More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

Very early yesterday morning I wrote a blog post article about a 23 year old young woman named Isabel Paige.  I had watched a couple of her videos and thought that she was interesting enough and attractive enough to write about.  I intended to find out more about her.

Later yesterday evening I was able to find Isabel’s last name, but very little additional information came up for her, which was not too surprising because she is only 23 years old.  When I did a search using Isabel’s father’s name, this eventually led to a kind of unraveling of Isabel’s story about what she was doing.

Isabel’s mother and father live in Seattle, Washington.  When Isabel was talking in her videos about living and working in Seattle, and returning to live on her family’s “farm”, I was mistaken, and so were many of her viewers.  We thought that she had been working and living by herself in Seattle, far away from her home and family, but that was not the case, her family has a home in Seattle.

Isabel’s father’s name was linked to a street address in eastern Washington state on the outskirts of a National Forest.  Using Google Earth Satellite View of this street address revealed that this was the property shown in many of Isabel’s videos, that she was referring to as her family’s “farm”.

The “family farm” that Isabel was talking about returning to in her videos, is not really a farm, because there isn’t any livestock such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, or chickens, nor is there any corral, barn, tractor, large farm field, or crop.  There is a large garden that is maybe 1/2 acre in size.  The property is a vacation home that was recently built or purchased by her mother and father.

I feel that I was somewhat duped or misled.  From what Isabel was saying, she was talking about trying to live as a farmer, to be self-sufficient, and to live off-grid.  A more accurate description of the situation, is that Isabel and her sister Natasha are staying in their parent’s vacation home.

When I read the comments to some of Isabel’s videos, some of the commentors were being very critical, saying that Isabel was just staying in her parent’s vacation home, or asking her to show video of the “farm”, or asking her what she was going to do in the winter.  At first I didn’t understand these comments, but now I do.

I don’t think that anyone can live in this vacation home during the winter, for several different reasons.  From the Google Earth Satellite View, there is a one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes about one mile from the nearest house back to Isabel’s house.  This one-lane dirt road is terraced into a very steep mountainside that is going to shed or avalanche snow onto this road November through March.

More than a mile from Isabel’s house, there is a one-lane wooden bridge over a river that provides access to Isabel’s house and three other houses.  I don’t think that this wooden bridge is rated to carry heavy county road crew snow removal equipment that would be needed to efficiently plow more than one mile of road.  I don’t think that the county crosses over this one-lane wooden bridge to clear the snow for access to these four houses on the far side of the river.

If you could find a private heavy equipment operator to drive a front end loader across the one-lane wooden bridge and clear more than one mile of snow off the road, it would take at least half a day and cost about $1,000 each time.

For the past eighteen years I have lived in heavy snow fall areas of northern Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  In the winter, many National Forest and National Park roads are closed off because they can not keep up with the snow removal.  Bottoms of canyons with vacation homes become inaccessible for large amounts of time in the winter because of snow accumulation.

You can’t live in a mountainous area of Washington at the bottom of a canyon on the limited access side of the river, and expect to be able to make it to a job or a grocery store every day during the winter.  There will be times in the winter when you couldn’t drive out of the far side of the canyon for weeks in a row.

I am not so angry that Isabel gave me and the other viewers the idea that she was going to live and work on her family’s farm, when it isn’t a farm, and she isn’t working on a farm, as I am irritated that Isabel doesn’t really have a viable realistic plan on how she is going to survive this winter.

I imagine that Isabel’s parents haven’t flat out told her “no” that she can’t live at that house in the winter, because this appears to still be her plan.  Maybe her parents are thinking that she will see this for herself in November or December and get out of there before she becomes stuck and has to be rescued.

Here is a video showing Isabel with her family, which will give a little more insight into the situation:

Update 1/25/2021:

In the above blog post article, and in the comments below, I have tried to explain that I do not like, and believe that it is harmful, to lead YouTube viewers to believe that you can save money for one year at a low-paying job, quit your job, go buy some land in the mountains, build a tiny-house, and play in the woods most of the day.

Many of the commentors claim that I am just a jealous old man, what I say is not true, not accurate, not valid, and my points are baseless. I have decided to include a YouTube video made by a young woman, who on her own without reading my blog post article, came to many of the same conclusions as I did:

Update 4/5/21:

On 4/3/21 Isabel Paige uploaded a YouTube video titled something like “Finishing My Tiny-House”. About halfway through this video Isabel and her father were laughing about some people who had driven down the road to Isabel’s house recently, saying that they were trying to find someone who was selling eggs, and then they said, “You’re Isabel Paige, aren’t you? I watch your YouTube videos.”

Isabel and her father were laughing about how no one ever drives down the dead-end dirt road to their house, that this has never happened before, and what a coincidence it was that they watch Isabel’s YouTube videos. This was no coincidence. These people saying that they were “trying to find someone who was selling eggs”, may have been an inside joke reference to Isabel’s friend and YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan who sells her eggs to in vitro fertilization clinics for $10K to make money.

Isabel and her father need to stop and think about these things:

  • Isabel lives in a very remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area on the border of a National Forest where real estate is very expensive. There are very few working farms in this area, especially NOT chicken farms.  Is there anyone they have ever heard of who sells chicken eggs in their area?
  • Considering that very few people live in the remote, mountainous, and sparsely populated area where Isabel lives, does it make any sense that anyone would drive that far just to buy chicken eggs when they could buy them much more easily in town?
  • Eggs cost about $1.50 per dozen in the grocery store, and there is no shortage of chicken eggs in grocery stores.  To get to Isabel’s house from town would cost about $10 in gas round trip, and take more than an hour.  Who is going to drive more than an hour and spend $10 in gas to buy eggs that normally cost $1.50 per dozen in stores?

If you read the comments to this particular YouTube video of Isabel’s, about 30% of the viewers are saying, “Watch out for that egg guy!  That’s no coincidence!  You’re lucky your father happened to be there!”  These people are correct.

In the comments section of this blog post article about Isabel, myself and other people wrote that it was not that difficult to find where Isabel is located, that she should be more careful, that it is not a good idea for her to walk alone in the woods without a firearm, and that it is not a good idea to show herself bathing naked in the river beside her house and other forest locations.

I hope that Isabel and her family will think about this and take this as a Wake-Up Call.  I hope that Isabel’s viewers will continue to urge Isabel to be more careful.  I believe that if Isabel’s father had not been there, and the people that drove up to Isabel were able to determine that she was alone, they might have stayed much longer just to be a nuisance, or they might have harmed her.

I am writing this Update in order to give this warning and offer some advice:

  • Isabel made a couple of mistakes in talking about how she has no cell-phone signal, that she has begun walking to the top of the mountain every morning, and that she is not in-touch with her family and friends every day.  Giving details like this have made her more vulnerable.
  • As one of her women viewers pointed out in the comments, when Isabel is bathing naked or nearly naked in forest locations, her screaming and yelling is announcing her location and drawing people to her that otherwise might not have known that she was there.
  • Isabel’s family needs to put a gate with a lock, or a chain with a lock across the beginning of their one-lane, dead-end dirt road that goes to their house, with a couple of very visible “No Trespassing” signs.  Once someone goes beyond a “No Trespassing” sign, they can be arrested for trespassing, which is not the case if there is no sign.
  • At the gate across the road, or the chain across the road, there needs to be one or two pole-mounted or tree-mounted wireless or cable-fed surveillance cameras that can clearly be seen.  This is a deterrent.  This can also give people at the house a view of what is happening at the gate.  Some wireless cameras have a cell-phone application to allow you to watch them remotely.
  • I recommend the use of multiple trail cameras, hidden at the perimeter of the property on each side, including the river side.  This may point out some very determined and stealthy voyeurs.
  • I recommend installing as many as six solar-charged, motion-activated flood lights on trees, poles, or structures.  These very bright flood lights coming on at night can alert you that someone is at a specific location on your property.  People who are trying to sneak around unnoticed do not like getting lit-up by flood lights every time they move.
  • For this property, I recommend about six wireless motion-detectors positioned about one hundred feet from Isabel’s house, programmed to six different channels on a receiver box indicating which zone alarmed.  It’s O.K. that deer and other animals set them off, it shows that the motion detectors are working.
  • I recommend getting a dog of a working-dog breed, such as a German Shepherd.  Because of the very cold winter climate in the mountains of Washington state, a short-haired dog like a Doberman or Rottweiler would suffer in the winter cold.  Look up “Livestock Guardian Dogs” or “LGD”, these are very large dogs that are accustomed to living outdoors all year long guarding livestock from predators as large as mountain lions and bears.
  • Lastly and Most Importantly, Isabel needs to carry a firearm with her at all times on the property and learn how to use it.  A firearm will do her no good if it is unloaded, left in a closet, or she doesn’t know how to use it.

Carrying a firearm is the most important thing.  Law Enforcement would take at least 30 minutes to reach this property, that is if the cell-phone call went through.  Cameras are a deterrent, but they won’t stop something from happening.  A dog can be poisoned, lured away, or shot. 

Because Isabel and her family appear to be averse to firearms, I would recommend purchasing the most reliable, durable, easy to use, lightweight, least expensive to obtain and shoot firearm, the Ruger 10-22 rifle.  You can buy a Ruger 10-22 at Walmart for about $300, just about any sporting goods store, and most gun stores.  .22 LR long rifle bullets cost about 5 cents each, and they are one of the most quiet and least recoil rounds.  This rifle would be the easiest for each of the family members to practice with and get accustomed to.

184 thoughts on “More About Isabel Paige And My Disappointment

    1. Linny,

      Yes, I agree with you for several reasons: 1)How many times can you video yourself making coffee, chopping vegetables, running & screaming in a field? 2) Living in a tiny-house with no instant-flush toilet, hot water shower, clothes washer & dryer gets old. 3) Farming is very hard work, subsistence farming is very hard work and there is no money in it, it’s below poverty level. 4) There’s not her type of guy that wants to come live in a tiny-house on a subsistence farm making no money and living at the poverty level.

      Have you ever seen a Dad build a play house in the backyard for an elementary school aged daughter? This has been practically the same thing only this tiny play house cost about $20K and his daughter was 23 years old, and now she has outgrown it.


  1. I’m 40 with children and have watched her (Isabel) channel. She seems fake. She makes it appear like she is living in the wilderness of Colorado or Canada. Eventually she will get bored with the same scenery everyday. I think she does it for views/ YouTube income. Her Patreon almost seems obsurd. Like depending on the amount of money you donate you will get different things from me.


    1. Lesley,

      I think that Isabel began feeling bored with what she is doing this January/February of 2021 when she left Washington state to fly to Tennessee to visit her boyfriend, then travel with Hannah Lee Duggan in her van through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Living in a tiny-house in the mountains without having a job or a job to go to every day is probably lonely and boring for a young person, unless you are truly a hermit and recluse who dislikes people.

      All the more reason why Isabel’s YouTube videos are harmful to young people who are trying to figure things out. In Isabel’s earlier YouTube videos, (these videos go back a couple of years), Isabel was talking about living in a van in Hawaii, and I believe that she was working as a waitress. Then later I believe that she returned to Seattle and was working as a waitress. A year or so ago when Isabel was giving a summary of what she was doing, she explained that she had quit college after a semester or two, college wasn’t for her, and instead she traveled, did Yoga, went to someplace like India to further her Yoga studies, returned to Seattle and decided to go live on her family’s “Farm”, and lead a “sustainable lifestyle”.

      While Isabel was glamorizing and romanticizing “sustainable farming” and building then living in her tiny-house, giving young YouTube viewers the idea that this is a fun and exciting lifestyle, there wasn’t any actual farming going on at this time, there was no income generated from farming, there was no food produced on this farm to eat, the land was the vacation home property of her parents, she wasn’t paying for the land, and her father did most of the work in building her tiny-house.

      I would like to see young people getting on track to be able to support themselves well enough to have an enjoyable life. Completing college, completing vocational school, completing an apprenticeship, joining the military, working in a skilled trade are ways for young people to be able to earn enough money to support themselves well. Quitting college, working at low-paying jobs, quitting your job with the idea of living off-grid in a tiny-house is not actually going to be fun, it’s going to be poverty, almost dying, eventually pleading with other people for help, and relying on the charity of others.


  2. Many of these channels will probably follow a similar arc.
    The protagonist gets excited about a pipe dream. Works to realize it and then gets depressed, lonely and dreadfully bored. The videos during this time consist of more poetry and philosophical epiphanies reminiscent to anyone’s last year in high school, following their first heartbreak.
    A new dream emerges, which promises fields, strawberries, warmth, connections, and growth. The influencer now has themes of “acceptance, love, and tranquility.”
    Oh the joy of the viewer to watch a shelf being made. Oh the intrigue of another trip, another van, another boyfriend, another thing that fails to live up to its hype.
    Somehow it seems to start cute, with a dream and a camera, and end with a pattern of instability and some lingering questions about the youtuber’s mental health.
    We all start asking, doesn’t she know this won’t make her happy?
    Is she forcing the same shoot every week because of how many views the last one got?
    Then there will be some plug to their “anxiety” or “depression” and “mental health awareness.” Only to be back to another pipe dream tomorrow.

    Selling a lifestyle is incredibly damaging to the developing young adult mind.

    Which lifestyle do I sell? Am I a van person? Vegan? Poly? Poor? Who the hell am I?
    Am I even happy with what I’m selling?
    Imposter syndrome.
    Defeat and fear of letting the followers down.
    Fear of being found out as a fraud.

    Imagine being afraid of failing at a lifestyle you’ve been endorsing for your income as opposed to just living for your own sake.

    Having your name, your body become a brand. Having your pain and happiness become monetized.

    This is how celebrity-ism will ruin the psyches of the young and impressionable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lauren,

      I read this most recent comment of yours a couple of times, there were many thoughts to consider, you are correct about each of them, I hadn’t thought about all of these things.

      For the time being, I feel compelled to repeat again, that young people should not have the goal to live in a tiny-house or a van.

      (As an aside, has it come to the point in the U.S. that young people no longer want to become married, have 2-3 kids, live in a house with a white picket fence, and instead aim for living by themselves in a van because that’s about the most they could hope for? Unfortunately the answer is yes. I am not making fun of trailer parks, but in the South, middle, mid-west, and West couples both working full-time live in RV trailers and single-wide manufactured homes because they can’t afford the average $250K home.)

      Maybe I stumbled upon an answer, young people have such a bleak reality, no easy, worthwhile, or enjoyable way to get ahead and move forward, that in their numbness they turn to the unreality of video games, pornography, OnlyFans, American Idol, and YouTube personalities. I think about futuristic books and movies that predicted this, “Brave New World” where people had sex for recreation but no one had children anymore, hook-ups only, and drugs, no guilt. “1984” with no more books and history being overwritten, no Dr.Seus, no Pepe LePew, no Aunt Jemima, no Washington Redskins, no Fighting Sioux. “Fahrenheit 415” book burnings. The “Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner” where children are taken away from their families by a totalitarian authoritarian non-democratic government because America no longer exists as it was created.


  3. Hi again. I still occasionally watch her channel every few days. I would think she would go nuts living alone. But in all actuality she has her family close by of course and she’s near “town”.
    It’s such a facade.
    Is she bi-polar or any mental health associations along those lines?
    In one of her previous videos she shows how she sleeps on the floor on purpose….in her tiny home…there is now a fluffy bed with a lot of pillows.
    There are a lot of things in her videos that show she plays at life for now.


    1. Lesley,

      To answer your question, “Is Isabel bi-polar?”, she possibly is. On camera, she has a lot of unusually “high” moments, according to her, being so in-love with life, being so happy just to be alive, being so happy just to see the sun rise, running & screaming just because she is outside in a field or on a mountain.

      Maybe Isabel’s mother and father are so tolerant of Isabel’s life choices is because they have seen her unable to cope and have a break down when expectations and demands are placed on her in situations like grade school, college, various jobs and work environments. Maybe her parents have learned or been instructed that if Isabel can find some things that she likes to do and enjoys doing, to just allow her to do that, because trying to get her to do something else that she doesn’t want to do or is anxious about, will just lead to severe problems.


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