Women Have Made A Big Mistake With Their Bad Publicity

Yesterday I wrote a blog post article about a regional wedding photography business closing down, notifying customers that their deposits will not be returned, and more than 170 people filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for the return of their money, usually in the neighborhood of a $5,000 deposit.

When I read the first newspaper article about this photography business, Glasser Images of Bismarck, I was more angry about women paying $5,000 deposit upfront for photographs, sometimes more than a year in advance, to “hold their spot”, than I was about Glasser Images not returning anyone’s money.

I was absolutely certain in my mind, that if I was planning a wedding with my fiance, and I found out that she had given a $5,000 deposit to a wedding photographer, the wedding would be off. It’s partly about the foolishness/recklessness/insanity of paying more than $5,000 for wedding photographs, but it’s mostly about never being able to trust my fiance ever again, and her true nature being unveiled.

I had been meaning to write about a revelation that I had a week ago, “The Mystery About Women Is Gone”. When I was a child, and a young man, there was a great deal of “mystery” regarding women. In art, literature, movies, magazines, non-fiction studies, women were a mystery that was not yet figured out.

For possibly a thousand years or more, women had been careful to not reveal too much. In doing so, men had to guess at what women wanted or what women were like. Men supposed or attributed virtues or characteristics to women, that they imagined that women had. Prior to year 2000, most movies and books portrayed men as trying to win the affection and attention of women, as if women were a “prize” to be won.

Because of the amount of information available about women now, and so much “bad publicity” about women, the true nature of women has finally been revealed. Nothing could be more ugly, revolting, and disappointing than seeing the true nature of women.

Women gaining equal rights, freedom, employment, and education as men, has given women the ability to begin doing whatever it is that they want to do. One of the first things that women began doing, is filing for divorce. Once women discovered that they can force their husband out of their own home, force their husband to continue paying for their home, their children, and them, with the Government enforcing the collection of money from the men, that is what women chose to do, 50% of the time.

When women gained equal access to employment, women had to be hired without discrimination, sometimes the requirements had to be lowered for women, women soon discovered that they could get out of work, extort more money than they were being paid, by filing sexual harassment lawsuits.

When women gained equal access to employment and higher education, women decided that they could make more money selling nude photographs and pornographic videos of themselves on the internet.

Prior to year 2000, many men were under the impression that women guarded their “virtue” as something that was reserved for their future husband or close intimate partner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to internet websites like Pornhub, OnlyFans, and Chaturbate, it is clear that ALL WOMEN will take off all of their clothes and have sex with anyone for money.

Not only does this reveal ALL WOMEN to be whores, it makes ALL WOMEN to be liars too. Women had been leading men to believe that they were being very selective, reserved, and cautious as to who they would be intimate with, but it turns out that the truth is, women will do anything with anybody. Kind of makes “sexual harassment” lawsuits a joke, and a lie, doesn’t it?

Lastly, because of all of the bad publicity about women, it shows that women’s intellect, reasoning, logic, responsibility, and maturity, never advances beyond that of a 12 year old child:

  • Women are supposed to have the best interest of their own children, yet women initiate 80% of all divorces.  Women don’t care about the welfare of their own children, they want to get the father of their children out of the household, so that they can be a whore with as many men as possible.  Women plan on wrecking their own marriage from the beginning, they never wanted to be a wife in the first place.
  • Women manipulate and coerce their husbands into buying her a much more expensive house, vehicle, furniture, and wants than her husband can afford by working 50-80 hours per week, because women are like spoiled children.  Women plan on wrecking their own marriage from the beginning, they just wanted attention, presents, and to make a man as miserable as possible for their entertainment.
  • Women seek to gain as high-level employment, authority, responsibility, or political position as possible, and then start with the sexual harassment allegations for attention, money, and to destroy everything around them.
  • Women seek to gain the same employment as men in difficult, strenuous, or dangerous work or military duty, then seek to get out of work or duty when it becomes difficult, strenuous, or dangerous, by acting like a weak child.
  • Women claim to be strong and independent, yet always seek to get their parents, husband, some guy, the employer they’re suing, or the Government to support them.
  • Women claim to be strong and independent, yet always seek to get their father, husband, boyfriend, or some guy to do anything difficult for them, like a helpless child.
  • Women seek to gain the same employment as men, and equal pay as men, then expect men to make more money than them.
  • Women seek to gain the same higher education as men, then expect men to have a higher education level than them.
  • Women who may have shortcomings in physical stature, physical appearance, health, social standing, income level, education level, living situation, employment, expect to have a relationship with the top 5% of men.
  • All women claim to have been abused by their ex-husband, especially “emotional abuse”.

9 thoughts on “Women Have Made A Big Mistake With Their Bad Publicity

  1. Whew ! This is Spot on . I simply cannot add any further insight. The ” emotional abuse ” is the woman’s ace in the hole. She will get teary eyed and gladly tell anyone who’ll listen about her mental suffering. This reminds me of a news story out of Los Angeles last year. I believe. A do gooder woman was feeding a homeless Black man . He lived on the street in a tent. She tried to befriend this individual. She took him food on multiple occasions. Well, guess what. He “raped” her in his tent. This woman was married and well off. I immediately claimed this woman now has the 2 things she desired. She got screwed by the black man she lusted after and now she’s the ” victim “. Plain and simple truth. I dated a very well educated woman for several years. She was self employed , owned her own company in the health care industry and made
    large sums of money. I state her status for a reason. She would tell me how most women barely function day to day. She told me it’s worse then I can imagine. Women constantly plot and scheme how to manipulate the men in positions of authority at the workplace. Plot and scheme how to set up men for sexual harassment charges, lawsuits, etc. They will do whatever it’s takes to work their way to the top without actually working. My lady friend told me Women can’t trust other women, any time , any where. All this phoney nice nice act they put on towards each other is total acting. I agree wholeheartedly whit your statement about the ” bad publicity ” factor. It’s true, the cat is outta the bag, so to speak. With the woman’s behavior on full display on the internet, any man that doesn’t understand what lying, manipulating, disgusting cheats women are deserves what his dumb ass gets. Go buy that over priced house, and cars, and jewelry for her just to impress her girlfriends. Some men don’t mind being a patsy , or their too stupid to understand what’s really happening. I’ve known since my mid 20s a woman can’t be trusted. Once you understand this fact, life becomes easier.

    Annapolis Md .

    Ive been MGTOW long before it was an acronym.


    1. In reply to Ray,

      Somehow, the Asian and Middle-East cultures found out more than 3,000 years ago that women are so deficient in morals, ethics, values, logic, reasoning, accountability, and trustworthiness, that women could not be given any rights. Women could not own or inherit property, leave their family property without a family member chaperone, go on a date with a man, talk to a man without a family member chaperone present, decide who they would marry, be educated beyond an elementary level, hold any position of authority, generally not allowed to work outside of the home.

      A man could divorce a wife for adultery or a similar offense, or the community would put the wife to death for such an offense. The wife could not divorce the husband. The husband could beat the wife to discipline her or correct her behavior. The wife could not disrespect her husband, this would lead to a beating, divorce, or stoning to death.

      If a woman in these Asian or Middle-East cultures ever accused a man of raping her, this would be a very disgraceful thing for a woman, and likely result in her being stoned to death. The reason being, women were not supposed to be leaving their home without a family member chaperone, talking to a man without a family member chaperone, working outside of the home, dating, or selecting her own husband, so how exactly did this woman manage to get raped? Plus, it was already common knowledge what liars and deceivers women are anyway.


  2. Hello Again!
    Maybe we got off on the wrong foot! and if that wasn’t
    you who bombed my IP I apologize. I feel like I can correlate to you easier once I have a taste of the rockies and please ignore my email addy it was just an easy way to remember my login! -not trying to troll, honestly. But HONESTLY this post is troll level1000!!
    But you seem frustrated. And that sucks. But you inspired me to make a blog too just because I was thinking of somewhere to relocate and clearly North Dakota is a giant X now and maybe I found your weird ramblings (found your ramblings weird?) because I was supposed to. I dunno life is fucking strange and we end up on roads and can’t understand why or how we got here but we are here and have to go somewhere. Do something.
    But to your point, I think men finally understand that women are human.
    I think somewhere along the Rockefeller scheme to get women into the workplace in order to collect more tax revenue, men forgot that women are human, like man, and have the same weaknesses and are capable of of all the horrible things that men are always being blamed for. But woman is human. And acts as man. Because man (male and female) is evil.
    No, maybe not ALL evil, but man has been corrupted. And some who have seen their own evilness may have a metamorphosis and not be a maggot any more but mostly man will just stay as maggots.
    As far as now, women have always been ‘prized’ as something to be won.
    Delicate. Trusting. Innocent. A mother, a
    daughter, a child, female. traditionally we are taught to believe it represents a nurturing notion.
    But over time as roles have evolved and our true selves are coming forth as God intended for us, because
    that is the meaning of life, to let the Erreth bring forth thy true self or something to that effect….
    But men have always held women as they see their own mothers. That dumb movie with Bette Midler? Maybe it wasn’t her, maybe I have it wrong. I forget but someone said “you can always tell how a man is going to treat you by how they treat their own mothers” meaning how they value women, obviously not verbatim but I’m sure you’ve seen it.
    But my god some women are sick! I, a woman, have had a touch of the sickness but once you realize what you are it’s supposed to make you want to change!
    Anyway, just admit it dude we (male and female) are finally equals!! Yay


    1. In reply to dirtgirl,

      The ratio of men to women in Dickinson, and the rest of western North Dakota, is 3:1. This is bad for men, but favorable for women.

      In the movie “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” starring Tina Fey and Margot Robbie, where they are both female reporters working in Afghanistan during the U.S. Occupation, there is a discussion for several minutes where it is explained that female journalists who may be a “5” back in the U.S. are a “10” in Afghanistan because there are so few women available, which makes Tina Fey a “10” and Margot Robbie a “20”. (This is not my interpretation, this is in the movie.) The same exact thing in Dickinson and western North Dakota, women who would never, ever, ever get hired to work as a bartender on the east coast or west coast because of their unfriendly manner, unattractiveness, being overweight, nasty disposition, are the only women they can get to work in bars and restaurants in western North Dakota.

      Women from the South, hate North Dakota, unless they are meth addicts/white trash, even white trash women from the South hate North Dakota, because it is just so barren/hostile/bleak/hard/joyless without any let-up at all. It’s like being in prison, it’s always hard, it’s always unfriendly, it’s always dangerous, it’s always dirty, with nothing to look forward to, no hope of anything getting better, just watching yourself wasting year after year after year, watching your health get worse and worse from the hard conditions.

      But if you don’t like being around people, and you don’t like traffic, you can find someplace to live without many people around once you get out of Dickinson population 25,000.


      1. “It’s like being in prison, it’s always hard, it’s always unfriendly, it’s always dangerous, it’s always dirty, with nothing to look forward to, no hope of anything getting better, just watching yourself wasting year after year after year, watching your health get worse and worse from the hard conditions.”

        Ahh man you are turning my black heart blue! That is so sad, when you put it like that. I think life is like that everywhere, though. I doubt I will ever find my Mayberry. You may never find your “Alice” but you may be on to something. Mel’s Diner could use a reboot.


      2. In reply to dirtgirl,

        If you are referring to the television series “Alice”, who was a single-mother with a young son who relocated to Phoenix AZ in the 1970s, and got a job as a waitress at a truck-stop diner, like ALL network TV series at the time, had an agenda to “normalize” certain things.

        All along the Rust-Belt of the East Coast, the once bustling three-shift steel mills, auto assembly plants, manufacturing lines, textile mills, tanneries, mines had been shutting down through the 1970s. Women who had been introduced to the idea of entering the work force to work outside of the home, looked at their unemployed and underemployed husbands, and decided to bail out of their married life which no longer looked appealing to them.

        Many women wanted to so completely escape their married life, that they drove cross-country with nothing but what they could jam into their beat up old Chevy, Ford, or Dodge sedan or station wagon, headed for California, Albuquerque, Tucson, Phoenix, where possibly a retired Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparent had retired after they got out of the military, or retired from a long career with a pension.

        All of these women had a hope of starting over, with the opportunity for meeting a nice man, and eventually having a nice stable home. However, most of these women struggled at low-paying jobs at restaurants, hotels, retail, customer service because they didn’t have connections or been networking with established people who could get them a good paying job.

        So what I am saying, is that even back then, what I saw in the TV show “Alice”, was a very bleak life, amongst low-income people.

        You copied what I wrote about western North Dakota being hard, unfriendly, hostile, unpleasant, like being in prison with no where to go, nothing to do, nothing to look forward to. That part is true. However, for people that have commercial truck driving experience, are good mechanics, electricians, welders, heavy equipment operators, construction, and heavy construction experience, machining, fabricating, there are more than enough jobs for the people that are already here. For these people right now, there is no fear about buying groceries, paying rent, paying a mortgage, paying utilities, making car payments, losing a job and being unable to get another job, making at least $17 per hour, but up to $40 per hour.

        Also, with Dickinson having a population of about 25,000 people, mostly white, employed people, no one here is expecting any riots, looting, any roads or highways being blocked, any businesses being burned. Currently there is not anything like car-jackings, home-invasions, or kidnappings. However, because this is an oil field area, this area does get some really dirt-bag, scum-of-the-earth criminal people from Texas, Oregon, Washington, California looking to slip in here as if nobody is going to notice them, thinking that they can get away with some of their criminal shit here, but they discover within a few days or a few months that they can’t.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. That is a sweet van, Ray. I dig it! I think you’re confusing exact for equal though and that’s not what equal means.
        We are equals because there needs to be a balance. Some possess what others lack, and vice versa. Separate, but equal. I was really just being tongue in cheek with the blog owner by pointing out women can be just as cruel as men but I can see how my sarcasm was misconstrued.
        Whether you choose to want or need that other half to complete you is totally your prerogative, but one cannot exist without the other in some form.
        Humankind is headed towards full androgyny pretty soon anyway so it won’t matter what sex we are anymore. We will all be the same dull shade of grey.

        I don’t think I was old enough at the time to ponder why Alice was a waitress in a diner and not a Doctor or an Astronaut but I remember
        thinking the show was funny because of the laugh track whenever the camera cut to Alice and maybe the restaurants in Dickinson could use
        some humor to break through the bleakness.

        No harm, though. I will get out of both of your ways 😁


  3. Little late to this party. Liking the blog, got here doing a random Steve Isdahl search. Despite having seen first hand some of the nastier assertions you made concerning Women I still have to disagree. The baby-mama’s just looking for a Male paycheck, or a govt one, the Females all lusting over a Male free ride are their own very special class of lazy/uneducated/you can’t cure stupid/waste of DNA on two legs/tanning-nails-make-up repositories.

    You’re absolutely right that other Women don’t like them either. They give the rest of us a bad name especially when we’re forced to witness the abject insanity they
    are so proud of.

    All that said, I’m a lone female working one of those “dirty jobs” type gig an let me just tell you the men are vicious when they aren’t alternating between mansplaining & their precious “girl meetings” ’round the break room. The double standard is very much alive. I will be the first to go grab one of our higher paid Neanderthals when I physically can’t manage a task.

    The caveat being I also voluntarily do multiple crappy tasks they feel are beneath them because I couldn’t do the other task without them. It’s a fair trade off.
    Am I equal to a Man? Nope!
    However using different skill sets a Man isn’t equal to me either. When it comes to gossiping the guys are olympic masters. When it comes to weapons they are constantly blabbering about their arsenals. I’m very much pro-gun however what kind or my level of proficiency is something I’ll never discuss with anyone outside of family. Letting everyone in the facility know your specifics is beyond stupid.

    What you didn’t mention was the current spate of “Women being offended” and marching around like snowflakes acting the fool. It took me years to demonstrate with my Male co-workers they could say or do pretty much anything an nobody cares, least of all me. I also haven’t met a “Karen” yet who doesn’t need a good smack, or for life to slap her around for awhile. The old saying “first world problems”
    should be tattooed on the inside of their eye lids.

    Lots of your blog rant comes under the heading of “Women who can’t successfully adult” or Women from the shallow end of the gene pool.” We certainly don’t all even come close to meeting your criteria of “Women & their bad publicity”. There are in reality bunches of decent Women who fly under the radar simply because we refuse to act like a Kardashian, or a Karen, or are just too busy working to support the household we are 50% of.

    I’d respectfully ask you not blanket stereotype all Women as money grubbing walking STD’s who’d sleep with anything for a buck. While that may be true in your locale it isn’t true everywhere.


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