Men, Just Quit Going To Gyms

When I first tried to begin writing this blog post article, I went into too much detail trying to explain my personal background and history in weight lifting, starting from when I was 10 years old, then into high school, college, and in all of the different towns and states where I had lived. In order to not waste so much time, I decided that I only really needed to convey a few main points of my experience:

  1. In Florida where I was born and grew up in the 1970s-1980s, most boys and young men had an interest in lifting weights that went along with wanting to play football, basketball, wrestling, or join the military after high school.
  2. In my experience, most boys and young men were motivated and eager to use their cheap Sears/JC Penny/K-Mart $75-$100 home weight bench sets that they had in their basement, garage, or backyard.
  3. Poor underprivileged white kids and black kids had just as much enthusiasm, maybe even more, than kids from affluent families when it came to weightlifting.  Weight lifting had absolutely nothing to do with money or pretentiousness, but what an individual could actually personally do.
  4. The first commercial gyms in the town where I grew up, which was near Daytona, in the 1970s-1980s, these were weight lifting, power lifting, body building gyms.  These gym members were young men and adult men who had started weight lifting as kids, using cheap home weight sets, and had continually progressed.
  5. Through high school, college, and as a young adult 1980s-1990s, I remember a very strong competitiveness amongst people who lifted weights and did bodybuilding, that was beneficial, motivating, and had no or very little animosity, partly because each person’s lifts, physical results, or personal effort, spoke for themselves.
  6. Beginning in the 2000s, across the World there began a transformation in the business model of gyms, where it was thought that weight lifting/power lifting/body building gyms had limited membership potential, whereas “Fitness Centers” had the potential to attract the most number of people.
  7. “Fitness Center” gyms attracted men and women of all ages, all levels of health, for hundreds of different reasons.
  8. By 2010, in my experience, in almost every gym that I went to, the strong motivation/enthusiasm/competitiveness of weight lifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders was completely gone.  It was replaced with the distraction and hindrance of equipment “dabblers”, equipment “wanderers”, texters, trophy-wives, bored restless teenagers, “Karens”, and attention seeking twats.

Here is the TikTok video that caused me to write this blog post article:

The young woman who made this TikTok video, she is complaining about, “Some creepy old guy looking at her.” Without even starting the video, I can see why the old guy was looking at her. If this woman were at the beach, a swimming pool, a shopping mall, playing volleyball, playing basketball, taking a dance class, this guy would probably look at her in these situations as well.

However, if this same old guy were at a park, and there was a good skateboarder, acrobatic kite flyer, frisbee player, basketball player, dog trainer, guitar player, he would probably watch them too. It just so happened at this gym at that moment, that this young lady was interesting to look at. If there would have been a more attractive lady in the gym at the time, he probably would have looked at the more attractive lady.

If there would have been a great big powerlifter at this gym bench pressing 500 lbs, or squatting 700 lbs, people would have stopped what they were doing and watched, and the powerlifter would have had no problem with people watching him, because it’s interesting.

Is this complaint really about an old guy watching a young lady in a gym, that this is inappropriate, or is this about a young lady feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable because of the outfit that she has worn to the gym? If this young lady had worn baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt, would it have mattered to her if someone was watching her? Would anyone watch her if she had worn baggy clothes instead?

Do men wear thin, skin-tight, body contour-hugging tights, with bare skin mid-sections to the gym? I have never, ever seen this. So, why do women wear skin-tight, body contour-hugging, bare skin mid-section tights to the gym? Is it because these women are seeking attention? Is the real answer that women dress in attention-seeking provocative outfits in order to get attention, and if men that they like notice them that’s good, otherwise when men that they don’t like look at them they go into attention-getting “victim mode”, “unwanted sexualization mode”, “sexual harassment mode”.

If men have any sense, they will just let women have every gym to themselves, and instead buy weight training and exercise equipment to use at home. Nothing good is going to happen from going anywhere that women act like this, and make accusations.

4 thoughts on “Men, Just Quit Going To Gyms

  1. Oh damn, this is a pet peave of mine. I’m a weight lifter. as in true lifting not doing cables and staring at myself in mirror all day.Every gym has a super cunt looking to start trouble. My gym has many. I flat out treat these women as rude as I possibly can. I fart, burp, grunt, use foul language all while close enough to ensure they understand I hate them in my weight room. As you stated, dressed like sluts wanting attention. These c**ts are there for one reason only, attention. Well, maybe also to pose for selfies in front of squat rack for insta. picts. I do speak with several women in my gym that I consider safe to talk to, mostly older women. I do have one hot chick spot me on occasion. But most others are superficial TWATS like the one in video.
    I do 5×5 at 85-90% 1RM on my 3 main lifts. flat bench, incline bench and T bar row , chest supported. So when I do 300lb flat for 5×5 -25 reps, or 290lb incline 5×5, 25 reps . I’m not the one watching some stupid bitch , she’s watching me. lol. Men need to stop giving women the upper hand in social situations. Stand up for yourself Men. The dumb guy in her video should have reported HER to mgt. for harassing HIM!. Play the same “I’m gonna tell on you” bullshit game the women do. Don’t just let a bitch run her mouth without challenge. Years ago I had a woman run her mouth at me in a super market . We approached checkout line same time and she thought I should let her go ahead. Not happening. So she started with the big mouth. Her husband was right next to her, watching . I let her talk for about 30 seconds, I looked at hubby and said her mouth is gonna get Your ass beat, hubby. He shut her up straight away. My point is, these women are nothing but trouble makers and never held accountable, and they know this. Men must not let it go unchallenged. My gym has cameras covering every room , every angle. So it’s good protection for men against false accusations. I talk very little while doing my work. When between sets I usually put my back towards any women in the room. I don’t put on or take plates off of machines for them, I don’t smile or even acknowledge their stinking ass in My weight room. Once these women see how I deliberately ignore them the snippy c**t attitude changes. Then they WANT the attention. Total mental patients, all of them.
    Annapolis Md
    Formerly U.S.A.


    1. In reply to Ray,

      After I had seen this young lady’s TikTok video complaining about some creepy old guy looking at her, I saw that at least one Black man in his late 20s or early 30s made a response video, where he pointed out that if anyone had grounds for making a complaint, it would be the older man, complaining to gym management that there was some young lady trying to surreptitiously video record him while he was using the gym.

      The best thing for the older man to do, in my opinion, was to finish his workout. Then go to the gym desk to ask if the general overall manager was available to speak to, if not, when would this manager be available. Speak to the general manager in private, describe what happened, explain that you do not want any kind of confrontation, what does the manager recommend, is there any time of day when this is least likely to happen with young women. In a non-threatening way, ask the general manager if maybe there is a different gym that he could join that would be more suitable for him.

      Like restaurants, bars, and apartment complexes, I think that management likes to have young attractive women on the premises to draw customers, however, management does catch on before long when young attractive women are frequently complaining and making accusations against normal men with steady jobs, careers, and money, that’s very harmful to a business. A man kind of needs to stay away, let a young lady keep doing what she is doing, and get caught making accusations against other men.


  2. A follow up thought on one of my comments. I said old guy should have went to management and reported her for harassment. Yes,start with management but also call police and file a report stating she threatened you and intimidated you with threats of sexual harassment charges. Also, if this guy was so “creepy” (women love that word) why didn’t her chicken wing pencil neck husband step in and say something ? Yes calling the police is a drastic reaction but just think if she makes a second and formalcomplaint against Mr. “Creepy “. It’s called cover your ass guys. Get it documented in a police report. Without documentation she’s got the upper hand, after all , we all know women don’t lie. As for the cop that shows up , he or she wo t want to write a report. Cops are lazy . Insist on the report stating the facts with her name I clouded incase you want to get a restraining order in the future. Sounds extreme huh ? Just remember, women are psychotic.
    Annapolis Md
    Formerly, U.S.A.


    1. In reply to Ray,

      If I were the older man, I would ask to speak to the overall general manager of the gym in private, explain what had happened, and explain that the last thing that I wanted was to have anything like this happen again. As an older man in this situation, I can not see any reason whatsoever to get into a conflict with a young lady, there is nothing to gain from it, and I am almost certain that a business manager can recognize that there is no reason an older man would want to be involved in any kind of conflict like this, and the manager would be willing to find some kind of accommodation or way to avoid this in the future.

      The gym manager might review any gym security camera video available, may or may not choose to address this matter further with the older man or young lady. The manager might decide that if either of these two individuals is involved in this type of complaint situation again, whichever one involved will be offered or required to not come back to this gym.

      Maybe I’m wrong, maybe other people go through life not addressing, discussing, documenting altercations. In this case, I personally would not get the Police involved, unless it escalated much further.

      But like the title of this blog post article said, I would consider not going to any gym, ever again. It is too easy for strangers off of the street to start a fight or an altercation. This is why wealthy people formed private social clubs, private country clubs, private neighborhoods, it’s very undesirable for strangers to approach and begin disputes, arguments, fights, altercations.


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