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A Very Educated Young Woman Talks About Her Experience As An Escort

For a couple of years now, I have written blog posts where I try to explain that some women choose to be an escort for very logical, valid, legitimate reasons.

Some women can earn more money in one hour long appointment with a man, than they can earn in two weeks at their regular job.

Please watch this video made by a young woman who graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance, who describes how she made $10,000 in one week, by going to just three escort appointments.

Warning, there are a couple of instances of adult language used in this video.

After you have watched this video, you will have seen and heard this young lady admit that several of her clients were people that she would have liked to have had sex with anyway, for free.  Because her clients liked her, and thought that she was intelligent, one of them just went ahead and gave her $5,000 for her one hour visit, so that she could focus on school and not have to be an escort for the remainder of the semester.

One of the things that you will see from this video, is that not only do some women make the decision to have sex for money, not have a bad time doing it, actually like their clients, but the clients are often very positive, pleasant, and encouraging people.

When prostitution is illegal and there is the constant threat of arrest, this what causes prostitution to involve women who are unhealthy, drug addicted, always high, involved in crime, and controlled by pimps.

Whether men work as a stock broker, or a truck driver, are married or single, they want to have sex with a woman and are willing to pay her for it, because they don’t want the trouble, aggravation, arguing, sexual harassment lawsuit, waste of time, and waste of energy trying to get their wives or other women to cooperate.


This Video Reminds Me Of Heidi Heitkamp

For about two years, I have wanted to upload this movie scene, because it reminds me of Heidi Heitkamp.

A Russian Woman Explains What Russian Women Want From Men

Ever since people in the United States gained internet access via their home computers in the 1990s, I heard about and read about American men seeking “Mail Order Brides”.

It was appealing to American men, to be able to pick out a Russian woman or an Asian woman who was physically attractive, who they believed would be more appreciative and grateful for what they had to offer.

For a while, it did appear that men who were not very desirable to American women because of their looks and personality, could get a very nice Russian or Asian bride, who did not object to their looks, personality, or other flaws, but instead chose to appreciate other qualities that they had, such as being faithful, attentive, sober, educated, or professionally successful.

It had been a joke, but it turned out to be true, that Russian women and Asian women would be good wives so long as they didn’t have any contact with American women.  Should a Russian wife or Asian wife ever get a job outside of the home, their American women co-workers would immediately set out to “set these women straight”.  Informing them that they didn’t have to go home right after work, they didn’t have to cook dinner for their husband, they didn’t have to keep house, they didn’t have to listen to their husband, they could divorce their husband and find a much better looking guy.

Whether you have a Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, or South American wife, it is only a matter of time before she reads enough magazines, watches enough television, or talks to enough American women before she becomes ruined.  It is not enough to have a place to live, a vehicle, clothes to wear, and food to eat in order to be happy.  Inevitably, you will hear, “I want Lexus”, “I want Mercedes”, “I want new house”, “I want divorce”.

I had always assumed that foreign women wanted to get out of poor living conditions so badly, that they were willing to marry American men, just to get out of their current situation.  Once they were safely out of their poor living conditions, living in the United States, and married to an American, then it was time to launch the remainder of their scheme.

The remainder of their scheme could involve changing their husband, improving their husband, dominating their husband, killing their husband, causing their husband to divorce them, or asking for a divorce.  Who knows what they were thinking.

Here is a video from a Russian woman, explaining what Russian women want:

I was fooled by this video, she had me fooled, until I read the comments that viewers left to this YouTube video.

It wasn’t that she was fearful of “men sitting on the sofa” and not doing anything, she wanted men to work so that she could be the one sitting on the sofa.

People who have first hand experience with Russian and Ukranian women in Europe, wrote that they are notorious for trying to be slave drivers with their husbands and men.

I finally had the answer to why Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, and South American men did not complain or object to their attractive women leaving and going to the United States.  It was because they wanted to be left the fuck alone.

Beauty Beyond Belief

I was wandering around on the internet late at night, and I saw the photograph of a girl.  I clicked on the photograph of this girl, and I then saw a photograph of her in a very minimal bikini.  I looked at this photograph of her, and I admired how perfect her body was.  Here is this photograph:

L'ubka boat

I admired this photograph of her, and then I read what she wrote:

“The foundation of love, is understanding. From here other components grow outwards like tree branches; trust, loyalty, honesty, non-judgement, kindness, compassion, joy and friendship. All these things create a love that continues to expand. The more you water and nurture your love, the more it will grow and the healthier and happier it will be. This relates to self love and understanding ones-self. This relates to the love you have for your friends and family; understanding others. This relates to a romantic love – your intimate relationships; understanding that someone elses pain is your pain too, similarly their happiness is also your own. And it also refers to the collective love we share; the interconnectedness and unconditional compassion and empathy we share as human beings; understanding we are never alone and our main purpose here on earth is simply to construct and design vast webs of kindness, warmth and gentleness with as many other people as we can. Our one and only mission here is to love and to be loved. To submit to the beating beneath our breasts and sacrifice our own ego for the well-being of others.
That’s all this life is. That is why we were given permission to breathe; so we could come face to face with other beings, harmonise our breaths with theirs, press our hearts against one another and truly understand that we are all one. We are all tiny stars, glowing in solitude. Yet when we come together, we become a galaxy full of light and love.”

Did you read that?  I believe that she wrote this herself, and English is not even her first language.  You might doubt that this is her in the photograph, or that this is her writing, but she has more photographs of herself, and more things that she wrote, which I will show later.

It is amazing when I find someone like this, a girl that is so beautiful, so intelligent, so thoughtful.  But it is also very saddening to me when I see this.  Living in this prison work camp town, things like this don’t exist here, it’s just ugliness and meanness.

Update 3/8/18:

Obviously this girl is beautiful, very thin, and in shape.  I saw more photographs of her, doing yoga exercises.  From what she wrote, and her yoga exercising, I could see that she was expressing a type of Hindu philosophy, where she wrote:

“And it also refers to the collective love we share; the interconnectedness and unconditional compassion and empathy we share as human beings; understanding we are never alone and our main purpose here on earth is simply to construct and design vast webs of kindness, warmth and gentleness with as many other people as we can.”

I thought, what a sincerely nice person.  How can she afford to be so nice?  Most people are worn out, and they don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be nice to others.  Also, it is kind of hard for very attractive women to be nice to everyone, because everyone wants to be their friend, talk to them, correspond with them, spend time with them, do things with them, or date them.

It turns out that she may not have written these beautiful things, or believe these things.  She was just trolling for attention, and posing as someone with a trendy philosophy.

Some Support And Understanding For Stephanie Peterson Ferri

Last week, a very beautiful 26 year old science teacher maned Stephanie Peterson Ferri in New Smyrna Beach, Florida was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old male student.  I don’t want to vilify or ridicule this young teacher like some news services and viewers seem to be doing.  I would like to try to explain and understand why she might have done this.

Stephanie became married to a firefighter in 2015.  From what I read, it appears that he was on duty at a fire station in DeLand, Florida, 30 miles to the west of New Smyrna Beach, when his wife was having sex with this student at her home, usually between the hours of 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Two weeks prior to her arrest, she had filed for divorce from her husband.

As young and attractive as Stephanie is, on any night of the week she could have driven to Daytona Beach, twenty miles to the north of New Smyrna Beach, and met a man at a gym, bar, nightclub, shopping center, the beach, or at an event.  However, here are some reasons why I think that she didn’t do this:

  • It is risky and uncomfortable meeting a stranger for the purpose of having sex.  She would not have known if a strange man would have been physically abusive with her, psychologically abusive with her, whether he had any type of disease such as hepatitis, lyme disease, tuberculosis, herpes, HIV, syphilis, etcetera.
  • She might have only wanted a brief sexual relationship, and feared that some men would have wanted more, to telephone her, to try to show up at her home, to try to show up at the school where she worked, to try to force her to have more contact and involvement with them.
  • She might have believed that any kind of relationship that she had with a man, would have resulted in criticisms, questions, advice, counsel, and demands that she did not want.  Men do tend to be domineering.
  • The sex that she had been having with men was unpleasant to her.  Maybe they always wanted her to do something that she didn’t want to do.  Maybe they never did what she waned them to do.  Maybe the men that she was with were done too quickly, lacked enthusiasm, and had no interest in pleasing her, only in satisfying themselves.

There may be others reasons that I did not include in my list above, why Stephanie did not seek out men who were her own age.  Below are a list of possible reasons why Stephanie had sex with one of her male students who was only 14:

  • Having had him in her class, she might have become comfortable with him and at ease with him.  She might have had no fear that he was physically abusive, psychologically abusive, cruel, insensitive, mocking, or mentally and physically unhealthy in any way.
  • She probably did begin to fantasize about him, in the way that she wanted things to be with him.  To have a romantic relationship with someone who would not be judgmental, critical, questioning, demanding, or manipulative.
  • She might have felt safe, that she could be in charge, she could set the rules, she could tell him how things were going to be, she could decide everything that happened.
  • She might have believed that his enthusiasm, eagerness, and desire to have sex would be greater than with men her own age.  She might have believed that she could teach him how to do things the way she wanted, and that he would be more likely to do what she wanted.

All of the reasons that I just gave up above of why she did not want to have sex with men her own age, and she did want to have sex with one of her 14 year old male students, are logical and normal, in my opinion.  It is too bad that in this time, in this country right now, that this is illegal.

In the United States, in any area of the country prior to 1970, there are a number of different things that could have happened in this situation:

  • If this would have happened at a private boarding school for boys, and the teacher would have been as attractive as Stephanie, the father of the boy would have either been pleased or seen very little harm in it.  The father might have even encouraged this relationship to continue, thinking that this was a very good and fortunate experience for his son to have with a knowledgeable and experienced older woman.  His wife may have had no say in the matter, and been persuaded by her husband’s logic.
  • If this would have happened at a very poor school, such as in Appalachia, the parents might not have seen either good or harm in it, only as something that happens in life.  They might have insisted that their son marry her.
  • If this would have happened at a frontier town in the west, it would have been the same as in Appalachia, the parents might not have seen either good or harm in it, only as something that happens in life.
  • In many average towns across the U.S., if the parents found out about something like this, and the fathers saw how good looking this teacher was, all they would be concerned about was trying to convince this teacher to give them a chance too.
  • The only time anywhere in the U.S. that I think that parents would have been outraged, would be when the father or mother thought that their son was being sidetracked from much better things, such as an academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, a relationship with a much more suitable girl, or being “trapped” by a pregnancy.

I don’t think that this 14 year old boy was harmed from this sexual relationship.  I think that a skateboarding accident or a bicycle accident would probably be more traumatic at this age, meaning, not very traumatic.  There is the chance that the media, police, prosecuting attorney’s office, and psychiatrists could make this a traumatizing, confusing, embarrassing, and regrettable situation for him that will take a long time to get over.

The only thing wrong with what Stephanie did, was put both herself and this young man in the situation where if anyone ever found out, it was going to turn into something very destructive because of other people’s interference.

I wholeheartedly believe, that most men, no matter who they are or whatever their age may be, looking at the photograph of Stephanie wearing her bikini, they would love for the chance to be with her.

One of the reasons why stories like this gain so much attention, everyone has to talk about it, and the woman is vilified, is because people are jealous.  Women are jealous and hateful because the young teacher is so good looking.  Men are jealous because they want to be with a woman like this.  I will admit that I am somewhat confused, and jealous.

Dickinson, North Dakota has a teacher shortage right now.  If the people in Florida want to punish Stephanie, and send her away somewhere, Dickinson would be the perfect place to send her.

Solution To New Teacher Hiring In Dickinson, North Dakota

If you have been reading the Dickinson Press Newspaper for the past month, you would have seen several news stories about a large number of teachers, administrators, principals, and even the school superintendent resigning.  There were at least one or two news stories about the school board members responsible for hiring new teachers, making the announcement that they are going to have to suspend the normal teacher hiring practices and review processes, in order to hire enough teachers for this coming school year.

I have talked to an older friend of mine, whose parents and grandparents were teachers in Dickinson, who is now too old to work in the oil field anymore, if he would like to become a teacher, now might be his chance.  He said no, he didn’t think that he could put up with the disrespect from students that teachers have to endure now, he would probably slap a kid.

Today, to my surprise, I was reading a nation-wide news story, about a beautiful young teacher in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, named Stephanie Peterson Ferri, being arrested for having sex with her 14 year old male student.  Whenever I read the comments that readers leave to these internet news stories, I always see comments that somewhat reflect what I think, “Where were these hot women teachers who had sex with their students when I was in school?”

Growing up, my parents were not too strict, not too conservative, and mostly aware of reality.  If when I was 14 years old, a beautiful young woman teacher was having sex with me, my parents would have wondered what was wrong with her, because I was mostly annoying and irritating.  They would have felt sorry for her.  However, they would have looked at this, as her helping me.  As far as my feelings at the time, this would have been the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

Rather than going to the police, my parents would have hoped that this would go on for as long as possible, so that I would shut up and grow up.  They probably would have been willing to pay her, a lot.

When I was reading this news story about this 26 year old teacher Stephanie Peterson Ferri, different news services were showing similar stories related to this one, such as the case of 24 year old Debra Jean Beasley who was a teacher in Tampa who had sex with her 14 year old student.

I did some more reading, and here is a list of thirty-seven attractive young women teachers who were arrested for having sex with their male students:

Sarah Fowlkes, Sarah Jones, Alexandria Vera, Hunter Day, Alaina Ferguson, Carrie McCandless, Brianne Altice, Haeli Noelle Wey, Mary Haglin, Virginia Houston Hinckley, Kathryn Ronk, Melody Lippert, Michelle Ghirelli, Tiffany Michelle Geliga, Danielle Watkins, Stacy Schuler, Brittni Colleps, Megan Crafton, Carole Ann Hope, Ashley Anderson, Gabriela Compton, Gail Gagne, Nadia Christine Diaz, Lauren Redfern, Kristin Leone, Kathyrin Murray,  Kacy Wilson, Sheral Smith, Loni Marie Folks, Tara Driscoll, Amy Victoria Beck, Lisa Glide, Amber Jennings, Sandra “Beth” Geisel, Pamela Rogers Turner, Erin McAuliffe, and Laura Ramos.

In the above list of thirty-seven women teachers, I did not include approximately five women who were not very good looking.  It is kind of surprising and noteworthy, that the vast majority of these women teachers were attractive or very good looking.

The ages of the male students involved with these women teachers ranged from 13 years to 18 years.  It seemed that the majority of the students were either 14 years or 17 years of age.  In about half of these cases, it appeared that these women teachers were sentenced to a small amount of days in jail and long probation.  In only about 25% of these cases were these women teachers sentenced to more than one year in prison.

These women teachers have experience, and Dickinson needs many new experienced teachers right now.  Dickinson also needs more attractive women.  There are many apartment vacancies in Dickinson now, especially apartments in the building where I live.  Let’s all give them another chance.

Toyota Service Department Has The Best Looking Women

I believe very strongly in taking Fords to the Ford dealer, Dodges to the Dodge dealer, and Toyotas to the Toyota dealer for service or repairs.  The Ford mechanics have worked on hundreds of F150s, and the Dodge mechanics have worked on hundreds of Ram 1500s, they work on them every single day.  Whatever you have wrong with an F150 or Ram 1500, the Ford and Dodge mechanics have already performed that repair on these trucks dozens of times.

I have sat in the waiting area of Ford and Dodge dealer service departments all over the United States, waiting on my F150 or Ram 1500, but once you have to take a vehicle to a Toyota or Honda dealer service department, this is an entirely different experience.

In my entire life, I think that one time in Tampa, I was waiting in a Ford dealer service department and there was an attractive woman waiting for her vehicle.  I have only owned Toyotas since 2014, and every time that I go to the Toyota dealer service department, there are attractive women waiting for their vehicles.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women, but not in the Toyota Honda dealer service department.  In the Toyota Honda dealer service department in Dickinson, they have two very nice looking young ladies who work there, who act normal, which is way out of the ordinary for Dickinson, but this blog post isn’t even about them.

Partly because the Dan Porter Toyota Honda dealer in Dickinson has white tile floors, nice furniture, glass walls like an atrium, a men’s and a women’s bathroom, a variety of magazines to read, and calm, quiet, well-mannered employees, women don’t mind sitting and waiting for their vehicles.

Nice looking older women sit with good posture, reading the book that they brought with them.  Cute college student girls, can’t sit still in their chairs for long, and play with their phones.  I try to be on my best behavior, so that I don’t get kicked out, but it is difficult.

This time and the last time, a very good looking young lady wearing tight yoga pants came and sat next to me while I was waiting for my Toyota to get an oil change.  I wanted to look at her so bad, but I knew that she would catch me, and get mad.  I kept telling myself over and over again, “Do Not Look, Do Not Look, Do Not Look…..”, but eventually I would look.

I was telling myself, “You are going to get kicked out, and they are going to roll your Toyota out with all of the oil drained out of it and the oil filter off, and tell you to leave.”  I felt that I needed to get up and move to the other seating area before I got kicked out, but I couldn’t, because there was another one just like the one sitting next to me, that went and sat down in the other seating area wearing tight riding pants.  If I went to the sales area, a salesperson would get me.

Even though I wasn’t supposed to be looking, the one seated next to me was not only good looking, she had very large breasts.  She didn’t get mad at me, she fell asleep.

Thank God I didn’t get kicked out of the Toyota Honda dealer in Dickinson, or I would be driving 100 miles to Bismarck.