More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

Very early yesterday morning I wrote a blog post article about a 23 year old young woman named Isabel Paige.  I had watched a couple of her videos and thought that she was interesting enough and attractive enough to write about.  I intended to find out more about her.

Later yesterday evening I was able to find Isabel’s last name, but very little additional information came up for her, which was not too surprising because she is only 23 years old.  When I did a search using Isabel’s father’s name, this eventually led to a kind of unraveling of Isabel’s story about what she was doing.

Isabel’s mother and father live in Seattle, Washington.  When Isabel was talking in her videos about living and working in Seattle, and returning to live on her family’s “farm”, I was mistaken, and so were many of her viewers.  We thought that she had been working and living by herself in Seattle, far away from her home and family, but that was not the case, her family has a home in Seattle.

Isabel’s father’s name was linked to a street address in eastern Washington state on the outskirts of a National Forest.  Using Google Earth Satellite View of this street address revealed that this was the property shown in many of Isabel’s videos, that she was referring to as her family’s “farm”.

The “family farm” that Isabel was talking about returning to in her videos, is not really a farm, because there isn’t any livestock such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, or chickens, nor is there any corral, barn, tractor, large farm field, or crop.  There is a large garden that is maybe 1/2 acre in size.  The property is a vacation home that was recently built or purchased by her mother and father.

I feel that I was somewhat duped or misled.  From what Isabel was saying, she was talking about trying to live as a farmer, to be self-sufficient, and to live off-grid.  A more accurate description of the situation, is that Isabel and her sister Natasha are staying in their parent’s vacation home.

When I read the comments to some of Isabel’s videos, some of the commentors were being very critical, saying that Isabel was just staying in her parent’s vacation home, or asking her to show video of the “farm”, or asking her what she was going to do in the winter.  At first I didn’t understand these comments, but now I do.

I don’t think that anyone can live in this vacation home during the winter, for several different reasons.  From the Google Earth Satellite View, there is a one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes about one mile from the nearest house back to Isabel’s house.  This one-lane dirt road is terraced into a very steep mountainside that is going to shed or avalanche snow onto this road November through March.

More than a mile from Isabel’s house, there is a one-lane wooden bridge over a river that provides access to Isabel’s house and three other houses.  I don’t think that this wooden bridge is rated to carry heavy county road crew snow removal equipment that would be needed to efficiently plow more than one mile of road.  I don’t think that the county crosses over this one-lane wooden bridge to clear the snow for access to these four houses on the far side of the river.

If you could find a private heavy equipment operator to drive a front end loader across the one-lane wooden bridge and clear more than one mile of snow off the road, it would take at least half a day and cost about $1,000 each time.

For the past eighteen years I have lived in heavy snow fall areas of northern Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  In the winter, many National Forest and National Park roads are closed off because they can not keep up with the snow removal.  Bottoms of canyons with vacation homes become inaccessible for large amounts of time in the winter because of snow accumulation.

You can’t live in a mountainous area of Washington at the bottom of a canyon on the limited access side of the river, and expect to be able to make it to a job or a grocery store every day during the winter.  There will be times in the winter when you couldn’t drive out of the far side of the canyon for weeks in a row.

I am not so angry that Isabel gave me and the other viewers the idea that she was going to live and work on her family’s farm, when it isn’t a farm, and she isn’t working on a farm, as I am irritated that Isabel doesn’t really have a viable realistic plan on how she is going to survive this winter.

I imagine that Isabel’s parents haven’t flat out told her “no” that she can’t live at that house in the winter, because this appears to still be her plan.  Maybe her parents are thinking that she will see this for herself in November or December and get out of there before she becomes stuck and has to be rescued.

Here is a video showing Isabel with her family, which will give a little more insight into the situation:

Update 1/25/2021:

In the above blog post article, and in the comments below, I have tried to explain that I do not like, and believe that it is harmful, to lead YouTube viewers to believe that you can save money for one year at a low-paying job, quit your job, go buy some land in the mountains, build a tiny-house, and play in the woods most of the day.

Many of the commentors claim that I am just a jealous old man, what I say is not true, not accurate, not valid, and my points are baseless. I have decided to include a YouTube video made by a young woman, who on her own without reading my blog post article, came to many of the same conclusions as I did:

Update 4/5/21:

On 4/3/21 Isabel Paige uploaded a YouTube video titled something like “Finishing My Tiny-House”. About halfway through this video Isabel and her father were laughing about some people who had driven down the road to Isabel’s house recently, saying that they were trying to find someone who was selling eggs, and then they said, “You’re Isabel Paige, aren’t you? I watch your YouTube videos.”

Isabel and her father were laughing about how no one ever drives down the dead-end dirt road to their house, that this has never happened before, and what a coincidence it was that they watch Isabel’s YouTube videos. This was no coincidence. These people saying that they were “trying to find someone who was selling eggs”, may have been an inside joke reference to Isabel’s friend and YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan who sells her eggs to in vitro fertilization clinics for $10K to make money.

Isabel and her father need to stop and think about these things:

  • Isabel lives in a very remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area on the border of a National Forest where real estate is very expensive. There are very few working farms in this area, especially NOT chicken farms.  Is there anyone they have ever heard of who sells chicken eggs in their area?
  • Considering that very few people live in the remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area where Isabel lives, does it make any sense that anyone would drive that far just to buy chicken eggs when they could buy them much more easily in town?
  • Eggs cost about $1.50 per dozen in the grocery store, and there is no shortage of chicken eggs in grocery stores.  To get to Isabel’s house from town would cost about $10 in gas round trip, and take more than an hour.  Who is going to drive more than an hour and spend $10 in gas to buy eggs that normally cost $1.50 per dozen in stores?

If you read the comments to this particular YouTube video of Isabel’s, about 30% of the viewers are saying, “Watch out for that egg guy!  That’s no coincidence!  You’re lucky your father happened to be there!”  These people are correct.

In the comments section of this blog post article about Isabel, myself and other people wrote that it was not that difficult to find where Isabel is located, that she should be more careful, that it is not a good idea for her to walk alone in the woods without a firearm, and that it is not a good idea to show herself bathing naked in the river beside her house and other forest locations.

I hope that Isabel and her family will think about this and take this as a Wake-Up Call.  I hope that Isabel’s viewers will continue to urge Isabel to be more careful.  I believe that if Isabel’s father had not been there, and the people that drove up to Isabel were able to determine that she was alone, they might have stayed much longer just to be a nuisance, or they might have harmed her.

I am writing this Update in order to give this warning and offer some advice:

  • Isabel made a couple of mistakes in talking about how she has no cell-phone signal, that she has begun walking to the top of the mountain every morning, and that she is not in-touch with her family and friends every day.  Giving details like this have made her more vulnerable.
  • As one of her women viewers pointed out in the comments, when Isabel is bathing naked or nearly naked in forest locations, her screaming and yelling is announcing her location and drawing people to her that otherwise might not have known that she was there.
  • Isabel’s family needs to put a gate with a lock, or a chain with a lock across the beginning of their one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes to their house, with a couple of very visible “No Trespassing” signs.  Once someone goes beyond a “No Trespassing” sign, they can be arrested for trespassing, which is not the case if there is no sign.
  • At the gate across the road, or the chain across the road, there needs to be one or two pole-mounted or tree-mounted wireless or cable-fed surveillance cameras that can clearly be seen.  This is a deterrent.  This can also give people at the house a view of what is happening at the gate.  Some wireless cameras have a cell-phone application to allow you to watch them remotely.
  • I recommend the use of multiple trail cameras, hidden at the perimeter of the property on each side, including the river side.  This may point out some very determined and stealthy voyeurs.
  • I recommend installing as many as six solar-charged, motion-activated flood lights on trees, poles, or structures.  These very bright flood lights coming on at night can alert you that someone is at a specific location on your property.  People who are trying to sneak around unnoticed do not like getting lit-up by flood lights every time they move.
  • For this property, I recommend about six wireless motion-detectors positioned about one hundred feet from Isabel’s house, programmed to six different channels on a receiver box indicating which zone alarmed.  It’s O.K. that deer and other animals set them off, it shows that the motion detectors are working.
  • I recommend getting a dog of a working-dog breed, such as a German Shepherd.  Because of the very cold winter climate in the mountains of Washington state, a short-haired dog like a Doberman or Rottweiler would suffer in the winter cold.  Look up “Livestock Guardian Dogs” or “LGD”, these are very large dogs that are accustomed to living outdoors all year long guarding livestock from predators as large as mountain lions and bears.
  • Lastly and Most Importantly, Isabel needs to carry a firearm with her at all times on the property and learn how to use it.  A firearm will do her no good if it is unloaded, left in a closet, or she doesn’t know how to use it.

Carrying a firearm is the most important thing.  Law Enforcement would take at least 30 minutes to reach this property, that is if the cell-phone call went through.  Cameras are a deterrent, but they won’t stop something from happening.  A dog can be poisoned, lured away, or shot. 

Because Isabel and her family appear to be averse to firearms, I would recommend purchasing the most reliable, durable, easy to use, lightweight, least expensive to obtain and shoot firearm, the Ruger 10-22 rifle.  You can buy a Ruger 10-22 at Walmart for about $300, just about any sporting goods store, and most gun stores.  .22 LR long rifle bullets cost about 5 cents each, and they are one of the most quiet and least recoil rounds.  This rifle would be the easiest for each of the family members to practice with and get accustomed to.

233 thoughts on “More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

    1. Linny,

      Yes, I agree with you for several reasons: 1)How many times can you video yourself making coffee, chopping vegetables, running & screaming in a field? 2) Living in a tiny-house with no instant-flush toilet, hot water shower, clothes washer & dryer gets old. 3) Farming is very hard work, subsistence farming is very hard work and there is no money in it, it’s below poverty level. 4) There’s not her type of guy that wants to come live in a tiny-house on a subsistence farm making no money and living at the poverty level.

      Have you ever seen a Dad build a play house in the backyard for an elementary school aged daughter? This has been practically the same thing only this tiny play house cost about $20K and his daughter was 23 years old, and now she has outgrown it.


      1. ” There’s not her type of guy that wants to come live in a tiny-house…”
        So who is this guy in today’s video “Can 2 People Live In A Tiny House” ?


      2. In reply to John Doe,

        It will be interesting to see how this turns out. One person living in very small space with no running water can decide when they need to go up to their parents’ house to use their shower with hot running water, or when they feel well enough to go bathe in the cold creek water, if they need to go somewhere or expect to have visitors and they want to be clean, presentable, and not smell bad. When you ad a second person, an intimate partner, to a small living space with no running water, I wonder how quickly the romance is lost, the attraction is lost.

        A former room mate and friend of mine who was Jewish and in his late 50s, to my surprise and his surprise got himself a very beautiful, fit Jewish girlfriend who was at least ten years younger than him. He had a small pop-up trailer camper that he used to make a two-week long trip in Arizona each Fall. His girlfriend insisted that she wanted to go with him. He explained to her that there were no showers or toilets where he was going. She still wanted to go. When he got out a five gallon bucket and shit in it, that was the immediate end to their relationship.

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    2. I think regardless of how she lives the videos are wonderful. Real or fiction. It is like watching a tv series. People are jealous and only wish the could live free, in a beautiful landscape with little to no responsibility. Those folks jealous need to get a life. Watch something else. Leave thy young lady alone…ya bunch of bullying jerks.


      1. CJ,

        If watching Isabel Paige is like watching a TV series, this TV series is fixin to get cancelled because many of the viewers and the actors themselves are getting bored, and the plot has headed things to an inevitable dead-end. How many more times do people want to watch Isabel making coffee or screaming running across a field?

        Farming is dirty, hard, daily work, and you can’t take a bunch of time off from it and expect to have a good harvest. I don’t think that Isabel is going to stick around the property all day this Spring and Summer doing farming, which will prove her wrong about what she said she was going to do. I think that she is going to begin taking all kinds of trips, because the farm is too boring for her.


    3. There is no way all these videos are done by the two girls. Seriously suspect professional videographers are involved and being bankrolled by parents or someone.


      1. In reply to C.S.,

        It appears that lately Isabel Paige and Hannah Lee Duggan are each uploading one YouTube video per week. If you consider that neither Isabel or Hannah have a regular job to go to, and their life for several days can focus on one task such as making a shelf, they can spend hours each day video recording all the steps that go into making a shelf. So this does not impress me or surprise me, that they have plenty of time to video and edit.


      2. I saw on youtube yesterday where they said that Isabel Paige earns close to $200,000 a year for her videos.


  1. I’m 40 with children and have watched her (Isabel) channel. She seems fake. She makes it appear like she is living in the wilderness of Colorado or Canada. Eventually she will get bored with the same scenery everyday. I think she does it for views/ YouTube income. Her Patreon almost seems obsurd. Like depending on the amount of money you donate you will get different things from me.


    1. Lesley,

      I think that Isabel began feeling bored with what she is doing this January/February of 2021 when she left Washington state to fly to Tennessee to visit her boyfriend, then travel with Hannah Lee Duggan in her van through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Living in a tiny-house in the mountains without having a job or a job to go to every day is probably lonely and boring for a young person, unless you are truly a hermit and recluse who dislikes people.

      All the more reason why Isabel’s YouTube videos are harmful to young people who are trying to figure things out. In Isabel’s earlier YouTube videos, (these videos go back a couple of years), Isabel was talking about living in a van in Hawaii, and I believe that she was working as a waitress. Then later I believe that she returned to Seattle and was working as a waitress. A year or so ago when Isabel was giving a summary of what she was doing, she explained that she had quit college after a semester or two, college wasn’t for her, and instead she traveled, did Yoga, went to someplace like India to further her Yoga studies, returned to Seattle and decided to go live on her family’s “Farm”, and lead a “sustainable lifestyle”.

      While Isabel was glamorizing and romanticizing “sustainable farming” and building then living in her tiny-house, giving young YouTube viewers the idea that this is a fun and exciting lifestyle, there wasn’t any actual farming going on at this time, there was no income generated from farming, there was no food produced on this farm to eat, the land was the vacation home property of her parents, she wasn’t paying for the land, and her father did most of the work in building her tiny-house.

      I would like to see young people getting on track to be able to support themselves well enough to have an enjoyable life. Completing college, completing vocational school, completing an apprenticeship, joining the military, working in a skilled trade are ways for young people to be able to earn enough money to support themselves well. Quitting college, working at low-paying jobs, quitting your job with the idea of living off-grid in a tiny-house is not actually going to be fun, it’s going to be poverty, almost dying, eventually pleading with other people for help, and relying on the charity of others.


  2. Many of these channels will probably follow a similar arc.
    The protagonist gets excited about a pipe dream. Works to realize it and then gets depressed, lonely and dreadfully bored. The videos during this time consist of more poetry and philosophical epiphanies reminiscent to anyone’s last year in high school, following their first heartbreak.
    A new dream emerges, which promises fields, strawberries, warmth, connections, and growth. The influencer now has themes of “acceptance, love, and tranquility.”
    Oh the joy of the viewer to watch a shelf being made. Oh the intrigue of another trip, another van, another boyfriend, another thing that fails to live up to its hype.
    Somehow it seems to start cute, with a dream and a camera, and end with a pattern of instability and some lingering questions about the youtuber’s mental health.
    We all start asking, doesn’t she know this won’t make her happy?
    Is she forcing the same shoot every week because of how many views the last one got?
    Then there will be some plug to their “anxiety” or “depression” and “mental health awareness.” Only to be back to another pipe dream tomorrow.

    Selling a lifestyle is incredibly damaging to the developing young adult mind.

    Which lifestyle do I sell? Am I a van person? Vegan? Poly? Poor? Who the hell am I?
    Am I even happy with what I’m selling?
    Imposter syndrome.
    Defeat and fear of letting the followers down.
    Fear of being found out as a fraud.

    Imagine being afraid of failing at a lifestyle you’ve been endorsing for your income as opposed to just living for your own sake.

    Having your name, your body become a brand. Having your pain and happiness become monetized.

    This is how celebrity-ism will ruin the psyches of the young and impressionable.

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    1. Lauren,

      I read this most recent comment of yours a couple of times, there were many thoughts to consider, you are correct about each of them, I hadn’t thought about all of these things.

      For the time being, I feel compelled to repeat again, that young people should not have the goal to live in a tiny-house or a van.

      (As an aside, has it come to the point in the U.S. that young people no longer want to become married, have 2-3 kids, live in a house with a white picket fence, and instead aim for living by themselves in a van because that’s about the most they could hope for? Unfortunately the answer is yes. I am not making fun of trailer parks, but in the South, middle, mid-west, and West couples both working full-time live in RV trailers and single-wide manufactured homes because they can’t afford the average $250K home.)

      Maybe I stumbled upon an answer, young people have such a bleak reality, no easy, worthwhile, or enjoyable way to get ahead and move forward, that in their numbness they turn to the unreality of video games, pornography, OnlyFans, American Idol, and YouTube personalities. I think about futuristic books and movies that predicted this, “Brave New World” where people had sex for recreation but no one had children anymore, hook-ups only, and drugs, no guilt. “1984” with no more books and history being overwritten, no Dr.Seus, no Pepe LePew, no Aunt Jemima, no Washington Redskins, no Fighting Sioux. “Fahrenheit 415” book burnings. The “Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner” where children are taken away from their families by a totalitarian authoritarian non-democratic government because America no longer exists as it was created.


  3. Hi again. I still occasionally watch her channel every few days. I would think she would go nuts living alone. But in all actuality she has her family close by of course and she’s near “town”.
    It’s such a facade.
    Is she bi-polar or any mental health associations along those lines?
    In one of her previous videos she shows how she sleeps on the floor on purpose….in her tiny home…there is now a fluffy bed with a lot of pillows.
    There are a lot of things in her videos that show she plays at life for now.


    1. Lesley,

      To answer your question, “Is Isabel bi-polar?”, she possibly is. On camera, she has a lot of unusually “high” moments, according to her, being so in-love with life, being so happy just to be alive, being so happy just to see the sun rise, running & screaming just because she is outside in a field or on a mountain.

      Maybe Isabel’s mother and father are so tolerant of Isabel’s life choices is because they have seen her unable to cope and have a break down when expectations and demands are placed on her in situations like grade school, college, various jobs and work environments. Maybe her parents have learned or been instructed that if Isabel can find some things that she likes to do and enjoys doing, to just allow her to do that, because trying to get her to do something else that she doesn’t want to do or is anxious about, will just lead to severe problems.

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  4. Reading all of these comments is very saddening. I have admiration for this young woman because she is actively seeking out a way to live her life so that it actually has meaning for her. As she clearly states in one of her most recent videos ‘if you do what you are passionate about, the way forward will reveal itself. I admire her for having the guts to follow her own pathway and not succumb to the general herd mentality. Her desire to want to be more in touch with nature and the simple things in life is something that many people yearn for. She promotes many things that could benefit young people ie., her incredibly healthy eating routine, her yoga, being able to work long hard hours at jobs in order to fullfill real and tangible goals -not just working because society says you have to, being in touch with nature and getting out and amongst it as opposed to sitting around on phones for hours and hours at a time, being resourceful enough to build and make things rather than mindlessly going and buying everything. Lastly, I have no issue with her seeking the help of her parents in fact her relationship with her family seems very healthy and nurturing. The message here is clearly – think for yourself and take charge of your life!!!


    1. Leslie, in a way, you’re an idiot. No really, you’re an idiot, and you make me angry.

      For every young lady who has wealthy parents, they can take the path of going to college and becoming an archeologist, biologist, attorney, or medical doctor. Is this being strong, brave, and independent?

      For every young lady who has wealthy parents, they can take the path of becoming a model, a musician, an actress, a travel journalist, opening a clothing store, becoming a personal trainer. Is this being strong, brave, independent?

      For young women who don’t have both a mother and a father, who have no money whatsoever in their family, they have to work at whatever job they can find, eat whatever food they are able to obtain, live in whatever situation they are stuck in, with no means to get away from it.

      Your ideas Leslie are just stupid, naive, dumb fantasies with little relevance to real life. Go read about the vast majority of women on Earth who live in China, India, Africa, South America. Do you think they take a couple of hours to get up in the morning sipping coffee, then go leisure hiking for a couple of hours, then take a couple of hours to prepare and eat lunch? No, the vast majority of women on Earth wake up wearing tattered worn clothing, work doing hard labor from sunrise to sunset, become pregnant and give birth again and again whether they want to or not, suffer poor health from a lack of nutrition, wear-out and age early, live a life of near slavery due to their circumstances. Some wealthy affluent pampered white girl who lives on her parents’ property and plays all day is your hero?


  5. I think it’s co-opting an “impoverished” lifestyle as a form of virtue signaling. We live in an age where it’s cool to be different while ripping off from the disadvantaged. Wearing torn, ugly clothes from a thrift store shows how “down-to-earth” you are. Eating food from your own garden when you have the option to do postmates shows how “woke” you are and even how environmentally conscious you are. All of these gestures signal to your greatness and superiority as a human. Being wealthy isn’t as cool as being wealthy and CHOOSING not to live that way.

    It’s a kind of appropriation of a “lower class” for the purpose of signaling higher consciousness.
    But it does NOT respect that actual people who exist on a subsistence level who have to grow their own food or buy clothes from thrift. It does not respect the people who don’t get to elect to live in their car or who have to survive a winter alone in the cold. It does not respect the people who HAVE to bathe in the river.
    It’s trying on different cultures and classes, for that matter, as though being in a privileged class affords a person with ultimate choice.

    “Today I will be poor. Tomorrow I’ll stay in a resort.” At any moment a flight can be booked. At any moment I can be warm and fed. The ignorance around this topic suggests the greater privilege embedded in this ideology: “I do what I want.”

    I find it offensive on some level. But after writing this, I can also imagine these influencers talking about their privilege in their next video and how they want to pay homage to the people actually struggling. This will be said as a way to wash their sins and signal once again, “I’m woke. Look, I know I’m privileged.”

    Signals, signals, signals…of what?


    1. Lauren,

      Thank you for your comment. You are probably correct. I was getting tired, angry, and frustrated with Isabel’s viewers continually commenting, “Look how independent and resourceful she is.” Isabel is almost the epitome of not being independent and resourceful, I get tired of pointing out that she is living on her parents’ property where they pay all of the bills, and her father was about 80% responsible for the tiny-house that she lives in being constructed.

      One of Isabel’s slightly older friends who is also a YouTuber, a year ago she began making videos of her new house. I couldn’t understand how this young lady could afford this property or how she could get approved for a mortgage without having a job. I looked up this property on the county tax records, and it showed that one year prior, this YouTuber’s mother had purchased this property. And, when this property was supposedly purchased by this YouTuber, her mother’s name stayed on the deed.

      When people comment on how these two young women, Isabel and her slightly older friend, are so brave, resourceful, and independent, after a while it drives me up the wall because their wealthy parents provided them with the place that they live, and provide a constant safety net, ready to respond whenever they get into trouble or need help.

      As far as co-opting being poor, one aspect of this is that 70% of the people in the U.S. are poor now, with about 90% of young people being poor, so if you are a YouTube creator and you want to have a large following, you should try to appeal and connect with the largest number of people, not necessarily the smartest people or the most successful people, just the most number of people.

      This large mass of poor people is entertained by watching some young woman bathe in the river nearly naked while screaming, running across a field shrieking, hiking in the woods by herself with no firearm or cell phone service, walking 1/2-1 mile in the snow to her vehicle without being booted and bundled up. I don’t think that these things are entertaining, they are irritating to me, not a good idea, show poor planning, no foresight.

      This large mass of people, that perceive living on your parents’ property as being independent, repeatedly doing foolish things as being brave, relying on other people to bail you out when you get into trouble as being strong, are the stupid people who push for political correctness, an end to free speech, government spending that can’t be paid for, charlatan idiot representatives in government, and inevitably Socialism/Communism.


  6. The safety points I all agree – the egg thing though – i don’t live far from her and many people have chickens in their back yard – you can have a few even in the city – no one really has an actual chicken farm – so though I can go buy eggs for a couple bucks at the store for about the same price I can get really pretty fresh healthy happy chicken eggs from a neighbour. Frequently theres an honour system where you drop money in the mail box if you know where to go – so the story didn’t seem crazy – though the situation doesn’t sit right.


    1. In the South where I am from, prior to 1990 there were occasionally farmers that allowed people to pick what they wanted and leave the money, for things like oranges, watermelon, and corn. On a very affluent private island further south on the Indian River, someone had so many avocados growing that they would pick them and leave them out by the road on a bench.

      Now, no matter where you live, sorry to have to tell you, you don’t want people coming onto your property for any reason, especially when you aren’t there. Anything like a swimming pool, play ground equipment, trampoline, tree fort is what is known in law as an “attractive nuisance”, something that attracts, lures, brings people onto your property so when these uninvited people get hurt, you likely could be liable for their injuries. Besides someone getting hurt on your property and suing you, criminals and opportunist thieves love coming onto other people’s property to see what it is that they have to steal, what is valuable, who lives there, when are they home.

      It sucks to have to be like this, but is it worth getting sued by someone you have never met and don’t know, when they trip and fall coming onto your property because you sell $2 worth of eggs per day? Be careful, Homeowner’s Insurance may try to get out of paying for someone’s injury on the grounds that you were operating a business at your address, even if it’s just $2 in eggs per day.


      1. I mean you’re not wrong at all – liability and all. Positively up pacific north west in the small enough towns we do lots of things honour system – I’ve lived in my town most of my life and we have a selling system where you put $ under someones doormat for things. Been this way for years and shockingly still works in 2021. The veggie stand by the old bridge has a scale and you weigh out your veggies yourself and take your own change from the cash box.

        All I meant in my tale was that the story was plausible – not that those guys didnt seem sus and not that it is a great idea to have people wandering on your property.


      2. Abby,

        I was under the impression that the entire Pacific Northwest had been ruined by drug use, drug addiction, drug dealing, drug trafficking, and drug crime. I have lived in the 2007-2015 oil boom area of North Dakota since 2011, almost 100% of the people that came here to ND from Washington State and Coeur D’Alene were drug infested. They had problems finding a job, keeping a job, or doing a job because they wouldn’t/couldn’t show up for work, couldn’t work because they couldn’t think straight, couldn’t act right at work, they were very unreliable, and acted like they were out-of-their-mind about half the time.

        There was a shortage of labor during the oil boom, and businesses hired people that acted and appeared questionable. If there was someone working at any kind of business, convenience store, restaurant, auto repair, construction site who started acting very strange and doing very strange things, it came to be no surprise that they were either from Washington State or Coeur D’Alene.

        Twice someone from Washington State asked me to jump start their truck, and both times they began to connect the jumper cables the wrong way, my positive cable to their negative cable, they couldn’t even identify the negative cable on their own truck, nor understand that this would fry the electrical and computers on their vehicle, plus damage my alternator. Coeur D’Alene people were just as bad or worse, their brains were totally scrambled.

        Whenever I see a Washington State license plate, or an Idaho license plate beginning with a “K” for Coeur D’Alene, I gasp “Oh No!” and try to keep as far as possible away from them.


    1. Joy,

      Yes, some women are lucky like that, initially they seem interesting and attractive, initially people like them, until they find out what they are hiding and what they are really like.


  7. Talk about stalker alert. You feign concern for her safety. Yet you layout the foundation for incompetent predatory to stalk someone. Brilliant. You assumptions are an ass who can not accept people can live outside your self righteous and subjective realities eh There is a pantheon of people living off grid and semi outside dependant. In this exact kind of terrain locations all through the mountains some distance from a small village/ community, and many more miles from a major town or city Also depending on the region some parks do in fact have a budget for homesteaders road services. Check this out more thoroughly. I also put to you this. Can your 20 something daughters and sons do what she has at her age. If the shit hits the fan. Her life experience is more valuable then any college education. You are piece of work bullshitting you concerns about possible circumstances and a big one that her parents do not care about her. Wow Here is a flash for you sunshine. Ultra small communities are ultra alert to strangers and their vehicles. It is like they all know each other who does and doesn’t belong. This is No different then my current “land” soon to be a “gasp” “a farm/ ranch”. Also where I was born and raised. This is an almost regular way of life. Granted I will give you not many young girls on their own. But…. wait for it, there are indeed a few . Since it sounds like you live on line because…? Well that’s your business. So you’ve stalked Hanna too eh Wow if you feel the need to Kojack or Rockford someone’s life. You just became prime person of interest to viewers and law enforcement. Seriously you are concerned about viability and safety as an excuse in writing an expose of someone’s life…. Feeble attempt to cast off attention. Oh and FYI the population in general is pretty dam smart. You are not explaining much anyone can’t figure out themselves. My teen daughter watch these van life, and cabin, little rural homes videos. They voice observation of wildlife and wildfire, medical emergencies etc Didn’t need my comments and combat veteran savy to prompt their eyes wide open nature of curiosity. It goes without saying some people have life situations better suited then others to take a plunge and follow a dream. I’d suggest you take up a new hobby say model railways or an instrument. Very relaxing and rewarding…… Trying to dispel someone’s life is not saving the world. The poor you disappointed opinionated assertion that Isabel’s life can’t be is laughable.. Oh here’s something else eh Many people I know including myself often call a chunk of property “the farm/ ranch” Oh and remote farms can work quite self sufficient and provide a future savings btw. This is my personal observation of my real experience.
    Where I am from there are young women independently living as Isabel is doing. Some on inheritance land, some of existing farms, some on bought or leased land starting from scratch. The community village people’s band together helping each other with skills and or equipment etc The village is an intermediary to the bigger town/ city further away. For resources/ supplies. Man just let it go. I hope for your sake nothing happens eh Red flag went up as soon as you itemized your incredible Columbia skills. Using a thinly veiled reasoning. Just saying eh


    1. Neil, I think that you didn’t watch very many of Isabel Paige’s videos, prior to becoming an expert on her and her situation. Nor did you pay attention when you were reading my blog post article about her.

      Neil, did you know that there is no livestock or farm animal of any kind whatsoever on Isabel Paige’s farm?

      Neil, did you know that in the more than one year that Isabel Paige has lived on this farm, there has not been any food harvested?

      Neil, did you know that this land was purchased by her mother and father who live in Seattle, in 2015 with the intention if it becoming a legal marijuana growing operation?

      From the way that you write, and the things that you wrote, it appears to me that you are from southeast Asia. I can tell that you probably favor Socialism and Communism. In combination with your enthusiasm for a simple villager lifestyle, you would probably like to see the U.S. fail and descend into Socialism and Communism. The more young people that look to emulate Isabel Paige and Hannah Lee Duggan, living on their parents property and not working, living in a van and not working, the quicker the downfall of the U.S. You sneaky devil you.


  8. so basically this blog is run by a dirty old man who likes to stalk attractive female youtubers


    1. In reply to comment from “dickinson58601istrash”,

      My first response to your comment is this: I do not think that Isabel Paige is attractive. This is a case of the more you find out about someone, the less that you like them, until you don’t like them at all. At first, I actually believed that here was a young lady that was going home to live and work on her family’s farm. Most farmers are very hard working, no-nonsense, no bullshit, poor or very poor.

      When I looked up this property where she lives, and I found out that this property was purchased in 2015 by her parents who live in Seattle for $500K, with the intention of becoming a legal marijuana growing operation, this is the exact opposite end of the spectrum of poor, hardworking, no bullshit farmers. These are Seattle people.

      My second response to your comment is this: From the Cambridge English Dictionary, here are two definitions of the verb “Stalk”:

      “to follow an animal or person as closely as possible without being seen or heard, usually in order to catch or kill them”

      “to illegally follow and watch someone over a period of time”

      Looking up a YouTube personality on the internet (like you have done), and writing an article about them is NOT “illegal”, “following”, “watching”, it’s called WRITING AN ARTICLE.


    2. Please can you come with better criticism than constantly attacking a man who thinks Isabel is a fake. Sure, call him dirty old man, but it’s ok for Isabel to run around naked and show everyone her booty?


  9. Wow! The hatred here is astounding. The demand that Isabel live a more ‘normal’ life is incredible. She comes across happy and energetic. This is something our couch potato selves and children don’t do. We and ours have NO motivation to do much of anything. It shows in our society. She doesn’t promote drugs, alcohol, or much else. She appears to be vegan, but doesn’t shove that in your face. You can always go back to watching porn, I guess, if you don’t like watching her videos. And, yeah, if any of you are on your soapboxes, saying you are no jealous of her ability to roam freely, you are lying. In this country, we have the right to choose our future, at our own prosperity or at our own peril. You chose yours. Let her choose hers. You didn’t raise her; it is not really your business, nor mine.

    As for me, I am retired, fairly disabled, and don’t have much else to do. I watch these young women, such as Isabel and Hannah, and marvel at what they do, with and without the assistance of family. Most families are so very disfunctional today. I also marvel at their ability to not project hatred toward anybody. THAT is what makes them attractive to me. If you don’t want to watch them as obsessively as you do, hell, turn them off. I choose to watch obsessively. They are fun, and better quality than anything on cable today, fiction or non-fiction.


  10. Whoa this blog… Made me actually leave a comment which I never do.
    This might not come through because you seem like a very bitter person but – so what if she is to some degree “fake”? What is it to YOU? How is this affecting YOU personally? Is she a stock you invested in? No. Is she related to you? Also no. So why on the mother earth does it matter?

    She single-handedly did more for young & old generations than most of other people on social media – she introduced a way to live less damaging to the planet, more compassion for animals, self sufficiency that is more than lacking in younger generations glued to phones, cooking your own food, respect for nature which has been disappearing,… What has YOUR post done? Or what have YOU done? The aim for this post was nothing else but to tear a young girl down who (even if under the pretense – which I don’t believe) IS making a change and shifting at least part of generation in the right way. I mean that was supposed to be the point, right? Or why were you so “disappointed”?

    And to those saying this is an attempt to be “woke” – i know exactly which party you belong to and it’s incredibly sad that understanding the damage we as humans have done to this planet in the last 50 years is some sort of political move or virtue signaling to some who can’t seem to see further than their own butthole or what Steven Crowder told them to think.

    Tbh the amount of research you did on a stranger and people connected to her.. it’s a good thing you gave her advice to put some fence and cameras on. You sound like the one she should be avoiding.

    My advice? Use the last remaining years on this planet to actually do good and don’t tear young random women down online like you actually gained something from this other than satisfactory few bitter comments to support your “theory”.


    1. Zelda,

      I don’t know if you realize what you are actually saying and advocating.

      Do you really mean that young people should drop out of college, move back in with their parents, try to get their parents to build them a 10’x12′ shed on wheels to live out of in the back yard, have their parents pay for their cost of housing, utilities, auto insurance, auto repair, health insurance?

      For parents or adults who think things through, it is the best thing to do to raise children who are as independent as possible, as ready as possible to go out on their own, wanting to go out on their own, and become able to support themselves financially.

      Parents and adults can accomplish helping young people to become independent and self-supporting by not giving them everything and providing them with everything. If no automobile is provided for them or only a poor quality automobile, it will give the young person the incentive to work and buy their own vehicle or a better vehicle. If parents refuse to allow their children to move back home, and instead get whatever job that they can and whatever roommate apartment sharing they can, it will give them incentive to get a better job in order to afford a better place to live. Overall, when a young person begins to realize that they are going to go through life with no vehicle, a shitty vehicle, living in a ghetto apartment, they might realize that going to college in order to become a physical therapist or something, is worth the effort.

      Don’t encourage young people to drop out of college, work part-time at a low paying job, move back in with their mom & dad so that the parents can continue to pay most of their bills, and espouse this “sustainable living” mumbo-jumbo SCAM, where no food is grown, no work is done, and people just fuck off all day.


  11. I’m blown away at the audacity of most of you to criticize this young lady for making a living. Feel free to post your views on today’s youth in America, or YouTubers, but this is just creepy. She’s just a YouTuber like many others. She may not be for everybody, but she’s inspiring some. Leave her the hell alone and consider your own critical lives.


    1. In reply to Steve,

      At first I thought that you were Isabel’s father because of your name and gravatar photo, but once I looked you up I saw that you were not her father.

      In your comment you wrote, “Leave her the hell alone and consider your own critical lives.” What is wrong with you? What is wrong with your mind and your thinking? You seem to know that Isabel Paige makes YouTube videos that each receive hundreds of thousands of views, but somehow, I don’t know how or why, you have this idea in your head that no one is allowed to say anything critical about her YouTube videos.

      Can you tell me why no one is allowed to disagree with Isabel, or say something critical about what Isabel does?

      Is it your belief that anyone can only say positive and complimentary things about Isabel?

      I looked you up Steve, and I read a little bit about your life. You live in California which explains a lot. You probably voted Democrat. It’s a Democrat tactic, that if you don’t like what someone else has to say, even though they have a right to say it, contrary to the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, you want to try to take away free speech from anyone who disagrees with you. It also looks like hand-in-hand with you being a Democrat in California, you worked in government, which explains even more.

      The government is highly inefficient, bureaucratic, bloated, self-serving, with self-serving entitled people, who waste their entire budget so that they can receive an even higher budget the following year, seeking more and more money, more and more authority, more and more control, sucking the money from the private working sector and private working people to pay for their attempt to eventually take over everything completely. But that’s the California & Democrat way.


    1. In reply to summer,

      Summer, what is really bothering me, I can’t get this vision out of my head, I keep seeing this over and over since that no-good bush-wacker “Egg Man” came driving up to Isabel and her father. I keep seeing in my vision that the “Egg Man” fiend and a couple of his friends are going to come back with a large car tire, and tell Isabel that they want to climb to the top of the mountain with her in order to get some exercise, and that carrying the car tire is part of some cross-fit-training program. Maybe even get Isabel to carry the tire part of the way. And then when they get to the top of the mountain, they are going to make Isabel get inside the tire, and then they are going to shove this tire down the mountain with Isabel in it! I keep seeing in my mind’s eye, that tire spinning down the mountain with Isabel, going faster and faster, bouncing higher and higher, then eventually landing in the creek! Maybe that new fence they put up around the garden might stop or slow down that spinning tire. Oh I hope this never happens, praise Jesus!


  12. She is young and apparently she doesnt have to worry to much about money. She has worked in a grocery store. She also has had some jobs overseas. She is a storyteller. Whether it is fiction or not a lot of people watch it.


  13. Do any of you critics produce anything of value. She’s fine, her parents are fine, her videos are fine. As with any published content, or anything in general, you can find flaws if that’s what is important to you. A problem in our society seems to be that “flaws”, are what’s important, and not the value of the content. How about everyone lighten up a bit.


    1. In reply to Doug,

      If you actually read and paid attention to my blog post article about Isabel Paige and the comments that people left, the “value” is that young people are being warned that you can’t work as a waitress or other low-paying job for a year, quit your job, go buy a piece of land, build a tiny-house, and start trying to grow your own food, or you will die from starvation or freezing to death.


  14. I simply cannot understand at all how obsessed can someone be with a person that they hate. She’s just enjoying her life and there’s nothing wrong with it. And what are you doing with your life? cause you’ve clearly spent SO much time watching her videos, writing all these, answering comments. Why aren’t you focusing on the stuff you wanna do in your life and stop criticizing? Do you really think that writing all that will actually help the humanity and make the world a better place? I think the world has bigger problems than a young girl “misleading” young people and make them believe that living that life will only bring happiness and no struggles(btw she talks about her struggles too in her videos). If you are stupid enough to believe it is that easy, you’ll aslo be too stupid to make it happen. So don’t be so worried about people doing that and ending up poor. They won’t do it. Also, i don’t understand what’s your problem with supporting parents. If they have the money to help her and support her, what’s stopping them? It’s a bless to have parents that are willing to make the beginning of your adult life a bit easier. It doesn’t mean that their children won’t be able to take care of themselves in the future. She has done a lot of stuff on her own. And even if she has some help, what’s the problem with that? She’s not making her parents do all that, she’s doing it WITH them. And she’s just saying how much she’s enjoying her life, NOT urging young people to do the same. Don’t ask me “why does she have to show us then?”, that’s her job! She makes money out of it. I would do it too if i liked it and had the skills. Why are you focusing on her so much and not other people that are richer than her and are famous and rich just because of their name? THAT is unfair, and the way they’re showing us their wealth claiming it all came from their hard work…bullshit.
    And why are you so mad about young people not going to college or not wanting a full time well paid job or a family and a big house? Why do you care about what other people think of as a happy life? It’s like, say I wanna become an astronaut and I think that everyone else that has a different goal is stupid.Why don’t you want to become an astronaut? It pays a lot. What’s stopping you from going to college to study for something that will give you so much money to be able to make a big family and live in a big house? It’s really specific, but basically it is exactly what you’re saying. If I don’t find any interest in doing something, then I won’t be able to achieve it. I won’t be able to study something that will give me a bright future,and even if I try so hard and finish it, it will be difficult to find a job because I won’t like it, and even if i do find it, i won’t be paid well because I won’t be passionate about it and won’t give my 100%, and even if I’m paid well, I’ll be stuck working on something I don’t like for the rest of my life just for money. That’s a big no. I don’t wanna be miserable in my life. If you like something, you should focus on that and try making it happen. I’m not saying it always works out the way we want it(that would be invalidating for the people in third world countries that are actually struggling for the basics and don’t have access to the things they want, like free education), but you shouldn’t give up before you even try. It might as well take some sacrifices to get you there, like working hard doing small jobs. Or it might not cause you’re a bit privileged and have the money and support. And that’s ok. Unfortunately, there’s not total equality on this planet and it is unfair, but that’s life. And if it bothers us, we should focus on the big problem, that is, on the one side, helping very poor people, and on the other side, calling out billionaires. Not Isabel…
    So, I believe criticizing others and their lives won’t take us anywhere. Let’s focus on our doing and what we’re passionate about, on our growth and happiness. Don’t live someone else’s life by focusing on what they do, wrong or right. Focus on YOU and YOUR life, because it’s gonna be over at some point and you’ll regret not having done stuff and instead wasted time on someone else’s life.


    1. In reply to Jon,

      Do you realize, that every single thing that you chastised me for in your very long comment, that you have just now done the exact same thing?

      You went on and on about how I should not be critical of what another person does, while you are being critical of what I am doing.

      You went on and on about how I should pay attention to my own life instead of criticizing others, when the same thing applies to you. Maybe you should pay attention to your own life, instead of criticizing me.


      1. Yeah actually I thought about it while writing all that, I’m not gonna lie. It’s just that I’m not planning spending months on that. I just really felt like trying to change your view on this. Or maybe try to understand you more, because I’m really curious why you are so passionate about it. And also I would appreciate it if you commented on all the other things I said.


      2. In reply to Jon,

        I will address one aspect of your comment regarding, “why do I care if Isabel is misleading young people”, “why do I care if Isabel’s parents have money”, and “why do I care if young people are poor”.

        Young people enjoy watching Isabel’s videos because they show someone close to their age doing whatever she wants, all day long, every day, without anyone telling her what to do. Young people come out and say that they would like to live the life of Isabel.

        In Isabel’s earlier videos from more than one year ago, she describes that she dropped out of college, travelled, worked as a waitress in Hawaii, lived in her van, worked as a waitress in Seattle. She either comes out and says it, or implies that she saved up enough money working as a waitress to build her tiny-house. Young people look at this background of Isabel leading up to the life that she is living now, as instructions that they can duplicate or follow.

        I estimate that the trailer frame, building materials, wiring, fixtures, windows, doors, hardware that were required for Isabel’s tiny-house cost at least $8,000. The tools that Isabel’s father provided were worth about $4,000, though it could have been constructed slower with about $1,000 worth of tools. If the skilled and un-skilled labor that Isabel’s father provided had to be replaced with paid workers, add about 70 man-hours of labor at $25 per hour, add $1,750.

        A water-well installation where the ground water level is at or near 100 ft depth costs $5,000-$10,000.

        I went through these costs to build a tiny-house, $8K for building materials, $1K for tools, over $1K for hired help, at least $5K for a water-well, totaling $15K, not even including the land, electric service, or septic system, to try to show how much money it costs to build a tiny-house.

        Young people need to understand, that most waitresses & waiters, even living in low-rent housing with roommates, are not able to save hardly any money. Even people working at one employment level up from a waitress or waiter as a CNA Certified Nursing Assistant have a hard time saving money because all of their income goes towards their cost of living.

        Dropping out of college, travelling, working as a waitress/waiter is not going to allow young people to save up enough money for the at least $15K that it takes to build a tiny-house, not even including the cost of the land. Do Not try to follow Isabel’s example, it will not work. Isabel was able to build her tiny-house because her parents already owned the land, the water-well had already been installed by her parents, the access road had already been cleared by her parents, the electric service to the property had already been installed by her parents. Isabel’s father already owned a truck to pick up, deliver, and set-up Isabel’s trailer frame, pick up and deliver all of the building materials, and he already owned all of the tools to construct Isabel’s tiny house. Plus Isabel’s father was experienced in construction, I believe that he did most of the layout and construction, and he did all of this for free.

        Young people enjoy Isabel’s videos because they show Isabel doing whatever she wants, all day every day, without anyone telling her what to do. Young people look at Isabel’s life as the kind of life that they want to have, and they look at what Isabel is doing as something that they can copy, follow her example, do what she does. But what young people do not understand, is that the key ingredient in Isabel’s life is having wealthy parents.

        I will give a real-life example. A couple of my local male co-workers who are under 30 years old, they work 40-50 hours per week with me. Their parents own a working farm/ranch only a few miles away, that is over 500 acres. My male co-workers grew up working on their parents’ farm. One of these male co-workers still lives on his parents’ farm, in his parents’ house. These two guys work with me, at a job, because farm work is hard, tiring, dirty, dangerous, difficult, low-paying work, that requires working all day. This 40-50 hour per week job working with me is less difficult, less tiring, less dangerous, and it pays much better than working on a farm.

        At my co-workers’ parents’ 500 acre working farm/ranch, there is no one frolicking every day, climbing the butte every day, swimming in the creek every day, running and yelling across the fields every day, unless they have just cut their hand or arm off in a piece of farm equipment. On a working farm/ranch, where people actually survive ranching and farming, there is too much work to do for people to be running around playing. To put it another way, if you worked all day on a working farm/ranch doing everything that needed to be done, it would take you from sun-up to sun-down doing everything that needed to be done.

        On my co-workers parents’ farm, if their teen-age or older kid isn’t wanting to do farm work every day, all day long, then that kid has to get a job working somewhere else, because everybody has to work. If their teen-age kid works on the farm, they will be provided with food, clothing, a beat-up vehicle to drive, and maybe a little spending money. If their kids want more, nicer clothes, a better vehicle, then they have to get a job working someplace else.

        To summarize, young people should not be led to believe that dropping out of college, travelling, and working as a waitress or waiter is going to provide enough money to build a tiny-house, where a person can do whatever they want all day long, every day, without anyone telling them what to do. It costs at least $15K to build a tiny-house, not including the price of the land. On a working farm/ranch where people actually earn their living by farming, adults have to work all day long every day in order to get everything done, it is not a life of recreation and leisure at all. Do Not try to copy what Isabel is doing, the key ingredient is that Isabel has wealthy parents who bought the land, had a water-well, had an electric service, had a truck, had construction tools, helped Isabel in building her tiny-house, helped her plant her garden, and her parents do not earn their living from farming. Isabel’s parents can and do help Isabel when something goes wrong.


  15. she just wrote a book about something she’s passionate about, and something she’s very good at. In less than 2 days she’s got more than a quarter million views. almost half a million followers and probably bringing in enough money to build 40 of those little cabins every year. she looks happy and healthy!

    i feel so sorry for people who spend their lives obsessing over others, even to the point of imagining stuffing her in a tire at the top of a mountain and visualizing her rolling down to her death. dude, maybe get a life. i am sorry you have to work hard 40-50 hours a week. there are people suffering all over the world, so many who could use the help, support and inspiration. Isabel isn’t one of them. good luck.


    1. In reply to Annie Robbins,

      Maybe I should give up trying to point out that young people shouldn’t try to copy what Isabel Paige is doing.

      Go ahead young people, drop out of college, travel, work at low paying jobs, build a tiny-house in your parents’ back yard, make YouTube videos showing the good time you’re having, write a cook book, and you’re sure to be a success. I’ll watch your videos.


  16. And I still don’t understand. So what? So what if she gets that help? She has said she worked hard, but never claimed she made all that money to build the tiny house,etc, alone. You know all that because she actually showed us and told us her family helped. Every young person can be tricked into thinking that it is easy to do anything they want. It’s up to them not to be tricked, not other people showing their work. Then almost every youtuber out there or anyone that posts their life online, shouldn’t be doing that, as you’re saying, since young people can be tricked by that. If they’re stupid, well, bad for them. They are to be accused of what decisions they make for their lives, not Isabel or any Isabel out there. There are so many rich people online posting their wealth and haven’t done a thing in their lives, yet you are accusing Isabel who at least “helps” her family make her dream life come true. Which I don’t believe, she has worked so much as well. You’re accusing her of not working from day to night , but if she’s rich,as you’re saying, does she really need to work more than she does? I don’t think they want to build the farm to just make money.

    I’m gonna say it again, it’s a bless to have supporting parents. In fact, when you decide to have a child, you’re supposed to guarantee them a bright future. You as a parent are responsible for their future life. If you’re not ready to take that responsibility then you are not ready to be a parent. Because you’re basically forcing a human being to come to this life and work hard to survive. It shouldn’t be that way. And even if you’re not rich (like Isabel’s parents, as you’re saying), then you should guide your child make a nice life. After you become an adult, of course you are responsible for your life choices and what your life will become, but it is really important your parents help you make a good start.


    1. In reply to Jon,

      In my opinion, it is not O.K. to give other human beings incorrect information, erroneous information that will cause them problems. It is especially not O.K. to give young people and stupid people the wrong idea about something that they want to try for themselves, when you know that their failure will harm them.

      There was a young lady named Jasmine Cherry, who independent of me, without reading my blog article on Isabel Paige, made a YouTube video warning young people that what Isabel Paige was doing was not real-life, and to be careful not to try to do what Isabel was doing, because they could run into problems. Because so many people attacked Jasmine Cherry, Jasmine removed all of her YouTube videos.

      Jasmine Cherry decided that it was not worth it to her to try to warn other people about believing what they see on YouTube, because she was just going to get attacked for it, so why bother trying to help strangers.

      I will try to give an analogy. Enron was a Texas corporation founded in 1985 that was described as an energy company. By year 2000, Enron had 29,000 employees. Enron claimed revenues of nearly $101 billion during 2000. Fortune magazine named Enron “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years.

      At the end of 2001, it was revealed that Enron’s reported financial profitability was a complete fraud, creatively planned and perpetuated for years and years, with the help of incompetent auditing by America’s largest accounting firm Arthur Anderson. By the end of 2001, both Enron and Arthur Anderson were out of business, all of their employees lost their jobs, and all of their investors lost all of their money. It was at that time, the biggest business scandal in the history of the United States.

      But keep in mind, for fifteen years, Enron and Arthur Anderson were held by many people as the gold standard in business, when they actually were the biggest fraudsters. The hundreds of thousands of people who believed and invested in them lost all of their money.

      So be careful who you believe in, especially if everyone talks about how great they are, without having done any checking or looking into what they are doing.


  17. I do not believe that Isabel is giving any false information. Has she ever said that this life is easy?No, quite the opposite actually. Through her vlogs she mentions most of her struggles that come with living this life. Has she ever said that she and her family are gonna live off just the farm’s income? Nope. She maybe hasn’t told how rich they are,IF they are, but she never said farming is easy money. Has she urged anyone drop out of school or college? No, she just simply told her story and what worked best for her. She really can’t harm anyone. It is not her fault if one day I get up, sell my house, quit my job and go up in the mountains and decide to live in a selfmade small house and then die because I can’t survive. My parents and close people won’t blame Isabel, they’ll blame it on my mind going crazy.
    There are so many serious frauders out there that every one of us listens to everyday, like politicians and tv personalities, in marketing and banks, etc. Those ones are trully dangerous and really affect young people’s (and not only) lives and future. Not a girl that makes youtube videos vlogging her life.
    Anyways, I don’t think that this will end somewhere. To be honest, if you’re actually just worried for people getting harmed and not hating Isabel, I can understand it even though I can’t agree with you. Hope you have a good life and thank you for responding to my comments.


  18. Does anyone else think this blog post is super fucked up? My question is who the hell has this much time on their hands to watch and stalk a young woman online and feel further inclined to be a fuggin’ creep ass to post about it? This kind of disgusting thinking is why women have to look over their shoulders, carry pepper spray, and feel forced to abide by the buddy system. Good Lord just leave her and other women alone. Why did I bother reading any of this?


  19. Disgusting blog and down right creepy! Dude whoever you are, go get the help you need…

    Here is a beautiful intelligent girl working her butt off building and creating a life of her choice and having the courage to cinematicly take us along with her via Youtube. You have nothing better to do but create a spiteful and condescending and down right hurtful blog about someone you barely know.

    Take a step back and reflect on your life and im sure you wouldn’t even have half the guts to do what Isabell is doing or trying to create….or maybe thats the issue, you cant so you bring other people down into your sorry, sad little world, sitting behind a computer screen.

    I feel truely sorry for you. Whilst Isabell is screaming from the mountains your screaming on the inside and we can all see it… get help fast!


    1. In reply to Concerned Human #2,

      If you read fiction and non-fiction from different periods in history, there have always been authors who recount their own personal travels and adventures, or write about the travels and adventures of other people. Herman Melville wrote the novels “Moby Dick” and “Typee” which centered around sailing, he had been a sailor himself. Mark Twain, a.k.a. Samuel Clemens, wrote about life and adventures on the Mississippi River, he had been a river boat captain himself on the Mississippi River. “The Waltons” television series was created from a book by Earl Hamner Jr. who based what he wrote on his life in rural Virginia during The Great Depression.

      What Isabel is showing, is not the life of a man working as a sailor and sailing the South Seas, or the life of a man growing up within a large poor family struggling through the Great Depression, but what Isabel is showing is an adult woman camping out in her parents’ back yard. Please take a few minutes to reflect on the admiration, praise, and importance that you give to someone who shows you their life living in a shed in their parents’ back yard.


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