I Didn’t Know That Normal Men Were Beginning To Use Sex Dolls In Place Of Women

From time to time on normal television stations and in mainstream media, when the subject of the latest developments in robotics was covered, a little bit of time was spent discussing the possibility of female robots serving as wives or girlfriends in the future.  I thought that this was something that was at least twenty or thirty years away from happening.

I thought that there was still a lot of work that had to be done in making a robot more human like.  An exterior covering that had the same appearance, feel, and warmth as human skin.  Eyes that followed movement and focused.  Facial expressions, mouth movement, and a voice that corresponded to different emotions.  Female anatomy that looked, felt, and worked like human female anatomy.

If you ever watched the 1982 science fiction movie “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford, his character had to track down four “replicants” who were very difficult to distinguish from humans.  He actually fell in love with one of the replicants named Rachael, who was played by the actress Sean Young.  Another female replicant Pris, was played by actress Daryl Hannah.

I have no difficulty in seeing how men could be attracted to female replicants who looked like Sean Young or Daryl Hannah did back in 1982, but I thought that robot, android, humanoid technology was no where near that level of sophistication yet.

Apparently, men have become so desperate, that they aren’t waiting for fully functioning human robots, they are using lifeless, human-like female dolls for sex, now.  In the past, someone who purchased an inflatable sex doll from a magazine, would have been seen as having something mentally wrong with them, being deviant, for attempting to have sex with an inflatable doll, rather than attempting to have a relationship with a real human woman.

I can imagine that in the past, a social worker or a psychiatrist might have tried to counsel a man that was attempting to have sex with something other than a human woman, by explaining the desirability and benefits of human interaction and relationship forming.  I believe that probably only in extreme cases of abnormality would a psychiatrist or social worker give up on trying to coax a person into having normal human relations.

The reason why I am writing this particular blog post now, is that to my surprise, very normal men are now choosing sex dolls over women, even when women are available to them.  Below, I have included a video from a YouTube vlogger that I have been following for about one month.  In this video, he explains a little about why he purchased and uses a life-size female sex doll.

Since I have been following this vlogger who made this video for about a month, I will explain in a little more detail why he and other men are choosing to have sex with dolls, rather than human women:

  • Men are tired of how much money women cost, during dating, during marriage, during divorce, and after divorce.
  • Men are tired of courts awarding so much money to women after common-law marriage separation or divorce, that they work full-time but don’t have enough money to live on.
  • Men are tired of women tricking them into buying them a house and an automobile that they can barely afford, only to later demand through court enforcement after a divorce that the man continue to pay for their house and automobile.
  • Men are tired of being accused of assault, harassment, and sexual harassment, where they may lose their job, career, and child custody just from the accusation.
  • Men are tired of the dishonesty, lying, treachery, and scheming of women.
  • Men are tired of the unfaithfulness of women.
  • Men are tired of women griping, complaining, never being satisfied, always wanting something more, and trying to change them.
  • Even when men have consensual sex with women, after the fact, women are now claiming that they were in fact raped because they had been drinking and were unable to legally give consent.

Here is the video where this man explains why he purchased and uses a life-size sex doll:

I think that men would really, really have to hate women in order to prefer to have sex with a lifeless doll rather than a real woman, but yes, men do hate women this much now.

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