Why Third World Women Are More Feminine

When I was growing up in a small east coast town in Florida in the 1970s and 1980s, I took attractive women for granted.  Because of the year-round warm, laid-back, fun beach environment, beautiful charismatic women who could have lived anywhere, chose this area to settle-down, date, marry, and start a family.  I went to elementary school and high school with the daughters of these beautiful, agreeable women.

What spoiled me even further, was when I graduated from high school, I received an academic scholarship to attend a very expensive small private college in Virginia.  55% of the students were female, and most of them came from wealthy families in the northeast.  These young women were very healthy, attractive, well-mannered, nicely dressed, well-groomed, polite, and friendly.

My God, what a contrast from back then and there, to where I am now, living in the gulag of Siberia.  The women here have been bred for bitter-cold, freezing-wind, and hard labor.  Their short stature, cankle-calves, no-neck, ham-fists, built for pulling wagons, slogging through the mud clenching ropes in their teeth.  Staring, glaring, leering, and sneering, snarling, “We didn’t ask you to come here!”

I have tried to explain the difference between women here in western North Dakota compared to women elsewhere.  I have gotten the impression that 30% of readers don’t believe me, and 30% of readers don’t care, leaving about 40% of readers who take some interest, as if there is something to be learned about women.

From time-to-time I have shared some explanation of women provided by other people.  A couple of days ago, I saw a YouTube video made by a creator who calls himself “Coach Red Pill”.  After watching the video which I share below, and several more of his videos, I find this person to be slightly irritating because his repetition of his points does not always provide as much clarity as it does tedium.  However, in this video he does have some very good insight:

I found it to be true, that women who realize that they need men for their survival, make a conscious and considerable effort to be attractive and agreeable.  Also, women who realize that in order to enjoy an affluent lifestyle they will need the resources of men, they too make a great deal of effort to be attractive and agreeable.

On the other hand, women who do not expect to need the resources of men, because either their husband, ex-husband, or the government will continue to provide for them, they let their appearance go, become sloven, and disagreeable.

8 thoughts on “Why Third World Women Are More Feminine

  1. As a single male that moved to dickinson at age 22 and lived there until age 28, I personally would go for weeks without even seeing a single female in real life between the ages of 22 and 30.

    There were a handful of non-single women in this age group, but you knew damn well they came with their husband or money machine from somewhere else and were more or less offering their lives to the highest bidder. I made enough money to support myself, but I didn’t make “piss is away on a worthless bimbo” money.

    Professional women with good personalities, finances, education, etc in that age range Did. Not. Exist.


    1. Rusty,

      In the past couple of years living in Dickinson, more than several times I have gone for 8 weeks straight without seeing an attractive woman, not one.

      Sometimes this 8 week streak of not seeing an attractive woman is broken by a cute young girl working at Tractor Supply, Runnings Farm & Fleet, or Menards. When this happens, I can’t hold back, I have to ask, “Where are you from?” They smile, and giggle, and say, “You could tell I wasn’t from here?” I say, “Yes.” Then they giggle some more, and say, “I’m from Texas.” ( I suppose that they are the daughter or girlfriend of an out-of-state oil field worker from Texas.)


  2. I’m talking about your perverted lowbrow mentality. That can’t even be fixed with makeup or working out. That’s why men who talk about this kind of thing against women, especially American women, can never find the woman you want — your mentality.


  3. You write the comments that agree with you yourself. You can easily tell by the way the comments are written. Well you’re your own cheerleader I guess


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