Do The People In Dickinson Have To Worry About The Coronavirus

Do the people in Dickinson, North Dakota have to worry about the coronavirus?  Yes, they do.

All of the international main stream media news sources are under-reporting and mis-reporting about the coronavirus that currently is most affecting the city of Wuhan in China.  The under-reporting and mis-reporting are in many cases a deliberate attempt to not cause panic and disruption, particularly economic disruption.

There are many facts that are not being reported.  One of the main facts is that this particular coronavirus was isolated and stored in Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory more than ten years ago.  In this Canadian NML laboratory, two of the highest level medical doctor/scientist researchers were a Chinese husband and wife, Dr. Keding Cheng and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu.  It was discovered a couple of years ago, that without authorization, this Chinese couple had transported the coronavirus to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, part of China’s Biological Warfare Program.  Here is the very lengthy documentation on how this happened

The second and third important facts that are not being reported, are the actual number of people infected in China, and the number of people who have died in China.  Medical Doctor to Medical Doctor communication between the Chinese and the outside world, states that the number of persons infected in the city of Wuhan is over 100,000.

The fourth fact that is not being reported, is that hundreds of thousands of Chinese people successfully fled Wuhan before the quarantine of Wuhan went into effect.  Many Chinese people left China on international airline flights.  The incubation period of the coronavirus before any symptoms are shown is two weeks.  This means that possibly thousands of infected Chinese people dispersed throughout the World.

The coronavirus is airborne, and can live on surfaces for up to five days.  It is spread through contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

For the time being, with only five reported cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., the first danger that people in Dickinson, North Dakota will face, is a copycat run on food and supplies in the U.S. that will take place about seven days from now.

My belief is, that within about seven days from now, many people in the U.S. will wake up to the facts that this coronavirus escaped from a Chinese biological warfare laboratory in Wuhan, the number of infected people in China is in the millions, that the coronavirus has made it to the U.S., and that they had better go to the store right now and buy enough food, water, and supplies so that they can stay home and not go out in public if possible.

From the prepper/survivalist internet articles that I am reading, in California several days ago people started stocking up on food, water, and “N95” filtration masks.  In some places in California, Home Depot has sold out of filtration masks, and put up signs saying “limit 10 per customer”.

I had meant to do this several days ago, but I just now got around to buying about a ten day supply of food and water.  I have very little food in my apartment, so this is what I bought at the Family Dollar store in Dickinson for $33:  24 bottles of water, 20 packets Ramen noodles, 4 bowls spicy noodles, 4 packets instant potatoes, 4 tins of spam, 4 tins of Vienna sausage, 4 rolls toilet paper, 1 roll paper towels.  I need to add allergy medication and cat food.

The reason why I bought the food and water listed above, is because I believe that there will be a copycat panic, and a copycat run on food, water, and supplies in Dickinson, within about seven days from now.  I don’t want to be in a panic, I don’t want to be upset and trying to compete with other people at Walmart or Family Fare, frantically trying to grab canned goods from the store shelves as they are emptying.

Update 1/30/20:

The Chinese government has just imposed a penalty of seven years in prison for anyone reporting on the coronavirus contrary to government press releases.  It is difficult now for anyone inside China to speak out or share video of what is happening.  Here is one recent video from January 27, but these videos are becoming scarce:

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