Bigfoot Growls At Black Man For Staring At Her Breasts Too Long

A few days ago I was watching a fairly long YouTube video where a Black man described his Bigfoot encounters in 2004.  He used to ride his motorcycle to an abandoned quarry which had turned into a nice peaceful lake.  On his first encounter, a young Bigfoot that had been playing in an old tree, it got pinned under the tree when it fell over, and it began crying for help.

When the man went to see what was going on, he got to the fallen tree just before this young Bigfoot’s older sister and mother arrived.  He described the young female Bigfoot as having beautiful golden blond hair, a very shapely figure, and an attractive face.  He said that her appearance was like that of a beautiful Native American girl.

As he continued to visit this abandoned quarry, an elderly lady who lived 1/2 mile away, invited him to her home, and while he was at her home, she explained to him that she had been caring for a large troupe of Bigfoots since the 1970s.  At that time, she called two young Bigfoots from the upstairs of her house, to come into the kitchen, and they came downstairs and stood behind her, peaking out at the Black man.

On a later visit, the young female Bigfoot with golden blond hair that he had seen before, she came to talk to the old woman on her porch.  As you may know, Bigfoot do not wear clothes, so when this young lady Bigfoot was standing in front of him, he could not help but stare at her perky young breasts, and her cute hairy bottom.  The young Bigfoot girl got tired of him staring at her, and she growled at him.

I am going to start this video about halfway through, at the part where the Bigfoot girl growled at him, but you can go to YouTube and watch the entire video if you want.

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