More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

Very early yesterday morning I wrote a blog post article about a 23 year old young woman named Isabel Paige.  I had watched a couple of her videos and thought that she was interesting enough and attractive enough to write about.  I intended to find out more about her.

Later yesterday evening I was able to find Isabel’s last name, but very little additional information came up for her, which was not too surprising because she is only 23 years old.  When I did a search using Isabel’s father’s name, this eventually led to a kind of unraveling of Isabel’s story about what she was doing.

Isabel’s mother and father live in Seattle, Washington.  When Isabel was talking in her videos about living and working in Seattle, and returning to live on her family’s “farm”, I was mistaken, and so were many of her viewers.  We thought that she had been working and living by herself in Seattle, far away from her home and family, but that was not the case, her family has a home in Seattle.

Isabel’s father’s name was linked to a street address in eastern Washington state on the outskirts of a National Forest.  Using Google Earth Satellite View of this street address revealed that this was the property shown in many of Isabel’s videos, that she was referring to as her family’s “farm”.

The “family farm” that Isabel was talking about returning to in her videos, is not really a farm, because there isn’t any livestock such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, or chickens, nor is there any corral, barn, tractor, large farm field, or crop.  There is a large garden that is maybe 1/2 acre in size.  The property is a vacation home that was recently built or purchased by her mother and father.

I feel that I was somewhat duped or misled.  From what Isabel was saying, she was talking about trying to live as a farmer, to be self-sufficient, and to live off-grid.  A more accurate description of the situation, is that Isabel and her sister Natasha are staying in their parent’s vacation home.

When I read the comments to some of Isabel’s videos, some of the commentors were being very critical, saying that Isabel was just staying in her parent’s vacation home, or asking her to show video of the “farm”, or asking her what she was going to do in the winter.  At first I didn’t understand these comments, but now I do.

I don’t think that anyone can live in this vacation home during the winter, for several different reasons.  From the Google Earth Satellite View, there is a one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes about one mile from the nearest house back to Isabel’s house.  This one-lane dirt road is terraced into a very steep mountainside that is going to shed or avalanche snow onto this road November through March.

More than a mile from Isabel’s house, there is a one-lane wooden bridge over a river that provides access to Isabel’s house and three other houses.  I don’t think that this wooden bridge is rated to carry heavy county road crew snow removal equipment that would be needed to efficiently plow more than one mile of road.  I don’t think that the county crosses over this one-lane wooden bridge to clear the snow for access to these four houses on the far side of the river.

If you could find a private heavy equipment operator to drive a front end loader across the one-lane wooden bridge and clear more than one mile of snow off the road, it would take at least half a day and cost about $1,000 each time.

For the past eighteen years I have lived in heavy snow fall areas of northern Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  In the winter, many National Forest and National Park roads are closed off because they can not keep up with the snow removal.  Bottoms of canyons with vacation homes become inaccessible for large amounts of time in the winter because of snow accumulation.

You can’t live in a mountainous area of Washington at the bottom of a canyon on the limited access side of the river, and expect to be able to make it to a job or a grocery store every day during the winter.  There will be times in the winter when you couldn’t drive out of the far side of the canyon for weeks in a row.

I am not so angry that Isabel gave me and the other viewers the idea that she was going to live and work on her family’s farm, when it isn’t a farm, and she isn’t working on a farm, as I am irritated that Isabel doesn’t really have a viable realistic plan on how she is going to survive this winter.

I imagine that Isabel’s parents haven’t flat out told her “no” that she can’t live at that house in the winter, because this appears to still be her plan.  Maybe her parents are thinking that she will see this for herself in November or December and get out of there before she becomes stuck and has to be rescued.

Here is a video showing Isabel with her family, which will give a little more insight into the situation:

Update 1/25/2021:

In the above blog post article, and in the comments below, I have tried to explain that I do not like, and believe that it is harmful, to lead YouTube viewers to believe that you can save money for one year at a low-paying job, quit your job, go buy some land in the mountains, build a tiny-house, and play in the woods most of the day.

Many of the commentors claim that I am just a jealous old man, what I say is not true, not accurate, not valid, and my points are baseless. I have decided to include a YouTube video made by a young woman, who on her own without reading my blog post article, came to many of the same conclusions as I did:

Update 4/5/21:

On 4/3/21 Isabel Paige uploaded a YouTube video titled something like “Finishing My Tiny-House”. About halfway through this video Isabel and her father were laughing about some people who had driven down the road to Isabel’s house recently, saying that they were trying to find someone who was selling eggs, and then they said, “You’re Isabel Paige, aren’t you? I watch your YouTube videos.”

Isabel and her father were laughing about how no one ever drives down the dead-end dirt road to their house, that this has never happened before, and what a coincidence it was that they watch Isabel’s YouTube videos. This was no coincidence. These people saying that they were “trying to find someone who was selling eggs”, may have been an inside joke reference to Isabel’s friend and YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan who sells her eggs to in vitro fertilization clinics for $10K to make money.

Isabel and her father need to stop and think about these things:

  • Isabel lives in a very remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area on the border of a National Forest where real estate is very expensive. There are very few working farms in this area, especially NOT chicken farms.  Is there anyone they have ever heard of who sells chicken eggs in their area?
  • Considering that very few people live in the remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area where Isabel lives, does it make any sense that anyone would drive that far just to buy chicken eggs when they could buy them much more easily in town?
  • Eggs cost about $1.50 per dozen in the grocery store, and there is no shortage of chicken eggs in grocery stores.  To get to Isabel’s house from town would cost about $10 in gas round trip, and take more than an hour.  Who is going to drive more than an hour and spend $10 in gas to buy eggs that normally cost $1.50 per dozen in stores?

If you read the comments to this particular YouTube video of Isabel’s, about 30% of the viewers are saying, “Watch out for that egg guy!  That’s no coincidence!  You’re lucky your father happened to be there!”  These people are correct.

In the comments section of this blog post article about Isabel, myself and other people wrote that it was not that difficult to find where Isabel is located, that she should be more careful, that it is not a good idea for her to walk alone in the woods without a firearm, and that it is not a good idea to show herself bathing naked in the river beside her house and other forest locations.

I hope that Isabel and her family will think about this and take this as a Wake-Up Call.  I hope that Isabel’s viewers will continue to urge Isabel to be more careful.  I believe that if Isabel’s father had not been there, and the people that drove up to Isabel were able to determine that she was alone, they might have stayed much longer just to be a nuisance, or they might have harmed her.

I am writing this Update in order to give this warning and offer some advice:

  • Isabel made a couple of mistakes in talking about how she has no cell-phone signal, that she has begun walking to the top of the mountain every morning, and that she is not in-touch with her family and friends every day.  Giving details like this have made her more vulnerable.
  • As one of her women viewers pointed out in the comments, when Isabel is bathing naked or nearly naked in forest locations, her screaming and yelling is announcing her location and drawing people to her that otherwise might not have known that she was there.
  • Isabel’s family needs to put a gate with a lock, or a chain with a lock across the beginning of their one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes to their house, with a couple of very visible “No Trespassing” signs.  Once someone goes beyond a “No Trespassing” sign, they can be arrested for trespassing, which is not the case if there is no sign.
  • At the gate across the road, or the chain across the road, there needs to be one or two pole-mounted or tree-mounted wireless or cable-fed surveillance cameras that can clearly be seen.  This is a deterrent.  This can also give people at the house a view of what is happening at the gate.  Some wireless cameras have a cell-phone application to allow you to watch them remotely.
  • I recommend the use of multiple trail cameras, hidden at the perimeter of the property on each side, including the river side.  This may point out some very determined and stealthy voyeurs.
  • I recommend installing as many as six solar-charged, motion-activated flood lights on trees, poles, or structures.  These very bright flood lights coming on at night can alert you that someone is at a specific location on your property.  People who are trying to sneak around unnoticed do not like getting lit-up by flood lights every time they move.
  • For this property, I recommend about six wireless motion-detectors positioned about one hundred feet from Isabel’s house, programmed to six different channels on a receiver box indicating which zone alarmed.  It’s O.K. that deer and other animals set them off, it shows that the motion detectors are working.
  • I recommend getting a dog of a working-dog breed, such as a German Shepherd.  Because of the very cold winter climate in the mountains of Washington state, a short-haired dog like a Doberman or Rottweiler would suffer in the winter cold.  Look up “Livestock Guardian Dogs” or “LGD”, these are very large dogs that are accustomed to living outdoors all year long guarding livestock from predators as large as mountain lions and bears.
  • Lastly and Most Importantly, Isabel needs to carry a firearm with her at all times on the property and learn how to use it.  A firearm will do her no good if it is unloaded, left in a closet, or she doesn’t know how to use it.

Carrying a firearm is the most important thing.  Law Enforcement would take at least 30 minutes to reach this property, that is if the cell-phone call went through.  Cameras are a deterrent, but they won’t stop something from happening.  A dog can be poisoned, lured away, or shot. 

Because Isabel and her family appear to be averse to firearms, I would recommend purchasing the most reliable, durable, easy to use, lightweight, least expensive to obtain and shoot firearm, the Ruger 10-22 rifle.  You can buy a Ruger 10-22 at Walmart for about $300, just about any sporting goods store, and most gun stores.  .22 LR long rifle bullets cost about 5 cents each, and they are one of the most quiet and least recoil rounds.  This rifle would be the easiest for each of the family members to practice with and get accustomed to.

361 thoughts on “More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

  1. Yep, she is now in scotland and talks about how she bought a van from a friend there and they are going to travel all of europe and film. I knew she would turn this into a travel vlog in many ways, but she didn’t have the money so she probably had to con people into that farm and small house lifestyle. And now that she has the money she and logan can run around rent at airbnb’s and see europe.


    1. In reply to buckqjohnson,

      I picture hundreds of plump, unattractive, hairy-legged, abrasive, 20-30 yr old girls, with pink/blue/purple hair and nose piercings, enraged screaming & cursing at their squat, worn-out, grey-haired fathers in his 60s, who just spent the last 1-1/2 years and 30% of his retirement savings on buying land, permitting, clearing, building a road, putting in electric, and building a tiny house for his unmarried daughter.

      The father already spent $40,000 on his daughter’s 14-day drug rehabilitation when she was 20 years old. Then another $20,000 on his daughter’s cosmetology school when she was 22 years old. Then when she was 25 years old, she was showing her parents Isabel Paige tiny-house, off-grid, sustainable-living videos, saying that’s what she wanted to do.

      So for the next 1-1/2 year this girl’s father did all of the work and spent all of the money to build a tiny-house and small farm. All the father ever saw, was his good-for-nothing ugly daughter using her tiny-house as a flop-house to bring a series of scraggly dirt-bag men who quickly departed and never came back.

      Now that Isabel Paige has up and left her tiny-house/sustainable-farm, like it was just a kid’s playset, hundreds of fat, ugly, hairy-legged young women across the U.S. are shrieking at their Dads, jumping in their Hyundais, spinning their tires as they head for their friend’s house.


    2. One Woman’s Wilderness – watch this youtube video if you want to see a rich woman claiming that she is living in an “off-grid cabin”. ROFL She is living in an expensive house (not cabin) she has had someone build and using propane. In addition to her high-paying job she is making maybe $200,000 yr. on her podcasts. She likes to parade her large breasts around and dressing scantily, obviously trying to appeal to men to watch her videos. Even though rich she has people sending her gifts in the mail which she opens on her videos. Like she really needs people to send her things. LOL I watched her videos for a while but they started being about really dumb things, like spending the whole video talking small talk to her 80 yr. old mother or about the broken mirror on her truck. I don’t watch them anymore. It is so ridiculous….just a money-maker for her. I don’t believe for a minute she is using her “outhouse”. I know she has a bathroom there in her house somewhere and I’m sure electricity too.


  2. Jasmine Cherry posted a new video revealing even more scummy behavior from Isabel Paige. I’m so disgusted by Isabel and how she manipulates her viewers.


    1. In reply to Jane,

      Thank you for telling me about this Jasmine Cherry video. I went and watched this Jasmine Cherry video, I didn’t know that the Van that Isabel purchased in Scotland was completed, from what Isabel was saying and doing, it appeared to have needed a lot of work. I suppose that was a slap-in-the-face to the seller/builder if he completed the Van, and then the buyer acted as if it wasn’t completed.

      I read through about 320 of the comments beneath this Jasmine Cherry video. It seemed like this video has become a venue for people to express their frustration, anger, and disappointment with Isabel Paige, because dissent is not permitted in Isabel’s own comment section.

      Many of the commenters to Jasmine Cherry’s video, express support and validation for the points that Jasmine Cherry tries to elaborate on. And, express some of the same ideas and opinions that I have written about, such as Isabel giving young people the wrong impression about living off-grid, sustainable-farming, living in a tiny-house; or the realization that Isabel’s parents’ fully-equipped house was only several hundred feet away from Isabel’s tiny-house, off-grid house; or that Isabel had not planted and harvested enough food to have made a serious effort at sustainable-farming.

      Here is the link to the Jasmine Cherry video:


      1. as you can clearly tell by this blog and some of these comments, the ooga-booga men are busy trying to figure out her exact location and writing out their detailed sex fantasies about her that they can masturbate to into the last clean sock of the week


  3. Well Well look what happened, Isabel and Logan are back at the tiny farm what a shock. You have to listen to the whole video, it essentially contradicts everything they said in the other vids when they left for Europe and in Europe. She said that she came back because one her sister is getting married at the farm and two her parents need her help, BS!!!!!!!!!!!! One they could fly back in for the her marriage and then fly back out, and for the parents needing help on the farm I don’t buy that because that farm wasn’t getting enough attention when it was in her personal operation and last I heard they are still trying to get that pot business up. In the video you can hear the father make some comment about she needed a greenhouse, but if that is the case wouldn’t it have been something to do at the beginning and not at the end. No they are wanting the greenhouse to grow their pot.

    Also she is scaling her recipe book by saying her brother and her and made changes and better any recipes in the book and if you bought her book you will get emailed a pdf of the changes. And if you want a hardcopy you can buy the book. She is making sure she continue to sell to her original email list and get even more customers and making sure she gets her email list bigger. In order to sell something else in the near future.

    I think that when she went to europe she was getting alot of backlash on her leaving and things pointed out and it was messing up her brand and her family told her to get her ass back and act like nothing happened and continue the farm.


    1. In reply to BuckQJohnson,

      Thank you for the update, I try not to watch Isabel Paige’s or Hannah Lee Duggan’s YouTube videos, because I believe that what they are doing, both of them, is wrong. Making the average, ordinary young person, or mid-life woman believe that if they want to live in the woods, or travel in a van, just save a few thousand dollars at their 9-5 job, and quit. I said it before, it’s like a slap-in-the-face to poor people, maybe even a cruel joke. Buying land, clearing land, getting a well, building a tiny-house, while not working at a paying job for 6mos-1year, $30K would barely or not even cover that.

      I am surprised/not-surprised that Isabel and Logan have returned to Washington State. My opinion, is that something bad must have happened, something besides a fluctuation of YouTube views. I’m just guessing at possibilities, but maybe people in Scotland, Ireland, and England were not only inhospitable, but putting a stop to their travel, perhaps claiming that their Travel Visa was not correct for what they were trying to do, deliberately trying to find fault with it, because they didn’t want any widespread publicity of “Living-In-A-Van-In-Europe”.

      Europe is more condensed & dense with people than the U.S., and not as economically free and frivolous as the U.S. Though there are hippies in Europe, in their campers called “caravans”, and not just hippies, but “travelers” and “gypsies”, Scotland, Ireland, and England have not had the explosion of middle-class people who have decided that they no longer want to pay rent or buy a home, but instead live in a van, shower at truck stops, poop in a bucket, and sleep in parking lots. I don’t think Scotland, Ireland, and England could cope with a trend to van-life, which sometimes looks like the homeless encampments in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland.

      One other thing that I will speculate on, something that I was wondering about, I believe that in order to receive and maintain a WA State license to legally grow marijuana, if there wasn’t a whole list of compliance requirements, possibly such as “…no one convicted of a felony, or possession of illegal drugs, or distribution of illegal drugs, shall be permitted on the premises…” The reason why I started to wonder about this, with the 2021 build of the “artist’s studio” on the property, I wondered if there would not become a conflict with “talented artists” being invited to the property, while at the same time there was a WA State license compliance requirement about controlling who was on the property. My personal opinion, was that this is why Isabel and Logan had to leave, because the activities at the property were not in compliance with a legal marijuana growing operation license and inspection.


    2. Why do you care so much? Literally can’t believe I’ve stumbled upon a website dedicated to hate of this girl, so sad and pitiful. I was just looking for an OF.


  4. I think you all need to get a life. Watch and Enjoy the videos Isabel Paige makes if you feel so inclined or don’t. This complaining session is the sign of bored and wasted human potential on the complainers part.
    At least Isabel is trying to do something productive. No wonder the world is in the shape it’s in.


    1. In reply to Vrilla Fisher,
      Yes, no wonder the world is in the shape it’s in, fraudulent politicians, preachers, journalists, media corporations, and “influencers” not being truthful and misleading people.


  5. It’s as if Europe never happened, damn they must have ran like hell back to the ole farm to act like they where truly into it. In the last vids after europe they act like everything they said and did over there and even before never happened. I always thought that they got scared that they where getting their stuff outed and may lose a shit load of money.


    1. In reply to buckqjohnson,

      I try to not watch Isabel Paige videos, because I do not like her videos, and I do not want to give her YouTube channel more views. My opinion, is that something bad must have happened to Isabel & Logan in Europe, such as Law Enforcement or Government informing the two of them that they did not have the correct visas, and/or the ability to own, operate, live-in a van in Europe.

      I think that I explained this in a previous comment, Europe is more cramped/crowded, less economically robust and bountiful, than the U.S. The U.S. can afford to have up to 15% of its population no longer seeking to own a house, or rent an apartment, but instead live in a van, park in the desert, a national forest, a shopping center, an industrial area, a residential neighborhood. But the towns and villages in Europe can’t have up to 15% of their own population trying to do this, PLUS thousands of Americans coming over there to try to do this too. I think that the UK/EU doesn’t want Van-Life to catch on.


      1. Completely wrong about van life in Europe.

        In Europe van life is called Caravans. It is an extremely popular activity and very well supported. There are Caravan parks throughout the UK, Scandinavia, and Western Europe. Many have convenient perks such as outdoor washers and dryers, stages for traveling performers, and farmers markets.

        Most of Europe thrives on tourism. Imagine they would be happy to see as many money spending yanks as possible.


      2. In reply to Matthew Joly,

        I think that you are wrong, and that you are misunderstanding. Since the 1930s, people all over the U.S. have been travelling to wilderness areas to camp for recreation. Since then, more and more National Parks have been created, the RV manufacturing industry has experienced tremendous growth, thousands of public and private campgrounds have been created. Similar thing in Europe, but to a lesser extent.

        However, especially since the 2009 housing market crash/ liar-loans/bundled mortgage investment derivative crash, people in the U.S. began LIVING in their cars and vans. NOT CAMPING, LIVING in their cars and vans, FULL TIME, YEAR ROUND.

        Not staying at campgrounds, not staying at RV Parks, but trying to hide in residential, commercial, industrial areas without permission. Pooping in buckets, peeing into plastic bottles. This is Van-Life a.k.a. Boon-Docking. It’s not vacation, it’s not camping, it’s living in a car or van.


  6. You have to see this, she is really digging into the life by washing clothes by hand (NOW) and trying to Isabell explain why they weren’t so into the farm last year. What about the last 3 years Isabell, you weren’t building that shed for that long? She is doing everything she can to make it look like nothing happened.


    1. In reply to buckqjohnson,

      In response to your last few comments, I wrote that my opinion was, that something bad must have happened to Isabel & Logan when they began driving their recently purchased van out of Scotland, most likely scrutiny of their travel Visas, driver’s licenses, van insurance, destination, housing arrangements, intended length of stay, because UK and EU don’t want to promote Van-Life.

      But maybe I was wrong. If Isabel is making such an effort to convince people that she is completely into off-grid, tiny-house, sustainable-living, organic-farming, after she clearly was not and tried to get away from it, I wonder if it is a matter of views, subscribers, and YouTube revenue. Maybe her father and mother were angry with her after all of the work that her family put into Isabel’s tiny-house, artists’ studio, and garden, that they pressured her to come back.


      1. Shut up you weirdo this is so invasive I’m sure if we put your life under a microscope we will find shit to your talking as your shit don’t stink


      2. In reply to Soraya Lee,

        Why is it that you can not understand that Isabel videos herself, what she is doing, and talks about what she is doing, uploads these videos to YouTube once per week, for the past three years?

        If I videoed myself, what I was doing, where I lived, this is my house, this is my vehicle, this is my family, this is where I work, this is me on vacation, this is my girlfriend, this is what I made, this is my accident, this is me being sick, this is what I made to eat, this is what I got in the mail,…and I uploaded these videos to YouTube once per week, for the past three years, it would not surprise me if people commented on me, my life, what I was doing, in a positive way, negative way, ridiculing way, jealous way, envious way, laughing way, criticizing way.


  7. I hate to say this butt this video I will post and the ones that proceeded this one shows more like she is trying to be like CottageFairy now on youtube. Like we discussed before she and her man ran as fast as they can back to the US once people started to question what she was doing and also as you said possibly they where running into issues with their lifestyle over in europe. LIke I said before, she even said she was done with the small house and farm and was going to do something else in europe and I even said she was going to push something in regards to living in europe in a van.


    1. In reply to BuckQJohnson,

      I have already written at least a dozen times in my blog posts and comments that I believe that Isabel Paige was over-glamorizing and over-Romanticizing tiny-house, sustainable-farming living. Off-grid & sustainable-farming living is a great deal of daily physical labor, just to survive. Isabel was not putting as much time, energy, and effort into her garden to produce enough food to live on for an entire year, and since she was short of having enough to live on for an entire year, there wasn’t a surplus of food that could be sold to obtain cash to pay for vehicle fuel, insurance, repairs, medical bills, cell phone, electricity, etcetera. So what Isabel was doing was not a good model of “sustainable farming”, it required a regular supply of outside money, maybe it came from YouTube, maybe it came from her parents, or both.

      When Isabel, her boyfriend, and her family began building a “studio”, I think that this was an example of them needing more room. It seemed to me to be an example of Isabel’s tiny-house not being big-enough or having enough room. When Isabel announced that she was quitting tiny-house living, that she and her boyfriend were packing to go to Europe, in this video it showed a scene where a great deal of Isabel’s and her boyfriend Logan’s belongings were spread out inside of Isabel’s parents’ house that was a couple hundred feet away from Isabel’s tiny-house. Several viewers commented something like, “I thought so, they have all of their stuff in her parents’ house, that’s where they have been staying.”

      I don’t really blame Isabel and Logan for wanting to go to Europe, especially if Isabel had accumulated plenty of money from YouTube. The tiny-house was small, with no indoor toilet or hot water shower. The mountain property got snowed-in, where Isabel had to park her vehicle about 1/2-1 mile away from her tiny-house, it was a long, cold, hazardous walk in winter.

      In Europe, Isabel and Logan would have been able to stay in nice, cozy, luxury hotels, with room-service, maid-service, hot shower, clean sheets, restaurant & bar. They could have, probably were going to, make videos like they were boon-docking, stealth camping through Europe.

      The United States is wealthy enough, plenty large enough, for unemployed people to drive around in their vehicles, sleep at a Walmart parking lot, interstate truck stop, public park, national forest, national park, BLM land, and this is just a minor nuisance in the U.S, except for Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and places in Florida and Texas where there a hundreds of people doing this in the same location.

      In Europe, in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, I strongly believe that these countries can not allow large numbers of young people to get the idea that it is O.K. to live in their car, and try to sneak around trying to find places to sleep or stay. England and Ireland have high unemployment, and high under-employment, Europe can not allow people to get the idea that it is an acceptable lifestyle to sleep in your vehicle, and not have a home. In my opinion, Isabel may have encountered frequent resistance to trying to Van-Life her way through Europe.


    1. In reply to Soraya Lee,

      I recommend that you stop and reconsider your statement. Think about it. If a person has videoed themselves each week, for the past three years, and posted these videos on YouTube, why aren’t people who watch these YouTube videos allowed to comment?

      Even if people want to make fun of Isabel after she uploads each video to YouTube, why aren’t people allowed to make fun of her? Why aren’t people allowed to criticize Isabel? Why aren’t people allowed to speculate on what she has done, is doing now, and will do in the future?


  8. I’m guessing because all those who want to put energy into hating or “criticising” others lives but continue to watch, are in fact just unhappy and self loathing. Sad way to live your life. Happy for Isabel. She’s creative and spreads positive content.


    1. In reply to Daisychain,

      Here we go again with the 100 I.Q. Isabel Paige viewers. How can I be jealous of someone, who I hate what they are doing? Her YouTube channel was supposed to be about off-grid, tiny-house, self-sufficient, sustainable-living, on a family farm. Tell you what Daisy, go build yourself a shed in the mountains where it’s snowed-in for five months of the year and grow your own food, see how that works out for you.


  9. People all you have to do is scroll on. She hasn’t lied about anything and if your misled by her cinematic filming that’s on you. She’s honest and real and motivates others I’m a posway not what I can say about you.


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