Polygamy Gets Women Off The Street And Keeps Them Out Of Trouble

When I was a child, a teenager, and later as a young man, I thought that polygamy was wrong. I believed that if polygamy was allowed, every celebrity, professional athlete, and wealthy man would have several beautiful wives, and that there would not be any beautiful women left over for normal marriages.

I could easily see, that young women and women in their thirties would jump at the chance to be one of the wives of a celebrity or professional athlete, to be photographed and videoed, shown in magazines, tabloids, and on television, to be talked about. Showing off their expensive jewelry and expensive designer clothes.

As I grew into my late thirties and early forties, primarily because of the internet, I began to lose all belief that women had any virtue, goodness, trustworthiness, or morality. Of course, growing up I witnessed and experienced some badly behaving women, but I thought that this was just SOME of them, I didn’t know that just about ALL of them were like this.

When the internet gave women anonymity, the ability to write about what they thought and what they wanted with little fear of consequences or being shamed, it revealed that women were about the least trustworthy, most treacherous, most immoral thing on this earth.

The internet showed that women, for attention and for money, will not hesitate to take off all of their clothes and perform any and every sex act imaginable. Prior to the internet, women tried to maintain many illusions, such as they were saving themselves for marriage, sex was something they engaged in with people they cared about, or that they were monogamous with their husbands.

It wasn’t just the proliferation of internet pornography that showed what women are really like, dating websites revealed even more about the true nature of women. Dating websites provided millions of written statements from women expressing what they really, truly wanted, that was in essence: Women wanted a tall, handsome man, that earned a large amount of money, who would pay for their house, automobile, clothes, food, jewelry, accessories, travel vacations, children, pets, hobbies, not question them, and allow them to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Consequently, many men came to the realization that what women were saying, was something like, “Women want to be married, but they don’t want to be a wife.” Which means, women want a man to pay for everything, but women don’t want to do anything in return.

In the Bible and the Quran, there is a great deal of writing on women, describing the deception and treachery of some women, and describing the virtuous acts of other women. But the theme of both the Bible and the Quran is consistent, women need supervision, order, and direction in order to prevent them from succumbing to their own nature of deviousness, deception, treachery, immorality, destruction, and evil.

Because of the failed social experiments of the United States, where women were mistakenly given the right to vote, the ability to work outside the home, given the idea that they should pursue careers or higher education versus becoming married, that they could divorce their husband whenever they liked, that the Government would force men to give disobedient women a substantial portion of their earnings, we have had a collapse of families, society, communities, law & order in the U.S. We can’t even have a competent President fit for office, thanks to women voting.

There are many signs of society and women being ruined. Overweight women with their hair dyed purple, blue, red, or pink, covered in tattoos, their bodies mutilated with piercings, smoking and using drugs, glaring, leering, sneering, neglecting their children, being loud and contentious, plotting ways to make false allegations against men.

One way to prevent young women from becoming like this, from ruining themselves, is through Polygamy. If successful and wise married men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, who have a wife in her 40s, would take-on an additional young wife of about 20-22 years of age, they could spare her and keep her from all of the misery, mistakes, and suffering that non-attached women put themselves through, because they don’t know any better.

Ideally, young women would pass from the love and protection of her own father and his household, into the care, love, and protection of her new, older already-married husband’s household. In Church or school interaction, families could plan and decide together who would be a suitable, compatible household for their daughter to transition into. With everything planned in advance, ahead of time, young women wouldn’t have to go through a period in their lives with no direction, no supervision, not knowing what to do, vulnerable to being taken advantage of, or being influenced the wrong way.

There are many reasons why it is such a good idea for a young 20-22 year old woman to become married to a successful man who has a wife in her 40s. A man who works, can’t be at home 24/7 to watch his wife and make sure that she isn’t getting into trouble. As soon as he leaves home, his wife could be talking to some other man on the phone or internet, inviting some man or naer-do-well people over to his house, using illegal drugs, leaving home to go to a bar or drug-house, inviting men over to have sex with her. But none of this is going to happen if this man’s 40 year old wife is standing there watching his 20 year old wife.

The first wife in her 40s, now has a renewed purpose in life, she can watch the second wife in her 20s, teach her, instruct her, mentor her. The first wife in her 40s, she doesn’t have to do all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry herself, she can delegate some of this work to the 2nd wife in her 20s, and supervise that this work is being done correctly.

The first wife in her 40s is probably tired of having sex with her husband, she would probably prefer that her husband just leave her alone in this regard. Now, the first wife can get a good night’s sleep, without being disturbed or bothered. The husband can enjoy and look forward to being with his new second wife in her 20s every night, just like it was his honeymoon all over again, with a young lady who is soft, affectionate, and eager to please him.

So as the reader can see, when successful men take on a younger second wife, it is actually doing women a favor, because it keeps women from getting into trouble and ruining themselves.

9 thoughts on “Polygamy Gets Women Off The Street And Keeps Them Out Of Trouble

  1. You have it all wrong. It’s the females that are the choosers! Perhaps you don’t like it that way, but it is what it is. And we are against the men-the-same-age-as-our-dads idea, no attraction there, sorry. Perhaps you could marry a woman 20-40 years your senior and make sure she has everything she needs in the bedroom lol


    1. In reply to Nikoletta,

      Women don’t even like sex most of the time, especially when they get older. Mostly women just want men to pay for everything. What women like to do is cause trouble, cause problems, complain, gripe, ruin other people’s good time, cause chaos, cause confusion, destroy things, destroy people, bear false witness against other people, wreck what other people build.

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      1. It sounds like you really think the worst of women. Women like intimacy and not “just sex”, which many men can’t offer sadly (and money can’t buy). Perhaps ask yourself why you want to control women so much. I personally don’t know any woman who would only cause chaos and distroy things. Think about your mother, sister, aunt … do you really think that about them?


      2. In reply to Nikoletta,

        There are several proverbs in the Bible about “judging a tree by its fruit…does a good tree produce bad fruit? does a bad tree produce good fruit?” Judge women by what they do.

        Thanks to the internet, there is much more real-life, factual, actual evidence of what women do, not what women say, but what women do. It turns out, that what women say, has almost no correlation to what they do.

        For instance, you say that women want intimacy, but the data shows that women initiate about 80% of divorces.

        I was watching a Jordan Peterson video last night, where he was speaking about the results of studies on women’s behavior at colleges and universities. At colleges and universities now, the majority of students are women. Though there are fewer men enrolled in colleges and universities, there are more women than men, women choose to not have any interest in 80% of male students. In a student body consisting of 10K students, where 6,000 are women, and 4,000 are men, these 6,000 women seek relationships with only 800 of the top men, meaning they are perfectly agreeable to sharing top men with multiple other women. So any women’s talk about seeking intimacy, is bullshit. Everything that women say is lies, schemes, treachery, deceit.


  2. Looking at some of your previous posts, I assume that you would have to exclude typical males from Texas and California (and perhaps some more states?) as suitable polygamic husbands.
    In some Islamic countries men are allowed up to 4 wives, but that would be l likely to empty both your bank account and your “jing” (Chinese term for semen production).


    1. In reply to Mushtaq Bazzi,

      Even though I do not like people from Texas or California, women are so out of control that something must be done about it. I don’t care if men from Texas or California have up to three or four wives, women need to be rounded up, coralled, not be allowed to run loose all over the place, calmed down, given some structure, discipline, rules, order. The sooner the better.


      1. Jesus Christ, what did I just read?? “ women are so out of control that something must be done about it. I don’t care if men from Texas or California have up to three or four wives, women need to be rounded up, coralled”

        I sincerely hope you are currently:

        1. Being medicated for your insanity

        2. On an FBI watch list


  3. As a woman in her early 20s I can tell you right now, we have ZERO attraction to older men who are old enough to be our dads. A man in his 30s? Maybe – if he’s stable, attractive, intelligent and we are compatible. But a 40+ year old man? No way. I don’t find men my dad’s age attractive and I would never want to sleep with one.

    Also, most women are not sleeping around or being promiscuous. Just because a minority of women do that & expose it online, it doesn’t reflect the majority.

    That’s like saying “all men are domestic violence abusers and rapists” —- yes these crimes are predominantly committed by MEN, but not all men are criminals who do those things.

    Both men and women have their strengths and flaws. Wanting to control someone is a quick way to make them hate and resent you.

    Women are fine as is, thank you very much. And we will never go back to the archaic days of being forced into unhappy marriages with older men.

    Women also need to be educated and financially independent so that if their husband does cheat or abuse them, they can safely and comfortably leave.

    Also, I’m sure 40 year old women would enjoy sex more often if their partners were actually good at it.

    Thankfully, most men these days have mothers, sisters, daughters and best friends – so they don’t share your sexist views.


    1. In reply to Ann,

      To disprove one of your statements, for the past week there have been many women squawking about 48 year old actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s 19 year old girlfriend.

      Here is a common logic test being discussed this past year: Give a 19 year old woman the choice between dating a 19 year old man who earns $10/hr, drives a beat-up car, and lives with his parents or room-mates -OR- dating a 40 year old successful attorney who is twice divorced, with a nice home, nice car, and money…..the survey results were that most women chose the 40 year old successful attorney.


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