me more than $400.  I have one refill on the prescription for the Pataday eye drops.  If I want to pay $191 for another Pataday refill, the first bottle and the second bottle would get me through two allergy attacks, at a cost of $591 to get me through two allergy attacks.

When I got home after picking up and paying for my two prescriptions at the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy, I looked on the internet and I found several drug stores in Canada that sell the same bottle of Pataday eye drops for $32 per bottle, versus $191 at the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy.  These Canadian drug stores ship prescriptions by mail to the United States without any difficulty.

I called one, and then another Canadian drug store to place my order for the Pataday eye drops, and they both said that they needed the original doctor’s prescription slip for the Pataday, not the prescription label showing one refill allowed.  I explained that I never got a doctor’s prescription slip, it was e-mailed from the doctor straight to the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy.  The Canadian drug stores said that they did not think that I would have any difficulty in getting the doctor to write me another prescription slip.

On Thursday 8/24/2017, I delivered a letter to the Sanford Health walk-in clinic for Dr. Nicole Wilson-Hall.  The letter explained that I could get the Pataday eye drops from Canada for $7 per ml, instead of $76 per ml at the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy, that the Canadian drug stores would not accept the refill label on the Pataday, and I asked if she could write a prescription slip for me.  I was told at the check-in desk that she was gone for the rest of the week.  I asked if she had a mail box that they could put the letter in for her, and they said that they would.

I knew that it might be a while before Dr. Nicole Wilson-Hall would come back to Dickinson.  She might not come back at all.  Later on Thursday afternoon when I was working, I received a phone call from a woman at Sanford Health, I should have asked her to repeat who she was, but I didn’t.  She pretty much said that I could forget about anyone at Sanford Health writing me another prescription slip, even though I explained to her that I had one refill allowed, and that I wanted to get this one refill at some place other than the Sanford Health Clinic pharmacy.

Even though I have had nothing but bad experiences getting anything done in North Dakota, I still was not cautious, suspicious, and careful enough.  Because the women at Sanford Health seemed to be pleasant, professional, and competent, I began to think that nothing was wrong.  I had intended that my doctor visit and the money that I was paying, was going to allow me to have medication to treat my allergy attacks that occur about four times per year, not just this current attack plus one more.  When I have a third allergy attack, I would have to go back to the Sanford Health walk-in clinic again, go through this process again, and pay the same amount of money again.

Rather than helping people, these women at Sanford Health are there to help make sure that Sanford Health makes as much money as possible, I see that now.  I am really dreading the bill that I am going to get from them now.  I might not pay it.  I have excellent credit, and I have never not paid a bill, but I think I might not pay this one.  I don’t mind explaining a hundred times why I haven’t paid this bill.

About two weeks later I received a bill from Sanford Health for the walk-in clinic visit.  The bill was $158, which I think is fair and reasonable.  In the end, the only thing that I am mad about, is that I wish I would have requested a prescription slip from the doctor, so that I could go home and research the best price for my medication before getting the prescription filled, most likely in Canada.

Drug Addiction And Homeless Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about meeting a drug addicted, homeless girl in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I offered to give her a ride to go get something to eat, and she accepted.  On the way to Wendy’s I asked her if she wanted me to take her to a women’s shelter.  She didn’t want to go to a women’s shelter.  I believed that it was a combination of outstanding warrants, and still wanting to use drugs, that made her not want to go to the women’s shelter.

This young lady was very pretty.  She wasn’t able to stay mentally focused, or keep her mind and thoughts on track.  I believed that she was possibly currently high, and that drugs probably were to blame for her mental disorientation.  After she was done eating, I dropped her off right back where I picked her up, just across the street from the low rent apartment building where I live.  She was going to go back to her hiding spot somewhere outdooors to spend the night, so I gave her my black hooded sweatshirt and $10.

The following day, which is today, I had to go do some self-employed construction work that I had scheduled for Tuesday morning.  The work went more quickly than I expected, for once.  I was almost half way through with my work by 11:00 a.m. when it began to rain too hard for me to continue.  I packed up my equipment and I went back to my apartment.

Last night, this morning when I was getting ready for work, when I was driving to work, and when I was working, I was thinking about that homeless girl.  I was glad that it started raining, that I could go home, and that I could look up and call the womens’ shelters.  I looked through my guide to Dickinson, North Dakota booklet, and I could only find the domestic abuse shelter listing.

I called the domestic abuse shelter, and they did in fact admit homeless women.  I explained that the homeless girl that I met did not want me to take her to the women’s shelter partly because of outstanding warrants, and her current drug addiction.  The women’s shelter said that they don’t turn women in to law enforcement, but they would have to asses any woman who came to the shelter to see what kind of help she needed.

I went looking for the homeless girl that I met, and I thought that it would be miraculous if I found her.  After about twenty minutes of driving around my neighborhood, I couldn’t find her.  I thought that she was probably in someone’s apartment or house getting high.  I gave up looking for the time being, maybe I would see her walking around in the evening.

I was hungry and I had been thinking about getting a club sandwich at the Paragon diner, so that is where I headed.  As I was driving west on Villard, I saw some person sitting down on the curb behind a bank building.  I made a right turn into the parking lot and it was her.  I said that I was going to the Paragon to eat, did she want to come, and she did.

She was tired, tired looking, and probably not high at the moment.  She said that she slept outside last night, and that it had been cold.  I told her about the women’s shelter, and they said that they wouldn’t turn her over to the police or anything.  She said that she had been given the women’s shelter address a couple of hours ago.

After we were done eating, she didn’t want to go to the women’s shelter, she wanted to go to her probation officer, then she didn’t want to go her probation officer.  There was quite a delay and drive around, because she kept changing her mind.  She was scared to go to both her probation officer, and the women’s shelter.

Finally, near the women’s shelter, I had to call them because the directions she had been given were unclear, or she was trying to not find it.  When I drove up outside, she wouldn’t go in.  I was trying to coax her and negotiate with her to just meet these people, but she wouldn’t go in.  I was trying to reason with her that she didn’t want to sleep outside again in the cold and the rain, but she wouldn’t go in.  Finally, I said to her that now that she knows where it is, she can go there if she needed to.  Then I dropped her off at her probation officer downtown.

I called the women who I had now spoken to twice at the women’s shelter, and I explained that she was too scared to go in.  They said they knew, they saw us parked outside.  I said that maybe she will come back tonight when she gets cold.  I gave what information I had about her, so that they would know who she was, and let her in.

What I didn’t write about yesterday in much detail was who this person was.  I am not going to blab too much about the details of her life, but I did ask questions to try to get a picture of who she was, to get many pieces of a puzzle.  What I learned about her yesterday, and what I learned about her today, I tried to make sense of it, to put it all together.

Like most attractive women, she was being a little difficult.  On the way to go get something to eat when she was hungry and hadn’t eaten anything, she was better behaved.  After she was done eating, she acted like a typical attractive woman.  She would say, “What? What’s up?  Why are you smiling?”  I would answer, “I like you, you’re pretty.”  She would say, “There are all kinds of pretty women, thousands of them.  You are going to have to find some other reason to like me, that’s not a good reason.  I have all kinds of other reasons for people to like me.  You guys are all the same, I’m pretty.”

I said, “O.K., I admire you because you told me that you won the state championship in high school tennis.  I practiced tennis every day for years in Florida, and I never made it very far in even the district preliminary tournaments.  I am envious of you, I am jealous of you, that is something to be proud of , I would be proud of that, I would brag about that.”

Anyway, knowing her first name, and that she won the high school tennis championship in the state where she came from, I was able to look her up on the internet, and I saw her picture in the newspaper, it was her.  This was quite an accomplishment.  She must have been super athletic and super coordinated.

She had a mom, dad, sister, family, childhood, played sports, and she was good in sports.  I think that she might have said once to me very quickly that she played sports in college.  This is really a terrible thing that the course of life events has taken this beautiful young lady away from her family, friends, people who care about her, to where she is broke, unemployable, drug addicted, and homeless in Dickinson, North Dakota.