More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

Very early yesterday morning I wrote a blog post article about a 23 year old young woman named Isabel Paige.  I had watched a couple of her videos and thought that she was interesting enough and attractive enough to write about.  I intended to find out more about her.

Later yesterday evening I was able to find Isabel’s last name, but very little additional information came up for her, which was not too surprising because she is only 23 years old.  When I did a search using Isabel’s father’s name, this eventually led to a kind of unraveling of Isabel’s story about what she was doing.

Isabel’s mother and father live in Seattle, Washington.  When Isabel was talking in her videos about living and working in Seattle, and returning to live on her family’s “farm”, I was mistaken, and so were many of her viewers.  We thought that she had been working and living by herself in Seattle, far away from her home and family, but that was not the case, her family has a home in Seattle.

Isabel’s father’s name was linked to a street address in eastern Washington state on the outskirts of a National Forest.  Using Google Earth Satellite View of this street address revealed that this was the property shown in many of Isabel’s videos, that she was referring to as her family’s “farm”.

The “family farm” that Isabel was talking about returning to in her videos, is not really a farm, because there isn’t any livestock such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, or chickens, nor is there any corral, barn, tractor, large farm field, or crop.  There is a large garden that is maybe 1/2 acre in size.  The property is a vacation home that was recently built or purchased by her mother and father.

I feel that I was somewhat duped or misled.  From what Isabel was saying, she was talking about trying to live as a farmer, to be self-sufficient, and to live off-grid.  A more accurate description of the situation, is that Isabel and her sister Natasha are staying in their parent’s vacation home.

When I read the comments to some of Isabel’s videos, some of the commentors were being very critical, saying that Isabel was just staying in her parent’s vacation home, or asking her to show video of the “farm”, or asking her what she was going to do in the winter.  At first I didn’t understand these comments, but now I do.

I don’t think that anyone can live in this vacation home during the winter, for several different reasons.  From the Google Earth Satellite View, there is a one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes about one mile from the nearest house back to Isabel’s house.  This one-lane dirt road is terraced into a very steep mountainside that is going to shed or avalanche snow onto this road November through March.

More than a mile from Isabel’s house, there is a one-lane wooden bridge over a river that provides access to Isabel’s house and three other houses.  I don’t think that this wooden bridge is rated to carry heavy county road crew snow removal equipment that would be needed to efficiently plow more than one mile of road.  I don’t think that the county crosses over this one-lane wooden bridge to clear the snow for access to these four houses on the far side of the river.

If you could find a private heavy equipment operator to drive a front end loader across the one-lane wooden bridge and clear more than one mile of snow off the road, it would take at least half a day and cost about $1,000 each time.

For the past eighteen years I have lived in heavy snow fall areas of northern Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  In the winter, many National Forest and National Park roads are closed off because they can not keep up with the snow removal.  Bottoms of canyons with vacation homes become inaccessible for large amounts of time in the winter because of snow accumulation.

You can’t live in a mountainous area of Washington at the bottom of a canyon on the limited access side of the river, and expect to be able to make it to a job or a grocery store every day during the winter.  There will be times in the winter when you couldn’t drive out of the far side of the canyon for weeks in a row.

I am not so angry that Isabel gave me and the other viewers the idea that she was going to live and work on her family’s farm, when it isn’t a farm, and she isn’t working on a farm, as I am irritated that Isabel doesn’t really have a viable realistic plan on how she is going to survive this winter.

I imagine that Isabel’s parents haven’t flat out told her “no” that she can’t live at that house in the winter, because this appears to still be her plan.  Maybe her parents are thinking that she will see this for herself in November or December and get out of there before she becomes stuck and has to be rescued.

Here is a video showing Isabel with her family, which will give a little more insight into the situation:

44 thoughts on “More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

  1. Lol this is creepy AF. If I were isabel I’d be scared. Why does it make u mad? She’s a kid trying to live a sustainable life. She doesn’t need to have everything perfectly figured out. I sound like a bitter old jealous person.

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    1. F,

      In reply to your comments:
      “If I were Isabel I’d be scared.” If Isabel, her mother, father, or sister had any sense, they would be scared, they should be scared. Their youngest daughter who is about 23 years old, frequently shows herself in either breast revealing, thigh revealing, crotch revealing, or nude bathing videos alone by herself in the woods. Neither Isabel, her mother, father, or sister have figured out or realized that Isabel is attracting, inviting, luring, tempting, daring thousands of viewers to come and find her, combined with the fact that she has given enough personal information for people to be able to drive to the exact spot where she is located, alone by herself.

      Rather than create an off-grid, sustainable farmstead, Isabel has made this property unsafe for herself, her sister, and her family. Do you know how many people in prison who have been convicted of rape, kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault watch these YouTube videos of lone, naive, defenseless women in the wilderness who get a thrill out of showing themselves naked or nearly naked on the internet to thousands of strangers, stupidly and incorrectly thinking that they can’t be found?

      Something else that is irritating me more and more each day, is that Isabel is continuing on with this charade or ruse that she worked and saved her own money in order for her to be able to get a piece of land and build her own minimal house. The fact is, the piece of land where Isabel is building her minimal house between a mountainside and a creek, adjacent to a national forest, this land probably sells for $20,000-$40,000 per acre, with the smallest zoning-restricted parcel size being 10 acres. Her mother and father had to pay between $200,000-$400,000 for their approximately 10 acre piece of land, and they are allowing Isabel to build something on their land. The stupid young people who watch Isabel’s videos, especially women, according to what Isabel says, they think that they can go work at a waitress job for one year, save $5,000, then quit their job, go buy land beside a mountain stream, and start building a house. No, no, no, Isabel’s mother and father had to work and save for about 30 years to be able to buy this $200K-$400K piece of land.


      1. They should be scared that their daughter is showing her life on the internet. They should have also taught her that making up BS to get views is not honest. I knew when I watched the video and her telling of her trip to OZ and living in Namaste land that she was a fraud. She is “living” on her family’s land so, no taxes paid by her. No real job to make money to PAY taxes or anything else. She’s basically camping on Daddy’s land. I think it’s awesome to be able to do that but, if you’re gonna spew “love the world” BS, at least be straight up about it. However, I think it’s a little creepy that someone went to the effort to Google satellite her locations. I bet dad has long guns and can shoot though.

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      2. David Kelly,

        Please note that I did not publicize either the name of the town or address of Isabel, though I pointed out that I was able to find it.

        When will people catch on, that if I could find their address, and I explain how I have found it, how many other people have found it and do not say anything because they have plans to come and visit with possibly bad intentions?


      3. This is an almost 70 acre property purchased by “father” in 2015 [that is FIVE YEARS ago – it’s not like it’s been in the family for a hundred years] for $500,000 SOLELY TO BE A MARIJUANA GROW SITE
        They incorporated the company as a MARIJUANA GROWER!
        So yes – it’s incredibly deceptive.
        It’s also like almost every “reality show” ever – about 95-99.999 percent horse shite

        My take – really hot chick I will never meet or see in person doing things that are interesting. If we could get her fishing in those streams perhaps fly fishing would be a nice bonus.
        They purchased a house for 2.4 million in Seattle so guessing they didn’t have to scrape by for 30yrs to afford their 500K Marijuana farm.


      4. Uhrm 2.0,

        If you read Isabelle’s father’s resume on LinkedIn, it shows that he graduated from college in 1983. From 1983-1994, eleven years, he doesn’t show what he did, probably work at a job like everyone else. Then from 1995-2013, a period of eighteen years, he started three different companies that manufactured consumer products.

        So once he graduated from college in 1983, he spent the next thirty-two years working so that he could afford the $500,000 property that he purchased in 2015 in eastern Washington. My point is, it took Isabelle’s parents thirty-two years of working in order to be able to afford this property, this can’t be duplicated by a young person working a low-paying job for a year or two or three.


    2. Another rich kid pretending to be someone she isn’t all the while her parents are NOT living a sustainable lifestyle to support her.


      1. Retired,

        I was getting ready to ask, why doesn’t anyone else see what is going on, you see it. But if you are retired, I suppose that you are old enough to be able to watch and figure it out. Of all Isabel’s videos produced this spring, summer, and fall of 2020, the only planting that was shown was her family planting garlic onions. You can’t even eat one meal consisting of primarily garlic onions. How is this “sustainable living” ? How is this “farming” ?


    1. Joe,

      I have a suspicion that you are probably Isabelle’s father. If you are, I am disappointed in you too. I do not approve of the industry that you are currently in, especially because of your children, how they are going to be influenced and impacted by what you are doing. As a matter of fact, I think that they already have been negatively affected. You have not set a good example. Isabelle, and apparently you too, think that it is O.K. for Isabelle to have these YouTube video thumbnails of her bathing naked in the river in order to lure people in by means of sexual arousal,and then you dupe these people into believing that a 22 year old young lady with no job has acquired a $300,000 piece of property, a $6,000 vehicle, and is spending $15,000 to build a mini-house on a trailer frame.

      If you want to know how I got Isabelle’s father’s name, do a Google search for Isabelle, then you will see some other possible last names in the Google search results. Use these names to do more Google searches. Use the Google results you get to perform more searches, and eventually you have a whole pool of information like family members, addresses, addresses of property owned, Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and more. It’s a good thing that you are aware now. No matter where you live, if your daughter goes out beside the highway every day to take her clothes off and bathe in the river, she is probably going to attract attention.


  2. I’m 22 myself and also trying to find a way to sustain myself.
    Since I’m her age and also have her view I totally understand she isn’t scared at all. If something happens, she just has to call and her family is there. Also it is beautiful that she is trying to live and understand life, sadly too many people don’t.
    If her parents were scared they’d say ‘no’.
    But if they were scared it’s because they wouldn’t trust her that she can do it on her own.
    Her parents DO trust her and that’s all she needs.
    And there are scary things that can happen. But would you really let that small chance stop you from truely living your life?
    There are so many people on earth who try to tell someone else what’s better for them. But you don’t know what’s better for her. Only she does.
    Luckily she doesn’t listen cus there are so many people who regret things they never did cus someone else told them not to.
    But in my opinion she is thinking freely and you are thinking limited. (not tryna be rude btw!)
    Also a plan isn’t necessary. Just like everybody else she lives in the moment with her body and like just a few on this earth she lives in the moment with her mind, spirit and soul.
    She will figure it out in the moment.
    Nobody can prepare for life because nobody knows how to really live it. Everybody is just trying cus there is just 1 chance.
    Also nobody can prepare for everything, sometimes things just have to happen and you’ll find a way.

    Thanks for your research btw, I also wondered a lot!
    Much love!


    1. Selflove,

      That’s fine that you are trying to find your way in life. But I don’t like anyone setting young people up for failure, disappointment, and sending them in the wrong direction.

      For those young people who want to live off-grid, a low-cost, sustainable lifestyle, Isabel’s videos are misleading you and other young people. The piece of land that Isabel is building her tiny-house on, is about ten acres that costs at least $300,000. The kind of land that is shown in her videos beside a stream in Washington, the smallest parcel size for this kind of land is county zoning restricted to about ten acres and $300,000, because the county and the existing property owners do not want low-income people or hippies to be able to purchase 1/4 acre lots for $10,000 and place trailers on them beside the river, wreaking havoc on the scenery.

      The property that Isabel is living on was purchased by her mother and father. Her mother and father built up two successful businesses over the course of twenty years from when they were about twenty-five through forty-five years old. Her mother and father worked for twenty years at jobs before they were able to buy this piece of property!!!

      If there are young people watching Isabel’s videos, who want to buy their own land and build their own tiny house, I suggest that they work in the construction trades for at least eight years, and save their money. You will start out as a laborer, carrying lumber, concrete blocks, drywall, and roofing shingles. After a while, you might get to help frame or help shingle. Maybe you might get to be an apprentice electrician or an apprentice plumber. You had better be watching and learning what all of the other trades are doing. After eight years of work, you might have both the knowledge and the money to buy a small piece of land and build your own small house.

      Does this sound like a lot of work? Why do you think your mother, father, and other people had to work their whole lives?


    2. She is NOT living sustainably. She uses soap and oil in the river. She is downright poisoning the land she says she cars so much about. She doesn’t save her water or do anything other than use expensive new things that her parents bought. She is a FRAUD.


  3. I’m torn about Isabel’s videos. On the one hand, it is misleading. She makes the choice to live this way appear easily achievable. BUT, I do appreciate the message, the essence of what she’s doing and sharing.

    The give-away that she was from a family with money for me was her description of living in Australia and New Zealand. Even though it sounds as though she lived in inexpensive accommodations and worked for her own upkeep, the cost of the journey alone, never mind the cost of living with no income until she found her ashram situation preclude less well off teenagers.

    HOWEVER – more power to her for taking that path when I’m sure her peers were mostly headed to university.

    Selfishly I’m glad she is on her parent’s property and less “off the grid” than is suggested from her videos. I’ve longed for such a lifestyle, but adding up costs realistically led me to realize it may be out of reach for me.

    I’m 46 and my only son will go to college in a few years. I’m a single mother and a teacher, so you can imagine that I have meager savings. One must have some money – a decent chunk – stashed away for emergencies. Just as the roof of a suburban home, that of a tiny house would need repairing or replacing if damaged. A new roof isn’t cheap

    I am a decent woodworker, love it, and have done enough of it to know that the pile of lumber she takes from wasn’t cheap. And it looks like she’s using a 12″ dual bevel sliding compound DeWalt miter saw. That’s no cheap thing. Which had me scratching my head wondering where she got the money to afford all that. Also, her linen clothes are clearly expensive. And ironed.

    BUT – still knowing all that, I really like her. I appreciate her videos. I appreciate the sustainability message. It’s refreshing to see a young woman with such appreciation for the environment, wilderness, nature, since many of her same-age YouTube counterparts are peddling make-up and fashion. (Actually I don’t know that to be true. It’s the impression I get.)

    Perhaps it’s like watching anything on telly. You need a suspension of disbelief. If we view her videos as entertainment and not “how to,” we can appreciate them.

    Meanwhile, the mountains are calling…can I afford to go?


    1. NamedforDickens,

      I don’t know if you live in the U.S., England, Australia, or New Zealand. To answer your questions about where Isabel gets her money, I looked her up, got her family members’ names, and recently I looked up Isabel’s father. It appears from his own biography that I read, that he began designing ordinary household consumer products, but with unusual colors, and designs that would make them more appealing than just an ordinary mop, broom, dog bowl, etc. Stores began carrying his more colorful products, then he sold the company that he started. He did this starting, then selling his company, at least twice.

      This property that Isabel’s parents purchased in eastern Washington State, her parents are in eastern Washington State, in this area, it looks like, to start a legal marijuana growing operation. Isabel has often made mention of returning to live on her family’s “farm”, yet we viewers have never been shown any crop. Yes, Isabel and her parents are indeed probably interested in farming.

      When I read about what appears to be Isabel’s father starting a legal marijuana growing operation, I began to notice that it looks like Isabel’s eyes are often very glassy and bloodshot, and she prepares these voluminous meals and eats like a fiend, and now I think I know why. I think that some of her viewers already suspected what I now suspect.

      If you live in the U.S., and you don’t earn a lot of money from being a school teacher, I hope that you will receive a teacher’s pension when you retire. The beautiful places in the U.S. that you read about, like Santa Fe NM, Sedona AZ, Flagstaff AZ, Jackson Hole WY, you will not likely ever be able to afford to live in the well-publicized beautiful places.

      However, if you do research, there are rural areas and rural towns across the U.S. that once had larger populations, but most of the people moved away, leaving single-family homes, that sell for $5,000-$50,000. You have to be really careful about what you are potentially getting into. Is this a nice area with nice people, who just had people move away for better work opportunities, or has this deserted town been taken over by criminals and drug users?

      I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction with some of these examples, but I have been in Wyoming towns where the population went from 5,000 people in year 2000, down to 800 people in year 2013 when my friend bought some cheap property there. There were many vacant single-family homes, and I believe that some were for sale by the city/county for the property taxes owed. There are towns like this in Nevada, North Dakota, and other mid-western states.

      If you are going to retire and receive a pension, you could purchase a $5,000-$50,000 house on a double or triple lot, or even acreage in a town or county where most of the people have moved away for work, and have your own place where you can garden and make things. But keep in mind, that there will not likely be any good local employment opportunities, nor any good local stores, and you may not have any buyers for your house if you want to leave. But some of these rural areas are beautiful, even though most people moved away.

      Start looking at many of the YouTube videos of a 40 year old single woman “Prepper Princess”, who just moved from California to Bullhead City Arizona.


  4. They are calling you a creep in the comments but it’s fucking dumb. How are women so deluded that they think posting your full name and more than enough details to track you down while you post videos of yourself in the wilderness naked is just fine and dandy? And you’re a creep just because you can find this out doing a handful of Google searches out of boredom lol. God forbid an actual predator go out and hunt her down. Not to mention, aren’t there literal fucking wild animals like bears, mountain lions and wolves in the wild there?

    By the way, as you already suspected, she is 100% high as fuck, you can see a ton of weed growing in one of the videos where she opens the glass door to show off the view. Obnoxious hippy types living in some weird bubble.


    1. Andrew,
      I felt kind of naive and stupid because it took me a couple of months and reading about her father, before I realized why Isabel does the things that she does, and acts the way that she does.


  5. Isnt it funny the way it’s the creepy, predatory men who always think an obviously strong, capable, woman needs a man to protect her? If creepy guys are the problem, how is another guy the only solution lol. ( I’m not anti-men, I’m one myself. But just sayin.)

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    1. Yeah I’m sure a sub 120lb woman can fend off a 200lb+ male from attacking her while she’s out bathing naked in the middle of no where


  6. Isable Paige is a FRAUD and is lying to people. She is prancing around in her under and her birthday suit, poisoning the waterways. She is a basic bitch acting like she has a unique message to send. What a joke.


  7. It took me a long time to get what she is looking for. I am now retired, have paid off my 47-acre wooded property with lake and can now live the life she is showing on her videos. I like watching them because, although I know this isn’t something you can really do in real life when you are 23, it is something to aspire to for later in life. I can watch her videos and be inspired for now. I can get ideas of what I can do NOW….do what she does, now that I have the time and am getting my social security. I am in great health, love to exercise, have always ate healthy vegetarian food and am able to finally live a life like this. Although made-up, it is an inspiration.


    1. Lori,

      I hope that you have enough sense to not make YouTube videos showing where you live, while you go bathe naked in the river beside a highway.

      I hope that you do not go on long hikes in the woods without either a firearm or a large protective dog.

      I hope that you do not get high and drive on the wrong side of the road.


      1. I have lived where I live for 30 years an no one has ever bothered me. I can walk in my own woods without needing to carry a firearm or take a dog. I have walked in these woods for 30 years. I can even swim naked if I want to and no one will see me. Try as hard as you want but you will not scare me at all. I don’t live by a big city and am totally comfortable on my own land. You are totally paranoid. Just because you get high doesn’t mean I do. You need a therapist.


      2. Lori,

        Very experienced older hunters, retired career military, retired law enforcement, they know from their lifetime of experience to never go walking in the woods without a firearm, especially your own woods. Have you ever seen video of a rabid fox, raccoon, coyote, dog? They attack people. You need to quit thinking that you know everything, it’s going to get you in trouble, plus make you a miserable person to be around.


  8. Seattle gets 6.8 inches average of snowfall a year .. not close to the 38 inches in the Dakotas where me folks lived. a tad hyperbolic dont you think? i think you are just butt hurt about being duped… it is the internet after all.


    1. James Beckett,

      When I was referring to Isabelle being snowed-in for the winter, you do know that she is living in a very mountainous area of eastern Washington State? The same latitude as high-snowfall areas of Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. O.K., I just looked it up, the annual snowfall where she is living is 76 inches per year!!!

      When it comes to the possibility of people being actually hurt in real life, No, I don’t like it. Unintelligent, young, low-income people are some of the most vulnerable people, they don’t have the earning potential, employment options, or money to recover from a disaster. It’s not funny at all to lead stupid, young, low-income people to think that they could save $5,000, go buy a piece of land, quit their job, build a small house, and live sustainably on their land, out in the middle of nowhere, with no job, and no income.


    2. Hey “name withheld” (I wonder why). You are obviously one of those crazy survivalists. I’ve been wandering in my woods for 30 years, like I said. I’m not the least bit scared and never will be. ;You can’t stand to see people happy and free. Why should i care in the least what you think of me. You sound like a person that no one likes.

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  9. I really like your writing. You present a very logical perspective, and you have a sense about you that is interesting. I came here because I was developing an interest in Isabel, and I googled her, finding your blog. I really appreciate what you have written, because I was starting to feel bad about myself when I saw that men I know were really into Isabel, and I was jealous that she could live such a carefree life and have so much fun while I have to work and be normal. I always try to tell people that if you see someone in nice clothing, eating good food, and in a beautiful environment all the time, chances are they have some access to a lot of money. And if they are very young, most of the time it is not their own money. It’s very easy to frolic around carefree when you have daddy’s weed and money behind you if you fall. Your “outing” of Isabel made me feel so much better. That said, she’s a cutie, she has a great eye, her food looks amazing, and she’s fascinating to watch. Her videos have inspired me to buy a video camera, and take some short trips to film beautiful things. She also makes me want to eat better, and to take time pursuing the finer, simpler things in life. No matter what anyone here says, if they think you’re bitter or something, I think what you’ve said is really helpful. We all need to remind ourselves to consume media with discernment, and not lose our heads because of some pretty pictures.

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    1. Emily,

      Thank you for the compliments. Probably about 40%-50% of Isabel’s younger viewers felt inadequate because Isabel seemed to have achieved so much, to drop out of college, travel to and live in the far East for a year or so, live in Hawaii, move to the mountains on her own land and build her own tiny-house. This is not reality.

      I have been alive for 51 years now, I have lived and worked in about seven different states. Everyone that I have known and met in my entire life, family members, friends, their family members, co-workers, their family members, acquaintances, classmates, employers, and employees, whether they were talented or not, intelligent or not, good looking or not, they all struggled to survive, especially the young people, with the only exception being people from wealthy families who did not have to worry about money.

      I have probably explained this to other commentors: people who work full-time in hospitality, restaurant, or retail usually struggle to pay their rent even with roommates, their car payments for their older used vehicle, and their car insurance. They live pay-check-to-pay-check, just barely making enough money to keep up with their bills. No way do they make enough money to travel the World for a year, they don’t hardly have enough money to go out of town for the weekend.

      For most college graduates who are able to find higher-paying employment in engineering or business, with the amount of student loan debt that they have to repay, if they are single they will usually have to stay continually employed for on average at least eight years before they will be able to afford a modest home with a large mortgage. Then they will be a slave to home mortgages for the next thirty years, working at least 40 hours per week, fifty weeks a year, in order to pay for their home, if they are lucky enough to always have a job.

      The only people who I have not seen struggle like this, are the children of wealthy parents, whose parents are always there to help them out.


  10. You should have watched more than a few of her videos before coming to these idiot conclusions about her. If you watch from the start, as i did, and work your way through, she explains everything, her whole situation. She says who owns what and what she would like to do. There is no making anything up or trying to dupe people. She is just a girl, trying to make her way through life the best way possible and doing it in a better way than most of us ever will in respect to her impact on the planet. She is enchanting and vulnerable, but determined and in some ways older than her years. She has dreams and wishes that dont always come about, but this is the thing called life, we get ideas and hopes and then things take a different turn. She may learn some hard lessons about being out there in winter, but some might say the only way we learn in life is to make some mistakes and then move on.
    She may be able to do what she does because of the financial position her family is in, she says over and over that she understands most people may not be able to live with their parents while saving all of their wages (did you miss that bit?). I am in no doubt as a viewer that she has opportunities i never had and she is using them to better her life, good on her. I have no idea why anyone would think anything else, because it is all there in the videos. I really wish people could be a bit kinder to each other.
    Please do better research before you write drivel about someone in the future, you may then write something actually worth reading.

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    1. Jenny,

      I watched at least ten of Isabel Paige’s YouTube videos, and all I heard was about living on her family’s “farm”, her pursuing sustainable living on her family’s “farm”, and her building her tiny-house.

      What I saw in her videos on her family’s “farm” was no livestock of any kind whatsoever such as chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle. I saw no crop, no farm fields, and no farm equipment of any kind. I did see a 1/2 acre size garden plot with no plants, with six foot tall fence posts around it like it was going to be fenced with six foot tall chain link fence which I have never seen before for any garden. Then I found out what kind of crop they were going to grow….not fruits and vegetables.

      When Isabel was building her own tiny-house, I saw her sweat-soaked exhausted father had dragged out all of his very, very expensive power tools, laid everything out, measured everything out, ordered a huge amount of lumber, and worked all day measuring, cutting, carrying, placing, nailing, and screwing everything together using his lifetime of knowledge and his mechanical engineering degree, while his 23 year old daughter cuts, nails, and screws a few boards like she did it herself. Her father worked all day until he was dead-tired and exhausted building that house.


  11. you are fucking crazy and clearly obsessed with this young girl. Stop being a pervert. Get off he computer perv. Do you walk through the woods carrying a firearm? It sounds like you are the person that women should keep an eye out for. Lets figure out who and where you are at so we can keep an eye out for your creepy ass.

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    1. I am not obsessed with Isabelle, I wrote a “before” and an “after” article about her. I was and am disappointed in her. It just goes to show that you can’t trust women, all of them turn out to be dishonest and manipulators. I would rather have a bat or skunk in my house rather than Isabelle, they would cause less damage. Having Isabelle around would be about the same damage as having a goat in your house.


    1. Heather Ezzel,
      Men are able to have sex and produce children until the day that they die. As long as they have testosterone, they will have an interest in sex. Women are not the same as men, as women grow older sex may become painful and unenjoyable to them.

      It is so ignorant of women to not understand that men are much different than women. Wealthy men often have wives, mistresses, prostitutes that are aged 18- 30, because of their beauty and attractiveness, and there is no shortage of girls and women wanting this role. Your anger and insults show your bitterness over something that you can’t and have no valid reason for wanting to control.

      The only place that your bitterness finds an audience is with the uneducated lower class who have no way to change their own life. Beautiful women aren’t poor, they use what they have to get out of the pay-check-to-pay-check lower class life by hooking up with older wealthy men, and here you are complaining, and it’s obvious why, you are stuck, so you want everyone else to have no enjoyment or happiness.


  12. firstly, Isabel has said its her parents farm they wanted to have but never got it off the ground her mother grows tons of things at her other property. they are planning on moving their full time with the kids help to try and establish a farm again. the equipment is owned by her father and stays there full time from what I gathered. she may make it, she may not, need to watch a few more videos before you make such a judgement on someone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lynne,
      If you would have read more of the comments, you would learn what myself and others looked up and found, Isabelle’s father bought this property to start a marijuana growing operation. It’s not carrots, potatoes, peas, onions,and corn, it’s a marijuana farm. “Sustainable Living” ?, it’s a get-rich marijuana growing operation. I am so, so tired of all you people believing that Isabelle is innocent.


      1. Compared to many other girls in this world, Isabel is still very innocent I mean c’mon man aren’t you over exaggerating just a bit, what she’s ‘evil’ just ‘cos she smokes a joint now & again, big deal.She has always been honest about everything never misleading.It is your own perceptions of her situation that made the wrong assumptions,so you were ‘mislead’ by your incorrect preconceptions of what she was trying to do.


      2. James,

        In order to answer your comment, and other reader’s comments about Isabelle not misleading anyone, that it was an error of my preconceptions, I am going to copy and paste this explanation that Isabelle gives on her YouTube channel introduction:

        “I am on a journey to bring abandoned farmland back to life and grow organic fruits and vegetables for the local community in a sustainable way. I’d like to help heal this earth instead of take from it.

        5 years ago I was first introduced to the principles of permaculture and sustainable growing methods while living on a farm community in West Australia. After that, I worked and traveled, trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. My travels led me to become certified as a yoga instructor, work as a plant based- farm to table cook, and bake traditional sourdough bread up in the mountains. After leaving college, I decided to take advantage of the abandoned land that was in my family, and turn it into an oasis of beautiful life and health.

        I have a deep desire to bring life back to the land, and bring value into this world, that can help make this earth a better place for all beings.”

        O.K., Isabelle is talking about “abandoned farmland”, it’s her parents recently purchased $500,000 property and recently constructed second home. Isabelle is talking about growing organic fruits and vegetables for the local community, when reading her father’s LinkedIn resume it says this property is for a legal marijuana growing operation. I still have not seen any fruits or vegetables grown and harvested on this property this Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2020.


  13. So let me get this straight, because this young woman didn’t meet up to your expectations, which she has no responsibility for and no obligation to meet, you decided the cyberstalk her and her whole family, and somehow you’re trying to blame her for your behavior? Seriously, grow up. I wouldn’t call you a pervert, I’d call you unbalanced. Do you do this to every person you feel you’re entitled to know about?

    On top of that, for some unknown reason, you seem to think you’re entitled to tell others how to live their lives. This girl / woman is living her life and decided to try to share it with others, and maybe build a YouTube following. You don’t like it? No one is forcing you to watch it. Go live your life and let others live theirs without your unsolicited condemnation. Learn to manage your expectations and feelings that others should be living up to them, or even that they should care for that matter. Another tell about your character, you e debated and directed input at every comment. Every. Single. One. Can’t stand to not have the last word huh? Typical stalker behavior. Watch the show You on Netflix. I’m betting you’ll see some familiar behavior. Feel free to debate my post, I won’t be checking on your response. You don’t deserve continued attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reality Check,

      Your comment is very similar to someone else’s comment, where they went on and on about how I can’t and shouldn’t express my opinion, yet they should be allowed to express their opinion. And, telling me if I didn’t agree with a YouTuber, I didn’t have to watch them, whereas I could say to them that if they didn’t agree with my article they didn’t have to read my article. And, no one is obligated to meet my standards, while they are suggesting to me that I should follow their standards.

      You are correct, I take the time to answer or reply to most comments, unlike most YouTubers. Do you like fake politicians? Politicians who try to lead you to believe that they stand for something, or represent your values and beliefs, yet it turns out that they were lying, they are just in government for the money. Why would you like or support this type of behavior from anyone?


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