Rough Riders Strip Club Can Be The Only One With A Bigfoot On Stage

A little over a week ago I wrote about the proposed Rough Riders Strip Club coming to the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson, North Dakota.  The reason why the Prairie Hills Mall is such a good location for a strip club, is because it is located right at the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22 in downtown Dickinson beside many restaurants and motels.  Plus, there is plenty of room in the parking lot for hundreds of tractor trucks and trailers to park.

The name of the strip club, comes from the voluntary cavalry regiment called the Rough Riders, that was led by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-American War in Cuba.  Theodore Roosevelt spent several years living on a cattle ranch not far from Dickinson in the 1890s before he became president of the United States.  There are many things in this area named after Theodore Roosevelt, such as the the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I think that the Rough Riders Strip Club can be the largest and nicest strip club in North Dakota, and make Dickinson the busiest town in North Dakota, with everyone wanting to get off Interstate 94 and Hwy 22 to stop in Dickinson to see what is happening.

One of the unique things about the Rough Riders Strip Club, is that local women, the “Heidi Girls”, will pull rickshaws around the vicinity of the Prairie Hills Mall to take truck drivers from their trucks to local restaurants and motels.  But something else that would be even more of a novelty and attraction would be having a Bigfoot perform on stage.

In my previous blog post, I included a video about a Black man who had a Bigfoot growl at him for staring at her breasts for too long.  This young Bigfoot was about 6′-6″ in height, with golden blond hair, nice breasts, and a cute hairy ass.  This got me to thinking, we could have a Bigfoot perform on stage at the Rough Riders Strip Club.

The only woman in Dickinson that I know of who is that tall, is Dickinson State University women’s assistant basketball coach Janie Rayback who played college and professional basketball.  Janie is 6′-4″, with long brown hair, and in fairly good physical condition because of her job.  All we need to do is add more hair.

I don’t know how we are going to get this hair to stick.  I think that Janie would have to let her body hair grow out long, then we would have to attach hair extensions to her own body hair.  With the amount of time and effort required to attach all of this body hair, it’s not like she could take it off every night, she would have to leave it on.

I don’t know if Janie would want to do this or not, so I need to point out some of the benefits.  I think that she should be paid a minimum of $100 per night from the Strip Club, in addition to the money that she makes while on stage, from lap dances, and from having her photograph taken with customers.  I think that she could make about $300 per night at the Rough Riders Strip Club.

During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, I think that Janie could perform there in order for publicity for the Rough Riders Strip Club, and she could probably make about $1,000 per day in Sturgis.

During basketball season, Janie’s hair would be intimidating and distracting to the other teams, which would give the DSU women’s basketball team an advantage.  She could also growl at the referees whenever they made bad calls.

The only disadvantage that I can think of, so far, is if Janie’s car broke down on Hwy 22 or Hwy 85 at night and she tried to walk into town.

At the Strip Club, whenever the Bigfoot was on stage, all of the patrons would be reminded that this 6′-4″ Bigfoot was only 8 years old, that is was a juvenile Bigfoot and not full grown yet, and to not anger it.  Also, the customers would be informed that at the end of the dance, that if they wanted a lap dance, that they would have to do their Bigfoot call, and whoever had the best call, that is usually who the Bigfoot would go to.  All of the truck drivers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee would enjoy this.

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