It Seems Like It Has Been A While Since I Antagonized Women In North Dakota

It seems like it has been a while since I antagonized women in North Dakota, so I thought that I would share something that I would be better off keeping to myself. I have been watching TikTok compilation videos of young women trying to “act like ho’s” by dancing with no bras on, wearing crop tops, open blouses, and short shorts, revealing as much as they possibly can.

Some of these young women are so good at dancing and being a stripper, that it’s like they were born to do it, it’s genetic, hereditary, it’s their calling in life, like a duck taking to water. However in every TikTok compilation video that I watched, there were a few awkward young women that were not good at dancing and showing off their body. They tried, they wanted attention, they wanted to be liked, but they were not very good at being a stripper because they were uncomfortable and it didn’t come naturally to them.

Even though there were some very, very good dancers who were having fun, in the middle of these videos there were also some awkward young women that most people would or could feel sorry for, or embarrassed for, because they appeared to be desperate for attention and were going about getting it the wrong way. So even though I wanted to, I couldn’t share any of these “acting like a ho” videos because some of the young women in each video ruined it by turning something that was upbeat, energetic, impressive, fun, where women were showing off their talent, into something that was socially/morally questionable because some of the young women should not have been doing this.

Eventually I found one TikTok compilation video which was not exactly the same thing, but it kind of was in the same spirit, where all of the women were good at what they were doing and having fun with this:

All of these women were good at this and were having fun.

I had no problem watching the entire 12 minute video above, because every time that I nearly got bored and thought that I had seen enough, some woman would surprise me again with how she transformed herself. I hope that everyone notices, it was not just that these women threw shoes up in the air and suddenly had them on, they went from being almost dull to instantaneously very glamorous.

Women of all ages on the West Coast and East Coast of the U.S. won’t think that there is anything wrong with the video above, because in the towns and cities where they live women like to shop for clothes, buy shoes, buy jewelry, get dressed up, and go places, because it’s fun, women like attention. But in North Dakota, women will be outraged at the above video, because they don’t like this kind of thing, women getting dressed up, women looking like this. In North Dakota, women like to look menacing, standing there sneering, leering, scowling, and glaring.

Which woman in the video above is your favorite?

7 thoughts on “It Seems Like It Has Been A While Since I Antagonized Women In North Dakota

  1. My absolutely favorite one, is Dr. Daisy Sanchez at the 1:50 time mark, who hobbles in like a hunched-over clueless dufus, who transforms into the prettiest of all of them.


  2. Those videos were fun. Another type is women in classical music. They achieve a high level of professional expertise on an instrument like the piano, violin, clarinet, etc. by studying at a Conservatory (a famous one would be the Juillard School in New York).

    These female musicians then try to increase their audience appeal, and their chances with the juries in international music competitions (including sleeping with male jurors), by letting their jugs hang out and flaunting their asses in accompaniment to the movements that occur while playing the musical instrument.

    Thrusting and gyrating the crotch area in the direction of the public, like in rock groups and some fashion ads on Youtube, is more difficult because the instrument gets in the way and the usual dress requirements are long pants or skirts. But it has been done–opera singers for example.

    (I don’t know what the professions of the tiktok-girls are. I suppose they could be anything from store clerks or dental technicians to ballet dancers, doctors or lawyers.)

    A few examples:
    String quartet where the first violinist on the left (a Russian) is wiggling her left mammary around the whole time, which means male audience members would most likely be watching that phenomenon rather than listening to Beethoven’s late composition style:

    Here is a concert pianist (Georgian) who is definitely “Ass for Schumann” and “Teatz for Chopin”, just one example:

    Another pianist exposing quite a lot of thigh but less breast, presumably because being Asian she is less equipped in that area:

    This one (another Russian!) doesn’t leave much to the imagination, including what looks like a fake orgasm:

    Finally, a completely straight video with four attractive women string players (2 Russians, one Roumanian and one Greek) who keep everything covered, thus showing some class, while still being quite hot in their own way. The position of the cello between the legs of women players has always invited lewd remarks, irrespective of their dress habits:


    1. In reply to A,

      I didn’t make these TikTok videos, women did. Once I started watching TikTok, it was astonishing how many women ages 13 years to 55 years old crave attention so much, that they will wear next to nothing, tell dirty jokes, share embarrassing personal stories, do or say just about anything to get attention. If TikTok didn’t ban nudity, women would be showing everything, just for attention.


      1. @Dickinson: My reply (published 2021-08-18 2:19pm) was to “A” not to you! Maybe you overlooked the thread sublevel, they are not strongly indented. Or I should have prefaced the comment with @A.
        And how does “A” know whether “Hargreaves” is male?
        (you do not have to publish this)


      1. In reply to Bruce,

        Assuming that you watched the video in this blog post article, which is the main purpose of this article, my answer to your comment is Yes, Please tell me where there are any women like this within 50 miles of Dickinson. I already know about Marinna Marsh, Codi Miller, Kit Miller and that’s about it for western North Dakota, so please tell me where to look.


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