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A Bigfoot Story That You Need To Hear About Killing Bigfoot

Mostly because of the internet, everyone on Earth now has had the chance to look at Bigfoot photographs and videos, and read or listen to Bigfoot encounter stories. The 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film still remains as one of the best videos. Here is a short stabilized version of this video that removes the video camera shake:

In 1995, a website called the “Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization” a.k.a. “BFRO” was created to allow people to report their Bigfoot sighting, which would be added to a database for public viewing. For twenty years, I thought that the BFRO was a giant leap forward, until some researchers came to the conclusion that the BFRO was a U.S. Government front operation.

If you read Bigfoot reports, encounters, and sightings for more than twenty years like I have, you would have come across reports where Bigfoot were becoming either overly friendly, losing their fear of people, aggressive towards people, or murderous towards people. It appears that the role of the BFRO organization was to create a publicly well-known and trusted reporting center where people would contact them to report Bigfoot sightings, encounters, or bodies.

In this article, with the two videos below, I want to try to show you that the U.S. Government is very interested to learn immediately of Bigfoot sightings, encounters, shootings, fatalities, or Bigfoot bodies, so that they can begin the cover-up ASAP if necessary.

Skeptics often ask, if there was or is a Bigfoot, why hasn’t one ever been killed or captured? The truth is, going back to the 1800s, there have been many reports of Bigfoot being captured, shot, or found dead. Just one recent example, when Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980, and forest fires occurred, many firefighters and emergency personnel witnesses injured or dead Bigfoot on Mount St. Helen. Here is just one video about this, but there are better reports online from actual witnesses:

What is believed by myself and others, is that if enough people call-in or submit a report to the BFRO for Bigfoot sightings or encounters in a specific geographical area, the BFRO probably contacts or shares this information with a special U.S. Government office, which employs teams of experienced predator removal agents to deal with “problem” Bigfoot.

I am going to include a story below, which describes how these U.S. Government predator removal teams get called in. I am going to begin this video from the YouTube channel “Dixie Cryptid” at the 22:22 time stamp, so that you can hear this particular story. The reason why I want you to hear this story, is because this is a very, very typical way that Bigfoot have been dealt with for the past seventy years, by predator removal teams:

I will be one of the first people to tell you that Cameron who created the “Dixie Cryptid” YouTube channel, will sometimes read listener submitted stories that sound like they could be fake, but this story doesn’t sound like one of the fake ones. Even Steve Isdahl with the YouTube Channel “HowToHunt” occasionally will read a story that we viewers will comment about it sounding fake.

The researchers and website creators get truthful honest information sent to them, along with misinformation from pranksters and hoaxers. You shouldn’t just take the Mount St. Helens video and this Dixie Cryptid video shown above as definitive proof, you should continue to look for other sources of information on this subject.

Here is a very, very hard to find resource that contains roughly one hundred historical actual newspaper articles about Bigfoot from the 1800s and 1900s:


The Most Important Information On Bigfoot That You Will Find Anywhere

Probably more than a year ago, I made a reference in one of my blog post articles about Bigfoot, that if people wanted definitive proof about Bigfoot, they should go look up a website called “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoots”, because this website had an archive of actual newspaper articles going back through the early 1900s and 1800s on Bigfoot sightings in the United States.

I was upset that I could no longer easily find this website “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoots”, it was no longer active, it looked like the author had abandoned it, and there was only a small mention of it on the internet still.

My belief was, that a university biologist, Department of Agriculture biologist, or U.S. Department of Game & Fish biologist created this website and had to keep it on the down low in order to not cause himself problems in his job.  I believe that he had to eventually abandon it because of his job.  Every U.S. Government department and bureau, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture, National Parks, Department of Game & Fish, Department of Forestry, their strict policy is to not ever acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot.

Today, a reader named “Tom” left me a link to this website which I could no longer find:


I am very grateful to Tom for this link.  I encourage everyone to go look at this website and read the historical newspaper articles about Bigfoot sightings that occurred in the 1800s and 1900s.

Also, everyone always asks or says, “If there were Bigfoots, don’t you think the government would know about them?”  The government does know about them, here are over a hundred documented cases of government employees seeing, following, finding, shooting, capturing, being chased, or being attacked by Bigfoot, from this website I am talking about: https://web.archive.org/web/20130427110731/http://www.lawnflowersjerkyandbigfoots.com/Pages/BigfootsandGovernment.aspx

Bigfoot Growls At Black Man For Staring At Her Breasts Too Long

A few days ago I was watching a fairly long YouTube video where a Black man described his Bigfoot encounters in 2004.  He used to ride his motorcycle to an abandoned quarry which had turned into a nice peaceful lake.  On his first encounter, a young Bigfoot that had been playing in an old tree, it got pinned under the tree when it fell over, and it began crying for help.

When the man went to see what was going on, he got to the fallen tree just before this young Bigfoot’s older sister and mother arrived.  He described the young female Bigfoot as having beautiful golden blond hair, a very shapely figure, and an attractive face.  He said that her appearance was like that of a beautiful Native American girl.

As he continued to visit this abandoned quarry, an elderly lady who lived 1/2 mile away, invited him to her home, and while he was at her home, she explained to him that she had been caring for a large troupe of Bigfoots since the 1970s.  At that time, she called two young Bigfoots from the upstairs of her house, to come into the kitchen, and they came downstairs and stood behind her, peaking out at the Black man.

On a later visit, the young female Bigfoot with golden blond hair that he had seen before, she came to talk to the old woman on her porch.  As you may know, Bigfoot do not wear clothes, so when this young lady Bigfoot was standing in front of him, he could not help but stare at her perky young breasts, and her cute hairy bottom.  The young Bigfoot girl got tired of him staring at her, and she growled at him.

I am going to start this video about halfway through, at the part where the Bigfoot girl growled at him, but you can go to YouTube and watch the entire video if you want.

Bigfoot Guidelines For Adams, Bowman, And Slope County North Dakota

In the southwestern corner of North Dakota, in Adams, Bowman, and Slope Counties, large animals thought not to be common in North Dakota seem to show up:  bear, mountain lion, and wolverine.  These counties are sparsely populated and mostly undeveloped, which make them appear inviting to large predators that may be traveling through from the equally unpopulated and undeveloped land in upper South Dakota and southeastern Montana.

Bigfoot have probably been roaming through this area of southwestern North Dakota for thousands of years.  In the past one hundred years, farmers and ranchers in North Dakota have probably had to deal with Bigfoot occasionally, which most likely involved trying to shoot them, kill them, and run them out of the area.

With the death of the old-timers in North Dakota, their failure to mention or pass along any information about Bigfoot to the next generation, and the arrival of many new people from out of state, I have decided to write some guidelines for dealing with Bigfoot in southwestern North Dakota:

There are at least four different species of Bigfoot in the United States, but for the sake of brevity, I will lump the first three species into what is commonly called Bigfoot, and the fourth species I will refer to as Dogman.

The Bigfoot in North Dakota usually travel and live in small family units consisting of a mother, father, and several juveniles.  The adult males and females can reach up to nine feet in height and nearly 1,000 lb in weight.  These Bigfoot prefer to travel and hunt at night, staying out of sight of humans.  But these Bigfoot can and do come out in daytime when there is concealment or when they are forced to.

Bigfoot are omnivores, they will eat vegetables, fruit, grain, insects, fish, rodents, small game, and large animals such as deer, elk, and domestic cattle.  Bigfoot are wary of humans, and try to avoid contact and conflict with humans.  But sometimes, water and food sources are so abundant on farms, such as animal feed, vegetable gardens, chickens, pigs, goats, and cattle, that Bigfoot will try to take these things from farms.

Usually at night, but sometimes during the day, one or more Bigfoot may enter onto a farm or ranch in search for food.  These Bigfoot may be just as startled to see you, as you are to see them.  As with all animals, you do not want to run when you see a Bigfoot, you want to try to back away as calmly as possible to put as much distance as possible between you and them, in part to allow them to feel that they can safely leave.

You do not want to shoot a Bigfoot if at all possible, because even if you are successful in killing this Bigfoot, there may be additional Bigfoot that will close in on you to take revenge, even if it takes them all day or all night trying to get at you.

In some cases where Bigfoot are merely curious or would like for you to leave the area, they may follow you, chase you, throw things at you, throw things at your car, throw things at your house, bang on your car, bang on your house, growl, and howl.  Bigfoot do not usually try to break into people’s homes or vehicles in order to get them, unless they are very, very angry.

People have been torn apart by Bigfoot when someone has shot a member of their family.  Bigfoot have entered people’s houses and beat them when they removed a food source that the Bigfoot had been relying on.  It is recommended that you do not leave food out for Bigfoot either unintentionally or deliberately, because they can become very angry when this food that they were relying on is no longer provided.

Some farmers, ranchers, and land owners do come to long term agreements and understandings with families of Bigfoot, which may include planting a vegetable garden much further away and all by itself solely for the Bigfoot, allowing them access to fruit trees every year, allowing them access to water sources, or leaving food for them at a specific location a comfortable distance from the house.  In these cases, the agreement is that the Bigfoot leave the humans alone, and the humans leave the Bigfoot alone.

Dogman is something entirely different:

There is a species of Bigfoot, called Dogman, that is much different.  Dogman can reach up to nine feet in height, but they are distinctly different in appearance because they have a head that looks like a dog’s head, and their lower legs resemble canine legs and feet.

No, this is not a joke, and I only mention this species of Bigfoot called Dogman out of necessity, because they are always, always life threatening toward humans.  Thankfully, they are much less common than the other three species of Bigfoot.

One tactic or practice of Dogman, is to remain on all fours at a distance, because humans usually can not judge exactly how abnormally large they are at a distance, and might only observe that they appear to be an unusually large dog or large wolf.  It is not until a Dogman is within range to make a kill, that it will stand erect, and walk with equal agility, completely upright.

It appears that Dogman kill humans at every good opportunity they get, for food, out of maliciousness, and to eliminate what they see as a threat and an adversary.  If a person encounters a Dogman, the very first thing that they should do is seek safety if possible to retreat.  If a person spots a Dogman before the Dogman has detected them, and they are unable to retreat, they should remain very still, crouch, and remain hidden, while watching the Dogman, even if they possess a firearm.  The reason why you do not want to shoot at a Dogman if possible, is because you may not kill it with several shots, and there may be more than one of them.

If you do see or encounter a Dogman, you need to contact both the Sheriff and Fish & Game right away, even if you are afraid that they will not take you seriously.  You need to report it right away, so that the Sheriff and Fish & Game will have been alerted that there is something out of the ordinary in the area.  That way, when they respond to other calls about cattle, horses, livestock, or people being harmed with unusual evidence or circumstances, they will begin to know more quickly what they are dealing with.

I Relied Too Much On The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

When I was a kid, I was terrified of Bigfoot.  What was so horrible, was that thanks to the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, I knew that Bigfoot actually existed, and therefore he could get someone at any time.  My mother would tell me, that there weren’t any Bigfoot around where we lived, which at the time, I thought was the truth.  However, when I was in my thirties, I began to learn that there were Bigfoot in the swamps where I lived and spent much of my time.

In approximately 2001, I found the internet website The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or BFRO for short.  You could click on this website, click on the tab for Sightings by Region, click on each state, and see the number of reported Bigfoot sightings for each county in that state.  I clicked on Volusia County, Florida, and there were Bigfoot sightings from where I had spent much of my time as a kid.

The BFRO website was created in approximately 1995.  People were invited to submit their Bigfoot sighting to the BFRO.  Once a report was submitted, a BFRO staff volunteer would contact the person who submitted the report, and ask follow-up questions in order to make the determination whether the report was a joke, a hoax, or was probably legitimate.  Once a report was determined to be credible, it was included in the public database, and organized under the county and state in which the sighting occurred.

The BFRO staff volunteers tended to be assigned to the state where they lived, and they usually were biologists or retired wildlife management professionals, who would sometimes travel to meet with the report submitter in person at the location of their Bigfoot sighting.  As the BFRO website gained credibility, retired Fish & Game officers, Park Rangers, Bureau of Land Management personnel, Military personnel, and Law Enforcement officers began to submit sighting reports from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.  Thousands of ordinary people, and some wildlife experts, began to submit their sighting reports, from every state in the U.S. except for Hawaii.

States like Florida, California, Washington, and Oregon had hundreds of Bigfoot sighting reports.  Many other states had nearly one hundred Bigfoot sighting reports.  Beginning in 2001, I would spend hours at a time, reading Bigfoot sighting reports each week, and I did this for months and years.  Individual sighting reports from the BFRO still stand out in my mind, but mostly I was gleaning considerable general knowledge of what was going on as follows:

In many areas, Bigfoot attempt to do their travelling at night in order to avoid being seen by people.  It appears that Bigfoot have better night vision than people, which gives them more of an advantage at night.  Bigfoot make an effort to not be seen by people, to not be caught out in the open away from any concealment during the day, and to avoid people.

Bigfoot eat fruit, vegetables, grain, fish, insects, small game, large game, and dogs. Bigfoot will sometimes attempt to eat food that has been left out by people, food that was meant for livestock, and livestock being raised by people.

Bigfoot most often live in family units with adult males and adult females, juvenile Bigfoot, and baby Bigfoot.  Bigfoot communicate with each other in close proximity through a language that sounds like grunts and chatter.  They communicate over longer distances through calls that are an imitation of other animals, and through wood knocks.

In some National Parks and National Forests, Park Rangers will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any Bigfoot in their Park, but they will listen to your Bigfoot sighting.  In some cases, they will reply “You didn’t try to shoot it, did you?” or “I think I know which one you are talking about.”  The Park Rangers are interested in what their Bigfoot are up to.

Bigfoot are wary of people and mistrustful of people, but they are curious.  They are attracted to, will follow, and like to watch children playing.  They are attracted by women, when women are menstruating.  Bigfoot will sometimes look in people’s windows to see what they are doing.

Up until very recently, I obtained about 90% of my knowledge about Bigfoot from the BFRO website.  I only looked elsewhere to be able to answer the common question that other people ask, “If Bigfoot is real, why hasn’t one been shot or captured by now?”  Approximately ten years ago, I found a website titled “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoot”, that was a collection of approximately 100 old newspaper articles from around the United States going back to the early 1800s.  Each of these 100 old newspaper articles contained a Bigfoot report, often where the Bigfoot was captured alive or dead, and the Bigfoot was examined by all of the prominent and respected local citizens and officials at that time.  This website appeared to have been created by a biologist researcher at a University, but this website was taken down in approximately 2015.

The other question that I had looked up in the past was, “Has a Bigfoot ever killed anyone?”.  In the past, the only report that I was ever able to find about a Bigfoot killing someone, was just one report about two trappers back in the late 1800s who were harassed by a Bigfoot.  One of the trappers left to go collect his traps, and when he returned, he found that the other trapper was dead after having been flung around like a rag doll.  This story was written about by President Theodore Roosevelt in his 1890 book titled “The Wilderness Hunter”.

What the BFRO reported was, that in all the thousands of reports that they had received where an individual had an encounter with a Bigfoot, even the reports of rock throwing and chasing by the Bigfoot, no one had been harmed by a Bigfoot.  When I used to go look for Bigfoot in the forests where they had been seen in Arizona, or recently here in North Dakota, I had mostly believed that Bigfoot were not violent towards humans.  It turns out that this is not true.

I will give The Bigfoot Field Research Organization credit for being by far the biggest contributing factor to bringing openness and acceptance to Bigfoot sighting reporting.  One result of the professionalism and legitimacy of the BFRO site, has been the willingness of retired Fish & Game, Park Rangers, BLM personnel, Military personnel, and Law Enforcement to submit their sighting reports.  However, this new openness has reached the point, to where these aforementioned retired officials, are now reporting the numerous cases where Bigfoot killed people.

Approximately two months ago, this was the first time that I read a report, which is becoming more and more talked about, where a group of Bigfoot murdered multiple families of people in rural western North Carolina in the early 1990s.  After reading this report, and doing more reading on this subject, this is not nearly the first time, or the last time, that individual Bigfoot and groups of Bigfoot, murdered multiple people.  In my opinion, the following story appears to be what opened the flood gate on people beginning to report Bigfoot killing humans:

In a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, in a rural area, all the members of several families had been killed by some thing or things that were much bigger and stronger than humans.  The victims’ bodies had been pulled apart and flung around like they were rag dolls.  There was damage done to buildings and automobiles.

Due to the nature of the damage done to the victims’ bodies, buildings, and automobiles, and other evidence left behind following this killing spree and rampage, it appeared that local Law Enforcement quickly came to the conclusion that this was done by a group of Bigfoot.  In my reading reports from other cases, the FBI is called in cases like these where there are multiple homicides under suspicious circumstances.  In the other cases that I read, the FBI has a procedure where they have in the past called for U.S. Military Special Forces to hunt down rogue or murderous Bigfoot.  That is what was done in this case in North Carolina.

A U.S. Military Special Forces team was briefed prior to arrival in North Carolina and were shown photographs that were taken of the human casualties and the property damage.  Upon arrival, they were taken to the crimes scenes.  From there, they followed the tracks and the trail left behind, into the forest.  The tracks indicated that there were approximately seven Bigfoot involved in the massacre.  Over the next three days, they hunted down and killed seven Bigfoot.  Afterward, they were instructed to not disclose or discuss what had occurred.

I am not relying on just the above story to draw the conclusion that an individual Bigfoot or group of Bigfoot sometimes kill people.  There is a report of this having happened at a park campground in Bishop, California in the 1970s, where a family of people had been ripped apart and tossed around by Bigfoot.  There is a more recent report of a family having been ripped apart and tossed around by a Bigfoot at a campground park area called Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky.  The Bishop, California killings and the Land Between The Lakes killings have been verified to researchers by Law Enforcement officers who were at these crime scenes.

Recently, I found out about a Bigfoot researcher named Tim Baker from Arkansas who gives in-person presentations to groups, and gives radio interviews on all of the Bigfoot research and findings that he has collected, who goes into Bigfoot behavior which has previously not been talked about and been covered up.

With the new information that I learned recently, and with Tim Baker’s presentation of previously undisclosed details about Bigfoot, this has helped me fill in more pieces of this puzzle, to where it makes more sense.  I had wondered why the U.S. Fish & Game and the U.S. Park Service wouldn’t be more open about the presence of Bigfoot in wildlife areas.  At times, I thought that it would be safer for people and for Bigfoot, if people were given some basic facts and do’s and don’ts concerning Bigfoot.  Other times, I thought that denying the existence of Bigfoot by Fish & Game and the Park Service might reduce the desire of people to hunt, stalk, and bother Bigfoot.  Now, I see that Fish & Game and the Park Service have a much more difficult situation to manage, and deniability is an element that gives them more flexibility.

In a wildlife area, Fish & Game and the Park Service keep track and pay attention to the population of prairie dogs, squirrels, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, beaver, deer, sheep, antelope, wild horses, elk, buffalo, wolves, bear, and mountain lions.  I can recall many times, when wildlife managers deny, deny, deny, the presence of wolves, bears, and mountain lions, presumably to not cause alarm in people.  But also the longer they deny the existence of a potentially dangerous animal, the longer they have to not have to do anything about it, and the more that Fish & Game and the Park Service can claim that they were not aware of any dangerous animal should a person be attacked or killed.

Second Trip To Valley Forest On Fort Berthold Reservation

I had a very nice time exploring the only heavily forested area in western North Dakota on Friday July 14.  I wrote about finding this densely forested valley and reading about this area north of the Killdeer Mountains in my previous blog post.

It took me about 1-1/2 hours to drive to this valley, and I didn’t plan on going back until next weekend at the earliest.  I live in a downtown apartment in Dickinson now, and on Saturday I wanted to cook a steak on my charcoal grill.  The best place for me to go on this Saturday, I thought, would be Patterson Lake.  Then, I recollected the fat lower class families and the Hispanic families that use Patterson Lake now, poor apartment dwellers, and the impossibility of getting away from them now that there is concrete sidewalk everywhere, and I no longer wanted to go to Patterson Lake.

Then, there was no changing my mind that there was no place that I would rather be in North Dakota on Saturday than that forested valley that I had found on the Fort Berthold Native American Reservation.  I already had a grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, utensils, plates, chair, sleeping bag, and cooler on my Dodge truck, so that is what I took.  I bought ice and more than enough food and drinks, because this time I was definitely staying overnight.

On the way there I was wishing that I had bought my digital camera because the Dash Cam video from Friday was such poor quality.  I then realized that I had my Microsoft Surface tablet with me, and it takes very good photos and video, so I was happy about that.

I turned onto the valley road and began winding around corners going downhill.  I stopped and took a video of a family of cows right beside the road and they did not object.  Just around the next curve, there was a family of four wild turkeys that scurried away from me, and I thought that they would probably barely show up on my cheap Dash Cam video, too bad.  After a few more turns on the winding road I saw a group of five or six wild horses, and they somewhat cooperated with my video recording.  I didn’t try to get any closer to any of the animals in order to not bother them.

I got to where I wanted to park and camp.  It was a flat spot beside the road, at the very bottom of the valley, with a fairly unobstructed view in all directions so that people and/or animals could not sneak up on me, especially not Bigfoot.

I was hungry so I began setting up my grill and lighting the charcoal so that I could begin cooking my steak right away.  One of the most important things that I brought with me was my Serbian made Zastava AK-47 rifle that is chambered for .308 Winchester.  This caliber rifle has a very long range, and the bullets will go into, if not all the way through vehicle engines.  I bring it because I just don’t know for certain what kind of people will show up, or what their intentions will be.  In order to not disturb the peace in the valley, and to not upset the animals or scare them away, I had no intention of firing my rifle.

I did a little bit of looking, listening, and checking my vicinity before I got settled in.  I didn’t want to unintentionally park where there is a sick animal, a nest or den of animals, or someone else’s campsite close by.  I became convinced that there was no one else around.

After I had eaten some steak, and the charcoal in the grill had burnt down, I left a few supplies beside the grill and I took a short drive in my truck to take more photos and video.  It had crossed my mind to leave the truck and walk, but this would have been foolish, even if I had rolled up the windows and locked the doors.  Though I had not seen a single person or vehicle yesterday or today, the area is so remote that a bad person or persons could take whatever they wanted, or shoot you, knowing full well that there is not likely another person within twenty miles.

I saw more groups of wild horses, and I took more photos and video.  I did not see any other people or vehicles.  As I drove into the Little Missouri River Valley, the view is partly spoiled by the sturdy 8′ tall wire mesh and metal post fencing.  That’s right, 8′ tall fencing.  Everybody knows that four wire 42″ height barbed wire fence keeps cattle in and people out.  The only thing that you would need an 8′ height wire mesh fence for is deer that can jump high, and Bigfoot that are 7′ to 8′ tall.

There are already free range cattle, wild horses, and deer on both sides of the 8′ fence, so why bother?  The answer is, I think, that the Bureau Of Land Management does not want the Bigfoot crossing the Little Missouri River in this particular area and traveling up hill for ten miles because they will get into the oil field locations and be seen.  The 8′ height wire mesh fence is meant to route the Bigfoots further to the west.  However, there were two spots where I saw that the fence had been pushed down, from the Little Missouri River side, by something big that wanted to cross there, regardless of the fence.

As it became dark, I was looking forward to the stars coming out.  When there is no lighting from towns, homes, and businesses, you can see about 90% more stars at night, especially where there is no industrial pollution or haze.

It became pitch black dark by 10:00 p.m.  I became more uneasy, though I had not thought that I would.  I had added more charcoal to the grill, and I had put more steak on.  I tried writing for my blog post on my Microsoft Surface tablet in Microsoft Word.  There was absolutely no cell phone service, and I had turned my cell phone off hours ago.

As I was writing my blog post, writing about Dunn County, I was recalling the conversation that I had had last week with a seventy year old lifelong farmer in Killdeer, “Do not ever, ever be out on the Native American Reservation at night.” And, I was also recalling the conversation that I had had with my co-worker/supervisor several weeks ago, “Whatever you do, do not be on the Native American Reservation at night.”

What they were referring to, I understand.  While 95% of the Native Americans on the reservation are home at night cooking and watching television, there are hateful male Native Americans who get drunk or high at night, and then they go looking for white people to kill that might be out in the reservation, and aren’t supposed to be.  The Native American Reservation is a sovereign nation, and white people do not belong there, and they are going to enforce it, they don’t like white people anyway.

I was considering that I was on Bureau of Land Management land, and that I was allowed to be there, but a drunk or high group of Native American males would just be out to kill whoever they found out here.  It would have been better for me if I had deliberately hidden my vehicle and campsite so that it could not be seen from the road, but that would not be completely safe either because all people who go looking for things in the woods late at night use high power spot lights, and they shine right through bushes and trees to reveal shiny vehicles on the other side.  It also would have been safer for me if there was more than one vehicle at my camp, the least safe with just one vehicle.

I began to realize more and more that it would be very, very bad if two or three trucks with drunk Native Americans drove up.  Even if they initially didn’t act threatening as they approached, this would be in order to get right up to me, and I then would have a much harder time defending myself with multiple people surrounding me.

I realized that I was wrong and foolish in being there by myself, and not heeding the warning of a lifelong Killdeer farmer and my work supervisor.  I left at 12:00 midnight, and I was very anxious to get back to the main road.  Once back on the highway, and off the reservation, I pulled off the road and slept until 4:00 a.m.