The Beautiful Photographs Of Madeleine Rose Gower

In my entire life of looking at photographs, in fashion magazines, glamour magazines, men’s magazines, women’s magazines, Victoria’s Secret Catalogs, books of art, I have never seen anyone photograph as well as Maddie Gower.

I just happened to see her internet Facebook profile after it had been included on my list of people that I might know.  Maddie is a 20 year old college student who lives in Pennsylvania.  She takes one or two photographs of herself each day, and she posts them to her Facebook profile.

I will do my best to describe Maddie’s beauty.  Some of my earliest memories of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, were photographs of Brigitte Bardot of France during the 1950s and 1960s.  This is probably who Maddie resembles the most in appearance and demeanor.

Like Brigitte Bardot, Maddie is stunningly beautiful, incredibly sexy, unimposing, and inviting.  Her loveliness, beauty, and playfulness make her impossible not to like.

Brigitte Bardot had wanted to be a dancer, and she had taken dance lessons for years before she was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris.  She and her parents had no intention for her to become a model or an actress, but once other people saw her, they coaxed her into modelling at fashion shows and for fashion magazines, and later into acting.

Because of Maddie’s graceful, dignified, and flattering posture, and beautifully formed legs, I believe that she must have taken dance lessons for many years also.  It appears that Maddie and her parents have never sought for her to become a model or actress, though this is suggested to her hourly by friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

In Maddie’s photographs, there is a slight departure from Bridgitte Bardot’s attitude.  Bridgitte Bardot had more of an attitude of innocence, whereas Maddie has an attitude of soft defiance, sometimes stubborness, and sometimes mischievousness.  This is one of the reasons why Maddie’s photographs are the best that I have ever seen.

I believe without a doubt, that Maddie’s physical appearance, her beauty, flawlessness, and degree of physical perfection, is equal to or superior than any fashion model or glamour model.  I say this because Maddie’s photographs are taken by herself, there are no makeup artists, wardrobe, lighting, or professional photographers taking her pictures.  Yet most of Maddie’s photographs that she spent three minutes on, are better than featured photographs in major magazines that are the result of hundreds of man hours from professional photo shoots.

But beyond her physical beauty, her photographs capture a special uniqueness and rarity, which the term “photogenic” does not even adequately describe in her case.  This is more difficult to describe concisely in words, because words are so dull in comparison to her images.

In Maddie’s photographs, there is the stubbornness and defiance that you see in Sophia Loren’s photographs, the poise and sophistication of Grace Kelly, and sometimes the sexual playfulness and clowning of someone who doesn’t care.

I would like for Maddie to be discovered, become more famous, and have many more opportunities.  She seems ambivalent on the subject of becoming famous, though I believe that she is open to it.

To me, she is like a race horse, and her life like a movie about a race horse.  Mine That Bird was a race horse that had won sometimes, but hadn’t gone very far yet.  It was a surprise that Mine That Bird was even allowed an entry into the 2009 Kentucky Derby, there were only twenty slots.  The odds of winning for this horse were 50 to 1.

This horse was so far back at the beginning of the race, that the announcer almost didn’t see it.  Mine That Bird caught up to to all the other horses, passed them, and then won by 6-3/4 lengths, the longest margin of victory in over 60 years.

This horse liked to run from behind.  Maddie reminds me of this horse.  I think that Maddie likes to run from behind too.  I think that she can win too.

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Photographs Of Madeleine Rose Gower

  1. ***(This website has not been able to verify some of the statements in this comment, so some portions of this comment are redacted.)***

    Maddie started an (redacted) page where she is posting (redacted) videos. For a (redacted) you can see (redacted). She is selling (redacted); videos showing (redacted)


    1. Don V,

      I personally wanted to see more photos and videos of Maddie Gower. I tried to perform several internet searches with Maddie’s name and the website you referenced, but no results came up. I went to the website that you referenced, but I don’t really want to join and become a member.

      In this past year, I saw that Maddie may have become engaged or married, and she started a new job. I do not want to cause her problems by publishing a statement that might not be true, so I had to redact/remove some of your comment. But thank you for letting me know, I will keep looking.


      1. She has links to her nude pics in her recent Instagram posts. I could send pics directly to you if you’d like, I’m a subscriber to them. Believe me, they are worth it……


      2. Don V,

        Thank you for the update. I went and checked Madeleine’s Instagram and it had an icon to click to see all of her sites, and OnlyFans was one of them. I clicked on her OnlyFans, and it said $10 for 30 days. I entered in my info for American Express Card payment, OnlyFans would not accept American Express. Then I entered in my VISA Card for payment, VISA blocked the payment seeking authorization from me via text. Then OnlyFans wanted me to go through this really bizarre, shady verification process, wanting to allow video/photography of me while online, which was too sleazy, too cheezy, and too creepy to comply with.

        OnlyFans has the most fucked-up user billing interface that I have ever dealt with, if they don’t want to bill my American Express card or my VISA card,and act really bizarre, OnlyFans can fuck off.

        Yes, I would like to see Madeleine’s pictures, I tried to subscribe to her OnlyFans so that she could get paid, but the site wouldn’t let me. My email address is Thank you.


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