More Proof That Women Are Becoming Hated Because Of Their Behavior

One week ago I wrote a blog post article titled “Women Have Made A Big Mistake With Their Bad Publicity”. Three months ago I wrote a blog post article titled “Women Don’t Realize How Much They Are Beginning To Be Hated”. In both of these previous blog posts I tried to explain and identify the behavior that women are becoming hated for, and give evidence that women are becoming hated.

This week there is a news story from Philadelphia where a woman was sexually harassed for forty minutes on a commuter train and eventually raped directly in front of fellow train passengers, while none of them intervened or called 911, but instead held up their cell phones to take video of the rape. Here is yesterday’s USA Today article on this

All of the newspaper articles, television news reports, and internet video commentary express outrage and disbelief that none of the train passengers witnessing the sexual assault and rape did anything to stop it, not even call 911, though this went on for more than 40 minutes. I can’t believe that the supposedly outraged people don’t understand why nobody helped this woman, but I think that they do know, they just will not admit it because they don’t want to acknowledge that women are becoming hated because of their behavior.

Women now days act like 12 year old children in adult bodies, either actually not understanding what it is that they are doing, or just not caring what it is that they are doing and denying responsibility.

First, everyone has heard women say, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”; “Women are strong, independent, and can do anything a man can do.”; “Women don’t need no man.” Men have heard this loud & clear. Men have also noticed that even though women claim that they don’t need no man, women have never stopped trying to beg, borrow, and steal money, resources, and help from men, only women refuse to acknowledge it or show any gratitude.

At the same time that women are always trying to beg, borrow, steal money, resources, and assistance from men, yet claiming that they “don’t need no man”, and showing no gratitude, women expect men to drop what they are doing, and risk their lives to save them!

Further, women are now known to be so treacherous and scheming, that they readily make false accusations against men in order to cause men to become kicked out of college, lose their athletic scholarship, lose their employment, lose whatever position they hold, even BEFORE there has been any hearing and the allegations are proved to be false. Yet women expect men to drop what they are doing, and risk their lives to come rescue them!

Women seek to become married, expecting men to buy them an expensive engagement ring, wedding ring, spend $10,000 to $50,000 on a wedding, buy them a more expensive vehicle than he can afford, buy them a more expensive house than he can afford, more expensive furniture than he can afford, work 50-80 hours per week to pay for all of this, then it’s women who initiate a divorce 80% of the time, and they all claim “emotional abuse”.

That’s right, men have to buy an engagement ring, wedding ring, pay for a $50K wedding, buy her a vehicle, house, and furniture that he can’t afford, work 50-80 hours per week to pay for it, then she files for divorce, and she claims “emotional abuse”! WTF!

Then, the husband has to pay $10,000 for his divorce attorney, $20,000 for his wife’s divorce attorney, give up his house, continue to pay for what used to be his house, continue to pay for his wife’s car, pay child support, work 50-80 hours per week to pay for everything, and have nothing for himself. After all of this fuckery, women expect men to drop what they are doing and come to their rescue!

The premise of women’s sexual harassment claims is that they feel violated, coerced, or threatened by men’s attempts to seek sex from them, as if women are so guarded with their “virtue” or their body, supposedly “not wanting to be sexualized”. But once women had the ability to be on OnlyFans, Chaturbate, Pornhub, or TikTok to gain followers and money, it showed that women have absolutely no shame in performing any sex act imaginable, there is nothing virtuous about women.

It’s not just men that hate women because of women’s behavior, women hate women too! There were just as many women passengers on that commuter train in Philadelphia who could have easily called 911, but instead these women chose to hold up their phone to video the other woman being raped.

9 thoughts on “More Proof That Women Are Becoming Hated Because Of Their Behavior

  1. The only fans et all is nothing more than telecommuting prostitution. If you can directly pay a woman to wet her panties in a video, send you the video and mail you the soiled panties, that’s simply prostitution by another name, and many young women are happy to do it.


    1. In reply to Rusty Shackleford,

      As a child and as a young man, I had been taught to believe that women were more ethical, moral, and proper than men. For instance, in the U.S. child custody is usually given to the mother because there was a belief that women were the more protective and nurturing parent. Once it became easy to watch pornography videos on the internet, there are hundreds of pornography websites besides Pornhub, it became more and more apparent that women actually have no shame and no limits to their perversion.

      Everyday women could be seen engaging in oral, vaginal, and anal sex at the same time with three men, or three women jamming their fists into her, and the women acted like this is something they do all day, every day. Thousands and thousands of women engaging in every kind of sex act you could imagine, and many that you could not have imagined, and the women doing it act like it comes completely natural to them. This was a real eye-opener on the supposed “virtue” of women, there is none.

      So at the same time that women are freely and willingly getting penetrated in every hole on their body by three black men, they want to make a complaint that somebody like former ND Representative Luke Simons told them their hair looked pretty or that what they were wearing looked nice.

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  2. So I’m expected to believe this Woman strenuously resited being raped for 40 miutes but just decided when the “rapist ” pulled down her pants she no longer had the strength to lock her legs closed. or poke his eyes, or kick his balls, or any other obvious self defense. This is a Case of two low life’s, probably drug users living in shelters together that were very well acquainted before this train ride and ” rape” . This story is being publicized for women’s ” victimization” publicity. As I commented on a previous post on this blog, A Woman in Los Angeles was befriending a homeless Black man living in a tent on a local street. She felt so comfortable with this deranged person, she brought him food and went inside his tent. You guessed it, he raped her. Apparently very quietly. No one came to her rescue either. So in the end, this well intentioned, middle class. middle aged married White woman , completely” innocent “woman got what she really wanted. She Fucked a big dick black man, she also got all the pity and attention of a ” rape” victim. She also probably had a vendetta against her husband and this was a way to rub his face in shit, the fact she Fucked a Black guy and hubby has to live with it. Yes, this is how absolutely insane women are and how they behave. If I was her hubby, it’s divorce time. No matter the financial price. Very few women get truly “raped “. A true rape victim should have injuries about her face, injured hands from punching in self defense,, scratches , bruises etc. This woman in Los Angeles wanted that sex . Most women act as if every man is a threat, even just by being in the same general, parking lot of store, gas stations, etc. To enter a homeless man’s tent is blatantly asking for sex. But, as you stated, women act as if they aren’t responsible for their actions, or they just didn’t know any better. Hogwash ! women are natural born liars and manipulators. They are legally an adult woman, but in reality nothing more then a 12 year old child lying to an adult and convinced they are fooling the adult.

    Annapolis Md,
    Formerly U.S.A.


    1. In reply to Ray,

      When you mentioned the story about the wealthy married White woman trying to befriend and rescue a homeless Black man living on the street in a tent, who later supposedly raped her, I was thinking when you first wrote this, that this Black man would have been better off if this White woman had never tried to “rescue” him in the first place.

      People living on the street usually have mental problems in addition to drug or alcohol problems. Probably this woman watched the Cosby Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, Trading Places, Will Smith movies, Cuba Gooding Jr. movies, Denzel Washington movies, Wesley Snipe movies, and was convinced how much more sensitive, caring, nurturing, and heroic Black men are. She only needed to tame this Negro, like taming a horse, then it would be obedient, gentle, and submissive.

      This poor mentally-ill homeless Black man, came to think that this White woman was not only bringing him free food, but also free White pussy. Can you see how he got confused? Now, he’s the one who’s in trouble, not the White lady. Now instead of being homeless but free, he’s probably going to be locked in a prison cell for the next 8 years.

      It is typical for men to work long hours in order to provide their wife with everything that she could want, and in return the wife pays her husband back by fucking the waiter, pool boy, or unemployed Black man in order to not only be unfaithful, but to add insult to the adultery by fucking the lowest, least successful person she can find. The insult is, “See, I cheated with the waiter, because he is more desirable than you will ever be.” If the husband said, “Great, go live with the waiter, I won’t stop you, let me help you pack.”
      And began packing her shit to take to the waiter’s apartment, the waiter wouldn’t take her because he doesn’t want some ungrateful, spoiled, needy, untrustworthy, complaining bitch. And the women would be screaming, “I’m not going anywhere!” scared to death of being poor. So I guess the lesson is, women just want to make people miserable and destroy whatever people have going on.

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    1. Whoa! I read this article, and here is a quote from this article, “Additionally, the victim told KPIX 5 that prosecutors told her because she didn’t say no or fight back that the case would be a tough sell to jurors.” What!? SHE DIDN’T SAY NO OR FIGHT BACK!? She didn’t say “NO”, what the hell?


      1. She did not resist, fight back or call for help in any way. She didn’t want to be interrupted. Remember, she went there for the sole purpose of getting fucked by this black man she “befriended “. This insane woman planned the entire encounter, probably from the very first time she noticed him living on the street. It was a win – win for her. She got the fantasy fuck she wanted, she embarrassed her husband ( who’s probably a cuckold anyway) and she is the victim. What self respecting man let’s his wife befriend homeless deranged bums ?
        Annapolis Md


      2. In reply to Ray,

        I have been thinking more about some ideas that I have expressed a couple of times in the past month. The Middle-East and Asian cultures had cities, towns, and villages going back several thousand years. These Middle-East and Asian cities, towns, and villages had a town square and market with shops and vendors of different kinds, blacksmith, stables, food vendors, and so forth. This I believe was unlike Europe in 2,000 B.C. where I believe the people were more nomadic and not as organized into towns or even villages.

        It is the Middle-East and Asian cultures that realized several thousand years ago, that women can not be let out of the household on their own, they must be accompanied by a chaperone from their own household in order to go anywhere. There was no dating, women had their husbands selected for them by their parents, and there were no pre-marital relations with anyone outside of the home. Women were required in both the Middle-East and Asian cultures to be dressed in clothing that covered from at least head-to-toe, if not their face being covered as well.

        Why do you think that these vast Middle-East and Asian cultures treated women this way? Isn’t this apparent now? You can not give women any rights or freedoms, because women never progress in their judgement, morals, ethics, values, responsibility, accountability, understanding beyond that of a 12 year old child.

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  3. An obviously faked event, part of the “men are pigs” project to separate the sexes.
    On the numerologically friendly date of 10/18 (aces and eights) the train rape story while bystanders did nothing was published. The incident allegedly occurred on the previous Wednesday, October 13.
    Eighteen and thirteen already. And the attacker is named Fiston Ngoy–for f***s sake!!, 35 (=8). Though we’re told Ngoy is known to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and local police, Instant Checkmate and Intelius have never heard of him.
    There must be something in Fiston Ngoy for anagram aficionados. Fiston is obviously just a childish play on fisting, and yes goy means… goy.
    The assault lasted 8 minutes (Fiston enjoying himself in a rather leisurely manner) as the train traveled toward the 69th Street Transportation Center. Bail was set at $180,000.


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