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People Ask Why Hasn’t Anyone Ever Shot And Killed A Bigfoot

Whenever the subject of Bigfoot is brought up or discussed, skeptics always say, “Why hasn’t anyone ever shot and killed a Bigfoot by now?  Why aren’t there any specimens?

The answer is, that many Bigfoot have been shot and killed.  In the video below from professional Canadian hunting guide Steve Isdahl, this is a typical example of what happens.  I am starting this video at the 8:10 mark:

Whether it’s in the United States or Canada, whenever Law Enforcement of any kind receives a phone call or radio dispatch regarding a Bigfoot attack or a Bigfoot body, there are government employees on standby that specialize in covering these things up, as you heard in the video above.

Once again, for skeptics, I am providing a link to a catalog of historical newspaper records of Bigfoot being shot, killed, or captured:  https://web.archive.org/web/20130528082621/http://www.lawnflowersjerkyandbigfoots.com/Pages/BigfootShootings.aspx

A Bigfoot Story That You Need To Hear About Killing Bigfoot

Mostly because of the internet, everyone on Earth now has had the chance to look at Bigfoot photographs and videos, and read or listen to Bigfoot encounter stories. The 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film still remains as one of the best videos. Here is a short stabilized version of this video that removes the video camera shake:

In 1995, a website called the “Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization” a.k.a. “BFRO” was created to allow people to report their Bigfoot sighting, which would be added to a database for public viewing. For twenty years, I thought that the BFRO was a giant leap forward, until some researchers came to the conclusion that the BFRO was a U.S. Government front operation.

If you read Bigfoot reports, encounters, and sightings for more than twenty years like I have, you would have come across reports where Bigfoot were becoming either overly friendly, losing their fear of people, aggressive towards people, or murderous towards people. It appears that the role of the BFRO organization was to create a publicly well-known and trusted reporting center where people would contact them to report Bigfoot sightings, encounters, or bodies.

In this article, with the two videos below, I want to try to show you that the U.S. Government is very interested to learn immediately of Bigfoot sightings, encounters, shootings, fatalities, or Bigfoot bodies, so that they can begin the cover-up ASAP if necessary.

Skeptics often ask, if there was or is a Bigfoot, why hasn’t one ever been killed or captured? The truth is, going back to the 1800s, there have been many reports of Bigfoot being captured, shot, or found dead. Just one recent example, when Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980, and forest fires occurred, many firefighters and emergency personnel witnesses injured or dead Bigfoot on Mount St. Helen. Here is just one video about this, but there are better reports online from actual witnesses:

What is believed by myself and others, is that if enough people call-in or submit a report to the BFRO for Bigfoot sightings or encounters in a specific geographical area, the BFRO probably contacts or shares this information with a special U.S. Government office, which employs teams of experienced predator removal agents to deal with “problem” Bigfoot.

I am going to include a story below, which describes how these U.S. Government predator removal teams get called in. I am going to begin this video from the YouTube channel “Dixie Cryptid” at the 22:22 time stamp, so that you can hear this particular story. The reason why I want you to hear this story, is because this is a very, very typical way that Bigfoot have been dealt with for the past seventy years, by predator removal teams:

I will be one of the first people to tell you that Cameron who created the “Dixie Cryptid” YouTube channel, will sometimes read listener submitted stories that sound like they could be fake, but this story doesn’t sound like one of the fake ones. Even Steve Isdahl with the YouTube Channel “HowToHunt” occasionally will read a story that we viewers will comment about it sounding fake.

The researchers and website creators get truthful honest information sent to them, along with misinformation from pranksters and hoaxers. You shouldn’t just take the Mount St. Helens video and this Dixie Cryptid video shown above as definitive proof, you should continue to look for other sources of information on this subject.

Here is a very, very hard to find resource that contains roughly one hundred historical actual newspaper articles about Bigfoot from the 1800s and 1900s:


It May Have Been Bigfoot, Not The Local People In Dickinson, Molesting Cows And Horses

This may be the most important and serious article that I have ever written.  The implications are, that I can clear the name of the people in Dickinson, report on Bigfoot behavior that no one in North Dakota knew about, and begin a program to prevent people or Bigfoot from molesting cows and horses.

On January 25, 2013 there was an article in the Grand Forks Herald newspaper titled, “Dickinson officials investigate sexual assault of horse”.  Here is the link to this article https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/2187378-dickinson-officials-investigate-sexual-assault-horse .

The first sentence of this article reads, “A horse on a farm east of Dickinson was recovering Friday from an apparent sexual assault, an illegal act ranchers suggest happens all too often in this area, but rarely gets reported.”

This article went on to quote several other farmers, ranchers, and law enforcement officials in the Dickinson area who said that this wasn’t the only report of sexual assault on a horse or a cow.  The farmers, ranchers, horse farrier, veterinarian, and law enforcement all thought there were sexual perverts in Dickinson who had done this.

During this past year, because there are so few things to do in Dickinson, I have spent hundreds of hours listening to Bigfoot researchers describe witness encounters and investigations, and their subsequent determination of common Bigfoot behaviors.  At least five serious, well-known, experienced Bigfoot researchers have been forced to acknowledge due to overwhelming physical evidence, that some Bigfoot sexually molest cows and horses.

For the time being, the most thorough example of Bigfoot researchers explaining how Bigfoot molest horses and cows is given in the following video created by Bigfoot Outlaw Radio a.k.a. Bigfoot Crossroads:

From the above video, what myself, farmers, ranchers, and law enforcement should have thought about, is how is a man going to mount a horse or a cow?  For one thing, he would need a step ladder, but another thing, is a horse or cow going to stand still and let a man do this?

Adult Bigfoot range in size from 7 ft. to 11 ft. in height, and 400 lb. to 1,000 lb. in weight.  And according to the above video, it takes at least two Bigfoot to catch and molest a horse or cow.  Didn’t anyone think about how hard it would be for one or two men to catch, hold onto, and climb up the rear end of a horse without being kicked?

I think that what was going on, the farmers, ranchers, horse farrier, veterinarian, and law enforcement were so perturbed by what happened, that they didn’t really want to think about it too much, and they didn’t ever stop to think about the step-by-step sequence of events that would have to happen for a couple of human men to catch, hold onto, and molest a 1,000 lb. horse or cow in an open field.

I hope that this article that I have written about what happened to the horses and cows in this area, and that it might be Bigfoot, will give farmers, ranchers, horse farriers, veterinarians, and law enforcement something to think about.  It might be, or likely be Bigfoot, so with this in mind, they can be more observant in examining the horse, its behavior, and looking for physical evidence.

A few things that the Bigfoot researchers point out, is that horses who have been molested, sometimes have primitive braids woven into the horse’s mane which they use as hand-holds.  The horses sometimes have finger nail impressions in their hides just below these mane braid hand-holds.

When horses are stressed, they sweat, and their hides become soaking wet.  Sometimes there are large hand impressions that still remain visible in the soaking wet horse’s hide after they have been molested.  The horses tend to run back and forth, back and forth in distress after they have been molested by Bigfoot.

From what I have heard, some Game & Fish Officers, some Department of Agriculture employees, and some Bureau of Interior employees know about Bigfoot behavior, and when this behavior comes to their attention as being a problem in certain areas, they will then call in special teams of government hunters to kill and remove the problem Bigfoot.  Otherwise, the official government policy is to not acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot.

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Bigfoot Growls At Black Man For Staring At Her Breasts Too Long

A few days ago I was watching a fairly long YouTube video where a Black man described his Bigfoot encounters in 2004.  He used to ride his motorcycle to an abandoned quarry which had turned into a nice peaceful lake.  On his first encounter, a young Bigfoot that had been playing in an old tree, it got pinned under the tree when it fell over, and it began crying for help.

When the man went to see what was going on, he got to the fallen tree just before this young Bigfoot’s older sister and mother arrived.  He described the young female Bigfoot as having beautiful golden blond hair, a very shapely figure, and an attractive face.  He said that her appearance was like that of a beautiful Native American girl.

As he continued to visit this abandoned quarry, an elderly lady who lived 1/2 mile away, invited him to her home, and while he was at her home, she explained to him that she had been caring for a large troupe of Bigfoots since the 1970s.  At that time, she called two young Bigfoots from the upstairs of her house, to come into the kitchen, and they came downstairs and stood behind her, peaking out at the Black man.

On a later visit, the young female Bigfoot with golden blond hair that he had seen before, she came to talk to the old woman on her porch.  As you may know, Bigfoot do not wear clothes, so when this young lady Bigfoot was standing in front of him, he could not help but stare at her perky young breasts, and her cute hairy bottom.  The young Bigfoot girl got tired of him staring at her, and she growled at him.

I am going to start this video about halfway through, at the part where the Bigfoot girl growled at him, but you can go to YouTube and watch the entire video if you want.