People In Western North Dakota Need To Finish Buying Their Food And Supplies Before September 2021

I had not intended to write this blog post article. The last time I gave this warning, in January and February of 2020, way before mask requirements, quarantines, and shortages of toilet paper and hand-sanitizer, nobody listened to me.

It is irritating and frustrating to give a warning like this, well in advance, to clearly and thoroughly explain the reasons why, give some independent sources of evidence, and people are too stupid and lazy to read, understand, and take the advice. I have already explained this personally to a few people that I know who took this advice. They and I have almost completed our shopping. We have already bought most of what we will need. Maybe this blog post article will help at least one more person.

I spend a great deal of time reading, watching, and looking at news stories from all over the World. I don’t necessarily believe or discount any particular news story, I either find or wait for other sources for confirmation. Sometimes an abundance of claims is more evidence of a lie than the truth, but other times a large volume of information paints a complete picture, which is the case regarding a shortage of consumer goods beginning in September 2021.

The shortage of consumer goods that I am going to try to explain, appears to be the result of a combination of three to four elements, one of which is probably a deliberate attempt to manipulate the economy to cause the majority of the U.S. population to face severe hardship not seen since the Great Depression. I don’t know if this manipulation of the economy is intended to embarrass the Biden Administration, bring about more Federal Government intervention and control, cause the majority of Americans to lose their assets to the very few wealthy elite, or create such World-wide chaos that it makes a new One World Government more feasible.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy that I am speaking of, to give a few examples, it could be the attempt to talk about or enforce “lock-downs”, travel restrictions, public event restrictions, public gathering restrictions, and quarantines which devastate sectors of the economy such as tourism, professional sports events, entertainment events, travel, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, theme parks, causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their employment, and worsen the economy overall.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy could be the price of fuel steadily rising without any real physical underlying cause, other than the “markets”. In North Dakota, President Biden cancelled the Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline and interfered with several other oil pipelines already in operation. This hasn’t affected the supply of oil yet, however this will affect the supply of oil in the future. This steadily rising price of fuel that is happening right now appears to be a kind of “revenge” in the “markets” against President Joe Biden and the people who voted for Joe Biden.

The deliberate manipulation of the economy could be the unemployment subsidies that were paid to people who lost their employment during the Covid-19 pandemic, but made it undesirable for these people to return to work when they were needed to begin work and production again. Or, it could have been the suspension/postponement of rent/mortgages for people during the Covid-19 pandemic which will not only result in hundreds of thousands of people being evicted and becoming homeless soon, the rent/mortgage forbearance and unemployment subsidies helped people to not come back to work when they were needed for production and distribution.

The other key elements which will cause there to be a great shortage of consumer goods beginning in September 2021, are resource supply problems, production problems, and distribution problems. Before I explain the supply, production, and distribution problems, I had probably better let the reader know why they should care, pay attention, or be concerned.

Here is The Reason To Be Concerned: Large chain store managers, and commercial truck drivers across the U.S. have reported that the central distribution warehouses are either completely empty or almost completely empty. The warehouse managers and chain store managers have been told that re-supply is not coming, they don’t know when it will come, but when it does, it will be in much smaller amounts. Many commercial truck drivers have reported that regularly scheduled pick ups have been cancelled, because there is nothing to pick up.

U.S. military officers have been told to buy their emergency supplies for their families now, do not wait. Large chain store managers and small store managers have begun telling their families and friends to buy everything they need now, do not wait, the distribution warehouses are empty, there will not be a normal re-supply of stores beginning in September 2021.

Due to flooding and drought in various areas of the World, and due to a shortage of workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a smaller harvest World-wide. Besides food crops and livestock harvest being smaller, the mining of all raw materials including minerals, coal, oil, wood, has been smaller.

With a smaller harvest of raw materials like farm crops, livestock, minerals, coal, oil, wood, there has been a decrease in the amount of finished industrial and consumer goods. But also, there is a Covid-19 related worker shortage going on in the production of finished industrial and consumer goods. The price of everything has gone up, food, lumber, tires, gasoline prices being more noticeable.

Besides the resource supply problem, production problems which are supply and Covid-19 related, there are distribution problems which are Covid-19 related. It has been pointed out, that during the last 20-30 years, the supply/distribution system in the U.S. has been a just-in-time method. Meaning, raw material supplies to manufacturers, finished products from manufacturers to warehouses, and shipping from warehouses to retail stores, involved transporting just enough material to meet demand for the next several days to one week time period.

With the just-in-time supply/distribution system in the U.S., with no large amount of excess material at a manufacturer, warehouse, or retail store, if something in that chain gets used up and there is no re-supply, there is an almost immediate shortage. What is believed to have taken place, is that due to a Covid-19 related worker shortage in the supply/distribution system, the quantities of materials in the system were dwindling steadily, and now it has come to a crisis because the large central distribution warehouses are empty.

To provide the reader with some supporting information, and perhaps an even better explanation, here are three good YouTube videos to watch, Please Read The Viewer Comments beneath each video:

Military Officers being told to buy their supplies now.
Store managers telling friends to buy their supplies now.
Explanation of World-wide food shortages.

From reading this blog post article, watching these YouTube videos, plus doing your own research, I hope that the readers will realize that food and supply shortages will happen beginning in September 2021.

For readers who are not familiar with what supplies they should stock up on, here is a partial list of recommendations:

Canned food like soups, chili, spaghetti & meatballs, beans, corn, carrots, peas, peaches, pears, pineapple, mixed vegetables, mixed fruit; Boxes of rice, pasta, ramen noodles; Powdered drink mixes like tea, lemonade, gator aide; Bottled individual water, larger gallon bottles, and bulk water that you keep in five gallon water jugs possibly with added bleach or iodine as a preservative; Canned or bottled fruit juice drinks. Extra pet food.

Hygiene & Cleaning supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, windex, dish soap, bath soap, laundry soap, hand-sanitizer, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution, ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, cortizone cream, skin lotion, shampoo, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bandages, your own personal medications.

Household supplies like batteries, light bulbs, flashlight, candles, matches, duct tape, hatchet, hammer, nails; Depending on your housing situation, one or more 5-gallon cans of gasoline possibly with Stabil added to preserve it longer.

One or more firearms with extra ammunition. If you are inexperienced with firearms, or you are a female who is reluctant to own a firearm, I would recommend a Ruger 10-22 rifle, which is probably the most common rifle sold in the U.S. Ruger 10-22 rifles are usually sold at any gun store or Walmart, they are inexpensive, very reliable, easy to use, make the least amount of noise, have the least amount of recoil, and ammunition is available and inexpensive.

5 thoughts on “People In Western North Dakota Need To Finish Buying Their Food And Supplies Before September 2021

    1. In reply to Ray,

      Regarding this blog post article of mine where I try to explain and warn people to prepare for the coming shortage of consumer goods, even if people read this blog post article, the majority of them wouldn’t act on this advice. When I thought about the millions of people who live in the cities, or close to the cities, these people are probably the least prepared for shortages because the focus of urban people is socializing, entertainment, networking, trying to impress others, versus rural people who garden, keep livestock, hunt, fish, repair old vehicles, shop at garage sales, trade equipment with each other. When you combine the lack of prepping on the part of millions of city dwellers, with food shortages, evictions, covid lockdowns, there will ALMOST HAVE TO BE FEMA CAMPS.

      I just now realized, with millions of people in cities lacking food, lacking money, being evicted or facing eviction, the only way that the U.S. government could save millions of people and maintain law & order, would be to create massive regional FEMA camps to house people.

      With millions of people in cities lacking food, lacking money, facing eviction, unable to pay for electricity, the U.S. government could not manage the administration of bail out money, food, eviction blockage, and keep these people from looting, robbing, and killing, plus deal with Covid. The U.S. government would have to force these people to involuntarily relocate to a FEMA camp where there would be basic food, water, shelter, and a cot, and to keep these people under heavy guard, maintaining order, not allowing anyone to leave. Because it’s obvious, these people can’t take care of themselves, they proved that they can’t work, buy their own food, pay for their own housing, the government has to do it for them.


      1. I live in Austin. In early February 2020 I knew the Coronavirus was going to be a problem. I cleared out a bedroom closet and put in shelves for a pantry. I filled it within a few weeks. It served my family well when grocery store shelves were bare.
        I started a garden the year before that. It gives us tomatoes, herbs, peppers, lettuce and cucumbers. We stocked up on ammo.
        Enter snowpocalypse Feb of 2021. No electricity for 2 days and then no water for days. When we still had water, I filled the bathtub and every pot and bucket I could find. We also had about 10 gallons of bottled water. Moved fridge contents in to the garage. Gas fireplace was a godsend. Husband rigged an AC/DC invertor to a car battery to keep fish tank aerated. We hunkered down.
        Within a day and a half people on neighborhood apps were running out of food and water. I was stunned. Everyone came together and helped each other, we left water out for close by neighbors. Others were providing food. It really opened my eyes how vulnerable people are. Also, I can’t believe how many are unemployed.
        I work in a warehouse and hubby’s a mechanic. We have worked throughout the pandemic. We’re short on workers.
        The supply chain is definitely having issues. We see it first hand. Some global oil companies keep cancelling orders, or pushing them back for a month or more. Auto parts are starting to backorder. Ammo hard to find here.
        I don’t know what comes next, but my gut tells me this virus is not close to being done with us.
        Thanks for a great list of items to stock up on. I have also installed rain barrels and we’re working on getting solar panels up to hook up to lithium batteries.


  1. I don’t live in the US but your warnings apply to virtually anywhere.
    Thanks for the lists which are good reminders.
    Where I live, there are at least regular farmers’ markets in the larger towns, which supply locally-grown produce. Assuming they will still be getting tractor fuel.

    To “me”:
    The Sar6 C0v2 virus is a hoax–it has never been isolated in a laboratory nor shown to exist in any form, let alone been proved to cause disease. It is a desktop simulation described by the perpetrators at the end of 2019 under “event 201”.

    Fake pandemic “cases” are created by declaring healthy people to be positive using a bogus PCR test, or just inventing the test result numbers, and declaring symptomatic hospital cases with any respiratory ailment to be C0vid (good money was paid by the government). Deaths from traffic accidents and other causes were also reported as C0vid deaths to claim the government funds.
    Total mortaility numbers temporarily increased because sick old people were herded into homes rather than giving them proper hospital medical care.

    The Delta variant is also fiction pumped up by the media to keep this long con alive. Any variant can be invented just by throwing a snot sample from a human subject into a lab PCR test and adjusting the primers and other test conditions to detect whatever you want to detect. The variant has no separate clinical identity.

    Just remember this quote, cited by David E. Martin in a recent interview, who also described how the entire plandemic -virus genomes, drugs, tests, vaccines–was patented up to 20 years ago):

    “….we need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process.” Peter Daszak, Head of EcoHealth Alliance, 2015

    if you want to check out the whole story:


    1. In reply to AB Lynch,

      From an article that I read prior to Covid-19 reaching the U.S., there were many medical doctors of Chinese nationality working for the Canadian National Institute Of Health performing many research tasks in secure laboratories in Canada. Back in approximately 2016, one of these Chinese medical doctors who frequently traveled from Canada to China, was found by Chinese Customs Inspectors to have brought laboratory specimens with him from the Canadian National Institute Of Health, which upon investigation by the NIH was determined to be a very specific identifiable variant of Covid-19, which this Chinese medical doctor did not have authorization to remove from the NIH lab. Four years later, this specific identifiable variant of Covid-19 was what escaped or was released from the Chinese lab in Wuhan. THIS UNAUTHORIZED SMUGGLING OF COVID-19 TO CHINA WAS REPORTED IN 2017-2018, IT WAS DOCUMENTED IN 2017-2018.

      I didn’t really care so much that World-wide news agencies and politicians tried to either deny, cover-up, or spread false information about Covid-19, because to me it appeared to be not much more severe than influenza. However, at first I didn’t understand the economic and government scheming consequences. I didn’t know or understand that spreading fear, quarantines, travel restrictions, would cause so many businesses to shut down, so many people to lose their employment, property owners not being able to collect rent. I can see now that fear-mongering, forcing vaccinations, travel-bans, quarantines, and other restrictions has and will wreak havoc on the economy.

      I live in western North Dakota which is very sparsely populated, and most of the people who live here do not want to wear masks, receive vaccinations, or be in fear of shopping, gathering with friends, or going to church. The people in western North Dakota don’t want any Federal or State government intervention or meddling. However, I don’t think that the majority of North Dakotans know about the coming shortage of consumer goods, like food.


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