North Dakotans Need To Begin Worrying About The Coronavirus

The “novel coronavirus” which began infecting people in the city of Wuhan China in January of this year, escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Biological Weapons Laboratory.  No mainstream media in the World is reporting this, but here is most of the documentation on how this happened .

Though the Chinese government has admitted that the novel coronavirus has now spread to every province in China, the Chinese government is greatly under-reporting the number of people infected and the number of fatalities.  As of this evening, the Chinese government is stating that the number of people infected is roughly 9,000.  This infection number does not make sense, because China has a population of over 1 billion people, and reports from people in China are that all of the hospitals are currently maxed-out on their patient capacity.

The city of Wuhan was quarantined in late January, but the quarantine was announced ahead of time, and hundreds of thousands to millions of Chinese fled the area prior to the quarantine.  The coronavirus has an incubation period of up to two weeks, with the infected person showing no signs of sickness early on with the disease.  Thus, tens of thousands of Chinese were allowed to leave China and travel to other countries, being carriers of the virus without showing signs of sickness, coming into contact with tens of thousands of other travelers from other countries.

At the end of this blog post article, I will include a video from a Phd in Pathology, who made a video yesterday explaining that the fatality rate of a regular flu virus is 0.1%, whereas the the fatality rate of the novel coronavirus appears to be 3%, and requires much more intensive medical care.

My purpose in making this blog post article, is to warn as many people as possible in North Dakota, to start preparing for the coronavirus now, because I predict that there will be a nationwide panic in the U.S. within about seven days from now.

The first element of the panic, that I honestly believe is coming, will be a swarm of people hurrying to the stores all at once to buy food, water, medication, filtration masks, and other supplies.  The fact that everyone will do this all at once, at the same time, is one of the things that will incite hysteria in people.  The trigger will be, the major news networks eventually warning people to stay inside and try not to go out in public.

North Dakota has some risk of the coronavirus infecting local people due to several causes.  The colleges and universities in North Dakota do have some foreign students, out-of-state students, and study abroad students who will be traveling through foreign countries or large airports.  The oil field in North Dakota has many workers who are from out-of-state or foreign countries who will be traveling outside North Dakota.

Once there are outbreaks of the coronavirus in large crowded cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, and Minneapolis, the city dwellers will try to flee the cities for uninfected rural areas, and many of these city dwellers will be infected carriers of the coronavirus.

The first thing that North Dakotans can do to prepare before the nationwide panic, is to begin buying extra food, water, medication, pet food, toilet paper, hygiene items, and other supplies to accumulate enough necessities to be able make it through either a voluntary or involuntary quarantine.

Another thing that North Dakotans need to do, is look up reputable legitimate internet websites that advise on preventative measures and treatments for coronavirus infections.  Families may eventually need to make the decision whether to allow their children to attend school, whether the adults should stay home from work, or should the family stay home and not go to church in order to avoid contact with other people.

Here is a recent video from Chris Martenson, Phd in Pathology, who gives much more important, relevant, up to date information than the mainstream media regarding the novel coronavirus:

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