A Good Explanation Of The Voting Fraud In The 2020 Presidential Election

I get tired of trying to explain the voting fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential Election. A few of the simple indicators that Joe Biden did not in fact legitimately receive the amount of votes that he did, was that Joe Biden is not a well-liked person, he is not a popular politician, he was obviously struggling with physical and mental problems, yet he received more votes than Barak Obama, supposedly.

To me, some of the most important physical evidence, that is still in the category of easy to explain, is that in very key voting districts like Atlanta, the election center controlled by Democrats was shut down over false claims of a water leak, and security camera video shows election workers removing multiple large packing containers of ballots that were hidden under tables.

In early investigations and analysis of votes in another key area, Phoenix, it was discovered that there were far more registered voters in Arizona, than actual people living in Arizona who were eligible to vote.

I could go on with a few more examples of vote rigging off the top of my head, which in a discussion with people are so easy for them to just ignore what I am telling them, like it never happened. The only evidence that some people might accept as proven to be true, would be evidence that was submitted in court and determined to be valid. It’s criminal that just about every court in Democrat controlled areas like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan blocked any attempt to immediately adjudicate complaints of organized voting fraud. It’s treasonous that the Supreme Court refused to lift a finger to address one of the most blatant violations of the law and Constitution that has ever taken place.

I was reading a Facebook post yesterday by former North Dakota representative Luke Simons, where he shared a video that was supposed to be the introduction to Mike Lindell’s voting fraud presentation, that turned out to be a very thorough explanation of the evidence:

Explanation of the 2020 Presidential Election Voting Fraud

For people who are Conservative/Republican, this video should serve as a good reference resource and documentation for what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election. For Liberals/Democrats, I doubt that they can sit still, watch this, and pay attention because it would be too uncomfortable for them to face the lawlessness, corruption, and treason of their political affiliation and politicians they support.

Note: Please download this video if you can, because YouTube and Facebook will probably attempt to delete this soon and block everyone from seeing this. (Perform a Google search for “how to download a YouTube video” and you can find step-by-step instructions.)

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