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Shock That Such A Nice Young Man Has Been Charged With Rape In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Saturday morning I was reading the Dickinson Press Newspaper on-line, when I saw an article about a young man that I know named Erik, being charged with Gross Sexual Imposition in Dickinson.  More specifically, the article said “….gross sexual imposition, sexual acts forced for the compelling of a victim to submit by force or by threat of imminent death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping to sexual acts.”

This is a very serious charge, it can be either a Class AA felony, or a Class A felony, depending on the circumstances, with prison sentences ranging from several years to twenty years.

I was shocked, I never would have thought that Erik would do something like this, and I still don’t believe that he would.

In the summer of 2016 and 2017 when Erik was in high school, on Thursdays he would work as a volunteer from noon until midnight setting up, working, and taking down the concert events in downtown Dickinson.  This involved delivering coral fencing, barricades, tables, water troughs used as coolers, tents, ice, drinks, cups, garbage cans, banners, event shirts, and stage equipment, setting all of this up, re-supplying during the event, and taking everything back down and hauling it away at midnight.

It was often hot, sometimes windy, sometimes rainy, very long days, and Erik never backed-out, never complained, never was in a bad mood.  Erick never caused any problems whatsoever.  He never broke, dropped, or damaged anything, never had a mishap driving anything.  He and his friends never got into any of the alcohol, and never got into any trouble whatsoever.

All of the event organizers, volunteers, and attendees liked Erik, no one ever had a problem with him.  Erik had a lot of friends his own age, both male and female, and he got along with everyone.  Some of the young women performers took a liking to Erik, and spent time with him at the event.

After Erik graduated from high school, his father told me that Erik had joined the U.S. Army and that he was in Basic Training.  I thought that Erik would probably do very, very well in the military.  Later in 2018, I saw on Facebook or in the newspaper that Erik was a combat medic in the  U.S. Army.

In early 2019, I saw or read somewhere that Erik was back in Dickinson, and I was surprised, his enlistment couldn’t be over yet.  I wondered what had happened, but I found out that you can leave active-duty in the Army if you are willing to serve longer in the Army National Guard, which is what he chose to do.  I had thought that Erik would go far in the military, I wished that he had stayed on active duty in the Army so that he could advance and make a career out of it, but some people don’t like the Army life after all.

In my opinion, Dickinson is not a very good place to live.  There are not very many things to do for recreation, or to socialize.  Employment opportunities are very limited.  If a person goes to work in the oil field or construction, in Dickinson people will forever think of that person in terms of what their job is: truck driver, swamper, roustabout, floor hand, welder, plumber, electrician.  It is very hard for anyone to ever advance out of the position they are in, it is like the people in Dickinson won’t allow it.  This is why many young people realize that they have got to get out of Dickinson.

I wish that Erik never would have returned to Dickinson, where there is very little to do, and everyone here just gets stuck in the job that they are doing, never getting anywhere.  With nothing to do and going nowhere in life, the people here resort to alcoholism, drug use, and trying to make sure that other people fail too.

I don’t believe that Erik forced anyone to have sex with him, he is not like that, he gets along with people, he has friends, and women like him.  I believe that alcohol was probably involved, and that the “victim” was probably not a victim, but someone who became angry at Erik afterwards.  I just can not see Erik doing anything violent or coercive to someone else.  I can see someone doing what is very common in Dickinson, to try to make sure that someone else fails, to try to ruin someone else’s life for them.

I am interested to know what happened, and who the victim is.  I don’t care if anyone thinks that this is none of my business.  People in Dickinson are experts at keeping their mouth shut and doing nothing when bad things are going on, and bad things are happening to other people.

If anyone cares about what happens to Erik, I suggest that people try to find out what happened, who is involved, and try to determine if there is anything that can be done to help Erik, the sooner the better.  It is not going to help Erik to do nothing and wait for him to be tried, possibly be convicted, possibly be given a long prison sentence, and to feel sorry about it.

Nice Looking Older Woman Spotted In Runnings Farm & Fleet In Dickinson

For the past several days I have been looking for hardware for something that I am building.  I have been to Menards many times, Bosch Lumber, Ace Hardware, and Mac’s Tools, but I still haven’t been able to find a couple of parts that I need.

I had given up searching anymore for hardware late this morning, and I turned into Wendy’s Hamburgers to get something to eat, when I realized that Runnings Farm & Fleet next door might have some of the things that I needed.

After I got some food to-go at Wendy’s, I drove over to Runnings.  When I entered Runnings, standing at the service counter there was a nice looking older woman customer.  I was kind of giggling to myself, because she was good looking, and old, just as old or a few years older than me.  It was funny to me, because she was still hot, and this was still causing her problems I imagine.

She had shoulder length gray hair, and she was wearing black frame eyeglasses.  She was tall, as tall as me, or maybe an inch or two taller than me I thought.  She was thin, but not too thin, and she had very good posture, she was standing very straight.

She was wearing very nice looking light color blue jeans that fit her very well, not at all tight, but more like very well fitting slacks.  I could tell that she had a very nice ass, not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too soft, just right.  She had nice long athletic legs, like she was a jogger and vigorous hiker.  Not any fat on her anywhere at all.

Soon she turned in my direction briefly for some reason, she may have even had to move in my direction, I got a better look at her, and her face matched the rest of her.  From her overall appearance, and every detail about her, it appeared that she had had good health her entire life, she had taken care of herself her entire life.  I didn’t think that she came from North Dakota, not the way she looked.  I thought that she was probably educated, intelligent, sharp, and perceptive.

Of all the people in the store, she seemed to immediately sense that I was paying attention to her, though I continued walking away from her in search of hardware.  I had a strong belief that this was Suzanne, a woman who used to comment to my blog posts, because everything about her fit everything that I knew about Suzanne.

I wanted to ask her, I wanted to ask her, but I feared that this woman would pitch a fit and make a scene if I asked her.  Further back in the store, we crossed paths again, and I so wanted to ask her.

After I had spent some time looking and not finding what I came for, I spent another five minutes trying to find the primer that I wanted, paint brushes, and mixing cups.  When I was ready to leave, I intersected with this woman again.  I said to her, “Excuse me, is your name Suzanne Xxxxxx?”.  She replied “No”, so I said “Ooops, sorry.”

I believe that this woman probably thought that I was somehow trying to make a feeble attempt to talk to her, to chat her up, which I was not.  When I got to the check out area, it looked like only register number 8 was open, where this woman was standing, so I tried to find another register to use, register number 1 was where I headed.

When I  left the store, I don’t know where this woman went, I didn’t see her, she probably took off as quickly as she could, though I was curious to see what kind of vehicle she had.

I sat in my truck eating french fries from Wendy’s and drinking my drink for a few minutes, when I saw a large new, navy-blue color, four-door, four-wheel-drive, Dodge 3500 diesel pick-up truck towing a twenty foot long flat bed trailer appear from around the corner.  The nice looking older woman was driving this truck.

On the flat bed trailer were a row of 8″-10″ diameter, 10′ long posts, strapped down with two heavy-duty tie-downs.  These posts were way too big to be fence corner posts, the only thing that I could think they were for was horse or cattle coral posts.  That Dodge truck was way too nice to be a farm truck, it was about a $70,000 truck.  I thought that she must live on a horse or cattle ranch.  Either a very large cattle ranch, or a hobby ranch.

I was curious to know who this woman belonged to.  I already described all the ways that she was attractive, and that she didn’t look like she was from here.  How far away was the ranch where she came from?  Just outside of Dickinson, where I wondered?

In any case, I was glad that I was not the one that was going to have to put those great big huge coral posts in the ground, one of those things probably weighed more than me.  It would nearly kill me putting those posts in the ground, and I was then glad that I had not made her acquaintance, if this is what she had in mind for me.

I Didn’t Know That Normal Men Were Beginning To Use Sex Dolls In Place Of Women

From time to time on normal television stations and in mainstream media, when the subject of the latest developments in robotics was covered, a little bit of time was spent discussing the possibility of female robots serving as wives or girlfriends in the future.  I thought that this was something that was at least twenty or thirty years away from happening.

I thought that there was still a lot of work that had to be done in making a robot more human like.  An exterior covering that had the same appearance, feel, and warmth as human skin.  Eyes that followed movement and focused.  Facial expressions, mouth movement, and a voice that corresponded to different emotions.  Female anatomy that looked, felt, and worked like human female anatomy.

If you ever watched the 1982 science fiction movie “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford, his character had to track down four “replicants” who were very difficult to distinguish from humans.  He actually fell in love with one of the replicants named Rachael, who was played by the actress Sean Young.  Another female replicant Pris, was played by actress Daryl Hannah.

I have no difficulty in seeing how men could be attracted to female replicants who looked like Sean Young or Daryl Hannah did back in 1982, but I thought that robot, android, humanoid technology was no where near that level of sophistication yet.

Apparently, men have become so desperate, that they aren’t waiting for fully functioning human robots, they are using lifeless, human-like female dolls for sex, now.  In the past, someone who purchased an inflatable sex doll from a magazine, would have been seen as having something mentally wrong with them, being deviant, for attempting to have sex with an inflatable doll, rather than attempting to have a relationship with a real human woman.

I can imagine that in the past, a social worker or a psychiatrist might have tried to counsel a man that was attempting to have sex with something other than a human woman, by explaining the desirability and benefits of human interaction and relationship forming.  I believe that probably only in extreme cases of abnormality would a psychiatrist or social worker give up on trying to coax a person into having normal human relations.

The reason why I am writing this particular blog post now, is that to my surprise, very normal men are now choosing sex dolls over women, even when women are available to them.  Below, I have included a video from a YouTube vlogger that I have been following for about one month.  In this video, he explains a little about why he purchased and uses a life-size female sex doll.

Since I have been following this vlogger who made this video for about a month, I will explain in a little more detail why he and other men are choosing to have sex with dolls, rather than human women:

  • Men are tired of how much money women cost, during dating, during marriage, during divorce, and after divorce.
  • Men are tired of courts awarding so much money to women after common-law marriage separation or divorce, that they work full-time but don’t have enough money to live on.
  • Men are tired of women tricking them into buying them a house and an automobile that they can barely afford, only to later demand through court enforcement after a divorce that the man continue to pay for their house and automobile.
  • Men are tired of being accused of assault, harassment, and sexual harassment, where they may lose their job, career, and child custody just from the accusation.
  • Men are tired of the dishonesty, lying, treachery, and scheming of women.
  • Men are tired of the unfaithfulness of women.
  • Men are tired of women griping, complaining, never being satisfied, always wanting something more, and trying to change them.
  • Even when men have consensual sex with women, after the fact, women are now claiming that they were in fact raped because they had been drinking and were unable to legally give consent.

Here is the video where this man explains why he purchased and uses a life-size sex doll:

I think that men would really, really have to hate women in order to prefer to have sex with a lifeless doll rather than a real woman, but yes, men do hate women this much now.

Rough Riders Strip Club Can Be The Only One With A Bigfoot On Stage

A little over a week ago I wrote about the proposed Rough Riders Strip Club coming to the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson, North Dakota.  The reason why the Prairie Hills Mall is such a good location for a strip club, is because it is located right at the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22 in downtown Dickinson beside many restaurants and motels.  Plus, there is plenty of room in the parking lot for hundreds of tractor trucks and trailers to park.

The name of the strip club, comes from the voluntary cavalry regiment called the Rough Riders, that was led by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-American War in Cuba.  Theodore Roosevelt spent several years living on a cattle ranch not far from Dickinson in the 1890s before he became president of the United States.  There are many things in this area named after Theodore Roosevelt, such as the the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I think that the Rough Riders Strip Club can be the largest and nicest strip club in North Dakota, and make Dickinson the busiest town in North Dakota, with everyone wanting to get off Interstate 94 and Hwy 22 to stop in Dickinson to see what is happening.

One of the unique things about the Rough Riders Strip Club, is that local women, the “Heidi Girls”, will pull rickshaws around the vicinity of the Prairie Hills Mall to take truck drivers from their trucks to local restaurants and motels.  But something else that would be even more of a novelty and attraction would be having a Bigfoot perform on stage.

In my previous blog post, I included a video about a Black man who had a Bigfoot growl at him for staring at her breasts for too long.  This young Bigfoot was about 6′-6″ in height, with golden blond hair, nice breasts, and a cute hairy ass.  This got me to thinking, we could have a Bigfoot perform on stage at the Rough Riders Strip Club.

The only woman in Dickinson that I know of who is that tall, is Dickinson State University women’s assistant basketball coach Janie Rayback who played college and professional basketball.  Janie is 6′-4″, with long brown hair, and in fairly good physical condition because of her job.  All we need to do is add more hair.

I don’t know how we are going to get this hair to stick.  I think that Janie would have to let her body hair grow out long, then we would have to attach hair extensions to her own body hair.  With the amount of time and effort required to attach all of this body hair, it’s not like she could take it off every night, she would have to leave it on.

I don’t know if Janie would want to do this or not, so I need to point out some of the benefits.  I think that she should be paid a minimum of $100 per night from the Strip Club, in addition to the money that she makes while on stage, from lap dances, and from having her photograph taken with customers.  I think that she could make about $300 per night at the Rough Riders Strip Club.

During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, I think that Janie could perform there in order for publicity for the Rough Riders Strip Club, and she could probably make about $1,000 per day in Sturgis.

During basketball season, Janie’s hair would be intimidating and distracting to the other teams, which would give the DSU women’s basketball team an advantage.  She could also growl at the referees whenever they made bad calls.

The only disadvantage that I can think of, so far, is if Janie’s car broke down on Hwy 22 or Hwy 85 at night and she tried to walk into town.

At the Strip Club, whenever the Bigfoot was on stage, all of the patrons would be reminded that this 6′-4″ Bigfoot was only 8 years old, that is was a juvenile Bigfoot and not full grown yet, and to not anger it.  Also, the customers would be informed that at the end of the dance, that if they wanted a lap dance, that they would have to do their Bigfoot call, and whoever had the best call, that is usually who the Bigfoot would go to.  All of the truck drivers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee would enjoy this.

Bigfoot Growls At Black Man For Staring At Her Breasts Too Long

A few days ago I was watching a fairly long YouTube video where a Black man described his Bigfoot encounters in 2004.  He used to ride his motorcycle to an abandoned quarry which had turned into a nice peaceful lake.  On his first encounter, a young Bigfoot that had been playing in an old tree, it got pinned under the tree when it fell over, and it began crying for help.

When the man went to see what was going on, he got to the fallen tree just before this young Bigfoot’s older sister and mother arrived.  He described the young female Bigfoot as having beautiful golden blond hair, a very shapely figure, and an attractive face.  He said that her appearance was like that of a beautiful Native American girl.

As he continued to visit this abandoned quarry, an elderly lady who lived 1/2 mile away, invited him to her home, and while he was at her home, she explained to him that she had been caring for a large troupe of Bigfoots since the 1970s.  At that time, she called two young Bigfoots from the upstairs of her house, to come into the kitchen, and they came downstairs and stood behind her, peaking out at the Black man.

On a later visit, the young female Bigfoot with golden blond hair that he had seen before, she came to talk to the old woman on her porch.  As you may know, Bigfoot do not wear clothes, so when this young lady Bigfoot was standing in front of him, he could not help but stare at her perky young breasts, and her cute hairy bottom.  The young Bigfoot girl got tired of him staring at her, and she growled at him.

I am going to start this video about halfway through, at the part where the Bigfoot girl growled at him, but you can go to YouTube and watch the entire video if you want.

A Black Man Explains Why He Can’t Buy A House While He Is Married

A couple of days ago I was watching a video made by a Black man in his 40s, explaining why he can’t buy a house while he is married.  I thought that there is no way that this is going to make any sense, but it turns out to my surprise that he is correct.

This Black man is fairly intelligent and competent, so when I began hearing him describe that he and his wife are renting an apartment, I thought that something was wrong, because one of the easiest and best ways to invest money is to own your own home rather than pay rent.

Not only are mortgage payments on a home often less than rent payments on an apartment, a home can eventually be paid off and owned, whereas a rented apartment will never be paid off and will never be owned.

As this man described his wife’s suggestion that they rent a home, he said that he told his wife that he would continue to pay his half of the rent like he had been doing, if she wanted to rent a home.  I gathered from this man that he paid his half of the rent and expenses, paid for himself, and the remainder of his money went into his personal checking account, savings account, and 401K or IRA.

I thought that surely he was smart enough to know, that if he and his wife bought a home together, over time the house would increase in value, and their equity in the home would grow.  For instance, buying a $200,000 house now, in ten years it would likely be worth at least $300,000, if not more.  That $100,000 gain in value in ten years is something that you won’t get from having your money in a savings account.

But I continued to listen to this guy to see what his reasoning was, and I was astonished, he was correct.  If he and his wife ever got a divorce, the way that the divorce courts work, they look at and consider what kind of “lifestyle” the wife had while they were married, especially if they were married for a long time and this “lifestyle” was something that she became “accustomed” to.

This Black man has seen it, and I have seen it, where a judge will award the house to the wife, sometimes with the condition that the husband continue to pay the mortgage, and sometimes not.  However, even if the judge awards the house to the wife, and does not order the husband to continue to make the mortgage payments, if his name is on the mortgage, the bank will hold the man responsible to continue to pay the mortgage until such time as future legal proceedings may free him from this responsibility.

What he was trying to do, was establish a long history of proof, that he was paying for his half of the rent, his half of the expenses, and that his wife was paying for her half of the rent, and her half of the expenses.  Everything was equal, 50%-50%.  He was not providing any kind of ease or luxury “lifestyle”, and his wife was not “accustomed” to any kind of ease or luxury provided by him.

Further, when you are renting an apartment, or renting a house, at the term of the lease ending, the renter is not entitled to anything, neither the husband or the wife are entitled to anything more, nor are either of them required to pay anything more, it is over.  Especially if a couple are going through a divorce, if they can make it to the end of the lease, and one of the occupants can leave and not be on the lease anymore, it shows that they are not financially liable anymore for that dwelling.

But this man went even further, he didn’t even want his name to be on the apartment or home lease, ever.  He wanted to be able to demonstrate that he didn’t have any financial responsibility for the rent, ever.  With his record of never, ever being financially responsible for the rent during their marriage, how could a judge ever justify ordering him to pay his wife money for housing after the divorce?

If more men ever figured all of this out to the extent that this guy did, women would be in deep shit.  One of the biggest ways that women are able to make financial gains, is by “cashing out” of their marriages.  Typically this involves a wife tricking her husband into buying the most expensive house that they can barely afford early on in their marriage, having him work like a dog to make the mortgage payments, and then ten years later or when the home has appreciated greatly in value, file for divorce with the expectation that they will be awarded the home in the divorce settlement.

Even if it takes a husband working 60 or more hours per week to pay for his wife’s car, health insurance, home, and expenses, a divorce court judge will often believe that it is “normal” for the man to work like this, and that he should continue to support his wife in this manner after their divorce, awarding her the car, the home, and payment of her health insurance.

Once men begin to understand that this is how everything works currently, they would never get married and buy a house.  Women have ruined the value of marriage, because of their greed and scheming.