Citizen’s Community Police In Dickinson North Dakota

Ten days ago I came under attack from angry, hateful, bitter, vicious women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  But thankfully, not from any of the women on my “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.

You see, the women on this list must meet certain requirements of attractiveness which include appearance, demeanor, bearing, dress, civility, and respectability.  Do you know, that in the over three years since publishing this list, I have never once had to remove a member from this list, or even issue a warning?

For reference, here is this list  .  More than a year ago, I ran out of women in Dickinson to include on this list, because no one else met the minimum requirements.

Since coming under attack by the unattractive women in Dickinson ten days ago, I thought about how I might improve Dickinson and the women in Dickinson.  Part of the problem is that there are no standards, nor is there any enforcement of standards.  The women just do whatever they want, like savages, or wild animals.

What I have come up with, is the creation of the Citizen’s Community Police in Dickinson.  This organization will engage in the implementation and enforcement of standards and rules for women in Dickinson.  Just like it is the job of the Police in Dickinson to detect and deter crime, the job of the Citizen’s Community Police in Dickinson will be to detect and deter bad behavior by women.

Beginning now, the citizens of Dickinson can report bad behavior by individual women, a file will be created, the information will be recorded, an investigation will be conducted, and citations or arrest will follow as appropriate.

Citizens of Dickinson are asked to keep an eye open for suspicious or inappropriate behavior by women, and report it.  Here are some examples:

  • Driving too fast.
  • Texting while driving.
  • Leering and Sneering.
  • Causing problems.
  • Being a problem.
  • Causing trouble.
  • Wearing pajama pants outside the house.
  • Not getting dressed in the morning.
  • Talking like someone from the ghetto in a city.
  • Wearing leggings outside the house.
  • Not keeping house.
  • Causing trouble on Facebook.
  • Disrespecting their husband.
  • Disrespecting their boyfriend.
  • Disrespecting their parents.
  • Monkey branching.
  • Acting stupid.
  • Being rude.
  • Using bad language.
  • Excessive arguing.
  • Excessive complaining.
  • Not following instructions.
  • Bad check writing.
  • Using drugs.
  • Stealing.
  • Handling stolen goods.
  • Making false allegations.
  • Arriving late for work or appointments.
  • Not showing up for work or appointments.
  • Cutting their hair too short.
  • Coloring their hair an unnatural color.
  • Getting tattoos.
  • Growing dreadlocks.
  • Littering.
  • Being jail bait.
  • Bad hygiene.
  • Taking inappropriate selfies.
  • Not washing hands.
  • Sticking fingers in mouth in public.
  • Interfering with men’s weight training areas.
  • Being contentious.
  • Causing other people to have to do their job.

Once reports are received, and a file is created, a.k.a. “their jacket”, women will be assessed an ongoing demerit point total, which will result, in order of severity:  verbal warning, written warning, written citation, arrest, incarceration.

Following arrest or incarceration, women will be required to complete both community service and receive counseling as appropriate on topics such as “health”, “hygiene”, “home economics”, “manners”, “the proper care and feeding of husbands”, “how to find and keep a husband”, and so forth.

Women’s files or “their jackets”, will be kept confidential except for sharing with Law Enforcement, The Courts, Husbands, Fiancees, Boyfriends, Parents, Pastors, The Mormon Church, Colleges, Universities, Banks, Car Dealers, Employers, and Landlords.

6 thoughts on “Citizen’s Community Police In Dickinson North Dakota

  1. What makes you think that you’re in charge of anything? Just as many men were disgusted by your writings as women in Dickinson. I think now that you have had a taste of attention, you’re trying to maintain that attention using any means possible.


    1. Anonymous,

      “What makes you think that you’re in charge of anything?” To answer your question, for one thing, I hold the rank of “Major” in the Citizen’s Community Police, and I have the expectation and ambition of being able to advance further to a higher rank in the coming years. Currently, within the Citizen’s Community Police I have administrative duties, I personally initiate and perform some investigations myself, I conduct follow-up investigations on cases that other officers are involved in, and I personally investigate or assign cases to other officers as they are reported to our organization.

      Your statement about an equal number of men being disgusted by my writings as women, I could try to argue that this statement by you is inaccurate, that many men do in fact agree with what I write, but I will instead point something else out. Many, many Women, agree with what I write.

      For instance, many women, especially older women, and women who have truly worked hard themselves and become successful, they know that women come around men acting helpless and seeking help in a work environment to get men to do their job for them or get men to help them in not losing their job, but at the soonest available opportunity they try to turn the tables on the men that helped them by making false allegations of harassment, hostile work environment, or sexual harassment, in order to get these men fired or threaten a lawsuit. Older women know this about women, because they have seen it. This is why many women managers come out and say that they try to not hire women, because women often destroy a smoothly running work place.

      Another example, the female psychiatrist Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who started out in her academic career as a Feminist, realized by the time that she was in her early thirties and working as a practicing psychiatrist, that the vast majority of men in her academic and professional career had been supportive and helpful to her, and very rarely had men been undermining or dismissive of her. She also realized that most men were very straightforward, honest, willing to help, and loyal. She began to realize and openly admit out loud that men were not the villains that feminism had said they were.

      At the same time, in Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s psychiatric medical practice and counseling, she began to realize that women were far more likely than men to be dishonest, disloyal, unreasonable, and vindictive. Dr. Laura Schlessinger began to uncover the widespread practice by women, to marry men that they had no romantic or physical attraction to, that they had no intention of performing wife duties, but were solely interested in things like status, support, and money in absolute complete contradiction to the widespread statements by the majority of women that they were seeking “a soul mate”, “spark”, or “chemistry” in a marriage partner.

      Something else that Dr. Schlessinger discovered, and is being found out more and more, is that a very high percentage of children born to married couples, the biological father is not the husband, unbeknownst to the husband. With DNA testing it is becoming more and more clear, and impossible to hide, that a much greater percentage of women have been unfaithful in marriage contrary to what women have tried to portray.

      In summary, older women and independently successful women often reach a point in their lives of experience, knowledge, and understanding, that they can see the following things: If women wear tight form-fitting leggings that reveal their anatomy this will of course draw the attention of boys or men which is probably not desirable in a school or work environment; If women go to a bar, meet a man, get drunk, go home with him, and have sex, why is it that only women have the right to claim that they were “not able to give consent” that the man was completely to blame though they both were equally intoxicated; If a married man or older man invites a younger woman to his house, condo, apartment, or hotel room for drinks, every adult woman who accepts the offer is looking for companionship, advice, help, mentoring, sex, or something from the man, and she understands that what the man is looking for is companionship, sex, or something from the woman, this is not grounds for a lawsuit twenty to thirty years later; Women seek to use their sexual attractiveness to their advantage for as long as possible or when it suits them, while at the same time women try to act outraged that someone would notice their sexual attractiveness.


      1. Um, you do realize that eight women out of your list have tattoos, use foul language, and have done most of the things you say are disgusting and shouldn’t be done. You’re pathetic and mad because nobody wants to fuck you.


      2. T,

        I am troubled and upset that you are telling me that eight of the women on my “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota” have tattoos and do other bad things, but I needed to know this, and you were right to report this to me.

        Please leave a comment telling me each of their names and what they have done, I will not publish this comment, but I will need to create a file on each of these women, and open an investigation. If it turns out that these are indeed bad women, I will probably have to remove them from the list. I may have to issue them a warning to correct their behavior, issue a citation, or turn the matter over to the Dickinson Police so that they are aware.


      3. I would certainly agree with you on some of that and I suppose I can not discount a Dr.’s findings; however I will agree with women being more scandalous. The vast majority of women i have known in my life that I have had a good relationship with have agreed that women are far more scandalous than men are as far as cheating and lying. This is coming from woment themselves. On the other hand, the overwhming 31 years of my life I have worked with men and they are the biggest cry baby back stabbing sorry ass pussies in the world. ESPECIALLY in the oilfiled and ESPECIALLY the narrow ass minded, scared to leave the state pickup truck driving inbred fucks born here. Absolutely narrow minded. All you have to do is go 20 miles west to Belfield to get the real feel of ND. Absolute dump, shit head backwards ass people I have ever met.


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