New Era Of Openness And Tolerance At Dickinson State University

In my previous blog post, I wrote about two Dickinson State University Women’s Basketball players who wanted to fight me at a diner in Dickinson.  I didn’t like it, and I felt like, here we go again, DSU is beginning to again recruit Thug Hoodlum athletes.

You all know that I was wrong, women never do anything wrong, and it is me who has a problem.  Probably, I am not accepting enough of LGBT people.  For those of you who don’t know, LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender.

With the hiring of a new DSU Women’s Basketball Coach, Liz Lewis, who is about 30 years old, and her assistant of eight years Janie Rayback, comes a more modern, up to date, and correct world view.  Dickinson State University is taking steps to become a college of the 21st century.

Now, the DSU Athletic Department can openly recruit, provide scholarships, and provide financial assistance to LGBT student athletes, and so it should.  Dickinson State University should be progressive in finding and recruiting LGBT athletes, that way, the DSU campus can more closely reflect the modern world today.

From this point forward, all DSU Athletic Events should be looked on as an opportunity to celebrate and embrace LGBT students, athletes, faculty, staff, and families.  I will begin announcing on my blog website, all DSU Athletic Events, and encouraging all LGBT persons in North Dakota and the neighboring states, to come to DSU to attend the athletic event, socialize, get to know everyone, and become part of the DSU family.

Because North Dakota is a conservative state, with not the many openly LGBT people, DSU Athletic Events should be looked upon as a chance for LGBT people to make friends and find partners.

I imagine that not so far in the future, you might see a proud father of a DSU student, with his family gathered around him at a DSU Athletic Event say, “You know, I always wanted to have anal sex with a guy.”

13 thoughts on “New Era Of Openness And Tolerance At Dickinson State University

  1. Of all your blog posts, this one is one of the worst. It makes zero sense. What does the LGBT community have to do with DSU athletics? Nothing. Based on your previous blog posts, and your comment that said she said wtf are you looking at, I’d guess that you were being a creep. As a woman in this town, I know what it’s like to have unwanted attention. Just because they are on the DSU basketball team or because they received a scholarship, doesn’t require them to be nice to you. Maybe they had a bad day, maybe one of their friends or family members is sick or died. You aren’t walking in their shoes. Now let’s talk about your homophobic views. Other people’s sexual preference and gender is none of your business. It has nothing to do with the fact that they receive a scholarship or play a sport or be nice to you. People get scholorships for working hard. And they deserve it regardless of where they come from and who they sleep with. Now let’s say you are around a bunch of gay people, are you going to all of a sudden want to sleep with a man? No you’re not. You were born straight and aren’t all of a sudden going to catch the gay. Previously you have complained about the local people or Dickinson and now you are complaining about people that have moved here to get an education. Do you hate everyone? Instead of being a misogynistic, entitled homophobe, try and be more accepting and realize that Dickinson doesn’t revolve around you.


    1. Ali,

      If two first-semester DSU football players from a foreign country were being nasty enough to you in a diner, to where you felt that you should not finish eating and leave, that they were making you leave, you would probably be complaining to their coaches too, and letting them know what happened.

      Because I have a blog website, I can let the coaches know, the DSU Athletic Department know, the DSU President know, the Alumnni know, and the people in Dickinson know. This should not ever, ever happen, that a foreign student athlete attending DSU on scholarship or financial assistance is acting shitty, mean, nasty, and wanting to fight an older adult in town.

      The other reason that I want to let everybody know, is because I believe that these players have been acting like this elsewhere around town, and on campus. Now that everyone has been alerted to this, and more people contact the DSU Athletic Department, this will have to stop.

      Another reason why I let everybody know, is so that DSU can re-examine and re-evaluate what kind of student athletes are being recruited to DSU. At any college that I have ever gone to, or in any college town that I have ever been in, I can not remember one time, that a college football, basketball, baseball player, or wrestler ever tried to instigate a fight with me or tried to fight me.

      There is a difference between being a lesbian, a woman who has relationships with other women, and a woman who hates men, wants to be a man, and wants to fight men.

      There is more to what is going on with this DSU Women’s Basketball team than I have written, and if you didn’t already know, if you read some more you would probably find out.


      1. How do you know how these women act around town and on campus? Are you stalking them? That would definitely give them a reason to want to fight you. And to answer your question if I would tell on them. No I wouldn’t. They are adults and I’m not about to go tattle on them. I would maybe ask for a different table or be the bigger person and just get my food to go. If I was out and being mean to you, would you call my boss, or if I was wearing an esquire shirt, would you call the owner, or maybe wearing a dance mom jacket, would you call the owner and say that dance mom was mean to me? I’d hope not. Now let get real and tell me what them possibly being lesbians has to do with any of it? How do you know they are? Why would you think they want to be a man? I’m not about to go Facebook creeping or whatever “reading” you’re doing. Their lives are none of my business. The only reason I read this is for pure entertainment.


      2. Ali,
        Once again, you are just not agreeing with anything I experience, think, feel, or believe. No matter what I experience, think, feel, or believe, this is not allowable as far as you are concerned.

        IF the DSU Football Team had players that were trying to get into a fight at a restaurant, the DSU coaches would want to know about this right away, and adults and the restaurant owners would probably let the DSU coaches know right away, with the goal being “We don’t want any DSU Football Team players getting into fights.”

        The result of not letting the DSU coaches know that their players were trying to get into fights would be, their players getting into a fight, having criminal assault charges brought against them, suspension from the team, suspension from DSU, loss of scholarship, possibly never having the chance to attend college ever again.

        Ali, which is better? For coaches to find out about their players trying to get into fights, or waiting until after they have assault charges, are suspended, lose their scholarships, lose their chance to go to school?

        Also, letting the coaches know that their players are trying to get into fights, allows the coaches the opportunity to discuss this with the particular players involved to find out what is going on, what kind of problems they are having.

        At a University, there is a code of student conduct, and also code of conduct for athletes. A student can not get into all kinds of trouble, and an athlete can not get into all kinds of trouble, and remain at University. Did you know, that at a University, they have an Admissions department, not everyone gets to get in, and not everyone gets to stay? Did you know, that at a University, they have a Dean of Students, a President, Dean of College departments, Head of Departments, and that all of these people decide if a student can remain, based on both their conduct and their performance? From your comments, it sounds like you didn’t know this, and that students are put on different kinds of probation and suspension routinely, for conduct violations and academic violations.


  2. Of course I’m not going to agree. There are always two sides to every story and I just don’t see some girl in her early 20s wanting to fight you at a diner. Something must have happened to make her that angry. So what is it? What really bothers me though, is you bringing up the LGBT community, and leaving your reasoning out of every reply.


    1. Ali,
      One of the reasons why these two women basketball players wanted to fight, is because they just lost their basketball game 77-47 that night. Another reason is because at least one of these two women, thinks that she is a man, wants to be a man, and fight like a man. Go look at the DSU Women’s Basketball roster of players and click on their names to see their photographs. I found out, but I am not outing all of the lesbians, is this what you want me to do? I am not outing them, because two of them really, really don’t want this to be mentioned. So I am not, but I want them to understand, for all of their sakes, don’t have players going and trying to fight men because they hate men and want to take the place of men, because the rest of them who want to keep a low profile, won’t be able to when they all get thrown in together as men-haters and men-fighters.


  3. I went and looked. And by looking at them, I don’t see any that “thinks they are a man, wants to be a man or wants to fight a man”. I also don’t see any that by looking you can tell is a lesbian. Did she tell you this? Did the other women also tell you that they are gay and really really don’t want to be outed? You absolutely have no right to out anyone, so no I don’t want you to do that. Who cares if they are gay or want to be a man that has nothing to do with the way they acted towards you.


  4. I agree with Ali. Let me ask you a sincere question, please. How would you like it if somebody who knows who you are decided to start blogging about you and maybe they *outed* you as the author? Let me leave the question as simple as that. The thing is, I was able (easily) to figure out at least one of the young women you’re writing about, based only on the detail you provided about where she’d been before. I’d be so angry if she were my daughter. She’s someone’s daughter.


    1. S,

      I knew from the beginning when I started my blog website, that I wanted to write about some things that people were not going to like. Eventually, after writing enough, I would have offended everyone in Dickinson at least once, and offended some people more than once.

      Even if I just wrote exclusively about gardening, I would probably have people mad at me for what I wrote.

      What you S, and Ali, are suggesting, is that you want me to be like everyone else in Dickinson, scared to do what they want or say what they want for fear that someone will not like it, someone will be offended, someone won’t like them, someone won’t be their friend, they will be in trouble at work, they will lose their job, they won’t be able to get another job. This has been a problem in Dickinson for about 100 years, people acting like sheep or livestock at the mercy of others, not being able to do what they want and speak out.

      Have you seen me write the names of the lesbians at DSU? No, I have not. However, I want the lesbians at DSU to know, that if they start fucking with men because they hate men, the consequences will be that people will take notice of this, and wonder if this is what we want here, a group of women who hate men?

      Another way that you can easily figure out the names of the women who I have written about, is to look at the blog post “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson”, which lists their names.


    1. S,
      There are about 100 people who know who writes these blog posts. Many of them are annoyed and irritated, but they don’t make it their top priority to stop me. Many people get over whatever blog post it was that upset them.

      Anyone in Dickinson, should expect that they could get shot, stabbed, assaulted, burglarized, so whether I write my blog posts or not, bad things can happen to anyone who lives in Dickinson.

      I have lived and worked all over the United States, and I have done all different kinds of jobs. I can get another job, and then another,and then another, which is what I have been doing for quite a while now.


  5. But here you are choosing to embarrass people publicly rather than, for example, making some phone calls directly to DSU. I know you think you’ve explained what they were doing that you viewed as hostile and even confrontational, yet I still can’t imagine how that looked. It sounds bizarre. Your version is you looked at them, said a friendly “hello” and then they wanted to fight you. You weren’t doing anything at all to make THEM uncomfortable, according to the narrative here. DSU wants its athletes to be a good representation of the school when they are out and about. There really isn’t a school which would claim otherwise. I recall reading something published BY DSU (re: athletics) which emphasized how they want their student athletes to do well academically, socially, public service, yada yada. So there, I guess you and I agree. It’s not a case of calling people up to “tattle”, but rather, offering feedback on whether the standards and objectives of the school are being met. A MUCH bolder approach (and a decent, reasonable approach) would be to make a phone call or two and be clear and direct.


    1. S,

      Within an hour of this incident having happened on Friday night, I sent an e-mail to the Women’s Basketball Team coach Liz Lewis, describing what had happened. I did not, and have not, received any e-mail response from coach Liz Lewis, but she did immediately delete the photograph of herself and her assistant coach from the DSU Women’s Basketball Team website.

      One of my objectives in writing the first blog post about this incident, was to let everyone know that it happened. From there, the DSU coaches could decide if they should have a talk with their players individually or in groups to say, “DSU relies on state funding, alumni donations, athletic boosters, and donations from businesses in Dickinson. We need all of our students, especially our athletes who are more recognizable, to behave well in public. Especially those students who are on scholarship, try to show some appreciation and some gratitude.”

      I have not publicly mentioned these two players’ names.


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