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Why There Are So Many Crimes Of Sexual Perversion In Western North Dakota

Western North Dakota’s outlook and approach to sex and sexuality is backwards and repressive.  Even before the most recent oil boom that took place from 2007 through 2014, there was a much greater number of men than women in Western North Dakota.  During the oil boom, the ratio of men to women in Dickinson was probably about 3:1, in Watford City and Williston it was probably as high as 8:1.

The worst possible approach to the lack of women in Western North Dakota, was to encourage or force Law Enforcement to not allow any prostitution whatsoever.  People like the big, overweight, unattractive Senator Heidi Heitkamp were so against men trying to find women for sex, that she advocated for every possible scheme that Law Enforcement could come up with to entrap men seeking to have sex with women.

It seems like it was a team effort of Heidi Heitkamp and other big, overweight, unattractive women to prevent men from having sex.  I don’t know exactly when, where, how, and why Western North Dakotans got the idea that sex was wrong, immoral, wicked, and evil.  People and animals have been having sex for a long time, since the beginning of creation.

A few blog posts ago, I included a YouTube video from the spiritual teacher named Teal Swan, about sex, and the normalcy of sexual expression.

In this blog post, I want to include a YouTube video from the sexual education teacher named Dr. Lindsey Doe.  Dr. Lindsey Doe has over one hundred short YouTube videos about sex, which are very to-the-point, open, and entertaining.

I am trying to make North Dakotans understand, that sex is completely normal.  It is completely normal for men to seek to have sex with women.  When there is a shortage of women in an area, one of the easiest and best solutions, would be to allow prostitution.

When you take the approach of North Dakota, to try to make normal adult heterosexual sex illegal, and even have Law Enforcement try to entrap men when they seek to have sex with women, you are creating the situations that we often read about in the North Dakota newspapers where sexually depraved men are accused of seeking or forcing sex with minors, children, and animals.  If you didn’t make normal adult sex with women in North Dakota illegal, maybe so many men wouldn’t become sexually depraved and sexually assault women, minors, children, and animals.

Here is one video from Dr. Lindsey Doe, where she explains the normalcy of being propositioned by men:

I highly recommend visiting Dr. Lindsey Doe’s YouTube channel to browse the many topics that she addresses.


Men Competing And Winning In Women’s Sports

Below I have included a video that shows a man competing, winning, and setting new records in a Connecticut State women’s high school track meet.

This black man shown in the video competing against the women, is a “transgender”.  He is a biological man, that thinks that he is, or thinks that he wants to be a woman.

Because liberal people, many Democrats, and many women, want for Transgender people to be accepted, they advocate for these Transgender people to be accepted for who they say they are.  This means that Transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with, and apparently compete in sports as the gender that they identify with.

As you can see in this video above of the state high school track meet, a biological man competing in women’s sports, has an advantage, so much of an advantage that he was able to set new state records for women’s track.

Can you see that biological men who think or say that they identify as women, will be able to dominate all of women’s sports?  Basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, triathalon, cycling, skiing.

Do you think that this is fair or right, for biological men to compete against women and win?  To take away 1st place finishes from women in women’s sports?

Do you see that at every high school and college, women could begin losing spots on basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, and tennis teams to biological males who are bigger, faster, and stronger?  Losing athletic scholarships to biological men.

I do not think that women ever saw this coming, that any biological man can now say at some point in his life, that he identifies as a woman, in order to compete in women’s sports, compete for a scholarship, or compete for a job by saying that he is a woman.

I Did Not Know That Women Powerlifters Pee When Lifting Heavy Weights

I did not know that women powerlifters pee when lifting heavy weights, but thanks to a YouTube video explaining this phenomenon, I do now.

I imagine that some women readers are hissing, spitting, and wanting to scratch my eyes out for writing this, but I am not making this up.  I never would have known about this, if these women in the video below, would not have made a video about this.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post where I complained that there should be some weight room gyms, where men can expect to lift heavy weights without the distraction of women, interference of women, women taking up the equipment and not using it for its intended purpose, and women talking and fooling around.

There are several gym franchises such as Curves, that are for women only, and we all understand why women want to exercise without any men around sometimes.  So why can’t women understand that men want to exercise without women around sometimes?

Men and women are different.  I can absolutely guarantee you, that if I peed my pants when doing deadlifts or squats at a gym, I would be kicked out, and everyone would be furious at me, both the men and the women.

Apparently, it is very common for women to pee their pants when lifting heavy weights.  I don’t care that much, but like I said, if a man did this, he would be kicked out of the gym.  Probably, if a man peed his pants while deadlifting or doing squats at the West River Community Center in Dickinson, the Police would be called and they would try to charge him with lewd and lascivious behavior.  But women can just pee all over the place and get away with it.

Women Powerlifters And Steroid Use

I found a very good YouTube video where a female powerlifter explains her steroid use.  You will first hear the straightforward admission from her about her steroid use at the 4:40 minute mark on this video.

This powerlifter explains that though some of the side effects of steroid use, like acne outbreaks, will go away after you quit using steroids as a woman, your voice change and hair growth everywhere on your body, will not ever go away, it is permanent.

Please also pay close attention to the 11:40 minute mark on this video, where she makes the statement, I knew that if I was going to compete at the highest levels of women’s powerlifting, I had to take steroids.

Women Are So Sneaky, But That’s O.K.

What I am going to write about, is one of the funniest things that I have seen recently.  Women are always jumping on me, for writing about women who I see or meet, accusing me of being a stalker.  But I have known for a long time, that women are way sneakier and snoopier than men.

On Memorial Day, I went to the West River Community Center.  I parked my vehicle in the parking lot, and a young lady driving a vehicle with a license plate from an oil producing state, drove past me.  I was vaguely aware of what kind of vehicle she was driving, but what I thought was funny, was that I did not think that she was a house wife, I got the impression that she worked for an oil company and she got sent up here to Dickinson.

It was funny to me, because I was thinking that an oil company sending her here to Dickinson, was kind of a mean trick on her.  I believe that she had probably figured that out in a matter of days after arriving here in Dickinson.

I wanted a day pass at the West River Community Center, and I printed my full name on the guest sign in sheet at the front desk.  Then I went to the weight area of the gym.  I was only paying a little attention to what women were in the gym.

Today, Tuesday, I was at home looking on my Facebook page for “People You May Know”.  The “People You May Know”, are usually people who are “Facebook Friends” of people who are already your “Facebook Friends”.  However, some of the people who show up on Facebook as “People You May Know”, who are not “Facebook Friends” of people you already know, are people who have recently viewed your profile.

So, here on Facebook under my “People You May Know” today, was a young lady that I do not know.  And, she was not a “Facebook Friend” of someone that I already know.  She was young and fairly attractive.  So I looked at her profile, she is a particular kind of engineer, from an oil producing state far away from here, who recently began working for a particular oil company here in Dickinson.

Then I realized what had happened, and who this was.  On Memorial Day when I got out of my vehicle in the West River Community Center parking lot, I was wearing a particular oil company T-shirt, with the oil company logo in very big letters on the front of my shirt.  A young lady driving a vehicle from an oil producing state far away from here, drove past me in the parking lot, and I thought that an oil company must have sent her here, because she was a long way from home.

It turns out, that this young lady is an engineer working for the oil company whose logo was on my T-shirt in big letters.  She came into the gym right behind me, she saw me printing my name on the sign in sheet, she read my name off of the sign in sheet, and she used my name to perform an internet search or a Facebook search for me.  Now, I remembered her and recognized her.

In order to be completely clear for the women readers who find fault with everything that I write, this young lady who showed up in my “People You May Know” today, she is not from Dickinson, she is not friends with anyone that I know, and she showed up in my “People You May Know” list because she recently viewed my profile.  Why would she view my profile, I don’t know her, how did she get my name?  She got my full name from the guest sign in sheet, and she wanted to look me up because I was wearing an oil company shirt, of the company where she had been recently hired to work in Dickinson.  Once a few of these things dawned on me, I then remembered her as the young lady that I had seen at the WRCC.

I don’t mind that she read my name from the guest sign in sheet and looked me up on the internet.  She was just curious, this is not illegal, or unethical in my opinion.  Engineers try to take whatever little information they can get, and use it to find out what is going on.  I don’t mind, however, if I did this to a woman, I would be banned from the West River Community Center, the police would be called, and the police would likely try to find something to charge me with criminally, such as stalking, even though this is not illegal.  I would be in all kinds of trouble.

I will send her a polite message on Facebook.  I expect that she will not respond, or block me from viewing her profile again.  That will be O.K. with me, but I want to try to be hospitable or gracious anyway, in case she does want to talk to me.

A Quick Story About Men Wanting To Get Away From Women

When I was living in Idaho, this was about eight years ago, I was friends with a man who managed a bar and restaurant.  I will call this man John, though that is not his real name.  John and his brothers had each played every sport in high school, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, wrestling, and they boxed too.

John had joined the Marines after high school, and several of his brothers became football coaches at different schools in Idaho.  John, his brothers, and most of their friends were married.  John was in his early fifties by the way.

When there were college football playoffs, especially when Boise State University was playing, John, his brothers, and some of their friends would get together at someone’s house to watch the football games.  They had a lot of food, snacks, and beverages.

The problem became, that one or more of the men would show up to watch the football game with their wife.  The wives would say that they wanted to come, but once they got there, they didn’t really want to be there or watch the game.  Inevitably, some of the wives would begin complaining more and more about wanting to go home.

When some of the wives started to complain about not wanting to be there, this didn’t just annoy their own husband, it annoyed everyone there.

So, beginning four years prior to meeting John, he and his friends decided to rent a large hotel suite in order to watch the football game, without their wives complaining.  The whole point of renting the hotel room, which was rented by the most serious football watchers, the football coaches, the whole point was to be left alone to watch the game.

After about the first year, the wives couldn’t stand this, not being able to ruin the football game for their husbands.  So they would try to ask and find out what hotel room their husband was going to be at.  Then someone’s wife would show up at the hotel room to ruin the game.

Finally, just the football coaches would rent a hotel suite to watch the football game, and they would not tell anybody else where it was, absolutely not.  They couldn’t afford to invite anyone else, even their friends, because this always caused someone’s wife to show up.  They might have even had to go to a neighboring town, so that no one’s wife could go looking for their truck in the hotel parking lots.

I will end this blog post with a joke:  “Why do married women close their eyes when they are having sex?……………Because they can’t stand to see their husbands having a good time.”

The Best Piper Blush Video Ever

Piper Blush is a young lady from Quebec, Canada who does many things, including making videos that she uploads to YouTube.

She makes travel videos, cooking videos, beach videos, advice videos, modelling videos, and sex videos.  She is very funny, and you never know what she is going to do, or what she is going to say.

Currently she is in Malta, and I can’t believe that she made this video: