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I Don’t Want The Women On My List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson To Compromise

Today, I was considering that I have two new women to add to my website list, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I am hesitating to add them to this list, for several different reasons.

Both of these women are not married, one of them is about 21 years old, and the other one is 28 years old.  The 21 year old is not off to a bad start, she is still finding herself.  The 28 year old is just beginning to become professionally successful.  For the 28 year old, I have tried several times to think of who she might date in Dickinson, and I can’t think of anyone.

To be honest, this upsetting problem has been weighing on my mind for a couple of years now.  Though there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and a scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson, for the few good, decent, intelligent, well mannered, well behaved attractive women in Dickinson, there isn’t anyone suitable for them to date.

If you go and look at my website list “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, I am scared for all of the young unmarried women on this list, because I don’t know what they are going to do.  Unless they get out of this area, or a miracle happens, I don’t see them finding a good enough husband in this area.

What I would like for the unmarried attractive women to find, is someone who is handsome, intelligent, well-educated, confident, well-mannered, thoughtful, and considerate.  With these qualities, the wives will at least always have something.  If he is not financially successful, at least they will have all the rest of his good qualities.  If he loses his looks, at least they will have all the rest of his good qualities.

The easiest way for young women to find a husband like this, is to find a stand-out at a good College or University.  I must emphasize the importance of it being a “good” College or University, not a college where people who graduate can not spell, use correct grammar, write, read with comprehension, know history, or much of anything.

The only other way that I know of for women to find a good husband, is to move to a metropolitan area, and socialize with as many professionally successful people as possible, and make a good impression.  It does no good to socialize with professionally successful people, if you alienate them by acting foolish, unreliable, trashy, low class, or out-of-control when drinking.

Older professionally successful people, may be the best source of obtaining help or assistance in finding and identifying good quality unmarried males, but they won’t help young women who they don’t like.

I would like for the unmarried attractive women to find a husband like I am describing, so that they will have a husband who can be successful anywhere.  Successful in a big city, in a large town, or in a small town, by virtue of his appearance, intelligence, education, confidence, and personality.

What I don’t want, is for the unmarried attractive women to marry a husband who is only able to be successful during an oil boom, or only be successful due to his family’s current local influence.  These two factors, are actually an impediment to men being able to be successful elsewhere.

In writing this blog post, I realized that the miracle that these unmarried attractive women may need, is friends, family members, relatives, business contacts, social contacts, busy-body old women, and scheming old men, to assist in bringing together two people who would otherwise not have met.


I Wouldn’t Get Married And Have Children In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote about meeting the hottest girl in Dickinson.  Normally, I am not seriously interested in hot women, because they are so much trouble.  Other men are after them all the time, and it is stressful and difficult to keep a hot girlfriend.  They are propositioned all the time by men, and they end up getting lured away.  This would be especially true in Dickinson, because there is such a shortage of women, and such a scarcity of attractive women.

But this hot girl that I like, has many more good qualities besides being hot.  She has a great sense of humor, she is very funny, very entertaining, and she says that she does not get upset easily.  She has already been through a lot in life, which has made her more mature, and self-reliant, but not jaded and mean.  She is about 30 years old, and she has lived and worked in several western states.  She was born and grew up in a resort town in one of the western states.  Like me, even though she really liked the town where she came from, she just could not make any money there, and she had to come to Dickinson to make money.  I believe that she has been married once before.

I like her so much, that I had to stop and seriously consider what I wanted to do about it.  I realized right away that I am not in a position to get married in Dickinson, so I had better just leave her alone and not try to pursue her romantically.  That would be the best thing to do, for both me and her.

I came to Dickinson in 2011 to work and make money.  There were more jobs here, and higher paying jobs here, than in Idaho where I own a home on five acres.  The only way that I was able to save money each month while working in Dickinson, was to stay in a camper on the company property where I worked, or live in similar low cost housing.  Right now, I live with an older homeowner in Dickinson, in what is not a very ideal situation.  But I put up with very rough living conditions, in order to make money and save money.

The young women that I meet in Dickinson, housing is very important to them.  Ever since I came to Dickinson, housing has been extremely expensive, and good housing is scarce and highly sought after.  The young women here were completely willing to pay up to 60% of their income on housing, because it was the most important thing to them.  The most I ever paid here in Dickinson for housing, was 25% of my income, because housing here was not the most important thing to me.  The most important thing to me, was to pay all of my bills, especially things like property tax and insurance for my home in Idaho.

One of the biggest things that women here in Dickinson look for in a man, is his ability to pay for housing, and his ability to upgrade their housing situation.  How much money does he make, and how much of this money can he contribute to housing.  Women look at me, I’m not married and I don’t have any children, and they expect that I would be able to contribute 60% of my income to housing, like they have had to do.  They look at me, and think in their mind, that their $1,500 per month that they pay for housing, combined with the $2,000 per month that they can get from me for housing, would pay the rent on a nice house in Dickinson for the two of us.

There is no way that I would get on a joint and severally liable lease in Dickinson, for even $2,000 per month.  Right away, this would cause a huge conflict with a girlfriend.  Good housing is so important to women, that they would be outraged, and start to get very ugly about my unwillingness to spend as much as they wanted to on housing.  They would be thinking, and maybe even yelling, “Do you think that you are going to be with me for free and not have to pay!  I will just get somebody else who is willing to pay for me, you aren’t, you cheap piece of shit!”

I have been in the situation before, where I have had to move in the middle of a lease.  For my own apartment, I have had to give thirty days written notice, pay rent through the thirty days, plus pay one month rent as a penalty.  When I have been on a joint and severally liable lease with someone else, who wanted to remain in the house, I have had to pay my half of the rent for the remainder of the lease, in that instance it was five months.  Can you imagine being in Dickinson, not being able to get a job, and being on a one year lease for $2,000 to $3,000 per month, and your “Hot” girlfriend decides to leave you because you don’t have any money, and she is always getting propositioned every day by guys who do have money.  Leaving you solely responsible for the rent, even though it was her that insisted and required getting a place that cost $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

Right now, there are very few job openings in Dickinson. The jobs in Dickinson are also lower paying than they used to be, with much less overtime.  Working for any business or oil field company in Dickinson now, there is no guarantee that you will have your job next month.  I think that it would be a huge risk for anyone to try to have children in Dickinson now.  I think that it would be very careless and stupid.  I would never want to put my wife and children in a situation where we were unable to pay rent, pay utilities, pay bills, and buy groceries.

No matter who you think you are, and how much money you have been making over the last several years, most of the people in Dickinson can’t be certain that they will keep their job, or be able to find another job if they lose their job.  I have lived and worked in seven different states.  People think and tell themselves that if things get too bad, they will just move to another place to find work.  When you try to move from one place to another, you can be completely mistaken about the number and availability of jobs where you are moving.  Just because you move to some place that you think will be better, doesn’t mean that it will be better, it may in fact be worse, because of things you didn’t know or didn’t account for.

So having children now in Dickinson would be a mistake, because you don’t know if you will be able to keep your job, or find a replacement job.  And, there is no where in the United States that is having a boom right now, where you can go to work and send money back to your family.

Living and working in Dickinson for five years now, there hasn’t been many chances to meet likable women, because of the shortage of women, and scarcity of attractive women.  Now, one of the few times that I meet a woman that I really like, I have to decide to leave her alone, for both her sake and my sake.  Women want nice housing so bad, and I don’t want to pay what it costs here in Dickinson, especially because of uncertain employment.  Nor could I see getting married, settling down, and having children in Dickinson.  Living in Dickinson is just like doing time in prison, most of the normal things in life are absent.


I Can’t Believe Women Are Like This In Dickinson, North Dakota, I Couldn’t Even Make This Up

I was looking up something on the internet, when I stumbled upon a divorce case from the Dickinson, North Dakota area that made it to the Supreme Court of North Dakota.  I was reading the statement of fact summary from this case, and I couldn’t believe it, I could not have made this up, it was so horrible.  I want to tell about this case, but I don’t want to use the people’s names.  Even without using these people’s names, some older local people will know who these people are.

In 2009, a local man from the Dickinson area, decided to get married for the third time, at the age of approximately 51.  The woman he wanted to marry was approximately 48 years old, and this would be her fourth marriage.

The man was from a farming and ranching family.  It was not stated outright that he had inherited land.  It was stated that from about 1976 through 1996 he had worked on oil drill rigs to make money to help support his farming operation.  At the time of his 2009 marriage, he owned approximately 4,000 acres of land.

On the 4,000 acres of land, he raised cattle. He also allowed rock scoria mining to be performed on the land which provided additional money.  The determination of assets, liabilities, and income was straightforward, but lengthy.  At the time of marriage, the land was valued at over $3 million, but there were almost $1 million in loans against the land, farm equipment, and cattle.  One recent year of gross income from farming and ranching operations was approximately $250,000, but all the operating expenses totaled $500,000 that year.

The wife at the time of marriage, was employed at a fairly high level local government job that paid $60,000 per year.  Her assets were $100,000 in a government retirement account, and a six year old automobile.

The farmer had adult children from a previous marriage, and the woman had adult children from a previous marriage.  The farmer said that he had discussed with the woman, having a prenuptial agreement in their discussions about getting married.  When he asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement, she tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills.  It was documented fact that he found her nearly dead in a cemetery and he barely got her to St. Josephs Hospital in Dickinson in time to save her life.  She was hospitalized for several days.

The farmer felt so bad about it, he didn’t ask her again to sign a prenuptial agreement, and he went ahead and married her.  Shortly after getting married, the woman quit her job because she said that is was too stressful.  He did not ask her to get a job.  He had a cleaning woman that he paid to clean the house, but his wife let her go.  His wife chose to take care of the house work.  He added his wife to his checking account, and all of their bills, all of her bills, and whatever she wanted or needed was taken out of his checking account.

During their almost four year marriage, there were periods when his wife would frequently get drunk at home, and leave to continue to go drink elsewhere, hitting things with her vehicle, and being found later drunk in her vehicle.  She attempted to commit suicide approximately three more times.  One of these times, a group of hunters found her passed out laying face down in a puddle in the woods out in the middle of nowhere.  Each of these attempted suicides required several days of hospitalization, observation, and psychiatric evaluation.  The farmer would sometimes have to follow her footprints at night through the snow across the farm to find out what happened to her, only to find that she had doubled back and was hiding in the house in a closet.

The farmer was called to bars to come get his wife because she was overly intoxicated, too drunk to drive, and kissing other men.  When he would come to get her, she would walk away, not go with him, and go someplace else to buy more alcohol.

The last straw was when his wife had been yelling and cursing at him all day and all night, and slamming doors in the house as hard as she could more than a hundred times during the night.  They separated.

In all the discovery of fact in this court case, there was not one allegation of anything wrong ever having been done by the farmer.  He did not ask his wife to get a job, he did not ask her to help very much doing farm work, he had a house cleaner which his wife let go, he had paid farm workers to do the farm work.  The farmer paid for all of their bills and for all of her bills.  The farmer had to take her at least four times to the hospital after she tried to commit suicide.  He tried to deal with his wife getting drunk at home, leaving home to drink more, and then having to go and try to find her and bring her home.  He finally had enough when she went on a tirade against him all day and all night.

Of course, of course, she wanted half of everything he had in the divorce.  She came into the marriage with a 2003 Honda, he paid for everything during their marriage, why shouldn’t she be entitled to 2,000 acres of land and his truck after almost four years of marriage?

The lower court and the Supreme Court of North Dakota did not see things the same way as the wife.  The courts cited many legal precedents and legal considerations in determining the division of marital assets: what assets each person brought into the marriage, what income each person earned prior to marriage and during the marriage, what each person contributed to the marital assets during marriage, what income earning potential each person had after the marriage.

The courts determined that the wife was entitled to approximately $161,000, minus approximately $28,000 for expenses.  The court determined that based on her previous employment, and the recent employment that she had undertaken, she should be able to support herself.