I Am Not Surprised That DSU Students Are Requesting The Resignation Of President Stephen Easton

This evening I read a Dickinson Press newspaper article titled, “DSU students demand resignation of university president, VPAA and dean”. The first paragraph of this newspaper article reads:

“Nearly 300 people are demanding the immediate termination or resignation of the university president, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Dickinson State University for what they say is a broad spectrum of concerns with administration. They highlight allegations of code of conduct abuses, including overreach of administrative authority, incompetence and allegations of illegal conduct and fraud.”

The reason why I am not surprised that there are accusations like this against DSU president Stephen Easton, is because I looked into his background shortly after he became president of DSU back in March of 2020.  I found that in Stephen Easton’s previous position as Dean of the College of Law at the University of Wyoming, he resigned when a task force was formed to evaluate his department.

Though there are many news articles regarding the resignation of Stephen Easton from the University of Wyoming, the most detailed article appears to be from the Casper Star Tribune newspaper:  https://trib.com/news/local/education/university-of-wyoming-law-school-dean-resigns-as-task-force-preps-review/article_cca10ec1-a62c-5dbf-b949-2c431a209e58.html

Here are some quotations from this Casper Star Tribune newspaper article:

“The dean of the University of Wyoming’s College of Law resigned his post Thursday, citing communication difficulties with university leadership planning to evaluate his department…

…He cited a new law school task force being assembled by UW President Bob Sternberg and the university’s Board of Trustees as a reason why he resigned…

…Sternberg said Thursday the task force will evaluate how UW serves the state in areas including energy, natural resources, water and environmental law. It will be strictly advisory, he said, and he is accepting nominations for private- and public-sector stakeholders to fill it…

…The task force will include people from Wyoming and regional legal communities, the UW Faculty Senate, representatives from the College of Law and other stakeholders, Sternberg said in a news release. Its chairman will be Cheyenne attorney Larry Wolfe, Sternberg said…

…’ “I asked him to reconsider several times,” Sternberg said. “I really do think it’s important for all units to get feedback on how they can do better.” ‘

From other news articles that I read concerning Stephen Easton’s resignation from the University of Wyoming, the president of UW Robert Sternberg had been advised that at one time UW’s College of Law had been very highly ranked in the area of Oil and Natural Resource law, but during Stephen Easton’s time as Dean of the College of Law, it had lost its prominence in this area.  This concern, was mentioned in a quotation from the Casper Star Tribune newspaper article in a more delicate way:

“When I traveled around the state, some people have felt that we once were pretty much at the top of the heap in energy, natural resource, water and environment law,” Sternberg said. “And that maybe we’re not where we once were.”

The reason why I personally began looking into DSU president Stephen Easton’s background, was because six months after Stephen Easton became president of DSU, I received a very unfriendly letter from DSU at my home that was addressed to me personally, and I could not believe how immature, petty, and hostile this letter was.  I showed or read this letter to several people, and these people advised me that I should take this up with either the Dickinson Police or an attorney.

After receiving this letter, I called DSU president Stephen Easton’s office phone number, I asked to speak to him regarding this letter, and I explained this to his administrative assistant, requesting that he call me.  I never received a call back or a response from Stephen Easton.

Since creating my internet blog in 2016, I have written approximately a dozen articles about DSU.  I have written about misbehaving student athletes; DSU awarding college diplomas to students who did not complete their degree curriculum; DSU not repaying bank loans for construction of the Biesiot Activities Center; Strom Business Center spending its entire endowment; proposed Theodore Roosevelt Museum on DSU campus; DSU becoming a polytechnic college; the DSU dining hall running out of plates, glassware, and utensils; former DSU president Thomas Mitzel’s accomplishments.

The letter that I received from DSU was an attempt to stop me from writing about DSU, and a retaliation from DSU.  I could not believe the irony of a “University” attempting to prevent a person from writing and publishing their opinions on anything.  And, I also felt that this was both petty and bullying from an attorney who was now president of DSU, not just the letter, but the fact that he would not even show me the respect or courtesy to respond to me when I called his office.

When I looked into DSU president Stephen Easton’s background, there was more that I found out about his character, that I will not go into at this time.  Stephen Easton’s resignation from the University of Wyoming when the president wanted to evaluate his department, the letter that I received from DSU, and president Stephen Easton refusing to speak to me or call me back, make me believe that he is arrogant, a hot-head, petty, and thinks that he is always right and doesn’t need to answer to anyone.

Here is the link to the petition to remove DSU president Stephen Easton, where you can read the allegations against him, and sign this online petition  https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/protect-the-flock?fbclid=IwAR28cmjZNBjLUhzbtYD-D78SFwHJzSbZE1gdFVs5AHWrMZGIR5dhRcLuIfw



2 thoughts on “I Am Not Surprised That DSU Students Are Requesting The Resignation Of President Stephen Easton

    1. In reply to Ray,

      The video that is being discussed, where an NFL player is shown throwing his wife down and slamming her into furniture, I saw this video on TikTok the night before you left this comment. When I first saw this video, the two things that stood out in my mind, was ONE: the wife had at least two hidden cameras set up and running in her living room, and TWO: the wife was going along with the beating like it was something that she was accustomed to.

      As I read through the comments of this TikTok video, other people were leaving comments saying that it was suspicious to them that she was ready and waiting with at least two hidden cameras recording, and how casual and unaffected she appeared to be after being thrown around and slammed into furniture.

      One of my questions was, considering that this woman had two hidden cameras recording, what did she do ahead of time to set this NFL player into a rage?

      Another thought of mine was, she picked this guy knowing that he was a brute and a thug, had kids with him, and now she wants people to “white-knight” for her, and she wants to play the victim. The Daily Stormer article that you left the link to, the author says that she made her decision, she should have to live with the choices she made. I read the article, but I don’t really want to discuss all of its points at this time.

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