Come And Get It! LGBT Event In Dickinson December 17, 2017

Come And Get It!  Dickinson State University Women’s Basketball Team will be hosting a home game against Presentation College on December 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

As I promised, I will be announcing all the LGBT action at upcoming DSU Athletic Events.  The DSU campus is very pro-LGBT, you could call it a haven, right here in western North Dakota.

Feel welcome to meet and socialize with all the DSU coaches, faculty, staff, athletes, and their families.  And check out the finest and hottest ladies in western North Dakota!  We’ve got short ones, we’ve got tall ones, we got black ones, we got white ones!

I have looked the Bluehawks roster of players, and I have looked at the Saints roster of players, and I can tell you this will be one of the biggest ho-down show-downs of fine ass seen in North Dakota since the Miss America USA pageant in November!

Come for the game, but stay for the party.  The DSU campus is situated right in the middle of beautiful and exotic downtown Dickinson, only blocks away from world-famous Villard Street.  Try out The Paragon, The Rock, The Esquire Club, The Brickhouse Lounge, The Blue 42, and The Liquid Assets.

Drink till you puke! Because the Dickinson Police aren’t working that day!

16 thoughts on “Come And Get It! LGBT Event In Dickinson December 17, 2017

    1. Ali,
      You are not looking on the good side of this. If I can get this article shared on Facebook enough, and get 500 to 1,000 LGBT people to come to Dickinson, this can be a nice social event, where people meet, get to know each other, make friends, and start a new tradition for DSU home games. This will bring business to the bars downtown, and more attention to DSU.


      1. Don’t worry there is a group that already organizes these kinds of events without having an asshat try to make a mockery of them.


      2. Ali,
        Why can’t I participate in bringing openness, awareness, and understanding in Dickinson about LGBT people?

        Ali, you and the commentor S, are making something very clear. You want LGBT people to be safely hidden away, to do everything that LGBT people do in secret. This is not good.

        If LGBT people are doing something that people wouldn’t like if they found out about, is this something that they should be doing?

        For instance, if a group of lesbian women are going to get together in a group, like a club, gang, or team, train and work out together, live together, and then go pick a fight with some old guy who is sitting alone in a restaurant and try to beat his ass, is this something that they should be doing?

        I am kind of sick of you and S, “Women never do anything wrong. If a woman did it, or if a woman thought of it, it can’t be wrong.”

        The Catholics in Dickinson have their church and their beliefs, the Mormons, the Lutherans have their church and their beliefs, the motorcycle clubs in Dickinson have their members. If any of these groups are doing something so bad that they have to keep it a secret, then they probably should not be doing it at all.

        The LGBT people in Dickinson can be just like the Catholics, Mormons, Lutherans, and Motorcycle Clubs, with their beliefs, social gatherings, and activities. But if any of these groups are doing something so bad that they don’t want anyone to find out about it, or who they are, then they shouldn’t doing what they are doing.

        I did not name any of the lesbians on the DSU Women’s Basketball Team, but if they are doing some things that they don’t want anyone to find out about, or who they are, then what is it that they are doing, and should they be doing it?


  1. Even if what you’re doing here wasn’t immoral (which it is), you must realize you’re pulling a punch. There is no way you can write things like this and believe that you will be immune to (at best) follow-up and (worse) legal trouble or (worst) (fill in the blank).


    1. S,

      It is extremely obvious that you do not want any attention drawn to the DSU Women’s Basketball Team. From your reaction and what you have written, I believe that your daughter might be a lesbian. Fine, I don’t care.

      I might have to write more blog posts about lesbians, to describe how I feel about lesbians and my experience with lesbians. I don’t care if women are lesbians, they can have sex with women all day and all night, and I don’t care. I don’t like it when lesbians have a hatred for men, and start turning their anger towards men, and me.

      Here is what you think, apparently, the DSU Women’s Basketball Team can be a group of women who empower each other and share a bond with each other, and they can be physically and mentally strong. Feeling empowered, physically and mentally strong, at the peak of their athletic ability, they can go to a restaurant and try to intimidate, taunt, antagonize, and start a fight with an older man who is sitting by himself. Hell yea!

      But then, you S, are like “Oooh, oooh, protect the women, protect the women, they are someone’s daughter, don’t tell anyone they are lesbians, someone might do something to them!”

      This is 100% typical of women, Women are bad-ass, tough, strong, fierce, they can do anything a man can do, even kick a man’s ass. Then, it’s help, we need protection, we are weak, we are someone’s daughter, don’t tell anyone we are lesbians and that we hate men, someone might do something to us.


      1. Just because a woman is a lesbian doesn’t make her a man hater. Have you ever been around a lesbian in a bar? I have and it’s disgusting how men act towards them. Constantly hitting on them and making stupid comments. “Can I watch?” Would you ask to watch a straight couple? No. “You just haven’t had the right man (meaning him).” They like women for a reason. “Can I join”. It’s disgusting. Besides the fact that they stare and are usually making rude comments. What you are doing is sexual harassment.


  2. Good grief. My daughter is tall and athletic (and she’s studying mechanical engineering). She must be a lesbian! I’d better call her and ask her. LOLOLOLOL Her best friend (since high school) IS. I love that girl like a daughter (and I’m a conservative).


      1. Ali,
        What does that mean? S said, I should have handled this differently. I said that I did not get up and yell at this girl, which many men would have done. What? Are you saying that I should have gotten up and yelled at her?


    1. Ali,

      I read the article. I am glad that I have written about four advice articles titled “How Women Can Behave Like Ladies From The South”, “Advice For Women”, one about “Body Dysmorphic Disorder”, one about “My Experiences With Lesbians”, several articles titled “Lessons On Women”, “Stories From The Lives Of Old Women”, two articles on “Maggie McNeil The Honest Courtesan”, so that women and girls can find and read information that they would not get elsewhere.

      Please read some of these articles Ali.


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