I Am Surprised And Disappointed In North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong

I am surprised and disappointed in North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong for stating that he will not challenge the Presidential Electors sent from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where there is a great deal of evidence that organized voting fraud took place.

Here is an article from the Dickinson Press newspaper explaining Congressman Armstrong’s position: https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/government-and-politics/6827170-All-three-members-of-North-Dakotas-Republican-congressional-delegation-will-officially-accept-Bidens-victory

My opinion of Kelly Armstrong, is now the same as my opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court, what good are they if they will not take a stand against the worst corruption we have seen in our lifetimes? Yes, it always is easier to sit back and do nothing, to not put in any work or effort, to not risk anything personally. Do you stand for anything? Do you accept whatever happens to you? Do you realize what is at stake?

When I began to try once again to gather together all the pieces of evidence to present my case to readers, I came across this video made by Mark Levin, where he explains everything better than I can. North Dakotans, please, please watch this video below, that explains Senators’ and Representatives’ roles in Congress on January 6:

On January 6, in Congress, when the Presidential Electors from each state are presented, the Republican Senators and Republican Representatives should contest and protest the Presidential Electors from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

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