A Black Man Explains Why He Can’t Buy A House While He Is Married

A couple of days ago I was watching a video made by a Black man in his 40s, explaining why he can’t buy a house while he is married.  I thought that there is no way that this is going to make any sense, but it turns out to my surprise that he is correct.

This Black man is fairly intelligent and competent, so when I began hearing him describe that he and his wife are renting an apartment, I thought that something was wrong, because one of the easiest and best ways to invest money is to own your own home rather than pay rent.

Not only are mortgage payments on a home often less than rent payments on an apartment, a home can eventually be paid off and owned, whereas a rented apartment will never be paid off and will never be owned.

As this man described his wife’s suggestion that they rent a home, he said that he told his wife that he would continue to pay his half of the rent like he had been doing, if she wanted to rent a home.  I gathered from this man that he paid his half of the rent and expenses, paid for himself, and the remainder of his money went into his personal checking account, savings account, and 401K or IRA.

I thought that surely he was smart enough to know, that if he and his wife bought a home together, over time the house would increase in value, and their equity in the home would grow.  For instance, buying a $200,000 house now, in ten years it would likely be worth at least $300,000, if not more.  That $100,000 gain in value in ten years is something that you won’t get from having your money in a savings account.

But I continued to listen to this guy to see what his reasoning was, and I was astonished, he was correct.  If he and his wife ever got a divorce, the way that the divorce courts work, they look at and consider what kind of “lifestyle” the wife had while they were married, especially if they were married for a long time and this “lifestyle” was something that she became “accustomed” to.

This Black man has seen it, and I have seen it, where a judge will award the house to the wife, sometimes with the condition that the husband continue to pay the mortgage, and sometimes not.  However, even if the judge awards the house to the wife, and does not order the husband to continue to make the mortgage payments, if his name is on the mortgage, the bank will hold the man responsible to continue to pay the mortgage until such time as future legal proceedings may free him from this responsibility.

What he was trying to do, was establish a long history of proof, that he was paying for his half of the rent, his half of the expenses, and that his wife was paying for her half of the rent, and her half of the expenses.  Everything was equal, 50%-50%.  He was not providing any kind of ease or luxury “lifestyle”, and his wife was not “accustomed” to any kind of ease or luxury provided by him.

Further, when you are renting an apartment, or renting a house, at the term of the lease ending, the renter is not entitled to anything, neither the husband or the wife are entitled to anything more, nor are either of them required to pay anything more, it is over.  Especially if a couple are going through a divorce, if they can make it to the end of the lease, and one of the occupants can leave and not be on the lease anymore, it shows that they are not financially liable anymore for that dwelling.

But this man went even further, he didn’t even want his name to be on the apartment or home lease, ever.  He wanted to be able to demonstrate that he didn’t have any financial responsibility for the rent, ever.  With his record of never, ever being financially responsible for the rent during their marriage, how could a judge ever justify ordering him to pay his wife money for housing after the divorce?

If more men ever figured all of this out to the extent that this guy did, women would be in deep shit.  One of the biggest ways that women are able to make financial gains, is by “cashing out” of their marriages.  Typically this involves a wife tricking her husband into buying the most expensive house that they can barely afford early on in their marriage, having him work like a dog to make the mortgage payments, and then ten years later or when the home has appreciated greatly in value, file for divorce with the expectation that they will be awarded the home in the divorce settlement.

Even if it takes a husband working 60 or more hours per week to pay for his wife’s car, health insurance, home, and expenses, a divorce court judge will often believe that it is “normal” for the man to work like this, and that he should continue to support his wife in this manner after their divorce, awarding her the car, the home, and payment of her health insurance.

Once men begin to understand that this is how everything works currently, they would never get married and buy a house.  Women have ruined the value of marriage, because of their greed and scheming.

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