More Hot Facebook Marketplace Sellers

As you may have heard, there are very few attractive women in western North Dakota. Three or four times per day I go look at Facebook Marketplace to see what good deals there are for vehicles and motorcycles. When I scroll through the ads, I get distracted by the good looking women who are modeling clothes for sale.

When I see these good looking women, I click on their ad, then I click on their personal Facebook page to see who they are and where they are from. One of the reasons why these women are attractive, is because they seem to be happy and enjoy what they are doing.

Women like attention and admiration. They also like trying on clothes, modeling clothes, and taking pictures of themselves. So I guess this is why they appear happy and enjoy what they are doing. In North Dakota, women mostly just scowl, glare, leer, and sneer.

Below I have provided links to some nice looking Facebook Marketplace sellers:

“Ashley Nicole” of Alabama

“Andrea Bolivar” of Texas

“Aleksandra Kaleta” of Ohio

“Victoria Barboza” of Texas

“Jacquelyn Hahn” of Florida/Georgia

“Aubrey Lou” of California

Maybe I will include some more listings as they show up.

2 thoughts on “More Hot Facebook Marketplace Sellers

  1. My interest on marketplace are everything related to technology but I do exactly what you do.I though that it was just me getting distracted ! and for my surprise my favorite is in your list !! Aleksandra Kaleta. Everything she wears and model look amazing, definitely she has a very good taste selecting the clothes she model, but is not only the clothe, she has style !! she looks stunning!! Im her fan number 1. Way to go Aleksandra.


    1. AAA,

      Leave Aleksandra a nice compliment on her Facebook Marketplace advertisement. She is single, and would probably like to get married to someone who is going to be a good provider and not let her down.


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