People Ask Why Hasn’t Anyone Ever Shot And Killed A Bigfoot

Whenever the subject of Bigfoot is brought up or discussed, skeptics always say, “Why hasn’t anyone ever shot and killed a Bigfoot by now?  Why aren’t there any specimens?

The answer is, that many Bigfoot have been shot and killed.  In the video below from professional Canadian hunting guide Steve Isdahl, this is a typical example of what happens.  I am starting this video at the 8:10 mark:

Whether it’s in the United States or Canada, whenever Law Enforcement of any kind receives a phone call or radio dispatch regarding a Bigfoot attack or a Bigfoot body, there are government employees on standby that specialize in covering these things up, as you heard in the video above.

Once again, for skeptics, I am providing a link to a catalog of historical newspaper records of Bigfoot being shot, killed, or captured:

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