My Experiences With Lesbians

Due to many recent comments about my previous blog post, I need to write this blog post about my experiences with lesbians.

When I was about five years old, my mother opened a Dance Studio.  My mother, and my mother’s mother, were probably more knowledgeable about formal dancing, dance productions, and musical productions than most dance teachers.

Through luck and good fortune, my mother met another lady who had just as much or more experience in dance, dance productions, and musical productions.  This lady, had a daughter who had just graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Dance.  Her daughter had a girlfriend, who she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with, who also had a BFA in Dance.

My father, mother, and my mother’s friend, bought a large building together, and had it renovated to make a large professional dance studio.  The two young women lesbians who had just graduated from UW, became the primary teachers.

This was a very lucky and fortunate meeting of people.  My mother was talented and knowledgeable, but no where near as talented, gifted, and knowledgeable as the two young women.  Besides both of these women being as skilled an instructor as anyone will ever have, one of them was already a very accomplished choreographer, and the other was a very gifted and brilliant costume designer.

I am not mentioning either of these two women’s names, because they both went on to become extremely famous.

I had to take ballet, tap, and balllroom dancing.  One of the reasons was, among other reasons, was because I had to be in the large dance and musical productions.  There would be at least one very large production every year.  Some of the roles would be filled by dancers on loan from the most famous dance companies in New York City.  There would sometimes be as many as seventy performers on stage during some scenes.

From when I was about six years old, I was around lesbian, bi-sexual, and gay people.  I had to take dance classes every year, and I had to be in some dance production every year.  Or, I was being volunteered whether I wanted to or not, for some art show or artist collaboration thing.  I was around LGB people all the time.

Not only did I not have a problem with LGB people, I did not have a problem with sexuality, or nudity.  I took it for granted at the time, and normal, that my family and the people that I was around did not have any embarrassment about sexuality or nudity.  During my childhood, I never had any conflict whatsoever about anyone’s sexuality.

Later, when I graduated from college and was back home, I met and became involved with a group of lesbian and bi-sexual women.  I was somewhat accepted into their group, because I was tolerant, not offensive, non threatening, and not at all aggressive towards any of these women.  I was very muscular and in-shape then, and sometimes, some of the women wanted to try something different for a change.

Some lesbians don’t hate men, they just like women better, and they get along with women better.  There is much more to this though, among other things, some women don’t want to be dominated by men, have children, or become a housewife.

There are some lesbians that do hate men, and do attack men.  My father had been a city judge, and later he was the city attorney.  When something really bad happened in the town, the chief of police or a police captain would discuss it with him to get legal advice.

There was a lesbian couple, who were known in the community to be haters of men.  One night, a known naer-do-well petty criminal made the mistake of trying to crawl in through an open window, into the house of this lesbian couple.  They quickly caught him, beat him severely until he was helpless, and then proceeded to torture him and inflict great bodily damage.

Eventually, when this lesbian couple telephoned the police, and the police arrived, the police could not believe how much damage they had done to this man’s entire body.  There was no explaining this away.  The police could not see how this would not end up with both of these women going prison, there was just no reasoning or excuse for how much damage they had done to him.

So, I am tired of the commentors complaining to me that I don’t know anything about lesbians or LGB people.  There are lesbians that prefer women, and then there are lesbians that hate men, want to fight men, and want to hurt men.

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